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  1. Taurus Thunderbolt. Tried to get one for over a year. Thought I would set the cowboy action shooting world on fire with one. Two years of owning it, three trips back to Taurus, and I never did get it to run right. Finally stood up at a match and in a loud voice announced that if anyone had a hundred dollar bill they would part with, they could own it. Someone took me up on it...and I've never been sorry.
  2. The politicians are going about it in a manner that they know will work. Don't try to do it all at once. Take a little bit at a time.
  3. My Uberti copies of the 1873 Winchester. Two actually come to mind. The first was my first...a Deluxe Border Rifle in 38/357 Magnum. The second I bought as a 45 Colt Saddle Ring Carbine, then had it converted to 38-40. They're my favorite shooting guns.
  4. Yep. Black and white. Got a couple of large black patches on the opposite side.
  5. Y'all meet Millie, a sweet little pup! A rescue out of a hoarding situation...she's 4 months old. Half Schnauzer and half Chihuahua, and all snuggle baby.
  6. Ruger MK trigger pulls can be improved. I dropped the magazine disconnect and did some polishing on my MK III and ended up with a very nice 3.5 lb pull.
  7. We're having to order Dodge Chargers because although Ford is advertising their latest sedan police unit, it's not available for the 2019 year, nor until mid 2020, and quite possibly not until the 2021 model. I like Chargers, but the local dealership where we have to go for warranty service is a PIA. That said, a dedicated dealership wanting to sell a truck would do a nation wide search and find what your son is looking for already on the ground.
  8. I am one of those individuals that have been declared as non-existent by gun pundits. I can swap from different types and actions of firearms with no fumbling or awkwardness. I never drew a revolver thinking I was carrying a 1911, or vice versa. That said, I have yet to find a type of firearm that I'm uncomfortable shooting. I carry double action revolvers, 1911s, and da/sa semi automatics. I use singe action revolvers for CAS, and will carry one occasionally for self defense. I'm not a big fan of striker fired guns, but I do have a couple.
  9. Those are nice scopes for the $. I had one on an AR that I was able to engage 12" targets out to 350 yards with. Not bad for my tired old eyes. Free back up for a nice scope.
  10. My IDPA and 3gun competition guns have fiber optic, since I shoot those sports in daylight. My carry guns have night sights, a variety of kinds. My aw $#!t handguns have rails, and a TLR 1 weapon light. My ARs have Inforce weapons lights on them.
  11. Aw, heck. Now I got to dig out a pair and shoot them sometime soon. Got a pair of 58 Remmy Navies in 36 that I need to shoot..
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