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  1. He or she will ask him to stop. If he doesn't, he has violated Federal Law (failure to obey the instructions of flight personnel). She can then ask Mike or others to subdue him legally and he'd get cuffed with wire ties and they Divert the Flight, He is arrested on the spot.
  2. The correct response in this day and age is to ring the attendant. This isn't rocket science.
  3. A Solid frame is the best choice. The takedown extension is a weak point for the takedown model and are often cracked or at their last adjustment point. Although you can now get aftermarket versions from Numrich.
  4. 3.3 grains of N320 is what I use in 38spl or .357 behind a 115 g and 125g
  5. Exactly doesn't change my score just my place.
  6. Having done a ton of scoring for quite some time, I can safely say that I'm happy we're past Rank points. The problem with rank points is that unless I am first on every stage, my score is dependent on another person's score. How this affects scoring is that, if a person sees a mistake say early on Sunday morning before 9 am deadline which we set at WR and a change has to be made, it "could" affect other shooters and not even ones in the same category. Additionally everyone would always compare total time anyway. Back when EOT or another match might have stages with wildly different average times, it made more sense as it valued the stages equally. For example when I would shoot a 2 modern gun match down at Pima Pistol Club, they had 3 fairly short pistol only or pistol and rifle stages and then one 200 yard stage for rifle - that stage had a par time of 180 seconds. So it would make sense to have rank scoring in that case (funny thing was that they did total time - not sure what they use now). As others have said, having rank or total time didn't affected attendance one way or another at WR or EOT.
  7. So Charlie - I "think" I understand where you are coming from but I believe the reasoning for those that just shoot for fun is that they may see the costs involved (time and money). If awards (of any kind) were free or really cheap then it wouldn't matter and of course the award wouldn't really mean anything either. As to the second part of your statement, I don't have an answer. It could be they want to shoot a style (like frontier cartridge gunfighter ) because its a TON of fun but if there is no one to compete against, getting an award has less meaning. I know of several cases over the years that individuals found out they were the only person in the category (because of last minute cancellations) and wanted to transfer out of their gender based category to an open category simply because they wanted to compete. It's not a competition if you're alone.
  8. I have the site on my PC - nothing is lost. It's just up to the board when they meet if they want to spend cash to bring the old site up or create a drop down on the new site or both. Art is investigating which will be the case.
  9. I use Amazon when I have to. I'd prefer not to but it's particularly difficult to find other sources. I get concerned because: 1- A TON of goods that are sold are not manufactured here - mostly China - which is why they're inexpensive (and sometimes cheap) and Chinese products often are rather dangerous (contaminated dog food and baby food for example). And I hate supporting the CCP. I prefer Taiwan or Korea or even Vietnamese products if I have a choice. 2- The Market share and convenience factor makes it extremely difficult for others to compete. 3- Where this can lead to is no more competition and then prices will rise. 4- If we were to go to war, we'd lose because we can't make anything anymore (no arsenal of democracy) But your mileage may vary
  10. I have a pair of driving gloves in mine but I agree that I'm probably one of about ten people left in the country that do
  11. True, but this was a single event in Reton NM. and run by one person who was a former Wild Bunch member Bill Hahn who has since passed away.
  12. Nicely said. One of the hard working scorers at WR and EOT this year is Sagebrush Burns. He will often (and did so this year as well) shoot the main match with his Spencer - yep. Only holds 7 so he has to load 3 rounds on every stage plus cock the hammer. You can imagine where he placed. His choice. There was one year where he wanted to be dead last AND shoot clean. He did so. This year unfortunately he had a Colt blow up - didn't faze him and he finished the match shooting his lovely wife's pistols.
  13. I know that Slick McClade was using it for a time. He would a good resource for a review as well
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