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  1. I never could figure out why the checks bounced, unless he was afraid to deposit the money in a bank. Why didn’t he pay cash for the radios? My wife reminded me this morning that the DEA came to the shop after his arrest and told us that they had watched us “reposess “ the radios because they had had the yard under surveillance. I had forgotten about that.
  2. I don’t want to hijack the imbibe meth topic but thought some of you might enjoy another meth story. Back around 1989-90 I was part owner and general manager of a two-way radio sales, service and mountaintop communication sites business in north San Diego County. One of our sales ladies came in one day with a fairly large sale to an outfit that manufactured, sold and delivered soil amendments “ magic soil amendments” to avocado and citrus farming operations. Come installation time we were short handed so I installed the base station. While I was doing the install, Gus the owner was telling me
  3. I’m experimenting with dyed, fractal burned tamarind for gun grips. Here is a box lid lift that I just finished.
  4. Check and make sure the new alias is available on the alias look up feature and if it’s available call SASS and they’ll change it for $15.00.
  5. There were posts about it on Friday here and on the Wire.
  6. That is a smoking deal on a Black Diamond 1897.
  7. Nowadays a white person telling a joke about a green bean would be deemed racist. One of my favorite alternative Christmas songs is Merry Christmas From The Family by Robert Earle Keene. In the song he mentions a Mexican and a couple of times when I had it on for family events this last holiday season I was called a racist for liking and playing that song, go figure. At matches that I attend I tell a joke before the last stage instructions are read and before each joke or story I issue a warning that if you’re easily offended to please plug your ears to avoid being offended again. I
  8. About 4 years ago I bought a Pedersoli Lightning, 44-40, 20” Deluxe rifle with color case receiver and checkered stock for $800.00 on GB. I’ve bought 5 lightnings on the Wire Classifieds and the most expensive was $1,200.00. I bought another with the Lassiter slam fire mod for $1,100.00, IIRC. Recently at a local match I bought one for $800.00.
  9. What posse are you on? I’m on posse 1.
  10. This year for sure. Yours and about 4 others in the next few months.
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