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  1. Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia had their C19 outbreaks when they were still in their hot summers. It's becoming apparent that the experts simply don't know, and it's giving the politicians free rein to make up s--- on their own.
  2. Using logic on a lefty is like trying to put a dress on a squealing pig in a pen. A complete waste of your time.
  3. One fart and she's gonna impale some poor guy in China...
  4. No, they're just in training to come after you later.
  5. I agree. The poor thing's only crime was being an alligator.
  6. West Virginia. eh? Any beachfront property for sale there?
  7. And just like pretty women my 10mm sockets always seem to want to hide from me!
  8. Funny thing, but when I was in China all the banks had bulletproof glass protecting the employees and you had to put your funds in a stainless tray. And this is a country where nobody has guns, not even most of the cops. Yet here in the good ol' gun-happy USA you walk in to most of the banks in my area, and you could literally strangle any of the employees if you wanted to. Except for my nearest bank, where the counter lady literally has more chest hair than I do and could probably crack any skull that threatens her/it.
  9. Gawd, ain't that the truth! I'm really getting tired of online videos where some YouTube hotshot mag-dumps into a rubber human dummy at five feet then brags about how accurate the gun is. I think the last time I actually saw someone shooting at 25 yards they were using a rifle.
  10. A couple years ago I bought a Cimarron .36 1851 Navy, and it is so fun to shoot I haven't even thought of expanding the collection. Mine was actually put together right, with no attention needed to the arbor or anything else. I also have an old Centaure 1860 Army that my dad bought back in 1971, but is a pain in the rear as it's difficult to load the percussion caps. Also the action feels rough and it has really strong springs in it, unlike the 1851 which is slick and smooth. If I were to get another cap n' ball revolver it would probably be one of the Italian 1860s, since I like the looks.
  11. I readily admitted that I haven't owned or used a Uberti with the new retractable firing pin. My opinion isn't based on its function or performance. I just hate seeing classic designs ruined by lawyers having their way. It's the same reason why I will not buy a new Smith & Wesson with the infamous "Hillary Hole", aka key lock feature. In my opinion, if you can't figure out how to safely use a Colt Single Action or clone then you probably shouldn't own one. Go buy a Ruger with its bazillion safety features and let those of us who enjoy the nostalgia of owning and shooting an 1870's revolver design have our fun as well.
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