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  1. I've had my sleep number for 15 years and really like it. Only complaint is lately it slowly loses air so I have to adjust it again every 3 weeks or so. I do sleep better with it.
  2. In middle school I had to read a short story about the future, I forgot the name. A guy went to renew his driver's license but the government was thinning down who could drive. He had to do a driving simulator where he had a near miss with a tractor trailer. As he felt relief at being spared death another car is about to hit him head on. He sees a young girl with fear in the front seat and they crash. It was so real he was shaken. They told him he passed and asked if he still wanted to renew his license. Upon saying yes, they grabbed him and hauled him away for being insane for wanting a license after seeing the young girl. He then knew why there were scuff marks in the floor out the door. They had done it to all who wanted to drive anyway. They were flagged as insane or in our terms, red flagged. Let the story set into your mind. If it can be dreamed it can be attempted
  3. You are right. They don't just want the ar15 but the Virginia bill had a long list of guns that it banned.
  4. Green leisure suits. I had one I got for Christmas
  5. I have an original if you send me your email I will send pictures
  6. I assumed that the signs were being stolen for years as a runner on second seemed like he could pick it up. I didn't know there was a rule saying you couldn't steal the sign. I always thought the signs to the batter and runner were stolen sometimes else they wouldn't change them up like they do
  7. We are in south georgia but I have heard him say he traveled to south Carolina. We have small hills here but we are 2 hours from the coast so to get anywhere we head up hill eventually
  8. Wow. This is really good information. I am glad I asked as some of this will come in handy for me as I plan on getting cows so some of this applies to me as well. I sent him the link so he can read the replies. I bought myself a chevy 2500 gas for the cow trailer when I get it. My 1500 used to struggle sometimes hauling my john deere 3032 tractor so I figured a horse needs a bigger truck.
  9. His daughter rides the horse in shows with jumping from what I gathered if that gives you an idea of the type horse. Just one horse goes. Last time I looked he does not have a gooseneck setup in his truck bed.
  10. My wife told y 16 year old daughter today that it takes 5 sentences before my brain kicks in to listen to her.
  11. A buddy of mine has a 2016 single cab 6 cyl Chevy Silverado work truck. He hauls his horse and daughter to competition sometimes. He says with the 6 cylinder every time the horse moves the truck moves. He wants a truck with a cab as his daughter is now a teenager and getting too big for the middle front seat in a single cab. He looked at a Ford F150 crew cab in 6 cylinder. too me that is just the same thing. Am I wrong?
  12. My wife liked these replies, especially Birdgun Quails and the one about "too stupid to be real"
  13. I was browsing gunbroker and on the home page was a ww2 German 9mm schmiezer for a mere $23,000. Since valentine's day is coming I asked her if I could have 23k for it and she acted as if I had not spoken and proceeded to ask one of the children something unrelated. I was sitting 5 feet from her. Maybe she plans to surprise me.
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