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  1. I think they should give this a trial run. If a city is thinking about defunding the police, they should just send all the police home for a week and see how things work out. It's been my experience that you get what you pay for when it comes to law enforcement. If you pay the least, treat them like a necessary evil and use them as political sacrificial lambs, then you get what you got.
  2. Cutting the grass, picking up the trash and maybe a few gallons of paint would double the value of some houses in Atlanta.
  3. If you have to make up a target or have an odd number of targets, a 97 would be faster than a double. Other than that, I think it comes down to the skill of the operator.
  4. They had a big issue with this in parts of Atlanta. Grant Park is an area that has lots of old Victorian homes that had fallen into disrepair over the decades. In the 1990's, young professionals started buying up the $70,000 houses and fixing them up. Suddenly, it became very fashionable to fix up a house in Grant Park. Now many of the restored houses go for $700,000+. The tax assessments went up on surrounding properties which were occupied by elderly and/or minorities. The substantial tax increases forced a lot of them to sell. It changed the whole composition of the area.
  5. If I was a police officer in Minneapolus, I would certainly be reconsidering my employment choice.
  6. I consider anything older than me an antique.
  7. I'm going to quit watching the news. It's just too depressing. I was much happier when I was ignorant and unenlightened.
  8. We just carried a gallon jug of water in the trunk of the patrol car. If I remember correctly, I believe the policy changed that the officer had to call EMS to check out the person and decontaminate them prior to transport if possible. EMS was also called to check someone out if the officer tasered them too. The jail wouldn't accept any DUI arrest if they went over a certain alcohol level without a medical release from the hospital. They were getting pretty liability conscience by the time I retired in 2015. Good time to retire.
  9. Well, there's been issues with Tasers too. Some have claimed that the Taser has caused death. And of course, OC spray can trigger an ashma attack. It also gets all over the arresting officers and in the patrol car. Never fails. My personal opinion is, I think it was well documented that this woman was assaulting his partner and had obviously come un-smacked. The officer was just correcting the deficiency. No call.
  10. I don't expect any Antifa arrests by the Feds until these protests are long over. They are busy gathering intel and cell phone data. This is a golden opportunity to identify the entire organization due to the amount of communications. Money sources will need to be traced and accounts seized. Federal Indictments will come much later.
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