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  1. Longest water trough in Australia @120m Myalls Bore
  2. GAME HUNTERS - 1902 The 14ft crocodile was shot by game hunter, ‘Mr White’ in 1902. Photographed by Innisfail magistrate, William Pettigrew Wilson. THE Imperial Hotel at Innisfail sat across the road from the Johnstone River, a notorious waterway known for crocodiles. The large timber two-storey hotel was the preferred accommodation for game hunters visiting north Queensland to snag themselves a giant trophy croc early last century. The Imperial Hotel was built for David William Henry in July 1899. Henry had a short stay as host and died less than six months later, in January 1900 – not as a consequence of a croc attack, but by a less dramatic cause, related to “acute congestion of the kidneys”. He was just 45. Henry’s widow took over as licensee of the Imperial after his death, until she moved to Townsville to open a pub by the same name in 1906.
  3. Here's a short video that hope goes to show exactly what's happening -
  4. I've got me some problems Guns are stainless .38/.357s and are all original except for lighter hammer and trigger springs put in two years ago when both pistols were bought new. No other modifications have been made (except for the addition of pearl grips). As soon as I took the pistols out of their bags this morning and picked one up I could recreate the problem by cocking the hammer quickly. I thought "That was lucky I picked the problem gun up first" ...... until I picked up #2 and could recreate exactly the same problem The cylinders are rotating and stopping about 11.30 from 12 o'clock roughly around the 5th cocking (but not always the 5th). I can then manually rotate the cylinder clockwise that small amount and here everything click into place. Operating both pistols slowly and more methodically it doesn't happen, but as soon as there's speed and force pulling the hammer back it happens. So my daughter in law must have been going like this. Now my wife isn't like the Uberti gorilla that puts in the screws at the Uberti factory by any means! Feel pretty flat, not sure why this has happened all of a sudden? My wife is shooting them (she's competitive and scores well) like she always has (no slip hammering). Where do I go from here pards? Is this something that is possible for me to fix? We don't have the luxury of easily accessible gunsmiths here that are experts on these pistols. Thanks one and all for the help.......any advice on what to do now?
  5. Thanks pards appreciate the replies.... Just having some morning coffee and will start working through your suggestions.
  6. G'day pards, Big three day annual shoot, home now late Sunday night and very tired but wanted to ask this question as my wife had some trouble with one of her NMV's with it not firing and going around and around and it still wouldn't fire till RO called broken gun. My wife was so disappointed, not sure which of her two pistols were doing it, but it happened to her 4x out of the 10 scenarios. But the thing is our daughter in law shared the pistols for the 10 scenarios over the three days and didn't have a single issue. Why didn't the firing pin hit dead centre on this cartridge (that didn't fire)? These are only 2 year old NMV's that haven't had any problems before. Why did this happen to my wife 1 out of the 5 cartridges in 4 scenarios and not my daughter in law and what's the cause?
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