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  1. Some examples of our hammers that have been lowered using the heat method. A couple show a little proud at the bend area but nothing extreme or really noticeable. I am a pain in the ass regarding detail and nothing here bothers me. First four pics are of Annie's three Model P Jrs. Next four pics are of my four '72 Open Tops. Next four pics are of a pair of Colts. Last pic is of the hammer for my fifth '72 Open Top. Hammer just arrived ten minutes ago. The '72 hammers would be representative of the 1860 hammer spurs. If interested, let me know and I will P.M. contact info. Work performed by a SASS member. Regards, Chas B
  2. Here is another option to add to the mix. Pedersoli sight purchased from Cimarron Arms. Post is threaded and can be removed. I remove some of the threaded end to effectively shorten the post. When engaging targets, as soon as color of target appears in sight, pull the trigger. I don't see the post when engaging typical stage targets but it is useful for a precision shot such as a clay bird, etc. Post can be removed if desired. I use with both standard buckhorn and flattened rear sights. Except for my Henry rifles, all my stage rifles sport this front sight. Chas B
  3. Yes it is. Amazing what could be created and accomplished using human brain function. The creativity and design genius of the individuals who brought these sculptures of automotive works of art into reality have never been equaled or surpassed.
  4. Packard had a much more modern design for the time. The Duesenberg is an incredible and beautiful machine but compared to the Packard, a carry over from previous years.
  5. The first three pics and the last. one out of order, are of early production .38spl pistols. The next four are of two later production .44spl pistols. The next two pics are of an early production .44spl pistol. The next two pics are of the outer chamber wall thickness of a later production .44spl pistol and an early production .44spl pistol.
  6. The first production run were all chambered in .45 Colt due to an error in production. The pistols were supposed to be .44 caliber. The barrel blanks were sent to be bored and rifled with the instructions stating .44 cal. Being they looked like .44 cal percussion barrels, they were cut to that spec. With a run of barrels bored larger than .429-.430, the decision was to chamber the cylinders in .45 Colt in order to use the barrels. With the smaller cylinder diameter of the early production guns and being chambered in .45, made for thin cylinder walls. Those guns were shipped with a warning regarding CUP pressure.
  7. I believe it will depend on timeframe of production. My early '72 pair in .38 special have smaller diameter cylinders and smaller ID frame dimensions than the pair of pistols I purchased from you in .44. Therefore, the .44 cylinders will not fit within the frame dimensions of the .38 pistols. The .38 cylinders do fit the .44 frame guns but with the larger frame opening dimension, the bolt doesn't engage the cylinder notches as strong as it should. The third .44 I purchased from you as a backup does interchange with both.38 caliber guns. Almost identical cylinder diameter. Tomorrow I will get the digital caliper out and give you some diameter measurements. Chas B
  8. Source of short stroke kit? Full parts replacement or cut and weld? Maybe something related to the short stroke has changed such as a slightly bent lever. Just something to check before throwing more money at it. Chas B
  9. Sir, you now truly have God as your copilot. I thank you for your dedicated service to this country. Men the likes of you are extremely hard to find, even more so now when you are needed more than ever. God bless. Respectfully, Chas B
  10. Flying into Detroit the term "Safety Specialist" is very appropriate. As always, Chas B
  11. O brother, so sorry to hear this. Knee mail on the way. Chas B and Apple Annie
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