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  1. Found some boxes of this New Starling Brass in a deceased shooting friend's reloading room. Selling it for his widow. Have many to sell. $50 per hundred + Shipping Paypal & Personal checks OK Thanks --Dawg
  2. Prairie Dawg, PAY-PAL: MCORY514@ATT.NET.

    Happy Trails, and thanks once again.


  3. I agree with Loco Leadslinger --Top cowboy & competitor -- Not flashy, but one of the best pards yule ever shoot with. And another vote for Lever action Landon -- Always friendly & helpful to all. And a determined competitor who gets on his game face & attacks the stages.
  4. Good Afternoon: I'll take it for the High Noon at Tusco Raffle. Our Cowboys & Cowgirls love your knives! --Dawg
  5. Yep, I did this for about 20 years! .38/357 .44 M agnum .44 Special .44 Colt .44 Russian .45 acp .45 Colt .45 Schofield .45 Cowboy Special .44 cap ‘n’ ball .36 cap ‘n’ ball .38 S&W .32 Short & Long 10ga, 12ga, 16ga, and 20ga Mostly with 1Fg. 2Fg, & 3Fg Black Powder, & some smokeless too! Too Much Fun!
  6. Thanks for the pictures Chas. I'll have to get out my calipers, and measure mine. Then I'll call VTI and ask. Although Coffinmaker told me that VTI has sold, and the gal who really knew everything no longer works for VTI, so I don't know if calling them will produce good results. --Dawg
  7. Hi Dusty: Just looking for a cylinder, not the whole gun. Lemme know, & THANKS --Dawg
  8. Yep, I wasn’t certain either. i agree that there seems no reason why it shouldn’t work, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks —Dawg
  9. Hi Larsen: In the old days, I had a pair of Open Tops, and I had different caliber barrels & cylinders for them. It made them more versatile. I'd like to do that again -- Do you know if 44 cylinders and barrels will fit these guns? Thanks in advance --Dawg
  10. Good Afternoon: I have a pair of Taylors 38 Special Hickock Open Top revolvers. To me, they appear to be standard 38 Special Uberti Open Tops with Army Grips and 3" barrels. Does anyone know if a standard 44 Russian/Colt/Special cylinder and barrel can be put on these? I'd like to add another option to these if possible. Thanks in advance --Dawg
  11. I beg to differ...........GunFighter with a Cap Gun in each hand is the MOST fun!!! --Laughing Dawg
  12. He's too busy winning the Ohio State Match! Fun to watch, you bet!!
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