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  1. just an FYI - best way to ship would be media USPS. typically much cheaper.
  2. Interesting - pledging to multiple entities might well be impossible. If I lived in California or say NY, I don't believe I could say a pledge to those entities and that unfortunately may also be the case with Arizona some day.
  3. I shoot duelist with just one hand and figure I give up 1.5 seconds a stage (which is a lot) and why I've never come in higher than 2nd at WR or EOT.
  4. Used them in Old Model Vaqueros, New Model Vaqueros and Colt clones.
  5. I would consider that fraud and would go to great lengths to tell as many folks as I could that he was unethical.
  6. The reason was that they made the movie - The long riders as the youngers, had the keach brothers and the quaid brothers all acting as members of the james younger gang.
  7. I remember that Carradine attempted to buy Cole Younger's alias and then settled for Coleman.
  8. I consider everything pre SASS wire as old days. So 2000.
  9. Send me your address so that I can tell you what the shipping will be for the butt plate

  10. Okay for the cost of shipping , I have a set of Lee 38-40 dies(spoken for by Yul Lose), a set of Lee 7mm Express dies (280 Rem) - SENT to Smoky, A Lee 45 Colt crimp die (spoken for by Mr W)
  11. Used to converse with R.J. Poteet on the CAS-City wire in the mid-90's - not sure what happened to him
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