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  1. I said the frames are different and I've always thought that but actually I am not positive. However, as Cholla said, even if the frame is the same the cost for changing would include a hammer assembly as well and not be very cost-effective.
  2. The term Single Action describes a gun, and describes an action. The gun it describes it the SAA.
  3. John don't need no stinkin' bots. But I have a theory as to how he does it. He has one of those "Drinking Bird" toys. Instead of a cup of water for it to dip its beak into, he has a thimble of water sitting on the F5 key on his keyboard. Every time it dips its beak into the thimble it hits it hard enough to refresh his browser. Am I close, John? Maybe I should have kept quiet. Now everyone is going to be hoarding the Drinking Birds.
  4. Colt is and always will be the Gold Standard of single actions. . Because all the others are copies. Some are very good copies, but copies none-the-less.
  5. I have never been married. So I made up for it by giving myself lots of guns.
  6. 777 will recoil more so you'll need to use less. Seems that lowering the shot amount makes the biggest result for recoil. There is another topic currently going on BP shells where Sedalia Dave descdribes lining your shot bushing with card stock to reduce the shot charge.
  7. Don't think so, Willy. Different frame. Put a swap ad in the classifieds or sell them, I guess.
  8. Dana, the folks who shoot APP say it smokes more than BP. Possibly you could use a bit less of that. Otherwise, everything said above.
  9. Howdy Dead_Head, your title says 38 spcl but the text says .357. I loaded 4.5gr Unique with a 125gr TC bullet for a long time in 38 spcl. In the last year I dropped it to 4.1gr of Unique. Can't tell a lot of difference. It is not a mouse-fart, seems pretty mid-range to me. Good luck.
  10. Personally, I would not have AWA anywhere in the picture. Don't forget Standard, still available and quite pricey.
  11. And here's the video again about the 1849 Thuer that Sedalia Dave posted on the other thread.
  12. Rye Miles posted a topic about the new Guns of the Old West magazine and how they featured the Thuer conversion. Then Sedalia Dave posted a Lost Guns episode on an 1849 Colt with the Thuer conversion. If you are not familiar with the Thuer then you should watch that video. I'll post that again at the end of this post. About 20 years ago Uberti made a handful of Thuers, very few actually. Well, Cimarron has one of them. For a time there was a consideration for Uberti to put it into production, but it never happened. Too niche, I guess. But Cimarron took the Thuer to a couple of Shot
  13. Crisco, do you happen to know the charge weight ? (I don't have a MEC, but I do have WST and grey wads). I haven't loaded smokeless shotshells in years but if I don't find some more LNLR AA's in the next few months I will be loading some more.
  14. When I started, I didn't know anything about shotshells either. I went to a gunshow and asked the ammo dealers if this or that would be good for CAS. Of course they said yes. 22 years later those boxes of shells are still sitting on my shelf.
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