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  1. "A llama will kill you the first chance it gets" Funny. I thought llamas came from Peru, not Australia.
  2. Gibbs and McGee going toGO INTO a Catholic Church to ask the nun a question. And they both leave their hats on. And I'm saying rude things to the television set. But then I wondered. If you go into a church, you're supposed to take your hat off. Everybody knows that. And I'm not talking about a Jewish temple. But I remember one of Wambaugh's books, where the pro explained to the rookie that you don't take your hat off because that takes one of your hands out of action. You leave your hat on your head when you walk into the little old lady's house, because you might need to have both hands. And I wondered if police, going into a church, would leave their uniform hat on because they might need both hands?
  3. Hell if I know. I was in the band.
  4. I'm guessing all those registered machine guns in California are owned by the movie companies. Because it's almost impossible for John Q Public to own a machine gun in California. I read years ago that it was possible if the gun was C&R. So while Hardpan, for example, could not own my Thompson, since it's a West Hurley that was made in 1986, but he could own a Colt-made 1921. Unless that I read was incorrect.
  5. What is the purpose of the yellow things on the horse's front legs? I've seen pictures of race horses with what looks like a rolled up towel tucked underneath the strap that goes across their nose. And I've been told that that's because they're afraid of their feet. They see their feet out in front of them when they are running and it spooks them. So that thing on their nose prevents them from seeing their feet. It blocks their vision. I suppose those could be leg warmers, like on a girl from the '80s doing aerobics. But what is their purpose?
  6. Thank you Pat. His voice is annoying - almost as annoying as his speech pattern. And he was taking forever to tell me what I wanted to know.
  7. Okay, now let's talk probation. Because I ain't really sure what the difference between parole and probation is. You're found guilty and the judge sentences you to 5 years probation. After 3 years you commit another crime. That violates your probation and you go to prison for the rest of the original five years - in this case two more years? Plus whatever you might get sentenced for for this new crime? But when you're on probation, do you have to check in with somebody, like when you're on parole you have to check in with your parole officer?
  8. You should have bought the album back when it came out. Then you would have had the paper.
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