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  1. SOMEBODY BUY THIS!!!! I don’t need another 16 gauge 97, I’m very tempted. It looks like a very nice one.
  2. Any 16 gauge brass upcoming? I’m interested.
  3. I believe he passed not long ago.
  4. How long is it? Did you get it from Taylor’s and Company?
  5. I want to build one and yes I’ll be at the Western Regional. I’d like to see it and take some measurements and pictures. Thanks.
  6. A few weeks ago there was a thread about the above mentioned rifle and if I recall correctly someone posted a picture of the forearm. I might be the owner of one these soon and would like to build a forearm for it. I’ve tried to search for it to no avail and any help would be appreciated.
  7. Manning the entry gate at EOT in New Mexico over the years I got to visit with a lot of CAS folks and every morning when Wes came in and when he left in the evening he’d stop and visit. Every evening he’d ask if he could bring me anything when he came back in the morning. A great man for sure.
  8. A tremendous loss in many ways. R.I.P. Ace.
  9. You still wouldn’t understand so it’s a waste of time to try and explain it to you.
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