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  1. The Hallmark Channel? You ought to watch something really racy like the now non-PC Muppets.
  2. Mine still just says delayed in transit with no updates since 2/22.
  3. Before the great pandemic I use to go to two or three movies a week. (Especially in the summer when it is 110+ outside.) So a ten year old movie is ancient history. There are an amazing number of "pandemic" movies on Netflix, Prime, and other streaming services that were made before the pandemic started and many are eerily similar. Except, of course, that you catch it, there is no cure, and you drop dead in 48 hours or less. A few examples: Into the Night (Russia), The Barrier (Spain), The Rain (Denmark) and Containment (USA). Containment takes place in Atlanta and in the local CDC off
  4. USPS was supposed to be delivered 2/18 from Massachusetts. That night the tracking indicator said shipping delayed and changed the delivery date. Since then the same note that delivery is delayed and the delivery date gets changed. Remember, if we don't like it we are free to invest billions of dollars into our own delivery system.
  5. When I heard about this I immediately wondered what they are going to change the name of Disneyland, DisneyWorld and the Disney Company itself to? Old Walt certainly could not pass a 21st Century left wing litmas test. If he were still alive they would be trying to cancel him and ruin his business. Now that he has expired it is only a matter of time before they try to tear down his statue at the gates of the Magic Kingdom.
  6. They are saying they will air "best of" shows for the next 90 days. The point of Rush's show was to discuss the day's events. I not sure people will pay much attention to decades old out of date clips. What will be interesting is if the show survives and who the host will be.
  7. Kelly Reilly finishing off a Roman in Britannia. Or is this Yellowstone?
  8. Unreality is right. Absaroka County, Montana, has a population of zero as it does not exist and was filmed in New Mexico.
  9. I like Kelly Reilly and really liked her in Britannia so I watch. After watching the series I can only conclude everyone is Montana is a murderer. Everyone on the show has killed someone.
  10. I guess I must be out of it. I have never heard of Jeff Quinn.
  11. I have never liked Commemorative guns. Most are ugly and they all sell for less than a standard model if you ever try to sell it.
  12. It is NOT a problem. The OAL for .45 Colt might be 1.600" and the rifles might be adapted to that cartridge. However, the guns were DESIGNED for ammo that is 1.590" OAL. The .32-20, 38-40 and .44-40 are all 1.590". There has to be some clearance in the carrier for the gun to work properly. You fix it by using ammo that is the correct dimensions.
  13. The yellow "tag" is part of the ad. It is a fake story about the hunt.
  14. Thanks goodness. I thought this was going to be some kind of transgender thing.
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