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  1. I call her "Rusty". S&W 32-20 Winchester Hand Ejector, Model of 1905 1st change. Made most likely in 1907. Tight lockup, smooth action and very accurate. Rescued from the bottom shelf in a pawn shop for a couple of C notes. I got a thing for the older guns.
  2. Marlin 1894. Preferably a pre safety model, of course...JM stamped.
  3. By the third shot, what's taste got to do with it?
  4. Both shots kicked my butt. 36 hours of flu symptoms, and extreme injection site pain with the first one. Stomach ailment, chills and injection site pain with the second one. Lasted a little over 24 hours.
  5. Henry McKenna. I have to drive to either Mississippi or Tennessee to routinely get it, but it's worth it.
  6. 36 years before pulling the pin. Never was trained to do that.
  7. Owning Colts has been a part of my life since I was just out of teen years. I carried them on duty, protected my family with them, competed with them in several venues, including Cowboy Action Shooting, IDPA and 3gun. I collect them, buy them for investment purpose. and just generally enjoy using and owning them. In the same thinking, I've been considering the Harley Davidson bar and shield for some time.
  8. It was fresh and unhealed when this picture was taken.
  9. I'll just gnaw my own leg off and open the door myself.
  10. April. She has her own Youtube channel. April Wilkerson. She's a Texan, started as a DIYer and now owns a business that specializes in craft made wood products. She's got a lot of sponsorships from tool and supply companies, but she really puts a lot into knowing how to do the things she does.
  11. Deepest condolences and prayers up. God bless.
  12. https://www.internationalsportsman.com/winchester-announces-2021-price-increases-on-ammunition-and-reloading-supplies/
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