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  1. Similar to the "wingtip style" seen in dress shoes today. The tip design was carried all the way to the back of he shoe on each side.
  2. Got my first surf board in 1959. Had a 50 Chevy with a roof rack to put it on. Went to sock hops, local soda fountain and had a red Ryder Daisy BB gun and a Schwinn 3 speed bike. Also had a pair of the strap on roller skates and wore shirts with mandarin collars. No penny loafer, just wedge sole wingbacks with horse shoe taps. I graduated from high school in 1959, so the 50's were my time for sure.
  3. Afternoon BMC,


    Are you getting your fishing tackle limbered up?. ....I am. I fround a situation I want to fix . I have and old Fenwick Ferralite flyrod that really needs to be refinished as it is really dull and pretty ugly. Have you ever refinished a fiberglass or graphite rod? If so whet did you use or suggest I use.


    I have had the rod for at least 50 years. I also have a Pfleuger 1495 reel I've had since 1955. I use this setup on my pond for bass, crappie & bluegill.


    Big Sage

    1. Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172

      Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172

      I don't think I can help you very much in the refinishing department. But I believe that Fenwick is still making rods. Perhaps you could get some info from them. These were top of the line rods back in the day, and still are high quality stuff. I believe it was designed originally by Don Green, who later moved on to Sage. My fly fishing club hosted 

      a slide show and lecture by Mr. Green, years ago. It was about fly fishing  for Atlantic Salmon in Eastern Canada. What a show. 


      That Pfleuger 1495 is an heirloom. I had one back in the day. Had the best braking system I have ever seen on a fly reel. Wish I still had it. 


      I no longer have contact with the club and all my buddies have passed on. So I am pretty much a dead end. 


      Let me know how it works out for you. 



    2. Big Sage, SASS #49891 Life

      Big Sage, SASS #49891 Life

      Thanks, I'll keep in touch. Got to visit a fly shop in Durango to get some new line, I'll ask them.



  4. Ford Taurus won't be going 200 miles an hour for sure!
  5. Looks like Ryan Newman is going to be OK. His picture with his 2 daughters is all over various NASCAR racing sites. Says he is up walking & joking with family & nurses and playing with his daughters.
  6. Unfortunately today the only thing that has anything tied to a manufacturer is the engine. Take the wrap/paint and decals off the cars and they are almost the same looking. Looks like NASCAR is going to a generic engine also....and that sucks!
  7. I went to my first NASCAR race in 1959 at Riverside (California). Been a fan since then. Never a big Earnhardt fan.....because he didn't drive a Ford!
  8. Latest press release. He is awake and talking to family and Doctors. No information on injuries.
  9. Read the book that this is based on and it is really great!
  10. My Mom made great bread, but not so much for biscuits. Best biscuits I ever ate was, believe it or not, in the Army. I was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. The head cook in the Garrison Mess Hall was black and made killer biscuits. He only made them when we had SOS for breakfast. Had greasy hamburger in a white yucky sauce over biscuits. I hated the evil white crap and just grabbed 2 or 3 biscuits. butter and honey or jam along with a bowl of cold cereal. The hot biscuits were to die for!
  11. First thing to do is load up the horse and everything you take when you travel, then weigh it at a truck scales. Then get what you need to tow it comfortably. Sounds like a 3/4 ton is needed.
  12. Why watch a bunch of over paid jerks say how great they are and how they think everyone else is so stupid!
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