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  1. The story I liked for this, and it is undoubtedly no more true than any of the others, is the entire load of a concrete truck. Instead of sending a truck here, to drop off a couple yards of ready mix, then send it over there for another couple yards of ready mix, send it to my house and give me the whole nine yards. This is back when concrete trucks were smaller, and did not hold as much as they do now.
  2. I have no idea. If the caller is not in my contact list I don't answer it. So far I have not had a robocall leave a message in any language besides English. But I've only had two or three leave messages anyway.
  3. You are talking about them like we can see them, but if you put pictures in that post, they ain't showing up on my phone.
  4. I was on a board where someone had written im***sible. I looked at that for the longest time before I realized that the nanny-ware had edited out POS.
  5. You know if one of y'all smart guys would just hurry up and invent an aluminum magnet, that cleanup would be a lot easier.
  6. I've always found it useful, when giving someone load data, to list what cartridge the data was for. I'm going to assume that the loads given in this thread so far were for 12 gauge. But the OP just said shotgun.
  7. It used to be important. "I'm five and a half years old." "I'm 11 and 3/4 years old." Then as a teenager there were milestones. 15, where you could get your learner's permit. 16, where you can get your operators. 17, when you can get in a dirty movie. Then 21, when you can buy booze. 25, when your car insurance rates drops. It was important back then to know how old you were. But after that? Why did it matter? I had a guy ask me today how old I was, and I wasn't sure. One of those, "What year is it?" moments. So simply - without having to stop
  8. That's why they came up with Smurf targets. It was so offensive that the cops were shooting at black silhouettes, but with blue ones who could they be training to kill?
  9. They never stopped importing 87s. Until Coyote Cap went over there in 04 and started kicking Chinese butt there were no 87s. They stopped the 97s because they were Norinco, and we could no longer import Norinco. So now we're importing IAC. Same gun, different exporter.
  10. If memory serves, Clinton banned Norinco. They are, I believe, not a manufacturer but are simply an exporter. Another company under a different name took over the exporting of Chinese guns to America. He also banned guns with "no sporting purpose", which is why the Chinese AKs and SKSs no longer show up. Also the excellent Norinco 1911s and M14s.
  11. I've seen this before, and I like it, but I wonder where it supposedly came from. "The bin" is what they call the garbage can in England. So "throw it in the bin" means "toss it in the trash". I've never heard anyone refer to the garbage can as "the bin" here in the States. But the price is listed in dollars. I suppose it could be a Canadian receipt, or Australian. They both use dollars, and speak a lot closer to English than we do. Hmmm
  12. The amendment acknowledges the right we already have.
  13. Have to login to see whatever it is
  14. There was "only seven" if you included the sutler. I counted six.
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