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  1. Even though I can see the poll, looks like I have to log into facebook to be able to vote in the poll. Since I dont do facebook you can add me to the no column. I already have one of those SASS Marshal bobble heads.
  2. My brother is always referring to second breakfast, now I know where he got it from!
  3. That works but you should not remove the cylinders from the revolvers capped in order to remove the caps.
  4. My go to long gun is my 1866 carbine in 38-40. Love it!
  5. Capped cylinders are considered loaded and treated just like a full revolver. Yet they are easier to drop and keep pointed in a safe direction. Not a good idea to remove capped cylinders from a revolver.
  6. Can you determine from the serial number what year it was manufacturered? That could affect if smokeless or black powder use.
  7. The foundations web site has a lot of photos and videos of the restoration work being done on the Guns removed before the move. The new final location has not been determined yet.
  8. During a two week vacation back in 2019 I spent two days in Boston that included one day at the Charlestown Navy Yard museums and the USS Constutuion. Here are a few photos from that day inluding the dry dock that was most likely shown in the previous photo.
  9. WOW, does that mean that they have reserved the whole restuarant for our group?
  10. Thanks! They both worked for me this time. Great Photos thank you for posting them. GOA had been on my want to attend list for years. Maybe one day.
  11. When I click on the link it takes me to your page but does not show me any photos. How do I get to the photos without logging into Flickr?
  12. I wanted to load for using Krag Rifles and Carbines to shoot in Grand Army of the Frontier events so I first tried some 193 grn .311 lead bullets with Trail Boss and found they would not group. Did some reading and found lots of comments about .30 cal. rifles needed gas checking for lead bullets to shoot well. Then I found some 200 grn. .309 gas cecked bullets and they did great with trail boss. They worked great for shooting at the far distances in GAF events hitting steel targets. Then for a couple years I also shot the rifles in the Military Long Range competion at Winter Range at the three distances of 100, 200 and 300 meters with success. I wanted the bullet to be close to the military weight thus the 200 grn. So since you are shooting out to distance I highly suggest you get Gas Checked lead bullets and JJ and given you his pet load with bullet weight also gas checked and using you requested Unique powder. The Krags are easy to load and have a very smooth actions but I found my Winchester 95 in rifle and carbine are more difficult to load and are not condusive to fast reloades. Good luck with shooting your Winchester 95!
  13. The key is there should be no gap between the base of the bullet and the powder and of it is true black powder some compression is usually also recommended. It is best to look at volume and not weight as different BP weights are not the same.
  14. Hoss What are you wanting to shoot with it? What distances and target types? Scout
  15. That same weekend there is also a match at Tombstone.
  16. I shot the TTN for years, it is now my backup. Had Lassiter do his two drop system and other work on my 87 and that is what I have been shooting the last 5 years or so. Takes lots of practice but is a blast and get a lot of comments about it. Johnny I will be at Landrun so if you look me up you can try them both. I have shot both smokeless and smokie stuff through them both.
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