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  1. My first job in the two way radio business was working at a shop owned by a guy who absolutely hated beards. He had a policy that we were not allowed to grow a beard and mustaches had to be neatly trimmed. I needed help in the shop servicing and installing radios and I hired a guy that unbeknownst to me could show up for work at 7:00am and by 8:30 am he had a full on beard. Our boss didn’t get to the shop until 9:00 and never saw the transition from clean shaven to bearded and after about a week of threatening to fire the guy if he didn’t shave the other 4 of us decided to quit shaving too in support of the “Human Fire Plug” as we called him. Well it worked and the boss backed down and the grooming was never an issue again. We were up on a mountaintop building a site that was helicopter assessable and spent a couple of days up there and it was hot and we shed our shirts early on and I swear the Human Fire Plug had more hair than a grizzly bear all over his body.
  2. Wonder how long the sniper to be would have lasted had it been a Biden event?
  3. I like the VP choice, I was hoping Tim Scott but Vice President JD Vance has a nice ring to it and his military background will help immensely in the not to distant future.
  4. 2 months or so ago someone drove up to a liquor store right up the street from me at 2:00 in the morning and ripped the security bars and doors off and made off with a safe and a bunch of expensive scotch and other liquor. The perps were well covered and the vehicle had the license plates removed, video wasn’t much help.
  5. I don’t have a middle name, just an initial. My father’s family had a tradition of naming the male offspring with just an initial but the females had middle names. I asked long ago why that was and nobody had an explanation. Both of my sons have middle names.
  6. The local Fox station is broadcasting a Braves/Padres game and hasn’t said a thing about the shooting, no interruption for the news or anything. Not even news about it on the crawler on the bottom of the screen.
  7. You guys didn’t really believe he’d do any time on this thing, did you?
  8. They bill themselves as the “Worlds Best Hospital” in their TV and radio ads but that’s a stretch anymore. Their IT systems got hacked and ransom wared in early May and their phones and computers still don’t work. It appears that all of our personal data was stolen also. I had some blood work done Wednesday and they told me that their phones and computers wouldn’t be up until the end of July at best. The last time that I visited my doctor the computer monitors and keyboards all had red FBI evidence tape wrapped around them. The employees have their personal cellular phones to call in prescriptions and communicate with the hospital and other doctors. Here’s a story from our local, weekly newspaper but if you Google the Palomar healthcare system data breach there is a lot of information out there about it.
  9. I know quite a few guys out where I live that are into classic cars and hot rod building. Once a week we all get together at a restaurant and have lunch and solve the world’s problems. I had mentioned a few weeks ago that we needed to have a hat made to represent our group and this is what I came up with. I brought them to lunch today and passed them out and they were a hit. Wonder how many people are going to mistake them for MAGA hats?
  10. Yul Lose


    I man the unload table because I can’t be a reliable spotter anymore, I can’t keep up with the fast shooters and me being a spotter isn’t fair to the shooter or the other shooters.
  11. Mrs. Lose’ sister has dementia and her husband has terminal pancreatic cancer so we’ve been up to their very remote 22 acres quite often over the last few months. About 25 years ago the BIL let an undocumented man move in an old trailer and his wife and a couple of kids. Now the guy has 3 different trailers up there with 3 different wives and a bunch of kids at each encampment along with the kids kids, yes they are his wives and he’s proud of that fact. So every time I go up there I just scratch my head and wonder how he keeps all 3 wives happy.
  12. I would guess you’d switch to another plane, the 747-100 would be for the long haul across the water and then a smaller plane for the final leg.
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