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  1. They had a television show. Reality television. They would set up something terrible - like a bunch of teenage thugs beating up on a homeless guy. And the thugs and the homeless guy were actors. It was like candid camera but they wanted to see how people would react to the terribleness. And when I first heard about it I thought that will last until somebody sees something like the gang of thugs beating the homeless guy, and they pull out a gun and shoot three or four of the thugs. I don't remember if that happened. I do know the show didn't last very long. But it was a really stupid idea.
  2. THIS!!!!! THIS IS PURPOSE OF THE QUESTION!!!!!!!! I wasn't talking about running around with your finger on the trigger and accidentally shooting it because you can't feel it which of course you can prevent by KEEPING YOUR BOOGER HOOK OFF THE BANG SWITCH (am I the only one that thinks that's one of the stupidest damn things that people say?) I was talking about trying to stick your finger in the trigger guard when there's no longer as much room for your finger because you got a thick glove on your finger and you accidentally fire the damn gun by pushing that little dingus. Colt used to make a double action revolver. Model 1878. They called it the Alaskan. Had a great big trigger guard because people wore gloves and they had to make the trigger guard bigger so you could get your gloved finger in. The Japanese type 14 Nambu pistol from World War II had an oversized trigger guard, so you could get your finger in there when you were wearing a pair of gloves.
  3. They had a Castle episode, and the dead guy had been strangled in the men's room with a bra. Both Laney and Beckett recognized the bra name. And they mentioned they cost $250. Esposito is shocked. "$250? For a bra??" And Laney says something about him not seeing anything wrong with spending that much money on a pair of tennis shoes, and he starts trying to defend spending $250 on tennis shoes but she's not buying that. And I'm sitting there wondering what kind of moron spends $250 on tennis shoes? And I'm also shocked at $250 for a bra. I know, from raising little girls, the girls underwear cost more than boys underwear. For that matter girls outerwear cost more than boys. You can pick up a pair of blue jeans for a little boy for $8 but the cheapest blue jeans you're going to find for a girl is close to 30. I know that girls panties cost more than Jockey shorts. And I can see paying $20 or more for a bra. I think that's vastly overpriced but I've seen that too often. But 250?
  4. You ever shot one wearing a pair of gloves? I'm watching a Castle episode and Beckett is going into the crime scene wearing a pair of gloves and carrying her issue Glock 17. It just suddenly occurred to me that with a pair of gloves on she wouldn't have the sensitivity in her trigger finger to not accidentally fire off that "safe action trigger". But that's just my opinion, based on my great experience of firing maaaaybe a total of 50 rounds in four different pistols over 3 years. As I have said before, I am not a Glock fan. So I was wondering if wearing gloves while holding a Glock on somebody, was asking for an accidental bullet hole In the suspect? I wear a pair of gloves when I do yard work. And I carry a J frame Smith when I'm outside. My right hand glove has the index finger cut off at the middle knuckle. And a J frame Smith trigger is a whole lot less touchy than a Block.
  5. I thought it was because your tongue was in the way.
  6. I can understand saying a lot of money for some things. I've got a gun I paid $12,000 for. I can understand paying $100,000 for a sports car. Or a couple of million for a mansion - assuming you've got the 100,000 or the million to spend. But these are shoes.
  7. You can buy one for the low low price of $800. https://veteranarms.com/shop/muskets/Early-1700s-Grenadier-Hand-Mortar-p207474778
  8. A Revolutionary War era M79 grenade launcher.
  9. NCIS episode, and Gibbs is talking to this lady lawyer. She is just told him that she does a lot of pro bono work, and he pointed to her feet and said that she didn't buy those $500 shoes doing pro bono. And she says something about, "500? These are $800 shoes." Castle episode, and they're talking to the murderer at the end, in the reveal where they're showing how smart they are. And they tell him that, "even though you tried to get the blood off those $5,000 shoes you were wearing, you didn't get all of it". $800 shoes? $5,000 shoes? Do people really pay that kind of money for shoes?
  10. That's the purpose of it. You have a key to lock number one and I have a key to lock number two and Joe has a key to lock number three and Utah Bob has one of the lock number four and hardpan has one the lock number five and Widder has one to lock number six. And you unlock your lock. But it would be just as effective in a whole lot cheaper to just take a length of chain, and lock all the locks to each other in a line, and have the lock at one end of the line lock to the chain and the lock at the other end of the line lock to the other end of the chain. If my lock is locked number five, I unlock lock number five, take it out of the shackle of lock number four and remove the chain. Somebody else - their key is the lock number 8. They unlock lock number 8 and take it out of the shackle of lock number 7 and remove the chain. That's a fancy lock that Joe posted, but that piece of chain does just as good.
  11. My second look at this picture has me seeing the horizontal kangaroo kicking the vertical kangaroo with both hind feet. "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting Those kicks were fast as lightning" But when I first looked at it, it appeared that the vertical kangaroo had hold of the horizontal kangaroo's back legs and was spinning around in a circle, preparing to release the horizontal kangaroo and fling him out into the water. I thought it was photoshopped.
  12. There's a meme talking about redheads, with a picture of Chuck Norris. I thought he was a blond. So I do a search on him, and sure enough he's a redhead. But while I have that page open I find a site for Chuck Norris facts. One of them was it during the 2012 American parliamentary election Chuck Norris got several write in votes. The American parliamentary election??? Read that again dummy. The ARMENIAN parliamentary election. Okay. That makes a little more sense.
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