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  1. Up for sale and available at Shootout at Cavern Cove (April 25-27) in North Alabama. Will also sell via FFL and ship at actual cost. Nearly new set of SASS Vaqueros in 357 magnum. Guns have no perceptible wear. Previous owner indicated he shot 100 rounds or less through the pair. Papers and hard case are with them. Asking $1300 at Shootout at Cavern Cove, or the same plus shipping elsewhere.
  2. I have one with the usual safe and shooting beauty marks. It's not for sale, but I'd put the value north of a grand. It's easily the most accurate centerfire rifle I have.
  3. A friend told his fiance that he was not sure about a wedding band, as it might cut off his circulation. She advised that it most certainly would.
  4. High School ring fit for about 5 years, then wouldn't any more. It's been in a drawer since. As long as I was working construction, I didn't wear rings, including a wedding band. Since I gave up construction as a side line job a few years ago, I've started wearing a wedding band. I only wear a watch when I'm working my police job. I don't wear any other jewelry, unless you count the pins and badge on my uniform.
  5. I used to drink a pot of electric brew a morning. Now I drink a 16 oz cup from a Keurig. I use Starbucks French Roast. It's strong enough for me.
  6. The V-3 Tac 13 capacity is 5 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber with 2 3/4" shells.
  7. Some of the Mossberg Shockwaves hold more. Some of them are 5+1 like the Remington. But I carry a 1911, so higher capacity don't always impress me.
  8. I carry a gun because it's my God given right, and I've seen what happened to people who's only option was to wait on someone else to protect them.
  9. I mounted a light on the forearm of my 870 using a Mag Pul forearm. Used an Inforce weapons light.
  10. I'm saving pennies for the Remington V-3 Tac 13. Like the looks of that. And it's based on the very reliable Versa Max.
  11. I still have to go out and fertilize the telephone pole if I want to make a long distance call.
  12. I got to go down that road in about 5 years. Until then, I have to keep working, mostly for insurance.
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