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  1. funny how kids never seem to get it that you get respect by earning it and giving it , the event would not have been good for either - you did the right thing ,
  2. both remembered and brought back memories , thanks
  3. follow the recovery program for best results and get well soon ,
  4. i was thinking the same thing - a standard that he must follow any time someone exceedes a set limit , talk to him
  5. YES , as stated above , the cleaning is just part of the process and really not that difficult - there is extensive information on process and procedures as well as products to use within the archives
  6. the problem i have with the beam these days is my eyes and fine motor skills - back when i ran computations on a slide rule i could see and fine adjust , these days not really - used to say not so much - more accurate to say not at all , but i can see the digital readout and i can still run the trickle enough - or start over
  7. and maybe they need an honest job that keeps them out of that noose - i stand by my comment - hang them in public
  8. remember grandparents using that term - thought it was related to amorous behavior of youthful types , ive never used it myself
  9. OK , thats really gross and yet appropriate for the season , it really looks like bigfoot is hiding behind the curtain - or maybe dracula ???
  10. me too , but you gotta give the guy credit for upper body strength , what the heck is important enough to get that upset over ? really ? i would have expected him to knock himself out with the mail box and that would have served him right - but then bad things only happen to good people , or so it seems , think of how different it would be if the rest of us behaved that way when we were irritated by the likes of him , world might be a different place
  11. yes , ive had good results with it , they make some great 22cal ammo
  12. i currently shoot 45 revolvers - also 45 rifle , so i would have selected the 44s
  13. i started out loading federal once fired paper and plastic premiums , got a lot of them as an employee shot at our range , the plastic have worked wonderful , the paper started out fine but as they aged they seemed to swell and stick a bit - not all the time but sometimes - more than i liked , ill grant some of them were experimentals that were unmarked and maybe had something going on but i really dont think that was the issue , stored dry and cool , they do smell great tho
  14. i wish they all would - and be summarily hung from the nearest tree
  15. something stinks in the story , im wondering if he was making pipe bombs ?
  16. ive always thought i shoulda saved what i spilled but till now really never felt quite strongly enough to salvage it
  17. leaves are peaking color now , its been too dry this year but there are views to be had if you drive to the right areas , fall is fine but the leaf cleanup is not much fun , back when we could burn them it was kinda an event but now that we have to compost - its work , i refuse to bag and pay im not looking forward to what follows - time to get the snow blower running before its needed
  18. i didnt know there were so many options out there
  19. me too , but i learned something from the thread that may help me in the future , actually saved some of this
  20. or when something is going on they dont want us to know about ....putup a new red herring and call it the story of the day/week
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