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  1. I did not see if the folks having problems are using phones, tablets, or workstations. I run a windows 7 workstation, with Acrobat Reader. No problems at all, on my end. I don't use a smartphone, nor a tablet. My wife does both, and does have problems with undisplayable content.
  2. bgavin

    Math problem

    No matter how thin you slice the baloney, you can still throw a brick through a plate glass window. With this in mind, I would initially drive by one of the street-side radar speed signs and see where it reads. After that, I'd get on the freeway, hold it at indicated 60mph and have the passenger run the exact time. Calculate from there. Or, " I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. " --Ellen Ripley
  3. After living in the Peoples Republik of Kaleeforneeyah for the last 53 years, I know full well that any use of a firearm against an intruder will be a total life changing event. The State or the perp's family will destroy you with lawsuits and criminal charges. It will take everything you own, just to defend yourself. Knowing this, a split second decision is required to decide between financial ruin or being dead. Sometimes, it is hard to know which is worse. I want out of this God-forsaken 3rd world hell, but cannot (so far) find a place to go. The wife wants NV.. I just want OUT.
  4. Indeed. This volume works for you, but not (yet) for me. Q: How do you like the Clays? This looks like just the right load in 38 SP with 125gr Missouri LRNFP. It's a perfect BHN match.
  5. If you are using a product such as CCleaner that runs at bootup, these will clear cookies, which is the root cause of your problem. If you run a Firefox browser, you can check the Clear History settings. There is a checkbox for clearing cookies there, also. Diagnostic: Log into the site, then exit and close your browser entirely. Connect back to the site and see if it remembers you or not. If it remembers you, then you are clearing cookies at boot-up time. If it does not remember you, then your browser is clearing cookies and history when it closes. You can prove this by closing the browser and rebooting. If you cannot connect to the site without login, your cookies are cleared at boot-up time.
  6. I understand the CAS club in Payson AZ has disbanded... apparently not enough participants. Prescott still has an active group, which we will join if we can ever find a house there.. Being a Mason, I see the same thing in the service organizations. Membership everywhere is dwindling... a long way down from the halcyon days of the past.
  7. I do love hot banjo pickin' And that heavy metal version was just smoking hot!
  8. This sounds like windows security blocking the opening of documents from the internet.
  9. Please be sure to keep the version numbers as part of the file name.
  10. Yep. I'm in email contact with Forty Rod already. I understand Indian Joe, and others also live in the area. We have cash in-hand... just trying to find the "right" place. There are some nice spreads in Williams and Chino Valley, but both are too far from our center of the universe (masonic lodge in prescott).
  11. My wife and I are both members of the Order of the Eastern Star (Masons). OES more often stands for "Order of Eating Sisters" due to our social life revolving around dinners.
  12. Nope. I look forward to being schooled by those who know more than me. I'd be 118 years old by the time I knew as much as the old timers know today. Sixgun, I have a similar problem with .243 in my varmint rifle. Hornday is well over a-buck-a-bang.. ouch... especially when enjoying a whole a fternoon of removing prairie dogs from the surface of the Earth.
  13. Yes, indeed. I have over a hundred locations cataloged in a spread sheet by air quality, crime, temps, etc, etc. We settled on Prescott, AZ. Air quality is FAR better than Sacramento (#3 from the bottom) Housing is 2x more expensive than in Sacramento. Prescott has many pull over and plink locations, just a mile or two up the road. I've not had that since I was a kid in Idaho. We are leaving CA politics, impending tax disaster (repeal of Prop13 Commercial in 2020), impending new gun laws July 1, ever increasing crowds, bums, crime, and all the rest. We did the RV thing in the past... decided we can stay in a whole lot of hotels for the same money, no insurance, don't have to change the oil or make the bed. My wife is already good enough to beat me. She uses a Louisville Slugger... I have no illusions about being a Top 10 shooter, unless all but Nine stay home. You can't hand a guy a drill and a web site and make him into a dentist. Practice makes perfect. And many guys here have decades of it. We wanted to do Waddie duty at EOT this year, but won't get down to Prescott by then.
  14. I already have a significant investment in 357 caliber guns. Already have a Vaquero too. I added the 1894CB because it is also in 357. All of these I can enjoy (after leaving CA) even if I never shoot CAS at all. I rented a Super Redhawk at the local range and a box of 44-mag. That got the Jones out of me, pronto. Nor do I have any interest at all in black powder or percussion. So far, the only item I invested in is a nice Stetson. The first CAS-only purchase will be a Stoeger coach gun, which I have not purchased yet. Allie Mo lives in my area, and has been wonderfully helpful by private email. If I can introduce my wife to an enjoyable experience, rather than a kicking Missouri mule, we will both join SASS and participate. Neither of us has any designs on being a Top 10 shooter. Just want to enjoy the social life and have some fun.
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