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  1. Two and a half dollars a round. Blanks. "For home defense". https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/box-of-5-lightfield-home-defender-nova-dr-12-gauge-blank-distraction-rounds?a=709628
  2. "We, the government of the United States of Mexico, having come to the conclusion that we are unable to do what we were elected to do - to rule our country justly and to prevent criminals from taking over - have decided to sue the hell out of innocent people for many millions of dollars, and when we have won this lawsuit and have those many millions of dollars, pack up and moved to some other country that is much less criminal - like Switzerland maybe."
  3. White bucks and blue suede shoes Statler Brothers
  4. Young man, I was once in your shoes Village People
  5. Ever hear of a comma? I'm sitting there thinking, "Who the hell is Pat Widder?"
  6. Well if you can't trust a stuffed pig, who can you trust?
  7. So faaarrrr away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? Carole King
  8. Using a sharpie to draw on the plate, how did he remove the flag to draw a cross? Sharpies are permanent. And even if he had used a dry erase marker, the plate does not have a slick finish like a whiteboard, and he still would not have been able to erase the flag.
  9. went and named And since I need to have a line from a song Gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman Jimmy Castor Bunch
  10. My name is Sue How do you do You're gonna die Johnny Cash
  11. I originally saw a man running into the woods. Could not see a dog, which puzzled me, because I can usually switch back and forth from one vision to the other on an optical delusion. Then I focused on the shadow pattern on the man's back, and saw the dog's face. Now I see the dog coming out of the woods. As long as I look at the dog's tail, I see a man running into the woods, but as soon as I look at the man's back, I see the dog coming out.
  12. Well I guess I can go back to bed now. You're supposed to learn something new everyday, and I just did. Ain't no sense in staying up any longer.
  13. First, that's impossible. The word "the" is in that sentence seven times. If you repeated something every time, you will have an even number of things. Seven is an odd number. Second,"the" was not repeated twice every time, it was repeated once every time - the the - that's writing the word and then repeating it once. It was written twice, but it was not repeated twice. The first THE was repeated. The third THE was also repeated. And the fifth THE was repeated. But the seventh THE was not.
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