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  1. I like the Marlins that leave them in a nice pile on the table.
  2. You could probably get a little more for it if you cleaned, sorted by caliber, brass vs. nickel, and sold it by 250-500-1000 round lots.
  3. They probably have some AT&T guy working on it.
  4. Those Vikings were sailing all over the place and looting/trading stuff back then. It probably has an interesting story to tell if it could only talk.
  5. I remember Flint McCloud. He made the trip cross country to shoot Ambush in Alabama around 2010. He was Wire buddies with Cherokee Charlie, Bama Red and several others that have passed on. Lost track of him over the years. RIP old friend.
  6. SC is the only match we are commuting to. We can't camp on the range and there's nothing much near the range. It's about 1 1/2 hour drive from the house so Kajun and I just drive. In years past, we stayed at a COE campground on Lake Hartwell but that's still a 45 minute drive to the range. We decided that wasn't close enough to be convenient and was more trouble than it was worth.
  7. We travel with an RV to a good number of large matches a year. I think we have 10 planned this year. We normally try to pick the matches where we can stay on the range. Shooting two or three matches back to back and staying out on the road is a lot of fun but then I have to go home and fix stuff and reload ammo. The logistics of shooting every weekend out on the road for a year could get really complicated. Our travel season usually starts in March with the Florida match and ends in June at the Tennessee match. Then it picks back up in September and October.
  8. This is exactly what happens when the pandemic lockdown lasts too long.
  9. Already signed up for: Alabama State Florida State Georgia State South Carolina State Tennessee State Mississippi State Kentucky State It's good to be retired.
  10. I spent 35 years in Law Enforcement handling everything imaginable. Half my career was in Criminal Investigations so I got called to all kinds of crap. I'm retired now and I'm kinda worried that it doesn't bother me more than it does. I saw a lot of officers fail to make it to retirement, for one reason or another. I lost a few friends along the way too.
  11. Be careful with your cookies too. That camping bunch will clean you out.
  12. A lot of us stay at the Sale of Champions RV park. The sites are full hookup including sewer. It's a fenced in field at a horse show facility. Last year, the Cowboys had the whole place to themselves. Big grass field with RV hookups around the outside perimeter. It's about 10-15 minutes from the range.
  13. The Ides of March marks the start of the camping/shooting season. It's been a long Winter.
  14. An ice pick will go right through kevlar body armor, as long as they miss the ballistic plate.
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