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    Get a big glass of something you like and and drink it down with me. Doctor says my Prostate cancer is whipped.
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    Carol had an MRI on Friday and an infusion treatment today and a consult with the oncologist. I wasn’t allowed in the cancer center, patients only, so when we sat down with the doc, she put her phone on speaker and called me as I sat out in the parking lot. ”Well, I got the results of your Friday scan”, says the doc. “Good news. Your blood work has improved a lot. White blood cells and platelets are back to near normal levels. The enlarged abdominal lymph nodes are smaller. Those suspicious modules the the lungs have mostly disappeared and your kidney tumor has shrunk by 50%. And almost no side effects at all. You hit a home run!” This treatment works on about 1 out of 3 patients. With some, the side effects are too severe for them to handle and the stop treatment. Much better progress than we could have hoped for. Tears flowed freely. One more treatment here in 4 weeks and then we should be able to head home for the follow up treatments which should be 1-2 years depending. Awesome news. Best day in years. Maybe ever! Bottles set em up. From the top shelf. No well liquor. Money is no object. I’m stimulating the economy with 24 hunnert dollars somebody gave me. Yeeehaa!
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    I have NO problem with protesters and they can believe and espouse anything they want! What I have a problem with is protesters blocking intersections and thoroughfares!! You can say whatever you like and I’m proud to support that right, but you have no right to prevent me from going where I want and or need to go!! Restraining or preventing a person from legally traveling to and from any public or commercial destination is against the law and should be prosecuted aggressively and in every instance!! It borders on kidnapping and definitely rates as menacing and if they touch you, becomes assault!! You want to protest?? Go to a park or parking lot!! Get a permit and have a parade!! Stand on the steps of the courthouse or congress or the capital!! You may not steal, damage, or destroy that which doesn’t belong to you!! You may not harm, restrain, detain, or otherwise molest any other citizen!! At the point that you do ANY of these things, you are no longer a protester! You ARE, however, A CRIMINAL!!! When the first foreign object flys, the first punch is thrown, or the first protester violates ANY law, the protest is over and those who don’t disburse GO TO JAIL!! The First Amendment is sacrosanct, but it IS NOT a tool to protect vandals, looters, arsonists, and people who would commit mayhem from prosecution and penalties!! It is high time that government starts playing the role it is supposed to play and protecting the general population!!
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    Thank You all. I did have some dirt kicking news last week. The killing Hornets Fire Ants nor a Texas Tornado will stop me from Marrying Ellie Gant This Saturday afternoon. We have been together for 9 years now and she has seen and put up with me. In the past week an Angle spoke to me twice now. One said to take care of my business and the other told me to Everything will be alright. Sheryl has taught me so much about God in these past years and he is my Lord and savior. We will see y’all at Comin At Cha 2020, I want to call this match “ A New Beginning” see ya soon on the Range. Thank Y’all again
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    Conspiracies are getting boring. How about this. We have a bunch of morons governing us that get their input from other morons that wouldn’t have jobs in the real world. We also have a bunch of media morons that cannot report the truth unless there is a way to sensationalize it to meet “their agenda”. None of them know history and in this day and age if it isn’t on the internet, it doesn’t exist. Most all of them are greedy for power, attention or money or all three. None of them really have a clue so we get what we get. The blind morons leading the disenchanted.
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    Hello Folks! I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during these unusual and unprecedented times. Some of our fellow shooters in our big CAS family, I am sure, are struggling with various issues and challenges and our hearts go out to them. Knowing there is a large network of support of friends and family out there hopefully eases the pain a little. I know it does for me. It was truly sad that End of Trail and many other major matches had to cancel, but they were likely the right calls. Those decisions are not made lightly and are done with heavy hearts. This COVID virus has caused us all various trials and tribulations. As has been said before, "this too shall pass.” As promised, I want to share some information about Winter Range 2020. As you know every year we send out a survey to our shooters after the match. This year we received 466 responses, which is a very good return rate. I can say that the vast majority of shooters who responded were very happy with the match and made many constructive and positive comments. Most of them said they will return next year no matter what! We received top marks from about 93% of our shooters. While that is a great report card, it isn’t a perfect one. Each year we strive to improve upon the previous year’s match. 2021 will be no exception. We can always do better, and we will! First, let me explain our match design philosophy: Winter Range is the National Championship, and it needs to measure up to that level of challenge. At the same time, we acknowledge that many folks just want to shoot and have fun. We therefore have a difficult task of appealing to everyone. In fact, that is almost impossible. However, we try to accommodate the majority and give most everyone a healthy portion of what they want. We design our match to be about 1/3 fast and close, 1/3 medium speed and medium distances and a little more challenging, and 1/3 with targets a little farther out, perhaps with some more challenging sequences. We also try to keep those stages on the same wave to allow shooters to "get into a groove" for each level/type of challenge. As this is the National Championship, it should challenge several aspects of shooting. That’s what separates the accomplished shooters from those who get lucky on occasion. Again, about 93% of our shooters said we got it right! However, we can learn something from the constructive criticism offered on various aspects of the match. There is a part of CAS that likes big, close and fast: don't we all! However, many of you indicated in your surveys that shooting big, close and fast on all 12 stages is not what you want. You want a mix...and that is what we try to deliver...a mix with a challenge. We want to challenge your "all around shooting skills," and still make it fun for everyone. Two of our stages last year were, perhaps, a bit too challenging for some people. We acknowledge that these stages could have been designed differently. The two stages that had "vertical" target placement paired with a "more challenging sequence," were a little too much for some. If the two challenges were separated (one or the other) it would have been better. So...lesson learned. Again, our goal is to make it fun and challenging for all shooters. We also received a few comments about the "cactus" knockdown targets. They were admittedly a little small so they were set very close to the firing line. Remember, we set up for two matches: Cowboy and Wild Bunch. We need to set the targets for use by both matches, where possible, given that we have limited volunteer labor to reset the entire range and all 140 targets in one day. In 2021, we plan to use a few of those cactus knockdowns and they will be close and set for very light hits, as they were this year. (We calibrate our targets every night for light hits.) So what's the plan for next year? Winter Range will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and we intend on making it the best one yet! Some really great entertainment, maybe a night shoot with some fireworks and some new targets and props are on the agenda. This year our new main tent was a hit, and the Saturday night banquet a huge success...we will see that again. Also, we will be ordering a few more 24" steel targets with new stands to add to our inventory. There might even be a new safety video! Folks, 2021 will be a seriously fun match with targets a little closer and bigger, but will maintain the shooting challenge we always provide at Winter Range. Applications will be out soon on the website so standby for that. We are anticipating a sold-out match, so please get your applications in early. I wish you all well and good shooting! Blackjack Zak
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    I had a run in with some protesters the other day. They wanted me to turn around and drive the other way. I didn't want to, so I didn't. They were protesting against cops, I was told. After I expended quite a few expletives, they said if there are 1000 cops and 2 of them are bad, that makes 1000 bad cops. So, I said if there are 1000 purple guys and 2 are bad does that make 1000 bad purple guys? They sure didn't like that logic. Apparently it is only racism if you are not them. Whoever them is. I watched a fellow shooter get attacked on his fb page with shouts of racism for no reason other than supporting the police. Personally, I get tired of it. A person has only so much patience. I was brought up to take a man as a man, until you find out he is an azzhole. As I told him, you can't fart without being called a racist.
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    ‘Course I do have a backup..
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    Blackpowder is a legal permitted propellant in every category. Those who enjoy shooting blackpowder and substitutes in their adjustable sighted revolvers can do so in any of the categories that allow adjustable sighted revolvers. What is apparent Is that some folks want a plaque with a particular title on it without going to the effort of meeting that category’s requirements.
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    I wonder how many won't read to the end before posting that he isn't dead?
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    I remember it well...it was summertime when Dad taught me to swim. I had been hanging around the house, and mom had about enough. So she told dad to get me out of the house. We went down to the local swimming hole, which was a wide, deep part of a local creek. There, without warning, he unceremoniously threw me into the deepest part of the swift creek waters. I really didn't have any problem figuring out how to swim...it came pretty natural. But I had a hell of a time getting out of that burlap sack full of rocks.
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    Hats that is. When we came here in February, still in the grip of ole man winter, I only brought a couple of winter hats. But with the temps threatening to hit the upper 80s last week I realized I needed a new lid. Ordered a straw Resistol and it was delivered here 9 days ago....according to Fedex. But no sign of it. Apartment complex mailroom said they didn’t have it. Fedex said the dropped it off there. Knowing the efficiency of this place, I waited to put in a claim. As I was about to file one this afternoon, it showed up at the door. At least it got here. My wife had the same problem with a delivery last week.
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    Kind of a slow day at the Badger spread, so I went back in time, when my partner, Captain Jack and myself, would go after the mail, when it was delivered. Captain Jack was a black Lab/Border collie mix, and Lord only knows what I am. Anyway, Jack had a stick that he always carried with him on our journey. Peculiar thing though, about half way to the mail box, Jack would drop the stick next to the roadway, and mark it so he could find it on his way back. Well, marking the trail didn't workout too well, because there would be several sticks that were similar and Jack couldn't tell the difference until he got home and examined it. Then he would abandon the fake stick and I had to find him a new one. So one day I took a piece of doweling that was about 1" stock, and whacked off a chunk about 12" long. That stick was his and he cherished it. He would lie in the sun with the stick in the grass next to him, and dream doggie dreams. When I would tell him it was time to get the mail, he would be frantic until he located his stick. Once found, he would grasp it firmly and prance down the road like a potentate, head and tail high. Half way down the lane, drop the stick, mark it, and on to the mail box. Everything was wonderful until one day when he went to mark the spot, his aim was off and he hit the stick full on. On the way back, he went to retrieved his stick and somebody had fouled it. So he abandoned it and proceeded homeward with head and tail down. I had to retrieve it and wash it off. When I offered it to him, he sniffed it, sniffed again, accepted and proceeded to take it back to his grassy spot and tenderly put it in the grass, ready for the next trip. I MISS THAT CRITTER.
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    My relationship with my old man has never been a good one, but he is still my father, and I'm in a position to take up a cause for him. He doesn't know anything about it yet, but a guy with whom he served in Vietnam is circulating a story about him over social media. They met up at a reunion nearly 5 decades after the event and took a picture together. The gist of the story is this: 22 February 1969. My dad was in C company, 3/506th, 101st Airborne. The writer was in D company, same battalion. They were in a base camp near the South China Sea when D company was attacked at night. Vietcong penetrated the wire, and "all hell broke loose," as the author put it. D company had to retreat to C company's position; their company commander and two other soldiers were killed, 27 wounded. A C company soldier was on top of a bunker firing over their heads to cover their retrograde. The author, who was either D company's First Sergeant or a Platoon Sergeant by his description of his actions, integrated his men within C company's defensive perimeter and together they were able to hold the line. But the guy who was providing covering fire during their retrograde was severely wounded. Apparently my dad and the author, once the D company soldiers could cover the gap in the line, pulled him through heavy fire and rendered aid while being engaged. They saved his life while getting shot at. They had 18 Vietcong bodies inside the perimeter by the time it was all over, so this was no small affair. In the days before the internet and the power of the Google search, I was a young lad still living at home when the man whom they had saved showed up at our doorstep out of the blue. He had been looking for my dad and found him when I was about 15 years old. He told my dad that he had been submitted for the Bronze Star medal for his actions that night -- this guy had personally seen the paperwork. However, as many of you know, the Army is *HORRIBLE* about keeping track of that sort of thing. It was neither approved nor disapproved; it was simply lost. I didn't know the story about why he had been submitted for the BSM. He never talked about Vietnam and on the few occasions I asked him, I regretted it. People didn't understand PTSD back then, but my old man should have been a case study. At the time, I only knew some guy had shown up and told him he had been submitted. It died on the vine and I haven't thought about that in decades. But now the story is being circulated on social media, and I know for a fact that two eyewitnesses to my dad's actions under fire are alive, which is why I'm going to fight the bureaucracy. A Bronze Star Medal (BSM) must be approved by a 2-star general, and it *CAN* be done after-the-fact with no statute of limitations. Sworn statements must be obtained from at least two eyewitnesses. A sworn statement must be obtained by a commissioned officer, who is legally able to put someone under oath just like you do in court. Do you see where I'm going with this? I'm a commissioned officer; I can put witnesses under oath and obtain sworn statements. In my Army Reserve job, on 1 AUG I will transfer to a new assignment, and become a faculty instructor at the US Army War College (this is my part-time job). The commander is a 2-star general. My sister has the contact information for both eyewitnesses. She is going to provide it to me and I'm going to obtain sworn statements from them and submit my old man for the BSM. I've already begun greasing the skids at the War College S1 so they know it's coming and not lose it again. I don't know the Commanding General (CG) very well at all, so I have no idea if he will be receptive to this, but let's hope.
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    For those of you who know us only through our company, please be comforted to know IT is still in very good hands. For those of you who just know us, get ready to see more of us on the line and out visiting. The new owners are no strangers to SASS and Cowboy Action. They are Mid Valley Drifter and Buckshot Shelley of Badman Bullets. They have been a major vendor for us since they started their business and know pretty well the market and may even provide a more efficient process for product to market. We offer Congratulations to them on their new enterprise and we wish them all the best of luck. THANK YOU,, to all the cowboys who have used our products and to our vendors for their support in making SliX a viable company. A company we had hoped would offer affordable, quality parts that fit a need in your shooting pleasure and success. Thanks again, Big Iron Buster & Ol' #4
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    I'm thinking about taking my "do not disturb" sign and crossing those words off. Below them I'd put "Already Disturbed. Proceed With Caution".
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    Rule #1 Never get legal advice from the Saloon.
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    I heard that it was a requirement. They need the dog to find the fire hydrant.
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    Single Action Cartridge Guns. Pietta vs Uberti, which is better quality and why? It is surprising how often this question is asked. And you'd think that the answer to your question would be simple. Ford vs.Chevy, (Oy!) But, it's not. All Ubertis are not alike. All Piettas are not alike. Uberti's Colt-repro cartridge guns are broken down into 3 main categories. The "Conversion" guns, (Open Tops), the "Old Models", (copies of the Colt SAA Black Powder Frames), and the Pre-War models, (copies of the Colt SAA, after 1900) with the more convenient, spring-loaded cylinder pin release. Pietta Models are broken down into specialty lines available through some major distributors. For a comparison to the first Colt Single Action Army revolvers, the Uberti "Old Models" comes very close, for a mid-priced revolver. They are pretty faithful reproductions. You can tell which ones they are, the cylinder pin is retained by a locking screw in the front of the frame. These are easily found on the Cimarron Firearms website. Then comes the most numerous of the Uberti models, the "Pre-War" (WWI), with the more convenient cross-pin cylinder pin latch... in 2016 Uberti announced a new "safety system" that would safely allow the carrying of 6 rounds in your 6-shooter. For those who do not know, conventional 6-shooters could only be safely carried with 5, and the hammer down on an empty chamber. That is because the firing pin would rest directly on the primer of the 6th round, dropping the gun, (as many have done, even Wyatt Earp), or even knocking something against the hammer, has resulted in unfortunate consequences and a number of lawsuits. This is what caused Ruger to go to a Transfer Bar Safety in all their revolvers in 1972. Anyway, Uberti went a different way with their Pre-War models, with a Retractable Firing Pin. in 2017 the first reports of light primer strikes and Failure to Fire started cropping up. Some of it is user error. The new system requires that the shooter hold the trigger all the way back locking the firing pin forward. This intentional over-travel in the trigger is designed in, and those used to black powder revolvers or other single-action revolvers were not used to this slightly different trigger-hammer mechanism. Some of it was a mechanical error. As in all relatively inexpensive, mass-produced items, roughness of fitting at either the trigger end, the actuator bar, or at the hammer end of the mechanism, caused light primer strikes. This happened with a minority of Uberti's guns. More disconcerting to a number of shooters is that this mechanism has only "3-clicks" as the hammer is pulled back instead of the customary "4-clicks". Those who want a more historically accurate gun, do not like this. Please note, that if everything is working properly there is no difference in the final operation between the 3-clicks and the 4-clicks. Except for the trigger pull and those guns with mechanical difficulties that caused the light hammer strikes, the guns have, for the most part, proven satisfactory. In competition guns, as in Cowboy Action Shooting, there was a big push to get the new Uberti pre-war models to operate the same as they had before. Stocks of older hammers sold out quickly for all the distributors and parts houses. There are gunsmiths who have converted over hundreds of these guns, back to the functioning of the "Old Models". When Cimarron or Taylors gets a small shipment of replacement Old Model hammers they are quickly sold out. There are several ways for the handy user to defeat the Retractable Firing Pin System, including some that are completely reversible, should you ever wish to part with the gun. A converted Uberti's action is smoother and lighter than that of a gun with a functioning Retractable Firing Pin. Uberti has not put this new safety system in its "Old Model" guns or its Conversion, or Open Top models. If you wish to have a reproduction of the Single Action Army of the 1800s, Uberti does a nice job. Pietta: As with Uberti, all Piettas are not alike. As with Ruger and Uberti, Pietta found that many of the buyers on the mass market are not aware of the need to carry only 5 rounds in a 6-shooter. So, those models sold through Cabelas, Heritage, and many mass marketers, have a Transfer Bar Safety. Unfortunately, Pietta's Transfer Bar was found to be fragile. Many of them failed, and energy could no longer be transferred from the hammer to the frame-mounted firing pin. Of course, this is completely covered under warranty, but the user is without a gun until it comes back from repair. People described the Pietta Transfer Bar as being made of "pot metal". Pietta, realizing the problem, has now upgraded their Transfer Bars. But, if buying a used gun, or one that has been in a dealer's stock for a while, be aware of at least the potential for a breakage. All that being said, Pietta did not put a Transfer Bar Safety in all its single-action revolvers. Pietta bought the distributor, EMF. On the EMF website, Pietta markets a line of revolvers called the "Great Western II" This is an extensive line of revolvers that is as close to a "Pre-War" Colt Single Action Army as one can get in a mid-priced gun. Cimarron, another distributor of Old West firearms, began marketing some Pietta guns. They now have many models without a Transfer Bar Safety, starting with the lower cost Brass back-strap and trigger guard model called the "Pistolero". which is limited to one barrel length, 4-3/4". It also comes in stainless steel at a little higher price, where the backstrap and trigger guard are all steel. These guns also appear on Bud's site occasionally. Cimarron also markets an extensive line of "Frontier" revolvers, similar to EMF's "Great Western II" line. They have many with Black Powder Frames, including one that looks and feels like the original 1873 Cavalry Colt, and many of the "Pre-War" frames. Quite a lot to choose from. Back to the original question, "Which is better, Uberti or Pietta?" The answer is "both". For an "Old Model" Black Powder Frame reproduction of the Colt Single Action Army, the Uberti and Pietta have some very nice examples. For a more convenient, post-1900 model, the "Pre-War" frame, certain Pietta models seem to hold an edge over the Uberti. But both Uberti and Pietta have very nice black powder frame models that are faithful to the 1800's Colt. Of course, there is always another option. For sheer reliability and longevity, it is hard to beat a Ruger. Yes, the New Vaquero is one ounce heavier than the same caliber and barrel length of Pietta or Uberti, and it balances in the hand a bit differently, but when shooting, the differences seem to go away. 1970's technology over the 1840's technology. It is probably best to add in an inexpensive lighter spring kit when investing in a Ruger. There seems to be endless choices. So, you, the buyer, have to factor in a number of "wants" along with your budget considerations, before you buy. (first printed on SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting FB page )
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    I’ve been put in Facebook jail for 24 hours. A pard of mine posted and asked how does he get rid of a pesky robin in his garage. Several people said shoot him, one guy said “shotgun “. I said Red Ryder BB gun, wanna borrow it? I think asking if he wanted to borrow it was the crime!! First time I’ve been put in Facebook jail, I’m kinda proud!!!
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    WARNING: SERMON!Back in 19 and 98, as was my habit, I called Mama and my grandmothers to wish them each a Happy Mommy's Day.Grandma Keller had COPD and she had wind enough for a 30 second conversation ... if I talked for 25 of the 30.I told her "Happy Mommy's Day, Grandma, I love you!"She said "I love you too, sweetie, you never forget me!"Next day she was dead.This, then, is the lesson:Withhold not that one kind word.If I'd not told her I loved her, on that last conversation, that would haunt me for the rest of my entire life!
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    Where I bunk down, there have been snakes every year. So far, black rat snakes and corn snakes. Big and not so big. Lots of Snake Skins can be found in places that surprise me. Anyhow, yesterday I found a complete skin (fresh black snake) on top of my truck engine. Of all the snake skins I have seen and discovered over the past 30 years, this particular skin is COMPLETE. I mean, from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, this skin is perfect. You can even see the scales from the eyes on it. Plus, although on the medium side of size, it measures a true 51". I was just wondering what were the odds of getting the COMPLETE skin in perfect condition. P.S. - NO, I didn't find the snake. And NO, I can't tell if its male or female but I think its from a female because its got the mouth open. ..........Widder
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    Out of the box the new Winchester(Miroku) 73's are your best bet.
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    Remember that cube copy of Earth from the Superman comics, Bizarro World, where everyone is a twisted copy of the actual Superman characters? I feel like I'm there right now. Cops, charged to protect the public and enforce the law, doing neither. Police officers, again with highly visible authority, choosing to kneel at a time when we need their strength and undivided devotion to the rule of law. Lawyers, educated in elite schools and employed in white shoe firms, spouting Socialist or anarchist hatred for America (after taking an oath to abide by the Constitution) and tossing Molotov cocktails at a police van; others, who formerly held high positions in the Federal government, bailing the bombers out of jail (and the Court granting bail to an obvious high threat criminal). Thousands committing assaults, batteries, massive property damage, arson, burglary, attempted murders, and more assorted felonies than you can count by claiming they were driven to it by the death of a man they never met, never knew and never cared about in life, and totally diluting any claim of justified anger at racism by cops by descending into an orgy of lawlessness, even after the alleged wrongdoers have been arrested and charged with major crimes. Politicians, doing nothing meaningful, or trying to look sympathetic to certain voting blocks by expressing fake concern, anger or regret. Politicians, using these events to justify "the remaking of America". Politicians, using these events to justify another round of campaigning on a "Law and Order" platform. The media, again totally abrogating their responsibility to accurately report facts. Bizarro World - the place where everything and everyone is the opposite of what it and they should be. Let me out of here. LL
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    During all this Covid stuff and being confined to our homes, I just want to know if Old Widder can have this next dance with YOU......
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    Or something better for crowd control.
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    Remember 1969? They had a small gathering called Woodstock? There was an influenza "epidemic" (Hong Cong Flu) going on that killed 100,000 in the US and over 1,000,000 world wide. We did not shutdown the nation and survived rather well. That was without government guidelines requiring questionable reporting in death certificates to inflate the virus impact. (Multiple Doctors around the nation have reported on the deceptive guidelines.) So we have never seen anything like this before. (Where the healthy were quarantined instead of the ill.) The over-restrictive requirements that were meant to be helpful were not sustainable. People are now essentially rebelling. So we were forced from one extreme to another. A good friend in very poor heath in her late 70's got it and we doubted she could survive. She's fine now and being scheduled for her hip replacement. So this virus is very unpredictable and shows to be survivable over 99% of the time. As a sickly old guy, I'm still careful, but realize we just need to use common sense as we did with other virus's. The virus is serious, but this has been well described as a panicdemic.
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    In honor of the Armed Forces of the United States, I am having baby back ribs. Something I never got in the Army.
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    Let me preface my comments by stating, the fine folks at the Huntsman games and more specifically, the folks from the Dixie Desperados (handlers of the CAS portion of the games) are friends of mine - so perhaps I'm a little defensive. I am also aware my response may seem aggressive or uncaring; but... The organizers of an event - any event - owe you (or me) nothing in the way of comment, explanation or defense of their decision making timeline. I, for one, admire their restraint to not instantly give in to fear - throw up their hands and cancel an event that is still many months away. Many possible events - both positive (cures, vaccine, herd immunity, etc.) or negative (flareups, strain mutations, etc.) could occur over the next few months. With no way of knowing which of the possible futures are forthcoming - it seems reasonable for an event still months away to adopt a wait and see attitude. Life is terminal and none of us get out alive - no matter the claims, platitudes and promises of any activity. It is ultimately upon you to make wise choices about your health and safety - to decide which activities are safe to take part in and which are not. I assure you, every reasonable precaution will be in place at the event - but if YOU feel unsafe or uncomfortable - it is incumbent upon you and ONLY you to take the actions you feel are appropriate. No one is forcing anyone to do anything that they are uncomfortable with - CAS is and always has been a voluntary pastime. So, instead of relying on others to keep me safe by claiming they are doing X or cancelling Y. I will make the appropriate partipation decisions for myself; I highly recommend others do the same.
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    Please add your own story. I lost my wife Kayla to a brain disease just two months ago. It has been a rough two months, but two SASS Cowboys have been there to help lift my spirits. I want to publicly thank Diamond Curly and Buckeye Al. Both have been a huge blessing over and over again. Buckeye Al was quick to send a condolence card followed by several phone conversations. He lost his wife of nearly 60 years just one year ago and he is there to help me find a path forward and encourage me to share feelings. Diamond Curly followed shortly thereafter with telephone conversations and a trip out to shoot black powder at his Gun Club. He set me up with powder, flask, caps, balls, and other tools of the trade for my new 1860 Colt Army. It is indeed a blessing for me to know Cowboys like this are all around me as we head back out to the range in Briggsdale County, Wildcat Ridge, and Border Vigilantes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Russ the Red
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    If you’re shooting a 38, you’re shooting mouse farts
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    My six year old grandson wants to play:
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    We lived through Woodstock and the Hong Kong flu, I’ll bet we get through the Kung Flu just fine. Giving up our civil liberties so easily may not be survivable.
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    Stepping out of exile... This is one of the stoopidest things I've ever heard... Stepping back into exile...
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    I agree with RYE. Sure, SASS has been bruised financially..... and some clubs that sponsor State matches have been hurt because expected revenue was thwarted. Summer months will blossom again. We've ALL been adversely effected. I'm just glad many of us were not infected! ..........Widder
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    It’ll all go away come November 4th. Nearly every elected official out there is trying to milk it in one way or the other.
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    In the words of my buddy NOZ!!! Leave Frontiersman ALONE!!!!
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    Why NASA Called The Northwest Indian College Space Center
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    Welcome to the best game there is! A properly set up 97' will last a long time. That said, if you have not been to a match yet, don't buy anything until you do. Awe heck, I'm starting to agree with Rye go ahead and buy what you want and get to a match. A few suggestions though for a happier outcome: 1. Expect someone to watch you handle, load, unload your firearms before the match. A lot of clubs want to make sure you are safe before letting you shoot; don't be offended. 2. A Henry Big Boy is a fine firearm, but terrible for CAS. 3. Don't start out with cap & ball revolvers. They are cheaper, but a lot more involved. There is enough going on your first few matches that will take some getting used go. 4. Safety over speed. 5. Enjoy yourself. No one(but you) will ever care how fast you shoot or how many misses you have; be safe above all else. My 2 cents.
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    Engraving? We don't need no stinking engraving.
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    Finally !!!!! BOSTON (May 7, 2020) ­— Today, United States District Court Judge Douglas P. Woodlock issued an injunction against bans on the operation of firearm and ammunition retailers imposed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and others. The case was brought by individuals seeking to purchase firearms and ammunition, retailers, and advocacy organizations Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A), and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC). Thank You, 2nd A Foundation. Once again, the 2nd A Foundation is doing what the NRA promises to do, but fails to do. Now, will the Governor appeal? LL
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    Possible Spam: What is it? People have been wondering that same question ever since 1937 when it was invented.
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    Situation easily avoided...learn to count.
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    This covid-19 thing, in all likelihood, will go down as one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated and all to keep somebody out of the White House for four more years. Sad, look how many people have been hurt by its machinations and the civil liberties we’ve lost.http://dlvr.it/RWLPW1?fbclid=IwAR1EHpvx4EuKLmdA01HVqr--nvNMR3wYLN07aEZIL_rMhqZIIXp37F8qCPI.
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