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  1. We live in a 1960s era blue collar neighborhood, so I'm the butler. Here in CA, I figure the first kid would steal the entire bucket. We tried it one year... that is what happened, so I answer the door, and mark my count sheet.
  2. I'm thinking about buying bags of The Good Stuff from Costco. Open the bags into our sterilized scary Halloween bucket, then pass the goodies out with a pair of tongs. Last year, we had 160+ kids at the door. One kid told me they bus in to our area, cuz we give out the good stuff.
  3. IMO, it will ratchet up steadily, both before and after the election.. no matter who wins. Especially if no winner at all. This will go on until the appeasing politicians take the muzzle off law enforcement. I fault this all the way up... from local city councils, to chicken**** gov't officials who refuse to vigorously prosecute these crimes. If this is not stopped, Americans will fully realize the law is not there to protect them, so they will protect themselves.
  4. If I remember correctly, the 10-day wait does not start until the background check is completed and entered into the FFL's books. In 2019, I accumulated 170+ days of CA waiting periods while gathering our cowboy guns. The 10-day (soon to be 30 day) period is intended entirely to make buying a gun as difficult as possible, while skirting by the "infringement" wording of the 2A. I did get some good news today.. in addition to Trump being able to now replace Ginsberg on the SCOTUS... My rifle has shipped well ahead of the 15 day processing time for the order. It will hit my FFL on 9/23, so I get to start the next leg(s) of this PITA process. Here in CA... using the word "voter" and the word "think" in the same sentence is an oxymoron. We have millions of zero-liability voters here... the hippies and button sellers on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley.. They will vote for anything that gives them a handout. Free rent, free phone, free medical, free child care, free medical care... in exchange for their vote.
  5. There is a simple solution for the vote-by-mail fraud: stop electing Democrats. Swing the House to GOP in November. Pelosi will be forced to vacate the Speaker of the House position on January 3, 2021. This will happen before Trump and Pence are forced to leave on January 20, 2021 as a result of Democrat vote-by-mail fraud. Pelosi will no longer be #3 in line to become president, by Trump and Pence being forced out of office due to an inconclusive vote. When the election is inconclusive, the 12th and 20th amendments require the House to elect the president. This is a 1 State = 1 Vote election, so the few big welfare states cannot gerrymander this process. All we have to do: get every GOP off their dead butts and out to vote. In the best of times, voter turnout is only around 60%. If you value your way of life, make sure you vote. GOP ballots are the only ones at risk for being "lost." Simple solution for those who are concerned about Democrat vote-by-mail fraud: HAND CARRY your completed ballot to your precinct collection point. Use a box inside a gov't building, as these lock-boxes are harder for Democrat activists to steal. Get them in EARLY so they will be counted on election night. Vote-By-Mail primary ballots (Florida) have previously marked externally as (R) or (D) bar code, which makes it easy for post office and collection activists to "lose" those (R) marked ballots. A single activist Post Office employee can "lose" entire bags of ballots. This is already well documented, time and time again. You would not trust the Post Office with a winning lottery ticket, so why trust them with your ballot? HAND CARRY your vote-by-mail ballot to a secure collection point.
  6. New to SASS. I practice proper loading/unloading table procedures and gunfighter style. My pair of Single Six Bisley are same general weight and feel as my Bisley Vaqueros. Henry Frontier is a 22LR version of our Marlin 1894. I'm doing this week after week to train my hands to this being a muscle memory habit. Same as I do at the trap range.. I'm shooting trap with an 870 and extended magazine. My buds have no objection when I load five at a time for each stage. I want the 870 handling to be 100% 2nd nature, should the need pull up in front of my house with evil intent.
  7. All those 22LR "bucket of bullets" are sold out. Buying ammo in CA is onerous and lengthy, and not worth the hassle if I can't buy in bulk. I have a generous stash of 22LR accumulated when they became plentiful again after the previous shortage. The stores over the state line are just as bare, especially in the calibers you mention above. Shot shells are a bit more plentiful for trap. One of my trap buddies bought thirty 25-lb bags of #7.5 shot from an old boy who was going into a home. He divested himself of all his reloading supplies, guns, boat, truck, trailer, etc. My friend shoot almost every day, and loads his own 20-gauge with 20/28 and old-styl AA hulls.
  8. I dearly hope that after I'm dead, my kids won't let me vote Democrat.
  9. C19 and demand are both bogging everything down by a huge degree. I placed on order for a rifle on 9/11. The vendor says 15 business days to even process the order, due to C19. Of course... they immediately charged my card... Then comes 4~5 days of shipping from UT to CA. Because of high demand, my FFL takes about 5 days from receipt, until he gets it on his books. Then, I can start the DROS paper work and request the background check ($50 and $40 respectively). The NICS background check is bogged down, so it will take 4~5 days for the results to come back. After that, my FFL takes a few days to get it on his books. Once the background check completes, the mandatory CA 10-day waiting period begins. After the 10 days has ended, I may/may not have additional FFL delays for pickup. I truly hope to take possession of the new rifle before the election on 11/3.
  10. I practice with a pair of Single Six Bisley after my weekly trap shoot. 22LR is cheap to shoot, and I'm well stocked up.
  11. No. Tape on the threads won't help. MIne has a round ball and a sealing gasket. Delta is a name brand, perhaps you can get a gasket kit.
  12. I seem to be doing more computer work for folks, and getting paid in primers and bullets. The most recent asked me, "How much is the bill" I told him I don't need money, but primers, powder or bullets will do just fine. Yesterday he dropped off a few boxes of Speer and Hornady FTX bullets in 44 mag, primers and some brass. I'm good with that.
  13. This looks like the same newbs I see at the gun counters... day late.. dollar short... and clueless.
  14. churchkey - the Feinwerkbau 65 is completely recoil-free. The action rides on a precision roller bed, independent of the grip. The production years went from 1965 to 1998. Some 145,000 were manufactured. The hardware remained the same over the years, and most parts are interchangeable between old and new production. I got both our HW and the FWB from Beeman after they moved to their new location on Paul Drive in San Rafael CA. We had them all accurized before taking delivery. We lived about a mile away at the time. Thinking back on this... these were our very first "gun" purchases. It was a whole lot simpler back then.
  15. We have a nice Feinwerkbau 65 pistol in .177 we got in the late 70s or very early 80s. I wanted to expose the grand kids to it, but CA laws being what they are.. and we have no basement.. so it sits in the safe. Same goes for our Weihrauch rifles. I shoot trap weekly, at a 45 minute drive from the house. When the smoke isn't so bad, I practice my SASS stuff afterwards. These last few weeks... far too much air pollution.
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