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  1. I've been trying to dig these childish rhymes out of memory, but they're not all there. This first one is dirty - or dirty for a 7 year old anyway. The last word of the four line verse is also the first word of the next four line verse. You start saying the word, and draw it out so it's much longer than you would normally pronounce it, to make it the first word of the next verse. Hello operator Give me number nine I DON'T REMEMBER THE THIRD LINE I'll kick your big Behind the kitchen door There was a piece of glass Mary slipped and fell on it And cut her little Ask me no more questions I'll tell you no more lies THERE ARE TWO MORE LINES BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER THEM This seem familiar to anybody? This next one was, I believe, something little girls chanted while skipping rope. My mommy told me If I was goody That she would buy me A rubber dolly My auntie told her I kissed a soldier (my mother told me that she learned this line as SO PLEASE DON'T TELL HER I KISSED A FELLER) Now she won't buy me A rubber dolly 3 6 9 the goose drank wine The monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line The line broke, the monkey got choked And we all went to heaven on a little red boat clap clap I THINK THERE WAS A THIRD VERSE TO THIS ONE, BUT AGAIN, I CAN'T REMEMBER
  2. Of the little bit of Japanese I do know, where the wife is on her knees begging - wakarimashta means "do you understand?"
  3. Got this email from Amazon. We found something we think you might like. TEN One Gram .999 pure Silver Bars with random designs in a jewelry... $44.95 So I went and checked spot. $24.95 today. How many grams are in a troy ounce? 31.1. Leave us divide that $25 by 31 grams to the ounce, and we come up with 80 cents a gram. And Amazon is willing to sell me some for $4.50 a gram. And people say nasty things about Nigerian princesses.
  4. Why can't you post a link? https://www.hotcars.com/Motorcycle-Built-For-The-Moon-Boldly-Goes-where-No-Bike-Builder-Has-Gone-Before/
  5. With an organization as big as this, there are bound to be several cross-eye dominant people. What is the general solution for a long gun? Learn to shoot off the other shoulder? Wear a patch over your dominant eye to force your lazy eye to take over? Something else?
  6. Did I miss something? When the clip started they said the woman was driving down the road. Then at the end of the clip she kept saying we. Did she have a kid in the car?
  7. You messed up the punchline. The whole joke is do this and you don't have heart attacks, do this and you don't have heart attacks. And then you get to the end. Speaking English KILLS YOU. Nothing in the joke says that Chinese or Japanese or French or Germans or Italians or Mexicans don't die. They just don't have heart attacks. Speaking English causes heart attacks.
  8. This sounded a whole lot like a movie I watched many years ago. The guy found the girl and thought that she had the makings to be a code breaker, and told her to come to such and such a place and ask for Naitsabes. So she showed up and asked for Sebastian. That was how he knew that her mind worked in the correct strange manner. I looked the movie up, to see if I actually remembered it correctly. Made in the late sixties, and it was about the Cold War, not World War II.
  9. Reminds me of Baby Dinosaur AGAIN!!!
  10. From reading this thread, I have come to the conclusion that all of you people use plastic glasses. My glasses are glass. The lenses are heavier than plastic, but dust doesn't scratch them. I went to plastic lenses years ago, when my glasses got so thick. When they were glass they weighed about a half a pound, and that's a lot of weight sitting on your nose. Then I had my cataract surgery. I still wear glasses, but they're probably about 1/8 as thick. Before I retired I had to have an eye exam every year. Job requirement. So I go into this one eye doctor, and they take your glasses and measure them, so that gives them a starting point, and he took mine and in shock he says, THESE ARE GLASS!!! Yeah I know. I bought them.
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