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  1. I’m glad to see these are shooting videos, I wasn’t real sure about title at first! Randy
  2. They were fun back when we had stages where you had to run down steps between shooting positions. Randy
  3. Is this the new strategy to beat Tennessee Williams? I don’t think it will work! Randy
  4. We have a Cowboy that had back surgery and has been selling his for $100/1000 and those who need them are glad to get them. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble selling them at that price. Randy
  5. As T-Bone Dooley said in one of his classes years ago at the US Open, "no one cares what you shoot or what you wear, until you beat them"!! Randy
  6. $5.14 per 100, $5.64 per 100 after sales tax. Randy
  7. I hope our Sportsman’s gets some in, I’ve been buying 200 Cheddites from them every day or two for a couple of weeks but that’s all they have had. It’s a couple of miles out of the way coming home from work or church so gas isn’t a big deal. Randy
  8. It is perfect, I used them today and they were exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for a great product. Randy
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