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  1. On my Hungryman dinners it says to uncover, stir the potatoes and recover. Sometimes I do not recover.
  2. Many of the proponents of Juneteenth believe the United States was created on August 20, 1619.
  3. The Starline website changes daily. If you look at the homepage for handgun brass the various calibers are color coded. Green means it is in stock. Brown means it is out of stock but you can order. Red means it is out of stock and you cannot order. Watch as the colors change and as soon as it goes brown put in your order. https://www.starlinebrass.com/pistol-brass/
  4. How many of you had your moms tell you that you had to eat everything on your plate because people were starving in China?
  5. So now we have Independence Day on July 4 (soon to be August 20) and National Independence Day on June 19.
  6. My mail lady is great. The large flat rate box is too big to fit in the mailbox so she brings it to the door. The first time she handed me the box the box with my fingers under it went right to the floor. Now I open the door and she asks me where I want her to put it.
  7. Wednesday, June 23, 2021 7AM-4PM Registration/Packet Pick Up/Event Support Clubhouse 7AM - 7:30AM Early Wave Safety Meeting Activity Tent 7:30AM - 10:30AM Early Wave Posses Shoot Main Match - 4 stages Shooting Bays 10AM - 10:30AM Mid-Day Wave Safety Meeeting Activity Tent 10AM - 11AM CAS Shooting Costume Contest - Roving Judges Roving 10:30AM - 1:30PM Mid-Day Wave Posses Shoot Main Match - 4 stages
  8. July 4 is designated as "Independence Day." Now Juneteenth is designated as "National Independence Day." So we have two Independence days?
  9. This is the first line of the new legislation for Juneteenth: To amend title 5, United States Code, to designate Juneteenth National Independence Day as a legal public holiday.
  10. Yep, right now you have to use whatever you can find.
  11. Don't know about your area of the country but around here there is breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually eat around 2:00 pm. I call it Linner.
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