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  1. I'm curious, as the 444 Marlin is probably the most potent of the 44 mag cartridges, and no doubt produced significant velocities. What bullets would be used in this high velocity situation?
  2. This does not pertain to SASS, but I'm having trouble finding answers. I'm curious about bullets in 44 caliber rifles that exceed the manufacturers' published velocity specs. For example: the Hornady #44050 XTP is stated for a velocity range of 750-1400 (+/-) in the Hornady catalog. Hodgdon has a published load for this bullet with H110 powder, at 2286 fps. Q: what happens to handgun bullets such as this XTP when pushed faster than the factory recommendations?
  3. OP, I have to laugh after that disclaimer, it has a PG-13 rating...
  4. I also had some pards help me out with a similar request. Glad to see it. My order for 44 Russian was on with Starline for a full 12 months until I decided to cancel it. I check their site daily, but they are perpetually out of everything. Dunno why.
  5. There is also "Flyboys" by James Bradley (2003), ISBN 0-316-10584-8 This goes into great depth about the Japanese atrocities against nine American flyer POWs on Chichi Jima during WW2.
  6. Every one of my doctors are English-not-first-language types. You can figure it out from here.
  7. Those bombs didn't scare 'em... they killed 'em.
  8. I like the improvements Ruger did to the Marlin 45-70... don't like the $2k+ price. I do wonder if Ruger might ever reintroduce the 444 Marlin.
  9. Forecast: 18,000 degrees and high winds. As to the millennials, Dad told me how our POWs got glass rods shoved up their penises, then smashed, for a lifetime of misery. Then there was the cannibalism on Chichi Jima, the atrocities of Bataan... I have zero regrets about dropping those nukes and ending that war.
  10. I am very aware of the impending end of trail. It weighs on me that I don't really have anyone who will appreciate my guns and other very nice things. This keeps me awake at night, as it is an inescapable problem to which I have yet to find a solution. I don't shoot BP nor do I have any desire for big recoil guns. I picked up AA5744 (aka Buffalo Rifle) specifically to download the big kickers.
  11. Manufactured products at Menards are the same as those in Home Depot or Lowes: Hecho en China.
  12. I shoot soft cast in .358 and .430 at BHN=9 or 11,518 psi. Clays, Clean Shot, No.2, No.5, N32C (tin star), IMR Red, Red Dot, Titegroup, HP38, 231, Universal, Bullseye, N320, N340, N350, Unique All have loads that meet this requirement for handguns. I have some Trail Boss in stock, but am very reluctant to consume it. I recently acquired some Clean Shot, which is favored here. I have not yet tried it out, but I grabbed it when available at an exceptionally low price. The Shooters World powders in most cases, are far less pricey than the others. Lovex is a premium powder manufacturer in the CZ, with a good reputation.
  13. Get real. FB censors, suppresses or jails folks that disagree with their Marxist viewpoints. One does not have to be vulgar or profane while doing it. Our moderator is always admonishing us not to turn the Wire into another Facebook. That means there is a fundamental difference between the two. Most of the conservative opinions expressed on the Wire would get the poster banned or put into FB jail.
  14. I left FB on my own terms, and not on theirs. I was accumulating ever-long jail sentences, which would have led to a complete ban. When the public library starts censoring what you can say and think, it is time to leave that library.
  15. Indeed. I'm divesting my entire 243 stock of rifle, ammunition and dies. My Savage wound up as the 'tweener caliber between 223 and 30-06. It's sole purpose was for high volume prairie dog shoots, which are better served by the 223.
  16. Hey BB, I understand there is a rumor floating around that ADI might resume TB production in 2023. I still have 4# left, and holding onto it.
  17. Facebook, pass. This is actually a valid point. Those of us who closed our Facebook accounts cannot access your link.
  18. I'm getting ready to divest my 243 and all associated ammo. Last night I checked Midway for Hornady SuperPerformance Varmint in 75 grains... wowzer is that pricey. I won't have any trouble selling it for what I paid (half) compared to today's price and scarcity.
  19. Looking at my screen with a cup of coffee and a strict Keto diet... I can only drool over those 'rings. Enjoy.
  20. Ditto for polio. Except in NYC, where the unwashed have brought polio back to America.
  21. Beg to differ, entirely dependent upon where you live in America. None of my doctors have english as their first language. I don't have the luxury of finding a native english speaker in my system and my neck of the woods. I can't test drive, or interview or anything else. I can guess at the best foreign doctor in my system and work with it. My Dad was a doctor, and used to comment about how the undertaker covers up the doctors mistakes. Two of my daughters are nurses, and both will tell you they have lost count of how many times they had to go toe-to-toe to keep the doctor from killing their patient. One of my lodge brothers is a vascular surgeon forced to retire after being hit by a drunk driver. He has no end of horror stories to tell about hot rod doctors that cut intestines, perforate bowels during colonoscopies and try (unsuccessfully) to remove a foreign object that turned out to be the patient's spleen. I see you like to argue. You are more than welcome to your opinion, as I am to mine. We can debate how many angels can dance on the heads of pins. Any patient who does not take an active interest in their own care, is a fool.
  22. Good for you. If I worked it that way, I would now be dead from cancer. The quality of your doctor is the luck of the draw. Speak with any long term nurse, and they can fill your ears with the horror stories of incompetent and/or clueless doctors. Most tell me their #1 job in the hospital is keeping the doctor from killing their patients.
  23. I got my quarterly blood panel results back on 8/1, after having the 'rona on May 27. I noticed my Eosinophils and Basophils were elevated beyond the normal range. Went out on the net and took a peek... could be inflammation, or could be pancreatic cancer. Well.. that is swell. Called my two nurse daughters (one is oncology). Both agreed the numbers were only a single digit out of norm which is very atypical of cancer. Those numbers go through the roof with a real cancer. We figured out these elevated numbers are yet another side effect of the 'rona.
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