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  1. You haven’t looked at all of the costs involved with a buffalo hunt if you think it’s cheaper than $8.00 per pound.
  2. We lived through Woodstock and the Hong Kong flu, I’ll bet we get through the Kung Flu just fine. Giving up our civil liberties so easily may not be survivable.
  3. Here is the finished mount hanging on the man cave wall. Should he get tired of the gray side of the fish all he has to do is rock the mount a little and lift up and turn it around and sit it down.
  4. Thank you. Nothing new that they haven’t been doing up at Cajon. The match yesterday went very well and smaller posses made it move a bit faster. Pretty sure that as things open up again procedures will change with some being more onerous some less onerous. One spotter has been about the only difference that I’ve noticed and I probably got a clean match because of it yesterday, there’s a good reason for 3 spotters. Looks like The Cowboys up at Norco may have a match in June and I’m pretty sure some lessons learned up at Cajon will come into play at Norco. Hopefully some other clubs around SoCal will be opening up soon and CAS competitors will be back in the saddle.
  5. Where are these new SASS covid-19 guidelines? Maybe someone could post a link so we could see what is being discussed.
  6. No it’s not that heavy. It’s styrofoam and fiberglass.
  7. You are correct BGQ. The sports talk I listened to this morning says the two sides are far apart.
  8. I think you are mistaken about what I posted. Nobody said it won’t go at all. I’M saying I have my doubts because there are big disagreements between the owners and players, players and players and owners and owners. I want to see it played too but as each day passes my doubts build. Not long ago May 15 was the start date, then June 1, then July 4th weekend. Early on they said NFL and college football wouldn’t be affected and they got that wrong too.
  9. So if they tell you that it’ll be 18 more months or so before you’ll be safe from covid are you going to remain locked away from society? If they keep these lockdowns and other measures in place much longer our society won’t be much different than Venezuela.
  10. The longer this covid-19 drags on the chances of MLB returning this year are fading. I just saw on the news that the A’s can’t come up with stadium rent this month. The League came up with a 167 page set of guidelines that to a lot of people view as unworkable. We may have to swallow the no baseball pill here pretty quick.
  11. Man, those are great looking Old Armies.
  12. Colt Lightning Rifle made in 1884 in 44-40 and numerous Winchester 16 gauge 1897 shotguns made from 1903-1941.
  13. My pard Buck Garrett went fishing in Alaska a few years back and caught this halibut. He had the tail mounted and the plaque that they gave him to mount it on left a lot to be desired as you can see in the one picture below. He asked me to build something to hang it on that would allow him to turn it around if he got tired of looking at one side. The mount was screwed to the old plaque and the only side that you could see was the white side. I installed a metal plate on the bottom of the mount and four rare earth magnets in the plaque and it worked out very nicely. It’s very easy to turn it around now. I also installed a rare earth magnet to display the .410 SG hull that was used to kill the fish once boated. If you don’t kill them once on board they can do a lot of damage to the boat, equipment and people. He’s going to hang it in his man cave and has another piece that I built him awhile back to hold all of his fire department buttons, buckles and medals in the same vicinity. I used my Lichtenberg fractal burner to add accent to kind of replicate the Alaskan coast, rivers and streams. It hangs on the wall with two screws in keyhole slots.
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