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  1. Won't be long now. I guess it's time to start packing the camper. It'll be good to shoot with the Alabama Regulators in the Spring and the Fall this year. Looking forward to it.
  2. I'll be heading out to Kentucky next Wednesday. First I'm gonna stop off in Alabama and see what them North Alabama Regulators have planned for the weekend. Keep the campfires burning. We'll be along directly.
  3. Blackhawks are fine to use in most categories. You can't use them in Duelist or Gunfighter because of the adjustable sights.
  4. You'd be just fine in Georgia. We're use to armed citizens killing dirt bags around here. You'll probably make the 6 o'clock news though.
  5. He knows answers to questions I didn't even know existed. He's fun to watch.
  6. OK, but I want my "Manly Hug" on Wednesday. You guys in the tent get pretty gamey by Sunday.
  7. I thought the video had been sped up until I started looking at everyone in the picture. That's very impressive. Very smooth with no wasted movement or fumbling. I saw where Matt Black won the Florida State match by over 30 seconds. Considering the competition that was there, that's really impressive.
  8. Outlaw Bullets are the ones I use for general cowboy shooting. Waimea is a good fella to do business with and he makes a good bullet at the best price I've found. And I'm known for being cheap. I use the coated Red River Bullets for my Wild Bunch ammo. They feed better in my 1911. Mustang Dave will take care of you. Bullets by Scarlett also makes good bullets and each purchase comes with a hug. I don't think Mustang Dave or Waimea are offering hugs with a bullet purchase.
  9. I carried one of those guns through the 1990's. Great guns. Never had a miss feed or a miss fire and I shot it alot. The Department let me buy the gun when they changed out to Glocks. I still have it. The seatbelt wear on the grips will tell you if the owner was right or left handed.
  10. We have plenty of idiots in our state too. They are just not the majority.
  11. Looks like he's making a campaign speech.
  12. Actually, your flag would be safe in most parts of the country. Just not where you are.
  13. I had a great case feeder for my SDB. The problem was that he grew up and went off to college. So, I had to buy a 650 with an electric case feeder. The SDB is a great machine for pistol caliber reloads. Changing calibers is easier than changing them on my 650. The key is having a tool head for each caliber so the dies don't have to be reset. It's a 10 minute operation at most. Readjusting the powder drop is the most time consuming thing but you'd have that problem with any of the Dillon machines unless you buy a lot of extra powder measures. You can buy used caliber conversions on ebay at a decent price....sometimes.
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