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  1. I have no experience with these but I haven't seen any SG's including the old SKB 100's and 200's that don't require some slicking up. Randy
  2. We were happy with the turnout, we have 2 matches a month. We have had some shooters that were short on primers and asked if the could shoot .22's to save their primers to load for Annual Matches. We allow the .22's and they are scored as a separate match. I don't think anyone is buying .22's, just using what they have. Thanks Randy
  3. I load 3.0gr. Clays behind a 125gr. .38 bullet. When I tried Clay Dot (in December) with the same charge it wasn't consistently reseating the primers enough to keep from locking up the cylinder. I increased the Clay Dot load to 3.2gr and didn't have any more issues. I couldn't really tell any difference in my 12ga. shot shells (MEC 27 bushing). Randy
  4. Tried to send you a PM but it said you can't receive messages. Randy
  5. We've never had a problem with .22's but Whiskey never writes a stage to end with a rifle. I've seen some .32 rifles that the timers wouldn't consistently pick up the shots. Randy
  6. You asked if this got posted and I replied yes, I could see the post. I'm not interested in the gun Thanks Randy
  7. Max, once you put the new ones on I used JB Weld to fill in above the factory sight. Then I had something solid one I filed them without going down to the factory sight. I also filed them down on the range so I could file a little and then shoot until I got them where I wanted. Randy
  8. You're correct, he should have taken the misses because now he earned a "P" for using illegally acquired ammo plus the misses for any targets hit with illegal ammo. IMHO Randy
  9. Thanks, Alchemist Belle sent me a copy of the schedule. Randy
  10. Thanks, Belle just sent me a copy of the schedule. Randy
  11. Do you have to register with Practiscore to find out what the schedule is? Randy
  12. In Tennessee at the State Match we say "Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink" and Seamus is!! Randy (the pink instigator)
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