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  1. We are already seeing a distinct reduction in quality applicants for Law Enforcement jobs. I only see that getting worse due to current events and attitudes towards police. I don't like wishing my life away, but I sure wish it was August 2025, so I could retire and leave the BS behind.
  2. Ive been sprayed once for training purposes, and several times unintentionally by other officers trying to spray a bad guy. I have a rule of thumb when it comes to OC. If I perceive you coming at me with a can and evil intent. I'm just going to shoot you and be done with it. I'll take my chances in court. OC incapacitates me.
  3. A dang good pard gifted me that gun. Thank you LSC, You're only the third person who has ever given me a gun, and I appreciate you. I'm up for doing it in July if y'all are.
  4. Burglary definition in Alabama is "Entering and remaining unlawfully in a building with intent to commit a crime therein". The level of the intended crime and the type of structure dictates the level of the burglary charge.
  5. I got 4 acres of personally owned dog park. I an't going to no communal one.
  6. Now that you mention it...there was a lot of cat hair in that sack...
  7. For one match last year, we had a group of misfits that shot a "single barrel" posse, 20, 12, 16 or 10 gauge. We had a blast, and the prize was a bottle of single barrel whiskey. I haven't broke the seal on it yet
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