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  1. Yep - Bonuses are bogus. Just call it what it is a target that must be hit if you want to score well. Pain for scoring as well since folks forget to mark it on sheets and harder to proof.
  2. When I was in College some 40 years ago, I had a Lyman spar-t mounted to a board about 18"x24". The board was mounted to a 2" diameter pipe of about 3 feet long using a floor flange. I had another 18x24 board on the bottom again with the other end of the pipe in another floor flange. and I would sit and put my feet on the bottom board and load. Easy to store in a closet and I could sit and reload quite easily.
  3. On a different note - You can use the Martini in the Bucky Oneill single shot event at Winter Range.
  4. I consider everything pre SASS wire as old days. So 2000.
  5. Send me your address so that I can tell you what the shipping will be for the butt plate

  6. Okay for the cost of shipping , I have a set of Lee 38-40 dies(spoken for by Yul Lose), a set of Lee 7mm Express dies (280 Rem) - SENT to Smoky, A Lee 45 Colt crimp die (spoken for by Mr W)
  7. Used to converse with R.J. Poteet on the CAS-City wire in the mid-90's - not sure what happened to him
  8. joelafives@gmail.com is the email.  Length of Pull is 13 1/2

  9. When folks compare different sports to Rank points, I've noticed that none of the sports are time related. Tennis, Golf, Football whatever , none of those comparisons really work.
  10. Other shooting sports are not relevant. For example. They don't allow re-holstering until you are finished shooting, they only load at the line and they unload at the line under the instruction of the TO. The other disciplines use safety barrels for the long guns and they must put the safety on when staging or re-staging. Additionally most of the stages they shoot require them to move down range. For the most part we shoot side to side. We use a loading table and allow folks to re-holster and we do these things because our discipline has unique types of firearms and we don't have manual safeties on most of our firearms.
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