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  1. Yep, about the time it tales to cock the hammer on one gun! Woody attacks the stage & Swiss shoots so effortlessly & smoothly. They are both a joy to watch! --Dawg
  2. Scores are up on the website. https://www.firelandspeacemakers.com/ --Dawg
  3. My wife has used a 38special Uberti 1866 since we started about 20 years ago. Lassiter tuned it, Coffinmaker short stroked it. We shoot RNFP or truncated cone 125s in it & they run just fine. If you load yours out a little longer, they would probably function just fine. --Dawg
  4. I too, can vouch for Outlaw Gambler. Outstanding individual to do business with! He’s been on the Wire for many years, and the “look and feel” of his website has got nothing in common with any of the fake sites I’ve seen. I’m frequently looking at his posts on the “Merchants” forum for useful things. —Dawg
  5. http://www.tbullock.com/bpsg.html https://circlefly.com/wad-sizing-chart
  6. Cap Guards & Cap Rakes Both do the job --Dawg
  7. Coffinmaker knows what he's talking about. For me, a cap jam that ties up the gun, is one of the most frustrating things I know. All my competition cap guns have something to prevent cap jams Half of them have Cap Guards that were installed years ago by Rowdy Yates out West. He's been retired for a while now, so Coffinmaker fitted Cap Rakes to the other half They are as reliable as cartridge guns, and I have just as much confidence in them as my cartridge guns When I pull the trigger, I want the gun to go BOOM! --Dawg
  8. Hi SD: I probably have some 10 gauge fiber wads If you're interested, I will dig them out & send a photo & a price Send me your email address --Dawg
  9. Happy Birthday Darlin' Hope today's a great day! --Dawg
  10. If you shoot a stage with a pistol reload, cap gun shooters load all 6 chambers, & cap 5 at the loading table. Then, when the stage begins and yer on the clock, you cap the 6th chamber BEFORE you start shooting the pistol. --Dawg
  11. They just fit right on. This was a selling point of these revolvers back then. I don't think they even advertise them anymore. So, I don't know if they still swap out so easily. A while back, I tried to put a 44 barrel on my 45 frame, & it wouldn't index properly. And one of the 44 barrels wouldn't go on either, so I would need to have a gunsmith do some fitting if I wanted to have one frame & multiple cylinders/barrels --Dawg
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