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  1. Shorter barrels, even 3 1/2" are popular in mounted shooting both for quicker in/out of the holster (more important with a fast horse), and because riders often have their guns holstered more in front of them and there is less room for longer barrels.
  2. Does the American have a strain screw in the front strap? I think it unlikely anyone makes a lighter spring for that one.
  3. Texican Rangers calls it 1911 category. Plum Creek Shooting Society calls it Wild Bunch Lite (they might stoke the shotgun at the loading table, I don't recall). Somebody should make some little buttons that say "I Like Pike"
  4. Are you waiting to finalize the sponsorship before you name Monster?
  5. 45 Colt is the second most common CAS round. An WTB ad on the Classifieds Wire will probably get some offers.
  6. I bought 10 boxes from a fellow shooter who was selling stuff at Comancheria Days. They were $12/box, which is 50% more than what I was used to paying, but I was glad to get them.
  7. I think barrel racing is just a single course design that everybody uses. Mounted shooting has a number of set courses they use. Mounted shooting is an expensive sport especially if travel is involved. IMO the SASS events dwindled due to being amateur, while the CMSA folks are trying to win money. CMSA is required to dress "cowboy" but it is mostly more rodeo-style.
  8. Well, that was cool, but the one I was remembering was a rifle, not a pistol! I think the guy's name was Mike.
  9. It has been several years since I was there and saw them, but Cimarron still had some various Paterson parts in their parts bins, including two cylinders. IIRC, one was square-back and one was curved-back, and one of those may have been charcoal blue (it's been a while). They had been there for years and I think the finish was not good. But hey, might still be there and usable?
  10. And s/n 73xxx is 1997 and s/n 81xxx is 2000, if that helps.
  11. A few years back a guy made a Volcanic from scratch, but he made it to fire brass cased ammo, and modified 40S&W brass for it, I think. Description and lots of pics of the project are somewhere on the web. I've found it a few times.
  12. IMHO as well. I don't know anyone who puts lube in BP shells.
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