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  1. not sure why but i always thought he was related to dennis hopper [easy rider] i thought he was his dad but now im thinking i was wrong - rite age wrong people in looking into it i find i was very wrong in that thinking , this is my research this evening , i was wrong
  2. im with you here and i hope our monitoring of threats is better than those the isrealis experienced recently but ....i fear we are going to see something soon considering our southern boarder condition ,
  3. i never thought to ask for a tank , i was impressed when the kid in "miracle on 34th street"asked for a B-29 , id like one of those but got nowhere to put it , good luck on your quest , i applaud any effort such as this - if i were closer id help ,
  4. im going along with you here , and when remington was owned by freedom group they went to huntsville AL , i thought that might work out , we shall see how the newly owned rem will do in its new location , but i agree on getting out of new york , thats not been a friendly environment for decades
  5. that was one of my favorite saturday night shows , and i believed that couple could exist , she was perfect for the part , as were the rest of the crew ,
  6. for what its worth - this is a great investment gf your time , it sheds light on the lies that surround the G Floyd incident and its aftermath - it tells the truth about what our state and the federal government lied about , this is what burned down a great deal of the twin cities for absolutely nothing - except to allow the lawless to steal and destroy with no consequences what so ever - makes Jan 6th look like a "peaceful protest" without question , lets see how chicago goes this year
  7. this day was never overlooked in my family home , inspired my fathers enlistment and a cross country drive on the Lincoln highway to do it ,
  8. i think my grand kids might get a kick out of that behind my beard
  9. this gave my heart a slight twist , my grandmother on my moms side was still using some of this philosophy when i was very young , she had a regiment [she believed that bedsheets had to hang in the wind to get them "sweet" ] she didnt have to build a fire or avoid the smoke but just short of that with a gas stovetop in the basement
  10. ya , me too , thats what they were sayin to stop us from wanting beef in our diet , i still like beef enough to tell them to kiss my redneck A$$ , im not a rancher but those i know have heated stock tanks and frost proof delivery systems , we get well below zero here
  11. anymore with the "renaming" and socially 'inacceptable use of common words' i dont have an answer short of saying that you gotta check with the DNC to find out if you can use that "WORD" , having said that ill be perfectly honest and admit that i know there are red stags in parts of the world that look a lot like some of the deer we have here , im guessing its a cultural thing in the "naming process" but it makes it fun for big game hunters looking to fill out their dance cards
  12. ive always felt this to be a solemn day as i was raised in a family of a pacific theater server , this was the event that caused him to enlist [he and his best friend dove from their california employment back to iowa to sign up] there was never any question in our home that it was every bit the infamous event the president called it out to be , in hind sight its easy to see how japan did what it did , its also easy to see why we did what we did , there is no excusing the behaviors of japan throughout the war but in spite of everything that transpired , we helped rebuild after the war - it says a lot about our culture as opposed to others in this world , oddly enough given that pacific service , we were also raised in a family that not only respected the japanese but accepted them into our home after the war , my fathers bomb group was part of the devastation of tokyo and instrumental in delivery of both atomic bombs , but growing up we had family friends that came home with "war brides" from the occupation , one of whom became a close family friend and to me surrogate aunt , my wifes family grew up in japan in the VN and cold war era , a good deal of our homes decor is japanese , looking back 80+ years ive seen this day forgotten for all practical purposes on way too many occasions , but ive never forgotten , it seems we are not remembering 911 these days either .........im seeing that history is not being taught correctly these days - too many historic statues being torn down and the sacrifices of americans ignored
  13. wpw , that worked great , i would never have guessed , im thinking to adjust my cleaning regiment
  14. i agree with the above , but i think you can improve your experience with some of the above suggestion's , the tooth paste is simply a flavored and edible rouge - used it to polish things ive made for years [i had a source for "test" tooth paste back in the 60s - had a couple 2lb coffee cans full and that goes a long way , the gell worked just as good as the paste - just as abrasive to metal in testing lab [my source was trying to improve pumping it on their production lines back then]
  15. i do as well , simply because ive had my best luck there , but ill never steer anyone from a dillon , i have multiple friends that use them and have excellent results - particularly those that load a lot of different rounds , they have alll their setups done and stored for quick switch out , i only load a few so ive not needed to have that ability , i do have a few i load but not all that much of some and not that tuff to switch out on my lyman orange crusher turret press , i do enjoy my time reloading and dont need to have high volume results for anything i do - thus the head shaking at my newly acquired poncess shot shell loader , but it is a great reloading machine , ive always looked at these and the pacific [i think the same thing] as top of the line before commercial production and damn near there
  16. you got that right - i actually resent the loading and unloading at home these days - would hate to have to add two more let alone four
  17. ok , i just thought in this game things were pretty specific and exclusive , i guess i understand if WB is different here as well , i dont argue that the A1 was all that much different , i was mostly asking as i know the specific period differences of the piece , i consider them as different as all of the M1903 variants , as well as all the Krag varrients , and the trapdoors too ,
  18. "is this the person to whom im speaking ?" my mildot scope came with a written explanation , id have to bring that along to read every time i went to the range to figure out what i had to do - i zero my scope and use kentucky windage to adjust anymore , if we start shooting ill be the guy with the book and yellow pad doing calcs i cant do in my head anymore
  19. huh - did not know that - and it dont matter as i dont use perfumes for anything and i dont ;like strawberry flavored anything
  20. no , im not into any rewards and such programs , ive always felt items should be offered at the best price possible to let buyer get a good deal and seller get a fair price , if you gotta give backside incentives your overcharging and i think twice as to my need to buy , i still buy if i need it , but i dont take advantage of the gimmie points
  21. i have a lot of reference books - many might have been updated since i acquired them but they were the best available at that time , im not as keen on wiki as some - but i do use it for general info
  22. you have what i prefer , im not sure why you want that but im sure its possible , good luck ,
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