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  1. My Uberti 1873 #341260 in 44 mag holds 10 cartridges, but is out of production now.
  2. Very nice. They don't make these any more, plus the Bisley was a small production run over the life of the product. My OM Bisleys are 357 and 44 mag, and very well made. I have every confidence this one will be just as nice. This is the "old model" pre-2005 with more meat in the cylinders than the New Model Vaqueros.
  3. I'm looking forward to when Twitter says, "We got it wrong and put President Trump's account back on active status." I left FB when they started the censoring thing, and closed my business and personal accounts. Hell will become exothermic (and it will snow there) before I ever return.
  4. Very nice. Very nice indeed. It looks like a Sigma telephoto is being used. The diagonal bokeh is the same as I get with a long Sigma.
  5. When I was a kid and really screwed up, I knew the Wrath of Dad was coming down on my butt. I could hear the Battle Hymn of the Republic as that belt arced through the air before it dropped Fat Man on my back side. This was a "certainty." Imagine if this same certainty lived in the minds of those intending intentional gun crimes. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but the absolute certainty of a swift hanging, firing squad, electric chair or guillotine might be a deterrent.
  6. I have an (unpopular) opinion about this. "people" are the cause of the violence, not the gun, machete or SUV used to commit the violence. I have an equally unpopular solution: For intentional gun crimes, i.e. car jacking, armed robbery, armed rape, armed home invasion, attempted or completed shootings... Find the perp guilty, beyond ANY and ALL doubt, then give him a swift execution. No delays, no lawyer tricks. I don't care if he was raped by his priest, had a bad childhood or has 12 personalities. The smart ones will be deterred, and the stupid ones will only do it once.
  7. I gave up on gun shows due to the expense of parking and getting in the door. However, I did see the new Ruger/Marlin 1895 SBL up for sale for $2300.... Apparently they are scarce and priced accordingly.
  8. I thought this was the most trick thing in a long time... but my wife has already seen it, and appreciated it.
  9. Titus Welliver is collaborating and co-producing with Connelly. He is also mentioned in the author's notes in the front of the most recent books. Very enjoyable reads and TV watches, both.
  10. You are welcome to your opinion. And my opinion, this B.S. has no place in a novel,
  11. Uh oh... I see CA Background Checks in the future for those wanting to wax their vehicles....
  12. If so, I stand corrected, thanks. Sometimes I can't remember what we had for dinner last night. This is actually a blessing... every book and movie in my collection is always a first-run...
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