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  1. Prayers go out to family and friends from Dakota Skipper and the Dawg
  2. +1 on Redding Profile Crimp die for 44-40 smokeless --Dawg
  3. Make it a great friends & family day!
  4. Sorry SH: I got wrapped up in preparing for a family visit for the holiday week. I'll do it today & send you pics. If it doesn't work out with Three Foot, & this is the correct one, let me know. Thanks --Dawg
  5. I have one. A take-off if I remember correctly. Just not certain if it's a Uberti or a Pietta. I think it's a Uberti. I'll try it on a Uberti frame & get back to you later tonight. Thanks --Dawg
  6. Clays Superlite shotshell: Worked this out with a Hodgdon's tech on the phone. AA or Remington Hull Win 209 Primer 13.9 grains Hodgdon Clays (MEC #25) grey wad 7/8 ounce shot Lighter than a featherlite shell Knocks 'em down every time --Dawg
  7. 2016 View 24J for sale -- $64,000 in Cleveland, Ohio. Travel to & stay at multi-day shoots in style! Nice condition Mostly original equipment Dealer Repairs: Many of the sensors have been replaced. Flaws: Bathroom cabinet mirror cracked. Bathroom door opens when moving -- Latch needs adjusting. Crack in shower wall, way up at the top -- needs chalking Dealer Additions: Fantastic Fan & cover installed in Bathroom Cambor Bolts installed on front end Valve Extensions installed on all wheels that needed them Reasonably low mileage for a 2016 -- in the 30s If interested, send me a message, and I will send more pics & answer any questions. THANKS! --Lou P
  8. Hi Bob: I may have a Smith ladder sight laying around for $160 shipped. I'll look for it if you are interested in buying it. Let me know. Thanks --Dawg
  9. Hi Bob: I may have a Smith ladder sight laying around for $160 shipped. I'll look for it if you are interested in buying it. Let me know. Thanks --Dawg
  10. See that little brass stud at about the 3/4 inch mark. That keeps it from travelling back into the receiver. Put in the cartridges, then the spacer stick with the brass stud towards the bullets. I make mine out of a brass woodscrew. I screw it in, saw off the head, an file it into a rectangular shape the fit the slot in my Henry. The leather wrap is the length of the spacer stick. The spacer stick stops the tab. --Dawg
  11. I bought one from NKJ the year they came out & retired it to back-up statue last year. All I ever did was change the hammer springs after several years. Nate does a wonderful job with the action. If he has any left, buy one -- you won't regret it! --Dawg
  12. We enjoy our freedoms because of fine folks like you. Thank You! --Dakota Skipper and the Dawg
  13. Good Evening Folks: Major safe cleaning A Pair of 7.5” Ruger Old Army Revolvers Serial #148-06355 & #148-11268 These guns were purchased from Boomstick Jay. Finish -- Stainless Steel 5 Treso nipples and 1 Ruger nipple (This is the chamber that I do not load) Ruger factory logo grips I shot them once a month with 20 grains FFFg black powder and .457 round balls These have been well cared for and are in nice shape Lower, wider Super Black Hawk hammers, done by Jay Action job I realized after I took the pictures, that I left the loading plungers off. Of course, they will be on the guns! Also, one factory nipple wrench $1950 Shipped USPS Priority Mail Insured to your door (where legal) Thanks for looking --Dawg
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