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  1. Here is the thread on this forum Winter Range 2021 is Cancelled - SASS Wire - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  2. I was 8 years old in elementary shool in Fort Worth. Remember seeing the president had been in Fort Worth the day before. Watched alot of news on the TV after the annoucement of the President being shot in Dallas including the shooting later of the prisoner while being transferred.
  3. This is the offical anouncement: NOVEMBER 9 , 2020: We sincerely regret to inform you that we must cancel the show. Oklahoma's Covid-19 cases have more than quadrupled from approximately 1100 cases a day on Nov. 3 to 2000 cases on Nov. 5 to over 4,500 cases Saturday Nov. 7. Due to the dramatic increase in numbers, the Health Department now strongly recommends 25% capacity and 100% enforced mask covering. Taking into account the fairground's formula for square feet per attendee, our number of exhibitors and the square footage taken by all the tables, there is no room left for spectators. We know this is not the news you want to hear, nor is it the news we wanted to give you. We sincerely intended and hoped we could have this show, but due to the new restrictions, it is not possible. We know this has inconvenienced many of you, and we apologize for this late cancelation.Stay healthy. We hope to see everyone April 10 & 11, 2021
  4. Just got a text confirming the show has officially been canceled for this coming weekend. Bummer
  5. Just got word from my friend that the show may be cancelded. Hope to find out by Thurday night since we are supposed to leave Friday morning to head that way.
  6. So glad you finally got to HUG each other!! Also good that the last tube has been removed.
  7. I'm going for the first time and will be at a friends table.
  8. Ive not seen a hat video from the RO before only from shooters. There was too much movement with him looking around. Stopped watching it.
  9. I like Shark Tank also but I am with Rye not considering it a reality show.
  10. I have never shot in Iowa, this is now on my calendar for next year. Hope I can make it work. Have had a blast at the showdown the last two years. Scout
  11. Sorry to hear of the loss of Atlas but I am sure the good times will be remember for a long time. So very glad Michele continues to improve and is working hard with her therapy.
  12. I was off Monday after getting home late Sunday from a long trip. Went by at 10am to vote early and found only 8 people in line outside with another 8 inside once I got there. Did not take long to get in and vote. When I left there were approximately 25 in line outside. Looks like I picked a good time to arrive.
  13. Previously the map location shown in the main SASS site when you chose a specific club only showed the location of the person who was listed as the main contact for that club so it was never even the location of the club.
  14. Go to the specific clubs web site and normally they have maps to their club.
  15. Oh so you are having a CC side match with the Henry's?? That would be cool as I have never shot live ammo out of this rifle although I have had it for a LONG time. I have only shot black power blank rounds out of it in 2015 when I participated in the 150th Battle of Selma AL with my Venture Crew. I wanted to use the Henry so I played a trooper instead of an officer.
  16. My car is still partially packed from my matches this last weekend and I will complete the packing tonight and leave first thing in the morning to head to Garnett. Look forward to seeing everyone on Friday sometime at the range and of course for the CC Dinner Friday night at the Trade Winds in Garnett.
  17. Tony Ben has some great videos out there. Here is one on lubrication of the M14/M1A
  18. If this is a Springfield Armory M1A, they have a lifetime warranty. Buy it, at price it is a steal! The M14 forum has lots of people who can answer questions for you after you have the rifle. Tony has some great videos out there. Watch them.
  19. I am 65 so yes I'm signed up for Senior CC. Could be SSCC if they had such a Category. But I am also shooting smokie stuff in the showdown BP sub category.
  20. They will most likely wait until the upcoming Land Run (which is very close) to announce what the dates will be for next year.
  21. Every time I have attened Winter Range most of the stages were set up so the shooter had a choice of going right to left or left to right with equal targets either direction.
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