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  1. Many years ago 7 minutes would have been way too much time, just sayin.
  2. That’s right. We’re near Camp Pendleton, Mira Mar Marine Corps Air Station and of course all the San Diego Naval ports. Just to the north of us is March Air Force Base.
  3. .45 Colt even before SASS I had a fascination with it. When I was a kid growing up in the panhandle of Nebraska, my grandfather, who was born in 1881 had a small room that he lived in and it was right on my way home from school. I stopped and visited with him nearly everyday on my way home from school. On many occasions he’d have his old Colt SAA out and that thing was just amazing to me. Those big old bullets were like fine jewelry. When I got into CAS it was .45 Colt although now most of my CAS guns are 44-40. I have a pair of Ruger Old Armies and I run .45 Colt, Cowboy .45 Special and .45 Scofield through them.
  4. Ain’t that the truth. I’ve contacted our local fire department about the weeds and brush and nothings been done. I get a certified letter every spring that if I don’t keep the brush and grass mowed down on the side of the road on my property that they will do it and charge me for it, the place across the street looks like a jungle along the road.
  5. A number of avocado and citrus groves and other rural property out here have been bought by buyers from Hong Kong. The big avocado and citrus grove across the street where all the rattlesnakes come from was bought about 4 years ago and they don’t maintain it and the brush and weeds has taken over. Anyway they’ve been calling a couple of times a week on a line that has to be answered because of a business we own otherwise I wouldn’t answer it. The realtor that calls says he represents Asian buyers only, probably isn’t PC to call them that anymore but that’s what they are. He keeps offering more money and I hang up on him each time. I’d sell in a heartbeat but Mrs. Lose ain’t leaving and going through a divorce at my age won’t be fun. Anyone else out there been called by sales agents like him?
  6. And how well they are anchored down. I remember many EOT’s at Founders Ranch in New Mexico where the number of porta potties knocked over by the wind far out numbered those left standing.
  7. If you do get the opportunity to visit try to allow more than one day. A couple of times I’ve visited the museum complex and my wife was ready to leave after about 4 hours, which doesn’t even scratch the surface. The last time I visited the Buffalo Bill Historic Center, I think that’s what it’s called, I was with my youngest son and we had just shot a couple of buffalo down by Wheatland, Wyoming and we we’re waiting around for the meat to be processed and visited Cody for a couple of days. His interests are similar to mine so there was no hurry and we took it all in. There’s about 4-5 museums there, if memory serves me correctly.
  8. The door temporarily mounted in the cabinet.
  9. I’ve tried a few different things like forks and long thin needle nose pliers to get the shoe onto the spring and strut without sending the shoe into never never land never to be found again. I had this conduit clamp laying around and I cut a slot into it with the Dremel tool and it works really slick. It gives you a little more to hang onto than a fork and you can get quite a bit of leverage with it too.
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