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  1. OP, thanks so much for the idea! I have a high-res of that image, and plagiarized your caption for my own bit of ridicule.
  2. Ahh Harry Bosch... he's the man. I have all the books.. They even did a reasonably good job on the Bosch series. Wrongway and I are doing a lot of binge-watching while waiting for #4 to graduate nursing school, and move out. In 'N Out is so tempting... but I can hear my glucose meter screaming all the way from home, when I entertain thoughts about stopping there.
  3. Yeah, but this is a family board. I have just the meme for her promiscuous baloney, but.. this is a family board. Harris climbed the ladder the old fashioned way: on her back. Somebody asked her what she puts behind her ears to attract men giving job interviews. "My knees," she replied.
  4. A speedy and full recovery for ya. Be prepared... they may need to do more after they get in there. Make sure your spouse is fully prepared to authorize it. You don't want to go to all that prep, just to close up and come back a month later. My neighbor was scheduled same as you... once they got the package opened, he needed a 5-way.
  5. Biden has given Harris a leg up... even though she is good at that all on her own. Greta Thunberg must be heart broken... all that sniffing, and still not picked.
  6. Keep them on the phone as long as you can. Time is money for them. The more time they waste, the less they are paid.
  7. I do not own any rubber bullets. One of my daughters is always reminding me, "Go Big, or Go Home." #1 buck is my personal favorite. According to the FBI studies I read, this one does the most damage.
  8. Here in suburban Sacramento, our best seeing is Sigma Orionis with the naked eye. The is a magnitude 3.77, and the first descending object in Orion's Belt, at the left side. Here, I have not seen the Little Dipper in decades... However, if we get out by Sonora, or into NV, the seeing is FAR better.
  9. Just curious, as a commercial vendor, do you use some fancy commercial loading machine, or just a big progressive press?
  10. My son-in-law is from Nola... he says "all y'all", so I wonder if "all y'aint" also applies...
  11. I am still waiting for the water cannons to come out.
  12. I was part of the 60,000 laid off at IBM in the early 90s. Those of us getting close to pension age were shown the door. IBM raped our pensions and retirement, cut us a paltry severance check that was dependent on a promise not to sue down the road. The good news: IBM could not rape our vested rights. When I turned 65, my old manager told me to check and see if I had anything... and I did. "Shocked". I worked contract for a long time, then was picked up by HP. That was great work, until management torqued off our customer so bad, they went straight to the lawyers. HP laid us all off. It was very good while it lasted, though. IBM is doing the same again today as a new crop of employees closes in on retirement age.
  13. Our mentor at our club did a lot of TO and his lead was sky high. He has since brought it down a whole lot since then. I asked our doctor to run a full lead panel on me last year. The lab FREAKED out and demanded OSHA paperwork, blah, blah, blah.. until the doc said it was for "hobby" and not "work related." Shoot first, ask questions later...
  14. Cat, I certainly remember those gas prices. As a kid, there were endless "gas wars" in Boise. I had a paper-route nifty-thrifty Honda 50, that I could fill up for half a buck, and ride forever.
  15. OP, My wife had an interest, so I got her an Orion 10" Dob. It is SO big and so cumbersome, it literally never gets used. The viewing angle is not at all user-friendly. Today, it sits in the storage unit, unused. It needs to go away. I got her an Astro-Tech AT90-EDT v2. This is a 603mm/f6.7 scope with a 90mm objective with FPL-53 Ohara APO glass. f/6.7 and slower allows use of the many Ortho eyepieces such as the Baader Genuine Abbe Orthos, and the various clones. You do not need premium TeleVue eyepieces ($$$) to have a good time. I have a pair of TeleVue Powermates and a Nikon F-mount adapter that I use for both daylight and night moon shots. This is the equivalent of a 4,000 mm telephoto for the Nikon, and very usable during daylight. Before you spend the $$ on a scope, at least check into the binocular type scopes. Astro-Tech and Explore Scientific are both Chinese outfits that make top quality scopes. If we had it to do all over again, it would be a quality binocular scope with 90-degree (not 45-degree) turrets. We are all signed up to buy one, but the factory in China burned down and was delayed by several years. APM and Oberwerk are the premium brands for binocular scopes today.
  16. A very strong-willed woman recently referred to her husband's retirement as "half as much money, twice as much wife."
  17. Dayum! Impressive! Thanks for the demo.
  18. Brew it with Red Bull instead of water.
  19. Subscribed. I really enjoy this tutoring about the Marlin action.
  20. Pre-2005 Rugers were made for 44 magnums... new ones are 44 Special. 1-800-ASK-RUGER (fictitious number) is your friend. I have no love for full house loads, but I have lots of love for mine (all pre-2005) being designed enough to handle them.
  21. We have a document shredding service close to our house. You might consider this, if you have endless boxes of case files. More important: make MULTIPLE backups of your critical files. Do NOT trust a single backup. Test your backups after creating them. Use a backup method that is not proprietary. Use a standard ZIP, .7Z or .RAR, which are widely supported. RAR and 7Z are my personal choices. These archives can be password protected, so choose one you will never, ever forget. You cannot hack a password protected archive if you cannot remember the password. I hate to discard stuff I have not used in awhile (or 30 years), because as soon as it is gone, I need it, then have to go out and buy it again.
  22. How many school kids can recite the Pledge of Allegiance?
  23. Here in the PRK, I would immediately assume this is SWAT making a felony arrest for not wearing a mask while driving. I would opt for "A" and beat a hasty retreat from the scene. When the same is in your driveway, it is different. I came out early one morning to find SWAT at my side gate, and an officer jumping over the gate coming out of my yard. I looked at him and said, "Good morning. Do you want me to open the gate?" He said NP, he was good... there were 5 cops all in vests, shotguns and ARs and a K9. The neighbor on that side was a heroin dealer (as I was told) and the cops were there for a major arrest. So, I emptied the trash and went back into my house for another cup of coffee. This is fairly common on my street, even though we are not in a particularly rough neighborhood.
  24. I'm Life NRA, but only donate to GOA, COC, CRPA and VCDL even though I don't live in VA. I remember how disillusioned my Navy SIL was after the scandal with Wounded Warriors came out. He was an ardent supporter of WW. Term Limits apparently should be a universal concept, not just for politicians.
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