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  1. Midway sells.308 for the brand at decent prices, how good are they?
  2. I grew up watching the dukes of hazard, where they jump cars and the police do the same. One night I had a prowler call, so I headed that way. I had to go down a dip with the railroad track a bump in the dip with another dip on the other side of the track. That dip quickly ramped up to the intersection of a 3 lane highway and traffic light. I could see the light changing to yellow as I approached the train track . I gunned the engine to try and beat the light. I hit the bump for the train track, cleared the dip on the other side. With lights blazing away, I cont
  3. Every time I watch Duel at Diablo I cringe at the tactics the Lt used while bucking for general. They approach a canyon and spot tracks from Indian horses. He sends a scout but then sends the entire troop through the canyon to get ambushed. Every time I see it I ask, "why didn't he either go around or if he had to go through there, send two at a time? " I still like the movie though. The cavalry used Remingtons. James Garner reminds me of my dad sometimes, him and Fred Flintstone. Us kids always talked about how Fred yelled like dad and James garner looks like and acts lik
  4. I recall having to walk at arms length in deep snow looking for lost night vision in grafenweir Germany for many, many days. It was not taken lightly. We were told the offending loser was court martialed.
  5. I tell my sons that God gave men the ability to not notice a girl is mad or irritating them and to use it.
  6. This had great timing. I played it in bed so my wife saw it too and laughed a good bit about it. It came on a day I showed her a Dan Wesson and told her I was getting a new well dug the next day. This morning she told me the reason I took her out to supper and left the kids at home is that I do that when I spend money on myself and spend some on her.
  7. I'm thinking about carrying it cocked and on safe with an empty chamber. Just to be sure. NOT!!!
  8. I asked my 16 year old what his first pistol would be if the laws changed and he can buy at 18. His reply was the S & W 325 thunder ranch 45acp revolver. I don't blame him.
  9. you people are no help at all. you were supposed to talk me out of a bad idea. but NOOO! you didn't. know what?! It does indeed shoot better than a Kimber, better than a lot of springfield's I have tried, NOT QUIT as good as the Wilsons, but it sure is nice. it has the blued slide and stainless frame, large orange night sight. wide rear sight. straight trigger, something I have never tried, and actually like.
  10. I want to buy a used s and w 325 thunder ranch in 45 acp
  11. Probably and since the reasoning is if you are responsible enough to vote, then you can own a gun which means if the democrats get their way and lower the voting age, then someone will make the argument to allow them to get a gun at the same age you can vote.
  12. So the judges did grant an injunction and 18 year Olds can buy pistols?
  13. I get emails from.political groups that I never joined up for based likely on contributions to certain parties I guess. I have gotten several that said the federal appellate court in Virginia ruled the 1968 law forbidding thise under 21 from buying a pistol is unconstitutional. Have you heard about this?
  14. I was hoping someone would talk bad about it and talk me out of it. Alas.
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