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  1. Did I miss something? When the clip started they said the woman was driving down the road. Then at the end of the clip she kept saying we. Did she have a kid in the car?
  2. A 94?? I can see an 86, but a 94?
  3. You messed up the punchline. The whole joke is do this and you don't have heart attacks, do this and you don't have heart attacks. And then you get to the end. Speaking English KILLS YOU. Nothing in the joke says that Chinese or Japanese or French or Germans or Italians or Mexicans don't die. They just don't have heart attacks. Speaking English causes heart attacks.
  4. This sounded a whole lot like a movie I watched many years ago. The guy found the girl and thought that she had the makings to be a code breaker, and told her to come to such and such a place and ask for Naitsabes. So she showed up and asked for Sebastian. That was how he knew that her mind worked in the correct strange manner. I looked the movie up, to see if I actually remembered it correctly. Made in the late sixties, and it was about the Cold War, not World War II.
  5. Reminds me of Baby Dinosaur AGAIN!!!
  6. From reading this thread, I have come to the conclusion that all of you people use plastic glasses. My glasses are glass. The lenses are heavier than plastic, but dust doesn't scratch them. I went to plastic lenses years ago, when my glasses got so thick. When they were glass they weighed about a half a pound, and that's a lot of weight sitting on your nose. Then I had my cataract surgery. I still wear glasses, but they're probably about 1/8 as thick. Before I retired I had to have an eye exam every year. Job requirement. So I go into this one eye doctor, and they take your glasses and measure them, so that gives them a starting point, and he took mine and in shock he says, THESE ARE GLASS!!! Yeah I know. I bought them.
  7. Maybe he thought it was a big cup of blue raspberry slurpee.
  8. That was pretty good. I marched from '70 to '72, and I thought we did some pretty good stuff, but that was impressive.
  9. Don't you feel better? To have that guy, who's obviously so much smarter than you because he has a YouTube channel, tell you what you think. They're THAT not only are you cussing the idiot in the White House, but you also want a return to whatever... Isn't that what the news does? Tell us what we heard and what we're thinking? How is he any different from them?
  10. I thought to be an Aggie, you had to go to an A&M University. The most well known is Texas A&M, but we also have a Florida A&M, and for all I know there may be a Utah A&M. But Utah State University does not sound like Utah Agricultural and Mechanical college. So why would they be Aggies?
  11. Who is Clark? I thought I would check that maker out, since he's just down the road about 25 miles. But apparently he only makes that one style. Some are plain, some are stamped, and some are carved. But all he has shown in his catalog is that pancake.
  12. What no one seems to have noticed is that the title of this thread is an insult. It doesn't say, "Sorry, Glock owners". It says, "Sorry Glock owners". That lack of a comma turns an apology into an insult.
  13. Maybe they figure cops with 1911s are old school, and will actually shoot you.
  14. Good thing too. If one hatched at midnight, the newborn would be a basilisk.
  15. Interesting thing about that "fun chain" commercial. I didn't see the little disclaimer about, "don't try this at home, professional driver".
  16. He was missing that front sight for the entire movie.
  17. (I don't know what otto is doing, but I sure wish he would stop - I saw a Buddhist m Sam's the other dday) I SAW A BUDDHIST MONK IN SAM'S THE OTHER DAY At least I presume he was a Buddhist monk. Oriental, short hair but not a shaved head - closer to a crew cut. Sandals. Wearing a yellow robe. Unlike this guy he was wearing a shirt underneath it. Like an "almost the same shade of yellow" t-shirt. I suppose he came from here - a place that I did not know existed until just now when I looked it up. http://quanamnamhai.org/
  18. I was going to buy my son-in-law a high lift jack for his birthday, since he had a Ford Explorer. He asked me what we were doing at the store, and I told him, and he told me he did not need one. He did not go off-road, and if he got a flat tire he called the auto club. When I was visiting my daughter she got a flat in her minivan and called me to come assist. I could not find any place to put the jack. When I returned home I got in touch with high lift and ask them how you're supposed to do that with the new vehicles with their plastic bumpers. They make an attachment it hooks on the two lug nuts, and you pick the car up at the wheel. Then you get your jack stand, because you should always have a jack stand, and put that under the axle, so you can take your jack off of the wheel, so you can change the tire.
  19. Alpo


    In '03, coming back from Fandango, bought gas at some little station in Georgia. Got three silver quarters in change. Went out to the truck, thought a minute, went back inside and laid a 20 on the counter and told him I wanted to buy his quarters. Eight more. Drove off happy. About 50 miles down the road it occurred to me that I should have also bought his dimes, and asked him about halves and ones. Ah well.
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