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  1. Shooter's Packs are ready! Can't wait!! --Dawg
  2. They are good, reliable old shotguns. I've had several through the years. I love hammer doubles! Just realize that you will be a lot slower with one. compared to a TTN or CZ If you are OK with that, then have at it! --Dawg
  3. Thumlers Tumbler Model B & ceramic with a bit of dish soap for many years now
  4. Found this in the "Black Powder" section at the gunstore! Breakfast of Champions!
  5. Well, certainly not that short Italian who shoots them pop-ting loads. However, there is another Italian, with whom I am acquainted, who shoots manly SMOKE & BOOM black powder loads, who will be there, & HELL'S coming with him!! --Laughing Dawg
  6. I read that as prohibiting the loading of 6 rounds at the loading table. As opposed to: "ALWAYS load 5 rounds into the revolver" --Dawg
  7. Courtesy of Missouri Marshal: 31/64 is the proper size drill bit for 45. 44-40. 44spl, 38-40 loading blocks. 38s -- 25/64 You can get them at any Home Depot or Lowes. Thanks Marshal --Dawg
  8. Just got home from a fantastic Shootout at Stoney Bottom.A big THANK YOU to the entire Sandusky crew from giving us such a fine weekend!And I won my category (Frontiersman) even shot the match clean!Prairie Dawg & Clean are not usually used in the same sentence, but they were today! Woody Shootem's stages were so straight-forward and fun, everything came together for me.Thanks again to the Sandusky County Regulators ! Can't wait for next year "The Outlaw Josey Wales" I'll shoot it Josey Wales, Duelist Style! --Dawg
  9. Hi Shorty: I was going thru things today & I found it. It is on older El Paso or San Pedro (I forget which) in nice shape. $25 shipped if ya still are looking Thanks --Dawg
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