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  1. I was also confused, so I looked it up. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Russia+Ukraine+war+z&t=fpas&ia=web
  2. Alpo


    I meant this kind of pickle That's on the sandwich between the Swiss cheese and the mustard.
  3. Didn't realize that was a typo. Thought it was a regional term.
  4. I always like listening to people try to pronounce what I think they're saying.
  5. I never heard of tacky tobaccy. Wacky tobaccy, but not tacky.
  6. I was reading an interview with Yvonne Craig one time. She said Adam West felt her up. The script had Batman walking up behind her and putting his hand on her right shoulder and then monologuing to the camera. But she turned around and he put his hand on her left boob instead, but since he was looking at the camera he didn't notice and he just made his speech.
  7. I keep getting a pop-up ad asking me if I want to buy some of the best weed in the state of Florida. Although sometimes it's the same ad with the same guy, but he wants to know if I want to buy some of the best weed in the state of West Virginia. Anyway, he says weed.
  8. Alpo


    You ever have one of them great ideas, and you wonder how come nobody else has ever done something this intelligent? And then you tell your friend and he tells you that he's been doing that all his life and that he learned it from his grandmother. As I was eating my sandwich for lunch today, I noticed it was leaking pickle juice. On the second sandwich, on the plate, on my shirt. And it suddenly occurred to me that if I were to take the pickle out of the jar and lay it on a paper towel, and then pat the top side of the pickles with another paper towel, that would absorb a lot of the pickle juice and maybe it wouldn't leak all over me. And at first I thought that was a genius idea. And then I wondered how many other people have been doing this for decades and I'm just learning it.
  9. Many years back there was an NCIS episode and Abby was talking about marijuana and when she mentioned it Gibbs said, "Grass?" At the same time he was saying grass I was thinking, "Reefer?" Now I know there were many different names. The big three were either grass pot or reefer. But anyone round about my age - even if you didn't use it - use a term for it. What did you call it? What do you still call it - if you see it mentioned in the newspaper or hear it on the evening news - what word comes into your head when they say marijuana?
  10. Well you might actually be okay. That middle gun in the bottom picture - according to the federal government that's not really a gun. And if it's not a gun, it obviously cannot be a revolver. So it doesn't count, then you were right and I was wrong. You've only got 10.
  11. Saul, you probably need to be aware that four (the amount in the first picture) plus four (the amount in the second picture) plus three (the amount in the third picture) equals eleven, not ten.
  12. I'm watching this NCIS episode. The main character sounded familiar as hell. He looked vaguely familiar, but it was his voice. I knew him. Except I couldn't place him. So finally I looked him up. It's Drew Carey. As soon as I saw the name it was like a slap upside the head. Certainly it's Drew Carey. But every show I've ever seen him on, he wears them black framed glasses. And in this show he was wearing wire framed glasses. And that one little bitty change just completely threw me off.
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