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  1. Supposedly they called this a New Vaquero because it has a Reverse Indexing Pawl, a feature introduced on the New Vaquero and its cousin the New Model Flattop Blackhawk.
  2. I’m in Upstate SC and always heard that this is a fun match but I always seemed to have a schedule conflict that kept me from attending. I finally made it down for the first time about three years ago and it was an absolute blast. I won’t miss another Palmetto Posse Christmas Match.
  3. I have a small safe. The rod system lets me get more long guns in there. Bought the kit from a vendor at a state match several years ago. The vendor gave me a tip about using the rod to secure a 12 gauge shotgun. Take a fired 20 gauge hull-it will fit into the muzzle of a 12 gauge. Enlarge the flash hole enough to accept the plastic rod (I used a tapered punch). Presto! The hull acts as a bushing.
  4. I have .357 SASS Edition New Vaqueros that I bought from Longhunter. I don’t believe the barrel cylinder gaps were altered. I regularly shoot APP in six stage monthly matches with no issues. I don’t wipe or spray them between stages. Same with Goex.
  5. I thought they could own and shoot percussion revolvers. Uberti makes a percussion version of their 1873 revolver for sale in countries that restrict or prohibit ownership of cartridge handguns.
  6. Good point; I overlooked the 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum which is a flattop but it uses the large cylinder frame (which it must to handle .44 Magnum). I read that the .41 Magnum flattops were assembled on frames from the 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum production run. We need a wall chart to keep up with the different Ruger single action variants!
  7. The New Model Flattop is also available in .45 caliber. I think all the ones I have seen are convertibles. I agree, though, no “Ruger only” level .45 Colt loads in the Flattop.
  8. I cleaned out my local SW’s stock of Black MZ. I use it for shotshells; 3F APP is reserved for metallic cartridges.
  9. I’m going to give you my “cheapskate” advice. There’s no need to spend a bunch of money for a Wild Bunch holster. Many holsters designed for a single action revolver will serve for a 1911. It only stays in the holster from the LT until the pistol is drawn. We don’t reholster the 1911 at the end of the string. Spend the money on ammo.
  10. A friend gave me a Frankfort Arsenal Vibra Prime when he found it would not work well with large primers (I mostly use small primers). It works very well with small primers. I contacted the company and they sent me a new tray for large primers but it still doesn’t feed well even after some sanding. I found the Hornady 1911 style tool on sale. It does a better job loading large primers but I find it more fiddly than the Vibra Prime.
  11. That would be a Hornady product. I have one myself.
  12. This used to be stated in the Shooters Handbook. I didn’t realize until I looked for it that the language was eliminated in about 2017. Probably as a result of eliminating rules that don’t carry a penalty. I can recall one spectator who showed up with a revolver. Instead of barking rules at him, I welcomed him to the match, explained that the rules (at the time) allowed only registered participants to carry firearms but we would treat him as a participant for the day. I explained that our revolvers stay unloaded until we are at the LT and had him “show clear” at a table. From there we gave him an orientation and lent him guns to shoot a stage or two. My home club is a “cold range”. Insurance requirements being what they are, I’d be surprised if a club allowed guests who are not participants in a match have a loaded firearm.
  13. Ruger’s website says there is one ounce difference between a .357 Blackhawk (the one with the aluminum grip frame) and a New Vaquero in the same chambering and barrel length.
  14. B-Western does not require a Buscadero rig. There are other belt/holster styles that comply with the requirements of that category.
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