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  1. Love sushi. Bluefin tuna is the best, but hard to find. Give me a tuna roll and I am a happy lad. I learned to eat sushi when I was stationed in Hawaii.
  2. A US Army solider was killed after he was attacked by a bear at a training base in Alaska, the army said, in what officials described as a likely case of a mother bear protecting her cubs. The Army Alaska said in a statement on Thursday that Staff Sgt. Seth Michael Plant was attacked by a bear on Tuesday while working in a training area at the Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson (JBER) military facility. He was then brought to the facility's hospital where he was declared dead, the army said. A second solider was also attacked, sustaining minor injuries. The soldier was released from hospital after they were treated, the army said. God speed, young man.
  3. Hey, thanks for the clarification. I read right over 'legacy' -- I'll track it down. I read all of the Connelly's books.
  4. I was sad to see this series end. It was very good.
  5. I have talked to McMurdo Station, as well as Neumayer Station. Quite an accomplishment in the 50s.
  6. Yep, and they love to serve it with various sauces such as mousseline sauce, Bordelaise sauce, etc.
  7. Steak frites, escargo, onion soup, seared foie gras with white asperges, crab and langoustines, ris de veau, and moules frites were all boxes I wanted to check on the 9 day foodie trip to Paris. It was just what I needed, and it will be my last overseas trip. And what was the first thing I ate back in the good old USofA? A hamburger.
  8. The same old needless censorship that almost killed the SASS boards is returning once again. Good luck all.
  9. Fentanyl is like any other drug, it is great when properly used. There are always those loathsome people in society who will abuse the drugs. People, including Congress, love to knee jerk in response to drugs, especially opioids. This has hurt patients who really need the medications.
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