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  1. i like RNFP for mine but i agree with trying both to choose what suits your need , i had issues with the truncated cone not feeding as smoothly in my rifle for me , worked great in the handguns tho as you might expect , they do not necessarily load the same in your dies
  2. yes , all fun till someone gets hurt - that said , ive always thought i needed the exercise so did not think on this much yet , i can see there might be reasons to do so in the future and probably should before its required , thanks for stirrin the pot
  3. if you PM me i have some that work fine for that size revolver - seperat pockets and an exterior pocket as well , good zippers ,i have multiples - ill send you one for postage ,
  4. wow - states rights all over again , i never thought id see this in my lifetime but then again theres a lot of other things going on i never expected to see
  5. watab kid


    i would emphasize the need to get a good position to see whats happening as well as hear it , without impeading the shooter/timer and without getting past the shooting line - each spotter needs their own field of view as noted above each vantage point allows another perspective of observation , its only fair to every shooter to do your best but as noted above - i think is a hit
  6. i had three over the years - i think they are perfectly fine for those that like them to shoot and enjoy for SASS , i found i did not like the feel of the grip in my hands and found them front heavy , that said do what you enjoy , i had fun in the experience but chose to stick with the SAA for my enjoyment
  7. will not be trying to shoot in calif any time soon but this does raise so many questions doesn't it ? for having a second amendment right - it seems having guns is near as difficult as speaking with consideration of your first amendment right these days - funny these two were of primary importance when attached to our constitution and most assaulted these days , why isnt any other like that one about taxing us under the same ? it is not just California but ill bite my cheek at this point ,
  8. watab kid


    a friend secured a pair in last year and a pair in this year - i will see him this weekend o, ill ask of the prefix , but educate me - why are we asking ? it will change when needed ,
  9. unfortunately the rates make it difficult when on fixed or limited incomes , a good safe and careful living is your best-cheapest insurance ,
  10. never had the pleasure of meeting him , but add my prayers , we of the same era all know we are no longer young
  11. i have a lot of old stuff like me - there are four fixtures with 150 watt incandescent spots at the roof line of my work bench , only run when in use - separate switch from general lighting that has LEDs ,
  12. more to my liking as well but i was not against that short version either ,
  13. if nothing else i enjoy seeing your photos of these , but on top of that i always learn some new things , thanks all for the great photos and posts ,
  14. thats an interesting little critter , i never see that sort of thing - might be enticed for the right price , but i tend toward longer barrels these days , congrats on a great find , it looks in really nice condition , do post up some video - i really enjoy your videos
  15. looks a nice solution and i agree on thinning the cletes , they are way too thick for that purpose it seems ,
  16. marshal chance - a friend and i hope to meet you this shooting season if it ever works out , im originally from iowa and lived a while in davenport working in east moline , we intend to make a shoot in iowa if possible and perhaps make your acquaintance , we shall see what works into schedules , and yes - vote to Keep America Great in November!
  17. those fit real nice , i like your ideas on the profile cutout , it will keep them in place and still leave them readily retrievable - nothing to trap moisture and wont scratch the finish ,
  18. speedy delivery is based out of st cloud mn , i was involved with building it for a long time from when they started through building their headquarters and many out locations , been expanding over multiple states for a while , really good service , really good people , had good luck with brownells over the years too ,
  19. sounds like go time to me , if you need something from a shed i suspect ypou can clear that with the skid steer but in the meantime you have the necessities open and ready to go , need company ?????
  20. by all means follow the dr directions to a tee , i know a couple trap shooters - one followed and is doing well , one did not he is in a bad place , they generally wont fix it if you dont , better to be safe than sorry , miss a shoot to get to make all those in the future you want to do , better than sitting on the sidelines , just sayin ,
  21. happy new year , looking for a 38spcl rifle , setting goals for a couple added matches and returning to my long term ones and getting to shoot with my old friend who is just getting re-active after a few years absence ,
  22. use pipe to make adjustable front leg extensions or cut the rear leg a little shorter to get a little less angle to the plate - wont take a lot but the front leg extensions will allow adjustment for unlevel ground as well
  23. ME TOO , HAPPY NEW YEAR early , im not over celebrating either , do not miss those late nights at all , had a beer and ceegar with my friend aaron after work , will not stay up to watch the ball drop but will put on an old movie and fall into peaceful sleep , gotta move snow in the morning after fresh coffee ,
  24. i was going to suggest cedar or perhaps boat carpet that doesnt hold moisture
  25. ".. Stop by your local shotgun clubs (trap, skeet or sporting clays). If you make friends with the managers, you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of 12 gauge STS hulls that can be found. Even offer to help clean up their grounds after big matches. Usually a big score. Good luck, GJ..." i will second that , most here would be happy to let you take all you want - they wont sort or charge you - you sort and help pick up the hulls are yours , amazing how many once fired are left lying about ,
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