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  1. When those hammer guns first came into the country they were sold as TTN. About a dozen years or so ago they were bought out by Cimarron and started putting the Cimarron name on the gun. A lot of people still call them TTN out of habit.
  2. Last week someone was telling that there is a model that will follow you around. Might want to turn off that feature before heading to the firing line.
  3. Depending on what you are gonna do with that Bond, you might want a lighter bullet (say, 160gr?) for less recoil.
  4. Timothy is looking for SPG lubed bullets.
  5. Waterloo was 28th, had a rifle problem and a 62 second stage on first day, so he decided to just shoot as fast as he could after that which added another 4 misses and a P on Day 2, but his raw times on the other 9 stages were between 12.24 and 17.94 seconds. I'd also like to congratulate Preacher Kid, 2nd overall (a little under 9 seconds behind Rusty Remington) shooting FC no less! He is a really good kid.
  6. Well, sorry for a lack of info, but he told me he "thinks" it is going to be a 4-shooter with hammer on empty, but he is not sure. But technically, you could still shoot it in a pocket pistol side match and load one on the clock. It would be about as competitive as a Spencer shooter in main match. Perhaps an email to Mike Harvey might answer it?
  7. That "should" be .429. Folks will tell you to slug to be sure, but there it is.
  8. Even if the '62 has rest pins on the cylinder, those wouldn't work on a hammer with a firing pin on the nose. I'm shooting Comancheria Days this weekend and Shootin' Steel from Cimarron is on my Posse. I'll ask him if he knows any other details about this gun.
  9. I think you would be wrong about that. As for main match versus pocket pistol, I seem to recall something about the Pietta '62 being on a fullsize frame, but the Uberti is a pocket pistol size frame. Not positive about that. But the primary question will be whether or not it has a safety notch for letting the hammer down between cylinders. If it does not, then it won't be useful for either. I asked one of the Cimarron guys last month whether it had the safety notch and he wasn't sure. There was an ad from Cimarron over a year ago that mentioned it having a retractable firing pin. If so, that would allow carrying 5 but would be a no-go for CAS.
  10. This pic is about 15 years old, back when muzzle down or scabbard use was more common. Might be a problem today.
  11. Buckaroo Bubba hinted at it in his point #3: raffle tickets. Big matches give away prizes. Some are from purchased tickets, some are shooter's prizes. In 2000 I won a charcoal blue .357 1873 carbine, which is my main match rifle today. Not that you go to matches EXPECTING to win, but hey somebody's gonna get those prizes! As for myself, I've shot very few "big" matches, but have been to a lot of them when I was on Cimarron's road crew. I used to say that I'd rather be there not shooting than not be there. It was always great to see folks that are from other parts of Texas or the USA that I would only see at the large events. Finances were one reason for not going to shoot matches that required travelling and hotels, but that is going to change. I'm at retirement age now, and while I do have care-giving responsibilites now that limit travel, I do plan to do more as time allows. That's what I was saving for before, so I'd better spend it while I still have my health!
  12. To expand on Driftwood's post: Piettas imported by EMF are called Great Western II, and from Cimarron are Frontiers. Both those have firing pin on hammer, standard Colt action. EMF has models called Alchamista with Army grips (larger). Piettas imported by others including some big box stores will have a transfer bar. Uberti's imported by Stoeger, Dixie, Taylors will be called the Cattleman. From Cimarron it is called Model P (some cosmetic differences). The old model (black powder frame) from Cimarron still has the standard Colt action; their Pre-War model and the Cattlemen from other distributors all have the new retractable firing pin. Cimarron's Ubertis set up for competition are called Evil Roys and Thunderstorms. From Taylors they are called Smokewagons and Running Irons. Those models can have lower/wider hammers. Generic Uberti (Stoeger imported) Uberti competition models have other names which I'm not up on. They seem to come and go. These are all varieties of SAA reproductions. There are other grip styles and such available as well.
  13. There are SASS sanctioned mounted shoots. As far as I know, this is still an amateur sport. Then there is CMSA, which is a larger professional sport with cash and gun prizes.
  14. Mirokus are sprung lighter than Ubertis and have a shorter stroke as built. So that would be fine for a lot of folks, but a good 'smith can make it better.
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