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  1. Guys: Sorry about the confusion. If you are accessing it, it is probably cache that you have saved. The website should be up within the next 24 hours. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. Longer Barrel means longer magazine which really helps.
  3. So I have quite a few western and civil war books for sale at Winter Range, Here's the list: Packing Iron - Rattenberry - $20 Hardcover sold to X Mark Marlin Firearms - Brophy - $65 Hardcover Encyclopedia of US Army Insignia and Uniforms - $40 Hardcover Lee's Lieutenants three volume set $80 Hardcover The Truth about Wyatt Earp - Erwin - $20 Wyatt Earp The life behind the legend - Terfertiller - $15 Triggernometry - Cunningham $30 Hardcover The Frontier World of Doc Holliday - jahns $10 Saloons of the Old West - Erdoes $20 Hardcover The Gettysburg Campaign - Coddington Hardcover $65 Gettysburg - The second day - Pfanz Hardcover $25 The Rough Riders - Roosevelt $7 The Earp Brothers of Tombstone - Waters $10 The Gunfighters - horan Hardcover $10 Tombstone Immortals - Traywick $5 The Great American West - Rendell Hardcover $10 Arizona Military Installations 1752-1922 Nearing and Hoff $12 Big Jim Savage - Traywick Hardcover $25
  4. That sounds like a better tool than mine
  5. It's called Dry Fire Par Timer. for android
  6. I've used the dry fire app. Not bad for that, don't know about live fire
  7. Liked everything he did. Hawaiian Eye, WWW, Sheep As mentioned above did a lot of his own stunts.
  8. Perhaps changing the title to read WTB - Beretta 3032 Tomcat Inox Stainless 32 Auto
  9. I consider everything pre SASS wire as old days. So 2000.
  10. Send me your address so that I can tell you what the shipping will be for the butt plate

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