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  1. Wonder if it was financed with student loan money after he dropped out......
  2. If I didn't already have 3 I'd be after this beauty......
  3. Small home town in western Washington, 1962. Local trading post sold GI WW II era .45 ACP zinc-cased ball by the pound. Had a big wooden barrel full of it and a large scoop like a sugar scoop to put it in brown paper bag on the scale. Worked out to about 3 cents a round. No problem buying it at age 16.
  4. Nothin' to it! SB makes it look so easy he can do it layin' down........ BTW, Is the '73 ready to go?
  5. If you are a REAL friend, you'll steer him in a different direction.......
  6. Those are beautimous! My wife and I shoot stainless Ruger .32's, so I can very much appreciate yours. Mother taught me that envy and covetousness was sinful, so I'll just say that I'd sure like those, and wish you had something better...... Would that work? Seriously, thanks for sharing.
  7. I want to see the photos of the electrically-powered boats and heavy rescue trucks that were so effective and valuable during hurricane Harvey....... And the electric helicopters rescuing folks from rooftops.
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