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  1. I guess they expected you to open the canopy, pull out your mighty .45 and strafe 'em.
  2. They need to re-name the school and change the mascot. It might ward off some of these psycho pilgrims.
  3. That was my first thought as well. She looked more like 30 at the very least. I still wish I knew what is it about Columbine that inspires so many mentally unbalanced kids to do something similar.
  4. Apparently she did purchase it legally through an FFL: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/04/17/sol-pais-littleton-gun-store-owner-sold-shotgun/ I always thought it was federal law that you couldn't buy a gun out of state unless it was transferred through a local FFL. Apparently not.
  5. I was just gonna say. Had he gone on for another couple of minutes Mr. Martin would've gladly hanged himself right then and there in that courtroom!
  6. I seriously doubt the Mexican General could've told the difference between a military 1911 and a commercial Government Model, given that he was standing several feet away when he made that comment. Of course the director decided to have that line thrown in the movie anyway. You're supposed to be just another ignorant movie-goer and have no clue about the fallacy of that statement.
  7. Imagine being the guy who did it and having to explain for the rest of his life how he managed to burn the Notre Dame Cathedral down. That would really suck.
  8. I never spent any of my life smoking, boozing or behaving badly as I figured they'd ruin my chances of finding a decent lady. After a long search I found the perfect woman at last and spent a good 15 years as a contently domesticated husband. Unfortunately when she hit midlife she went into full crisis mode and decided to re-invent herself, and that included some wenching on the side. We're now going our separate ways, and I'm at a point of deciding whether I want to resume chasing women at my age or just live the rest of my life on my own terms and find my own happiness. It definitely won't involve any smoking or boozing though. More likely a lot of traveling, sightseeing, fast cars and cool guns. Life is way too short... find what you enjoy doing and do it, as long as it's legal and doesn't result in any lasting physical or emotional trauma! .
  9. If it was deliberate then they DEFINITELY need to bring back the Guillotine.
  10. Unfortunately anything made with wood is prone to this. Most of the ancient buildings in Beijing's Forbidden City have been rebuilt numerous times due to fire. I just hope that Notre Dame's architecture is sufficiently documented that they can rebuild it back to its original appearance. It won't be 900 years old anymore, but I suspect a large part of it already wasn't. .
  11. Only reason why I know about it is because the news media won't shut up about it.
  12. Yup, I miss his daily string of jokes. It may have annoyed some people, but like others said nobody was forcing them to click on it.
  13. I've got a Jennings J-22. Believe it or not it actually runs pretty good. However just like you I only hang onto it because its simply not worth selling.
  14. I kept my flip phone up until early last year when my wife wanted all of us to upgrade. Since then I can think of maybe two or tree cool things it does that I couldn't do before, but that's it. I could certainly live without it.
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