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  1. But the Cimarron 1878 coach gun (TTN) has never had any safety.
  2. Seems like a long shot, but Dave, is it possible you have the seating and crimp dies reversed? I'm nowhere near my SDB, so I don't know if that is even possible, if they will drop down the wrong holes or not.
  3. They are in Taylors boxes and have red Uberti tags on the triggerguard, so I'd say Uberti is a pretty good guess.
  4. As mentioned above (several times), the SDB has seat and crimp as 2 separate operations.
  5. Howdy Dave. Are you sure this is the same through powder funnel that you used previously? Is it the regular 44 wcf funnel or one for 44 mag? Have you tried one for 44 mag? I have a square deal for 45 Colt and 44 Special, but also have 44 mag dies. Last time I set it up for Specials, I accidentally had the 44 mag crimp die in it and even with it adjusted all the way down it wouldn't quite crimp the Specials enough. I finally figured out the wrong die was in there. I know your issue is different but sometimes you have to look closer at the hard-to-see markings on the parts to be sure the right ones are in there, especially if they both have a "44" in the marking.
  6. Well sir, you pretty darn good for a dabbler!
  7. Still 3 click because the hammer still has no safety notch, but he defeated the safety so the firing pin stays forward.
  8. I don't believe it! He has Unique, but Lumpy suggested 231!
  9. You would just shoot in Gunfighter category. Or aged-based Gunfighter (Senior Gunfighter, for example) if offered. If you registered here on the Wire in 2009 then how come you are just starting? That's kind of a long detour. edit: and you can shoot a hammer shotgun in any category. And dress up and look good and all that stuff.
  10. Just answered a similar topic elsewhere. No stainless conversions (of any model) from Uberti. You'd have to put a conversion cylinder in a stainless cap gun. Remmies don't fit my hand but if they did I'd go nickle. This'n is a 44wcf.
  11. Well, I'm not too sure about that. I was at Shot Show with Cimarron when Uberti first showed them the new hammer and said it was going to be the "new thing." What I was told at the time was that Uberti paid liability insurance on the guns they made (there have been lawsuits in the past from guns going off when dropped by idiots and even a death). I expect their insurance price would go down with the new system. But they said they would not pay the liability insurance on the guns any more unless they had their new "safety hammer". Does this mean Cimarron is paying the liability insurance now on the certain 4-click models that they still import? I can't say. They are always negotiating with Uberti on this or that. But I wouldn't hold my breath for the standard line of Pre-War Model P's going back to 4-click. But like Coffinmaker says, "Time will tell." However, there might be just as much chance that those certain 4-clicker models will go away so ALL of their guns will have the safety. Meanwhile, sales of Piettas from all importers rise. I'm happy that their BP-framed Model P's are still 4-click. I bought a charcoal blue Cavalry model a couple years ago partially because I always wanted one and partially because I wanted to get it while they were still 4-click. And even though I like the Old Model frame fine, even better really than Pre-War just because of the more period correct style that I prefer, I am unhappy that Cimarron now carries the Old Model in only 3 calibers, .45 .357 and 44-40. If you want 32-20 or 38-40 or 44 Spcl you have to buy the Pre-War 3-clicker (although a 44 special cylinder could be bought for an old model 44-40). And Pietta doesn't make any of those calibers.
  12. I also never had any problems with my Navy conversions, but after 20 years the wedges were getting loose in a couple of them, so I dropped the washer down the hole and it tightened the wedge fit a bit. It is not as "mandatory" as some folks say.
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