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  1. FA. Works fine. Caught a sale at Cabelas. RCBS and Lyman have them now but I don’t seem to see good pricing on them.
  2. At the end of the day, shoot what you like. I shoot .38s but a single action revolver in a big bore chambering has a certain charm. You pay for the guns once but ammunition or reloading components are an ongoing expense.
  3. Three Cut did the action work and a mechanical reset conversion on my SKB 100.
  4. I just sent in my application. Great venue, great folks.
  5. And, should you have a opportunity to shoot Wild Bunch, the rules of that game don’t allow the 16 gauge. A twelve gauge 1897 is the only shotgun that is legal for cowboy action and for Wild Bunch.
  6. Be very careful. Hodgdon Clays, Hodgdon Universal and Hodgdon International are three very different powders.
  7. Scarlett Darlin of Bullets by Scarlett carries APP. She sponsors and attends a lot of matches.
  8. Larry Page alias Tucker T. Fudpucker of Page’s Custom Knives, Inc. 803-648-0001 www.pagecustomknives.com
  9. Greenville Gunfighters $10 entry fee whether you are a member of the host club or not. Six stage monthly match. Water is provided during warm weather months.
  10. In the spirit of “give credit when credit is due”, the author of that treasure trove of information is not Curt Rich, but our very own Captain George Baylor.
  11. If your club has rules that differ from SASS rules, the website is a great place to publish that info. Is there some other place where cancellations are announced, such as a Facebook page? Post a link.
  12. The only issue is....it should be a .44-40!
  13. Take a couple of boxes of SASS legal commercial ammo in .38 Special to the next match and ask if you can try shooting a couple different rifles and revolvers.
  14. If you don’t reload, perhaps you are looking for ammunition, not bullets (projectiles used to make ammunition). If that is the case, Scarlett Darlin can ship you some “Cowboy Cartridges” with coated bullets. Her website is www.bulletsbyscarlett.com
  15. SASS holds a trademark on the phrase “Cowboy Action Shooting” and defines the term in its literature. PWB quoted that definition in his reply. I’ve seen other “umbrella” terms used, such as “Western shooting” or perhaps “cowboy shooting”, but only SASS has “Cowboy Action Shooting”.
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