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  1. I have one with the usual safe and shooting beauty marks. It's not for sale, but I'd put the value north of a grand. It's easily the most accurate centerfire rifle I have.
  2. A friend told his fiance that he was not sure about a wedding band, as it might cut off his circulation. She advised that it most certainly would.
  3. High School ring fit for about 5 years, then wouldn't any more. It's been in a drawer since. As long as I was working construction, I didn't wear rings, including a wedding band. Since I gave up construction as a side line job a few years ago, I've started wearing a wedding band. I only wear a watch when I'm working my police job. I don't wear any other jewelry, unless you count the pins and badge on my uniform.
  4. I used to drink a pot of electric brew a morning. Now I drink a 16 oz cup from a Keurig. I use Starbucks French Roast. It's strong enough for me.
  5. The V-3 Tac 13 capacity is 5 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber with 2 3/4" shells.
  6. Some of the Mossberg Shockwaves hold more. Some of them are 5+1 like the Remington. But I carry a 1911, so higher capacity don't always impress me.
  7. I carry a gun because it's my God given right, and I've seen what happened to people who's only option was to wait on someone else to protect them.
  8. I mounted a light on the forearm of my 870 using a Mag Pul forearm. Used an Inforce weapons light.
  9. I'm saving pennies for the Remington V-3 Tac 13. Like the looks of that. And it's based on the very reliable Versa Max.
  10. I still have to go out and fertilize the telephone pole if I want to make a long distance call.
  11. I got to go down that road in about 5 years. Until then, I have to keep working, mostly for insurance.
  12. I graduated in '77. They had just upgraded from corn cobs to the Sears and Roebuck catalog my senior year. I hear they now have flush toilets, instead of having to sprinkle lime down the hole.
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