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  1. Yes but that's not the state which is what was said
  2. Fireworks are no longer banned in the state. Changed about 10 years ago.
  3. I remember my wife and I talking to her about it at EOT some years ago . Jan is a vet as well. So many areas will provide money for vet school if a person promises to be a Large animal vet for them for a certain amount of time. Our BEST to her for a great career
  4. Prayers for comfort and to ask for healing †
  5. I had a Farmington Paper cutter Sharps in the early 80's. Excellent gun , a specific repro of the Civil War era Sharps. I've also had a BT Sharps (for 20 years) in 45-70. Also a superb rifle. The C. Sharps rifles are great too.
  6. And it's been stated that the pics are blurry - - deal with that. Your PRICE is saying its real. Lots of folks pass off lesser guns for high dollar ones. Not saying YOU are but if you want folks to pony up cash - you'd best consider doing a better job of representing it.
  7. Grass - can't send a PM - Pm me please
  8. Fun to shoot , a pain to reload for, have had a few. - It's Barbie for men - with all the accessorizing you can do :).
  9. Well - of course that was the general idea but no I'm not That old .
  10. That's a great deal on powder. If I were local I'd jump all over that
  11. First group photo from 1982, I'm the one on the left. Second photo is from awards Winter Range 2020
  12. The purpose of the mask is NOT to screen out the virus - that has never been the purpose of a surgical mask. It keeps the surgeon from infecting the patient. The main reason why we were told not to wear masks originally was to keep folks from buying masks that were needed by health professionals. Making your own or using a different kind of mask is fine and a good idea generally.
  13. Surprised I didn't make the list - Mesa isn't that far from Tucson - c'est la vie.
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