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  1. I am pretty tired and going to bed now but tomorrow I will be doing a happy dance for you.
  2. Wow that's a lot to go through. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for the results.
  3. Sam I shoot that smokin cartridge in my rifles and would be interested in them. Scout
  4. You can use them in long range side matches.
  5. I got 2k of there regular LP before they ran out.
  6. When I use to shoot rifle silhouette I shot a lot of the .22 with a heavier bullet and it worked great.
  7. Oh SISS I am heartbroken to hear of your condition. Hope your surgery is successful. A wonderful lady who reports to me at the University has been fighting Cancer for 10 years now. She has a large support group who care greatly about her just as you now will from our fellow Cowboy Family.
  8. Thanks got me some large pistol ordered.
  9. It may have been the two emails sent out by SASS. One had a link to the October 2020 Cronicle and the other had the correct 2021 October issue.
  10. I believe I read on another forum that the revolver production was remaining in place. They are moving the HQ and rifle production.
  11. I thought I remember seeing a post that he had Covid but have not seen any update.
  12. Just to clarify. EOT the World Championships will be held in Phoenix AZ were Winter Range (National Championships) used to be held and it is already full for 2022. The National Championships will now be held in Oklahoma at Land Run starting in 2022.
  13. I have not attended a local match in over a year due to component shortage. Using all my ammo for large matches. Have recently been finding some components but need to find more before I can attend EOT.
  14. I have observed many a shooter at the unload table shake their revolver to unload the spent cases instead of using the ejector rod.
  15. O come on they just cut out the other reloading scenes
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