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  1. they have 2 last time I was there, one 45 with 7 inch barrel and i THINK the other one was 38 with the same barrel length. Brantleys Marine and Gun Vidalia, ga. the owner is my neighbor and my farm was once his grandfather's and he helped dig my pond back in the 50s and pulled trees out with mules.
  2. Down here in south Georgia there are not a lot of cowboy shooters so there are rarely any cowboy guns and if there are any, they stay in stock a long time. Lately, as the shelves stay bare, I've noticed that since the dealers take any gun they can get shipped, there are several cowboy guns at both the main gun stores in town. One has a lot of Cimarron model P and the other one has the Calvary version and the scout version, the schofield and 1875 remington as well as a few other cap and ball pistols.
  3. I saw that. The other day Kimberly clarke said they are raising the price of their paper.
  4. I found a box of 9mm by sellier and bellot I will take to see what they will give me. My sig shaves metal when chambering that brand plus the primers seem harder than winchester. I'm wanting to save cash since everything is pricing higher lately.
  5. I checked into getting a hybrid Ford f150 after seeing Texans use it to generate power to their Homes and discovered the batteries last about 6 years according to the dealership and are expensive to replace and even a hybrid can't run if the batteries are no good.
  6. Probably. I might instead trade a bunch of ammo for a pistol and ask them to throw in the toilet paper.
  7. My local gun store started selling toilet paper during the pandemic. Since toilet paper is going up due to inflation, I'm thinking of taking some ammo and see if they will trade for a case of toilet paper. Since I bought my ammo long ago, it'd be like getting my toilet paper for less than current market price. I'm thinking of starting out with 30 carbine or MAYBE a box of 9mm.
  8. What folks seem to miss is that higher oil means higher cost to produce electric cars and higher cost for parts since you need oil to make the batteries.
  9. You won't buy an electric car unless they drive up gas prices.
  10. It was recent made ,.the XSE if I recall right.
  11. I definitely can tell the difference between them. I was once a colt super fan until one day I fired a kimber, colt, Wilson and sig sauer all together and compared accuracy and performance. The colt rattled and was loose compared to the others and the shot group was spread out. The wilson controlled recoil better and topped them all . The kimber and sig was fairly close, more accurate than the colt.
  12. I've fired sig, kimber, colt and Wilson. How does the smith and wesson compare?
  13. I get those calls a lot. Sometimes I tell them, good, I want free food and shelter can you hurry, I'm hungry right now.
  14. If it is sweet and juicy then no salt, if bland then salt brings out the sweet taste.
  15. has the illinois seal in the wood grip
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