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  1. They are open to hunt here and are a nuisance. They travel from pond to pond cleaning them out as they go like the aliens in independence day.
  2. Otter will clean out all the fish in my pond that I spend money to stock. Last year I saw a family of 4 otters in it.
  3. Seems the general view is 22 mag instead of 17. I was afraid a 223 would bounce off the water if we missed. My nearest neighbor is over 100 yards through trees but don't want to take chances
  4. I just noticed that the music in the movie King of Kings is real similar to the music in the movie The Green Beret or at least sounded like it to me
  5. I was researching about the 17 and 22 mag to see which is better and found an article that said that you can shoot them out of the same gun due to diameter. That doesn't seem right to me or at least must both be out of the magnum rifle but the 17 surely would be unstable in the barrel. Any thoughts?
  6. My son skinned part of the one he killed and thought of eating it and cut off the tail but changed his mind and just tanned a small piece of fur for keepsake
  7. I figure with them usually swimming I won't always get the best shot placement. Usually only see the head. My son got one with a 22 lr ruger 10/ 22 but it took several rounds. He had multiple wounds by the time he got him
  8. Which is better for a swimming beaver or otter 17 or 22 mag
  9. Matter of fact you can buy 10 and 15 round magazines on gunbroker . Saw several the other day
  10. BTT for an excellent pistol. I was issued one as an officer once. built much better than the modern stuff.
  11. If I keep falling like I did in the shower last night I will need this. Btt for a good item to have
  12. That is helpful. I was curious about the scope for sure. My dealer tried to tempt me with the a22 semi automatic 22 mag. I may opt for that instead. I do like the camo look of the 93 model.
  13. This is a nice pistol y'all. My 9 year old loves it. Makes a great glove box pistol especially with the conversion cylinder.
  14. My 9 year old son has the pellet version from umarex and it lasted a while but now won't work after 8 months but he constantly dry fired it like a toy and still plays with it
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