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  1. Here in WA state even the Model 60 is considered an assault rifle. I bought a used one a couple months ago from Cabelas, and with all the extra paperwork and waiting period BS I had to go through you'd think I was buying a truck full of full-auto AKs. Trust me, even tube-fed .22 semi-autos are not safe from the gun grabbers.
  2. Previous reports are that they intend to bring back the Model 60, but the lever guns are the priority right now.
  3. With the way ammo is going maybe we need to create a Ralphie category and shoot targets with Daisy Red Ryders. 10 point penalty for shooting your own eye out. 20 for shooting the RSO's eye out.
  4. In all fairness to the Russians, they lost something on the order of 27 million people to that other goose-stepping idiot, so Victory Day is something of a big thing for them. Of course we won't get into the argument of how many of those casualties were as much Stalin's doing as Hitler's.
  5. That looks like it happened here in Washington... meaning the driver most likely passed anyway.
  6. You can bet he and his Hollywood/liberal elite buddies not only have power all the time, but lush green manicured lawns as well.
  7. I haven't seen it. All you have to say is "Hollywood disaster movie" and I stay away.
  8. I didn't realize that there was a buying panic on external-hammer SxS's as well. But then again, I was casually looking for a new cap n' ball revolver last night and found all of those are sold out everywhere too.
  9. Wait until all-electric vehicles become mandatory and see what it does to the power grid then. There will also be people calling work saying they can't make it in today because their car is down to 5% battery.
  10. You know how the most commonly-used buttons usually stop working on a remote? I'll bet in two years the very bottom one will the only one still functional.
  11. It's currently fashionable for a lot of young people to actually raise their voice at the end of a sentence. It REALLY irritates me. Apparently they do so because they think it sounds less condescending when they talk to others.
  12. In Michael Drejka's case, also remember that he chose to put himself in a confrontational position when he decided to yell at the man's girlfriend for parking in the wrong spot. The jury didn't appreciate the fact that he was playing traffic cop, and simply getting shoved to the ground for doing something you shouldn't be doing in the first place doesn't justify shooting someone over it. In all self defense cases, the jury is going to be interested in knowing what you did to precipitate the incident and what you tried to do to either avoid or de-escalate it. If you choose to get in
  13. Well, we all watched the George Zimmerman case. He's in FL and went up against an unarmed man. He wasn't even charged with anything until the public caught wind of it and people started calling for his head on a platter. As a result the overzealous prosecutor decided to charge him with 2nd degree murder, which was pretty hard to prove given the circumstances. Sure enough he got off, but I think he was a pretty good example of a grey area situation. Yes he was getting his ass handed to him, but he also pursued his antagonist in the first place. He also was into boxing and was of similar size, s
  14. You would probably have to show that you had reason to be in fear of your life. If a 20yo in top physical condition knocks you on the ground and starts pummeling you, how badly do you think he has to injure you before you're justified? It only takes one good punch that causes your head to slam against the concrete to put you out of commission for good.
  15. If Pee-Wee Herman or Woody Allen is railing on me, sure. But if the dude outweighs me by at least 50 pounds just his fists alone can cause serious bodily injury, and if he knocks me unconscious and finds my firearm I probably won't be waking up. If you're in a fistfight that you started or willingly engaged in that's one thing, but if somebody attacks you without provocation and you're getting beat to hell that's grounds for using deadly force.
  16. Well, in another5-10 years we'll all be saying "remember when Walmart sold guns & ammo?". First they stopped selling handguns, then EBR's and their ammo... and eventually I bet they'll pull the plug altogether.
  17. Remember when Sears and JCPenney sold guns? I still have a cranky old .22 my dad bought for me from JCP back in the 1980s.
  18. I found an extra 50-round box of 9mm ammo I didn't know I had. Does that count?
  19. I've worked for husband-wife owners before. Each one was convinced that they were my actual boss. Neither one ever gave me the same orders. Wouldn't do that again.
  20. Remember when we were all 8 years old and it seemed to take five years to get from Halloween to Christmas? Now we're all adults. Just FYI there are only 234 more shopping days until Christmas.
  21. As far as modern guns go, avoid disassembling the slide on a Kahr. Very difficult to do without some very small, spring-loaded parts flying out and getting lost. I eventually figured out a few tricks and even fabricated a couple of special tools to make the job easier, but unless you like having to order new parts all the time don't do it. In the same vein as my fiasco from last weekend, I once lost the striker spring to my Kahr in the garage. It flew out during disassembly, and it shot out into the Great Void. I thought I heard approximately where it landed, and I got out my ladde
  22. Seriously, every modern home must have a worm hole or something that leads to an alternate universe of sorts. A couple months ago I was headed to the range and threw my container holding my fancy ear plugs into my range bag. When I got there they were missing. After I came back home I searched everywhere, but I never found them. I have absolutely no friggin' clue how they managed to just vanish from the Earth like that. .
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