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  1. Redding and an omhaus/rcbs I picked up in a barter.
  2. I coach a brother at our lodge, who is a LEO. He's a fine and upstanding man, but being human, I figure even he would reach a breaking point with dirt bags. One of my clients is a retired CHP, so I asked him the proper etiquette about how to get a traffic ticket. He grinned at me, then gave me a very thorough education on how to get a ticket... keynotes highlighted above. Here in CA, the LEOs are somewhat reluctant to merrily write traffic tickets, because each one requires a seven page report, including sexual orientation notes. Several other lodge brothers are retired LEOs from Folsom and San Quentin prisons, where all they see, day in and day out, are dirt bags.
  3. TM, it does get better. Do yourself a huge favor: do NOT stress your sternum. At all. A ruptured sternum would be catastrophic at best, fatal at worst. Do absolutely nothing with your arms except clutch that pillow. Do *NOT* use your arms to get into or out of bed. 90 days out, your sternum will be in reasonable shape for light work. No rifles, no shotguns for 6 months, my doc told me. Don't fudge on this. One of my lodge brothers is a vascular surgeon. He said dusting the house is good, light exercise without risk.
  4. I stopped playing in 2015 and left the band I was with, when Mom became the head conductor on the San Diego Crazy Train. We had to move down there and sort out her mess... 16 months away. After we got back, the cardiac problems surfaced... In short, I haven't played music at all, for 7 years now. It would be nice to find a group of old farts with similar musical interests, and without the usual Hard Left musician views. Rare to find, this is.
  5. I am not a LEO, nor do I play one on TV. However, as a fellow human, I can fully understand how LEOs come to the breaking point with constant 13% crime and B.S. When that perp took off like a rabbit after struggling and (no doubt) running his damn mouth, I figure this was the last straw. If you are pulled over the the LEOs, this is *his* time, not *your* time. Your time is later, in court, etc. Do not run your mouth. Do not run, period. Do not fight or struggle. Do not spew attitude. Use your manners, because the LEO has a reason to pull you over in the first place. Time after time after time after time after time.... I see the same 13% crap: running the mouth, running away, fighting with the LEO, etc. I have zero sympathy for perps who are this stupid.
  6. Another tip... never ask your wife when she is gonna be done mowing the lawn so she can get dinner started.
  7. You so beat me to that line... Love that line...
  8. I have 4# of Trail Boss and 8# of Clays, all purchased at my startup period, before price and availability went to pot. Also picked up various VV and H110 at yardsale prices (factory sealed). I now have more powder and primers than I have years left. I figure these materials will be legislated out of existence.
  9. I'm a Life Member for decades. Have not gotten the magazine for decades. Don't care, for decades. Although it would be nice to get as PDF, but not as paper. I don't send NRA any more money, so they don't send me the magazine. My $$ goes to CRPA, GOA, GOC, VCDL (I don't live in VA either).
  10. Then he wonders why the only have sex, doggie-style. He sits up and begs... she rolls over and plays dead.
  11. OP, they don' make it no mo'... so any price is a fair price, if you want it.
  12. Open Source is great stuff, but there is no guarantee the unadulterated code will be the final executable code. The voting machine company could have used open source, then refactored it for fraudulent purposes. A forensic examination of the source code, compiled to a matching digital signature of the existing executable code, would show cheating. Any mismatch in the two digital signatures indicates the source code is different than that used to produce the current executable. Version control has been in place for a very long time, so there is no excuse such as "the code has moved on". Cui bono... "who benefits" = "follow the money". It should be apparent to the most casual observer, the morals of today are not those of our forefathers. Widespread cheating the military academies today would have been unheard of in my Dad's time at Annapolis. The penalty for cheating would have been massively severe. The wide spread sleaziness in the gov't, in the media, in the courts and the schools is appalling. Those fearful of an unbiased, and absolutely fair judicial system have nothing to fear. A system such as this will never come to be, and most certainly not in our life times. Cui bono.
  13. I painted a racing stripe on my daughter's Prius... now it identifies as a race car.
  14. Golly... After 50 years in the computer business, I am shocked to find out that a computer program has a bias. And to think that all those programs I've written over this period of time, have a bias. This must be why new vehicles break down... the author of the software in the chips has an intetional bias against reliability. Or Quickbooks has a bias because it phonies up extra charges to your business account, to keep you broke, because you voted Conservative. If you want to see machines programmed WITH a bias, look no further than the vote counting machines. Any decent programmer, myself included, has the chops to write a fraudulent counting routine that will escape detection from all except forensic examination of the actual source code. The manufacturer hides behind the veil of "trade secrets" to avoid their code being examined. By the time that is resolved in the courts, all the plaintiffs will die of old age.
  15. "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." --Ellen Ripley
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