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  1. Oy ! Hope they get your new house finished soon Pard. Scout
  2. Talking some now and started to walk with therapist. Miracle for sure. Great strides!
  3. What a wonderful Birthday Present. I am overjoyed by her progress! And yes we all have a great cowboy family all over the world.
  4. Ok I see the part in question now. Not sure how to get to it and not sure I could could get it back functioning afterwards.
  5. Please post a link to the blow up showing the part. The one drawing I could find part 29 shows as a pin for the hammer group. I've got an 1885 in 38-40.
  6. So no suggestions for someone who make wood grips. Goody's suggested company does not appear to make wood grips. Guess I need to suggest he check out the uberti or pietta grips to see if they will fit.
  7. Thank You for that information! We look forward to further details as they are worked out. Scout
  8. I have a friend from outside CAS who recently acquired an 1865 era Colt model 1861 Navy revolver. It came with a one piece grip for the Army model that does not fit well and he does not want to cut down that Army grip. He is looking for someone who makes or will make a one piece grip for the 1861 Navy. Got any suggestions for who he might try for this type grip? Thanks Scout
  9. The bios and ballot is included in the February issue of the American Rifleman that I got about a week ago.
  10. Col. North attended the Texas State Rifle Association Annual meeting last year in February where we celbarated our 100 year anniversary. He was our key note speaker at the evening banquet. Met him after it was over and like many others got my photo taken with him. By the time EOT came around he had already been ousted. The NRA legislative Director Cox was also ousted because he supported North against Lapierre.
  11. I can't find a schedule of activities. Assuming the main match is Saturday and Sunday. Guessing side matches on Friday, any warmup stages on Friday? What are the starting times each day? Just trying to plan the trip and the more available information the easier it makes the planning. Scout
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