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  1. I still remember the old days when people would joke about companies like S&W, Ruger and SIG making their own 1911s. Still waiting for Glock or Beretta to make one. And yes I've seen the ha-ha picture of a Glock G1911.
  2. Don't forget that the original language for NFA included handguns. They only excluded those at the last minute to ensure passage of the bill.
  3. What the anti-gunners want to do is one thing. What they're likely to get is another. Silently they're admitting that Beto O'Rourke's proud boast that he was going to take away all of our AR-15s and AK-47s is a little easier said than done.
  4. What kind of pistol would he have had on him in 1903 that would've had a safety? Not a Peacemaker of course, unless it was one of those special Hollywood editions.
  5. Well they ARE advertised as being easy to shoot.
  6. Sadly that sort of vandalism is commonplace. Half the people out there ruin vintage guns by trying to make them look new again, and the other half ruin them by treating them like they're a Hi-Point. Oh, and then there are the idiots like the one I saw interviewed on a local TV station. He had inherited his dad's evil old service 1911 and decided to "send a message of peace" by giving it to a local artist to melt down and use as part of an anti-gun violence memorial. I'll bet the ghost of his dad must have been really proud of him to destroy something he had risked a court-martial to bring home. .
  7. That was before my time, but I do remember when Reagan was shot, and later when Challenger blew up. Definitely moments that are seared in your brain forever as soon as you hear the news. For those of you old enough, how do you recall hearing the news about Bobby Kennedy or Martin Luther King Jr.? Was it just as shocking as JFK's murder, or were you pretty much numb to it by then?
  8. The calibers that are still available are the ones fewer people shoot. Because of that, once inventory is depleted they will also be the last ones to finally return to the shelves. The reason for that is because priority is being given to producing the popular calibers like 9mm and 5.56, and nobody is going to produce a run of .44 Special or .35 Whelen ammo until the major calibers are being restocked on a regular basis. So enjoy shooting your 8mm Nambu now while you can still find ammo for it.
  9. I use an older iPhone SE which has about a 4" screen. I wanted something that was easy to carry on a pouch on my belt, as opposed to leaving it on a table everywhere or having it hang out of my butt pocket like so many teenagers do these days. Unfortunately it's very hard to read texts, and reading web pages is darn near impossible. Keep that in mind if you're as blind as a bat.
  10. Like many of you I got my start with firearms shooting a .22 as a teenager. Once I became an adult I moved on to centerfire firearms, and for awhile had all but stopped shooting any of my .22s. Then in more recent years I started to appreciate the low cost and ease of shooting .22s, and my collection of guns slowly grew. Here in 2020 I'm shooting my .22s almost exclusively, since ammo can still be found on occasion. For me though it's purely a recreational cartridge. I don't hunt and I see no need to rely on it for self defense with so many better options out there. But sometimes I'll suggest it to people with physical or age constraints, since a .22 they can actually shoot is a lot better than a 9mm they can't. .
  11. My dad is still receiving catalogs 11 years after he died. Many continue to have a sticker on them saying "this may be your last free catalog"...
  12. I'd like to know where all the electricity CA will need for all these electric vehicles is supposed to come from. They've already dammed up every stream and creek they can think of, and every summer people have to deal with rolling blackouts as it is.
  13. Stoeger is Uberti's importer in the USA. Sweet-lookin' shootin' iron.
  14. Why, BOO-lits of course.
  15. If you toured an aircraft carrier on Navy Day and told one of the crew how much you liked his boat he'd still know what you meant. He'd also still throw you overboard though.
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