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  1. July, I will third the suggestion for getting them laser engraved. They can make it like standard checkering or almost any design you might want. Not that I've done it myself, just seen a lot of them. I don't like the feel of checkering. I spray my palms with antiperspirant before a match to eliminate sweaty palms. Doesn't help much in rainy weather, though.
  2. What July said. I have had one of the older ones for a few years and only have about 500 rounds through it. It has held up fine although ejection has been rather weak since new.
  3. Sounds good to me! So, I have about 5 different sets so I guess I need 5 new backups.
  4. Put the word out with your local clubs. Good way to sell all is finding someone just starting. Best of luck to you.
  5. So, you can no longer back the rounds out of the loading gate like was possible before?
  6. The things I would suggest you have probably checked. Does the firing pin extension move forward and spring back smoothly with thumb pressure? Good FP protrusion from the bolt face? With the main spring disconnected and the trigger pulled, does the hammer rotate forward and back freely? Those Pioneer springs shouldn't affect ignition but could make it harder to lever if not adjusted right. How deep are the primer hits on the ones that did go bang vs. the one that doesn't? Primer type shouldn't matter with a stock spring. Do you have another main spring you can try?
  7. Coincidence, as I first see this - I am wearing a pair of Horsefly pants!
  8. Boy did I ever jinx myself there! Today was the first match I've shot since I made that comment. At the loading table on stage 1, I noticed that the hand spring had just broken on my Kirst-Strite '61 conversion. I shot it on that stage by pointing down each time to cock it. I would normally not have any backup guns, but it just so happened I bought a Cimarron charcoal blue 7th Cavalry yesterday and had it in the car to possibly pop off a few rounds. So I used that for the rest of the match. Lucked out!
  9. I haven't had any in a while, but I like Fg for shotgun only. Works fine for CAS and has a little more flame. Otherwise, yeah it all works. I had a lot more FFFg than FFg for a couple years and so used that in everything and really couldn't tell any difference.
  10. Hey Hoss, if you call it "modern art" you could make a ton of moolah with drawings like that.
  11. As you can see, there is no "the" so here's mine, Cimarron by Armscor. Hasn't failed me yet. If your curiosity goes beyond idleness, there are lots of posts about favorite 1911's to peruse in the WB forum.
  12. This does add to the problem of spotting due to things speeding up and less space between bang and clang. Another thing is round count stages. It's hard enough spotting for speedy people if you know where to look. If the order they are shot confuses the spotter(s), it should be "no miss" but doesn't always work that way.
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