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  1. I like that idea. I have absolutely no use for an AR of any type, or any caliber. But I might possibly buy a raffle ticket on a "firearm of your choice, value not to exceed $800".
  2. Pat, he didn't say the Harrier "sucked up" a BB. Said there was a BB in the engine. I agree - I don't believe that little steel ball could have been sucked up off the deck some three or four feet in the air into the intake. But it could have landed there from a ricochet.
  3. Guess we just don't do that here where I live.
  4. Have you tried baking soda and hot water? Aluminum, hot water and baking sida creat a chemical reaction with silver tarnish. It just disappears. If you don't have an aluminum pan, I've lined a pyrex baking dish with aluminum foil snd used it.
  5. So it's a California thing?
  6. Another Superman. He's riding in a convertible in a tickertape parade. Down Metropolis Blvd. A street named after the town? I can think of Hollywood Boulevard. But any other place? Denver Boulevard? Dallas Boulevard? Spokane Boulevard? Paris Boulevard? London Avenue? Moscow Boulevard?
  7. Currently it's this Remington Model 4, 22 Rolling Block. But it's always subject to change.
  8. People are lazy. I had a stump. I dug around it. Using a few basic tools I winched the sucker out. with no risk of damage to my truck. Or to neighbors, if those straps/chains/cables snapped
  9. Foreign Object Damage. One does not want Foreign Objects to get into the aircraft engine and cause Damage, making said aircraft fall down go boom. Every morning at the hanger we would do a FOD-walk. Picking up anything and everything.
  10. Challenger (Canadian company) also makes short shells, and I've heard they're cheaper. https://www.brownells.com/ammunition/shotgun-ammo/super-shortshell-12-gauge-1-3-4-ammo-prod123715.aspx
  11. First, he was flying low enough to allow the little girl to see what they were flying over. From the pix, it appears to be 1000 feet or less. It's true they weren't flying along the equator, but they flew over London, over Paris, then went down near the equator and flew over Arabia. Flew over Hawaii, through the Grand Canyon then north again to make it to New York.
  12. They used that in Lois and Clark. The force-field his body gave off protected anything that he touched or that was touching him. That's why his super suit did not have to be made from his baby blanket. And he could carry Lois and fly into outer space and she wouldn't die from the vacuum.
  13. Anyone know how fast an unprotected human could go, before the wind forces beat him to death? Superman episode. Little girl wins a trip around the world, carried by Sups. As they're about to leave, he tells the folks at the Planet, "We'll see y'all in a couple of hours". Couple of hours? Hmm. How far in that couple of hours? Diameter of the Earth: 24,900 miles. 25000 miles in two hours. 12,500 mph. Well, I know Sups can fly that fast, but it oughta be kinda hard on that little girl.
  14. That's a fat finger/little keyboard OOPS.
  15. To my certain knowledge, Duke only spun one in two flicks. Stagecoach, where Yakima Canute dreamed up the idea and cut a 92 down to 16" so he could do it. And "FILL YOUR HAND" True Grit. Both of them were 16". He carried a full-size 20" one with a big loop in Rio Bravo and El Dorado. This site https://www.rifleshootermag.com/editorial/how-hollywood-made-loop-levered-winchesters-popular/83946 claims he spun it in El Dorado, but I don't recall it. Had one in Hondo, The Shootist, Circus World, Chisum, Rio Lobo and Big Jake. Big Jake used the short one, but he didn't spin it. As for Chuck Connors, he not only spun the 20-incher, but he could dpin it with either hand, or both hands at once.
  16. One of our A&Ps brought a blow gun and some darts. Used the air hose instead of his lungs. I brought out my silenced Ruger Mark II with the Crimson Trace grips. Was using Super Colibri. I would get full penetration, and we would hear the bullet hit the roof of the hanger, but it never penetrated. We found them the next day doing FOD-walk. I got three. Then those feathered rats figured out what the little red light meant. As soon as the red dot hit the bird, he'd take flight. I tried again a week later, but they remembered. As soon as they saw the light, they were gone.
  17. It should to anyone. Think of it like stripes on an enlisted man's sleeve. I've got two stripes, he's got three stripes. He's higher ranking than me. But you've only got one stripe, so you're lower ranking than either of us.
  18. If you were planning on buying a Shockwave (or the Remington equivalent), would you get a 12 gauge, a 20 gauge, or a 420? Why?
  19. Dick Francis rights of WRITES A (furshlugginer potrzebie phone) pretty fair murder mystery. In FLYING FINISH, Henry Grey is the son of an Earl (I love that when his father dies he will become Earl Grey). He is also a jockey. At one point in the book he has a difference of opinion with the horse's owner. But he lets the owner win the argument because, "He had more strawberry leaves than my father". That made absolutely no sense. Until I was researching the British aristocracy a few years ago, and discovered that minor nobles - counts, dukes, earls, barons - had pearls and strawberry leaves on their coronets. The more strawberry leaves, the higher-ranking noble you were.
  20. Just so's you know. THIS is the Stars and Bars. What's in the field of that Mississippi flag is the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. I've heard many people refer to that as the Stars and Bars. I've also heard it called the Southern Cross. But it's neither. It's the Battle Flag.
  21. At first glance, that bottom picture, I thought those were three watermelons. Figgered you was gonna practice some head loppin'.
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