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  1. It’s highly favored by Wild Bunch shooters for .45 ACP.
  2. My Longhunter tuned New Vaqueros will set them off. I would not expect a highly tuned 1873 rifle to run them.
  3. Most pistol dies include an expander die that is not used on a Dillon press because the powder measure funnel performs that function.
  4. I’m looking at EMF’s Great Western series myself. The Deluxe Californian looks to be a good match revolver, with features comparable to the Smokewagon, El Patron or Evil Roy (all Uberti’s). The Alchimista line has the longer grip frame of the 1860 Army, and a wide trigger that is centered in the triggerguard. The Alchimista 2 and 3, I believe, have the wide, low hammer spur. A Canadian cowboy shooter posted a photo of a Pietta 1873 that looks like a Deluxe Californian with the Alchimista wide trigger and wide hammer. I’ve asked EMF about it. I’m thinking that variant
  5. Slixprings makes a replacement lever safety spring. It’s one of the few aftermarket parts available for the Miroku ‘73.
  6. One of the changes in the 2021 Handbook (Version 25.1 January 1, 2021) is the addition of “hollow point” bullets to the list of prohibited rifle/pistol ammunition. The text of the rule now reads: “May not be jacketed, semi-jacketed, hollow point, plated, or gas checked. It must be all lead. Moly-Disulfide, polymer coated bullets, or equivalents are acceptable.” An all lead hollow point bullet would be prohibited by the first sentence but seems OK under the second. Was it the ROC’s intention to prohibit all-lead hollow point bullets? With the cu
  7. A good example of “Shooter’s Choice” which people seem to grasp more easily with a rifle sequence than with revolvers.
  8. I’ve tried a couple of different methods but usually very hot water, air dry, then oil with Ballistol.
  9. I once considered putting BH grip frames on my Rugers for Jirafa to use. I was going to ask Tucker T. Fudpucker about making slim grip panels out of giraffe bone. I bet he could make panels in the material and profile of your choice. Buy local!
  10. I recently bought a base model Miroku short rifle in .44-40. I paid $1200 so $1700 for the features on the nicer rifle doesn’t seem so bad. I ordered the aftermarket lever safety spring from Slixprings and had a local smith install it and do some general smoothing. It’s pretty nice but it’s very plain looking next to my Uberti deluxe short rifle.
  11. I thought about getting a rifle and revolvers in .44-40. Recently got the rifle but I’m thinking I’ll go with .45 Colt in the revolvers. As an experienced FC friend observed, a .44-40 case full of black powder makes for a pretty stout pistol load. With .45 Colt revolvers I can use Cowboy .45 Special cases for my pistol ammo. Pretty easy to avoid getting those stubbies confused with .44-40 rifle cartridges. I’d really like .44 Special revolvers but EMF doesn’t offer that chambering.
  12. “Category”, please. Highly doubtful this will be adopted as an official SASS category. Some clubs have created an unofficial category allowing the use of rimfire firearms by all ages.
  13. In South Carolina we are observing common sense precautions such as limiting the number of shooters at the loading table. Some folks are wearing masks. The board of the Greenville Gun Club (home of the Greenville Gunfighters) announced this week that all matches are suspended until at least March 1. We shoot on the 4th Sunday so unless the board changes its position we will not have matches in January and February.
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