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  1. that was my thought as well , lib media hype covers up yje reasons for her tri[ getting discussed doesnt it ?
  2. i like the idea , i need to try that one day , have a great time ,
  3. very nice job , compact but fully functional , i like it , great wood working skills i might add
  4. there was a fellow in my fathers wing on saipan that decided he needed a longer safty belt so made his own , when his blister was hit he was sucked from the plane on the return trip from japan , he hung out there for a while but survived , dangling on 20 feet of safety line outside a B-29 could not have been any fun , his name was Krantz IIRC i think id still want a safety line tho ,
  5. im not sure mine would see that as a compliment even tho i would agree with you , my better half has a very high opinion of herself and would not choose to be compared to guns or cars i care about , im not sure she really cares what i care about as long as i care about her these days , we have been married 32 years and i think she might like me to hang around a bit longer tho ,
  6. well , the ND/SD state shoot has been using a buffalo badge most years ive attended , i like it , i have a goodly number of them , the Wisc state shoot uses a train at the location i shoot it at , its also a nice one i have a fair number of these as well but that one floats between a couple clubs and ive not shot at the others yet , always go back to the same shoot if its state shoot or not , ive not shot the MN state shoot yet [not proud of that] its my home club back when i started this , but it always falls on a weekend i have to work , my plan is to get there next year if i can , i have no idea what the name tag badge looks like tho , i gotta come back and point out that WI also used a state plaque - i have some of those , and both used a regular name tag a few times , there are some others over the years as well , i think the off years in WI are sometimes represented differently , the regular name tag was used at the first rough riders shoot - i had a great time there , i do save all my badges - they are pinned to the first shirt i ever wore for SASS , i really dont care what they look like i just like saving the remembrance of all the good times and its a compact way of doing it ,
  7. thanks guys , im going to talk to my friends about adding that shoot to our itinerary next year for sure , we need a july shoot , we are a group spread over three states that have been friends a long time and like these occasions to get together , im thinking you will see us next year , as to a monthly - thats a long way for any of us but ill look at it , as a displaced iowegeion im not adverse to camping there , only drawback is i may have to visit family on the trip , nut the upside is they are on the way down , i did live in davenport for abut three years - worked in east moline
  8. every time my squill population gets big the pair of great horned owls move in for a week and thin them out ,
  9. amen , praise the lord and pass the ammunition ,
  10. very good comparison , the only difference is we know who is supposed to be the good guy in wrestling , but even thats as fake as politics is cause later he gets to be the good guy , at least watchin the girls is better ,,,,sorta
  11. im sure the masons had fun with all those arches , as to the OP ive always enjoyed that medieval architecture , would be interesting to hear the logic of the inventors at the time as well as the logistics of the builders ,
  12. captn , i had that happen to me as well , i kinda forgotten that only cause that was such a PITA time of my life i like to forget it , twice in two weeks just about makes you think your a gypsey without a home , at least i didnt own much back then
  13. ive been buying BRCC for quite a while now , i like it , but ill also buy others to try or just for change now and then , i heard the many net stories but have seen no evidence what-so-ever so im calling BS
  14. welcome , as you can tell , there is no shortage of hospitality . opinions , advice and good wishes , all meant with the very best intentions , as to buying to get started - without knowing your financial situation , be selective and figure your going to change later so plan ahead to be buying and selling a little , unless you do as advised above and accumulate a great hoard , if you investigate early then buy wisely you will regret less
  15. seeing UB in that photo makes me wish i had my 1860 saber back , real not a replica , i sold/traded it with a reenactor years ago , nice looking getup there UB , ad you would not be dealing with that horse while enjoying that coffee [or whatever]
  16. that had to be great fun , burned more 303 in that film than i think i owned in my lifetime , and i had/shot a lot ,
  17. ive passed thru that town , im from iowa originally , i recall it was unremarkable but a nice little place at first glance
  18. where is it held , one day ill try to make this one
  19. all the best advice ever offered to me is above , and ill add that everything i was told was very true , i can say that because i now own everything mentioned above as well as an 1860 , but not the henry - that might change down the road if i get the urge to add another to the rack ,
  20. im liking it a lot , im looking for a july shoot , whats the camping situation ?
  21. ive got to get tuned in at 2-3-400 first , ive been working on loads but ive just not had the time yet to get serious here , i would love to get there if only to watch ,
  22. best free advice ive ever gotten ,
  23. and then there is that come get it factor
  24. zero , "O" could be a letter
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