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  1. Anyone who thinks voter fraud doesn't happen isn't aware of the drama that surrounded Republican Dino Rossi's attempt at becoming Governor of WA state in 2004. He won the election by a narrow margin, and then after two recounts managed to lose it. During the recounts the Dems claimed to have found a whole bunch of ballots that had not been counted, and the Republicans claimed to have found evidence of people voting twice, continuing to participate in the election process after death, and other shenanigans. The left-leaning state Supreme Court ruled against the GOP citing lack of sufficient evidence, and we haven't had a Republican governor since.
  2. My former next-door neighbor was a 'Nam vet who served in the Army. He was VERY jumpy, and one time when I came up to him in his garage he nearly jumped clean out of his skin. He also hated 4th of July fireworks. He told me a few stories that he likely didn't tell many others, such as the first man he killed as well as the time his firebase was nearly overrun (I forget which one it was). Like they say, you never forget... you only shove it way in the back of your mind and hope it stays there.
  3. It always says the item is known by the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. Well, I ain't a Californian and I'm a guy so I usually just shrug my shoulders and move on... But if they ever start rollmarking it on firearms then I'm REALLY going to flip my lid...
  4. Unfortunately studies have proven that negative campaign ads definitely work, which is why everyone does it now. It's more of a sad commentary on the voters in this country than it is the politicians. I haven't had TV in nearly a decade, and I don't miss it. As for commercials, I always liked the goofy Geico ads but that was about it.
  5. So cheeseburgers today, rum tomorrow. What's on tap for Sunday?
  6. Mas Ayoob once told the story of an LEO who was ambushed just outside his house by a perp who'd just gotten out of prison and had sworn revenge on him. He shot the officer right in the chest, and the bullet went through his heart. Despite that he managed to run from the perp to his patrol car in the driveway, and was frantically trying to open the trunk to get to a shotgun inside when he collapsed and died. That incident is often used to demonstrate that nothing short of liquefying the brain is guaranteed to drop someone instantly. And yes we all wish it had been the perp shot and not the LEO.
  7. Unfortunately the corporate powers that be learned that so-called "country" music was more marketable to the masses when they let it turn into twangy pop music. And their sponsors decided that supporting conservative causes was no longer kosher, so now we're hearing these twits support gun control and other leftist drivel. And I'll bet none of them can actually ride a horse.
  8. I've said this before, but thanks for your service and glad you made it back in one piece. Same goes for Charlie and all the other 'Nam vets out there.
  9. I guess this Saturday I'll have to swing by the local Arrrrrby's for some lunch.
  10. All three loads have similar ballistics and will have the same impact. All three are perfectly capable of inflicting a lethal wound, even if they're not ideal defense rounds by today's standards. Nobody with any brains wants to be shot, not even with a .22LR (which is also quite lethal). The constant worry we gun owners have about having to fend off some 300lb, meth-laced Thugasaurus Rex in our living room is mostly unfounded.
  11. It'd be nice if all the Burning, Looting, Mayhem supporters appreciated that fact.
  12. Like Clay said the chocolate ones were the only ones that tasted kinda gross. Maybe I'll have to buy 20-30 packs and save the chocolate ones for use as targets.
  13. I've never been able to use them as targets because I can't stop eating them.
  14. I might have read it here once, but apparently there was a grunt in Iraq who left his M4 propped across a curb, and a Humvee backed over it, bending it like a banana. Somebody got the idea to flip it over and run over it again to straighten it out. When it was turned in to the armorer it was a nice S-shape.
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