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  1. Thanks for the notice. This is indeed sad news. Banker will be greatly missed.
  2. Mine has no problem holding ten 38-40 rounds, have never tried eleven.
  3. Great video as usual! I loved the set-up portion at the end and the music was so appropriate. Your club has a great range and I enjoyed shooting there last year on my way into EOT in the neighboring state. Folks if you have not shot at this facility and have the chance to do so, don't hesitate. Scout
  4. I shoot an 1866 carbine in 38-40 and an 1887 shotgun. Love um. Here is a pic from the Kansas State last weekend where I was shooting Senior Classic Cowboy.
  5. Lighter springs on cap and ball revolvers is not always a good idea.
  6. When you go to post in the tread there is a paper clip at the bottom and next to it says drag files here or choose files. If you click on choose files it will allow you to go find the photos, you have saved in your device.
  7. Hey Largo Glad you made it home OK. I missed getting to see your Henry Carbine, would you be so kind as to post some photos of it on this thread? Thanks Scout
  8. Got more results today via email This one is the detailed results Kansas 2022 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf This one is by category Kansas 2022 MatchResultsByCatTime.pdf
  9. Is there a photo of the Elder Statesman Classic Cowboys Awards group?
  10. GREAT!!! Got home at 9PM tonight. Had an email with the results. Kansas 2022 MatchResultsByTime.pdf
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