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  1. Great stuff and great pic of you both.
  2. There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people. The kangaroo population is estimated at about 45 million.
  3. Its something that's always worried me, I can fish the salt from my front lawn and have fished hard all my life. The last 10 years I have taken all the barbs off my hooks and everything is catch and release.
  4. They were pretty popular those little vans and those buses.....man were they dangerous....you tripped coming down those back steps and you were out of the road!
  5. What do you reckon the chances were of that fish surviving?
  6. Note the flying boats on the harbour at Rose Bay.
  7. UFO Cowboys https://www.imdb.com/title/tt26452296/
  8. Bugger, looked everywhere for Johnson County War but can't find it anywhere to view.
  9. Yep, been that message for 48 hours or so.
  10. Now Rip.....if you reconstituted Bundaberg for those two ingredients.....you'd have yourself a mighty fine drink
  11. Well not every trying the above.....I'll have to stick with my thoughts until I do
  12. SASS Wild Bunch Forum down and has been for two days now? https://wildbunch.sassnet.com/
  13. Mrs. Hutchings & 4 sons ,Melbourne Circa 1940
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