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  1. The single trigger Stoegers have a spotty reputation. I know one shooter who has one that works. A new shooter in my area bought one used, had it worked on but it’s still not right. In fairness I think the original owner’s tinkering may have been the cause.
  2. It was my understanding that a long gun in a MOVING cart was being “transported” within the meaning of the rule. I have also read that it was left to local clubs whether to recognize an exception for long guns that are sleeved, cased or in a closed compartment in a cart.
  3. You won’t be the first prospective new shooter to buy gear and sell it without ever shooting a match. I would reach out to the local club contact. Often they know about people who are looking for gear. Otherwise they can make a recommendation for the best way to find buyers. It’s not unusual to see gear for sale at local matches. It’s a good way to buy because you can get a good look at the items for sale.
  4. I use APP not real BP but I charge the case, insert the rod and cut it flush with the case mouth with a razor blade.
  5. It is my understanding that “when transported at a match” applies not only to long guns carried by hand but also to guns in a moving cart. I consider a stationary cart to be like a gun rack. It’s not moving so the guns are not being transported. There was a discussion a while back in which a shooter proposed to have the shotgun closed in the cart with a long dowel inserted as a chamber flag. I don’t recall the outcome but it seems like the issue was not the application of the “empty” requirement but that the action was closed.
  6. I used crimped hulls to practice loading my ‘97 since I had heard that a weighted hull/dummy would stress the extractor. Larsen’s tip about seating a wad is a good one. After switching to a double I made up some “semi weighted” practice shells using hulls that are a different color than my real ammo; I seated a wad and added uncooked rice to support the crimp. I found these OK for practicing pulling shells from my belt and chambering them. Anything heavier than a fired hull will shuck “too easily”.
  7. A sporting clays course opened in a resort area in my state several years ago. Originally they said they would allow only lead free shot. That did not last long, whether due to the cost/availability of ammo, the poor performance of said ammo, or the refusal of shooters to support the concept.
  8. A member of my club is preparing a display of SASS-legal ammo. The question of the day: Is .32 ACP “a cartridge commonly available in revolvers”? I know that there are (or were) .32 ACP conversion cylinders available for Nagant revolvers but I have not been able to locate examples of revolvers originally chambered for the .32 ACP/7.62 Browning. Yes, I know that .32 ACP can be fired in at least some revolvers chambered for “other” .32 cartridges but I don’t think that answers the question.
  9. I know two shooters (both happen to be ladies) who shoot Traditional style without transitioning the revolver to the “strong” hand. We always say that this works well for shooters who are somewhat “amphibious”.
  10. Here in South Carolina we don’t have enough cold match days for some to justify purchasing a period correct coat or jacket so at monthly matches my view is that I don’t care about your outerwear or your underwear-dress comfortably. Personally (and I am cold natured) I wear a good base layer topped with either a wool frock coat or a wooly fleece lined Carhartt short jacket.
  11. I have heard of this but happily it has not been an issue for me. At one point Hornady would provide shims on request to address the problem.
  12. I drilled a “drain hole” in the lowest point of the hopper so that any sand or grit would fall out on its own. Another tip for the LNL-AP; periodically snug down the bolt that holds the shellplate. Even if you have added a lock washer (which Hornady says not to do; I have a Star washer on mine), the bolt can loosen. A loose shellplate cases all sorts of mischief.
  13. The Ammo Plant includes a bullet feeder that Hornady says is not suitable for lead bullets. Will it work anyway? Can it be modified to feed lead bullets? Perhaps someone with experience can say. I have the LNL-AP press with casefeeder. I run an RCBS Lockout Die as cheap insurance. The Inline Fabrication Ultramount was a good accessory. It helps to polish the primer shuttle. I used to clean the priming shuttle and seating plunger after every loading session. Once the parts wore in a little it was less prone to fouling with grit and unburned powder.
  14. Slippery Stew expresses the expectations well: “Everybody WORKS”. Sometimes you have to take more decisive measures to get people off of their duffs. Hold up your baton/flag and announce that you need relief. If there are no “takers”, put your “badge of rank” on a visible prop and go get ready to shoot. Don’t just continue to spot and enable the slackers.
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