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  1. I put condoms on the barrels on my revolvers when I put them in the safe, but they don’t seem to be working.
  2. I’ll be there on the 26th and be working the Cart Corral again. Can’t wait.
  3. At the last club match that I was at our TG announced that out of all the shooters in a couple of clubs that she represents she got 4 responses.
  4. When I was a kid living in Nebraska my folks took my 3 siblings and I on many camping adventures. I remember many nights spent sleeping in the back of a Ford station wagon packed in like sardines. Later on it was an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Little Big Horn Battlefield, Mt. Rushmore and many more fantastic places.
  5. Very nice!!! I’m thinking he’ll get lots of compliments on that masterpiece.
  6. Will Burn Powder is a great pard to do business with.
  7. A Tzora Titan disability scooter is a lot cheaper than a UTV or golf cart and it lends itself to having an easily removable gun cart set up. If you think something like this would work for you PM me and I’ll help you all I can, I even have a couple of the brackets that hold the cart onto the wheelie bar available.
  8. I’m thinking 99.9% of male shooters wouldn’t mind having you or any other lady shooter competing in their category, I sure wouldn’t have any Ill feelings or resentment over it.
  9. I used to have ATT cellular coverage where I live but they decommissioned the site that served our house so we went to Verizon and about 5 years ago they decommissioned the site that served our house. Now we have no cellular service and have to drive about 1/2 mile to get cellular service. ATT wants to do away with our landline phone and when it rains we have no landline either because it takes them weeks and weeks to even come out and check it out. So I can’t honestly recommend either of those 2.
  10. It’ll be out this summer, I’ve got the signs with the artwork, it’ll be pretty cool. I’ve probably got 100+ metal western movie and character signs that I’ve been collecting. A Buffalo Bill cart, Native American themed cart, Tombstone, True Grit and a number of others are all rattling around in my mind.
  11. Funny you should mention that. There is a young shooter, Joshua The Kid (14 I believe) that I shoot with quite often who took a wooden cart that someone had given him and he put a 12 volt motor and drive train on it and it works very well. I don’t want to build gun carts much longer and I suggested to him that he come down and spend some time at my shop and maybe he could start building his own line of carts with his motorization in them.
  12. Thank you, I think you’ll like the one that I’ll unveil at EOT.
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