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  1. I wanna see that tested in ballistic gelatin. Don't forget the four layers of denim.
  2. Don't forget the cars that would try to kill you on a cold morning when they waited until you were two miles down the street before they let the carburetor ice up. Or else they'd stall at the next busy intersection as soon as the choke opened. My first car tried to kill me on a number of occasions in exactly this fashion.
  3. Let's face it. If you're white you're either a liberal or you're a racist. Those are the only two kinds of people in the eyes of the left.
  4. It annoys me to no end how they will make a period movie but add modern social consciousness to it. Virtually nobody back in the 1800s had a problem with firearms. You could even buy them over the counter smack in the middle of London.
  5. BTW he'd better hope that second pistol from the bottom doesn't go off, or he'll be saying "Arrr...!" in falsetto.
  6. Thanks for reminding me. Now I'll have to stop by Arrr-by's for lunch on Sunday.
  7. Do you seriously think WE can fend off mainland China? We already learned once that they have no problem throwing soldiers at us until we run out of ammo.
  8. How are those fruit flies dumb enough to crawl around instead of taking off? I can never kill them because they're too fast.
  9. Taiwan needs to take a hint from Israel and learn how to be able to fend off bigger bullies.
  10. I agree you need to start adding some S&W replicas if you expect that to be considered a complete collection. Also I'm not seeing a Colt 1860 Army. .
  11. I get the finger all the time. Oh wait, we're talking about something else...
  12. I really miss the days of working on cars from the 1960s and 70's when you could literally craw into the engine bay to work on something. Entire head replacements took maybe an hour or two. Last weekend I had to replace a valve cover gasket on a 2014 car, and it took me the entire day to get all the other crap off the engine just so I could get the cover off!
  13. If Ruger re-introduces Marlin products without changes they will be the source of parts. However I don't see them tooling up to make parts for discontinued models. There's no profit in selling parts alone if they're not surplus from the rifle production lines.
  14. When USFA went under Colt had a golden opportunity to hire all of those experienced people who know how to build an SAA. Instead they continued to let their production line degrade to the point where a year or two ago they only had one guy left who was assembling them. Had he quit Colt would've been forced to discontinue the SAA. I hope CZ has the common sense to hire some more people and expand the line, and make SAAs affordable to the average working man again.
  15. Well, I guess that's one way to evade a Zero.
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