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  1. Thanks. To be honest, I was looking at a small image on my cell phone and thought it said large cat.
  2. I don't follow Garth Brooks so I don't get the joke. Can someone please enlighten me?
  3. Our American Legion Post held a sporting clays event yesterday. A guy on my team brought a Mossberg 200K shotgun which I had never seen or heard of before. Detachable 2-round box magazine and a plastic pump slide that fits around the fore stock. Quirky looking thing.
  4. I remember asking my high school Algebra 2 teacher the purpose of proving theorems. He said, "You need it for calculus." He might just as well have said, "because". Having already met my math requirement for graduation, I dropped the class.
  5. Hope they get it out of the water before the surf starts breaking it up.
  6. Interesting video that comes on after the “choo choo” vid.
  7. Running would be a lot easier if you’d take off those chaps.
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