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  1. From what I've read about him it's more likely the latter. He didn't really devolve into a killer until he found himself facing people bent on killing him.
  2. We live in a society where these losers can gain the global notoriety they seek by going out guns blazing. The poor kids hadn't even gone cold yet when this creep's name and face was posted on every major news outlet.
  3. Speaking of Billy the Kid... has anyone else seen this?
  4. I seriously doubt I'd find the kind of girl I'm looking for just trudging along through the snow in a deep remote forest. In all likelihood she'd have more facial hair than me.
  5. I will agree that Saipan was when the Japanese reached the point of no return in being able to possibly win the war. Even as late as Tarawa they still had a pretty impressive fleet and a lot of trained soldiers, pilots and aircraft left. After Saipan their fleet was in shambles as they were left with nothing but surface ships afterwards, having lost most of what was left of their planes and killed pilots in the Turkey Shoot. Their ground forces on Saipan also made their last offensive strikes at the American line, and were cut to ribbons. After Saipan it mostly became a fight against dug-in defenders and unskilled Kamikaze pilots, which prolonged the war but meant that from that point on Japan was clearly fighting a losing battle.
  6. Yeah, but take a dose of reality for a moment. You might be sued for fixing that hole if it fails later and the occupants drown, because you fixed it without the owner's knowledge and you are not a qualified boat repairman. Better to notify the owner of the problem first and see if he accepts your offer to fix it. Don't mean to sound like a cynical a-hole, but in the real world no good deed goes unpunished, and it's better to CYA when dealing with strangers.
  7. Sorry, but considering half the people I know I'd probably be the one DRILLING that hole!
  8. One of my lesser hobbies has been building scale model WW2 warships and aircraft. Unfortunately it's something I rarely do anymore because I have nowhere to put them afterwards. My man cave is full of shelves crammed with dusty old battleships and airplanes.
  9. I met a similar gentleman a couple years ago, who'd just bought a SIG P365 the same time I did. Turns out he went to the range every Saturday to get away from his wife. I've seen him there nearly every Saturday since... I thought that was funny.
  10. At this same range, several years ago a young man rented a .44 Magnum and let his girlfriend try it. She lost control of it under recoil, and when it went back behind her head she reflexively pulled the trigger again, striking and killing her boyfriend. Not only do you have to worry about careless and untrained people at public ranges but you also have to worry about people shooting too much gun for them to handle.
  11. Same here, living in Suburbia indoor ranges are the only ones within close proximity. I first visited this particular range just three days after they first opened to the public. There were already several bullet holes in the overhead baffles.
  12. Me too. Never know, we may soon see laws banning farting in most public places. Like with smoking you'll have to do it in a designated area.
  13. Yes I always double up on the ear pro when shooting indoors. Often somebody with a short-barreled M1A SOCOM and a sideways muzzle brake will park in the lane next to me. Even then I'll usually feel the skin try to peel off my face whenever he touches one off. .
  14. Looks pretty good for having been shoved up Custer's keister.
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