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  1. Making death notifications was not a fun part of the job.
  2. Well done. It usually takes me that long to find the stray spring that flies across the workshop. Or that little cone shaped thing (technical term) that slides over the spring in the trigger guard.
  3. Those little cabins they had at Possum Trot would be perfect. Then you could build a bunk house, then a general store and a saloon. Ok, maybe the saloon first.
  4. I use to make a trip to the Bass Pro Shop to buy my STS shells cause nobody seems to have them in stock. Then one day I had a brain storm. I went to my local gun store with one of my empty STS boxes and asked if they could order them. The guy behind the counter started hem hawing around and then I told him I wanted several cases. I guess he thought I just wanted a couple boxes. Anyhow, he gave me a pretty decent price by the case and it saved me a 60 mile round trip to Bass Pro.
  5. The only thing I've heard to watch out for on Airsteams is the flooring. If you're buying a used one, make sure there aren't any soft spots on the floor. Replacing the flooring can be a very expensive, labor intensive project. I think Airstreams are very well built campers but priced way above what I'm willing to pay for one. I can buy 4 pretty nice campers for the cost of a similar sized Airstream.
  6. If wonder if Rugged Gear could make gun rack for Spot?
  7. I was a Dewalt fan for many years. The cordless drills lasted me about 10 years each which is pretty good since I used them to build lots of decks and stuff in the shop. A couple of years ago, I tried the Rigid brand. So far, I've bought 2 of their cordless drills and an impact driver. All have worked well. They have a lifetime warranty on the drill and the batteries as long as you register them on the Rigid website. When the Dewalt battery dies, it's over $80 for a new one.
  8. In Georgia, it's the Probate Court that issues the Carry Permits. There's not usually a long line, or any line at all in the Probate Office. I don't remember what the renewal fee is. I get mine free since I'm retired law enforcement. I can already carry nationwide under LEOSA but I use the carry permit to avoid having to hassle with background checks during gun purchases.
  9. I've seen a lot of gas stations that charge extra for using the credit card at the pump.
  10. The modern F-150 is a very capable truck. The Ecoboost V6 engine has amazing torque and horsepower. I have the 5.0 liter V8 in mine and it's also very capable. The problem sounds like it's the live weight. I think he should check into a good weight distribution hitch with built in sway control. I have an Equal-i-zer hitch for my 6,200 lb camper and I've towed it all over the Confederacy with my F-150. There are several good sway control hitches out there. Just don't go cheap. A good one will run about $500+.
  11. I did it on a Stoeger double trigger SxS. It was pretty easy. Just took a little filing on the side of one of the triggers so it would pass the other trigger. When you reverse their positions, you'll see what I'm talking about. Did it make any difference? Probably not.
  12. I didn't know anybody ever sold a 1050. That's sort of like reaching the mountain top. No where else to go.
  13. I know when my son was growing up, I was reluctant to take him out of school for a Cowboy match. I much preferred the main match on Saturday and Sunday. Since he's all grown up now, its not an issue for me anymore.
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