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  1. Talk to your match director. They co-mingle WB and CAS out here at the same match.
  2. Cajon on the 14th and the Cowboys at Norco on the 22nd.
  3. Just a suggestion but you might change your title to what you’re trying to sell, not your alias and include some pictures.
  4. Back in the 80’s while doing two way radio service work for contractors building the Central Arizona Project delivery system I found quite a few mono and matate sets that were unearthed during the building process. This picture is of the matate and mono from an unmatched set. The handheld piece that I found with this matate was more rectangular in shape. This mono I found with another one.
  5. Thank you for taking it on and giving us the opportunity.
  6. I’ve made them on a 3D printer. I made some match winner medallions and painted them gold for the monthly match winner for the Escondido Bandidos. Cost very little to make. Here is a sample of a trophy I made a couple of years ago. The medallion is 3D printed.
  7. Any authentication done on the possible tribes that made those? There are probably several possibilities where you’re located.
  8. If the importance of reloading isn’t learned this time around it never will be.
  9. We’re those all found on your place there in Colorado? Nice collection.
  10. When I was a kid growing up in the panhandle of Nebraska my folks had a rather large garden, I thought it was huge because I had to keep the weeds pulled, and over the years doing that I found a couple of arrowheads. I lost them a long time ago but on Pinterest and YouTube I’ve been watching some of the stuff on hunting and collecting them and the Midwest seems to be the hotbed. The ranch where I hunt Buffalo up in Wyoming has a lot of Indian and old west historical sites and one of them is a hilltop with chert deposits and you can see the tipi circles and campfire rings and literally tons of
  11. I’ve always wanted a Lightning in 38-40 so I found a very reasonably priced Pedersoli Lightning in .45 Colt with a damaged barrel. I took the old barrel off and ordered another barrel from Taylor’s and company and drilled it out and installed a Redman liner in 38-40. All I need to do now is sand the barrel and blue it and it’s done.
  12. Didn't learn much from Walter White did he?
  13. A neighbor of mine and his wife have been locked down over a year now and the last time I talked to him he said they’re prepared to stay there years that way if they have to. I’ve brought him a few things from the hardware store and when I deliver it I have to leave it in a bag outside the gate. Says they won’t leave for a vaccine that they’ll wait until it comes to them, might be waiting awhile.
  14. She’s had scoliosis surgery. Probably some instrumentation.
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