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  1. A. You do not know if the current owner even knows how to properly use calipers. B. Calipers are not a good way to measure rifle bores.
  2. I am curious what you fellas are talking about? Black powder shooters routinely twist, move their bodies up and down and lean side-to-side to help see the targets. This is and has always been legal as long as your feet remain planted. Are you talking about something else?
  3. Assumptions can be dangerous and we are talking abouit cannister powders. WAA Lite cannister powder has been discontinued. What the factory is using is irrelevant as the charge is pressure tested and changed with each lot of powder manufactured. Go ahead and use it.
  4. The reason you cannot find any 20 gauge loading data is because WAA Lite (which was discontinued several years ago) is NOT suitable for 20 gauge. As the bore size goes down suitable powders for that gauge change. Thus, powders suitable for 20 are generally not suitable for .410, etc.
  5. I bought a S&W Victory .22 semi-auto pistol last week. Had a much better trigger than the Ruger so I bought it. Took it out yesterday and it would not feed, would not eject, one magazine was so tight the rounds would not go in or come out without a lot of difficulty. The damn safety kept going on my itself. Took it back to the dealer who suddenly had a "gunsmith" in the backroom. The salesman came back out about 20 minutes later and said the "gunsmith" said the gun was fine. I asked what kind of ammo he was using and the guy said Federal. I had tried Federal, Remington, Winchester and CCI and none worked worth a darn. Rather than argue I went back out today and the same results. Lucky to get through one mag without several jams. Most magazines had two or three jams per loading if not more. Most of the time there was an empty case in the chamber as well as the incoming round. Pain to clear. Going to call S&W tomorrow. For those that have one have you had problems? Did S&W fix the problems or I am stuck with a clunker? After the fact I did an Internet search and it seems the safety is poorly designed and just goes on by itself and there does not appear to be a fix. For other problems people tried different things. Some seemed to work and others did not. This is the first S&W I have bought that would not function out of the box. Very frustrating and a waste of scarce ammunition.
  6. Never knew this. During WWII to eliminate the risk of an aircraft carrier being sunk off the east or west coast of the U.S. by a submarine while training pilots, the Navy built two aircraft carriers for use on the Great Lakes. What makes them so unique is that they were paddle wheelers. (Red arrow.) One of the famous graduates of the Wolverine was future President George Bush.
  7. Should not try to fix what ain’t broke.
  8. One of the pair of ivory handled Colt's used by Wild Bill is up for auction at RIA. The other is in the Cody Museum. After Wild Bill was killed they were sold to cover funeral expenses. The cost? Twenty-five cents each. Will probably bring more than that at the upcoming auction.
  9. Jin Psaki's response when asked if the Democrat plant in the Supreme Court has been identified yet.
  10. Got a coin in my change today that at first I thought it was a Chinese coin that got slipped into my change. Covid and they are celebrating the bat? Print was so small I could not read it. Got home and looked at it with my opti-visor. Turns out I had it upside down. It is supposed to celebrate American Samoa but I still wonder why they would choose a bat and why American Samoa is written in microscopic print?
  11. Locally several fast food restaurants have closed their dining rooms because of lack of staff. You have to go through the drive-through. These places all have help wanted signs in their windows with starting pay at $20.00 an hour. Yet every street corner still has bums looking for a handout.
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