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  1. She's now wearing VZ grips, but the rest is the same. My Springfield Armory Loaded 1911. Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight, Ed Brown Chainlink II mainspring housing and magwell. Wilson Combat Bulletproof extractor and spring kit. Shot the NRA LE firearms Instructors course this week, and did it with a clean target. Around 800 rounds fired with no stoppages or failures.
  2. One of the reasons I no longer manage a gun store. I had an idjit dry fire an AR-15 lower without an upper in place, which can damage the frame. I advised him to not do it again, and childishly, he immediately did while watching me. I took it away from him, and told him I wasn't selling him anything. A day or two later, he talked to the owner, who told me it wasn't a big deal, and to just get over it. That and a couple of other micro managing issues ended that career.
  3. I'm currently at 19. I'm shooting a Springfield Armory Loaded 9mm in the NRA Firearms Instructor School this week. I'm the only one there not shooting polymer, or a double stack magazine. Humorously, the instructor asked if I could bring in a duty style revolver today, because some of my classmates indicated they had never handled one. So I'm taking a Model 15 Smith and Wesson, and a Colt Official Police.
  4. Good kid there...on his way to being a good man.
  5. I don't think they ever offered the M-66 in 44 magnum. They did make a 44 special. There is a rare 1873 SRC 19" in 44 magnum. I've seen a few.
  6. Let us never forget Tinker's alcoholic cousin, Drinkerbell...
  7. Oh, and my 28-2, with Altamont grips. It had Pachmayrs on it when I got it. Thing has a target hammer (heavily checkered, .500 wide) and target trigger (heavily grooved, .500 wide), which is a little unusual for a Highway Patrolman, but very welcome.
  8. Fed the wife pepper steak recently with elk steak in it. She has a long history of saying she doesn't eat venison. I have not told her, as I appreciate a peaceful house.
  9. I have two model 28s. One has been converted to 44 special and plated, the other is still vintage 357 magnum. This is the 44.
  10. Big brother to my Ruger Speed Six. I've had a dozen Security Six, Service Six and Speed Six revolvers over the years. I've taken a vow to not let my current Speed Six get away from me. Ruger no longer offers repair on them, so if you break a part, it's off to Numrich Arms, or have someone make it for you. They are tanks, though. I've never broken one in all the years I've been shooting them.
  11. Looks more like one of Schoolmarm's skillet marks, but I'll go with your story. Hope all is ok, and you get to feeling better quick.
  12. The boss called an impromptu meeting at work. After all of us were seated, he asked "Can anyone give me some examples of useless?" I raised my hand, and he said, "yes, and what are some other examples?"
  13. Made my own Oklahoma Burgers (aka "Smash Burgers) last night. Infinitely better than bought. 4 oz of ground chuck rolled into a ball, then pressed flat (about 1/4" thick, about a 5" circle). Liberally season with kosher salt and black pepper. Butter a hot skillet (medium high). Place patties in hot skillet, and immediately press about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of very thinly sliced onions on top, and over sides of patties. Cook three minutes, and carefully flip, cooking two more minutes on second side. When flipped, place bun bottom on the patty and stack top of bun on this. Put lid over the entire skillet. This steams the buns. Remove buns, and place slice of American cheese on each patty, and cover for 30 seconds. Remove all, and assemble burgers. Recommended condiments and dressing are mustard and pickles. I opted for mustard only, but I did make mine a double. Nearly hurt myself eating it all, but it was so worth it. The crust developed on the patty from the high heat is one of the signature traits of this burger.
  14. I have worked for an engineer. That picture is quite literally the way his thought process worked.
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