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  1. There are also shooters that don't hear so go and if anything is said they will most likely stop and look at the TO and say - What?
  2. What folks working with youth and reducing the lenght of the stock with intensions of making it longer later found was drill two holes through the butt the size that wood dowels will fit in prior to cutting it off. Then later when reattaching the cut off portion of the stock dowels can be used to align the stock back properly in place.
  3. I normally shoot a '66 carbine, round barrel and non cresent butt.
  4. I think I started shooting about age 8 with Grand Dad's Stevens Crack Shot .22 rifle and my Ruger BearCat .22 revolver. First firearm my dad bought me and I still have it.
  5. I have been having issues with the saloon off and on with my iPad and iPhone for a couple weeks. I also keep getting this message on occasion This page isn’t working right now
  6. Must have been an update last night because it all showed up today but was not there last night when I logged off.
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