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  1. Get a Room, don’t be cheap, a nice place.
  2. I told my wife I wanted a 20 yr old dishwasher, now I have one, she comes four days a week.
  3. I got a text yesterday from +31 6 27 44 xx xx. but all it said was “hi, how’s your health?” hm, only a Russian friend would start a conversation like that, now which one? country code 316 is Netherlands, okay that narrows it down somewhat, a refugee. It turns out she’s the one who went to Peru with a friend. Friend became addicted to cheap cocaine and Yulia took the first opportunity to go to Netherlands where her mother is. in this case not spam but I have had other international texts that were.
  4. In December 1984, a group of 3,000 beluga whales were trapped by ice in the Chukchi Sea, near Russia. The whales were confined to small open water ponds surrounded by thick, impassable ice up to 10 feet thick in some areas. Without access to larger areas of the ocean, the whales had difficulty breathing and were at risk of dying. To help rescue them, an icebreaker named Admiral Makarov was brought in, equipped with a specially reinforced ice-breaking hull. The ship attempted to take the whales to safety by breaking the ice, but the belugas initially refused to follow. When the crew began playing classical music like Tchaikovsky over the ship's speakers, the whales finally began to follow the Makarov through the narrow open-water channel. This allowed 2,000 whales to reach the unfrozen ocean after a journey of almost 100 miles. The successful rescue effort lasted several days and was later dubbed "Operation Beluga." It was a massive undertaking that involved several nations: USSR, US, Japan and Canada.
  5. Reading through these posts, many of the fishing attempts appear to be random but several indicate that either UPS or USPS computers have been penetrated by scammers and neither is doing anything about it. Or a proverbial “bad actor”* is providing information to the scammers. ——— *not meant to criticize any Hollywood types. ))))
  6. I had one of those texts on Monday. I actually thought about it a few times before deleting it. The thing was… I actually had a $732 package coming that day.
  7. Plans for a theatrical release of chapter 2 have been scrapped.
  8. I have seen bikes built for sand/ mud/snow that had dualies, a pair of side by side wheels with fat tires front and back. That’d make a footprint maybe 3-4” wide. Obviously it would mean custom forks and everything. by that time the army would be considering a different mode of transport.
  9. Except for maybe the freewheel and derailleur getting mucked up. Mil-spec would cut back on that somewhat maybe even entirely.
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