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  1. J-Bar, try going down to Puertorico. There your name is your first name, your father's last name, and your mother's last name. When a woman marries she keeps her name. So if Maria Sanchez marries Juan Gomez, she stays Maria Sanchez. If they have a kid named Pedro, his name is Pedro Gomez Sanchez. I go down there to work. I had to sign in at the airport gate. I showed him my Florida driver's license. 14 hours later I'm attempting to go back to the motel. I have to sign out at the airport gate. They can't find any record of me signing in. The morning guard looked at my license - John Doe Alpo - naturally assumed that Alpo was my mother's name, and signed me in as John Doe. Then when I was trying to leave, and told her that my name was Alpo, they couldn't find any listing for Alpo on the log. I had to look through it and find where the morning guard had screwed the pooch.
  2. You're not supposed to edit it while I'm writing my response.
  3. I don't believe that says DRY. What you are reading as RY, I believe is the number 7. Look at the way they wrote the seven in the date at the bottom of the page 1764. The seven is quite a bit lower then the rest of the numbers. I believe instead of DRY, that says 27, making the number of 27,274. I wonder if that that looks like GN is an abbreviation for gallons. Making it 27,274 gallons of rum. Which does not agree with my calculations in the thread about provisioning a warship.
  4. Rose owned the cantina. The saloon girl was Wicked Fellina. That means the singer was Evil Roy. That might explain why he beat the handsome young stranger to the draw. Hey!! That explains what happened to Ahnuld's father.
  5. I was thinking about that. Your normal 1950s thoughts on adequate ammunition. For the rifle, if he had three boxes, he probably thought he had enough - 60 rounds. The duck gun - again three, maybe four boxes of high brass 4s - 75, 100 rounds. The SxS - probably three or four boxes of low brass 8s. Shot a feral dog with buckshot, so - two 5-round boxes? The carbine and the 45 - he was a lieutenant during the Korean War. He might actually see the necessity of ammo for them. Three magazines per - one in the gun and two in the pouch. Two hundred rounds max, per gun. Thats 670 rounds. Surely NOBODY would ever need more than that. Then the 22s. He only had 100 rounds, so he tried to get another 500.
  6. I used to work for a man named Moss. He named his son Pete. I didn't mean this thread to be about the idiotic names. Le-ah (Leedashah) or Female (Feemolly) or Orange Jello (Orangelo). I meant normal names, that would be a bad choice. Samantha Stevens? All through school people would want her to twitch her nose and make the teacher disappear. How about the Bunkers naming their daughter Edith? Be called Dingbat all her life. How about if you grew up to look like Martha Canary or Margaret Hamilton (y'all remember her, right - Wicked Witch of the West). Be French and your name was Belle, or Italian named Bella, or Spanish named Linda. All three mean the same thing. Beautiful. Growing up with a name like Beauty would suck. Would suck worse if you weren't. A Chinese kid named Bruce Lee BETTER study karate, 'cause he'll need it.
  7. Of course you can shoot them both out of the same gun. All the 17 is is a 22 necked down. It would be like shooting 38/40 out of a 44/40. You can do it. The accuracy sucks, but you can do it.
  8. I liked that, also. >Ammo. He had more than he would ever need for the big rifle, the carbine, and the shotguns. But he had only a couple of boxes of .22s, and he guessed that the .22s might be the most useful weapons he owned, if economic chaos lasted for a long time, a meat shortage developed, and it became necessary to hunt small game. He rose and went into the hallway and shouted down at the stairwell, "Helen!" "Yes?" She was at the front door. "If you get a chance drop in at Becks Hardware and buy some twenty-two caliber long-rifle hollow points." "Just a second. I'll write it down on my list. Twenty-two long-rifle hollow points. How many?" "Ten boxes, if they have them."< Wow. Ten boxes. And she was only able to get three.
  9. I'm surprised nobody recognizes it. Classic 1950s novel about World War 3. Alas Babylon. When the bomb dropped, Randy (the hero) checked "what he laughingly referred to as his arsenal". And that's what he had. The long barreled Remington automatic for duck hunting. The 20 gauge side by side for quail. The long Krag rifle that had belonged to his grandfather. The 22 target pistol hanging in a holster in the closet. The carbine he had broken down and smuggled home from Korea. When I first read the book, back in the late sixties, I thought that was a pretty fair arsenal. Reading some of the lists of stuff that is "REQUIRED" to survive in a post-apocalyptic-world situation is really really different.
  10. The Sally's bringing it. 158 hogshead, 6 tierces, 8 gang casks and 20 barrels New England rum A hogshead is 64 gallons. A tierce is 42 gallons. A gang cask is that little keg they take ashore in pirate movies, when looking for water. It looks about the size if a beer keg, so I'll use that - 15 1/2 gallons. And a barrel is 32 gallons. 158 x 64, 6 x 42, 8 x 15.5 and 20 x 32 10,112 + 252 + 124 + 640 11,128 gallons of rum
  11. In the book I am reading there's a young girl named Samantha Stevens. And I thought, "Why did her parents hate her that much?" And that got me on names you would not want to give your children. Adolf used to be a fine name, but I don't think anybody names their kid Adolf anymore. If my last name was Oswald, I certainly would not name my kid Lee. If I was a Booth, I would not name him John. If my name was Monroe, I would not name my daughter Marilyn. It would be a terrible thing, if my name was Sanchez, to name my daughter Linda. That puts a huge strain on her. Linda, in Spanish, means beautiful. Archibald Bunker, James Olsen, Bruce Wayne, Roy Rogers, Ginger Rogers, John Wayne. The list is extremely long.
  12. Brawn, however, is head cheese, and they have 12 cases of that. There's no milk because these are GROWN MEN, and have been weaned.:D 500 pounds of baking soda. That's a lot of upset stomachs.
  13. Mossberg 22 bolt repeater with a 4x scope Remington 22 pump with iron sights S&W K22, 6" barrel Hammerless 20 gauge SxS, 26", mod and improved Remington 12 gauge automatic, 30" full 1898 Krag rifle M1 Carbine Box-stock GI 1911
  14. Certainly for horse thieving. "I challenged his right for the love of this maiden Down went his hand for the gun that he wore" The "wild young cowboy" drew first. Self defense.
  15. You know The Duffleblog is bogus, right?
  16. I just looked tierce up. It's a cask that held 42 gallons. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tierce_(unit) So they were carrying 158 hogshead, 6 tierces, 8 gang casks and 20 barrels New England rum. That's a butt-load of rum, ain't it? (A butt is a LARGE cask. Two hogsheads.) The tail of the g in England is in the way, but it appears to be 3 tierces of broen sugar. Still don't get what's between the rum and the 40 barrels of flour. Did they ever make candles from whale? The more I look, the more it appears to say 30 BOXES SPERMsomething CANDLES
  17. Actually two. Medal of Honor. You salute the Medal. So if a Private had the Medal, a General would salute him. How about the highest ranking military officer in the country - the Commander-in-Chief? Does he salute you, or do you salute him? When I first started thinking this, I thought, "Even 5-stars - Omar, Doug... Wait a minute. MacArthur had the Medal." Hmmm. If two recipients of the Medal meet, standard customs of the service apply? A Captain without meets a Private with, and salutes the Private, because he's saluting the Medal, not the man. But if a Captain with meets a Private with, the Private salutes, because the two Medals cancel each other out, leaving you with a Private meeting a Captain?
  18. I know what a hogshead is. The ??? is for the word after that. 158 hogsheads of WHAT? GTeirces is what it looks like to me.
  19. Present day. And she bought it from the vet. Seems as if farmers needed it they wouldn't need her for a middle man, but would just go to him
  20. Can anybody read all of this manifest? 158 hogshead ??? 8 gang casks and 20 barrels New England rum ??? 40 barrels flour 51 loaves sugar ??? Brown sugar 1800 bunches onions 30 boxes ??? Candles (candies?) 6 barrels tar 2 barrels molasses 24 barrels beef 22 barrels pork 10 barrels ??? ??? bread (instead of two items, this might be ten barrels of something something bread, but there appears to be a comma between the two words, which is why I think it is two different things) 25 casks rice 1 box ??? with sundry other articles for (use by?) crew ??? invoice of the same, all of which is consigned to the said ??? Hopkins on (or?) the ??? of the shipper
  21. An acronym is an abbreviation, in the fact that it is an abbreviated version of several words. but as you can see, in the definition you posted, an acronym can be pronounced as one word. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO. Acronym. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, SCUBA. Acronym. How do you pronounce BBL? Then there is the fact that an acronym is made up of the first letters of several words. How many words are in the word "barrel"?
  22. Looks like Charlie Brown's shirt to me.
  23. What you just wrote. It's not an acronym. It's an abbreviation.
  24. The book is called Dirty Little Secrets, which you can download for free from google play. It's only the first chapter, so I don't know if it will further the plot. More and more people have apparently never heard of Chekov's Gun. The veterinarian in the strip mall across the street from the funeral home "sells unlicensed drugs to people that don't have enough medical insurance". When I read that, I thought it was a euphemism for pusher. but then she goes on to say that she had bought a case of penicillin and a year's supply of birth control pills from him. So here we are back to why the penicillin.
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