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  1. Never seen or heard of one. I just had a page of objects I used to write stages. Wrote them on Word and saved as a pdf.
  2. Try this, then eat plenty of ice cream. When you are riding the porcelain pony the next day, you yell "Come on ice cream!"
  3. I love it! Let the sewer rats burn down their own sewers.
  4. It was okay for a slow day, but not a repeat for me.
  5. California is a diverse and beautiful state. It is sad what the politicians have done. I have many good memories from the 80s and early 90s. I have not been back since.
  6. MeWe is Fakebook for conservatives. It is slowly growing, and some groups have grown quickly, like food groups, BBQ, and even gun groups. SASS should look into this instead of Fakebook.
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