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  1. Yup... which is why WA now considers all the above an assault rifle.
  2. Texas was founded by a bunch of bigoted white racist slave owners. Therefore we need to give it back to Mexico. I assume that's what they're preaching in schools nowadays? I offer an alternative: give California back to them instead. Just give our Pards time to get out of there first.
  3. Depends on the caliber. A short .357 Magnum will still hold 8-10 rounds. A .30-30, maybe four or five.
  4. Trying to put a 1911 back to original condition opens up a can of worms. Finding the parts is hard enough, finding ones with a matching finish is even harder. The CMP pistols are "original" as-is since you're receiving them in the same condition as they were when they left the military arsenal. Trying to restore them only makes them just another pieced-together gun like so many others out there.
  5. My Uberti 1873 tends to jam with .38 Specials, so I used .357s only. The last jam was nasty, as it peeled the mouth of the case back and I couldn't feed nor eject it. I ended up having to completely disassemble the rifle at home.
  6. I'm still wishing for the BlasTech DL-44 Blaster to become a reality. Unfortunately the Dems probably won't allow any of us to own one.
  7. If the dang Martians landed a rover in my backyard I'd fry it too. I've got enough junk back there without other life forms adding to it!
  8. Preaching to the choir here, but it never fails to amuse me how all these city officials keep demanding more gun control in the wake of every gang shooting. More laws to stop people who are already likely convicted felons and aren't even supposed to have a gun to begin with.
  9. Cool story, Pat. However that Singer was "liberated", hopefully it's in a collection somewhere. Had it stayed onboard ship it might have ultimately ended up being fed to Cap'n Crunch.
  10. You're wasting your time trying to convert anyone who asks that question. They already have their mind made up and are simply asking you the question to ridicule you. Whatever answer you give will be irrelevant.
  11. Unfortunately my man parts aren't massive enough to help me fend off a pair of knife-wielding thugs half my age. Anyone who expects me to gets their idea of fighting from watching Bruce Lee movies. I'm not Bruce Lee.
  12. I've lost count of the guys who swore they were issued a Singer 1911 while in the military. How did they know it was a Singer? Because, duh, it said so right on the side, dummy. Problem is, they did NOT say "Singer" on them and there are more idiots bragging that they carried one then there were Singer 1911s made.
  13. They continue to close off forests and gravel pits to shooting here in WA. At the same time existing gun ranges are constantly under threat of being shut down as housing developments spring up right next door, and soccer moms freak out thinking their kid will get hit by a stray bullet on the way to school (or maybe they just hate the noise). Pretty soon there will be virtually nowhere you can legally shoot a firearm.
  14. How about the school buses you get behind that have to stop every %$#&! 50 feet to let another kid off right at their doorstep? When I was a kid I actually had to walk a half-mile in the dark to the nearest bus stop. Same going back... get off the bus (even in the pouring rain) and huff it another half-mile home. I guess they figured I was too ugly for anyone to want to abduct so it was okay.
  15. Depends on whether it improves your standing with liberals.
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