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  1. If I'm reading this correctly, the man shoots flintlocks. But instead of encasing his flint in a piece of leather that he then screws into the dog on the cock, he takes a lead ball and squishes it onto the concrete. This imprints the texture of the concrete on the bottom of the flattened out piece of lead. Then he turns it over and does it again. This gives the imprint of the concrete texture on both sides of the lead. Now he puts a piece of lead on each side of the flint in the dog. The thing that has me puzzled is how he imprints the concrete texture on both sides of the squished ball. If you put the ball down on the concrete and hits it with a hammer and flattens it, it imprints the texture of the ball on the bottom. Then he turns it over and hammers it again, which imprints the texture of the concrete on the bottom, but the hammer face is smoothing out the concrete texture that's on the top. But anyway. If that's not what he's talking about, I'm just as confused as you are.
  2. That's how the girl did it. "We went back in the woods and then Dot DOT DOT!" And when she read about the second guy and then the third guy, her friends joined in on that Dot DOT DOT, and then they all busted out laughing.
  3. Most folks my age on here will remember him as Poncho, on CHiPs. Apparently otto never watched CHiPs. "Poncho". Whadda maroon. Ponch, imbecilec. After the show ended, he went on to do basically telenovelas - Hispanic soap operas. But then he went to the police academy. Got a job as a cop in Virginia. Moved, and now has a job as a cop in Idaho. So if you got pulled over by a motorcycle cop, and Eric Estrada come up to the window, would you believe you were legitimately being pulled for speeding? Or would you be looking around for the camera? "Oh come on now! You're punking me right?"
  4. When someone has put an ellipsis into what they have written, and you are reading it out loud, what do you do when you get to that? I had never really considered that. In the movie Mamma Mia (for those that have not seen the movie, we have a single mother with a grown daughter, and the daughter is attempting to figure out who her father is), the girl has found Mama's diary, and is reading it to her friends. In the diary Mama tells about meeting Bill, and how cute and sweet and sexy he is, and going up into the woods and ... And when she read it aloud she read that as dot dot dot. She had to explain to her two friends that's what old people used to do, so they wouldn't say things like "screwed each other's eyes out". They would say... And then a couple of days later in the diary we find out that Bill left but she met Frank, and they went to the old barn and dot dot dot. And then a couple days later Frank had left but she met Joe and they went down to the beach and dot dot dot. This leads her to believe that either Bill or Frank or Joe is her father. But she read the ellipsis out loud. I'm watching an episode of NCIS last night. 14th season. Quinn - that would be Kate 3.5 - is telling how she had a wet dream about Gibbs. And now whenever she sees him she can't help but think about the dream and it's really causing trouble with her trying to work with him. But then they are in interrogation and he's reading something the suspect wrote. "So she came up to me and dot dot dot". And she's completely stunned. "You read an ellipsis out loud? You read 'dot dot dot'?" And Gibbs angrily replies, "He WROTE dot dot dot!!" And as she's telling the rest of the team later, "My Uncle Earl used to do that. Now whenever I look at Gibbs I see Uncle Earl, and there is no attraction". So apparently - at least according to the script writer of this episode - you are not supposed to read it out loud. So what does one do?
  5. No. The correct way to do this is: I was in the Saloon (ACS) earlier today ... Whenever you are referring to this place, you say Saloon (ACS). ACS - Always Capitalize Saloon. If you are talking about Miss Kitty's saloon on Gunsmoke, or any other random saloon in the world, use lowercase. But if you're talking about The Saloon (ACS), you capitalize it and then follow with the ACS in parentheses. You're kind of new around here, ain't you?
  6. "in the saloon"??? It's Saloon!! Always Capitalize Saloon!!!!!
  7. Since it's a rifle, he could take it back to sixteen. If you really wants to go to all or nothing.
  8. That's a memory that stays with you. Early Saturday Night live, when they still had the not ready for prime Time players. There was a disco in New York - studio 54? - it was trendy, it was real hard to get into, and supposedly there was cocaine everywhere in it. They're doing a skit where Belushi is a guard at the Disco, and he's talking about how he has to keep people behind the rope and tyfew he lets in and the more people he won't let in. And all the time his entire upper lip is covered with this white powder. And then he goes on about how there weren't any drugs in the Disco and nobody did any cocaine. And then he wiped his nose. And when he finished talking to the reporter, he brought up his other hand with one of them white powder covered donuts and took a bite, getting more white powder all over his upper lip.
  9. I'm assuming this is from a lost brass match? In which case you don't know it's once fired. Regardless, I pay a nickel a case for used pistol brass. So your 4,300 rounds would be $215. No idea about the other, because I've never bought used brass by the pound.
  10. Matthew, may I ask a dumb question? Why did you spell it like that? You should either spell it with Latin letters, or you should spell it with Greek letters. But using the Latin L in molon and the Greek lambda in labe is puzzling. Μολὼν λαβέ
  11. Just like Ginger or Mary Ann? You have a preference? I have always preferred yeast donuts - either glazed or chocolate covered. But just recently I saw some sour cream donuts at the store - cake donuts, but I like sour cream pound cake so I figured I would give them a try. Boy howdy, them was good. So when I was at the store yesterday I got some more. I did not imagine it - them is still good. I believe that I still prefer the chocolate covered yeast donuts, but I might explore some more flavors of cake. Just to see.
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