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On this date in 1973

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In '73 I was getting off active duty, with the Navy, and purchasing my first Colt single action revolver...for a whopping $235.00. :D  

Currently, an empty, new-old-stock, Colt "stagecoach" box, is going for over $300.00+ on some of the gun-sites. :wacko:

I bought a new Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, for $4000.00, and financed it for two years. 

Lots of changes since 1973. 


Nice post...glad to hear you found your soul-mate. 


My spouse, and I, got along for 25 years....

Then we met. 





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In 73 I registered my first Construction Company ...

And also finished up my first year as a Big Game Hunting Guide.

And owned a 63 Chevy Impala 2 door Hard top.

Was riding my Motorcycle way too fast...


Jabez Cowboy

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I think that winter my folks and I drove to Texas to visit my brother and his wife. I was amazed you could be outside in shirtsleeves. He let me ride his 450 Honda and I didn't even need a coat. 

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huh , i seldom think of how old i am till a thread like this comes along , by 73 i had nearly died , been married [not a good thing] for years and was well into getting out of college , , i already had a great job in my chosen profession [soon to change] and had very little idea what life held for me but i was in my mid 20s and sure i had it all figured out , life happens while we are making plans , a cliché but all too true , 


live , love , be happy , hopefully sooner than i did , after being married for over 48 years im celebrating the 30th of bliss , not all great but all good and none regretted

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