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  1. I'd like to see both candidates have shock collars for the next debate. Speak out of turn and get zapped. Each zap gets progressively worse. I'd actually like to hear the answer or non-answer to the questions but that doesn't happen when the other party is constantly butting in and starting an argument.
  2. So the safe has wheels on it and you want it DOWN the stairs. No problem.
  3. I don't think you'll see normal availability and price until sometime next year, and maybe not even then, depending on the results of the election.
  4. I went and checked my AK and OMG, I don't even have a bayonet lug. I've been politically corrected and didn't even realize it.
  5. When buying AR 500 steel and having it cut up into targets, the local company I dealt with charges for the whole 4x8 sheet of steel. They don't routinely keep that hardness of steel in stock and have to special order it. Cutting the targets 16" wide eliminates any waste. Our standard pistol targets are 16"x24" and the standard rifle targets are 16"x16".
  6. I watched the debate and I regret it. I'll never get that 90 minutes back.
  7. What will happen is that after a couple of years shooting that SKB, you'll start looking for a backup SKB. In 10 years, you'll find that long lost Stevens shotgun in the back of the gun safe and wonder why you still have it.
  8. Goody nailed it. The SKB SxS in 12 gauge only brings a premium in the Cowboy Action community. The rest of the shotgun world wants those fancy over and under shotguns.
  9. I have some of that green honing paste embedded into a 8" MDF disc. I spin it up to around 800 rpm on the lathe and it will put a razor edge on a knife. I use it to put the final edge on everything from carving knives to a machete.
  10. Ruger could buy the rights to the old SKB double barrel and make a SASS starter kit. All the guns you need to start shooting SASS in one fancy case.
  11. Animated characters are cheaper to produce and can last for decades.
  12. Looks like something found in a police evidence room.
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