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  1. Okay, who is it? She looks familiar, but I can't put a name to her.
  2. If you had read the rest of my post, you would see that I corrected myself and said that she was named after her father's mother and her mother, and her mother was American so she probably is named Joe.
  3. When I saw the juice was on sale for zero, I stopped looking at the app. I should have continued. They had some interesting things. I drink seltzer. They had seltzer on sale. They also had store brand "sparkling water", which is selzer. Regular $4, on sale for $12. I don't think I would have got any of that. But the corn for free - probably would have got some of that. I have a water purifier, so I don't buy bottled water. But even so, it seemed that their store brand bottle of water was a little expensive this week. The same with their tomatoes. Just a bit high. It's nice to see that the price has gone down from $3 to $5. I wonder how far it will drop next week?
  4. The blonde in the lower right looks familiar, but I cannot place her. And yes, the two on the right are much better looking than the other three.
  5. When the automatic machine tells you to press one, and you don't press it, it will repeat its request. But usually after about three times telling you to press one and press two and you don't do anything, it will take you to an operator and you can talk to a real person. If you can understand their accent.
  6. I'm in the grocery store this morning, and I'm about ready to leave, and I decided to check my store app and see if they've got any special running that I wasn't aware of. Then I go to customer service and show them the picture on my app. "Is this stuff really free?" She said she didn't know anything about it, and she looked through the sale flyer and couldn't find it anywhere, and then she looked at their store specials and couldn't find it anywhere. So she calls over the assistant manager and they discuss it. And she asked me if I had one in the buggy, so they can scan it and see how it came up. I told 'em I'd go get one. Actually I got four. If they were free I was going to get several. And the assistant manager scanned it, and it rang up $2.99. And she tried everything she can think of to get it to come up zero, but it wouldn't do it. So she said you just show the cashier that picture on my app, and tell her that if she had any questions to come speak to her. I asked her if it was just going to be the one, since I had several. She said she couldn't find anything about a limit, so however many I had that's how much it was going to cost. So, while undoubtedly somebody screwed up somewhere, I got them four bottles of juice for free.
  7. Since he left you portions, he considers himself the alpha of the household. The alpha eats first. The rest of the pack gets the leftovers. If he considered you the alpha he would have brought you the whole critter.
  8. I never made a long distance call from a payphone. It was always just put the dime in, and then put the quarter in. But I got to wondering about long distance. Let's say that I want to place a call to Bug-tussle Arkansas. They tell me that'll cost $0.65 for the first 3 minutes. I don't have dimes or nickels, so I put in three quarters. If I don't go past 3 minutes, would they kick me back a dime change, or would I end up paying $0.75 for the first 3 minutes?
  9. Yeah, that's what I thought. He's hard on guns. In one book he went through four of them. The plane was hijacked, and he killed two of the hijackers, then buried his gun in the desert before they started walking out. Later he killed somebody else, so he dumped that gun in the bay. They had gone through the wall of an elevator into a bank vault, and it sounds like the cops are nearby, so he pulls his gun and his partner snatches it out of his hand and throws it down to the bottom of the elevator shaft. "No shooting!!!"
  10. What's the word for that - they're so ugly they're cute? Because Crazy Cora here ain't by no means pretty, but she just grabs you and don't let go. Something about her face. And there's an actual term for that. I've read it, I just can't recall it. Old timers disease again.
  11. I agree. When he first aquired it I thought that was a dumb piece of literature.. He carried a Smith & Wesson 38. It got knocked out of his hands during a fight and hit a pipe and dented the barrel. He needed a new gun. So it goes to this place where he can get a gun without any paperwork. He tells the man that he had been using the Smith 38 but he was interested in the new Smith 9mm. After handling it for a little bit, and deciding he liked the feel, he pulled his coat open and stuck it in his shoulder holster to see how it fit. The salesman said, condescendingly, "You're not still using a shoulder holster in this day and age??" And that he sells him on the Bianchi cross draw belt holster. When he pays for the two of them, he paid $600 for the pistol, which was about three times MSRP, and $150 for the holster, which again was three to four times MSRP. And there was no paperwork. "For that price I knew there wouldn't be." I could see paying top dollar to get an unpapered pistol. He's a criminal. He doesn't want paper lying around showing he's got a gun. But the holster? In 1970? Just go down to Walmart and buy one, or any of your better sporting goods stores. No one cares who you are. No one does any paperwork on it. And it would cost $35 or $40.
  12. The first one - that's not bad. But the second one -- The second one was somewhat amusing.
  13. I found a site that told me that 50 pesetas in 1973 would be worth 26 cents today. I found a site that told me what a 50 peseta coin from 1973 would be worth. And I found a site that told me what 50 pesetas from 1973 would be worth today in euros. I found all those sites. I could not find the site that Pat found. Thank you again, Pat.
  14. I would tell you that you have double posted a time or twa, yourowndangself.
  15. Wow. At 58.2 pesetas to the dollar, that guy skimmed off a whole $0.90. At exchange rates like that, no wonder in the next chapter our hero and his girlfriend were able to get a huge meal for $0.62 each. I'm thinking the author meant that the guy held out 5,000 pesetas, instead of 5,000 centimos. That way he would have stolen 90 bucks, which would make more sense.
  16. Or duck-fu, for that matter. I am attempting to find the conversion rate of Spanish money in 1973. Specifically I wish to know how much 50 pesetas (or 5000 centimos, since one peseta was made up of 100 centimos) would have been worth in US dollars in 1973. I can find what 50 1973 pesetas would be worth today. But I don't want that I want to know what it was worth in 1973. Same book as the holster question. Our hero had requested $10,000 in Spanish money, and the guy that delivered it to him had skimmed 5,000 centimos out of it. I'm just attempting to find out how much that was. Can anybody help me out on this?
  17. Leave us pretend that you have one of these holsters. A Bianchi 127 cross draw. You can't tell very well from the picture but the back is split, and there's a spring on both the front side and the back side of the holster at the split. That's what actually holds the gun. That safety strap is completely removable. So you have this holster. And it is sized for a Smith & Wesson Model 39. Do you believe that it would hold a Walther P38? Second question, do you believe that it would hold a Luger - standard 4-inch 9 mm? That is what the hero in a series of books carries - a Model 39 in that Bianchi holster. In one book he goes to Mexico, and naturally he does not attempt to smuggle his gun into the country. He buys one while there on the black market. Carries it in that holster. In the book I'm currently reading he has gone to Spain, and again has not tried to smuggle his gun into the country. Buys a Luger on the black market and is planning to carry it in that Bianchi holster.
  18. A novel I am reading. The guy is supposed to meet someone at the Potomac Inn in DC. As he is entering the door, he reminisces. >I had had a Thanksgiving dinner at the Potomack some years before. Its menu, historically authentic, was taken from a letter written in 1779. It featured roast turkey with walnut cornbread dressing, venison with Cumberland sauce, roast goose stuffed with apples and grapes, chine of pork with ginger sauce, epigrams of beef, and baked hen in Scuppernong wine. Our forefathers ate well while they were creating the .< I had to look a couple of those up. Chine. Epigram. Now why you reckon otto deleted the last word in that quote? "Our forefathers ate well while they were creating the COUNTRY."
  19. Excuse me. I have heard there is a badger problem in this vicinity?
  20. I thought that according to the Mayan calendar the world would end in 2012? When did they kick it to 2022?
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