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  1. I worked at Northrop (now Northrop Grumman) for 25 years and helped restore the one that was in Chino....and yes it crashed.
  2. Good to hear from you Shorty, was wondering about the Viper. I can commiserate with you on the shoulder, as I've had both of mine replaced. Looks like I need some work on the right one. Having a dye contrasted CT scan next week, doc thinks I need to change the rt one to a reverse joint as my rotator cuff is gone. Hell to get old aint it! Take care my friend.
  3. Mine is my custom .220 Ackley Improved Swift. I built the rifle and stock. started with a 03 Springfield action, Shilen SS match barrel and topped with a 6 x 20 Leupold VXIII scope. I built the thumbhole walnut stock. Shoots sub moa groups and I shoot lots of prairie dogs and coyotes with it.
  4. The problem here in Colorado is the citizen passed tax limitation referendum that was passed 20 or 30 years ago. The state cannot raise or set new taxes without the vote of the people. When pot was legalized, they underestimated how much tax money would be raised and had to refund millions that were collected over their estimate. Bob remember several years ago when everybody got a state tax return whether they paid any into the system....I got money and I never paid anything.
  5. I have ordered several new vehicles over the years and as I remember, the manufacturers had a cutoff date that they would accept orders. Some special trim lines have earlier deadlines too. Just the nature of the business, especially in todays business environment of "just in time" parts supply.
  6. The problem is I am now getting messages like "you browser is unsupported, upgrade to get current ........." Also sever messages about my security systems will no longer support Windows 7. I am going to continue using Windows 7 until I absolutely have to change!
  7. On my 2 computers (home & tablet) I use Windows 7 Pro. I've used it for years and like everything about it. I know Windows will not be supporting this system after the end of the year. My wife has Windows 10 which I don't like at all. Any suggestions of what you like and why. Looks like I'll have to setup another system pretty soon.
  8. Never promised me nothing, just step forward and raise your right hand and repeat after me. Oh yea, I was drafted! How I ended up in Special Services playing sports as my MOS., I'll never know.
  9. I liked it. He does a good job on plots involving kids and cops (even if these were x cops) I also like that his stuff is pretty much located in the west, this one Idaho.
  10. I read it a couple of weeks ago and my wife just finished it. C.J.Box is a great writer. I have read every one of his books, especially like the Joe Picket Game Warden series. I especially liked it because my Grandfather4 was born in Stevensville, Montana in the Bitterroot Valley.
  11. That's for sure. I spent the last 22 months of my 2 year draft obligation in Special Services playing football, baseball & wrestling for the 4th Army. When I wasn't doing that I life guarded in the post pool. Playing sports for the Army offered plenty of opportunities to have our pictures taken and publicity for our efforts.
  12. They need to take away the phones and only let them have flip phones.....all that silliness crap goes away!
  13. I have 2 wall hangers similar on the wall in my great room. One has some family history as it was my Wife's Great Grandfather's. Both are muzzleloaders. Great decorations......definitely not shooters!
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