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  1. I know nothing of flinters. Does the frizzen wear down over time, or is it a buildup of flint particles on the surface?
  2. I meant why do you want to shoot a “really heavy slug”?
  3. My Jeep still has one of those permanently jammed in its player.
  4. ...and "gay" just meant you were feeling happy and carefree.
  5. Roller skates that were strapped and clamped to your shoes with a key
  6. The biggest safety feature that could save millions from injury and death is a 4 or 5 point harness -- just like in kiddie seats. That sad part is most adults won't wear one because it's inconvenient. I know a number of people who still won't wear their seat belt. A couple think it's better to be thrown from the car. Can't protect folks who won't participate in their own safety.
  7. To the OP: when set up properly, they’re rugged as hell. At least mine has been. As already noted, steep learning curve to run like the Lassiter video, but it can be done. Since you’re new to the game, I’m thinking you’ll be happier with a s x s. Try before You buy.
  8. Maybe I’ve missed something. Are you planning to bring your reloads to use in someone else’s gun? Or do mean factory loads?
  9. Don’t know how to post a link here from an iPhone, but you can Google the topic. some dems crossed over to defeat the “assault” gun ban in VA
  10. Saw a lot of those hanging from telephone wires
  11. Been dealing with it since I was 6 years old (61 years) - the result of measles and nerve damage. Cicadas in my head 24/7. Was able to compensate for it for decades, but as I got older what remained of my hearing diminished. Got hearing aids about 5 years ago, and it has helped immensely in terms of overall hearing. I can hear things now I haven't heard in eons, but the cicadas remain undiminished. Hearing aid makers will tell you they can cancel out the ringing, but it's basically hokum. What they do is produce white noise that's supposed to mask the ringing. To me it's just static that's loud enough to drown out the ringing. Not effective for me and just drains the batteries faster. Get the hearing aids, you'll be amazed depending on the loss you have. Just don't expect too much on the tinnitus front. Many audiologists will let you try before you buy. If you're a veteran, the VA picks up a significant portion of the cost without much hassle. Good luck!
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