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  1. It isn’t built yet. Like the ticket says, you get it pretty much your way.
  2. If any of you are interested PM me or Hellbender or see us at a match. Every dime goes to the club to rebuild.
  3. Trainwreck is a great ambassador for the Gunfighter persuasion. Congratulations JEDI.
  4. Ruger Old Armies with conversion cylinders.
  5. Here’s the Tower Of Power I told him to look for but the one from Powder Inc. will work too. Better get one quick if you want it on your new cart, just saying. The one in the picture doesn’t come with the cabinet.
  6. She’s got a job she loves and doesn’t like to travel.
  7. This antifa and blm BS has got my wife so worried that I’m going to have to cancel my trip to CAC. Maybe next year.
  8. You need to check out my Old Armies at the next Escondido match. The octagon barrels really make a difference. Very nice guns, Slick.
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