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  1. I didn’t read all of the replies before I replied. After reading them your best bet would be to contact Johnny Meadows as that sounds like a good deal. Once you install the new part I’d be sure to add STOS grease to try to stop the wear. https://pvgunworks.com/product/stos-lube/ Randy
  2. Actually I was talking about steel shim stock. I repaired the axle eye on a ‘64 Ford pickup with shims from a PBR can, it held about 6 months and I had to drink enough PBR to get more shim stock, kept doing that until I sold the truck. Randy
  3. Because I try things also I’d probably get some shim stock and try filling in the grooves just to see if it will cock? Randy
  4. The starting load for W231 gives a higher velocity with a 125gr. bullet than what is legal in SASS. IF wanting to load .357 brass I think I’d try 4.0? https://hodgdonreloading.com/rldc/ Randy
  5. I expect a lot of the shooters will be graduates of the Sawyer Shooting School! Randy
  6. Congratulations to both! Mountaineer Mac has been shooting gunfighter for a little over a year and became the Southeast Regional Gunfighter Champion last year after shooting Gunfighter for 3 months. He was 14 at the time. He is an awesome young man!🤠 Randy
  7. Mongo, I have not had this problem but I use a cheap aquarium pump on my powder bottle to keep the powder from bridging. Randy
  8. And right now they have free hazmat or free shipping, your choice. Midway also has free hazmat now but they are $10 higher on 8lb of Red Dot. Randy
  9. Here's the 3/4 wad. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Claybuster-CB017512-12ga-3_4oz-wad-bag_500/productinfo/030CB107512/ Randy
  10. Yes in place of the Claybuster grey 7/8 wad I use the Claybuster pink 3/4 wad. By putting 7/8oz shot in a 3/4oz wad you get the equivalent of adding a filler or over shot card in a 7/8 wad. Randy
  11. I’m not using Titewad but I’m using Perfect Pattern with 11 gr. I’ve used the next smaller bushing to get a good crimp. 1oz bushing for 11/8oz load, 7/8oz bushing for 1oz load and 3/4oz bushing for 7/8oz load. Having really good results and get over 5000 shells with an 8lb jug. Randy
  12. It’s been a few years but I’ve bought a couple of guns from them and had no problem.. If you see a good price don’t hesitate. I bought one from them once and went to show someone what I had ordered on their website and it had gone up $100 in a week. Randy
  13. No, large rifle are taller than large pistol and are very difficult to get to seat deep enough not to have high primers. Small rifle will work in place of small pistol but large rifle will not work in place of large pistol. Randy
  14. I tried posting this on Facebook and it got pulled so I'll post it here. Midway has free hazmat on primer orders over $149 and has Federal Small Pistol Primers at a good price. Magnum are slightly cheaper than regular. Randy https://www.midwayusa.com/product/953676362?pid=676362
  15. I shortened the extractors on mine so that only the brass clears the chambers. Most I know have had Fast Eddie or one of the other SKB smiths do a mechanical trigger reset conversion done on them. Randy
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