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  1. 162 once fired 45 once reloaded Mixed Head Stamp Redding FL die set Dillon Crimp Die Brass was tumbled before Storage SPF We can talk. Thanks for looking Regards, Chas B
  2. There are no words in the English language that can adequately convey the feelings I have right now. Regards, Chas B
  3. On my cell phone, after reading your post, I asked google about pricing on this shotgun. Not very hard to do. Pricing from low to high is a narrow window. That is if one is actually available. Chas B
  4. Working girl looking to tap into a new customer base? Chas B
  5. Or the judge has a really twisted sense of humor. Chas B
  6. Looking through shooting stuff in a file cabinet in the garage.
  7. I saw your offer of 200gr 45 bullets to a fellow cowboy. If no one spoke up for those and they are something you want to part with I would be will to take them.


    Snake eye

    1. Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104

      Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104

      :FlagAm: I believe I will have to pass on such a generous and thoughtful offer.

      Chas B

  8. Dose that mean you going to shoot that scatter gun in local SASS matches? Probably not! Chas B
  9. I recently purchased this from a Cas City forum member. Just got it back Saturday from Long Hunter. The gun was as new and stiff as hell. Jim did an amazing action job. He also installed the two brass rib beads. Gun came back packed for shipment better than how I sent it. Just wanted to say Jim is a Stand Up guy. He communicates and performs excellent work in a more than timely manner. Chas B Yes, those are 30" tubes.
  10. I am kinda partial to this one. As everyone else has stated, fit and finish are impeccable. The edges on the barrel flats are not as crisp as an Uberti. Some internals such as the toggles are EDM. Springfield as well as other manufacturers use EDM. Just a damn nice firearm. Chas B Pics of a Stoeger import next to the Henry USA
  11. I have your addy off the Regulator's members list. Will get them out to you this week. Chas B PS: Our addy is wrong on that list. Need to have Poppa Dave correct. On second thought, send no funds. Will see you in OCT. Chas
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