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  1. I've never used a sight pusher, but for moving the cross pin on a gearshift socket I've used a small C-clamp. Worked fine. Seems like a sight pusher would work as well.
  2. Google/Android's digital assistant.
  3. Well, yeah. If I gotta look it up to see what the Mimi MEME is talkin' about, I'm gonna comment.
  4. Unless wiki is really confused, that controversy started in the 360s, some twenty years after (343) Nicholas of Bari died.
  5. Just remember. It's not REALLY an experiment unless you keep detailed notes.
  6. It's funny. If a white guy wrote and performed this, he'd be lamblasted by the world for being racist. The stereotypes - thieving redskins. They stole his livestock. They stole his sleigh. They stole his sack if toys and hocked them. But because an Indian did it, it's a wonderfully cute song.
  7. Not sure if this qualifies, but it certainly is strange.
  8. Alpo

    Hangover ?

    I read somewhere, once upon a time, that you would not get a hangover from clear booze. It was the colored stuff that got you. The impurities from the wood that gave the booze its caramel color is what got you. So if you stuck to gin or vodka you'd be okay. Any truth to that? Any hangover I ever got was from beer, back when I was young and dumb. Guy in a story I was just reading drank half a bottle of vodka and woke up the next morning with a hangover. And from the dim dark recesses of my mind came, WAIT A MINUTE. CLEAR BOOZE AIN'T SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU A HANGOVER. Was I lied to in that long ago time? Or is the author of this story confused? And why, when I am doing speech to text, If I say AND this piece of junk types IN, but if I say IN it types AND??
  9. The $200 tax on that thing had nothing at all to do with the buttstock.
  10. Does a P1 count? There in the top row of that group shot.
  11. The Illinois State Police was one of the first agencies to adopt a Smith & Wesson model 39. One thug disarmed an officer and attempted to shoot him, but the safety was on. He pushed a lever, which turned out to be the slide stop, and he still could not shoot the officer. He pushed a button, which caused the loaded magazine to slide out of the gun. FINALLY he found the safety lever and took it off, but because of the magazine disconnect he STILL could not shoot the officer. And finally the officer got his stick out and be the hell out of him. I'm sure that there are people who would say this is a good reason for having magazine disconnects on your personal firearm. Having one saved that ISP trooper's life. I still don't want one on anything I own. As for the "carrying the DA auto with the safety on", if that is so necessary, then why are more and more cops in this country armed with Glocks, that don't even have safeties?
  12. >David O’Malley is a former Minor League baseball pitcher turned Anglican Priest who is fed up with the pettiness and hypocrisy of organized religion. He’s conflicted about his priestly vocation. Hannah and David fall in love when they join forces to save two neglected lions from a roadside zoo. But when Hannah’s profession becomes known, the Church orders David to end his relationship with her. Will David choose passion or the priesthood? Can love be a gateway to freedom for two people who are both imprisoned by their own loneliness?< At least he's not sinning - Anglican, not Catholic. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/sitb/B07PSB938D?sib_dp_aw_kd_udp That should let you read a sample, so you'll get interested and spend five bucks to read the book. They meet at the zoo. From what little bit I've read so far in that sample, it's a funny book. Not funny enough for me to spend 5 bucks on, but funny.
  13. You have several books by the same author. If you read one of them, would you finish reading the rest by that author, before moving on to another one? If the books are a series - Hopalong Cassidy, Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes - would you read them in the order they were written, or skip around?
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