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  1. One of my experiences. Back in the early to mid 1980's, I spent considerable time on the Hopi reservation. One day the son of one of the elder chiefs invited me to dinner up on the third Mesa. I was given a seat of honor at one end of the table, the chief at the other end and family around with the son sitting to my left. Dinner was some of the finest tasting chili I had ever had to date. Halfway through my second serving, I mentioned how good the chili was and inquired what was in it. The old man never looked up, but replied "neighbor dog" and continued to eat. I looked at his son who stated dad was tired of hearing the dog bark. I finished what was left on my plate. Chas
  2. We always bring four dozen homemade tamales and my smoked pork chili verde to Wartrace in October. Never have any to bring back to AZ. Chas
  3. True, but you also dress in PINK! Lookin forward to next year, Chas B
  4. BTT Rifles will be at the Crossroads of the West Gun show in Phoenix this weekend Thank you to all who have looked and to the individuals who have replied to the post. Merry Christmas to all of my SASS brothers and sisters. May all of you have a blessed holiday. In the spirit of the Christmas season, treasure the time you have with family and friends, Chas B Wolfson
  5. As a veteran, this is truly tragic to look at. Unfortunately, this neglect is repeated across this country. Much of the history of our military branches forming and shaping this great country is being forgotten by our younger generations. Gives Chas B a sad on
  6. I truly get what is being stated here. My wife is Canadian born with all her living relatives north of our border. Trust me, I have had many a non "Thanksgiving" dinner and discussion with them. I will say however, the real Cuban cigars are wonderful. My earlier comment was focused on that what was stated had no relevance to what I was asking help with. If the OP of that post wanted to voice his sentiments regarding differences pertaining to firearm sales between individuals in Canada and the United States of America, he is truly welcome to do so in a separate posting. What I was asking for was nothing more than a recommendation from local shooters of an FFL holder they have used and have been pleased doing business with. Nothing different than asking what mechanic or repair shop you have had positive dealings with. I always ask people who they do business with. Because of that, I have always had a positive experience with the businesses I ultimately do business with. The mechanic shop that performs work I cannot do on our C2 and C3 Corvettes is different from the shop that works on our C5 Corvette or our 8.1L dually pickup. Every individual business has a specific skill set. Gun shops and FFL holders are no different. I have found an exceptional shop and FFL holder to use for this transaction and future work on my firearms. Thank you and to all here have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Not always a complete butt head, Chas B
  7. You won alright. Now go sit in the corner with the dunce hat on and continually sing "It's A Small World After All". Chas B.
  8. And what does this have to do with me asking for a recommendation for a FFL holder that some of my follow shooters like to do business with? Chas
  9. Thanks for the info. Have already looked there. Was hoping that a local shooter could give me a personal recommendation regarding a shop he or she likes to do business with. Or maybe a shooter that holds an FFL. Chas
  10. I am purchasing a long gun from out of state and was wondering if I could get a recommendation for a FFL holder to receive the firearm. I have not purchased an out of state gun in a long time. The shop I used to use is now closed. Would like to stay in east valley, Mesa, AZ area if possible. Thank you for any assistance. Chas B
  11. Reloading items will not be sold prior to rifle sales. If the buyer of last rifle wants to purchase, they will be available. If we end up keeping a rifle, we will need the items in order to use rifle. If both rifles are sold and buyers do not want reloading supplies, then I will post a new classified with required pricing. Any questions, let me know. Chas B
  12. DIE HARD! We enjoy watching the "classics" here as well. Chas
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