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  1. I've shot the Buckley O'Neill 5 times and placed 1st once and 2nd once shooting a krag. Would not have been possible without raising the leaf sight due to the lower powered rounds with lead bullets being used in the old military rifle. Never did I see or hear anyone telling shooters they had to leave the leaf sight in the down position. You are making a BIG mistake if this is what you will be doing this year.
  2. Many years ago we had a lady on our posse at EOT who was in a wheelchair and was deaf. Her sister was there to read sign from her and communicate with us. She could read our lips when we talked to her. I ROed for her many of the stages. She did great and the whole posse welcomed her completely.
  3. I just got back from seeing the movie and I enjoyed it. Thought it was Great!
  4. So sorry to hear this, my name is on the wall with the years 2017 and 2018. Only two years but I had a great time. Scout
  5. All category rules apply the difference is you use BP or BP substitute instead of smokeless. If I remember right the BP championships are not supposed to have an overall match award but only class awards.
  6. Just put it on my calendar as a place holder. Will see as it gets closer. Had a GREAT time last year. Have never shot in Iowa before. Scout
  7. I've got one 44 WCF '60 Henry rifle and one 38 WCF '73 short rifle, one 38 WCF '73 carbine, one 38 WCF '66 carbine, and three pair 38 WCF revolvers. Guess that tells you which I would be shooting. Use 180 grain in the rifles and 140 grain in the revolvers. You should buy both. Scout
  8. I have a pair of each. Normally wear shotgun because they are more period correct. If I'm going to do something where I don't want to be wearing chaps (like shooting long range while setting) then I wear the batwing because they can be removed without taking off my boots. If it's really hot then bat wings allow more air and are cooler. Shotguns are warmer when it cold.
  9. That's what I'm doing also. Two days at Tombstone followed by Winter Range. Scout
  10. Congratulations on 30 years! I'm into my 14th year and am very grateful for ALL the wonderful folks I've met through this great game that SASS is responsible for starting and keeping going. Scout
  11. Hope the Steelers win also, and there won't be no Packers in the Super Bowl.
  12. AA and RP payments received and packages shipped. See PM for tracking numbers. Two lots of 500 each still available.
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