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  1. I'm looking to support those groups that sue the gov't. Talk is cheap...
  2. I get a whole lot of mail from various gun organizations. GOA, GOC, CRPA, VCDL, The others appear to be more email harvesters, which cause all sorts of advertising in my inbox. All these "gun" orgs are asking for money. Anybody have names known to be scams? I like to donate to active litigators such as GOA, etc.
  3. Edumakated in Kaleeforneeyah publik skool, no doubt.
  4. There's somethin' in the water back there, I gather.
  5. My wife has friends in Buffalo and Niagara Falls who tell her the price of a hotel room for the eclipse is over $600. The locals are very worried about the huge crowds coming to see this event. The smart ones plan to hunker down and stay home until it is over.
  6. It's Photoshop and my signature treatment that I give to all monsters.
  7. It matters not that folks vote. What matters is who counts the votes. The open borders have admitted huge numbers of military age men, Latino, African, Arab and Chinese.
  8. I looked into a tankless for our rental property, then went with a good quality conventional. The tankless requires regular maintenance, meaning a scheduled event with the renters. San Diego water has a high saline content, which might have posed a complication for an expensive tankless. Be SURE you have a catch pan and drain under the heater. When they let go, they make a big wet mess. Mine was in an alcove off the kitchen floor... which got trashed when it let go without a catch pan. I used my Harley bike jack to lift it up enough to slide it into place. We were renovating the kitchen at the time, and I had to move a wall 5 inches to accommodate a standard diameter heater. My house is 1960 vintage and the alcove was too small for a modern heater. I chose a nat gas model that will light when our power goes out (frequently here).
  9. I much prefer the headline "Greta Got Convicted", followed by "Greta Does Time"
  10. I live in spread sheets. One of them has 346 places to live in the lower 48. Among many data points, I track the cost of living by median house price, property tax rate, and state income tax rates. I have a "weighted" column that sums these three data points. NV is the easy winner here. Yerington, Winnemucca, Elko, Washoe Valley, Dayton, Carson City, Gardnerville, Reno, Fallon, Johnson Lane and Minden. The downside is the eternal big wind that blows in the Carson Valley. Maryville TN (home of The Widder) is #5. Prescott, AZ is #36, and Prescott Valley is #37. Boise, ID (my home town) is #54. I filter out Blue states, and those places with weather I don't want. I further filter out by Crime, Air & Water Quality, and Weather.
  11. They are already kicking around a progressive tax on the utility bills. In my income bracket, this is a $73 per month tax.
  12. OP, you are beyond the 12 months period now. My cardiologist is M9 and M16 certified, and said to wait 6 months. I waited since September of 2022, still have not fired heavy rifle or shotgun. I had 4x bypass, so 8 connections. You have even more. A friend's daughter took some huge cannon on her first elk hunt. She got the elk, but it damaged her shoulder badly. She wound up in the hospital with a bacterial infection of unknown origin, which they cannot treat. It is trashed her kidneys and wound her up on dialysis. As of this writing she is still in deep doo-doo. My suspicion is a broken bone that is leaching into the blood stream, but they cannot find it so far. Tombstone Tactical is now selling the Ruger/Marlin SBL 45-70 on sale, but I will pass. I really don't think I need that sort of pounding on my post-bypass body.
  13. My wife grew up in Buffalo, where they routinely had snow up to the eaves. Not any more.
  14. At first blush, this reminds me of the types who shot up Waco and Ruby Ridge. My Navy daughter tells me there are two types of SEALs... Those who want to serve, and those who want a license to kill. I assume this is the same for the FBI mentioned above, and perhaps those who killed this little girl.
  15. Before they cracked open my chest for a bypass, they shaved me from neck to waist. The floor looked like a torture chamber for Chewbacca. My sternum is wired together permanently with stainless wire, and is never removed. It gives the TSA guys a thrill when I Assume The Position at the airport xray machine Growing hair back is an itchy and actually long running proposition. It took a damn long time to return to normal after growing in like hog bristle.
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