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  1. Thanks I made one to use for Travel Matches but it's not nearly this nice. I'll try to modify and use this now. Randy
  2. I really like "Rose Colored Glasses" they work well for me in all light conditions and "they show only the beauty cause they hide all the truth"
  3. Shoot as many different guns as you can before you decide what you like. Try to find a mentor to practice with and help you. Good transitions will gain you a lot more time than trying to shoot faster. Make sure the long guns fit, women and children with struggle and possibly lose interest if their guns don't fit them. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Randy
  4. Have you had the hammer strut out? I accidentally put one back in upside down once and you had to cock it really hard to get the hammer to lock back. Randy
  5. I'm not sure but it must not work if you have a good reputation. Randy
  6. This doesn't straighten out the curve on a '73 but I got one like the bottom picture and they sure are nice. http://www.rodkiblersaddlery.com/SpecialtyProducts.html Randy
  7. Dawg, the grips came in today and they look great. Thanks again Randy
  8. I have fairly large hands and Ruger Bisleys fit me better than anything else, I shoot Double Duelist Style. Randy
  9. No, as far as I know the police never recovered any of it. I've replaced some things but no where close to all. Hope to see you again Randy
  10. Rootin Tootin, Original Bisleys and New Model Bisleys take the same grips. I learned that the first time I was trying to buy some Bisley grips. Randy
  11. If B-Western attire is out I'd have to buy some clothes. Randy
  12. Dawg, they look good, I'll take them. Please email me at rws2700@comcast.net where to send the check. Thanks Randy
  13. Dawg, I’m pretty sure I want them. It’s hard to work from my phone, I’ll get back with you tonight if that’s ok. Thanks Randy
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