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  1. Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.
  2. The extra 250 feet of flight deck didn't hurt either.
  3. With just me at home I gave up cooking a long time ago. As soon as I walk into several local eateries they bring me my food. I never take home "leftovers" as after a month in the frig it is called garbage. I have gone to a couple of small local places for take out just to help them out and make sure they make it throught the next few weeks. I have gone to the store during "senior" hours and gotten a few TV dinners to add to the canned goods. Unfortunately between the Dinty Moore, Oreos and Nilla waffers I am gaining back some weight.
  4. My dad was an alcoholic. His surgery was caused by Corona.
  5. I have been retired since 2005 and live alone. My normal routine is to go to movies, eat out every day and shoot.The movies are closed and the restaurants closed or limited to takeout. I have not cooked for at least ten years and keep no food in the house. I try to shoot Trap two, three, sometimes four times a week. Now that I cannot go to movies, cannot eat out every day and cannot shoot I am saving a LOT of money. During the crisis I did have to dip into my strategic reserve of Dinty Moore beef stew, Progresso soups and Mac and Cheese.
  6. Went out this morning (Monday) about 9:30 am and the Winter Range crew has done wonders. While the awards ceremony is going on Sunday everyone that is not involved in the ceremony is out on the range taking down the props. After 29 years takedown has become methodical as everything has to be cleared out as another match has the ranges reserved beginning Tuesday morning. First photo, several groups take down the props. Following right behind them other crews pick up the props and targets and takes them to the storage yard, photo 2. Within hours the range is empty, photo 3. Winter Range has six large metal shipping containers and the props "go in there", photo 4. That's Nine Toe Joe the esteemed WR rangemaster. He has to know where everything is so after a summer of planning, and when the weather cools down around October, the props will be taken out and refurbished or re-purposed to reflect the theme for WR 2021. Two or three new props are built each year so everything looks fresh from year to year. Tuesday night the Winter Range board takes the Rangers out for dinner and drinks at a local restaurant. There is also a drawing and every Ranger seems to win a prize! In case anyone has not figured it out being on the board was one of the highlights of my shooting career. I miss it but Winter Range is in good hands. I can't wait to see what they do next year.
  7. I was privileged to be on the Winter Range Board for many years. Over the past three years a bunch of us have retired and several of us have not shot much the past couple of years. We decided to have a Winter Range retired board member posse with a dozen or so old board members. Great seeing part of what is an extended family. The new board has 21 members and, as usual, has done a tremendous job on this year's match. The board is backed up by dozens of Rangers that volunteer their time to set-up and take down the match (Ben Avery is a public shooting range so everything that is Winter Range has to be set up and taken down in just a few days) and to keep everything neat, tidy and functioning during the match. I use to write the Chronicle Article about the match but that now belongs to a new board member and he will be writing a detailed report on the match in the coming weeks. In the meantime here are a few quick shots from this morning. First, one row of the vendor area. More vendors at Winter Range than any other cowboy match anywhere in the world. This year's theme was the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad. Next a couple of shots of the engines from the famous photograph. The engines look just like the real thing and the detail in them cannot be seen in these photos but they were magnificent. (They were nose to nose like the photo but spread out a few feet for the loading/unloading tables.) The Grand Hotel. If you look in the upper right hand part of the building there is a sundial. It is angled to tell the correct time. Finally, just the train water tank showing the attention to detail on something that is behind the main props. Notice the counter weights and water depth gauge!
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