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  1. Yep they were all owned by the same person. As soon as they got sufficient lawsuits they just reorganized under a new name. I sure hope Michael Weston wasn't packing that piece of die cast Zamac junk.
  2. Without a photo or at least an episode number kind of a unanswerable question.
  3. I did not recommend removing any material. I was just pointing out where the rims contact if you are loading over the top.
  4. Actually the red arrows are pointing at the front of the carrier. That is not where the rims can hang up. The blue arrows are pointing to the proper points.
  5. Sounds like a Toronto, Canada Morality Officer. No gun, limited duties. This is Rebecca Liddiard. She plays officer Shaw on the Canadian TV show Frankie Drake Mysteries.
  6. Where did he say it was a .36? He does not know what his friend has. The gun in the photo does not have a rebated cylinder. It cannot be a Pocket Navy. If it is a straight cylinder .36 it will have six chambers and it would be an 1851 Navy.
  7. 49s came with five or six shot cylinders. Pocket navies were .36 with a five shot rebated cylinder. That is just a plain old London Model 1849. Pocket Navy.
  8. I was born in a Naval hospital and have this nice little blue and white birth certificate with my foot prints on the back. Only problem is it did not list my parents' names. Last year I had to have a birth certificate that listed the parents names. Talk about fun to get that!
  9. I finally had to disconnect my land line. I turned the ringer off years ago and every night there were dozens of phone messages. After months of not a single legit phone call I disconnected the phone and tossed it.
  10. Facebook, Google, Twitter Twatter, and all those other anti-social media sell them your data and a big giant unthinking computer spams millions of people. They do not know you or care who you are.
  11. I thought a comma was when you are unconscious. Like that Russian guy they just flew to Germany after being poisoned by Putin. He's in a comma.
  12. That's why they call it a "practice." If they practice enough they might get it right.
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