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  1. The key thing about a 50 year or lifetime guarantee is very few people will use it.
  2. I learned the method commonly taught, cut it in half and smack the halves with a big spoon. I’ve seen the Food Network chefs do it that way such as Bobby Flay. but this method looks better, the guy is wordy but his method beats everything.
  3. I spent a summer cutting beef parts. Learned how to use a steel.
  4. I dated a lady, then 68. When she was 16 or so a Cutco salesman (college kid) came through the neighborhood (Italian) and sold knives to all the girls who were saving for their eventual weddings. She and her sister bought them. After 50+ years they weren’t sharp. I boxed them all up, wrote a check for $10 and sent it all to Cutco. Couple weeks later I got them all back, good as new with a couple replacements. saw a salesman at a wholesale club and I only bought an offset bread knife. They are not easy to find.
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