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  1. I own Dremels... work fine and reliable. Also bought MAC instead of SnapOn back in the day when I was still in the auto trade. Still have all my old Craftsman, when they were still USA made. Hecho in Chine is not for me, unless they are toss-outs. Harbor Freight is good enough for a truck kit, but they rust. Surprisingly... the Harbor Freight roll-aways are a LOT more sturdy construction than others. Decent slide bearings, thick wall panels. No complaints from me, at all.
  2. I'm waiting patiently to back up the truck and load up on more of my favored investments. We have not yet hit bottom, and will vacillate at the bottom for awhile. Buy the saber rattling, and sell the peace treaties. Two of my daughters are nurses... both are concerned, as they are hearing COVID-19 is airborne, not just droplets. Airborne is one of the reasons the Black Death spread so quickly. We already have FLU-A in the house... grandson got it at a Disney on ice event. Morbidity rate of COVID-19 is 20x that of common flu. It's a prolonged and nasty way to die.
  3. That is the way I see it, also. There is a fully documented 2:1 Democrat voter advantage in the PRK, and a 75% Democrat super majority in the legislature. I don't have much faith in NRA piling on the lawsuits... more faith in GOC than NRA, so I sent 'em another donation. The lawyers will destroy any range that allows lead.
  4. They flee with their inflated housing profits, feral children and B.S. liberal politics. I also notice a high correlation between Blue immigrants and the computer industry. Boise, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Houston, Denver The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and again, but expecting different results.
  5. In November, you can vote for Trump or a Democrat. Simple as that. We all know what the Democrat will do to us.
  6. IMO, Bloomberg will bribe Sanders (again) to step down. Bloomberg will then buy the nomination at a brokered DNC convention. If any of these clowns win the election, the CA lead ban will become small potatoes by comparison.
  7. The Democrat in CA has a well documented 2:1 advantage. This is why he has a 75% super majority in the legislature. Nationwide, the Democrat is highly organized and taking over the entire government. One problem I see, is getting Trump supporters off their dead asses to come out and vote. 44.9% of them stayed home and did not vote at all in the CA June 2018 Primary. Secretary of State Certified Results * CA June 2016 Presidential Election • 8,753,788 for Hillary • 4,483,310 for Trump * CA June 2018 Primary Election • DEM 4,350,515 votes • GOP 2,519,144 votes (56.1% of 2016) The 2018 Midterm Elections: • 43 GOP seats lost in the House • TX nearly elects a Communist Senator • FL and GA nearly elect Communist governors • AZ elects a Communist Senator • NY elects a Communist idiot • MI elects a potty mouth Muslim terrorist sympathizer • MN elects a Muslim woman-beater • MN elects a Muslim terror sympathizer and incest partner • 49 Muslims elected nation wide
  8. Sorry to be vague, I have the Flu-A (grandson-itis). My first thought was Ocasio-Cortez as VP, then Prez when Sanders dies in office. However, she is not old enough, so says the Constitution. This makes me think of what other merde-for-brains VP he could pick.. Warren, Hillary, Ilhan Omar, or ??
  9. Gun registration occurs for every new firearm purchase on the mandatory DROS (dealer record of sale) form. In California, this form is both paper and online for instant access by gov't authorities. As of this writing, not all fields of the Ammunition DROS are filled in. ****************** Firearm DROS ****************** • Purchaser's First, Middle and Last Name • Alias First, Middle and Last Name • Street Address, City, State, ZIP' • Telephone number • ID Type, ID Number • Gender • Race • Eye Color • Hair Color • Height and Weight • Date of Birth • Place of Birth • U.S. Citizen • Firearm Safety Course number • Make • Model • Caliber(s) • Serial Number • Other Number • Type • Category • Color • Barrel Length • Frame/Receiver Only • New or Used • FSD Compliance • Material • Comment ************************ Ammunition DROS ************************ • Purchaser's First, Middle and Last Name • Alias First, Middle and Last Name • Street Address, City, State, ZIP • Telephone number • ID Type, ID Number • Gender • Race • Eye Color • Hair Color • Height and Weight • Date of Birth • Place of Birth • U.S. Citizen • Eligibility Check DROS Number • Delivery Date/Time • Delivered By: • Make • Condition • Bullet Type • Bullet Weight • Usage Type • Casing • Caliber • Quantity • Primer Type • Muzzle Velocity • Muzzle Energy • Cost/Round
  10. If, by chance, Sanders wins the election... he will die in office. This means whichever communist he picks as VP will become president. Let that sink in.
  11. I was collecting all my Gun Club hulls for reloading... then TwoRiversJack gave me a huge back of STS hulls. Said the brass base is easier to resize in the MEC, than is the steel Gun Club base.
  12. Baloney. I live in CA, you do not. Farming is easy work when you plow with a pencil, and throwing a touchdown pass is easy from your arm chair. There is a 75% Democrat super-majority that literally can, and does, what it damn well pleases. They have systematically destroyed the business climate here since the 60s. The big industries are gone. Taxation is monstrous here. We pay the highest gas taxes and income taxes in the nation. We have 30 million illegals here,and refugees by the score. CA has the easiest welfare rules in the country, and we have 50% of the nation's homeless here.. And... there isn't one damn thing we can do about it. Democrats "find" and "harvest" votes for weeks after the polls close. They turn in suitcases of votes that are just Democrat votes... well golly, how about that? We are Tammany Hall and Chicago, all rolled up into a single self-perpetuating sewer of corruption. We can either put up with it or leave. How, you ask? The same way VA and MD are getting raped right now. Zero Liability Voters
  13. PayPal processes gift transfers. This allows the recipient to not incur charges for the transfer. Considering Deuce's reputation, I had no reservations whatsoever about sending cash in this manner. The transfer went through on 2/18 and my account was debited $750. The only thing that makes sense is Deuce being at Winter Range and out of contact. I can accept being away, but it would be nice to be told in advance rather than disappearing into thin air. Winter range starts on 2/24, six days after payment was made.
  14. You promptly responded to my email asking where to send the payment. It has now been 7 days since I sent the full $750 PayPal payment. Subsequent attempts to reach you by email go without response. Please advise what is going on, and why I don't hear from you. I contacted my FFL who assured me his info was sent to the email you specified.
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