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  1. NCIS put the idea out there. In season 14 - 7 years ago.
  2. Unless you're old like me, then you need 6 men and a boy.
  3. Isn't that beet, cheese and tomato?
  4. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7NTm5Cutte/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Hopefully this worked Yep, it did
  5. The last one before it shut me off - the girl with the heavy Charo accent taking her citizenship test. I thought I was going to laugh myself to death.
  6. Naw, they are fogging it with DDT to kill the termites. Can't let them eat this historic British tourist trap.
  7. Why you would have a computer on your gun safe that keeps a record of whenever your safe is opened. I don't know if such a thing exists. But the fact that the Marine had one helped Abby solve the crime. And of course they can have all kinds of non-existent technology on a television show. But if it did exist, why would you want one?
  8. I do like that guy with the tablecloth trick. Good recovery.
  9. Many many years back, when I was working construction, me and this other guy were the last ones to leave the job site. And my battery was dead. Jumping it off would not have been a problem, if either one of us had a set of cables. Went back to the tool trailer to see what there might be available. There was a set of welding leads. It might have worked if there were four of us - him giving his car the gas, me trying to start my car, guy number three holding the two cables to my battery and got number four holding the two cables to his battery. Unfortunately there were only two of us. I've wondered about you those welding cables many times since then. Wondered if it would have worked.
  10. It's the same way that the second amendment's reference to militia only applies to the national guard even though the national guard did not appear until 1903, and the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. Boy, you are a dumb Canadian.
  11. I was wondering around YouTube, and a short popped up called WHY DO THEY PAINT COINS RED I thought everybody knew that. But then I got to wondering if they still do it, and if people of this generation, and even the last generation, know why. For those that do not know Restaurants, and bars, and places of that nature used to have jukeboxes. Do jukeoxes still exist? Anyway You put money in the jukebox and it played music. If it was playing, that kind of prompted customers to continue wanting to hear it, so they will put money in. The management of the restaurant or bar or whatever would go drop a nickel or a dime or a quarter - depending on what decade this was - into the jukebox. The same reason the beggar will put a couple of coins in his cup. If the cup is empty people will walk by but if there's a little bit of money in there, they might put some more in. And if the box is making music, the customers might put some more coinage in. And the restaurant or bar or whatever got a percentage of the money from the jukebox. So the coins they put in the jukebox they painted red. That way when the jukebox guy came to get the money, first they would take out all the red coins and give them back to the bar or restaurant or whatever, and then figure out his percentage of what was left. Red coins were a shill.
  12. Canadian warbirds? I thought it was going to be a thread about these You know, I almost left it. I said it was going to be a threaD, and otto changed it to threaT.
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