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  1. It sure looks good and it is hard to beat a smith and wesson.
  2. In harms way would have been great but alas it is getting hard to find good war movies even on important dates like today.
  3. I have been curious about the large smith 22 revolvers. Aside from the obvious, how do they compare to a ruger single six regarding accuracy or handling?
  4. That pic would be great as a puzzle.
  5. I enjoy the entire experience including the after smell mixed with break free.
  6. I wish ruger made the wrangler in 17, then it would be worth it. Chiappa is unreliable from experience I had with the 1911-22. Ruger always gets it right or fixes it from my experience
  7. I know the 22 mag zips around from watching it unfold on a police camera but did guess the 22lr would not zip.
  8. A 22 mag round , I am told, will zip and ricochet all over the body, bouncing off bones etc, and turn you into butter. A 22 lr is softer and won't.
  9. Ruger makes a single six in 17 hmr and one in 22. How do they compare in a revolver? I've researched rifle ballistics for them and the 17 is flatter but in a revolver that would not be a factor, I imagine. I ask as I got a 17hmr for small predators and thought a pistol to match may be neat. Along with that chiappa makes one too but I read a review that says it sometimes fails to fire
  10. I am looking for a used Beretta M92 or M9 in 22 LR , preferably with the 15 round magazine. I know where to get a new one at a bass pro 1 1/2 hours away. thought I'd save some money
  11. My barn has electricity. I noticed dirt daubers (I assume) have pt dirt in my electrical sockets. Is there a good way to get it out? Is it a fire hazard?
  12. I am often amazed that officers wearing a vest are hit by a bullet that missed the vest entirely
  13. Thanks. Both replies help. My wife suggested I take both boys but 1 is 10 so I think I will wait until it gets sanitized on tv.
  14. Does the movie have cussing and sex? Asking before I take my children
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