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  1. so .........just how much do they pay for these commercials and why not lower their consumers rates a bit rather than spend so much ? just askin ..... yjey are not all that entertaining and im not buying ,
  2. is your head the same size as that wooden mannequin ?
  3. im not in possession of such a thing but if i were i would secure it safely - take the hatmakers advice
  4. having one now and did not know of this - thanks
  5. if i was hoping not to be seen - i think not going to work , on the other hand if your wanting to be seen at night [to avoid a hit and run] id look for more
  6. i used to be able to get RC - i prefer it to most anything available here , i miss it being on the shelves
  7. lot of friends do - ill not list them , i do not , refuse to pay any extra taxes in this state of ten thousand of them ,
  8. im not going to complain - i think its great that they are flying the flag - i take offence when some association or municipality says they cant fly the flag ,
  9. why use your handgun ? when you can find a rock , but more so why ? when you sent good money on that rifle ?
  10. spent last weekend on the north coast - peak of the color change and well worth whatever we spent taking the grandkids to see it , a photo does not do it justice
  11. CA gets what CA votes for - thus asking for , one day we might get back to being americans and 'carry on' as our predecessors did
  12. im not into pimping but it is a nice looking revolver for those that lean that way , it has a lot of class
  13. been seeing less and less loading table - seems we are to scope out the person behind but seldom happens , it would be the place to put that person on a stool if there is one -as there often is at my shoots , i like the unloading manned by last shooter - no reason to hurry away your done shootin ,
  14. sounds a good idea to me , please let us know if it gets a good response , these things often look great going in and really never get the response you want even though a great idea and opportunity for those in need or wanting something new , i would attend and yes probably buy or even sell if that was offered here
  15. i like mine a lot - i bought the ARMS mount and rings back about a decade ago - not been disappointed but the SADLAC is great as well , i have both a synthetic stock and an original M14 walnut stock for it
  16. that about sums it up ......................
  17. same as most - holsters and slides , a 4570 for hanging the brass bag and loading strip , i also put the revolvers back in the cart between stages , as we age we like to carry less - we also keep less in the cart to reduce the load - i keep my SASS badge and holder on my cart
  18. you got that correct , we are working hard here to fix it - have no time for a metro area in another state we have our own issues to deal with
  19. yours [webley] was converted - i have both non and converted , you can get moon clips or better yet load your own 45 AR , but in both cases download to cowboy loads , these are not designed for much more than our loads and pressures
  20. out of curiosity - why would you want to switch levers between the 66 and 73 ?
  21. i cant think of a use - when i drop the hammer i want a nice big hole to appear - otherwise ill use a shotgun
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