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  1. I am on Posse 1 and BB told me we shoot early day one, mid flight day two and late flight day three. Going to make it interesting to get ready for the costume contest that third day when we shoot late.
  2. Oh Billy so sorry about Sassy. Glad you are still coming, and Texas Jim Henry is traveling with you. It has been some time since I have seen him. I stopped just south of Kansas City tonight (Friday) will go to Moline IL tomorrow (Saturday) and shoot a match Sunday with the Illowa Irregulars at Moline IL then on to Goshen IN, stopping by Paradise Pass on the way just to see it. Will be at the range Monday to check in and do a warmup match. Scout
  3. Figure 4 per stage and take twice that amount.
  4. It is for places that posted no concealed carry allowed. This permits a person entry to and from thier room as opposed to having to leave thier handgun in the car. It allows them protection to and from their room.
  5. I head out Friday, a lot of my stuff has been packed up for over a week. Will load the car tomorrow (Thursday) after I get home from work.
  6. That is during the Wild bunch matches. The side matches and warm up matches are Monday and Tuesday the 21st and 22nd and the main matches are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 23rd, 24th and 25th. So there may not be a lot of the vendors set up that weekend. I would think the locals at the facility may have a better idea when the vendors will be setting up and be open.
  7. I remember seeing a documentary on TV of the findings that occurred after a large grass fire helped to uncovered the shell casings. They were able to tell what calibers were used and from the locations trace how the troopers worked in skirmish lines as they moved as well as where the Indians were shooting from. It was a great Documentary.
  8. Well I've got that match to shoot at Milan first before I head out.
  9. Thanks Maddog, after looking at hwy 30 some more I am going to take your suggested route down to 24 like Singin Sue. Scout
  10. I have been shooting my 87 for about 4 years now since Lassiter did his two drop mod on it. Before that is was a disaster trying to load two. His mod does not allow loading into the mag. You really have to work at learning how to shoot the 87 and a lot of folks give up before they get the hang of it. LB suggest you start with a double and get use to this game a while before you venture into the 87.
  11. Leaving Friday and will be hitting I-80 from I-35 at Des Moines, Iowa and will take it across to shoot a cowboy match on Sunday near Milan/Molin, IL. Then I-80 across and exit onto 30 about New Lenox, IL and take 30 to Etna Green/Warsaw, IN. I am actually staying in Goshen, IN but taking 30 has me miss the toll road and construction on I-80 south and east of Chicago. Will be at EOT Monday. Scout
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