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  1. Before 1999, they were all 24". After 2003, they were all 20". 2000, 2001 and 2002, Marlin made both. They made the Cowboy II in '97, '98, '99 and 2000.
  2. My identical twin aunts both played basketball. Bonnie and Connie. Bonnie was the better of the two, but was very aggressive on the court. She would typically foul out by half time, and her and Connie would swap jerseys, and Bonnie would finish the game. Twins seem to run in my father's family, but there have been a couple of generations now without a set.
  3. Went to school with a pair of fraternal twins. They gave each other hell over older/younger and mom's favorite.
  4. Moon Clip Carrier. Belt Mountain, sold by 4wheelguns.com . But there are lots more options out there now.
  5. Shaved every thing but the 'stache for years, due to job policy. Current job allows facial hair as long as it's neat. Been wearing a goatee and the 'stache for about 11 years now. Barbasol and a good quality disposable razor. After wearing a hat all day, my horns came out. Wife had to capture it for posterity.
  6. I have found that regular maintenance keeps me from having to work on my small engines. Premium, no ethanol gasoline, regular oil changes and new air filters, and keep a trickle charger on the batteries during the winter. My Husqvarna 24 hp mower is down right now, but no fault of it's own. I bought a couple of replacement front wheels for it about 5 years ago, and the plastic axle spacers (the wheel comes with a 1" axle and the mower has a 3/4" axle) took a trip to the junk yard, leaving me on 3 wheels in the yard. I limped it back to the garage, and ordered two new wheels and the hardware to go with them.
  7. I like most of the eaten raw in a salad green vegetables. I don't like stewed greens, like turnip greens, or collard greens and most specially hate poke salat greens. I do like a mess of leaf lettuce wilted with bacon grease, especially if some white radishes are sliced into it thinly. Peas, green beans and the like are acceptable. English peas with new potatoes was once a favored treat.
  8. I had a rough childhood...I had to help my dad build the house I was born in, but then my mother died six months before I was born and left me to raise my younger brother and sister all by myself. I've never recovered...
  9. In 1956, my parents married. Dad was 19 and mom was 15. None of my grandparents were consulted before my parents drove a couple of hours away to a Justice of the Peace and got married on Christmas Eve. In fact, they didn't tell anyone until a couple of days later.
  10. Congratulations and best wishes on the cancer treatment. Wow. Nice trifecta of guns. I like the 1903 Colt best, and seriously regret getting rid of one a few years ago. Enjoy!
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