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  1. Damn shame when December 7 goes by and no John Wayne movie......
  2. I may have what you need. Stainless, very lightly frosted finish with polished flutes, perfect condition. Was fitted to old style Bisley Vaquero. I've not fired it. PM me if this is of interest.
  3. OO, you're on the right track. Much good advice given here. Just keep on keepin' on, and have fun doing it! I enjoy competing against myself most of all......
  4. I recall JJ and Howdy Doody both at DTR. Those were GOOD times.
  5. Plus 1 to this...... Harbor Freight sale was my friend!
  6. Pat-- PM me if you run into trouble. See my edited post. Sounds like you did well on price. They will require break in.
  7. Pat-- Go to Brownell's online. They have a today sale on black and flat dark earth frames for Glock. The Polymer 80 kits work well. Choose a Swenson slide to go with. Other completion parts available from Brownell's, Midway and Lone Wolf. Completion is actually fun. I've finished one and am working on more. Don't rush it. A good drill press is helpful. Secure clamping of jig aids accurate completion. Kind of like Barbie for grown boys...... Breaking news! Check news@GAT daily.com. Rocky Brass has purchased all of Brownell's P80 kits and are selling complete packages at significant savings.
  8. Personally, I subscribe to the Ruark theorem of "Bring enough gun." Better for you and the critter. I had a friend who harvested his yearly deer with .22 or .25-20. Brain shots. I'm not that good of a shot. He used a .300 Savage on elk. Beautiful old Savage 99.
  9. Railroad Pass Hotel, where we stayed during Eldorado, will secure your arms in their vault. I would contact the security officer in charge at your desired hotel and ask if they provide this service.
  10. The book "Pacific Crucible" gives a good explanation of Yamamoto's orders to the battleships, and his challenges with limited options dictated by a reality that he and his staff had difficulty admitting to. The fear was that in order to engage our carriers it would put them in range of the still-dangerous air assets on Midway itself. The other elements of the Japanese forces were spread out too far to be of practical use as backup (up north in the Aleutians). While there were recriminations against the 'lack of aggressive spirit' by the Japanese critics, Admiral Spruance was criticized by American armchair strategists for not pursuing the westward withdrawal of the Japanese forces. He was cautioned by his orders to not foolishly endanger his force. He would have sailed into range of land-based Japanese aircraft had he done so.
  11. For simplicity's sake, I would prefer USPS money order, or, since I perceive you to be a stand-up cowboy, a personal check would be accepted. Educate me on how PayPal would work..... I avoid it.
  12. This belt appears unissued, with only minor shading from age/storage. Brass fittings have aged patina, no pitting or corrosion. Leather is perfect, no rot. 41" to 31". Holds 45 cartridges. No markings, stitching and grommets perfect. Imported clones are up to $90 online. Get yourself a perfect condition genuine military example for $79 shipped/ CONUS. Thanks for looking!
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