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  1. I read the border patrol tactical unit arrived but the local police blocked them from entering for over 30 minutes. Parents pleaded the police to go save their children. As a father, you're going to have a hard time keeping me out of there to save my child, especially if you refuse to go do your job.
  2. my dad had me watch it as a kid to show me being in the army was not that good of an idea. he had been an army drill sergeant before going to vietnam. After watching it i wanted to join the army even more. My 4 children used to watch it over and over and copy it and pretend to be the D I or private owens. now whenever we see private owens on gunsmoke or perry mason we point it out.
  3. Excellent pictures. I'm wondering why it was so red like predicted in Colorado but not red here in south Georgia.
  4. Y'all are going to keep reminding me how good a pistol it is and tempt me to keep it. Then I'll have to sell something else. I'm trying to wittle down my collection to just what I use the most. After my oldest left home in the middle of the night I've decided I'm not going to leave a large collection for children.
  5. Forgot to show or mention that it comes with 2 Dan wesson magazines.
  6. It is a very good gun. My sons both love it. I bought it because I had never owned a Dan Wesson. I was impressed, but have others I use more often.
  7. I want to sell my Dan wesson 1911 Valor. Less than 200 rounds fired. Probably less than 100. Has night sight front sight and wide rear sight. No jams. Accurate pistol. Just excess to my needs. $1,650 shipped and insured. Prefer money order or large bank certified check that my bank holds a couple of days.
  8. When we go on trips I fill several 5 gallon chicken waterer and put a flock block. Sometimes if going to be gone a week I have a friend get free eggs.
  9. I once collected every major rifle or civilian version the army used the last 100 years and beyond a little. Then I slowly sold most of it off and since realized they keep changing things and would go broke trying to keep up. So I mostly stopped. I doubt I get the new version even though I love anything Sig makes that I've tried thus far.
  10. I used to lose a lot to predators until I took dog kennel panels and made a 10 x 20 with a section in the middle and tin on one 10x10 section and another dog kennel panel on the top of the other 10x10 section. A local guy sells his better quality coops at the local feed store, I put it under the tin section. I laid a 2 feet tall hog wire fence on the ground under each fence panel to keep predators from digging under. The tractor supply coops don't last more than a few months.
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