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  1. Yul Lose

    Cap jams

    When I used to do use heat shrink on caps I’d use a soldering iron from my electronics days to melt the heat shrink, much safer. I heated a cap for about 1/2 hour one day just to see if I could set it off, I couldn’t. I found this method was very time consuming and not worth the effort.
  2. I hold the loading gate down and they usually come back out the way they went in. Don’t need to remove the magazine cap, Jim Bowie at Cowboys and Indians taught me that.
  3. Beautiful buckles and well earned.
  4. I’m building a gun cart and I’m incorporating brothel tokens into it and they clean up very nicely when tumbled with steel pins and the pins are easy to separate. I’ve also cleaned badges, brass belt buckles, etc.. in the wet tumbler.
  5. Congratulations. Somebody is getting some nice guns.
  6. Yep, our system had to be built so that if there is a power outage it shuts down. If it’s connected to the grid it can’t be feeding power into the lines if there are people repairing the power lines, they need to have dead lines for their safety. If we had battery’s we’d have power but for a limited time. I’ve got a 10kw standby generator in case of outages.
  7. The Ballad of Cable Hogue, just something about Stella Stevens in a water tank.
  8. The helicopter pilot that I referred to above was a Vietnam vet and flew quite a few mission, he had some stories to tell. A few times we had a Vietnamese pilot and he did not like flying around the Sierra Estrella sites and he wasn’t afraid to tell you about it.
  9. I realized that after I wrote it.
  10. Pretty sure that if the greenies really had the light shown on their green energy and vehicle religion that it would open a lot of eyes that are clouded by the green hype now.
  11. We only had one site that was helicopter access so it really wasn’t economically feasible to have our own bird.
  12. Back then the cost to rent the Jet Ranger 3 helicopter was around $450.00 per hour. The A Star was around $600.00 per hour.
  13. Read Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides a great read about Kit Carson and the story of the exact place you’re talking about.
  14. Putting your home address in your profile is a really bad idea. You’re setting yourself up for a possible home invasion robbery.
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