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  1. I looked it up when he posted it. It's a fake disease used in a fiction - I don't remember if it was a movie a book or a comic but it was a fiction.
  2. Got this email from Brownells. They're having a contest and the pricePRIZE is a lever action rifle. Made by Rossi. Then I look at it. Throw up a little bit in my mouth. They took a Rossi and put all sorts of Midwest Industries accessories on it. Work was done by somebody called Mad Pig. And the completed rifle is worth --- (trumpet fanfare) $5,400.00. Well, I guess if they own it they can set the value of it. They might have to pay me $5,000 to take it.
  3. Wait a minute now. He has his arm around her. I thought PDAs were a no-no.
  4. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" Falsely attributed to Mark Twain.
  5. Alpo


    Of course you don't. That's not Italian. It's Ukraine. Try to zbahnuty. Dammit otto, let me finish before you post.
  6. Yeah and the first one wasn't him. otto done it.
  7. Alpo


    I love yulechka? Julia?
  8. You know, like how all Canadians are supposed to be extremely polite. If Superman was Canadian and you punched him in the face he would apologize for hurting your hand with his jaw. The third and fourth frame. If you don't follow the comic this won't make sense but that doesn't matter. The guy with the funky mustache and the black guy have been given the other guy grief about his "imaginary Canadian girlfriend", and she comes walking in. And she said she's not Canadian, and he pokes her hand with his finger, and agrees that she is not Canadian. And I don't get it. It would make sense if when he poked her he announced that she was not imaginary. But not Canadian?? Does that make sense to anybody?
  9. Alpo


    I can't translate that one. My keyboard does not have cursive letters.
  10. Alpo


    You know how to tell when it's a good picture? When you look at the picture of the coffee cup and you attempt to wipe the spilled coffee off your phone screen.
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