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  1. It goes thru the arbor just not thru the other side of the barrel. After I posted the pics I could clean it further so now it goes on with a slight twist and comes off straight but due to inertia and the force required to get the barrel off , the cylinder flies off.
  2. I finally got the barrel off after soaking it in ballistol and twisting the barrel all around until it came off. I can put it back on with slight effort and extra effort and twisting 1/8th turn gets it back off. The wedge refuses to go back in fully so I need a new wedge.
  3. 425 is high. I at first thought it would be neat to get two, one set up for fishing and one for the rifle in your bag, in case you have others with you, but then I remembered i have a collapsable fishing pole already. A Henry survival gun might be cheaper.
  4. I can't stop laughing. I meant "shot" it for the first in years and grabbed the fladk for my walker instead of the flask set up for my 1860. It is hard to type and read on a cell phone
  5. the other day I shot my uberti 1860 army for the first time in years. I keep a powder measure on the flask based on the gun it is for. While shooting the wedge got loose and now I can not take the pistol apart past the post the wedge sits in not get the wedge back in. Today I found the flask I was supposed to have used which means I used the flask for the walker thus over charged the first hole. The rest I loaded down with the correct charge. I did that because the first ball didn't go in without effort. Is that pistol likely done for?
  6. It is heart breaking and baffling. Lincoln memorial vandalized and black officers shot. Why? It makes no sense. People demand the police be disbanded. 2 seconds of thought about who will help you in an accident or burglary or check on your mom should fix this.
  7. Socialism will watch communities degrade but capitalist buy it and clean it up and makes life better and makes money doing it. If I buy a run down home, I will not rent it unless I would live there. I sometimes rent high and if I feel bad about someone having problems, I drop the rent to where they can afford it. A friend once told me if I have a clean tenant, do what I can to keep them. Lower rent is better than no rent. My wife disagrees but I rarely listen. Having policed in Atlanta, I wish the entire area was gentrified.
  8. No lives matter. Remember full metal jacket? Here you are all equally worthless
  9. I grew up there and boy it needed fixing up. We moved when I was 6. We lived in a run down duplex. The store a block away was robbed constantly. Crime ridden area.
  10. On another article I mentioned a commissioner in Athens, GA organizing protest marches and got the virus so can not attend the one she organized for the coming weekend after getting the virus at last weekend's protest that she organized. She is running unopposed for reelection as a commissioner. That makes her a government official. How does a government official protest government behavior? If she wants change, she is in the position to effect it. Jesus and Lincoln said that "a house divided can not stand". If the government is protesting the government, how long can we stand?
  11. well gee, I've seen that all my life. I recall a deacon when I was young that had a farm near the church and made homemade wine for communion and he died and Kroger moved in. I recall farms and houses and a mall opened and it became typical retail and restaurants that surround a mall. Land went from pricing by the acre to pricing by the foot in a short time.
  12. in Athens , GA. a commissioner helped organize last weekend's protest march and afterwards tested positive for the China Virus. She posted it on Facebook and told all whom had come close to her at the protest to get tested and some have already replied to her that they also now are positive. I read a headline that Gov Cuomo of NY said the protesters should assume they are positive for the virus. The Gov of Michigan had been extending the stay at home orders and suddenly revoked it once the protest started. If cases run up again due to the protest , I hope it doesn't mean it will be used to take our freedoms away again in a couple of weeks when the incubation period is met for the virus.
  13. my neighbor sent me a notification of the pending protest in our town where they want us to come out against "police brutality, injustice, systemic oppression, gentrification, black on black crime and racism". I had to look up gentrification. I found out it is when you buy a run down property , especially in a run down area and fix it up and make it fit middle class standards and rent it out for higher rent and thus change the culture of an area. My first rental I bought was vacant for 5 years and needed lots of repairs, and I had a friend who lived in squaller in a trailer with holes in the walls, no heat during 25 degree winter, creepy neighbor looking at his 5 year old daughter and other issues. I bought the run down house, fixed it up and rented it to him . Then after he left over 2 years later I fixed it up even further like new and rented it out for even more. I guess I am guilty of gentrification. The house at the end of my driveway went into foreclosure. Termites had eaten one entire front wall, cheap metal roof leaked. I fixed it up and made it new. Guess I gentrified again. How can fixing up a house or neighborhood be bad? How can making your town look better and help people live in nice houses be wrong? I figure if I take care of the house , the my tenant will also, if I don't care, why should they. I remember living north of Atlanta before the housing crisis, and older homes made in the 60s and 70s were being sold as the old people that lived there went to a muring home or elsewhere, and developers replaced them with houses worth over 700,000 on much less land. It greatly improved the area and tax revenue and crime fell. I didn't have a problem with that.
  14. Perhaps you are right. I could tell by the way she sounded unconfident in her efforts to repeat back to me what she was looking for that some might assume she meant 357 when she said 351. She said that cheaper than dirt is the store near her. Never dealt with them myself
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