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  1. Whatever it takes to get the job done. If you have cooperating parents, sometimes it works. Interviews and interrogations is a science all to itself. Some of the best interviewers we had were the sex crime investigators.
  2. I Georgia, you are considered an adult the day before your 17th birthday. Mommy can sit in the lobby and complain all day while Junior gets interviewed. Age 16 and under, the interview rules/policies get changed all the time and I haven't kept up with them since my timely retirement. A lot of juvenile interview "law" is based on circumstances and mental maturity of the juvenile as determined by a judge, months after the interview.
  3. The best time to hoard is when nobody else is interested. After the riots, pandemic, election and rumors of assault rifle bans, lots of people have decided they now want an AR-15 or some equivalent firearm for personal defense. If they've waited this long, maybe they should wait 2 more years for the panic to subside.
  4. I bought a 94 Trails End in 357 when I first started in 2004. I ordered it from Walmart of all places. I gave $363.00 out the door. Buying a gun at Walmart is quite the experience, if you've never done it. After a couple of months struggling with it, Joe West did an action job on it and made it much easier to shoot. You could never go fast with it but I was very accurate. I still have that rifle in the back of my gun safe. It has the safety on the tang, which they only did for a year or two before Winchester vaporized. The Winchester 94 is not even close to a good gun for
  5. I always thought the Union Jack was a cool looking flag.
  6. Yea, it makes a long lasting mess. Especially in fabric and carpet.
  7. These people are the children and grandchildren of the 1960's hippie. What did you expect was going to happen?
  8. I sure hope they don't get around to defunding police retirement.
  9. It's time to hunker down, get rid of debt and plant a garden. Things are going to get expensive and only the well positioned will survive this round of tax and spend.
  10. I hear tell that some folks plan on doing that very thing.
  11. If you can stick around till April, the S.C. state match is the 2nd weekend. Then head up to Manchester Ky for the State match the 3rd weekend and then over to Alabama for the state match the 4th weekend.
  12. I'd like to take it out in a pasture and rig it up with a long cord and see if it still worked. A lot of WWII treasures are starting to show up now since the greatest generation is passing on. An M2 grenade is not something I'd want laying around the house for 75 years.
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