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  1. Very cool. Very good friend of mine who is Vietnam combat vet and retired attorney does that here in Johnson County, KS. Good on ya Doc!
  2. Pat, the 10-5 I bought in 2019 has the same square butt grip. So you like the Bk grip?
  3. I’ve no doubt that if John Browning saw a Glock, he’d be very impressed. What an amazing mind he had.
  4. Full disclosure here. That image had some mild digital enhancement for the very reasons you mention, Linn. Our cameras can’t perceive colors the way the human eye and brain do. That pic was taken with an iPhone 10 and I was able to boost the color saturation with the built-in phone software to match what I saw. Many smart phones and cameras like Nikon & Canon have digital filters and some pretty sophisticated light metering & exposure settings built in. It’s worth exploring tutorials on YouTube or the manufacturer’s sites to take advantage of them. Those help immensely in ge
  5. Medical issue is over for now. Some bladder issue possibly related to prostatectomy from years ago. All is good! (Probably should have said that up front.) Thanks, folks!
  6. Germany, August 27, (my b-day!) 1939 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinkel_He_178 Had no idea the Italians had one.
  7. I spent a couple of days in the hospital early this week which is never fun. But since I happened to be up at the crack of dawn Tuesday, I took this pic from my window. Nature is amazing, isn't it?
  8. When did Iron Man croak? I saw Avengers Civil War where he was grievously wounded, but I thought he made it. Was there a movie after that?
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