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  1. Got an ad through email today. CCI mini mags on sale. At the bottom of the ad, andIN the questions, someone asked if they would work in some gun that was called a 74 - I have no idea what gun they were talking about. The answer given, by another customer, said something about, "they used to be the gold standard, and worked in any gun. But CCI changed the secret sauce, and now there isTHEY'RE AS unreliable as all other 22s". I agree they used to be the gold standard. They worked, they fed and fired in anything, and they were extremely accurate in anything I shot them through. But I have not bought any since the Kenyan went into my White House. 14 years. So I don't know, of my own experience, whether CCI did change what they were doing or not. Has anyone had any recent experience with them? Are they still as good as they used to be?
  2. I take it that knob is an insulting term?
  3. I don't think it would work with a soda bottle. They are too hard - they are made strong to stand up to the gas pressure. He was using a water bottle, which is made out of very thin plastic. It would need to be thin because he squeezed it so that when he released pressure it would create a vacuum and suck up the yolk. I do not think you could squeeze an empty Dr Pepper bottle. Not a 20 oz anyway. A 2-liter - yeah. But it would be too big and clumsy for this.
  4. Just seemed strange, with the other distances being 12 rounds. I wondered if Otto had gotten a hold of your 2 and turned it into a 4. Of course, making you fire 14 at that distance makes it come out and even 50 rounds - a full box.
  5. Why 14 rounds at 7 yards? They want to force you to reload twice?
  6. That happens when you have a new car title, which is metric, and you're trying to use tools for an old car title, which is SAE.
  7. Sugar Ray Robinson, I think.
  8. There's a guy over on Smith & Wesson. He's putting together a book about gun values, and he's curious about new guns in bad shape. So he asked opinions about the value of a "new gun with a 50% finish". I read that as "new gun with a 50's finish". Before I opened it I was sitting there trying to figure out what a 50's finish was. On another board there's a thread titled, "Shooting in Buffalo New York". I read that as, "shooting buffalo in New York", and thought, "not for a long damn time they haven't".
  9. I don't think we have points that go up, but I have seen many times signs in construction areas that say SPEEDING FINES ARE DOUBLED WHEN WORKERS ARE PRESENT.
  10. We have the same thing in Florida. I assumed that every state had it. You get pulled for speeding, and you get so many points. Careless driving, and you get so many more points. And when you get to a certain amount of points in a certain amount of time, they pull your license. They don't call them demerits. Just points. But it's the same thing.
  11. Thank you Joe. I was worried the plague got him. He's also on the Smith & Wesson board, and I haven't seen him there for a while either.
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