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  1. I have tickets for December 3rd and received a call from the theater complex a couple weeks ago to tell me they had to move it to a larger theater and gave me my new seat numbers. Guess the demand was larger than they originally anticipated.
  2. You should tell us what part of Oklahoma you are in so folks can invite you to their range.
  3. Of the many Remington 1867 Rolling block made only a certain number were part of the Navy Contract and were thus stamped by the Navy Inspector. As some of these were converted later to other configurations, and barrels were taken off and sold to the public. So there are some non Navy contract carbines out there with Navy barrels which is what you may have. Attached are some photos of what the Navy markings on the right side of the receiver should look like.
  4. My Dad retired from IBM in 1979, I remember when computers took up whole rooms and used punch cards and then spools of tape.
  5. I was 8 years old and living in Fort Worth. Remember the President visting Fort Worth before going on to Dallas. Was all over the local news. It was announced over the speaker system at my elementary school and I believe we were all sent home. Watched on TV as Oswald was shot at the Dallas Police Station. I still do not believe the Warren report and figure I will never know before I'm gone who really shot Kennedy. Have driven though Dealey Plaza many times but have yet ot visit the 6th floor museum. Guess I should do that some time.
  6. Show us a photo of the right side of the receiver. If it is a real navy 1867 carbine there should be some markings there. They were .50-45 caliber.
  7. The navy did convert some rolling blocks to .22 for training purposes.
  8. Are there any other markings on the barrel or action?
  9. It is on my calendar and I am supposed to retire the end of April next year so that is right before I will be leaving to head that way.
  10. Everyone should keep in mind if you want to shoot in the special category of CCFCGF that in the main match entry with the club you should enter a GF category to be SASS complient and then let M.A.T. know to put you in that special CC category.
  11. You might want to go back and edit your title, but at least put an update in your first post for those that do no bother to read all the way to the end.
  12. Before I started Cowboy Action Shooting in 2002, I shot a bunch of Sportsman Team Challege for many years in the 90's. During that time I had the pleasure to shoot with Jerry many times and as already stated he was always a class act. He was a member of the Smith and Wesson 3-person team. During this time I also got to shoot with some other folks you may recognize: Mike Plaxco, Rob Latham, Brian Enos, Doug Konig, Jim Clack and his sister Kay Clark-Miculek who is Jerry's Wife. We were all a lot younger back then.
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