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  1. I have always worn my SASS life badge in a holder on my gun belt, all others on my vest and I change them out from time to time.
  2. It is really hit and miss and will depend on weather and other things. I had a package mailed from one north central Texas to another right before the winter storm hit and it took 12 days to get to me. I just had a package mailed to me from New York State Monday and got it today here in north central Texas so that is 3 days. Both USPS.
  3. No need to pay for shorter days delivery because these days it won't happen. It is what it is.
  4. A couple months ago I traded 1k SPP for 1k LPP because I shoot 38-40 most of the time.
  5. Thanks Count, yes I have looked all through your web site and watched a lot of the videos. Looking forward to my visit there. Just have to plan my trip to see how far I think I can get the first day. Need to get close to your range so I dont have too long a drive that morning.
  6. Made my room reservations for Arkansas State yesterday and for this Showdown today. I made the cut for EOT in Indiana and planning to shoot with the Illowa Irregulars in Illinois the Sunday before EOT. So this year I will be shooting in Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana! I have shot in Arkansas before but not the other 3 states. More states to check off my list!!! Scout
  7. All the drive up ones around here have them stay in a holding area for 15 minutes before they are supposed to leave. When I had mine at the University they had us stay in the clinic for 15 minutes before we could leave.
  8. Just finished watching it, great show. Really like the presentation.
  9. 3F is all I have used for 38-40. I load with my 550 and use dippers for the powder and filler in the middle of the loading cycle.
  10. It is 6 this morning but only fells like 0, not as much wind. No more snow and the sun is out but forecast is snow/sleet mix this evening into the morning.
  11. Thanks for that info I have also been told about the Illowa Irregulars shooting on the 20th in Molin Illinois.
  12. There are a LOT of rolling blackouts all over Texas. Some have been without power over 9 hours.
  13. Ok this morning it is 7 degrees and fells like -11. I measured in the same spot on my front sidewalk as yesterday and it is now at 6".
  14. We don't get this too often in Fort Worth, Texas. It is currently 16 and feels like -2. Has been lightly snowing all day and there is about 2" on the ground which is not much by many of your standards. The major front it supposed to come in this evening and with 4 to 6 more inchs of snow and single digit temps through Monday.
  15. THANKS I have been looking at things to do on the way there or back. This club match is now on my list to attend on the way there. Looks like this year I will add Iowa, Illinois and Indianna to the states I have shot in!!! Scout
  16. It's the primers that are needed for reloading that will be your issue unless you stocked up before all this madness started.
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