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  1. Just got done plowing the road again .....looks like another 2 to 3 inches last night. Forecast says more comin Friday.
  2. Just plowed the road again, another 2 to 3 inches last night.
  3. My Denali trailer had a couch /bed combo with a blowup air mattress in the living room slideout that was uncomfortable to sit or sleep in. I replaced it with a love seat recliner that I ordered thru our local furniture store. I found one exactly the right dimensions and it is really great.
  4. Started snowing early this AM, now 3 to 4 inches. Forecast is for snow the next 4 out of 6 days. Got to plow my road this morning before it gets too deep. Bet there is a lot at Utah Bob's place (about 30 miles NW of me).
  5. I realize you were talking about the 110 gr, I just think the 117 bt is the best .25 cal bullet made....performance counts!
  6. I've been loading Sierra Game kings in my 25-06 for since the 1970's and love them I use the 117gr boat tails and have killed over 100 deer and antelope with this bullet. NEVER had the problem you say you have had. I have had the SST blow up on an antelope in my .257 Wby.
  7. I have a Nathaniel's of Colorado (has moved to Texas now) custom hat that I have had for 15 years that is amazing. I love it, worth every penny I paid for it. It's the one I am wearing in my avatar.
  8. The NRA is basically 2 corporation, the for profit, political arm we all know about and the not for profit side that supports Eddie Eagle and other shooting and educational activities. i wonder how this will play out? I have donated to Eddie Eagle for years and use it as a qualifying charity for my tax returns.
  9. Just because some college professor thinks this is what history is, doesn't make them right. During my college days , I was in class with a few that didn't have the common sense to figure out what toilet paper was used for.
  10. The same could be said about Central America, South America, India Africa, Australia and almost any place colonized. Genghis Khan started westward expansion and it went all the way around the world.
  11. Didn't get to go this year...miss it and all the great friend.
  12. Got it at 4:oo this afternoon, shoulder aches a little. It was Moderna, 2nd one in 28 days.
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