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  1. Good Morning Folks: I've been unable to find this recently........until this morning. Thru the years, I've tried to watch this every couple of weeks or so, cuz I'm a big fan of the old westerns and the actors who kept me enthralled for most of my life. Anyway, I've gotten nothing but error messages for the last year or so, so I was understandably thrilled to find an updated version of this wonderful video this morning. If you have not seen this, you are in for a treat! If you have, view it again, just to bring back the memories of these fine actors and the characters they portrayed! --Dawg
  2. Stock? Or has anyone worked on it? If so, what has been done & by whom? About how many rounds have been thru it? Thanks --Dawg
  3. Prayers out for Bob & Shirley from Dakota Skipper & the Dawg
  4. Good Morning: I'll take them. I can do Paypal if you have an account, or send you a check or MO. Thanks --Dawg
  5. Hey Shorty: I found 2 rolling around in my grips box. I'll get them off to ya. Enjoy yer day! --Dawg
  6. Hey Shorty: I'm sure I have some. Lemme look in my grips box in the morning. I'll m,ail ya whatever I have on Monday morning. I'll let ya know tomorrow what's coming. Always a Pleasure, my friend --Dawg
  7. That's GREAT news! Congratulations Noz! Thanks for the update J-BAR
  8. Oops -- I was thinking of a different rifle --Dawg
  9. Hey Mike: Actually, Larsen Pettifogger built a short-barreled Remmie many years ago, and drilled the frame for a Ruger-type spring & plunger. I bought it from him several years ago & still have it. No more broken hand springs in this Remmie! & reliable as a Ruger! He also put a bushing on the cylinder to fix the fouling problem. --Dawg
  10. Make a detour to Ohio.......I've got some I'll give ya!
  11. Prayers out to Grubsack, his family & friends from Dakota Skipper & the Dawg
  12. RIP Robert Conrad. Loved that show. Loved Centennial as well. --Dawg
  13. Army gripframe is sold! Hi Folks: I have 2 ASM gripframes with grips for sale. One is an Army grip in nice condition. $45 shipped The other is a Navy grip. The wood grips do not fit the frame very well, but the back strap & triggerguard are in nice condition. $25 shipped Thanks for looking --Dawg
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