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  1. They all get washed together been doing that for about 40 years worth of some kind of shooting competition I've been doing.
  2. Sad news, my condolances to the whole family. He is at peace now.
  3. Long range side matches vary a lot and usually depend on what is available to the club related to distance and firing line. Best to check the course of fire (distances and number of rounds) before heading to a long range side match. Scout
  4. I left right after the match and got home last night at 8:30 so it took me right at 7 hours with only two stops on the way. Believe you said y'all were going stay over and leave Monday. Travel safe my friend, great to meet you, too bad we were not on the same posse. Maybe we will get to shoot together some time in the future. Scout
  5. WOW what a stock! Mine doesn't look anything like that. I've never shot anything but blanks out of it so far during some reinactments. I've purchased everything to load 44-40 so I will eventually get to shoot real lead out of it.
  6. Civil War 1860-1865 - have 10 long arms Indian Wars 1866-1897 - have 21 long arms including: Winchester Hotchkiss 1879 Navy type 1 made 1879 Winchester Hotchkiss 1879 Navy type 2 made 1881 Remington Lee 1879 1st Navy made 1881 Remington Lee 1879 2nd Navy made 1882 Remington Keene 1880 Navy made 1880 SAW 1898-1900 - have 2 long arms and 2 handguns
  7. Yes just me. Not goin to wear any guns, want to be comfortable setting and eating. Think it would be cool for us to dress cowboy but I don't want to be the only one. That's why I asked.
  8. HD I'd like to join your group for dinner there on the 2nd if you don't mind. Would everyone be dressing Classic for eatin that night? Scout
  9. Just for comparison the SW Regional Land Run has 400 shooters, 3 classic cowgirls, 10 classic cowboys, 5 classic cowboys senior, and 7 classic cowboys silver senior
  10. All right, that's over 25 % of the attendies as classics! Your listing on the front page only shows 20, who are the other five? (Inquiring minds )
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