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  1. Theoretically. Everywhere there's a flower, it's supposed to grow a fruit. Right? These people had a big pear tree. Then along came the hurricane. Busted It all to hell. And they pruned off the broken branches. That was October of 18. And while the tree leafed out after that, this is the first year I've seen flowers. And boy-howdy, does it have flowers. You reckon they all gonna be pears?
  2. Pat, for shame. You forgot the parenthetical initialism "We're doing the Saloon (ACS)..."
  3. Where is that thread? It did not sound at all familiar, and I can't find it on the first page of the Saloon (ACS).
  4. Police question: legality Always carry a knife Mr. Potato Head
  5. I come across this frequently in literature. Especially historical literature. People are always drinking rose hip tea. Do rose hips grow on the big showy red flower with the thorns, that you give to your girlfriend to show your affection? Or is it an entirely different plant that just has a similar name?
  6. They have chatted with me occasionally over the years. The last time was August of 20.
  7. Like they said in The Godfather. It's not personal. Just business. You turned me into the cops, you low life worthless no count piece of dog sh --- you're willing to pay how much??
  8. I just took a look at a couple or three Amazon boxes. The one that stuff came in last week has brown tape that says something about prime and easy returns. The tape is cut straight. The one that have have been using for storage for over a year also has the brown tape with the commercial about easy returns. Then I have a larger box that I have been using for storage for more than 3 years. It has clear plastic tape. I have not seen any boxes with blue tape. When was this blue Hitler tape in use?
  9. Me personally, I love optical delusions. I was looking at that poor little gray doggy trying to decide what was stuck through him. The logo on the mat. He's standing in the perfect spot. It looks like he's been skewered.
  10. Well I won't tell Keith if you don't.
  11. Long slim slimy ones, big fat greasy ones, ooey gooey garden worms.
  12. I suppose it doesn't really matter, but still Was it a present FROM the grandkids, or FOR the grandkids? Can't tell from "grandkids Christmas present".
  13. That's cheating. You are on a computer, and have more options. I am on a phone, and as you can see I can only bold, or italic, or underline. Nobody likes me, this software hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms.
  14. The Amazon logo looks like a smile. The tape that they hold the top of the box show with is cut zigzag. Someone decided that that little chunk of blue tape hanging over the edge of the box looked like a mustache since it was above the smile. And since it was a little square mustache (which prior to World War II was referred to as an "American mustache"), instead of a handlebar, or a British military brush, or a Nick Charles-type pencil thin mustache, some dork brain decided that it looked like Hitler.
  15. A friend of mine was a very big fan of pro wrestling. One day he is playing trivial pursuit, and he is winning. He gets to the center of the board. Now for those that don't know the game, there are cards with several different categories of questions on it. Each category has a different color, and the spot you landed on also is colored. So if you landed on a red space they asked you the red question on the card. But when you got to the center - the winning spot - everybody else could look at the card and decide which of the six questions they wanted to ask you. His sist
  16. Make sure your knife is sharp Joe, because there's more than one way to skin a cat.
  17. [S] experiment [/s] <S>experiment </s> Okay, how in the heck did you line through? Before the software update, [s] worked. I've seen <s> work in other places. Neither one works here. So how did you do it?
  18. That's the problem. Oh, and by the way, your use of that term proves that you are also a racist.
  19. Funny. Episode of Adam 12. Malloy came back off vacation, wearing a mustache. Reed and Mac and a few of the others gave him some grief about it, but he just shrugged It off. A couple of days later he shows up without the mustache. Reed asked him why. "This morning when I was shaving, I took a little too much off one side. I tried to even it up, and ended up taking too much off the other side. I tried to even that up. By the time I got it even, I looked like a red-headed Charlie Chaplin, so I just shaved it off." Not Hitler - Charlie Chaplin.
  20. I'm not a historian, but it seems to me that the 220 grain bullet was used in the 44 Winchester Central Fire, which was chambered in the 1873 Winchester. The 1866 Improved Henry, and the 1860 Henry rifle were both chambered in the 44 Henry Rimfire, which used a 200 grain bullet.
  21. Like I said, I normally buy store brand. But they were running a sale. Eggland extra large dozen and a half. Normally $5, on sale for $3.50. $3.50 for 18 came out to about $2.40 a dozen, and that's about the going price for the store brand right now, so I thought what the heck. Before I went out of the store I checked my receipt. I always check my receipt before I leave. Often there's a mistake and it is not worth a buck and a half to drive back to the store. but it's always worth a buck and a half to walk over to customer service. They rang up at full price. I go over
  22. 44s used at the Battle of the Little Bighorn Hand me down guns
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