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  1. I think that was just the Cripple Stage and since Widder and I neither one will be able to shoot, that stage got pulled. Randy
  2. I like to think I'm a friend to lots of folks. Randy
  3. Just in case you came in a little late, don't forget their might be a little rheumatis/ snake bite medicine given out on Friday night, here's a picture or two of past Friday nights. Randy
  4. Now I just want y'all to know that Tennessee Williams don't just eat Nanner Splits and Nanner Puddin', that boy can work. In fact he has been taking up my slack and painting targets the last few days and man has he got them looking good!!
  5. Now them's some fine pictures, the range is looking great! Randy
  6. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story! Randy
  7. I'm on the disabled list but I'm sure I could get Tennessee Williams to stop by and pick up one for you to use. I haven't read all the answers yet but you might want to see Jack Daniels while you're here. Randy
  8. I hear ole Tennessee is planning on puttin' a whoppin' on all the other Duelists this year. This is if he doesn't get foundered on Nanner Splits at the DQ. Randy
  9. The Shooters book is on the website so I'll add a link here, looks like it ought to be a great match! http://wartraceregulators.com/2020State/MM.pdf Randy
  10. I predict Widder and I will be running neck and neck throughout the entire match and finish tied for dead last! Randy
  11. Now that's a fact, I showed up last month without my rig and Tyrel loaned me a set and it was a really nice set. Randy
  12. I looked into Bionics after Widder got those hummingbird thumbs and then got his Super Charger installed I thought I had to do something. After doing some research into a Bionic hip I had to reconsider. I determined that since I only could only afford one I'd have to go back with a standard model. You see if I had a Bionic in one hip and the other was a 67 year old model. You see when I took off to the next shooting position the bionic hip would be running at 60 mph and the standard hip would be running about 3 mph. So you know I'd be spinnin' in a pretty fast circle and wouldn't be going anywhere very fast. On top of that if I tried to draw while moving or taking a shotgun or rifle to the next position, I'd surely break the 170. So after a lot of research I went ahead and had a standard model installed yesterday. Thanks Randy
  13. http://wartraceregulators.com/2020State/attendingAlpha.pdf
  14. The Gunfighter can use both hands to clear a pistol but if he has fired 5 shots with his right hand it would be a P ( for shooting out of Category) to shoot the 6th shot with his right hand. If he transfers a cocked pistol to his left hand it would be a SDQ. IMHO Randy
  15. I hate that I'll miss seeing y'all this year. Maybe we'll all make it to EOT next year. Randy
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