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  1. I once towed my 3032 john deere tractor on a 17 foot trailer with a chevy 1500 8 cyl. It did the job but not near as good as the 2500 chevy . I've since decided to put air bags in the rear of the 2500 . It does even better. Now when I tow a side by side I barely know they are there.
  2. Joe West is a good guy and does really good work on guns. He's fixed some of mine years ago when I was active at Cherokee gun club.
  3. I never heard of putting anything on it, but have made it before. When and how much worchestshire sauce do you put.
  4. Tell me how much and when you pit the worchestshire sauce
  5. My teenage son said it's the rave now but it really makes it sound horrible. Not like the good old days when we had cars with real power with the muffler and exhaust to pull it off like a 68 chevelle
  6. Prayers for her and her family. She seems like a nice, gentle lady.
  7. Still bound to be better than mine. My yellow lab sits on the front porch. Vandals come as she sits up, and turns her head as they walk by to douse my front porch with sacks of flour and finally walks away while they finish. A second yellow lab never showed and the anatolian shepherd can be heard howling at them on the video recording the event.
  8. I agree with you. Sometimes my son will see these new fangled calibers and guns and try to get me to buy them. He has hit me up for the 450, 6.5, 300 to name a few. I tell him I don't want another caliber. It's hard enough getting ammo for what I have, much less a new caliber. I tell him his 30.06 can drop any deer we have like a bad transmission, so no need for other calibers. He tries to convince me by telling me how far they can shoot accurately. I remind him most of our shots are 150 yards or less. I remind him his 30.06 can do that also. To make it worse the gun stores even get weird pistols in like the 5.7 and try to get me to get one. If the 45acp can't do the job, maybe I should go home.
  9. Please tell me more about the scope brand, power etc and anything else you can about the rifle.
  10. What's more concerning is I did not get notified of the recall . Since I did not buy one, that would confirm it's a conspiracy and you need to go off the grid as it likely means your social security number has been frozen and the police are on the way as I type.
  11. All good until he put chives on pancakes
  12. What else can you tell me about the Yugo mauser? What else.can you tell me about the scope? I took a deer with a as issued yugo but then sold the gun. Sorta miss it.
  13. I miss watching jiminy cricket. Those pics would have fooled me. goodness, these guys are good. Did I mention I did a search for his name in Kentucky and the main name that came up that matched is a personal injury attorney. Seems like attorneys know how to take a credit card if it was legit. I didn't really need it, but a friend has a son on the school shotgun team with my son and I thought i'd bid to keep an eye on it for him. Even told him if I get it, he could have it for the exact amount I had paid for it, no profit. He was recently scammed on gun broker. we both decided to leave this one be.
  14. He just sent me a reply to my asking for his ffl email for my dealer. He said for me to send the money and he will send me the info I need. Went on to add I didn't sound like I was serious about buying his gun and could terminate if I wanted to. I'm going to ignore his email for now.
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