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  1. It's the first time this Wally World has had anything on the shelf other than 28ga shells.
  2. I am shooting Cimarrons which are Armscor and other than losing some brass forward of the line, which I understand is likely a weak extractor, they have been very reliable with excellent triggers. Hard to go wrong with an Armscor, especially for a beginner, and they are plentiful.
  3. Lots of folks like the flat buttstock. It would probably not be difficult to find someone willing to trade you a crescent buttstock style for your buttstock.
  4. I had picked up a few cases of Winchester LNLR recently at the current inflated prices just to give me a secure feeling for the next 6 months or so, but still looking for deals. Last night at a San Antonio Walmart, there were Winchester Super-Target Xtra-Lite Target Loads. 1 oz at 1180 fps. Heavier than LNLR but not too bad. Short steel base and the hull has tiny ribs, feels almost smooth. They had these in both 8-shot and 9-shot. Limit 3. So I got three, and then went back today and got 3 more. I will try a few in my Baikal at tomorrow's match to see if they shuck. If not, then wil
  5. At one of our local "Miami Vice" matches, a pard asked and received permission to use two 1911's GF-style. Which meant he had to put the first on safety after charging it, set it down, and then charge the second pistol, then pick up the first one and take it off safety. So far, so good. But on the first stage, he had a jam with the left gun (probably limp-wristed it), and while trying to clear it with the other hand (holding a cocked 1911), one of them went off and put a round through the table surface in front of him. That was on stage one. The end of his 1911 gunfighter fantasy. Actua
  6. When Evil Roy was working on the development of the ER pistol with Cimarron, he used a band saw to thin the grips of a Model P. It was ugly as sin but he shot them that way for a long time. I, too, would like to thin some wood grips. Wondering if a belt sander would be good for that?
  7. How does it compare? The ER will be just as reliable as the Ruger, no worries there. But it will feel quite different. You need to get one in your hands to try (Chief Rick beat me to that). Usually at least someone at a match will have them, or Taylor's smokewagons, which will feel very similar.
  8. For Pietta, those two plus Cimarron also has them in stock at times. You would need to call them.
  9. I may be missing something, but I don't see how cycling dummies through the rifle will help this at all. You won't know if any of the snap caps had a good "primer hit and fire" or not.
  10. Howdy Okaw. I will take it. Sending you a PM. thanks, Abilene
  11. Years ago Cimarron loaned some guns to SASS for the wax shooting match at the Riviera. I got to clean them after returning to Texas. I didn't know about the above tips, and tried a variety of bore cleaners and brushes. It was ridiculous how long it took!
  12. That's odd since they chambered in the same guns before. I'm wondering if your resizing die has backed out a bit and is not pushing the shoulder down far enough.
  13. That's nice. But I might suggest having a drawing for all the clean shooters.
  14. From all the stories above, it isn't all that uncommon. I recall nearly 20 years ago at a local match, a brand new shooter showed up. He was all decked out, nice guns and leather, looked like Tombstone down to the frock coat. He was not on my posse, but I'm told he spun the gun(s) into the holsters on the first stage and was sternly spoken to. I do not know how it was handled, but I know we never saw him again. Too bad.
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