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  1. Which is why they're bowing out, as Colt stated in the article. The market is flooded with too many others.
  2. I'm gonna see it. Might be a good flick.
  3. Next time, turn the resistance down and spin the pedals up really fast. Then put your feet up on the frame until it coasts down. Have a shot of scotch while coasting.
  4. One thing for sure, the little gal would have burned up from the air friction. At Mach 3, skin temps of the SR71 reached 600-900 degrees F, depending on altitude
  5. Yeager was very critical of Crossfield in his autobiography. He said he said he’d given the operating manual to Crossfield the day before and claimed he didn’t bother to read it. He said that hydraulic issue was clearly covered.
  6. +1. Our two cats who passed last year were named Nick and Nora after the series.
  7. Aunt Catherine was always spouting off. I love this “walk this way” gag with the butler and Nick.
  8. Apparently its discharge is flowing across the Pacific to the US
  9. Gotta love that it's an international cast!
  10. I was always partial to grandpa's car, the "Dragula"
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