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  1. I visited this site one year on my way home from Winter Range. There is a nice museum there also. Meteor Crater - Wikipedia
  2. I believe the USMC front sights were taller not shorter.
  3. Sure hope you are doing that with dummy rounds and not live rounds.
  4. I have a P38 on my key ring that was my Dad's. It is dated 1951 and made by G. G. Greene.
  5. I load 38-40 on a 550 and use Redding dies and a Lee Crimp die.
  6. Hey Kid Great to see you back on the SASS Wire, hope you stick around and post some. Was so nice to visit with you late in 2020 when you came back to the M14 forum and we shared fond memories of the Carolina Belles and the Belle Alley. Scout
  7. Yep I remember that dinner in Tombstone. Great times!
  8. Why not load a couple and see if the fire off OK? Are you concerned about corrosive primers and that is why you want to deprime the brass?
  9. I visited Old Tucson twice while on the way to WR and both times was in cowboy clothes, went healed and got in free showing my SASS ID. Was great, got a lot of questions as if I was working there as well as request for photographs.
  10. We shared a birth day in April and always wished each other happy birthday on the wire each year. We meet many years ago through the Belle Alley and conversed alot online and then finally got to meet her in person at the SASS conventions when those were being held. I even got her to attend a dance lesson class at one but could not get her to dance during the evening event. This is the only photo I have of us together, it is from the 2008 Convention when the Belle Alley theme that day was pink. She did not like this photo because her hat was crooked, but it shows her smile she always had. She is missed by many and the Allie Cat Meme Thread is still going strong.
  11. You don't have to register weapons in Texas. Unless they are NFA items. The write up is totally bogus!
  12. There is a Plus after the 25 so how can your time be longer?
  13. Yes go to several matches and see what folks are shooting. Some will actually let you look and hold them and some may even let you shot some to see how they work for you. Don't buy anthing until you have done that.
  14. What, you are supposed to clean shotgun hulls before reloading them? Guess I've been doing it all wrong for 25+ years.
  15. Sorry I do not look at the classified section anymore so if that is where you posted the WTB that is most likley why I did not see it.
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