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  1. I don't see any reason they wouldn't be legal Randy
  2. I would also check to make sure the base pin is true, not bent any. Thanks Randy
  3. While I personally only use it for rheumatism and snake bite I prefer Jack Daniel's Randy
  4. I went back to the closed WTC Thread and several folks had a good explanation but I liked this one from Marauder as it made it easy to follow. Marauder SASS #13056 Member Members 674 4,515 posts Gender:Male Location:Georgia Interests:Shooting, computers, history SASS# 13056 Doc Hollidays Immortals, Macon Cowboys, South River Shootists &Cherokee Cowboys, SBSS #44 Posted Monday at 10:13 AM Remember that there were no unfired rounds. A P cannot causse" a miss." So go through the flow chart, step by step. Did the shooter hit all the correct type of targets with legally acquired ammo? No - assess misses. 1 Miss Were the targets engaged in the correct order except for misses - no, Was a clean miss allowed by the set up - yes - assess procedure. (When did they earn the procedure - when they took two shots at target 5.) So they missed target 5 and due to their procedure did not have ammo for the last target. Again, the P resulted in not having ammo for the last target - but the rules state a P and a miss cannot be both "awarded." And the stage instructions say you can make up a miss on the plate rack with the shotgun, which the shooter did. So score 1 P. In generally, if you have a string of 10 targets, miss a middle one, get confused and try again, thus leaving the last target, you get a P only. You are not given both a miss and a P for the one mistake. I don't see any point in trying to distinguish targets (as far as for the Miss Flow Chart) any more than simply Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun. I'm not saying that in the heat of the battle I would have made the correct call on the closed WTC thread but I am saying that adding more to the MFC would not have helped anything. Right now I don't think we need to add anything else to the rules. IMHO Randy
  5. I think Colt reissued the 70 Series as a Special Edition. Randy
  6. Absolutely amazing rig Colt!! Every rig I've seen that you've made looks great and obviously perform as well as they look! Randy
  7. In our neck of the woods Outlaw is pistols and shotgun as you said and either shot Duelist or Gunfighter. When the rifle is also shot from the hip they call it Ultimate Outlaw. Ladies shooting Outlaw are allowed a 2-handed grip. Randy
  8. I agree, I’m typically pretty low tech. I even use a Dilly case feeder from Jackaroo Randy
  9. I don't listen for mine I just look at it every stroke. Works fine for me so far. Thanks Randy
  10. Great article Billy. I was never much good in sports but with the help of a lot of folks I found out I could do ok in Cowboy Action Shooting. It's been my experience that the ones that use Gamer as a negative term don't like getting beat but don't want to put the time and money into practice and good well tuned equipment. I admit I can be very competitive but I always try to work as much as I can on a Posse. I really enjoy trying to help new shooters and I suppose some would accuse me of teaching them to be Gamers. I try to impress upon new shooters that you'll gain much more time with good transitions than you will trying to shoot faster, at least early on. I think it was Dodge City Dixie that told me we're not Gamers, we're Thinkers, we think about how we're going to shoot a stage while we're still at the loading table, we think about how to stage our guns, we think about how we'll transition from one gun to the next, we think about how we can most efficiently get from one shooting position to the next. While like you, I'll call myself a Gamer ( I have the card from Buck D. Law to prove it) I think Time Shaver and Thinker may be better terms. Thanks again for your great article and I hope to see you again at EOT. Randy
  11. I use an old one and it works great. Randy
  12. All my Uberti 73's are pistol grip, I went with them because of the checkered stocks. Randy
  13. FNG, this website has helped me our cowboy guns.. https://marauder.homestead.com/irons.html Welcome to the most fun you can have with your clothes on!! Randy
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