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  1. I know the Times is made up of a bunch of morons, but that reads more like something you would see on the Duffel Blog.
  2. Alpo

    I had a dream

    I was hunting rabbits in the house. I tracked it down the hallway into one of the bedrooms. I looked carefully around the room but did not see it. Then when I turned back towards the door, the door swung shut and the rabbit, which had been hiding behind the door, leaped at me, hind-feet first like some kind of kung fu movie. When his feet struck my chest, they stuck, as if they had giant suction cups on the bottom. I had that dream when I was in my early twenties, over 40 years ago. The weird ones do stick with you.
  3. A neat trick I learned about a few years ago. If there is something small on the floor and you can't find it, lay a flashlight on the floor and slowly rotate it in a circle. The flashlight beam will hit the screw or spring or primer or whatever it is you are looking for, and cast a shadow. Works real good.
  4. It's the generation of the bayonet. 6x2, 6x3, 6x4. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/10/29/history-evolution-soviet-russian-ak-bayonets/
  5. Dunno. All those ads are talking about 6x4.
  6. Okay second question. You live in base housing. The service member (I started to say "your husband", but these days it could be the wife) is deployed overseas. Do you still live in base housing or do they make you go somewhere else?
  7. If your husband is on active duty, you are a dependent, with an ID card and commissary privileges and hospital privileges and all that happy horse kaka. But if your husband is killed while on active duty, do you remain a dependent? I presume that if you do remain a dependent, that would only last up until the time you remarried (if you did).
  8. So did mine, but I still had to buy another one, because I could not find it. A year-and-a-half later when I moved, I found it as I was moving the furniture.
  9. Lock your car, take your keys. Don't let a good boy go bad.
  10. A variation of the carrot-and-stick technique. If the dear lies there like that on his own, you give him a carrot. But if he resists - if he tries to get up and run away - you shoot him. A bullet works better than a stick.
  11. If Ruger bought Remington, which got them Marlin, why would they be making a new 73 and a new 97, which are Winchesters?
  12. And it was strange. I'm riding along on my bicycle behind this closed store. Suddenly this girl - late teens early twenties - comes charging out of nowhere on her bicycle and runs into mine, knocking it down and me rolling across the pavement. And my rear wheel comes off. (Thinking about this afterwards, I could see maybe how the wheel come loose from the fork, but the chain should have kept it on. But this is a dream.) Back to the dream. I get up off the ground - the girl is yelling and screaming and cussing at me - and I pick up the rear wheel and fling it at her, while yelling and screaming and cussing myself. The wheel hits her in the chest and knocks her down. I now advance toward her, still cussing, with my right fist upraised. Suddenly I am struck from behind. The girl's boyfriend has come out from wherever he had been, and seen her lying on the ground and me advancing on her menacingly, and has come to the quite logical conclusion that I have attacked her. So doing his best impression of a pro football tackle, he struck me from the rear. As I get up from the ground, again, he is swinging at me, and now he is cussing. I back away from him, and he pulls out a knife and starts slashing at me. Yelling nasty things about people that attack innocent little girls. I continue to back away from him, trying to avoid being cut while at the same time trying to pull my pistol out of my pocket. (I immediately learn two things from this dream. If you are going to carry a pistol in your pocket, make sure it does not have a hammer spur. and if you are going to carry a pistol in your pocket, make sure that your pocket is big enough that the pistol will go in and out easily. trying to remove a pistol from a tight pocket while the hammer spur is getting caught on the pocket hem is not real fun.) I finally get the pistol out and pointed at him, and he says something sarcastically about "big man, you've got a gun, why don't you shoot me", so I do. He screams, drops the knife, and slaps the right side of his upper rib cage with his left hand, and falls to the ground. I pull out my phone and attempt to figure out how to make the damn thing be a telephone. (In real life this is a new phone that I have had for less than a month, and I am still trying to figure out how it all works. I suppose that bled over into the dream.) The girl has run up to the boy, and now comes over to me as I fiddle with the phone. She is asking me not to call the police. The boy gets up and walks over. I see that I almost missed, and that he just has a bullet graze on his upper rib cage. He is telling me to go ahead and call the police, as he is going to have me arrested for attempted murder. I tell the two of them that I was riding along minding my own business when this girl rammed my bicycle and knocked me off. Assault. I threw the tire at her. Self defense. I was attacked from the rear. Assault and battery. The second attacker pulled a knife and tried to cut me. Assault with a deadly weapon, assault with intent, attempted murder. I shot the second attacker. Self defense. That takes the wind out of his sails, and the two of them just sit there for a moment thinking. Then I tell them that I am not all excited about having interactions with the police myself, and unless my bicycle has been damaged I am quite willing to just everybody walk away. (Boy that would be a dumb plan. because as soon as I had left the boy would call the cops and tell them that I shot him, and the police would be looking for me as the bad guy.) Well, I said it was strange.
  13. I don't know if this clip will start where I want it to, but if it starts at the beginning just slide along to 5:59. He needs that gear shift.
  14. That little tuft of hair sticking out of the points - suppose there's some lynx in that cat's ancestry?
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