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  1. We was younger then. Back when there was a circus with a side show that came to town. I believe “Jerry” spent a lot of time with the side shows. ‘Cept he never learned how to close the act so you’d come back another time.
  2. This is Rose, (in repose) our Shar Pei/terrier mix. She agreed to join us last January when she was 7 1/2 years old. We met at the shelter and all we know is she's originally from Mississippi. Would love to know more about her background, but so far she isn't talking. All we know is she's a character and a sweetie!
  3. Found better things to do this evening than watch two detestable candidates try to deliver a memorable sound bite. And it doesn’t change my vote, regardless.
  4. We watched it last night for the first time in eons. Still a fun film. Gotta love the line when Jack Palance says to Billy Crystal: "I crap bigger than you."
  5. Are you talking about the two (Whisper) springs on either side of the lever? I had to do some minor fitting on mine. What problem are you having with yours?
  6. The newer ones have a “W” prefix in the serial number. Older ones don’t.
  7. Got my reduced power mainsprings from the The Smith Shop https://www.thesmithshop.com/ I have Cowboys & indians SS kits in my ‘60 Henry and ‘73. Love ‘em. PGW makes a great kit too, but it won’t work in older Ubertis like mine. Be sure to tell them what you have.
  8. I know nothing about this gal. But if good looks and a few good quips are qualifications for high office, Sarah Palin would be president. Hope this guv has more on the ball than Sarah.
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