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  1. Hey Dawg, consider that sucker SOLD! I will P.M. you tomorrow A.M. Trust me, it will have a steady diet of 3F. Regards, Chas B.
  2. You might want to revise your header to WTB and then the item looking for. Chas B
  3. I grew up in the Catskill region of upstate NY and central PA. My all time favorite potato chips, Wise with the blinking owl on the package. You could see all the oil and salt on the inside of the clear/blue bag. Original Popsicle brand, Premium saltine crackers and A&P coffee. They had the the chrome and red grinders in the store. My father would give me a be a or two to chew on when he ground the bag. Hormel cocktail franks in the little blue can and the original FRESCA. Sun Maid raisons used to get a little bathroom Dixie cup full as an afternoon treat. Pasteurized but not homog
  4. I have two of these presses. One is set up for AA hulls, loading for trap, skeet, sporting clays and hunting loads. The other is set up for STS hulls loading real BP. I have loaded BP on this press since 2001. I have had zero issues! No rusting, no having problems with powder drop, nothing at all except for the occasional user brain fart. If you have not used this press for BP, how can you state not a good idea? Anyone who wants to talk, PM me with phone #, I will call you. Regards, Chas B
  5. "A Guy Named Joe". Irene Dunne, Spencer Tracy, Van Johnson and Ward Bond. Chas B
  6. Check out Ricochet Roy. I have seen his work and it is top notch. Chas B
  7. I have used 4F in 38SPL cases. My '72 Open Tops and Annie's P Jr's show no ill effects. 4F is a hoot. I have never used fillers, only a grease cookie and card wad behind molly coated bullet. And a fairly heavy compression. To get you all really scratching your heads, long range pistol caliber rifle, 44WCF also 4F. Chas B
  8. I have a box of Remington Express 38 S&W 146 GR Lead RN ammo left over from my pocket pistol. This is the green and yellow box and is new factory, not reloads. I recently purchased a 642 S&W Airweight and would like to trade straight across for a like box of factory 38 SPL jacketed ammo, preferably HP for defensive carry. If of interest, let me know what you have via PM. Regards, Chas B Wolfson
  9. This craftsman has done all our leather: wmbrownholster.com Bill comes from several generations of leather craftsmen. Rigs and other leather items were made for such notables as Tom Nix and William S. Hart as well as others by his grandfather, etc. Bill really knows his trade. Chas B
  10. Looking for a normal carry and or concealed carry holder for a 642 S&W Air weight. Though I would try here prior to ordering one. Thanks Chas B
  11. Completed a purchase transaction with dahoney today. Smooth as silk and the items were as described, actually nicer. You can buy with confidence. Regards, Chas B
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