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  1. Yul Lose


    I’ve got some brass if you need it.
  2. When I was a youth we lived in Creede, Colorado and the water for the town came from Willow Creek, north of town. In the spring during run off the water was often the color of chocolate milk and throughout the year it was never clear as there was no filtration or chlorination plant for the Creede water system at the time. Between Creede and Wagon Wheel Gap there was a spring with a parking area and the people of Creede would fill up containers for their drinking water. The spring water wasn’t gushing out of the pipe so it took awhile to fill up numerous 5 gallon jugs. I kind of enjoyed the trips to the spring but my sisters found it boring so it was usually just my step dad and I and we visited with a lot of people waiting our turn to fill up.
  3. Used to manage a mountaintop communications site on Toro Peak in the Santa Rosa mountain range west of Palm Desert, Ca. The site was at 8,700 ft elevation and on the drive up, 16 miles there was a spring about 2/3rds of the way up. The water was very cold and wonderful to drink.
  4. That was about 40 years ago so I don’t remember, but I’ll bet treatment for it today is different.
  5. Years ago when I lived in Wyoming we used to back pack into the Powder River canyons west of Kaycee, Wyoming for some of the best trout fishing on the planet. This is the Hole In The Wall country that Butch and Sundance visited. The hike in wasn’t bad because it was mostly all down hill but the hike out was a lot of work. The last time that I went on the trip we didn’t boil the water long enough for our hike out and we all got giardia, not fun. Took awhile to get over it.
  6. The Padres gave up only 1 2 run home run in the first. The others were on doubles. Not that it makes much difference. I’ll be at EOT next week and my pard Buck Garrett and I will take in a game or two while we’re there.
  7. Padres have scored 2 runs in 2 games and given up 18 runs. Glad these games don’t count.
  8. Yes it is and on Sunday evening March 3rd you won’t even know it was there.
  9. Same here, I wash nickel and regular brass together all of the time and it all comes out shiny.
  10. Howdy EOT attendees, I’d like to sell a couple of items at the EOT Swap Meet on Thursday evening and would like a small space on someone’s table if that isn’t against the rules. Anybody know if this is okay? If so anyone want to share some space?
  11. You oughta be in the SASS Hall Of Fame, great job!!!
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