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  1. This looks to be entertaining are you going to see it?
  2. I’ve been asked to write the stages for a upcoming match and have no idea how to import the props, targets, etc.. into my text what program do you stagewriters use?
  3. Early on I had the issue with them not fitting in the chamber but remedied that by taking about 1/16” off of the bottom of the sizing die to allow the case to be sized nearly to the rim and it solved the problem.
  4. You the one sitting down or standing up?
  5. I shoot the C.45S in ROA conversion cylinders but not in a rifle so blowback is not a concern for me. I used .45 auto dies for seating and crimping.
  6. A family gathering in Sedona for Halloween weekend and we have to dress as a movie character, I’m Bad Grandpa. Let’s see yours.
  7. Here’s my set up for making Cowboy .45 Special brass.
  8. The thing about any of the hot peppers is once you de seed them and remove the white membrane inside they lose 99% of their heat. I made scrambled eggs this morning and used 3 serranos, 3 habaneros and 2 jalapeños and there was hardly any heat at all. I’ve won bets before eating habanero chili’s that way. Smart bettors will make you eat the whole pepper, I don’t bet with them.
  9. My wife manages a citrus and avocado farming operation and some of the workers that live there raise most of their produce there on the ranch in their garden. Well they found out that I like hot peppers so they send some home with her on occasion and today they sent home a bunch. Habaneros, Serranos and jalapeño peppers. My step son makes salsa so I’m sending the box of peppers over to him the peppers outside the box I’ll use myself.
  10. Those that dump their unwanted pets out in the country are lower than septic tank sludge. Those poor animals have absolutely no chance unless someone finds them and rescues them. My wife and I have done it many times over the years and also have found them when it was to late.
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