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  1. Dad entered service with the Army Air Corps in 1944 and retired a Major in 1984 from the US Army. His time included active duty, reserve and national guard. He was a Cadet at West Point from 1942-1943 before joining the USAAC. We contacted Fort Hood and they sent a detachment to Fort Worth for his funeral in 2005, he was 81 when he passed.
  2. Depends on why you are buying the reproduction item. Just for personal use or are you wanting it to replicate a certain time frame in the Military. The time frame would indicate which color would be more appropriate.
  3. I haven’t seen curb feelers on anything in a long time.
  4. Here are some photos of my semi-auto BAR And here are some photos of when I shot it off the bench at 200 yards
  5. I’m watching D-Day the unheard Tapes - on the History Channel right now
  6. Those are all coming from the sofware on your computer and not from the SASS Wire software.
  7. Congratulations @Rusty Remington and @Panhandle Cowgirl on Surviving the Heat and Winning Texas State! Scout
  8. Congratulations I shot my first cowboy match 22 years ago. Will be hard to find a friendlier bunch of folks!
  9. Thank You @Preacherman for posting about the match - otherwise I would not have known about it. Had a Great Time, they put on a well run match and everyone was welcoming. If anyone gets a chance to attend in the future don’t hesitate, GO. Scout
  10. My Dad was a co-pilot on B-24s with the 15th AAF in Italy.
  11. I’m at the Mississippi State now - get home from here Monday then leave Wednesday to head for your match.
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