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  1. Slim-- Package arrived today. Item as advertised. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to put a copy in my outdoor supply store. I encounter so many hikers these days who think they are invulnerable because they carry a cell phone. And a large percentage have no clue about how to utilize a compass and topo map......
  3. Sorry for your loss. Can only echo OLG's statement above. From (sad) experience, I can say that the best therapy is a new puppy. Best of fortune in finding a new furry friend.
  4. and before you know it your ears are ringing and you need to change your underwear.” That is, if you're lucky, and also exercised proper muzzle control. Otherwise........
  5. Hey, Slim, I'll take that. I will use the upper clip mounting system (for lower ride). PM with remittance details, or call me 760 375 7223 between 9 to 6 PDT. Thanks! BB
  6. If'n I can't take it with me, then I ain't goin'!
  7. Appears no different than a Happy Trigger........ Thanks, Lumpy, for your initiative.
  8. We left Seattle in 1966 because it was becoming too idiotically liberal. Too bad such a beautiful geographic area has been so screwed up. I suspect said prosecutors took an oath of office. If they are in violation of it, the peasants with their torches and pitchforks should drag him/it from the office bodily by the feet and let his/its head bump on every step on the way out. My daughter lives in South Seattle and keeps us posted regarding local atrocities perpetrated by 'homeless/disadvantaged' thugs. Makes me want to puke....
  9. Plus 1 to 40. My brother once worked with a fellow who once was associated with the Chicago mob. He said #4 was favored because it's pattern best covered a doorway from curbside at the traditional housing of the era.
  10. Acronym, abbreviation or whatever......... for better or worse, I use it because I'm lazy......
  11. Perhaps WORRYING about what one eats and drinks contributes to heart attack frequency..... and trying to decipher all the conflicting and contradicting nutritional 'information' the media feeds us. Bon apetite!
  12. Yep..... Life's too short to be hurryin' through it......
  13. Staging the balloons in plastic trash cans (we sometimes have breezes here....) works, and the lid has a circular cutout. Balloon must fit through opening.
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