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  1. It has been many years since HS geometry.. but I did finally find a use for the line equation: Y=mX+B I use it to calculate the slope of FPS and PSI for published loads that include both with their Starting and Maximum loads. These are Lyman and Hodgdon published loads. This lets me interpolate a charge to find a given FPS or PSI within the linear operating range of published loads. The point of this is calculating the charge for a given lead hardness (BHN) of my bullets.
  2. You can do the math... convert 0x1F to decimal.
  3. So far, it is bad for us only on the few days when the wind blows the fire smoke due south. Most of the time, it blows straight East and it misses us in Sacramento. Just as well... we don't have any water left to fight the fires anyway.
  4. Computer geeks can count to 31 on one hand in Hex.
  5. I wonder how Iowa, et al, will deal with the loss of that much business? All those hogs that would otherwise go to CA will have to be absorbed by the other states... or slaughtered at a loss. CA continues to paint itself into a corner... the fools that vote for this crap have literally no idea about the implications of their vote.
  6. I use NoMoRobo.Com on my land line. It is free for this use, a modest small charge for mobile phones. It intercepts the incoming call, determines it is a robot then hangs up. On my end, we get a single ring, and then nothing. You can always tell when a new list is published... the calls start coming in again, in waves. I keep a spread sheet of blocked/reported scam phone numbers. As of this writing, I have 792 line items. I report them on callername.com as Unsafe. Comcast/Xfinity only allows me to block 25 numbers, which I rapidly filled up. I block repeat offenders by rot
  7. I've been in the photo and computer business all my life. I have beautiful B&W photos, properly printed and washed, from the late 1800s. I have awful Kodacolor photos, fading away, from the 60s, 70s and 80s. My Kodachrome slides from the 60s are as good today as they were back then. Kodachrome has been discontinued... that is a real pity. They will long outlast me. I remember 8" Shugart floppy disks very well. Then 5.25" and 3.5" floppies also. There are tens of thousands of IBM 3420 half-inch tape reels with archival information that can no longer be read: no more 34
  8. I have first-hand knowledge of two cases where felonies were expunged in some manner. Both individuals now own firearms. Justice does indeed cost money. If you ain't got the money... you ain't gonna get any justice.
  9. I've heard it was associated with union labor who wore red neck scarves.
  10. I'm in that age group, and heard both terms. One of my youthful indiscretions wound me up in a court-ordered movie about wholesome looking young lads and the clap. The actors and movie appeared to be made in the 40s, and it was quite camp. I've slept a lot since then, but am pretty certain both terms were in use in my time and location. Protection from the clap, protection from pregnancy. When the cell phone introduced the "hook up" apps, the syphilis rate here in Sacramento went through the roof. Apparently the Phonies learned the hard way, that phones don't protect you from STD
  11. Next time you order... tell 'em "I have a cash guarantee card." The sweet young thing I told this one to, said, "Oh, we don't take those."
  12. Those of us trapped here behind enemy lines, are grateful for your care and concern. We are also genuinely happy for those of you living in the Free states, who have gotten their homes before the great Blue flood descended upon your state. CA was designed by nature to burn. CA burns today because hippies and tree huggers have blocked responsible fire management in court for decades. All those little critters they wanted to protect from the mean ol' loggers... have been burned alive and are now dead. The west coast fires are burning in WA, OR and CA. The smoke has moved East all t
  13. It would be interesting to see where CZ comes in, strictly for ammo/powder production. The Shooters World powders (Clean Shot, Buffalo Rifle, et al) are Explosia/Lovex powders made in CZ.
  14. More certain to cause cancer is our bad air from the fires. Right now, I have an AQI of 230 a block from my house. Higher than 460 AQI up the road apiece. Fire season has started early.
  15. Nope. We don't have any water in CA...
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