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  1. If the person agrees, just pull the bullet, dump the powder, pop the primer then reseat the bullet and send it. If he/she still wants it in a live state then they're going to need to mail me Alex Hamilton's face first. .
  2. Honestly, the way this country (and world) is going I don't think I'd want to be 15yo again. I just read in the news this morning that something like 54% of under-30 people in this country are either socialist or have a favorable view of socialist ideas. The republic that our forefathers fought and died for is in decay, I'm afraid. I just hope it waits until I'm done with it before it finally crumbles.
  3. Unfortunately the general public believes that suppressors/silencers cause a firearm to make a quiet "pew!" noise that can't be heard in the next room, like they see in the movies. The gun control groups are well-known for capitalizing on the ignorance of the average person. Same goes for .50 caliber rifles, which we are supposed to believe can shoot down aircraft since that's what they were used for during WW2. Forget the fact that the WW2 ones were machine guns and civilian ones are usually bolt-action.
  4. We get that with firearms. Plenty of people out there working on ways to fake the aging of an old Colt pistol, or conversely taking an old one and refinishing it to make it look factory mint.
  5. Unfortunately I think California is an example of what this whole world will be like in another 50-100 years as the population continues to increase exponentially, and the strain on land and natural resources reaches breaking point. We will all be strictly governed as to where we can live, how we live, how much trash we can generate, and how much precious resources we are allowed to use. And you can bet that there will be no room for shooting ranges or gun ownership in general.
  6. Father Kit and Alpo remind me of those two British guard soldiers in Pirates of the Caribbean who were always arguing with each other. .
  7. There's one at the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, WA and they fly it pretty much every summer. It's hard to appreciate how big these things are until you see one in person. An ME-109 sitting right next to it is a midget plane by comparison.
  8. Just imagine how much water is going to have to be diverted for electricity production when everyone in CA is forced to drive electric cars.
  9. I just find it strange that every time the gun banners have a particular gun or accessory in their sights it's conveniently used in the next mass shooting. Okay, off with the tinfoil hat.
  10. Don't you just hate it when you're right? "The Journal-Sentinel reported that Ferrill was armed with two guns, one with a silencer." https://heavy.com/news/2020/02/anthony-ferrill/?fbclid=IwAR0wlILzkcB5vMwX2MEqqfhn5eXvzGm-x8iPZQHCmlM5napjGmjWrSwz0rw
  11. You can bet that people are standing up and protesting this bill. All I'm saying is that the anti-gunners hold such a comfortable majority in the CA legislature that they don't have to give a damn what any of us think. They'll pass whatever laws they please and just watch the pro-gun people get upset for their own amusement. Their jobs are safe.
  12. So you're not the only one who suspected him of sleeping with your wife prior to you coming home?
  13. I've frantically done many things for my ex and STILL got yelled at because I wasn't fast enough. A cold beer sounds really good.
  14. You would think with that kind of political power the Democrats would've turned CA into the kind of Utopia they always brag about having if only the evil GOP wouldn't keep blocking them. Well, nobody's stopping them and yet the place has turned into a sheer hellhole of onerous laws, sky-high taxes, horrible traffic, pollution, drought, natural disasters, homelessness and no end to violent crime in sight. And to think several other western states are trying to follow their example.
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