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  1. I've got one 44 WCF '60 Henry rifle and one 38 WCF '73 short rifle, one 38 WCF '73 carbine, one 38 WCF '66 carbine, and three pair 38 WCF revolvers. Guess that tells you which I would be shooting. Use 180 grain in the rifles and 140 grain in the revolvers. You should buy both. Scout
  2. I have a pair of each. Normally wear shotgun because they are more period correct. If I'm going to do something where I don't want to be wearing chaps (like shooting long range while setting) then I wear the batwing because they can be removed without taking off my boots. If it's really hot then bat wings allow more air and are cooler. Shotguns are warmer when it cold.
  3. MW for me, it's what we always had growing up. Got nothing against mayo and will eat it if supplied where I'm at but don't buy it when getting groceries.
  4. Defiantly a private purchase slouch hat not the military Hardy hat. Officers were not issued uniforms but had to purchase them so slouch hats were common.
  5. Saw this on another forum and had to share Dig it! 7 year old kicks it! Hi, Had to put this up! https://www.citizenfreepress.com/bre...nthem-no-joke/
  6. I believe you can still get items from Buck and Leta they just retired from traveling and setting up tents, etc. their web site is still active and if you call and talk to Buck I bet he can get an appropriate holster made for you. Leta made the uniform for me and Buck got the belt, holster, saber hanger and cap box made for me. I had Colorado Hat Company make the hat and I purchased the boots locally. The photo was taken at EOT in 2008 when I was waiting my turn to go before the costume judges and that lady was I believe the wrangler for those waiting. That year I won the best military costume award.
  7. Right Side, Butt Forward, Flapped. Buck of Coon Creek Old West had this one made for me years ago based on the photo of J.E.B. Stuart's rig. See photos. Scout
  8. No reason to apologize for inquiring about the history of SASS.
  9. RIP my friend. I met and started shooting with Fred and Travis at the Fort Worth Rifle and Pistol Club long before we knew what CAS was. My condolences to Cindy and Travis, remember the good times and know he is at peace. I don't have any more words. I'm in shock. Scout
  10. Sad news, my condolances to the whole family. He is at peace now.
  11. That is exactly what happened to me. Could not read road signs until I was upon them. Diagnosed with cataracts and got new RX within 6 months could not read road signs again. Went back and found no new RX would correct it and doctor said the cataracts had progressed to the point I should have surgery. Now without glasses I can read all road signs and can better drive at night. The new style headlights still give a slight star burst but the old style do not. Your remain in my thoughts SISS.
  12. My thougts are still with you on this. Hope it will eventually work out OK.
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