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  1. This is what I do shooting my 45-70 Browning. Charlie your going to have a blast shooting Plinsman! Hope you are doing well my friend. Scout
  2. I had a problem years ago when I first started shooting 38-40 in that after a while the shoulders moved out slightly due to the die and would not seat properly in my revolver. Got a lee deprime resizing die and ground a small amount off the bottom of the die so that it set the shoulder back ever so slightly more. Have not ever had that problem again and that's been at least 15 years now. I now am down to 3 pair revolvers and 5 rifles in 38-40 with no issues with rounds not seating properly.
  3. My moms folks were grandpaw and grandmaw my dads folks were pawpaw and buba.
  4. Thanks, I'm an official Old Man today at 65 and got my Medicare card in the mail last week. When my brother got home from work this is what he brought in. I have not had a Birthday cake in forever. After dinner we lit the candles and he sang Happy Birthday to me and I blew out the candles. Then we could start eating it. With only two of us it will take a while.
  5. Happy Birthday Allie Mo hope you have a great day. Stay safe my friend. Scout
  6. Can you change the font in your new venue note, its hard to read? I'll have to check out those dates.
  7. Thanks for the update, lets all pray that things across the country will indeed be better by then. Everyone stay safe and properly separated.
  8. Last year I went on a two week vacation and this was one of my stops at the Charlestown Navy Yard.
  9. Bill introduced last year https://cleaver.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/congressman-cleaver-introduces-bipartisan-bill-to-award-congressional https://www.veterans.senate.gov/newsroom/minority-news/tester-blackburn-introduce-bipartisan-bill-to-honor-the-hello-girls
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