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  1. I've been able to get a lot of info on Marauders website. https://marauder.homestead.com/irons.html Randy
  2. If you buy from Scarlett you'll get a hug every time she sees you. Randy
  3. I plan to be there but my hip and knee will have to get a lot better before I can get on the Warpath! I'm going to leave it up to Tennessee to show them how it's done. Remind him their's a nanner split at the DQ when the match is over and he'll shoot 14 second stages so he can get done sooner. Randy
  4. Dang, I should have read this post last night, I didn't bring any fast bullets. I enjoyed the match but next time I need to bring my magnetic bullets, I had a few that didn't find the target. Randy
  5. I started out with a single stage press (shooting Bullseye Pistol) and found myself loading until midnight Friday night to shoot Saturday morning. I then got a Hornady Projector and it worked ok but I've bent the rod that activates the powder measure several times. When I started CAS I bought a Lee Pro 1000 set up for .45 Colt, they are ok for a low end progressive but they have their quirks. When I changed to .38 a friend loaned me his old Square Deal B and it was by far better than the others in my opinion. I later bought a 650 and never looked back. I added a Dilly case feeder (thanks Jackaroo) and I use the Dillon Powder check die. I also use Dillon dies because you can clean out the lube residue without changing your settings. The only thing I'd change for is if I could get a really good deal on a 750. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Randy
  6. That would be a MDQ, don't ask me how I know that. Randy
  7. No, I shot a Buscadero rig in 49'r, Duelist and B-Western. As Garrison Joe said the only category you can't use it in is Classic Cowboy. Randy
  8. I was told years ago their are 2 types of Cowboy Action Shooters, those that have been DQ'd and those that are going to be. I'm pretty sure I've earned every possible penalty except "Spirit Of The Game". If I ever earn that one it will probably be time to hang up my guns. Welcome to the club. Randy
  9. Scarlett also has the lead without the coating which is what I usually buy. I didn't set out to have 50K on hand but when I go to a match I usually try to buy some bullets. Last year after the Tennessee State Match I decided to organize my bullets before I unloaded the ones I'd just bought. That's when I learned that my name is Randy and I'm a Bulletaholic! I'm trying to go straight and not buy any bullets this year but I don't know if I can do it. Start out with a box of 500. Scarlett will treat you right and welcome to the addiction! Randy
  10. Talk to Bullets by Scarlett, she sells bullets, primers, powder etc. She goes to lots of matches and sponsors as well as sets up to sell and shoots. She sells lead and coated, I use the lead and haven't switched to coated. Since I have 50,000 on hand I probably won't ever change to the coated. 125 gr. is a good choice, I load a 125 gr. TCFP over 3.0 gr. Hodgdens Clays Power with a Federal small pistol magnum primer. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/ Go to local matches and talk to the shooters, I'm sure someone will be happy to help you get setup. Randy
  11. It isn't an Official SASS Category, some clubs offer non-official categories others don't. Randy
  12. Up toward East Tennessee we have some Outlaws that also shoot the rifle from the hip. They call it Ultimate Outlaw. Randy
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