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  1. I have some Horsefly pants that are very lightweight and I love them, but he's been gone a long time. When I started out I got some lightweight black trousers from https://www.riverjunction.com I see they have a very large variety now, looks like some of them are lightweight.
  2. I don't think the rounds are too short. The snap caps, which feed fine, are shorter than his reloads. The ramp on the carrier looks fine. Are the rims on the dummies identical to the Starline rims?
  3. Thank you Joe, that is what I wanted to know. Yes, the Baikal shoots high. Too much trouble to get my face low enough for it so I just aim low, but would like to correct it. I just recently added about 1/2" of length under a butt cover, but the nose-to-thumb distance is still a little under 2 inches. I will add more length.
  4. Not to hijack this thread too much, but isn't there a rule of thumb on what the LOP should be for a shotgun? My TTN points great for me but my Baikal has less stock drop and is harder to aim. I have long arms and think it might help to make the stock longer with a spacer under a butt cover.
  5. The existing safety (2-position base pin) satisfied the import requirements. The whole reason for the new safety is to decrease liability insurance costs (yes, careless/stupid people have dropped guns and gotten shot, and there have been lawsuits). I was told that when Uberti switched to Cattleman II, they told the importers that they would only pay the insurance on the new guns.
  6. Mike, as both Marauder and Cypress Sam mentioned, there is a safety that prevents you from pulling the slide back. Have you pushed the slide forward (might need to push hard) to see if you hear/feel that click? Lots of these old guns, it doesn't take much effort and you might not even notice that the safety is there, but others it might be tighter and need a conscious effort pushing the slide forward (and as Sam said, recoil takes care of it when firing). BTW, what is your alias? That's quite a low SASS number!
  7. They take these pictures right after setting up in a new location, before they get that "lived in" look.
  8. In '99 when I decided to get into CAS, there was no internet presence to find out about it, mostly word of mouth. I got my two single actions and went and talked to the guy at the gunshow who was promoting a local club. When I asked if there were categories for pistols only, he said no, I needed a rifle and shotgun as well. I was bummed at first. I had just gotten into shooting a year or so before and had no interest in long guns. I'm sure glad now, though.
  9. The opentops and conversions only have 3 clicks, as those never had a safety notch. Going back and forth between them and my 4-click guns just drives me crazy!
  10. Well, guess you should have called Cimarron instead. They continue to import BP-framed Model P's with the standard action, including a line of BP-framed Evil Roys. How long this will continue is anybody's guess, but they will do so as long as they can. It's all about contracts, money, lawyers, lawsuits, and who pays the insurance. I'd been wanting a charcoal blue 7th Cavalry for a long time, so when they got some in recently I thought I better get one while I still can with the standard action.
  11. Just tell Mrs. Hendo that somebody who looks like a Borg told you that "resistance is futile."
  12. First time I've heard of anyone complaining that Uberti's springs are too light!
  13. Their Evil Roy revolvers are also available with the Old Model frame with standard 4-click action.
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