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  1. LOL that's a few shelves of my ammo cupboard, I was lucky and scored some more the other day.....those Federal match primers $ made my eyes water some! And I was happy to get those .22's as well .
  2. Haven't been able to get any of them as yet because we're still in lockdown and my local shop has only what I've taken pics of below. Looking at prices for reloading components for 12g its not a big saving, I wouldn't bother only for being able to reduce the loads.
  3. I Googled 'average annual wage in the US & OZ' and in the US its (if Google is right) around $50,000 and in Australia its around $100,000 so that mollifies the prices a bit that we seem to pay for anything gun related down here compared to looking at the prices you guys pay. Youngest son was over in the States in Minnesota (before Covid) for a couple of weeks and spent a ton of $ letting loose with an assortment of full auto guns at Bills Gun Shop and he was comparing the price of gear and bits and pieces and said he would have loved to have bought a container load of stuff!
  4. Problem is my wife is sharing it with two of our daughter in laws (and none of them really enjoy the kick) and I've rung up so many gun shops and there's no Stoegers (Branded Boito here) presently available for love or money.
  5. Here's the prices from one Aussie gun shop (we are limited to 10 shot mags now ) https://www.gunworld.com.au/pistols/beretta/
  6. What's an average annual wage/salary in the US? Edit: I just googled (if the info is correct) it looks like the US is around $50,000 a year and Australia is $100,000 a year. That doesn't make our petrol prices that we pay as horrid as I thought.
  7. Yep the Aussie dollar is about peso worthy at the moment compared to the greenback at 72c
  8. I'd hate to be a raccoon in the US, sounds like you guys hate them that much you'd wipe 'em all out if you had the chance to.
  9. I can get one for around $600 here in Oz - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/273929340678?hash=item3fc7760706:g:VMgAAOSwu1VW2hX7&frcectupt=true Just taking it easy and not trying to break a record, how many shells could you reload in an hour on one? Also how many times can you reload a shotgun hull?
  10. Never had much luck with a lot of Lee products. Is the Lee Load-All 2 12 Gauge Shotshell Reloading Press any good? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/162526234206?epid=1641990473&hash=item25d751865e:g:Ik0AAOSwF41fA4JO Looks like I'm going to have to reload for reduced 12g shells for my wife as she isn't really liking any of the shells that I have been able to buy.
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