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  1. Agreed. Saw every emotion you can name doing that. Been attacked, had doors slammed in my face, saw quiet acceptance and had to have medical treatment for parents after delivering the horrible news.
  2. I currently have 7 "old" Vaqueros. 6 of the 7 now have SBH hammers. I've had several other sets of Vaqueros that I've installed SBH hammers in over the years that i no longer own. Shooting gunfighter, it's just easier to manipulate a SBH hammer than it is a standard one. The first set I ever installed was before I discovered Youtube, and took me about four hours, of which, three was trying to reinstall the cylinder gate detent spring.
  3. Patrick Grashorn. Think he goes by Executioner in SASS. Grashorn Gunworks.
  4. 55 minutes, start to finish, to install a pair of Super Blackhawk hammers in my 38 WCF Vaqueros. Including time to get them out of the safe, set up on my workbench and have them back together, in working order
  5. Most reputable companies err on the side of caution on warranty work. I sent Sig Sauer a malfunctioning red dot scope, and had a new one in hand in less than a week.
  6. Think this covered some of the fads in the '50s. My dad, and his 1956 Bel Air Sport Coupe. Dusky Plum and Indian Ivory.
  7. 23 channel CB mounted under my 8 track tape deck, beside the Mustang FM Converter.
  8. 98% of ingested alcohol is processed and eliminated by the liver. Coffee don't make the liver act faster. The other 2% is eliminated by breath, urine and feces.
  9. Sent a young man on a epic journey one day. He was a new employee at the local big box home improvement store. I told him I needed a metric adjustable wrench, and an ambidextrous claw hammer. As far as I know, he's still looking.
  10. On occasion I will watch a movie in the bedroom. When I'm out of town or working nights, the wife will leave it on QVC for the background noise. But mostly, it never gets used. Same thing with the one in my safe room. I haven't powered it up in at least a year.
  11. Stingers have a higher velocity. Semi auto rimfire guns like high velocity. CCI rimfire ammo has a great reputation with competitive shooters. It's more consistent that the bulk box stuff from Winchester or Remington.
  12. I been a cop for 36 years, come September. In all those years, I've never heard of an acronym or a slang reference to a branch, office, department or individual cop using AFT. It's either a typo, or an outright mistake on the part of the author. American Federation of Teachers is the closest thing Google has to offer.
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