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  1. Thanks to Deuce for posting, and to Misty and Wildshot for putting their mouths where our interests are. And a thank you to the citizens and sheriffs of NM for understanding and supporting our Constitution.
  2. Chopping off his right hand in the town square TOMORROW might have some deterrent factor.......
  3. 1956 and 13 years old, spent $13 of paper route money at Caldwell's Trading Post for a Remington bolt-action single shot rifle. Carried it home over my shoulder, walking 5 blocks through town and nobody said "Boo"........
  4. Condolences, Yul, and prayers for family. Things would be different if I were King! Firstly, I'd appoint OLG as Attorney General.....
  5. Well, I'm worried about the appeal of AOC to the mindless younger generation which only seems to get their 'news' from Social Media, and the very real possibility the Dems will succeed in lowering the voting age to 16, as they have proposed. Our future may be Soylent Green.......
  6. And after Lumpy massages your Marlin, continue on from Palmdale to Ridgecrest on 1st or 3rd Saturday for a match with the Robber's Roost Vigilantes. We shoot for (a lot of) fun, and take our time doin' it...... P>S> I've got Marlin's, '73's, 92's, and a 94. The Marlins, as OLG mentions, are the easiest to maintain, and light in weight. Important with shoulder issues..... Glad you're getting 'back in the saddle' !
  7. Well done! And thanks for sharing. I would think this could help a lot of folks otherwise unable to attend a class.
  8. Thought maybe it was the back entrance to U.S. House of Representatives........
  9. Well, then...... just who the hell WAS it? If her voting record "wasn't her", was it someone she wishes she wasn't? Or someone she want's to be......
  10. Now the next year will be spent looking for ways to shave off 1 1/2 seconds from 12 stages.......
  11. YeeeHaww! All that work, practice and worry paid off..... Cool!
  12. Mud Marine..... you forgot to mention there is also "shoveling"....
  13. Will someone please take advantage of this great deal before temptation overcomes my resistance? If I didn't have 4 I'd already have succumbed..... Great price on a great gun!
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