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  1. What's so disgusting is that these Dem presidential candidates have no way to show that they're better leaders than the rest of the pack, so each one has found a pet agenda to pursue. Jay Inslee wanted to be the "save the planet" president, Liz Warren wants to be the immigration president, and now Beto wants to be the "get rid of guns" president. Each one is pandering to the left in their own special way, rather than try and show us how good a leader of ALL of us they can be.
  2. Colt had exclusive rights to manufacture the M4 for the military during the early 2000s, right in the middle of two wars. They charged the government full retail... $1000 per rifle. Despite that they still went bankrupt in 2013. If that doesn't tell you something is seriously wrong with the company I don't know what else is.
  3. Yesterday he was at an anti-gun town hall (pretty much the only place where he can find friends anymore) and somebody who identified himself as a Columbine survivor challenged him to confiscate ALL semi-autos, even handguns. Beto replied that he's open to the possibility. So there you have it. I hope his mouthy mouth sinks his party's chances for victory next fall.
  4. I be rather hangin' out with the rest of you misfits than the perfect people who look down on us.
  5. "Does this wedding dress make my butt look big?" And then the fight started...
  6. Depends on whether you're countin' or doin'. Thanks for the reminder, I'll be sure to stop by an Arrrrrrrrrby's for lunch today. .
  7. I too would like to get a WW2 P.38 one day, just to have. For the moment though I have a 1940 P.08 Luger, and I'd have to say it's probably my least favorite to shoot of the guns I currently have. The grip angle is weird, the sights are non-existent, and the trigger pull feels like it's 20 pounds. It's also very fussy about what ammo I feed it.
  8. This is why everybody's buying dash cams nowadays. Some are even installing rear-facing ones as well.
  9. My experience with insurance companies is that they'll do anything to weasel out of a claim. I had one flat out lie and say that I hit the other party, when in fact my vehicle was still sitting in its parking space. And then another company tried to avoid paying for damages to my pickup when they claimed the vehicle was in too poor a condition (the paint was all faded). I'm not trying to justify lying to the insurance company, nor am I playing devil's advocate here, but in my view FKCGG's car was damaged by the truck's tire and that is that. Disclosing the fact that there was prior damage in that spot would most likely have given the insurance company an avenue to worm out of paying for the damage their client caused.
  10. There have been times when I can't even screw something up without screwing up. Does that count?
  11. You're probably right, but my twisted mind ran rampant there for a minute or two.
  12. Well, Seattle's homeless migrated from all over the USA due to word getting around that Seattle was the go-to place if you were homeless. The city pledged a ton of money to help them and only managed to attract more of them from every state in the Union. You can't simply throw money at the problem and expect it to go away. As Seattle has demonstrated (and yet still fail to acknowledge) is that the more you spend on the problem the worse it gets. These people need a hand UP, not a handout. Money needs to be spent on getting these folks back to work, or else finding other ways to deal with them if they're mentally ill.
  13. All they'd have to do is give each homeless person a $37,500 salary and they'd be better off than I am.
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