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  1. Yeah! Good on ya--- back in the saddle again! AND, you're traveling through the GOOD part of the country. I get nervous east of the Mississippi...... no offense to anyone, it's just me.
  2. Well, following that just cost me an hour........ and one well spent I may say. Thanks for posting this--it lead me to several worthwhile performances: Ricky Skaggs; Boxcar Willy, Charley Daniels and Roy Acuff; and especially, Duane Eddy performing Rebel Rouser, one of the 'coming of age' tunes of my youth. Saturday night dances at the armory hall.......
  3. I operate a retail business which depends on merchandise from overseas and domestic sources. Everything is in flux right now. Deliveries are slow, or 60% to 70% of goods arriving for each order. Many source companies have folded or are unable to get a full (or any) workforce to operate anywhere near functionality. Staple items for summer season are "maybe available August or September". I won't need them then, I need them NOW. Preseason orders are often cancelled due to inability of manufacturers to get needed materials --"So sorry--maybe next year". Doesn't matter if the company is
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