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  1. There are still 4-click Ubertis available, but only certain BP frame models at this time. Those are some beautiful pistolas. While I am partial to the nickle one, I have to say that Uberti's case colors have come a long way in recent years.
  2. Have you tried a leather wrap on the lever to make it more comfortable?
  3. Aspen Filly: http://lcgraphicdesigns.tripod.com/aspenfillys/engraving.html on facebook as well.
  4. The picture looks a little like that, but EMF does currently list a Hartford 1878 hammer gun that is different and lists for $1150.
  5. They say some Pietta parts fit Colts. Pietta does have a BP frame model, so maybe...?
  6. Goody, I don't recall exactly how they did it but several folks have defeated the new system in more ways than one, so yeah with a little skill that can be done.
  7. Some Old Model Vaqueros would need the cylinder ratchet shaved down just a tad.
  8. Well, at worst you were the second last to know! Yeah, great price. I'll bet they have a hard time keeping them in stock.
  9. Howdy El C, My '51 conversions all fit fine in various SAA holsters for years, then more recently I got a '61 and later '60 conversions, both having the larger chunk of barrel underneath. That kept them from fitting in most of my SAA holsters, had to find some others. Only way to know for sure is try, but in general it was a no-go.
  10. Shoot up the Pyrodex in shotgun. They are easy to clean and it gets rid of it faster! (Then clean again after a few days!)
  11. Knucky edited his post above to say that some folks reported him having some louder rifle rounds as well. While there certainly may be indexing problems, it may well be an ammo issue since it happens in 3 guns. But then why did not any happen in the wife's guns? Mysterious.
  12. I have a small pouch with flap closure on my belt in the back. I keep two tiny plastic bottles in there, one is a nasal inhaler type with moose milk in it for spritzing carriers or cylinders or whatever while shooting BP, and the other has the butter-flavor crisco in it that I squirt over my BP pistol rounds. I carry my stage rounds to the table in small drawstring bags and put the empty bag in the pouch after loading. Also , when somebody hands me some of my brass they found later or if I find some of my own when brass-picking, those also go into the pouch. It doesn't weigh much nor take up much room.
  13. If you are speaking about this particular thread, then I call B.S. The "other group or individuals" would appear to be just me and Hoss. And neither of us assumed the loading rule was broken. We were questioning whether or not it was broken.
  14. I like my belts to look authentic, so they will either have a fair number or none even tho I only use a few for matches, as noted above. BUT! If I was having one special made for competition I would have 6 cartridge loops, 3 for .38 and 3 for .44/45, with them alternating large and small. That way, whichever I use has more room for the fingers around the cartridge.
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