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  1. Yul Lose


    I’ll bet if you changed your heading to 1897 shotgun problem you’d get more responses, instead of DavidM.
  2. It took Ken Jennings 75 games to win $2.5million and the current champ has won $771,000.00 in 11 games!!! He is fun to watch.
  3. Yep, sometimes having fun means stepping out of the box and doing things different but within the rules. Stoking the 97 is a whole bunch of fun, not the fastest but fun none the less.
  4. He missed one yesterday but it didn’t hurt him.
  5. Yul Lose


    And if he gets cold and hungry he can shoot it and skin it and have food and a coat.
  6. Well I guess Jeopardy is a sport now. They just did a piece on ESPN on how this guys strategy and how he plays the game works for him.
  7. Nah, if it’s hollyweird it will be Rosie O’Donnell.
  8. Bein skinny prolly helped yer weekends get better too, just sayin. You did meet a new lady.
  9. How about Illegitimate Son Of A Bar Wench? Sounds more outlawish.
  10. It was great having on our posse and having you hang around camp.
  11. $60,000.00 final jeopardy wager, $131,000.00 for the day!!
  12. He’s got $71k going into final jeopardy tonight.
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