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  1. Fun fact: During World War Two F4U Corsairs shot down 2,140 enemy aircraft with a loss of only 189. Operational accidents claimed another 1,086 Corsairs. It was the only plane that had more to fear from its own pilot than enemy action! .
  2. Well apparently now even Dr. Seuss is considered a racist. Several of his books have been dropped from publication due to "insensitive" imagery... https://www.king5.com/article/news/nation-world/some-dr-seuss-works-halted-for-racist-insensitive-images/507-59ed3601-a519-45fc-b764-8878cb562dfb "In “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street," an Asian person is portrayed wearing a conical hat, holding chopsticks, and eating from a bowl. “If I Ran the Zoo” includes a drawing of two bare-footed African men wearing what appear to be grass skirts with their hair tied above
  3. When my father passed away over a decade ago I inherited his firearms, which included an M1 Garand, 2nd gen Colt SAA and a pre-70 Colt 1911. I still have them. Unfortunately I have nobody to pass them down to, but I may have to decide which of my nephews (who I hardly even know) is worth being nice to.
  4. Some people really need to put their phones down and get outside more often...
  5. That's a gun industry sales rep... ...and this is an ammo hoarder.
  6. The unfortunately truth in all of this is that millions of people get the knowledge of firearms from watching TV shows or movies. And then one day when they actually buy a gun of their own...
  7. You can't do that with a blued or Parkerized gun as the repair will end up a different color after refinishing. You can only plate or Cerakote it afterwards.
  8. The sheer number of butchered 1911s on Gunbroker and at gun shows is stark testimony to the level of incompetence that's out there. I've said many times that of all the different guns out there the 1911 is the #1 Moron Magnet.
  9. I agree, for all their other problems Colt's 1911s are usually 100% reliable straight out of the box. My last one wasn't, but it was a simple extractor issue and quickly fixed.
  10. Sounds to me like that particular gun is cursed. I've never heard of someone having so much bad luck and dealing with so many Bubba gunsmiths over one firearm. Unfortunately I've had my share of bad 'smiths as well, from the idiot who gouged the slide on a Colt Commander during a sight install to Kimber putting scratches in a slide sent in for warranty work. My luck with auto mechanics isn't much better. Nowadays I do as much as I can myself and only go to a "pro" when I absolutely have to.
  11. I hope you were careful not to bend it too far, lest the bullet come back around and hit the shooter from behind!
  12. I'm afraid if we did that the USA would never re-boot itself and just be stuck in an endless loop.
  13. To a lot of us Colt stopped being Colt when they moved out of the old Onion Dome factory and moved to West Hartford.
  14. I actually saw that too during the same vacation trip. I started in Detroit with the Henry Ford Museum, which not only had Kennedy's car but also the chair Lincoln had been sitting in when he was shot. For some reason though Kennedy's car didn't give me the same shivers... possibly because it had been cleaned up and the hardtop roof on it.
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