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  1. I took this one in February of 2016 when we were living in Pacific Beach (San Diego).
  2. My bride REFUSES to ever go see Bambi, Ol' Yeller or Titanic. Ain't happening. No boo-hoo 'ers for her. Nada. Zilch. She did have a good laugh at the short film, "Godzilla Meets Bambi"
  3. A trip down memory lane... Windows CE Windows ME Windows NT When combined... Windows CEMENT Anything older than Win10 will be forced (literally) into obsolescence. For those who do not roll their own, buy a name brand machine with Win10 Pro installed. Sadly, they cut corners with budget SSDs, power supplies and memory, unless you pony up for a premium Alienware or similar. You are not going to get a Samsung 980 PRO NVME or a Seasonic Focus power supply on a budget computer.. ain't gonna happen at that price point. However, a commercial machine like a Dell will have all the
  4. Apparently, I won't be getting onto MeWe at all. It says both of my email addresses are "already used", so I cannot recreate my account. Oh well.
  5. OP, Download the Win10 installer from Microsoft. Do an in-place upgrade (run Win20 setup.exe). This will create a bona fide "digital license" for your machine. You can then use this serial on the SAME MACHINE to do a fresh Win10 install from the ISO you downloaded from microsoft. You can also Google for "ShowKey Plus" which is a freeware utility that shows your currently installed key. It will also show if you have Win7 markers in the system BIOS. This is part of my customer audit tools, and it works great. It is stand-alone, and does not require "installation". Just run it.
  6. Note to folks on MeWe: I had to do a password reset on my existing account. This wiped out all my contacts and all my group memberships. When I got logged in, my name had changed, said I was a member since March 2017. This account was still attached to my email. MeWe is having growing pains, so I wiped out my entire account and will start again. Anybody looking for me as of this writing... I ain't there... Also, I submitted a bug report. MeWe creates a user profile for each device you use to connect at the time. My bride has three: phone, tablet and computer. All are a
  7. House Resolution 5717 has been floating around for a long time. This is what is in HR5717: • 30% tax on all firearms • 50% tax on all ammunition • $500 fine for each violation • $50 million yearly for attorney general budget • Colleges and Universities are gun-free zones • Expanded Red Flag laws • Mandatory 21 years minimum age for purchase or transport • Mandatory Federal gun owner license • Mandatory Federal license annual background check • Mandatory gun locks • Mandatory secure storage • Universal background checks with CA DROS type data • Warrantless s
  8. Golly, this must be true... "150 million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability." --Joe Biden, 2020.02.25, Democrat Debates
  9. Nothing says, "We appreciate you" more than making these soldiers quarter in an open-air parking garage, in the winter and sleep on the concrete floor.
  10. My neighbor got caught up in this before they were called Red Flag laws. His ex-wife got a hair up her ... and filed an "I'm Afraid" complaint, even though they no longer interacted. The cops showed up with a warrant and cleaned out his gun safe and ammo. It took months of court appearances, etc before he got his guns returned. All the ammo was "lost" and never did get replaced.
  11. Here in CA, the price of gas went up $0.20 overnight. Here in NorCal, we are over $3 per gallon.. and SoCal is no doubt higher than this. The oil stocks have been quietly trading much higher than their C19 low points. IMO, the music is getting ready to stop. Those without a chair are gonna be SOL...
  12. Boy, I do agree with this! Unprecedented demand is blamed for the ammo shortage. Nobody I know is able to buy any.. so where is this demand, and who is buying? This sort of fluff adds to the tinfoil hat because it flies in the face of logic. If there is none or little ammo, ANYWHERE, then who is consuming it?
  13. This is absolute truth. After you have sold everything off, the bills still keep coming in. Either increase the revenue or reduce the expenses...
  14. One of my lodge brothers is a long time SASS shooter. He carries a Class-A commercial license and says a pot card would strip him of his license. Pot is a federally restricted substance, so what the States are doing is so much smoke when push comes to shove. I'm not a pot smoker, but I personally would like to see this silliness at the Federal level repealed. I would also like to see the Class-A restrictions on heroin repealed for terminally ill patients. Until such time as we have sufficient lawmakers seeing their loved ones screaming in pain as they die from cancer, repeal won't
  15. We have an old Weber pot that uses charcoal. Got it as a house warming gift 27 years ago... My bride wanted a replacement grill rack, found a Weber branded rack at ACE Hardware.
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