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  1. Apparently, they sell everything that comes in the shipment in a few hours. LAX Ammo here tells me the same thing, as does my LGS. Merch arrives and a few hours later, all sold out.
  2. Yesterday, my neighbor stopped by Scheels in Reno... nothing... bare shelves.
  3. Yep. Just the other night, I had my wife down on her knees as well... She said to me, "Get out from under the bed, ya chicken!"
  4. I am more than happy to take some of the computers that folks discard. Many of these are easily upgraded with a solid state disk, and a bit of memory. Win7 and newer machines are easily upgraded to a Win10 digital license for free. Then I give 'em away to folks that need a better computer.
  5. I figure the CC company bought the scammer a free exercise gym.. with no strings attached. Here in CA, they would say the perp "needed" that gym equipment, so it was OK for him to steal it.
  6. Watch the squeezin' hand position. I have a few of these, most have a lousy hand position that tires the wrist quickly. Sedalia Dave's suggestion is the most comfortable for my wrist.
  7. J-Bar, how long have you been in your current place?
  8. It sounds like you changed internet vendors. When you changed modems, you changed subnets. Your printer is most likely a dynamic IP address. This means it gets it from the modem. If everything else is connected and gets out to the internet, the printer is the only problem child. Go into the printer wireless network setup and re-do the setup. It will find the new wireless router and get an IP from the new router/modem. The subnetmask (, etc) is automatic. Don't sweat it. When the device picks up an IP from the router/modem, the subnet mask is set automatically.
  9. On your laptop open a Network connection so you can find your IP address. An alternative method is opening a CMD prompt, then typing IPCONFIG < enter key> Next, run the network settings page from your printer maintenance panel if you have one. Since your printer is a wireless type, you should have this. You are looking to see if the printer is on a different subnet than the wifi router. Comast/Xfinity uses 10.0.0.x If you are behind a router, you are most likely on 192.168.x.x If the printer IP is a different subnet, your laptop will never see it.
  10. I had no cowboy guns when I became interested. Here in CA, I accumulated 170+ waiting period days while accumulating my guns. Add into that delay, the waiting period for out-of-stock, broken shotgun, more delays, and the hunt for what I wanted. My investment in guns, leather, accessories, reloading equipment and supplies is far more than a gaming computer, and takes far longer to acquire. Throw in the reality of a range membership, 60 minutes drive each way, fuel costs, daily range fees and match fees. Those who can shoot from their back yard, or at a range just down the str
  11. Go to HP.COM with the model number of your printer. Look for the Drivers download in Support Download the driver package. Copy to C:\Install\HPxxx whatever your model number is. Run from there.
  12. I will second the 1894CB, mine was also made in 2019. I am entirely happy with the fit and finish. It hits where I aim it. And, I'm a sucker for octagonal barrels.
  13. Prescott AZ is our #1 choice for all the above reasons. We remain in CA because I've looked at 200+ listings in Prescott... huge prices, and not what we want. And most certainly not worth starting a $300k new mortgage at age 70.
  14. If I read this correctly, you have an HP printer. The ideal location for the installation files is C:\Install\HPxxx Reason: HP keeps a zillion internal pointers as to where it was installed from. If you run two or more HP printers, this method is mandatory to avoid conflict with swapping CDs back and forth. Create the install directory then copy the entire CD contents to that directory. Run the SETUP.EXE from the install directory and REPAIR (if it is offered). If not offered, then REMOVE is the next option. After removal, reboot your machine, then run SETUP again to reinstal
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