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  1. Bass pro has the colt king cobra (or did til I got there) and a 1911. I didn't ask if they had an AR. I recall under Obama a colt AR would sell for 1100 , then Obama would talk about gun control and the colt would jump to 2000 but other brands not as much, especially the no name brands. I recall a time even during the 2000 a piece era that safari still brought only 800. Colt always held value on its name alone. Sad they are stopping.
  2. I think of you often Sixgun. You and I were in the middle of something at the time it happened and I have been praying for you ever since. I am in South Georgia . Hang in their!
  3. A 410 derringer was hurtful so it's gone as is the beretta 380 double stack 13 round as the recoil hit the nerve in my thumb web that had been pinched in my neck. The ruger lcp I used to have jammed no matter how many magazines I bought or how many times I cleaned it. It found itself in a pawnshop.
  4. Wilson 1911 ultra light carry compact 45acp. Perfect balance and excellent accuracy and reliability no matter what is fed it. Doesn't make my pants drop from the weight of carrying it either
  5. BTW I guess i had missed anyone insulting legal immigrants on this thread and Im so used to the "R" word that I missed it being used as well.
  6. now back to our program, :-) I am glad we export oil now that the attack has happened, we are in much better shape to absorb it, but countries like china and japan are not. Saudi Arabia will suffer as well. The point being this attack may help us more than the attackers had hoped
  7. The attack seems to have hurt China as they get some of their oil there which might help us win the trade war. As for the rag word being offensive us Iraq war veterans were taught that word and used it regularly just as Vietnam vets used the slang they were taught for the enemy. To us it describes someone we had to use violence with and just makes it easier.
  8. Even my son knew right away what that was, of course he was holding something similar at the time.
  9. Just think how much gas would go up had this happened back when we were not producing oil like we are now. Say even 10 years ago
  10. Iran is being credited with taking out 50% of Saudi Arabia's oil production. CNBC says oil could go up $10 a barrel next week. Guess who benefits from that? WE DO. Now that we are a net exporter of oil , higher oil prices means more profits for our oil companies. Iran just helped our economy by hitting the saudi's.
  11. I've wanted one of these for years but am fighting it as trying to thin things out these days. Btt while I think on it some more
  12. Early in the movie Outlaw Josey Wales with Clint Eastwood shows federal gun confiscation.
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