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  1. Good stages, good food, good friends, and great weather. It was a wonderful way to spend a Fall Saturday. Many thanks to Sixgun Seamus & the Brown Township crew! --Dawg
  2. That is sad to hear. I always enjoyed shooting with him. He will be missed. RIP Bob --Dawg
  3. Hi: I have 124 W-W Nickel 38 S&W brass. I took a picture, but it doesn't seem to want to get thru. I'll post it if it ever does. I'm thinking $15 shipped. Paypal or personal check. Please let me know & I'll PM my info. Thanks --Dawg
  4. Good Morning: That would be fine. PM my info to you Thanks --Dawg
  5. I have a bag of 100-200 brass. I'll find it tonight --Dawg
  6. TL called it! Still have enough to arm a civil war company! --Dawg
  7. Thanks Dutch: If it has not sold, I'll have it with me. --Dawg
  8. Why not just get a set of schofield dies? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lee-Precision-Carbide-3-Die-Set-for-45-S-W-Schofield-90323-New/222193938196?epid=1100325509&hash=item33bbca6f14:g:E8cAAOxyfS1R3cez --Dawg
  9. I have an Avenging Angel for sale: Pietta 1860, marked "CF", which means made in 2010.My Gunsmith (CoffinMaker) cut and crowned a factory barrel to 3-1/8 inches, and dovetailed a new front sight in.*It is in nice condition*good bore*good cylinder chambers*Slix aftermarket nipples (Made to fit Remington #10 caps)*Cap rakes & Action work by CoffinMaker See image (Cap Rake Keeps spent caps from falling into the action)*.451 round ball Gun is $375 + $20 USPS Priority Mail, insured shipping = $395 to your doorUSPS Money Order or Certified Bank Check please.Thanks for looking.Thanks--Dawg
  10. Howdy: I started using Schofields many years ago, and have not shot a .45 Colt since. I've shot them in Vaqueros, USFAs, Open Tops, Cap gun conversions, and have never experienced any problems whatsoever. --Dawg
  11. Scores are up http://www.firelandspeacemakers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Firelands-Monthly-Scores-September-19_2020.pdf You may need to refresh your browser --Dawg
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