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  1. Built like a tank and as heavy as a tank too. My Grandfather had one he shot ducks & geese with for years. Never any problems, very reliable.
  2. Colt First Generation Bisley in 38-40 cal. Ser # 248xxx manufactured in 1903. Has been rebarreled and new cylinder. Includes box of 39 empties. $1,500 shipped to your FFL in continental US.
  3. I really like Thomas Haden Church too. It was a great film.
  4. Today is my wife Joyce's birthday AND our 57th wedding anniversary! When I proposed to her, I knew I had found the women who I wanted to spend the rest of my days with. We have been retired for 21 years and it has been a blast traveling and just doing what we want to do, when we want to do it.
  5. Nope. I reregistered as an Independent after 59 years as a registered Republican.
  6. I lived in San Antonio for 2 years and there were 4 seasons! Summer was the longest, but we still had all 4.
  7. I am going to be more impressed with some elk backstrap on my dinner plate!
  8. Me too. Here is my 30-06 with it's tiger tail maple stock. I made the stock over 60 years ago. Still hunt with it too.
  9. I have always wanted a Ruger #1. Too Tall Bob had one in .300 Wby listed and I pulled the trigger and bought it, new in original box. I mounted a Leupold 4 x 14 VXIII on it and finally got to the range today. I boresighted it before I left. Pretty windy today too. I only shot 10 rounds. Started a 25 yards to verify zero. Then to 100 yards. Target is the last 4 I shot. First one is a sighter, then adjusted and the 3 shot group was what I finished up with. Used my own handloads for another .300 Wby I have and they seem to shoot great in this rifle too. I will get back to the range for some 200 & 300 yard works after the current storm passes and the wind dies down. I plan on hunting elk with it in late November.
  10. Just remember, the Governor doesn't write the laws, just signs what the Legislature sends to him.
  11. Hung him same as they did. Stupid is as stupid does. He hung out with the wrong people.
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