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  1. It's just not the same without the crowds. I'm finding it hard to get excited and I generally like the Olympics.
  2. I have no idea what magic Fast Eddie does on those SKB shotguns, but I have two of them and they are well worth the money. Both of mine have been changed over to mechanical triggers.
  3. They have to make for the economic loss of End of Trail somehow.
  4. I think you should actually be looking at the number of people who are going to work on the posse, scoring, spotting, timing and picking up brass. I'd rather shoot on a posse of 10 workers than 20 dead weights.
  5. Yea, what's the story on the Springfield rifle? I haven't heard this one.
  6. It would be a good match to a Colt Single Action from the Little Big Horn. We need two pistols for SASS.
  7. If the authenticity of this gun is well documented, I could see it bringing several million bucks. That's a cool piece of history.
  8. What about the tide level? If the moon has enough gravitational pull to move the ocean, then it certainly can move a little bullet. This may explain my recent miss at EOT.
  9. It doesn't seem that long ago that I could buy OMV's and Blackhawks for around $325-$350 each.
  10. I always spin my cylinder at the loading table to check for any high primers. If I find one, it's a lot easier to get the cylinder unstuck if you can spin it both ways. Reloading on the clock is rarely done but if you practice reloading with a free spin option, it will be faster than without one. Besides, free spin is just cool.
  11. I don't agree with Anderson Cooper on ANY subject, but he did a pretty good job hosting Jeopardy. At least I could understand him.
  12. When I took my motorcycle riding test in Georgia, the Driving Examiner told me to ride my bike around the block on city streets. He could see me for the 1st 50 yards and the last 100 yards. Since I used my turn signals and successfully made it around the block without crashing, I passed the test. Some things just shouldn't be made complicated.
  13. Waimea, if you need a character witness to help defend your honor, I'm available.....for a price.
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