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  1. Mine was a Vaquero Bisley in 357, bought in 1999 as a prop when playing piano in the Stinking Tent Saloon at Sacramento Gold Rush days. Many years later, I got interested in SASS, and dug it out of the safe... lo and behold... a Bisley.. well, how about that? I added its twin brother, etc, etc, etc, etc in 2019.
  2. The Darwin Award candidates do this, at full speed, on Highway 50 in Sacramento. So far, I've only seen the nominations... have not yet seen an Award recipient. My #1 nurse daughter sees 'em though... the Award recipient is on top of the gurney, and his leg is on the bottom shelf. The most wheelie prone bike I owned was a Yamaha RD400. The weight bias was such that it was especially prone to wheelies with a fat bottom girl on the back.
  3. I understand some cities (SF, Berkeley?) have also banned natural gas from new construction. No more gas kitchens. Meanwhile, an enterprising couple has come up with the ideal way to conform to electric lawn mowers.
  4. bgavin

    IMR Red

    I have 1# of IMR Red which was set aside when I was able to get 8# of Clays and 4# of Trail Boss. Hodgdon sources many of their powders from ADI/Thales in Australia.. who say they have no plans to produce Trail Boss in 2021. Their news page says they plan to focus on their "core" products, which I interpreted as mostly rifle powders. I find powder is easier to find than primers. PowderValley and Midsouth seem to have the most offerings. These change quickly throughout the day/week. Online sales of powder + hazmat + shipping necessitates buying in 8# lots to ease the shipping expense pain. My LGS finally has several 1# in stock, but they are pricey... around $40.
  5. Then you have it well thought out, for your needs. I don't shoot BP, nor do I cast my own, nor do I muzzle load. I was trying to understand your anathema toward a twist rate that is favorable with the weight and lengths used in 44 mag. Thanks for your excellent, and well state explanation.
  6. Pretty much. Look at the product, find the "Heche en China" or "fabriqué en Chine" label. In most cases, this is the identifier for CCS... "Cheap, Chinese ..." and you can figure out the rest. Look at the labels on the pricey Sig rangefinders, even Leupold rangefinders... the same. At least Vortex offers (the only) lifetime warranty on rangefinders made in China. It would burn my bird to have a $200+ rangefinder die on me, only to wind up being thrown out. These products, same as Walmart CCS are produced to meet a low price point. China can produce absolute top quality products... if they are specified that way. I have telescopes and studio mics produced in China to premium specifications, and they are superb instruments in every aspect. When your digital scale dies it becomes a paperweight. Cannot ever be repaired. Try replacing the battery in an iPhone or Kindle... they are designed to be thrown away... not serviced. This can be done, but it is difficult at best...
  7. I like everything about a digital scale... except when they quit. Then it becomes an expensive paper weight. That is the only thing I don't like about digital scales and computerized gadgets in general.
  8. 1993 was the year we bought the house... back when we used to get rain. The neighbor down the street was running his boat out on the street.
  9. I have the Uberti 1873, with a 1:20 twist rate. This twist over-spins the bullets I favor, yielding a Miller Stability above 5.5 even with heavy 240 gr bullets. It's worse with lighter bullets. The Marlin 44 mag 1:38 has the M.S. at 1.94 +/- for 180 grain XTP which is right in the sweet spot of 1.50 to 2.0 I have an interest in this one if it has the octagonal barrel, and especially interested if they solved the soft carrier / marlin jam thing. I'm reluctant to shoot full house 44 mags in the 1873.
  10. Birds are stupid. Hence the term "bird brain". Our old Tom used to sit in the back yard and let the birds fly at him. They would get more and more bold, and fly closer while he ignored them. At the opportune time, he would fast-as-lightning grab one out of the air kill the stupid thing. The roof rats used to run the fence and laugh at him down on the ground. He would wait patiently in the neighbor's tree until a rat jumped from the fence to the tree... Then we got a dead rat trophy delivered at the back door. Unfortunately, he was a sprayer, and somebody shot him. He was failing from lead poisoning when I took him to the vet for the Long Walk.
  11. Your outcome is far better than mine. As a Mason, we lose FAR more than we gain. I understand this is chronic with all the service organizations. I can also understand how a young man, with a heavy job and family obligations has a tough time being an active Mason. Ditto for that young man with an investment in guns, leather, clothing, cart, and all the trappings and space requirements of reloading. I am very grateful to our match director for allowing adults to shoot 22LR instead precious center fire ammo.
  12. Six on the floor is my preference for transmissions. My Chevy van had three on the tree... ugh. The automatic in my bride's RAV can manually select the gears on demand.
  13. I don't have problems with cats... my problem is the chronic dog crap in my yard. I call out their asshole owners, and get "the look" or the finger in return. These are the jerks who have their dog on a leash, then let him crap in my yard, then walk away from that steaming turd. I always find them with the lawn mower. Our (final) cat was an indoor model for 9 years. I have the back yard blocked off so he spends all day in the yard. At 17 pounds, he is either too fat, or never got the idea, to climb the fence. Yes, we get the cat fights and breeding howling in the yard (we have a pool). But this is very seldom... skunks are more frequent.
  14. Consider a small battery UPS for your rig. Not only will it avoid unpleasant wakeups, but will help avoid hardware failures from power failures or brownouts. I have a 15 year old REMstar that has been subjected to countless power outages in my 3rd world power section of Sacramento. Something got smoked on the main board, as it is forever stuck in max blower speed, i.e. 20 cm pressure. I stripped it down and found no dirt, no clogged tubes and nothing obviously smoked on the board. I was hoping for a popped capacitor that I could replace... no such luck. These things are EXPENSIVE, especially for me as a cash-only customer.
  15. If one has a calibration weight set, either is fine. For me (personal preference) after a lifetime in the computer business... I don't want anything to do with computerized scales. My Redding will do just fine, and do so with complete reliability (if used with adult supervision).
  16. We spent two summers in San Diego, and it most definitely rains.
  17. I left on my own terms before that happened. My next term in FB jail would have been forever. They didn't like my photoshop image of Hillary being led to the gallows. When they censored the president of the United States... that was it. I closed my business and personal FB accounts, gave 'em the finger and walked away.
  18. Frankly, I always wanted to be Mr. Scott.
  19. If one wants regular pristine air quality, they have to live on the very Left-most part of the Left coast.
  20. The hippies stalled forest management in court for decades. This was done to protect the spotted owl and all the other little critters. Now, they are all dead from being burned alive. There (was) a whole lot of critters in 12.7 million acres.
  21. Wow... that car certainly got the point.
  22. Ouch! That just plain sux. I have a client with a 10x10 room converted to a vault. He has thick steel cables in the walls, and a safe vault door as the only entrance. Near as I can tell.. if he gets locked in... he is S.O.L, You must have relocated somewhere other than Boston.. I figure property large enough to hold your bench, and proposed vault, is not in the City.
  23. That is the case for my bride and me here in CA. We don't have all that many years left... I'm not enamored of moving 1600 miles then dropping dead on her. However, I am not driven by employment needs. My brides parents picked up and left the family home in PA and moved to metro Buffalo, following the work.
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