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  1. Today we got notice that Shelly David passed, she was the senior administrative assistant for Facilities Management and Construction, Texas Woman's University, Denton Texas. She joined our team in 2017 and I worked with her every day, she sat at the front desk and greated everyone when they came into our building. I last talked with her on Tuesday December 22nd when we were both leaving the University for the Holiday break. Said we would see each other when we returned in January. When I came into work Tuesday Janaury 5th she was not there and I was told she had Covid 19 and the week befor
  2. Early this morning I watched it on my iPad and just now watched it on my main computer with a large flat screen. This time I recognized a lot more people I have not seen in a good while and noticed some other things. Like I don't remember ever seeing Gunslinger with facial hair before.
  3. Thanks Sam for posting this. It was great to see some folks I have not seen in a while and some who are unfortunately no longer with us. Buck Creek was a nice facility and anyone who never had a chance to shoot there sure missed out. I must not have been there the day they filmed as I am sure that would be in my memory banks. Scout
  4. Everthing I read said the second shot should be 30 days after first NOT one week.
  5. I got mine last Thursday and supposed to get the 2nd one in 30 days. Then it will take 2 weeks to become effective.
  6. Wow that was Great! I have never heard that before.
  7. This link still works for me https://www.ar15.com/
  8. Dont believe your statement is true. A hat is not listed as one of the optional items plus it also states hats must be worn for the entire match.
  9. PD already posted it here RIP Mary Ann - SASS Wire Saloon - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  10. When EBay started collecting tax on items sold there they first showed the tax as a seperate transaction from the main transaction and now it shows as part of the regualar purchase transaction. It is not listed by the seller in the add but shows up during the payment process. I always thought that EBay would be the one who passes the tax along to each state rather than the seller.
  11. One year I entered the Halloween costume contest at the University I work at dressed cowboy with bananas in my holsters. It was a great hit!
  12. I had to go search for more info and found these are on Youtube: 2011 - Him Francis Currey, Medal of Honor, WWII - YouTube 2013 - Him Hometown Heroes: Sergeant Francis Currey - YouTube 2019 - His Son FRANCIS CURREY MEDAL OF HONOR - YouTube 2019 - His Funeral Francis S Currey - October 12, 2019 - YouTube
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