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  1. You might be able to use a fine point grease pencil and write on your phone screen!
  2. We have two local recyclers that will take brass but neither will take spent primers. Randy
  3. I should have started with this, if the force required to cock the hammer feels ok and the trigger pull doesn’t feel too heavy I would only buy the extra power base pin spring. Randy
  4. It would depend on what trigger pull you want? I shoot duelist and like a little heavier trigger pull than when I shot 2-handed. I would get the 40/17 (I shoot Federal primers), if I was shooting 2-handed I would get the 30/17. Randy
  5. I may be wrong but the only difference in those 2 kits is the trigger return spring which will make no difference in the hammer force. Randy
  6. You may have done this but I always had better luck loosening the main spring screw, tightening down the tension screw some and then tighten back the main spring screw. Randy
  7. As of April 2nd we are up to 163 Shooters and still have plenty of room! Thanks Randy
  8. Wartrace Regulators are shooting this Saturday 4/6/24. Registration 8:30, Safety Meeting 9:30 and shooting shortly thereafter. Entry $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Tennessee Williams has stages 11-15 set up for our shooting pleasure. It will be cool in the morning but should be a nice day. Here's the email I got from Whiskey Hayes. Howdy Cowgirls and Cowboys Clean your guns, find some ammo Wartrace is shooting Saturday April 6th. Going to be cool in the morning Ole Paint might be a tad frisky. Whiskey
  9. We use 3’ of 5/16” chain attached to the target and inexpensive rope from Harbor Freight. 3’ doesn’t make the our targets hard to go down in fact I think it helps them fall. Randy
  10. They look just like the picture in the link. https://www.academy.com/p/yildiz-12-gauge-side-by-side-shotgun-105280002 Randy
  11. Papa Dave used to slick up and sell the Yildiz, they are the nicest looking internally of any modest priced shotguns I’ve seen. Everyone I’ve seen would shuck STS and AA hulls right out of the box. Like everything else they are very oversprung. They have a long reset on the trigger so they are hard to shoot if you’re used to an SKB. I think a good gunsmith could make a very nice starter shotgun out of one. https://www.academy.com/p/yildiz-12-gauge-side-by-side-shotgun-105280002 Randy
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