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  1. Finally made it home this afternoon . So glad to be here.
  2. Yesterday was a horrendous day. Lots more pain and then mid day I got neasueas and kept having tiny vomits . That meant back to clear liquids. It meant I could barely eat them. Then around midnight I tried a few swallows of apple juice since the ginger ale and crackers and meds weren’t working. Suddenly my vomiting turned to hiccups. If i held my breath and then breathed into my hand I could get them to subside long enough to sleep an hour and a half then I’d wake up hiccuping again. That went on until 5 am. now it just happens once in a while or if they get me moving. the great news is they took out the chest tubes and catheter and IV meds. They said if I can get my oxygen up to 99 then I can go home tomorrow. It is 94 right now so I’ve got work to do. i still hurt some but certainly not like yesterday or Monday after surgery. Lots I can’t do right now they tell me. thank you very much for the support y’all gave.
  3. Thank you for the prayer Subdeacon Joe. I also want to thank all of you. I truly appreciate it. I’m feeling better but get tired real easy so I want stay on here long. I told the dr that on a scale of 1 to 10 my pain yesterday was 5200. It stayed that way even well into the night. It finally got better after they got me in a chair. Right now my sugar just went to 232 partly because of a fault with the IV line for the insulin. They fixed it so we will see. They just decided to put me from liquid to soft food. dr says all my other numbers look good. The surgeon drew each bypass on the heart pillow they gave me that I use a lot.
  4. Hi everyone, this is Trigger Mike’s wife. You all have been so thoughtful, I thought you might like an update. He came through the surgery just fine, it took almost 6 hours. Dr said he was very pleased, that Mike’s heart was happy because of all the new blood flow. He didn’t have to do the endarterectomy, which is great news, but did do 6 bypasses. When I was able to see him afterward, the nurse said he was already waking up before they got him to the room and they were ready. Such a strong and independent guy I have. He looked at me, half smiled, did the sign language I Love You, but also wrote “HURT” with his finger in my palm, which was heartbreaking. Long road to recovery, but major hurdle cleared. Thanks for prayers, thoughts and best wishes. I know he’ll be back with you as soon as he can.
  5. Getting ready to go to bed and have to get up around 4am to take a shower before surgery and be taken to the operating room at 630 . Dr says should last until 1 . He said he may do 5 to 7 bypasses. Depends on if he can do a endarterectomy or not, or if the artery actually shows low blood flow because of the two blockages higher up. He hopes he doesn’t have to do the endarterectomy. seemed knowledgeable and spoke how he will apply bypasses using the same pathway God uses. A believer in God is important. Lord willing I’ll check back in a few days. My wife commented that I am approaching it with the same attitude I did on a jump or going to Iraq, although I was more excited for those things but not this one.
  6. Y’all wanna hear the kicker? After begging me to pay the tuition before the rate increase and being disappointed I didn’t a week ago he said he decided he doesn’t want to be a welder. Reminds me of the movie “up” where every so often the dogs would be talking and suddenly yell”squirrel “ and be distracted.
  7. Besides today dr told me he looked at more test and added to what he wants to do.
  8. Thought I was posting to the bond arms lever gun posting not sure how it ended up in the welding posting
  9. It’s a good answer for those who live in liberal states and who want to use all that excess ammo for a now banned rifle now we need a solution for the AR pistol problem
  10. They stayed a few hours and I got to sit by my 11 year old daughter and she rested her head on my shoulder and I rested my head in her head.
  11. She is bringing my children and mom to see me today. The nurse helped me out on a t shirt for when they get here.
  12. I showed your picture after surgery to my wife so she won’t be so shocked
  13. Very sorry. Praying for him and you too. A tear is serious .
  14. She is indeed terrified and I catch her weeping sometimes but try to assure her I’m not worried about the surgery at all just getting through the recovery and I apologize often for disrupting everyone else’s life, her and the kids. My 11 year old daughter was looking forward to me taking her to the daddy daughter dance that is the Saturday I get out but that is now off as is my 13 year old son school trip to Washington d c as it’s within 60 days from my surgery and his mom has to go if he goes. she reminds me how I was there for her through her various times she has been down due to cancer. Even since then and recently she had episodes where she passed out from low blood pressure and I helped her and cleaned up the mess that happened. I tell me children to keep their spouse and create love history for times like these.
  15. I’ve made a point to be totally polite to each nurse I see and friendly and try to do as much as I can on my own and only ask for the supplies I need and ask for minimal help. they have responded by being above and beyond and we work well together
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