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  1. Facts for Everybody: An Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge. Published in 1863 https://www.fadedpage.com/showbook.php?pid=20200608
  2. I agree. You don't SOAK the bread. You COAT the bread. Set the bread in the egg mix, turn it over and put the other side in the egg mix, take it out and put it in the pan.
  3. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos and I wonder what moron came up with the idea of doing it that way. That last one. "Let's have the man whisper, while we have loud music being played in the background. That will really get our point across to the people watching our video."
  4. Cool. A two-headed kitten. And it was designed well. The heads look in opposite directions. It is wasteful to have four eyes looking in front, when you can have two looking in front and the other two looking behind.
  5. Alpo


    There are jobs where a tip is expected. Cab driver, beautician, waiter. Then there are jobs where a tip is not expected. Just about everybody else. If you have (or had) a "non tip" job, and someone attempted to tip you for doing your job, would you take it? Refuse it? Be annoyed? Be upset? Be grateful? My first job was a bagboy. Two whole dollars an hour. Tips were greatly appreciated. The normal tip was a dime. A good tip was a quarter. And we almost got into fights trying to bag the groceries of people that we knew tipped a dollar. 10 years later I was a security guard at a campground. When people came in after the office was closed I would assign them overnight campsites, and they could if they chose get a different site the next day at the office. Someone tried to tip me one night. Pissed me off. It seemed to me did he was trying to buy a better campsite. I saw it not as a tip, but as a bribe. There is a thread on another board about how, because of the plague, all restaurants for carry out. And how few people were tipping the waiters that were bringing the food out to the cars. then someone told about how he had tipped at the drive-thru at a fast food place. And how the guy did not understand what it was. Many people congratulated him on tipping this fast food worker. My wife used to work at McDonald's. If they found out you were taking tips they would fire you. That thread got me to thinking about tipping in general. And my wonder.
  6. I used to wander through a local antique store. A little disconcerting finding toys that I had played with as a child were now antiques. This was the mid-90s. One day I found these. These McDonald's coffee cups were released in 1978. They were less than 20 years old at the time, but they were antiques. Wow.
  7. I've watched the video a couple more times. It's a crappy cell phone video, and because it came over as a text I can't enlarge it, so it's about an inch tall and a half an inch wide. The man appears to be wearing blue nitrile gloves, and the liquid in the bottle seems clear. When I first watched it I was seeing the blue gloves on the bottle and thinking it was a blue liquid.
  8. I have. in or before 1898 IN or before. That means 1898 and earlier, which means BEFORE 1899.
  9. Would Windex help to get rid of it? There is a video of some little girl at one of the riots. It appears that she has been pepper sprayed, and she is screaming and crying. And there's a man there with a spray bottle of some blue liquid that he is spraying in her face. Looks for all the world like he is washing her face off with Windex.
  10. So if he breaks into my house - second degree burglary - and steals my gun, he now has a weapon so it becomes first-degree?
  11. I had a dream where I was being sprayed as I ran away, and it was landing on my bare back, and it stung. But it did not incapacitate me. Of course since it was a dream it could have hit me in the face and still not have incapacitated me. Got me to wondering though.
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