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  1. If you paid by credit card, be aware of how long you have on charge back rights. If I recall, it's only 60 or 90 days.
  2. There is nothing I enjoy watching more than Sabin getting mad the throwing his headphones on the ground. Way to go Auburn.
  3. Lever, trigger, lever trigger. Any other combination will cause you problems.
  4. I imagine that anybody involved or who had the "whole story" has died over the past 56 years. This is assuming that the simplest and highly publicized story is not the real story.
  5. Lots of agencies have my fingerprints; USMC, Law Enforcement employment, Concealed weapons permit, Class III tax stamp etc. But I am not giving up my DNA without a court order.
  6. People like that are the reason we don't have to speak German today.
  7. It's just like woodworking. Sanding, caulking, priming, painting.
  8. I took the wife to a gun show once......only once. Never again. We do a lot of things together but gun shows is not one of them, anymore, ever.
  9. No, you've got him confused with the red headed guy who invented the Big Mac.
  10. I hope you recover and all of your rights and possessions are restored to full active duty.
  11. Back when I was rifle shopping, the pistol grip stock was about $100 more than the straight grip stock. Since it costs more, it must be better.....right?
  12. The people who process the "crime scene" will probably not be sworn law enforcement officers. They will be crime scene techs (civilians). They are unarmed and are specialists called in to collect evidence and document the scene. These folks do a lot more than throw fingerprint powder around. I've never heard of a search warrant in a death investigation limiting the search to a particular room in the house. I suppose different jurisdictions may have different rules. Follow the physical evidence and don't jump to conclusions until all of the evidence has been collected. And don't let the person's status dictate how you process the crime scene. That way you won't look stupid/incompetent like those that handled the Jon Benet Ramsey case. I'm retired and ya'll are making me have flashbacks.
  13. If the evil doer was killed in your living room, I promise the police will be able to get a search warrant for the premises to process it for evidence.
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