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  1. Won't miss it much. I used to play a lot of baseball (HS, College, Service) and loved it. But I think today"s players are spoiled and over paid, as are most professional athletes. They are arguing over money. Their pay should be prorated by game and they should get paid for each game they play.
  2. When we first built our home and moved in, there were lots of skunks. We have 6 acres and it is pretty countryfied. My neighbor was complaining about the skunks and I said I have a live trap, why don't you trap them and get rid of them. Throw them in my pond while they are in the trap and toss the remains in the trash. A couple of months later he returned the trap. Things were a lot better. I asked him how many he trapped....he said 19. I asked him what he did with them. He said "I can't kill them, so I turned them loose". I asked him where......he said "In the city park". I almost split a seam laughing as the local paper was reporting how there was an outbreak of skunks in town!
  3. I use Windows operating system and there is a recovery setting called backup and recovery. I can pick a previous date and change all the settings to that date. 1 day, 5 days or whatever. The computer reverts to that date and recovers the settings for that day.
  4. Why even go there then? All the more reason to stay out.
  5. One good thing....at least we are shooting next Sunday for the first time this year.
  6. Not picking a fight, but the Civil War was about slavery, nothing more, nothing less. I seem to remember that South Carolina starting the shooting by firing on Ft Sumter.
  7. Some of you might have seen some of my prior posts about my aerospace background. In the early 70's I was a production engineer at North American on the B-1A program. It was ended after the 4 prototypes were built. My boss went to Fairchild on the A-10 that was just beginning. They were having a few problems and he requested North American loan me to them for a few months to help them get the assembly line up and running. I was shocked at the airframe the first time I saw it....it was a Sherman tank with wings! It is one hell of an airplane. They wanted me to stay, North American needed me back to start the Space Shuttle. I also Worked on the B-2 Stealth Bomber, it is a "stud" airplane too.
  8. The problem with the movie is that everyone who loves Lonesome Dove expects the same actors to be in this one too. It was hard for me to fit James Garner into the role of Woodrow Call.
  9. I mow about 3 acres and I have a Toro zero turn that I really like. Bought it last year and no problems so far.
  10. IMHO...book is better than the movie. But most are......
  11. For me it's NYPD Blue. Then Gunsmoke, All in the Family and today Blue Bloods.
  12. I'm more concerned about college football. I played football in college and am a big fan, even tho I played 60 years ago!
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