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  1. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/exclusive-historic-la-newspaper-pulls-pro-gun-article-due/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20190920_FridayDigest_244&utm_campaign=/digest/exclusive-historic-la-newspaper-pulls-pro-gun-article-due/ Gunshop in LA. There was an "event" happening, and they were to be a vendor. The owners said that they would not be bringing any guns to the event - they would just be passing out literature and talking about their business. They further said that it was illegal for them to sell a gun anywhere except in their store. Well damn. If a gun shop can only sell at the gun shop, how do they sell stuff at a gun show? I know here in Florida, as long as they treat where they are selling the same as if it were their shop - 4473 and call in and waiting period - they can sell anywhere.
  2. Someone asks me for my social, unless it's my boss, my bank, the Sociable Security folks themselves or the Infernal Revenuers --- uuhhhh, NO. Ain't nobody else's business. I have a perfectly fine number for the PO-lice. I've had it nigh on fifty years, and I'll be quite happy to tell it to 'em, or to let 'em look at it if they don't believe I know it.
  3. When Category 5 Michael came visiting last October, he left me needing a new roof. FEMA allowed me three thousand dollars. I suspect that piddling amount is because I told them the roof was thirty years old. I further suspect that if I'd told them I'd put a new roof on it last year, they would have paid me for a new roof. But I didn't tell them that. Didn't even consider (until I saw that miserly amount, and thought, "Hmm. If I'da said...") telling them that. Not because misleading them that way would have been illegal. Simply because I don't do stuff like that. As I've told people before, I'm honest. Quite possibly too honest, for this day and age.
  4. Why? I said so, that's why. You can only have one. Would you druther boil water for your coffee in a frying pan? Or fry your sidemeat in a saucepan?
  5. I don't see white platforms. I see a mint green leisure suit, with a white patent leather belt, and white patent leather loafers with a gold chain across the metatarsal.
  6. I know you clarified it in your follow ups, but I was talking about your original post, that Mark responded to.
  7. I agree with what you say about insurance companies. The only thing lower on the whale poop scale is collection agencies. HOWEVER Nowhere in Father Kit's original post does he say the truck tire caused more damage. The way his post reads to me, is some jerk kicked a dent in his car, then a tire came off a semi, rolled up to and leaned against his car in the area of the dent, whereupon he claimed his car was damaged by the truck tire, and collected from the insurance company. Straight up insurance fraud. Now if that's not what actually happened, he needed to have phrased his post differently.
  8. I like the whole idea of that shirt. Except the signature at the bottom.
  9. Notice that brunette ain't changed a lick - in fifteen years. The other three - they could be the same people. But ain't no question about the brunette.
  10. AR15. Really wanted one until I shot one. HK91. Same thing. Just felt like frap in my arms. Fortunately I didn't buy either of those. 4 3/4" SAA. The balance is atrocious. Funny. I've got 3 1/2, 5 1/2, 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 inch single actions, and they all feel good, but that 4 3/4 is just -- eewwww. Took a loss on those. Cimarron Lightning. It sounded like a fine idea. Until I held one.
  11. I like that idea. I have absolutely no use for an AR of any type, or any caliber. But I might possibly buy a raffle ticket on a "firearm of your choice, value not to exceed $800".
  12. Pat, he didn't say the Harrier "sucked up" a BB. Said there was a BB in the engine. I agree - I don't believe that little steel ball could have been sucked up off the deck some three or four feet in the air into the intake. But it could have landed there from a ricochet.
  13. Guess we just don't do that here where I live.
  14. Have you tried baking soda and hot water? Aluminum, hot water and baking sida creat a chemical reaction with silver tarnish. It just disappears. If you don't have an aluminum pan, I've lined a pyrex baking dish with aluminum foil snd used it.
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