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  1. I just realized the bushing that reduces the threaded hole the dies fit in is 1 1/4 x 12 for the big 12 shotgun dies I was using. It needs to be 7/8 x 14 for regular dies. If I can't find it in the morning, I'll call RCBS tomorrow and get one. I'll PM you.

  2. Rockchucker press (used) $125 shipped to lower 48.
  3. I have 190 brass 12 ga empties, mostly Winchester. Comes with 6 plastic storage boxes. All are cleaned and ready to reload. $180.00 shipped to lower 48.
  4. $170.00 shipped to lower 48. 2 die set (full length sizer/deprimer, roll crimper & shell holder)
  5. If you still need a Rock Chucker, I haver one for $100.00 plus shipping.
  6. Molly was my Lab for 14 years. She was a great hunter, faithful friend and companion. Finally got to be hard for her to get around and she started losing weight. Our vet said she had a long, wonderful life. Put her down with me sitting on the floor with her. Had her cremated and spread her ashes in our 2 acre pond where she swam and chased the fish all her life. Tough to do, but you will know when.
  7. Congratulations Pard. Proud to say I have shot with you and hope to some time again.
  8. Been to the Pawn Stars home store in Vegas and lots of t shirts, coffee mugs, etc and not much else.It was a waste of time for sure. Most of their stuff (Pickers too) sold on the internet.
  9. Goex.... almost a full case with a little compression from the bullet!
  10. When I looked at the printable entry, I was a little bit shocked by the prices. If my wife and I shoot the main match, wild bunch and warm up, it is over $700. No side matches and no banquet. Shooting a few side matches and going to the dinner could easily approach $1,000, a bit much IMHO. I have shot winter range and don't remember it being THAT expensive.
  11. Me too....have to wait until November
  12. It is not for everybody for sure. My sister's husband got one on the house he owned (with a mortgage). When he and my sister tied the knot, he owned the home. He did not put her name on the deed. After 20 years, he passed away and the mortgage company told her she had to get out. I hired a lawyer friend to see if he could mitigate the matter with the mortgage company. He finally got them to agree that my sister could stay as long as the house was put up for sale. They also agreed that because my sister had contributed to the mortgage payments, she could use some of the money from
  13. What got me was a CNN aerospace commentator comparing it to the Space Shuttle! WHAT!!!! I worked on the Apollo and Shuttle programs and there is no similarity. Thats like comparing a Ford Model T to a Formula racecar, all they have in common is wheels. This is just a billionaires ego trip. They are not astronauts by any stretch of the imagination.
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