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  1. I've eaten "Mexican food" all over Mexico, Baja, Belize and the southwest US. The flavor and type of dishes served vary considerably. Here in sw Colorado it is different from Arizona, which is different from SoCal....well you get the idea. Different spices and types of chilis are used regionally. I particularly like their style of cooking seafood in Baja. For me, I really like tacos and prefer shredded beef then fried in a tortilla. Hard to beat a greasy, crispy tortilla filled with shredded beef, tomatoes, lettace, cheese and avocado with hot sauce ( I prefer non-Mexican Tobasco), now that's eatin! (and probably artery clogging too LOL). Also love a great chili relleno as mention in another thread.
  2. I want to taste the flavor of the chili. Not so hot that it takes the flavor away or no flavor so you taste only the cheese or batter it is coated with.
  3. Used to work at a gas station when I was in high school. Fill the tank, check the oil, wash the windows and check tire air once in awhile. Only problem I had was smelling like gasoline all the time. It was also a pretty dirty job, hell I was a kid and had just got my first car and the station owner let me fill my tank free once a week. Loved it!
  4. Good Chili Rellenos are hard to find. What I have found is that even when you find a place that has good ones, they will change depending on who is cooking that particular day. Years ago when I had a home in Baja (Loreto), there was a small eatery that had wonderful food, including chili rellenos. It's all about the chilis.
  5. I am a colorectal cancer survivor of 25 years and I say CONGRATULATIONS! It can be done. God was looking over my shoulder and he is with you too.
  6. My 25-05 with the 117 GameKings shoots less than moa groups out to 500 yards. I have a Leupold Ballistic Turret set up for my handloads and have shot out to 500 with no problem. I also shoot GameKings in my 30-06 (150 gr Bts) that shoots similar groups. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have shot Sierras for a long time. The only gun that I don't shoot Sierras is my .300 Wby, I shoot 180 gr Nosler Partition bullets in it for elk and moose. I also shoot MatchKings in my .220 Ackley Improved Swift. I shoot 53 gr bt's .
  7. I sure havn't hand any problems with Game Kings. I shot an antelope last month at 280 yds with my 25-06 using a 117 gr bt GameKing. He was facing me and I shot him in the front of the chest/brisket. One shot and dead, heart and lungs shot to pieces.
  8. I have been reloading for 60 years and have used Sierra bullets for at least 50 years. They used to be in Santa Fe Springs, Ca and I lived pretty close. I bought from them direct. Great products! I probably have shot at least 100 deer & antelope using their bullets.
  9. Mine was a forkie too. I got him at 13 (65 years ago) and his horns are on a plaque in my shop. I remember it like it was yesterday.
  10. Here in SW Colorado, the deer rutting season is on. The bucks are interested in only one thing and have come out of hiding and are everywhere chasing the does. A couple of evenings ago, there were 40 or so at my place between the deck and my pond. Yesterday morning on my way to pistol league practice, this buck was at my driveway and the county road. The doe he was in love with was there, but obscured by my truck's mirror, you can see her rear end at the edge of the mirror. Perpetuation of the species.....
  11. I remember when my son got his first deer, he was 12. He is 54 now and we still talk about it. Congratulations.
  12. Making memories for the rest of your lives. Good Luck!
  13. Sorry I don't agree with you. I played high school football (lettered 3 years) and was good enough to EARN a scholarship to play at a major west coast university. I did well and earned a degree that enabled me to become a very successful aerospace engineer. My career spanned the Apollo, Space Shuttle and B2 programs and earned me a very comfortable retirement. Without football, probably not.
  14. When my parents were with us, we used to go camping in the desert around the Salton Sea. We hunted quail. Mom used to take 5 or 6 quail and put them around the Turkey when she baked it,. Don't know which was best, but I do miss the quail and Mom too!
  15. My Lab Jenny, a companion that I couldn't do without. She (along with my wife of 55 years) are the joy of my life!
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