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  1. That is a very nice piece. Did not not like the Bisley grips? My pair of OM are Bisley in 5.5" stainless 357. My bride is SASS pair of plow handles. I'm a total sucker for Bisleys... my pair, and three more Single-Six.
  2. I bet. We have a 46" Samsung which is now "obsolete" because Netflix will not support it anymore. I have a very good BluRay player hooked up, and it works a treat. We will eventually (after the grand kid is gone) get a new Samsung in a larger diagonal. I do like my movies... and sound. And subtitles...
  3. Lawrence is especially impressive if you have full range and a subwoofer. I remember seeing it in the theater as a young 'un.. Still own it today and shake the walls (if the missus is not home).
  4. Thanks for pointing out my error. I'll blame it on the colonoscopy drugs... I corrected my original post.
  5. I understand the Ruger 1911 isn't allowed in CA either. I'm told this isn't so much as the gun not meeting some safety requirement, as it is Ruger not willing to pony up the huge $$$ to certify this gun meets the safety requirements. I find it interesting your Glock fails to be approved, even though it is a 10-round capacity. CA has apparently exempted all SA revolvers and lever guns, as my Henry Frontier is 16 rounds, and specifically exempt. CA gun laws are nuts.
  6. OP, where are you located? I'm in CA, and also new to the sport. Due to CA baloney, I accumulated 170 days of waiting periods in 2019 to acquire my guns. 5 revolvers, 2 rifles, 1 shotgun. Many reputable shops will not ship to CA because of said baloney. If you are buying new, check the website "gun.deals" This will give you a good insight as to pricing. Buds' Guns, Tooele Shooting Supply, Lock 'n Load are a few vendors I frequent. CA fees for FFL range from $50 to $100 per transaction in my area. Add another $25 for background check, and another $25 for the mandatory safety course. I count my lucky stars that I can still mail order reloading supplies in CA. They also do not smog check motorcycles... go figure. The one purchase I made from Gun Broker worked out well. The seller was in Junction City KS, but would not ship to CA. The shop 2 blocks up the street was willing to ship, so he hand-carried my Bisley Vaquero to the other shop. After another 30 day waiting period, I have it in my hands now. It was WELL worth the wait. Research your categories well, as your choice of guns will eliminate you from a few specific categories. My wife and I shoot 38SP Vaqueros, 1894CB, and Stoeger coach. There are a lot of moving parts in this game... buy once, cry once.
  7. Sentence #1 is entirely lawyer-speak... I fully understand why any business is afraid to innovate for fear of lawsuits. Lawyers scare me, so I refuse to service medical computer systems because of the severe HIPPA liabilities. I had Ringer Bullets make me a custom run of soft-cast (BHN=9) 105 grain LTCFP Hi-Tek in 0.358 expressly for low recoil loads. Trail Boss and Clean Shot both gave pressures and velocities within CAS revolver limits. Trail Boss fills the 38SP case more than Clean Shot. Trail Boss is the most bulky of the powders. VMD = 0.2172 Hodgdon Trail Boss VMD = 0.1587 Accurate Royal Scot VMD = 0.1543 VihtaVuori N32C VMD = 0.1489 Alliant e3 VMD = 0.1462 Hodgdon Clays VMD = 0.1446 IMR Green VMD = 0.1423 IMR Red VMD = 0.1413 Alliant Red Dot VMD = 0.1390 Alliant Extra-Lite VMD = 0.0997 Clean Shot (Lovex D032) Error on my part: Clean Shot is not N32C (Tin Star), it is rebranded Lovex D032
  8. Yep. This OP is exactly in that boat, which is why I bought the Supreme which allows interchangeable chokes. At my weekly trap get-together we did an ad-hoc pattern test of the new Stoeger. The test distance was farther than typical CAS, and both barrels shoot off-hand 16" high and 16" Left with the factory choke pair. I attribute this to the shooter (me) and not the gun. Next time at the trap range, I will set up a more formal test at 8 yards, and shot from a bench rest. I don't have a dog in the fight, so I value every post here as something new to learn. Other than wishful thinking, I have no illusions of being a serious competitor in the game... just shooting for fun and my own amazement. Q: has anybody taken pattern measurements with different chokes at 8 yards?
  9. This was my mother-in-law, to a "T". She was 100% honest and worked hard for her constituents as a city council member. She lost a re-election bid to a tootsie who later was busted for embezzlement. Maw-in-law was approached by a group of business people wanting to buy leverage. She turned them down. As it turned out, it was a gov't team and they busted a lot of folks, but not her.
  10. Midwest Gun Parts offers Stoeger chokes at $32 each.
  11. Rye Miles is not as common as John Smith, but neither has a copyright or trademarkā„¢ attached to it. Considering how many people get offended by so many things... keep it and move on. Getting offended and 35 cents buys cheap coffee (or used to).
  12. I found it, and others. Looking them over, at CAS distances of 8 yards, it appears cylinder is the obvious choice. I don't (yet) shoot side matches. If I get lucky, I will trade my neighbor for his Stevens 311C and 28" barrels, fixed chokes, for CAS trap. I shoot a Remington V3 for my weekly trap shoots.
  13. Thanks! I've seen this table in print format, but not as a graphic image. Q: do you have a URL for this?
  14. This is my intuitive understanding as well.
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