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  1. We went up the river towards Rico. Took the Hillside Drive FS road.
  2. My wife and I went for a drive this morning to our local San Juan Mts to see the fall colors. It was spectacular! The Aspen and Oak Brush are blazing. Usually the first week of October is the best and this year didn't disappoint us. This area is about 1/2 hour away from us.
  3. I know this is way off what we usually see here, but looking for information. We have a large soaking tub that we had installed when we built our home 20 years ago. My wife is having problems getting in & out. Thinking about replacing it with a Walkin Jacuzzi tub. The space I have is: left wall is 49" deep; back wall is 72" wide & right wall is 38" deep.. Plenty of space. I have a boiler and a 50 gallon thermostat heated storage tank for hot water. Anybody replaced or installed one. What was your experience. thanks in advance.
  4. I'll be hunting 70 4th season. Be careful with RFW . I've hunted it twice and won't do it again. These ranches, in order to get their tags to resell to their hunters and outfitters, have to let a few resident hunters access to their property, no trespass fees. The ranches set their own season and rules for the hunters who get drawn for a RFW tags. My experience has been they let the RFW hunters in after their own hunters are done with their hunts. On 1 ranch, never saw an elk. The other one, I got the only bull and my partner got the only cow on the ranch for 40 RFW hunters. The best RFW ranches, take a ton of points to draw. Just beware........
  5. Like you said, it depends on the area. Lots of times these fires skip areas and leave them as it was before the fires. the spotty green, forested clumps, are really gret areas for holding game. Next year I'll be hunting deer and elk here in Colorado. I have enough preference point to be able to draw great tags for both. The unfortunate thing is that will probably be the last time for me for these tags. It took me 10 years of saving points and hunting less desirable areas to get enough to draw the unit. I am 79 and in 10 years , who knows. Just thankful to still be hunting.
  6. I have a Unit 78 tag. I'll be mailing it back tomorrow for a refund.
  7. Seems like they could give you tags for next year. That's California....pretty Chicken DoDo!
  8. Some areas they can mpve back in. Wyoming will have to wait for a couple of years. I have a great combo deer/elk trip planned for here in Colorado in 2021. I have enough preference points to draw a great area next year, been waiting 10 years for this combo hunt.
  9. For the first time in my life, I have a coveted deer tag for Wyoming and will not be able to hunt. Planning all done, gear packed and gun sighted in. Then a week ago a fire started in the unit I had a tag for. Small at first, them exploded almost tripling it's size overnight to 100,000 acres. Wind over 50 mph 2 nights ago. IT's called the Mullen Creek fire in the Snowy Mts west of Cheyenne. Received a letter yesterday with all the forms to fill out to get a refund or another permit next year. Really disappointed, but there is next year.
  10. You are wrong there! As a 4th generation Californio whose relatives came to Stockton during the gold rush, I had tons of people ask me why!!!!
  11. So you ask why did I move from California when I retired?
  12. I do too. I have a screen program and it tells me who is calling. I don't answer any calls from anyone I don't know. Hardly anyone "leaves a message". I am probably getting at least 10 a day. Thankfully they havn't found my cell phone!
  13. Wasn't meant to demean you for sure. I worked in aerospace for 40 years and was on the B2 proposal team and design/manufacturing program from the beginning. I follow aerospace news and discussion regularly.
  14. The B2 that crashed was on Guam and it stalled during takeoff.It was in 2008.
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