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  1. I've known several officers that have taken a shot to the vest but I wasn't present and I don't know how they initially reacted. None of them went unconscious as far as I know. I'm pretty sure that's Hollywood. The reaction to the taser can vary from person to person. As a general rule, they will lock up and hit the ground making all kinds of horrible noises.
  2. The primary impact weapon was the PR-24 or the ASP baton. They spent lots of time training us how to use the PR-24 or ASP baton. The Yes (Green) zones and the No (Red) zones. We had to fight politely. For years, we could only have plastic flashlights. Then about 1990, a new Chief came to the department and issued Maglites, bought K9's and we went to semiauto pistols. I hadn't been through my first set of batteries before I got into a fight and clubbed some drunk with my "County Issued" flashlight. Here comes the alternative impact training and policy changes with the Green zones and Red zones.....for all 700+ sworn.
  3. I'm responsible for an entire lesson plan in the Police Academy about the use of alternative impact weapons.
  4. I guess there's winners and losers in every Orgy.
  5. When you are a Starbucks barista on strike in California, this is how you spend your time.
  6. That's because the deer will probably run off, leaving you with nothing.
  7. The libs really don't want to go down this path. Declaring a Transvestite a mental health issue would not serve their purpose. They have been harping on including mental health cases into the background check system. Do they really want Tranny's included in the gun ban registry? Next thing you know, Transvestites will be "legally" denied jobs based on having a mental health issue. Slippery slopes. Much better to blame the guns.
  8. That's a nice "Welcome to West Virginia." This never would have happened in California.
  9. Just go ahead and buy a pair. That way you'll always have a spare and never loose another one.
  10. The SBR tax stamp is free for the next couple of months. After that, it goes back to the regular $200. Of course, once you get the NFA tax stamp for the SBR, you can put a regular stock on it and a forward grip and make it REALLY dangerous.
  11. Instead of pressing the stock adjustment lever, lift up on the whole lever, which will allow the locking pin to lift higher. The adjustment locking pin will then clear the end of the tube. The sawzall also works as a last resort.
  12. This is exactly what happens when you lock somebody in a workshop for a year during a pandemic.
  13. I recall renewing my dues on line and it did the same blank screen thing. Kind of disconcerting, but it worked. If it hit your card, it went through. If you're concerned, just give them a call at the SASS office and they will be glad to confirm. They really are nice folks and will be glad to help you. Welcome to the game. Badlands Bob
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