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  1. Thanks for taking time to read my dribble. I love good natured banter and feel it serves to strengthen camaraderie for a unified purpose. SASSNETGUY: No, they did not blend the two foods (German-Chinese) and used military steel serving trays to keep separation. DANTANKEROUS: Raven crap. I agree as I have no use for them or AR platforms. I don’t see a need in my world but might give an older lady sitting in a housing project some peace of mind. Smooth bore: I am massaging my cranial butter churn for the next ‘firearm of war’ to hit the list. 'Olde Number Nine.' PowerRiver/Ozark: Not sure if what we are doing now to stop the madness against Second Amendment is working but I know silence breeds compliance. So let’s all say things in different ways. BIRDGUN: I will have to do a Step 10 this evening. (Admit when we are wrong and promptly admit it) You have caused me to covet your excellent S&W. I have a shelf of old top breaks, most of which need some help. Yours is the Holy Grail of pockets. I’m happy our history is being preserved. I did just pick up an Iver Gen 2 and looks as if been in drawer for 100 years. SIXGUN: Hang on to anything. I got a Red Ryder Carbine still NIB. Got many many years ago as prop for Christmas tree (see Christmas Story)
  2. PREFACE: I thought I should publicize so called weapons of war or bad guns that many in power openly cry for their removal and strive to prevent us from owning something that is protected by the constitution. We will NEVER offer an argument that would convince them otherwise to respect the 2nd amendment. It is an ideology and trying to change it is like trying to drive a lesbian salmon upstream to spawn. When I hear so many of the ridiculous arguments they present I just offer token agreement and suggest an even more ridiculous argument for banning guns. At some point the absurdness of it all will overwhelm the folks that want to take away one of my/our freedoms. This is called satire or lampooning. Political cartoons sometimes have more impact than a speech being read by some moron at a podium. Also I have found out the government is investigating ways of performing non-lethal ‘tax audits’ but has yet put pen to paper as all 87 thousand have been out to the range. I hope you know a little about guns. If you were at the range and accidently dropped your gun in the porta-potty and thought you only had to clean it with toilet paper, then maybe you won’t understand the underlying meaning of why these guns are being highlighted for banishment. Probably best you stop here and just go check the dogs teeth for plaque. 1849 Colt: This has been selected for banishment because it was the baseline for later developments in the pocket gun category. Had they left it alone all would have been well enough. The 1849 colt is a 5 shot percussion revolver and able to sling a big A$$ 30 caliber ball. It is the first pocket gun or CCW that was mass produced. The US Secret Service was the first to get these and several problems were identified early on. The single most identified problem was the phenomena of altering the persons ego to feel they were powerful and super human. Strange, as this gun is no bigger than a slice of med pizza. There were several incidents. One agent got enraged for no reason and shoved this bad boy person in the face of a Three-Card-Monty dealer and wanted his money back. One wonders why someone would do this. The aggression problem with this gun settled down for several months until an incident in South Bend. A new agent in the local office was just issued his 0007 designator and was licensed for flesh wounds. At the same time was issued an 1849 Colt 32 cal. The post investigation report states that with his new 0007 license and realizing the awesome power of this new gun he went off the deep end. It first started when he left to go to lunch and went to a German-Chinese Buffet. 30 minutes later he was hungry for power and busted into the first place he saw. It was the monastery of ‘Our Lady of Spain’ (home for washed up accordion players). He immediately unloaded all 5 bullets into a silver haired accordion player and all 5 hit him in the leg. Fortunately the silver hair gent was still wearing his sequin stage pants and all five rounds just bounced off. The agent was subdued by several nuns and they cracked the back of his hand with a wooden ruler. The agent felt sufficiently chastised and was never disciplined because the law in South Bend was ‘play the accordion, go to jail’ Had not this gun been invented things might be different but as with all black powder enthusiasts they thought they could do something better with a gun that could open in the middle. Hence, the top break pocket gun was invented. And to make things worse, some Swinging Richard came up with the idea of taking an empty lip stick tube (they were brass in those days) and just put the powder in that. To make it go bang, they glued a percussion cap on the base of the lip stick tube. We kinda know what developed after that. The fact that this 49 Colt is the original sin of the ‘pocket gun arms race’ makes removing it from history a must. THE UGLY TRUTH: This is a category type of hand guns known as ‘top breaks’ exception in the pic is the top littler feller which is actually an 1849 pocket colt .32 cal. (note: all these speakers of death are .32 S&W* and .38 S&W short). The .32 S&W ammo is pretty much obsolete and .38 S&W short is very hard to come by. The reason these types of lead thrusters need to be banned is they are now considered card table pocket shooters. They reason for banning is when the death merchants took a .32 S&W and then created a whole new bullet, the .38 S&W. To make a bullet bigger than a nickel makes one want to lay on the floor and shudder cry in fear. Also these bullets were initially made for use with black powder. We all know 5 grains and 7 grains of black powder, which is used, could cause unrepairable harm to…um um. I gotta get back to ya on this. The date range of manufacture shown here are from 1884 to 1905. The top colt is a repo but if you have an original please send it to me for immediate disposal. We also know names are important. The uninformed call some of these firearms “Assault Weapon”: Big deal. “Weapon of War”: I’m shudder crying. “Only Use is Killing”: some gravy needs thinning “Man Stopper”: Sexist at Best. Those I can live with but these person stoppers are known as: “Sultan of Satan” “Ticket to Hell” “Ticket to Heaven” “Ticket to South Bend” “Purveyor of Boot hill” “Gender Affirming Truth Detector” I hope you agree with me. *Smith & Wesson
  3. Y’all make me proud to be part of such a nice posse. Talking out of turn here but I have yet to run into anyone with a SASS number that is not decent and honest and with whom I trust. I thank you each and everyone. Was just out dropping some HBWC 38’s and not an easy thing to do. I have an NOE mold and got so frustrated with the hanging up thing I resorted to spraying some B’Laster (dry graphite spray) and works better that smoking. It is what is recommended for the drop lip on my shot maker and maker will not work unless lip it is coated with B’Laster. Picked up a few suggestions learning to use this mold and much to detailed to spell out here but if interested IM for my number. “That’s all folks” Porky Pig - 1951
  4. Thank You Dave. You have flipped on a light in my old salt water infested brain. Powder coat it is. I appreciate your experience and thanks again. Jerry "HELP. I ordered some parts for my Dillon 1050. I've fallen in debt and can't get up" -Me, doing what I love
  5. Need advice on 1851 Navy (Pietta) 36 cal. Background: Our club will be hosting BP State Championships next year and am excited. My BP experience is limited but not a novice. Also I can better utilize my smokeless and BP powders. I have Howell conversion cylinders and std 38 spec brass. Bullets are hollow base wad cutters 148 gn .358 dia, which I cast. I’m using Alliant Black MZ My saga: Went to range today to see how many load and fire bullets one gun could do before it starts to foul up and get sluggish. I did 32 rounds before cylinder started to get hard to rotate. Question 1: Is this normal or about right for rounds fired for a BP cartridge? Question 2: I have ample supply of Grafs and Schuetzen 2ff/3ff. Would that be better choice and if so, how would I lube. Lubed cookie? Fiber wad and lube hollow base of bullet? Not much info out there on 38cal BPCR bullets being shot out of 36cal percussion cap pistol. My Logic for using MZ. First off I have ‘Brandon Brain Cavity’ of it and Alliant web site states “do not use lube as MZ creates its own lube’ Thanks in advance Fallon Kid
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