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  1. Was Gordon Liddy the guy who had a radio show? Talked bout his wife’s guns?
  2. Governors pardon state convictions. Presidents pardon federal.
  3. Is it a state or federal conviction?
  4. Yes! I was talking with a gun shop owner. He said he had a purchase rejected because of domestic violence. The guy had had a fight with his male roommate in California. In New Hampshire that would have been domestic violence but in CA it was only domestic violence if he was gay. The buyer had his brother copy pages from the CA law books and send to NH state police, then he was allowed to buy a gun.
  5. No. In some states, but in many it is only a violation or infraction unless excessive like 25 over the limit.
  6. We celebrated my grandparents 50th in 1972, later found out they were married in 1923 but because they didn’t want anyone thinking about George’s quick birth they told everyone 1922.
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