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  1. Most of my guns have been Piettas thru the years. I do not know about interchangeability on Ubertis, but I do know that they make guns that are replicas of Colt products. For example, their 1861 pocket Navy & 1862 police are 36 caliber guns on the smaller 31 caliber 1849 pocket pistol frame, so they fit smaller hands pretty well. They don't fit me, so, as much as I like them, I really can't shoot them well. The sexier 1860 barrel can also be had in 36, which is their 1861, built on an 1851 frame (no step in the frame) The 36s have Navy grips, & the 44s have Army grip
  2. Great scene by a great character!
  3. Pietta parts are mostly interchangeable. For example, I prefer Navy grips, but I like 44 caliber pistols. So, almost all of my cap guns are 1860 armies with Navy grips. Army grips feel good until I start shooting, at which point the gun rolls out of control. So, I traded my Army grips for Navy grips. I do like 1851s though, so I bought a pair of 44 caliber 1851s for the barrels. Put them on my 1860s, and sold the army barrels. When I started, I had a couple of 1851s, and had a pair of 1862 barrels, and a pair of snub nose 3" barrels, so the night before the sh
  4. Good Afternoon: I'll take this one: #6 $65 Lee special order .158 gr "Snakebite Greasewagon" Big lube bullet. Perfect bullet for frontier cartridge category! EXTRA large lube capacity. Over $100+shipping for new one. Works well with smokeless also.
  5. Hey Joe: I got one to mess around with. Interesting design idea If yer looking for one, I'll sell you mine. --Dawg
  6. In my experience, all snubbies point easier, because the muzzle is so close to your hand. The birdshead gripframe may fit your hands better than the standard frame, or it may not -- depends on your hand size. So, I'm not sure the birdhead grip improves "pointability". But, I'm sure barrel length does. Compare a 7-1/2 inch SAA with a 4-3/4 inch SAA, and you'll get a feel for how barrel length affects it. Just my 2 cents --Dawg
  7. By the way, once you go to all the trouble of making it, you should buy a conversion cylinder for it -- a gun that special deserves both types of cylinders, for ultimate versatility. I made a pair of ROA snubbies, & have both cylinders, so I can sign up for annual shoots as a FC GunFighter months in advance. If it is good weather, I shoot the percussion cylinders. If it's raining, I shoot BP cartridges in the conversion cylinders. FCGF one way or the other. --Dawg
  8. Mike Beliveau did an article years ago called "The Ultimate Remington". I can forward you a copy if you send me your e-0mail address. It does not have a BH grip, but talks about how he shortened the barrel. He also has youtube videos on hid "Remington Bulldog" project. It is Part 5, but I'm, sure you can find the other parts. It has a 2 or 3" barrel & the grip was reconfigured to a BH. These videos might help you with your project. All the snubbies I've shot point very well, & are easy to hit targets at CAS distances. --Dawg
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