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  1. You probably don't even need to light a fire to do that, right? Just leave the skillet in the sun.
  2. When gunsmith Bob Taylor passed away over 20 years ago, I "inherited" a lot of his .38's that were loaded with 4.7gr of Unique and a 142gr bullet. After shooting those I loaded 3000 with 4.7gr Unique and a 125gr bullet, then dropped it to 4.4-4.5gr for 5K with a 125gr bullet, then dropped it to 4.2gr for the next 3000, and they were fine. I could have gone lower but switched to N320.
  3. Actually, it was posted on a number of other topics at the same time yesterday, but I couldn't say why on yours.
  4. Last year's winner, Waterloo (who was just shooting his second CAS match in the past few years), is not coming this year. But number two and three, Rusty Remington and Buckshot Sully will be there. Last year there was less than 0.2 seconds difference between their total times! Should be interesting!
  5. Whiskey Kid texted me, so I know I'm on the afternoon shift Saturday, and don't have to show up 5 hours early. Yeah, targets are about the same as last year. Close and fast!
  6. Like Barry said. Put your cursor over Bad Company's name and a window pops up with his info - at the bottom of that window it says "Message" - click on that to send him a private message.
  7. "...I hope you find something here that brightens your day, or entertains you in some small way..." The Scotty was entertaining. I would have shot the NCOWS posse if I'd been there. For others watching "no gun modifications allowed by NCOWS" means no short strokes, low wide hammers, stuff like that. Action jobs are okay!
  8. Thanks, Mav. Maybe they are still updating posses for last minute registrations? If enough people ask, maybe they can find out.
  9. Thanks Billy. Kind of hate to get there 5 hours early if I'm not shooting til the afternoon. @Texas Maverick when are you checking in at registration?
  10. Thanks Billy. dang. Maybe someone who registers Thurs or Friday can let me know?
  11. Bear Creek says the pointy nose makes it better for speed loading revolvers. So it should speed you up at the loading table. I kind of doubt you'd notice much difference in recoil, but if you want to load them a little longer for the exact same pressure, feel free.
  12. Have posse lists or schedule been posted on the facebook page? I'm not coming until Saturday, so I need to know which shift I shoot on. Sent an email to Bessie but haven't heard back.
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