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  1. Many of you probably know Ace is gifted and skilled as a precision woodworker. He should change his alias to Merlin the Magician. He restored a destroyed butt stock for my .32 H&R Marlin to such a degree the disastrous ruptures are now invisible. Quickly and reasonably. My error was in overloading my safe......when actually FULL, I found it could get fuller by inserting some more rifles barrel down. They are all protected in their leather sleeves, so no dings. Upon opening the door and being distracted, the Marlin fell out and landed butt first on the cement floor, splitting in 2 places (top and bottom) and breaking 3 pieces off inside the attachment area. Lesson learned. I need another safe.
  2. Hmmm......sorta like the nudist park where no stern was untoned......
  3. Reminds me of when we flat tracked at Ascot Park in the mid to late '60's. We told each other, and ourselves, that the latest and best would not NECESSARILY turn you into a star, but poor or unreliable equipment would certainly prevent you from ever approaching that level. I remember the feeling of getting my first set of hardened and properly cut and grooved Pirelli tires........ felt like the bike was on rails and I could do no wrong. Huge boost to confidence, and corner speed. Our point here is the same. My first couple of years were spent getting guns, AMMO, and leather such that there were no failures during a six stage match, let alone a BIG match of 2 days and 12 stages...... Now that I'm older, wiser and reasonably well equipped, I find the game much more enjoyable and relaxing. It took a while, and some $$$ spread over time. And personally, the satisfaction level achieved is worth it all. Isn't that why we're all here? To find enjoyment? We can each do that in our own way.
  4. Amen! God save the Republic and the Constitution.........
  5. Quick question to end my (so far) fruitless search frustration: Has anyone a good source for the 3-round .45 acp moon clips? I have the 6-round star shaped ones, but haven't found the 3-round types. Anyone? Buehler? Thanks for any leads!
  6. When just starting out in SASS I had the privilege of a posse with Lead Dispenser and Swifty Swede. I learned a lot, and Swifty is the standard by which I measure other TO's.
  7. It's difficult being an addict....... you have our profound sympathy.
  8. I have several customers who encounter coyotes on their morning walks, and they carry the sprays mentioned, and often a #5 iron in hand.......
  9. Emperor Newsome can 'stuff it' for Thanksgiving. Damn him and the virus........full speed ahead!
  10. Marlin in .38/.357 will likely be lighter. Using the same barrel blank as the .32, it has a larger diameter hole. I have both. The .32 is heavier and as has been mentioned, it balances differently. I have massaged the rifle so that it will shoot .32 S&W long as well as the H&R magnums, and will do so interchangeably as fast as I can operate it. SWC and RN bullets work just fine, and weights range from 78 gr. to 125 gr. Just takes time, patience, and thought. Many thanks to the efforts of Widder and Marauder which they have so unselfishly shared online.
  11. Well deserved. A pleasure to posse with Ace and Blazin' Betsy. IF I grow up, I'd like to be just like him.......
  12. I can hear the intercom announcement now...."Cleanup on bay 5!"
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