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  1. Ain't that the truth. Hayden Christensen got reamed for his deadpan dialogue in the Star Wars prequels, but when he came back and starred in the various Disney spin-offs people were surprised that he actually CAN act. Lucas simply gave him nothing to work with. Even during the original trilogy Harrison Ford was known to have said to Lucas "You can write this s*** but you can't say it!".
  2. Any movie where they picked a white guy to play an American Indian.
  3. If you ever needed proof that God has a sense of humor consider this: He gave us articulated arms and hands capable of reaching any part of our body except for a small spot right in the middle of our back. Then He made that spot itch all the damn time.
  4. There's actually now a name for these folks: Tourons. Tourist + Moron
  5. Would've been funnier, that's for sure. Except to the woman of course.
  6. The current Idiot-in-Chief can't even ride a bicycle. Do you really want him handling automatic weapons?
  7. One more and he'll be able to fart in 5.1 Surround Sound.
  8. In one of the Vietnam documentaries I watched a former NVA soldier was mocking the US soldiers for carrying so much crap with them everywhere. He said they found it extremely easy to hit the Americans then run away because they were too loaded down to give chase.
  9. In that picture I see a couple of deadly weapons. And a hand grenade.
  10. Let me guess... the woman covering her face is his wife and she's pretending not to know him.
  11. You don't expect these people to know any more about horses and saddles than they do guns, do you?
  12. I used to work next to a Ross store. they had someone hit the wrong pedal and go through their front window not once, but twice.
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