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  1. Since I refuse to watch any football and since we have a channel called H and I that plays a marathon every Sunday of the TV show The Untouchables with Robert Stack i have replaced football with something more entertaining and educational. I learned from watching the show that during prohibition, there also was a drug problem. It appears to be more extensive than I first thought as there are several episodes about it.
  2. Wow, I went to the link and not only is there info on the gun but sources for ammo, including rimfire ammo. A spencer sold for 2450 also is mentioned.
  3. While there they can probably tell me more about it
  4. I've noticed sometimes he shoots first, usually last, and the just one shot. Great show no matter what
  5. Feel free to make an offer. A pawn shop offered me 1200 so it must be worth something.
  6. I wish someone would buy this from me. I've decided to trim down my collection of historical weapons . After my oldest boy gave me a hard time at his shotgun team practice, I've decided that I have spoiled them and I want to work at fixing that. Trimming my collection may help them realize life won't be so grand after im gone and they divide up my collection.
  7. GunBroker.com has some rimfire ammo, about 26 per round
  8. Buffalo arms.com sells centerfire ammo for $67 for 20 rounds. I am looking for a source that loads rimfire.
  9. Answered pm. I can try to refind sources of ammo and get back to you
  10. I want to sell my original spencer rifle. I always wanted one since I was a kid as a neighbor was a civil war buff and had one. I got it and now it just sits there . I want 1800 shipped and insured.
  11. I like to watch Columbo on Sunday night. Last night a murder happened while he was on a cruise ship. The initial suspect was found with a receipt for a British revolver. Columbo was talking to someone about the crime and if it was planned or spontaneous. Columbo said that since the gun was bought that it was planned because "people don't buy a gun unless they have a reason to". I kinda think he might be wrong about that.
  12. I stumbled upon a listing that showed out of stock.for this 22 lr pistol. Does anyone have any experience with it? I have the 351pd in 22 mag and like it a lot. I thought the 43c looked smaller in the picture I saw.
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