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  1. Apparently Thurston picked her, otherwise she would still be Miss Wentworth, not Mrs. Howell.
  2. Strong-side, with the toe of the holster in your hip pocket. That's how the cop in the murder mystery I'm reading is wearing his. And when I saw that description, I remembered seeing that style of carry in many cop books of the fifties and sixties. Just wondering if anyone had ever done it. I have also seen, both in books and TV, people wearing a sheath knife with it in their back pocket. I did that for many years. Never done a gun that way though.
  3. That "American St. Nick" sounds so cool. https://www.wwiifoundation.org/category/films/american-saint-nick/
  4. In the article it says the glitter is edible, and is stuck on with corn syrup. They quoted the guy as saying it would not last an entire day.
  5. Slim, what I have heard is that 19s (and I suppose therefore, 66s, 13s and 65s) have a possibility of the barrel cracking at the forcing cone, when using 125 grain 357s. I have not heard of it with any other weight, nor with any type of 38. Just 357 125s. My solution is to use 158s in my 19. I shoot the 125s in the Python. They quit making the K frame 357s for a few years, but recently brought the 66 back. The new 66, unlike the older guns, has a bull barrel. This thicker barrel may have solved the problem of the barrels cracking. If I was going shopping for a used Combat Magnum, I would make sure to have a powerful magnifying glass and a powerful flashlight with me, to check for a crack. I understand that if you have one that is cracked, you are SOL, as they have no more barrels at Smith & Wesson.
  6. Once you have worn the tire down so all of the tread is gone and the base rubber starts to wear, then the thread starts to show.
  7. Where did you get your data? I presume powder, nitro card, felt wad, shot, over shot card, roll crimp. Or maybe no wad. Just shot over nitro card. But type/charge of powder. Where'd you find it?
  8. No. The thread about bail money for Father Kit.
  9. Someone on the other thread did suggest a cougar got him.
  10. The book was written in 1962. The crook has a fake driver's license. He goes in the bank, tell them he has lost his checkbook and forgotten his account number. The teller asks if it's a special account, and he says yes. He tells them the name that's on his fake ID. The teller can find no record of a special account under that name. He tells the teller to try regular accounts. The teller says there is no record of any account in that bank under that name. He says "oh well" and leaves. The fourth bank he tries this at, there is a special account under his fake name. They tell him the account number, and give him a new checkbook. He then goes to stores, buys expensive stuff, pays with a check and uses his fake ID to prove it's his check, then hocks the expensive merchandise for cash. It all made sense, except the special account. I've heard of checking accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts. But not SPECIAL accounts. But then, I didn't really pay attention to bank accounts until the mid 70s.
  11. They didn't have facial hair in the 50s?
  12. I second that. 8 shot J frame, weighs 11 ounces loaded.
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