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  1. Here in the perpetually soggy PNW I usually have no other choice. It's either cut the grass between rain squalls or be prepared to end up with my home looking like a lost Mayan city in the jungle. The only time it isn't always raining is mid-summer when the grass usually turns brown and stops growing for awhile anyway.
  2. One evening I was watching the news, and the bimbo on TV said the USS Nimitz had over 5,000 troops on board. I grimaced so hard I nearly broke a tooth.
  3. The Mini-14 came out during the 1970s, but yes it was still too late for Vietnam. They might have run better than the M16s, but nobody would've been able to hit anything with 'em.
  4. I have a Series 80 Colt that I once ran 1500 rounds through while taking several training courses back to back. All I did was squirt some oil in it on occasion. Never missed a beat. The thing about 1911s is that no two are alike, which is what you often get when you're talking about a pistol that needs some degree of hand fitting.
  5. I've owned a Glock of some flavor continuously since 1991. They are also among my least-shot handguns. I'm now down to one, a G19, and it just sits in the safe. I just can't stand the ergonomics and the trigger. Yes I could go aftermarket and remedy a lot of it, but I'm not going to spend hundreds just trying to get it to suit me when there are plenty of other guns out there that do.
  6. When I was a child (early 80s) I had to walk about a mile and a half to the bus stop... alone. I did it in the rain, in the snow, and the driving wind. These days I see kids are picked up right outside their driveways, and if another kid lives 100 yards further down the street the bus picks them up in front of their driveway too. Supposedly it's done out of concern for the children's safety. I guess I was simply too ugly for anyone to ever worry about me being abducted.
  7. All my ARs regardless of stock type have the same springy feel to the recoil. It's just part of the fun of shooting an AR-15.
  8. Politicians are like diapers..... they need to be changed often, and for the same reason. -unknown
  9. Seriously, I noticed that none of the receipts I get from gun stores ever have the gun make or SN on them. Just "gun sale" for $xxx. How am I supposed to ever be able to prove when I bought a particular gun?
  10. Well, I guess if you suddenly find yourself in need of a new car that's as good a place as any.
  11. Sounds like you just answered your own question...
  12. Just imagine if Frank McLaury had THAT on the side of his horse at the OK Corral.
  13. Lugers are supposed to be inherently very accurate, but I can't tell with mine because the trigger pull is about 16# and the sights are abysmal.
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