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  1. I'm guessing you meant N310. Vihtavuori_Cowboy_Data.pdf
  2. Flaco, a percussion barrel will not fit on a cartridge conversion like the R-M.
  3. Do you want cheap ones or cheep ones? If you want cheep then they need to be made from canary hide.
  4. Ballistic Products always has those in stock, but they cost one dollar more per 1000. However, if you buy 5K they are $289 (20K limit) so that makes them $5 less than Ammo Direct. Either way, good primers and a lot less expensive than Natchez, Brownells etc.
  5. The Lee shell holders I used were the same ones that come with their dies. I also bought a set of the Lee holders that came in a 16-pack (?) which are the same holders, and all have worked fine.
  6. The lid over the primer tray can come loose a little and it gives more space for the primers to flip. Keep checking to make sure it is on tight. Also, the tray has to be fully inserted into the tool. If it backs out just a little during use, the primers can flip as they exit the tray going into the tool.
  7. Overall and Category scores are now up on the website (ignore the fact that the page file name says 2021) https://plumcreekss.org/bopc-2021/
  8. I can download it and open it, but then Adobe freezes shortly after. Rebooting doesn't help. But I do have a temperamental laptop, so it might be that.
  9. Not on their website yet. ( plumcreekss.org )
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