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  1. Key phrase is "California". However, you can bypass ALL this documentation baloney *IF* you have a valid (not expired) Passport.
  2. Maybe the dog ate his ammo bag...
  3. Indeed. They know full well, what they are planning will otherwise get them shot.
  4. I don't have any that I would part with. All were chosen carefully.
  5. We have family in England. Been raining and miserable cold all summer.
  6. And here in California.. the same. Bankrupted by the State to defend yourself in court.
  7. It's an election year. I don't see much difference between Today and the riots of August, 1968 at the DNC. Back then it was the Black Panthers, today is BLM. Back then it was racism at Columbia University, today it is racism under every rock and behind every tree. Back then was a new generation of motivated malcontents, focused on bringing THEIR version of Utopia to America (with them in charge). Today is another new generation of motivated malcontents, and Soros money, focused on bringing Marxism to America. The faces change, but the game is the same.
  8. Allie, Sharon had a similar problem, but with a divorce decree over 40 years ago. Marin County got it fixed right up after she called the Clerk.
  9. Check with your range for supplies. Mine offers their huge buying power discount to range members. Also, no Hazmat and no Shipping charges... this is worth up to $29 savings over mail order vendors.
  10. C.C. does somebody offer a ready made carrier, or is there some length tweak you did yourself?
  11. OP, Here is a table of my reloading costs, at retail and bulk purchase
  12. I host a lot of Zoom meetings. A smart phone is the least ideal device to use for this. Just plain awful. Best is a desktop computer with a good size screen and a web camera. Next best is a tablet with a built-in web cam. Zoom has a permanent "test" meeting where you can connect at your convenience and get your audio and video settings set correctly. zoom.us/test The ideal image is from your desktop monitor with the web cam on the top edge. This shows you in a presentable manner, rather than lookup up your nose.
  13. Sportsman's Warehouse has all sorts of primers. Limit is 1,000 per order. Price is "reasonable" for most types, and downright great for Fed 209A.
  14. Reading these comments.. it appears my 45 minute drive to the match, is a lot less than some other folks do.
  15. Our mentor was having high lead issues as well. He attributes it to being the TO and close proximity to the GSR.
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