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  1. So to speak. Today, I retired from my Law Enforcement job, after 34 years of full time and 36 years total. I start in the morning at a local gun shop as manager. Working in Law Enforcement was a front seat at the greatest show on earth, but it's time to change to something else.
  2. I made it almost 60 seconds and shut it off, after both of them had interrupted the other at least three times.
  3. Never lost a recoil plug, but my gunroom and basement are haunted by the number of AR buffer detents and springs I've lost while changing out buffer tubes and installing sling mount buffer tube plates. I finally started ordering them in bulk, and keep at least five or six in stock at all times.
  4. Montado hammers are the same height as a SBH hammer, but checkered instead of grooved.
  5. Very simply state "no sir, I do not give you permission to search. Am I free to go?"
  6. Agreed on gas with ethanol in it. But I've owned this bike since 2008, and it's never had anything but high test non ethanol gas in it. The Husky lawn mower I have is the same way, and it can sit all winter and start on the first turn of the key.
  7. Just spoke with my ATV repair guy. He suspects fuel system (carburetor issues) as he's never seen one of the replacement flywheels fail.
  8. The replaced the flywheel with one that the magnets were mechanically attached instead of with adhesive.
  9. Great day Sunday, with one dark spot. Was using the 4 wheeler (2004 Arctic Cat 400) to clean up some debris from the yard, and it quit running. Would start and idle, but would die when I tried to accelerate it. Exactly the same symptoms I had two years ago, which turned out to be a $650 repair by replacing the fly wheel. The really dark part was having to load it by hand onto my trailer by myself. I'm already taking ibuprofen this morning.
  10. Always loved the unemployed lawyers who proclaimed they were getting out of whatever charges because I didn't read them their rights... Yeah, you be sure to tell the judge that...
  11. Unsolicited and spontaneous utterance. Seen more than one hang themselves out to dry by this method.
  12. Streamlight ProTac 2L or ProTac 2Lx. Never leave home without one or the other.
  13. I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability. Ron White
  14. Barring reason to believe the gun was used in a felony, no. Alabama Forensics requires the submitted firearm have a list of the crimes the gun is suspected to have been involved in. No fishing expeditions allowed.
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