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  1. Looks like a Belgian Double Barrel Percussion Boot Pistol
  2. Scores are posted! https://www.firelandspeacemakers.com/ **You may need to refresh your browser to see this month's scores** A note from Rye: 23 shooters came out and had a fun time! Congratulations to our Top shooter, Cripple Creek Kid. Welcome to Lash Toru and his wife Raven Madd from North Carolina! They stopped in to shoot with us on the way to EOT! Nice folks and two real good shooters! Thanks everyone for the help! See ya'll next month!
  3. It's gonna be a great shooting day at Firelands! Not attending EOT? Then come on & join us at Firelands. Weather is looking fine -- 78 & Partly Cloudy! See ya there!!! --Dawg
  4. Wow.....This is truly a shocker. First, Catlow, now Tim Good pards, both of them Shot with both of them. Now, they are both gone. Sad, sad news. Condolences to family & friends --Dawg
  5. Yep, thank you to all who came out to play with us today! And..... Good Luck to those who will be shooting at EOT this month -- Shoot well! See everybody in July! --Dawg
  6. Yep -- Welcome to the best way to spend your Saturday that I have found.
  7. Sad to hear this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Padre. —Dakota Skipper & the Dawg
  8. Hi Larsen: I'll take these please: Lee Factory Crimp Dies .38-40 $25.00 Redding Profile Crimp Dies .38-40 $25.00 .44-40 $25.00 Thanks PM headed your way. --Dawg
  9. 3Fg works for shotshells -- Just more kick & louder BOOM! My favorite shotshell powder is 1Fg, cuz it puts on a great show for those watching. Lotsa smoke, flame, burning particles. Good BOOM! too Shotguns will digest anything, so if I find half-full bottles on the sale table, I buy 'em & shoot 'em thru my shotgun! A few years ago, a guy had some cheep Chinese fireworks powder on a sale table for cheap. I bought it, and thru my shotgun it went! --Dawg
  10. IMHO, For what we do, brand does not matter. I’ve used Goex, Schutzen, KIK, Elephant, Swiss, Grafs, Pyrodex, and others that I can’t remember. It all works! --Dawg
  11. It's that time again -- Yipee! We've got 5 fast-n-Friendly stages for ya, so come out & play with us this Saturday! See ya there! --Dawg
  12. Good Afternoon: I have 99 or so, new, that I bought for a project that I never did. $1 each + shipping. If you are interested, send me your zip code, and I'll get them out, count them, figure shipping, and give you a total. Thanks --Dawg
  13. Thought some of you might want to try this -- looks interesting! --Dawg https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/how-i-make-hot-percussion-caps.849353/
  14. Last week, FEDEX said they no longer took ORM-D. Went to UPS & they said ammo with ORM-D would no longer be accepted, & that the label on the box needed that image that Cholla put up a picture of. --Dawg
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