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  1. I’ve seen a handful. I ran across a twin jogging stroller at a thrift shop and almost bought it but it would not fit into the trunk of my compact car.
  2. The Remington handles differently. If you like it, it may be worth the higher price. If you don’t, it isn’t.
  3. Probably a reference to a semiautomatic shotgun, which is a popular choice for sporting clays since there are often “report pair” or “true pair” target presentations.
  4. Skeet involves targets at fairly short range. A shotgun with no choke is better suited for skeet than for trap where the targets are flying away from the shooter. I have heard of some shotgun ranges that place restrictions on the type of shotguns that can be used. Some might require a minimum barrel length that is longer than than “Coach Gun” length. I’d check on that to be sure. At my home club I took a guest to the skeet field. His 18” Benelli Nova with black plastic furniture drew some disapproving looks and comments that shorter barreled shotguns are too loud. Some people you just have to ignore.
  5. New lead shot is pretty expensive. I look for reclaimed or homemade shot. It’s less expensive and patterns well enough at cowboy distances to suit me.
  6. A classic “Shooter’s Choice” scenario.
  7. Good point. There is no competitive advantage to a 9mm compared to the .38 Special.
  8. That is correct. What the Wild Bunch rule clarification said was that it is OK to “convert” a civilian Model 12 to a “military” configuration. The way the rule was written suggested that a Model 12 “trench gun” could only be used if it came from the factory that way. I’ve been shooting Wild Bunch since before the Model 12 was allowed. I e never seen a Model 12 “trench gun” at a match.
  9. http://www.pietta.us/pdf/Manuale_Retrocarica_ITA_ENG.pdf
  10. They can be fixed. Longhunter sells new Uberti revolvers that his folks polish and fit as necessary. I bought Piettas.
  11. Another factor that determines the type of side matches offered is available space. My home club has a 300 yard rifle range, but our competition bays are accessible only from the rifle range, downrange from the firing points. We can use the rifle range or we can use the bays, but not both at the same time. As a result, when my club hosted our state championship match, we could not offer a long range side match.
  12. Under “1911 Pistol Requirements”subheading “Modern Category Modifications” it states: “Dust cover light rails are legal”. That rail does add weight, as others have pointed out.
  13. Congratulations! One of the positive and helpful voices on the Wire. Same as in person.
  14. I believe the Henry Big Boy is also available in .327 Federal Magnum. Whether it would cycle the shorter cartridges I have no idea. There are original and replica lever action rifles chambered in .32-20. Personally I would choose .38 Special over a .32 caliber rifle if both were available.
  15. I use a 158 grain bullet with APP. The bullet is longer than my usual 105-125 grain .38s and when seated takes up more of the case capacity. Captain Baylor wrote an article in the Cowboy Chronicle that is helpful. As I recall he used a 125 grain bullet and a length of foam caulk backer rod as a filler. I forget the powder charge.
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