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  1. My Dad worked on both airplanes....P51 & F86. IMHO the 2 most beautiful planes of their era.
  2. Just got back from the RR Bar Crap Shoot in Lucerne Valley in the California Mojave Desert. Nice weather (80 degrees) and a great shoot. Woke up this morning to this.....2"+ snow. Welcome to springtime in Colorado!
  3. Every few years someone comes out with a new round that is the best ever made. Marketing ploy for sure. Looking at the ballistics of these new rounds don't show much improvements over what has been around for the last 50 years or more. What has improved that brings ballistic improvement is the new powders that are available.
  4. Very nice. I wear my Dad's Omega watch every day and once in awhile the glass on it gets fogged up too....on the outside. I wipe my eyes and it goes away. Curious thing for sure.................
  5. I watched a couple of episodes and it just didn't do it for me. Never watched it again.
  6. As mentioned, there's stainless and then there's stainless. Marine grade has more nickel in it.
  7. Good choice. I did find a good buy at last years show. Bought a Smith M638 (NIB) for $400.00. Was a great buy. I usually look at reloading components at the show and pick up what I need if the price is right. Won't be at this years show as I will be shooting at the Double R Bar annual Crap Shoot in Lucerne Valley in California. meeting lots of friends that I shoot in Yuma with every year. lots of fun.
  8. I've read every Joe Pickett book and all the non series fiction that Box has written. He definitely has a way with words. I started reading his books because I hunt in Wyoming and a book about a Wyoming Game Warden fit right in, easy to get hooked!
  9. I've had 11 major surgeries and have never been asked to count backwards. They just say relax, we are going to let you sleep for awhile.
  10. Humble Pie last night when my wife beat the hell out of me playing Cribbage!
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