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  1. Are we staying strictly with revolvers? 'Cause I have several "snub-nosed" automatics.
  2. What was the first one he was apologizing for? To the Chinese? I did not understand the term. I played the video three or four times and I still did not understand what he said.
  3. When they talk about heavy equipment, and they mention a weight, is that the weight that the equipment can handle, or the actual weight of the vehicle? He said the little backhoe was a seven ton unit. Does that mean it weighed 14,000 lb, or does that mean it could pick up 14,000 lb?
  4. In his early teens my brother was an acolyte at several weddings. He and his bestest buddy put some raw shrimp inside the hubcap of the honeymoon car. They thought that was a wonderful joke. Another time they got some of the rice that was supposed to be tossed at the new couple and they put it down the carburetor of the honeymoon escape car. That cost the two of them some money.
  5. Everything tastes better fried in bacon grease.
  6. Y'all must not watch Warner Bros. This was a big goofy looking guy, and he had somehow ended up with Daffy Duck, thinking that it was a rabbit. They were parodying Lon Chaney Jr and some movie based on a Steinbeck story. and he was going to take his little bunny rabbit and call him George and hug him and pet him and stroke his little bill. Then it struck him, and I quoted, "Wait a minute! Bunny rabbits ain't got no bill!" Y'all should watch more cartoons.
  7. Actually no. I can think of things to pull on people, all the time. I just don't do it. It's like taking a crap in the middle of the dining room table. You might think it's funny. All your friends might think it's funny. But it's not funny. And it better not be my dining room table. My last job before I retired. There was a guy that liked to "prank" our coworkers. and he would come and tell me about what he had just done to Kevin or to Dennis or to Chuck. I told him that I saw nothing funny in things like that, and that it would probably be a good thing if he did not try one on me.
  8. I remember thinking that it was a good thing I was not a moderator, when that was going on, because if I had been there would have been a whole lot of people been kicked off the wire. And on the subject of good reasons for me not being moderator - Big Ed Douglas. Somebody would post, "I just got my new rig from San Pedro, and boy it is good". Someone else would jump in. "Big Ed makes great leather." And then the pile on would start, with more and more people saying what wonderful leather Big Ed made. And then long about post 20 Ed would step in a
  9. Practical jokes are neither practical nor jokes. The perpetrator should be beaten with a horse whip, tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail.
  10. Same with the naval service and their star. And when there is no room on the ribbon for another star or cluster, you wear a second ribbon.
  11. Wait a minute! Bunny rabbits don't got no bill!
  12. While SASS says they don't allow it, I know of at least two in the past. A doctor bill and a lawyer bill. Someone did like you're doing - came on and asked permission. Permission was given.
  13. It is my understanding that if the police wish to question someone that is under the age of 18, they cannot do that without their parents being there. But if the interviewee is 18 or older, the parents are not required to be there. If the interviewee, 18 years old, wished his parent to be there, and the parent wished to be there, could the police kick the parent out? Murder mystery. He wants his mother to sit in on the interrogation, and the cop said no because he was 18 and an adult. I guess they couldn't say no if mama was a lawyer but she's not.
  14. Queer. it is apparently all right to refer to homosexuals as queer again, because they now refer to themselves as queer. It used to just be the parades - "we're here, we're queer, we're here we're queer get over it". But now it is apparently an acceptable thing, anytime every time all the time.
  15. Looks more like Moe Howard cut his hair.
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