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  1. I learned this back when Julius Erving was playing for the Redmen (before they changed to the Minutemen [in red coats]) the NIT is different from the NCAA Tournament. And, ya know, I still don’t give a rat’s patootie, I just walk away.
  2. Thought about this. If the first round was “fire for effect” and it hit the Wisconsin, the next command would have been “battery/battalion/group/corps adjust!”. The Wisconsin was just defending itselffrom possibly a rain of 6 inch shells that might have hurt somebody.
  3. Most dogs like me better than a lot of people.
  4. They are smaller on some airlines, and the legroom is often different too.
  5. I didn’t find where it is on MY TV yet. “Maggie” is this guy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Megellas
  6. And for guys who need a dominatrix, God invented cats.
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