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  1. Looking for an Uberti square back brass trigger guard. Typically found on model '51's. Thanks for looking. Regards, Chas B This:
  2. I have a sealed one pound container of FFG Triple Seven for sale. Will be at EOT. $30.00 fair? If interested, PM to co-ordinate meet up at match. Thanks, Chas B Deal done with my friend in Alabama.
  3. Can do. PM with contact info Chas B
  4. Please put me down for 5,000 SP Federals and 2,000 shotgun Cheddite. Thank you. Chas B Wolfson
  5. Getting ready to do the spring oil changes on the vehicles. I am interested in getting feedback from anyone here that has tried or is using such a product. I currently use what is considered a high end synthetic oil and other products from Schaffers. The Corvette engines and the 8.1L in my Silverado get run pretty hard at times and was curious if there would be any added benefit or a negative to the use of a PTFE product. Currently looking at True Brand by Solid Start out of Florida. Do not mean to offend, but I am only interested in real life experience, not speculation or what ifs. Thank you for any replies. Regards, Chas B
  6. Annie was on the phone with Sherri Thursday regarding an order. Chas B
  7. A nice place for a long winters nap.
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