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  1. Mis-spoke earlier - we don't try to create a new category, but add RR to the alias (e.g. Caprock RR). Shooter still lists their "normal category". Means shooter has to scan the match results to see where they fall in the their category/round count. Won't work for points, but we shoot time only. We do the same when we shoot Josey Wales (add JW to alias).
  2. Writing stages for our matches so shooter could shoot either full rounds (10) or reduced (5). Accommodates those that feel anything less then 100(+) rounds a match isn't worth it and those who were running low on ammo/reloading, - Reduced Round shooters shoot 1 sweep vice 2 or single tap vice double tab. - To make the shooter do a transition on pistols, stage instructions direct shooter to load at least 1 round in one pistol and remaining rounds in second ( 1/4, 2/3 , 3/2 or 4/1). Shooter has to pay attention to indexing cylinder at the loading table. Gunfighters can still shoot as long as they load pistols 2/3 or 3/2. - TO and counters are informed that shooter is reduced rounds so they won't be confused as a misfire/squib. - Rifle is reduced rounds as well. - Separate 'write-in' category such as "Forty-niner/RR". .22's have been allowed for those who want to shoot them since ammo shortage.
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