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  1. Start with the simple things first. What kind of ammo are you using? The cheap steel based shells from Walmart make a lot of shotguns stick. The steel bases expand but do not contract like brass. To make sure what they are made of see if a magnet sticks to the metal base. Some brass colored bases are a brass wash over steel. If it sticks shut with quality BRASS based ammo then you can move on to looking for more difficult problems.
  2. Since my padding "varies" Bob Mernicle made my shotgun belt with two buckles and various length connector belts.
  3. Case cannelure. Intended to help keep bullets from getting pushed into the case by recoil or going through a repeating mechanism.
  4. "Shotgun Ammo loops must conform to the shooter’s contour (i.e., not tilt out from the belt)." Shooter's Handbook, page 4. Let's see how many pages we can go with people arguing padding that does not tilt out is OK or not OK.
  5. Me too. Just sloppy package handling.
  6. I just pulled a new one out of the box and levered and pulled the trigger several times. No problem on this one. Check the trigger and hole in the lever for burrs or exceptionally sharp edges. Here are a couple of photos on the one I just took out of the box. All the surfaces are free of rough edges. Here is a shot of just the trigger. The front is smooth and slightly rounded. If the hole in the lever has a sharp edge I would take a flat jewelers file and just take a couple of swipes to knock off any sharpness.
  7. The fore end not locking needs to be fixed/adjusted. However, the lever not returning to center when the barrels are installed is normal on most shotguns. As the gun wears the lever moves toward the center to compensate for normal wear. Once it hits the center the locking lugs need to be replaced, welded, adjusted, whatever depending on the gun. On a quality gun this takes many thousands of rounds.
  8. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to lengthen the LOP then a lace on might work. However, if you want to keep the LOP the same or shorten it the answer is no.
  9. You can pinch your finger with ANY lever action firearm. The original 87s and the ones being imported now have solid levers and are no more prone to pinching than any other lever action. The older 87s imported by IAC and Coyote Cap had a two piece lever. This was a PINCHAMATIC. To help prevent this they came with a snap-on leather lever wrap to cover the joint in the lever.
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