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  1. Matter of fact you can buy 10 and 15 round magazines on gunbroker . Saw several the other day
  2. BTT for an excellent pistol. I was issued one as an officer once. built much better than the modern stuff.
  3. If I keep falling like I did in the shower last night I will need this. Btt for a good item to have
  4. That is helpful. I was curious about the scope for sure. My dealer tried to tempt me with the a22 semi automatic 22 mag. I may opt for that instead. I do like the camo look of the 93 model.
  5. This is a nice pistol y'all. My 9 year old loves it. Makes a great glove box pistol especially with the conversion cylinder.
  6. My 9 year old son has the pellet version from umarex and it lasted a while but now won't work after 8 months but he constantly dry fired it like a toy and still plays with it
  7. I am putting a butler creek comfort stretch that has places for more rounds
  8. I'm glad that you posted this as the dealer tried to get me to buy a scabbard for it but I felt it stuck out above the shoulder and would not hold it in without running the tie down through the trigger guard which I felt was unsafe. Your story tells me not to reconsider getting it
  9. I put it across my back to go on my 4 wheeler to take care of something my son found and it doesn't stick up in the air to get hung up in low hanging branches like a full length one would and everyone can handle the 410. Glad I got it.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with this rifle that comes with a camo scope ? How reliable and accurate is it? It looks sharp
  11. Also look at cmp forum if mine don't suit you. Got your PM. Let me know which year you want and I will send pictures
  12. I have one . Tell me which year you want. Mine will be 1850 shipped but are all correct for the date made.
  13. Thankfully pot is illegal in ga but coffee pots are still legal
  14. My wife and daughter wanted a Keurig so I got them one for Christmas. I think Keurig coffee is weak even hitting the strong button and getting dark roast. I've used green mountain and folgers and newman's and Starbucks but it taste weak compared to a pot. I can also tell Keurig has the effects of tea and not the same as a pot on my body. Seems to be less caffeine.
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