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  1. An acronym is an abbreviation, in the fact that it is an abbreviated version of several words. but as you can see, in the definition you posted, an acronym can be pronounced as one word. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO. Acronym. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, SCUBA. Acronym. How do you pronounce BBL? Then there is the fact that an acronym is made up of the first letters of several words. How many words are in the word "barrel"?
  2. Looks like Charlie Brown's shirt to me.
  3. What you just wrote. It's not an acronym. It's an abbreviation.
  4. The book is called Dirty Little Secrets, which you can download for free from google play. It's only the first chapter, so I don't know if it will further the plot. More and more people have apparently never heard of Chekov's Gun. The veterinarian in the strip mall across the street from the funeral home "sells unlicensed drugs to people that don't have enough medical insurance". When I read that, I thought it was a euphemism for pusher. but then she goes on to say that she had bought a case of penicillin and a year's supply of birth control pills from him. So here we are back to why the penicillin.
  5. Before he converted, his slave name was Bobby Joe, so he don't know no better.
  6. The Arab yelled jihad. Maybe I saved everyone from terrorists.
  7. I read this and it was just -- Huh?? She is the county coroner and owns the funeral home. She buys a case of penicillin. I can't figger why a coroner or a mortician would need penicillin. Thoughts?
  8. Alpo


    In the Old World, there were several grains. Seed heads that grew on the end of a long stalk of grass. It didn't matter whether they spoke of wheat, rye, rice or barley. They called it all CORN. In the New World there was no wheat/rye/rice or barley, but there was a seed head that grew on the end of a long stalk of grass. So the settlers called it CORN. We still do. In the Old World there was a small hairy animal with a strong musky smell. They called it a POLECAT. In the New World there was no such animal, but there was a similar small hairy animal with a strong musky smell. So the settlers called it a POLECAT. Many people still do. In the Old World there was a large deer with huge palmate antlers. They called it an ELK. In the New World settlers did not find such a deer, but they fid find another large deer with huge antlers, so they called it an ELK. We still do. But you know, maize is not corn. A skunk is not a pokecat. A wapiti is not an elk. 80 or 90 percent of the people in this country call them that, though, and no one gets upset. So why is it that if I call tatanka a buffalo I will be immediately informed that it is not a BUFFALO, it is a BISON?
  9. Well, yeah. I'm purty sure that if I keep dreaming, I'm gonna die. But then, I'm also purty sure that if I keep breathing, I'm gonna die.
  10. I had a dream. I was in the customer service at Walmart. I guess it was Halloween. These five guys show up. Two were dressed as lizards of some sort. One was dressed as Skeletor, including a skeleton mask. One was an Arab in bright red robes. His burnoose was gigantic - like something off a Sid and Marty Krofft show, or those giant foam cowboy hats. And the last guy was dressed as the captain of the Serenity or the Firefly or whatever the heck that ship's name was in the series. Except that he looked like Brendan Fraser, not Nathan whoever They were all acting kind of hinky, so I kept watching them. Then the Arab pulls out an Uzi from under his robes, and the captain brings a pistol out from under his duster. The Arab is yelling something about Allah Akbar and jihad, and the captain is yelling for nobody to move. I pull my gun and shoot both of them. The Arab falls down and doesn't say anything else. Brendan Fraser falls down and start screaming "you shot me!" As he's laying there bleeding and crying, he says that it was all a prank. Then I woke up to go pee. More interesting dreams end that way. If it had not been a dream. Here in Florida I think I would have been fine. I feared that my life was in danger so I shot him. Stand Your Ground. How about in other places? We have an Alabama cop, a Colorado cop, and a California cop. We have a Texas lawyer, a Tennessee lawyer, and a Massachusetts lawyer. I'm sure there are others but I know we have those six. Where y'all live, how much trouble would I be in?
  11. Y'all need to train your pets better. Feller on another board. Spilled some small rifle primers. Had some fancy schmancy high-dollar pedigreed pigeon walking around in his loading room and it ate four of them. He was telling about it and how they took it to the vet and they were in its stomach and didn't seem to be causing any problems, so he was relieved, and I mentioned the gizzard, and the small rocks therein. Back to the vet, and a $1,200 operation later, and the primers were removed without blowing the bird up.
  12. That's the supper table underneath. I don't think I would appreciate them peeing off the deck. Might get a little blow back on the dinner table.
  13. He and his wife moved, and they're going to use that house as rental property, so I don't know whether they'll do that or not.
  14. Back on the 13 of January I posted a picture. All the lights were orange, except one that was white. That was the next block down the street. My block was still dark. Wellsir, they FINALLY got some in my block. Put one on every pole. Before the storm there was one light on the short block I live on. Now there are four. The white light down the street was put up on the pole in the yard of a guy that works for the electric company. Guess he had a little pull. When they put the lights up on my block - all orange - they took his white light down and put an orange one up.
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