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  1. You can get a whole set of replacement springs for the Wrangler from Wolf Springs.
  2. The target distances listed in the match director's book are recommendations and not mandatory. The match director has the ability and responsibility to put the targets at any distance they deem as safe and fun. It's a balance. A lot depends on the quality and angle of the targets. Old pitted targets will throw back splatter. As a general rule, we set pistol targets (16x24) at 6 yards. The rifle targets (16x16) are set at 12 yards. The shotgun knockdown targets are about 8 yards. We have pretty good AR500 steel targets and get very little splatter, but it does happen. I agr
  3. I really like the Remington STS shells but it'll be a cold day before I pay $14.00 a box. At that price, they just made reloading them worth my time.
  4. It's a floating RV. Very popular in the Midlands. They have canals running all over the place. I thought about renting one for a week.
  5. I just don't understand the logic of buying any property where there are no water rights and no public water available. I live in the southeast where water is not an issue. I guess it's just a different mindset.
  6. Congratulations on your new Square Deal. I loaded on one for 10 years and ended up selling it for more than I paid for it. They are a great pistol caliber press. I eventually upgraded to a couple of 650's but I still have fond memories of that SDB.
  7. It's even harder to write a check for -$5.80.
  8. My mother liked to experiment on us kids. Her worst was rhubarb pie. The dog wouldn't even eat that stuff.
  9. I understand that Max will deliver coffee and a paper to each campsite in the mornings.
  10. I bought several of those 500 round ammo cans of 38's from Georgia Arms and Ammo when I first started this madness. I still use them for storing my reloads. The price marked on my cans is $75.00.
  11. I make all my check deposits by taking a picture of the check on my phone with the USAA app. I tell them how much the check was for and what account to put it in. It's instantly deposited into my account. Been working for the past 2 years and saves me a trip to the bank. I actually closed the checking account at the local bank when they got bought out and the new bank was going to charge me for checking.
  12. When it comes to snakes, I don't do catch and release.
  13. If I recall, the Navy Seals served that warrant. Cool piece of history.
  14. Congratulations, you made it. Now relax a little and do the things you've always wanted to but never had the time. I retired at 55 and took up woodturning. Bought a giant lathe and jointed a woodturning club. It's quite a learning curve but it's a great way to pass a pandemic. I also bought a camper and we travel to a bunch of Cowboy shoots throughout the year. It's been 5 years and it seems like I just retired last week. Time will go by fast.
  15. I'm already hearing of Cowboys not shooting due to not being able to find components. I expect that all of the shooting disciplines will be feeling the squeeze pretty soon. I'm probably good for another year or two but I'm starting to get concerned.
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