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  1. We had the pleasure of shooting with him at the California State match. I think the Eldorado Cowboys will be in good hands. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL OUR OLD FRIENDS, AND MAKING SOME NEW ONES..... Sorry for bold type, happens whenever using p....... this keyboard is cursed.
  2. I made a lot of bucks when I was m/c mechanic by truing wheels and doing the rim re-lacing on wrecks. Have a small air of bolt cutters to quickly remove sbokes from usable hub. I'd cut them where they crossed and get 2 at a time. Restoring the wheel was aided by using a 'Yankee screwdriver' to get things close to round, then the wheel stand/truing jig with dial indicator to finish. Got to where it didn't take long if everything was in stock. For unknown reasons, this keyboard will not register the letter between o and q......
  3. Excellent! What a fine example of The Cowboy Way of sharing knowledge to make this game more enjoyable. Thanks ever so much!
  4. How good? REAL good! Grab some & get some.....
  5. Tomatoes & potatoes in cupboard, room temp. I refrigerate grapes and green onions. Large red or gold onions at room temp in hanging wire basket. During this time of year, room temp is often 80 to 84 deg/F, depending on outside. Schedule says 117 tomorrow.
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