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  1. Well, DeWalt and Black & Decker are all one in the same company now. Having run a hardware department for Home Depot, personal experience dictates that DeWalt is a baby step above Ryobi in quality and customer support. Milwaukee, by far is a better choice for the long haul. I actually prefer Rigid due to the lifetime service agreement and almost everything sold. Register the product online after purchase. Repair or replacement for life, including the cordless batteries included in the tool kits. Quality overall is up there as well. My $.02 Chas B
  2. Well, she is old-er, 4.5 years to the day. Never thought I'd be married to an old woman. I actually tell her that and she gives me a whack. Her green eyes really have fire sometimes. I was nineteen years old the first time I saw her. Right then and there, I said to myself that there was the woman I was going to spend my life with. Didn't even know her name.
  3. On this day in 1976, Apple Annie and I became engaged. Been a hell of a ride ever since. Chas B
  4. Brother, I feel your pain. My father was a homosexual that only married a woman and fathered a son to have the picture perfect image needed to promote his career during the 1950's and 1960's. The physical and mental abuse my mother and I endured was unthinkable. My mother passed at sixty years of age, me being thirty. Six months later on Christmas day, he threw me, my wife and mother-in-law out of his house. I still do not know where my mother is interned. He is gone now, spending his last year in a care facility. I came close many times ending his existance on this earth. The term hatred does not even come close to describing my feelings towards him. What you are feeling inside is normal and healthy. What you have been going through has been sheer hell. Forgiveness is something that comes from within and only you can determine the want and ability to do so. Talk to the big guy upstairs for guidance and support. I did. Made a big difference in my life. I hope that eventually you find some closure. Wishing you all the best, Chas B
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