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  1. Well Beto "we're coming to get your guns" O'Rourke sure offended me last night.
  2. My experience with car dealers is that unless they're able to sell something right off their lot they have little motivation to help you.
  3. Strange thing, but a couple of weeks ago I suddenly thought of him and wondered what he was up to these days. I looked him up online and discovered he was fighting cancer and that the prognosis wasn't good. As a result I wasn't surprised when I heard the news this morning. RIP Eddie, and thanks for the music!
  4. I hope they repair the damage to the destroyer after that nincompoop ran into it.
  5. When I was 10 years old I shot my very first handgun... my dad's Ruger pre-Mark I. I made the mistake of wrapping my left thumb over my right hand, and the bolt took a small chunk out of the first knuckle. I still have a faint scar to this very day. The second handgun I shot that night was my dad's .45 1911, and that one very nearly put another mark on my forehead! .
  6. Pretty cool except she's very anti-gun... Dunno about Kanye.
  7. ... looks like you're the next state to fall! http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/kim-kardashian-confirms-her-family-is-considering-a-move-to-wyoming-after-kanye-west-bought-a-ranch/ar-AAHalXj?ocid=ientp#image=4
  8. The reason why the leftists want to legalize weed and ban guns is that there is no significant tax revenue from the sale of guns and ammo. That and the fact that stoned citizens make more manageable citizens.
  9. I remember my mom called me telling me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I immediately thought big deal, some Cessna crashed into a two-story convention center or something like that. I didn't immediately fall in that the World Trade Center was those two huge twin skyscrapers that King Kong climbed back in the 1970s. It wasn't until I got up and saw it on the TV that I realized what had happened, and it was a huge shock because within moments as I stood there the first tower pancaked to the ground.
  10. Like I said, the Chinese government forced Microsoft to remove that feature on copies sold on the mainland. I only wish our own government had that kind of guts. Unfortunately I'm sure they're in bed with Microsoft like they are with everyone else.
  11. Pretty soon there will be fees for the oxygen consumption while standing in line...
  12. I will say though, there is no better documentary on 9/11 than the film those two French brothers did about the Engine 7, Ladder 1 Firehouse. The film United 93 is also good, but a bit hard to watch due to the emotional tug-o-war.
  13. Yeah, and after a few days we remembered we were Americans and began spitting at each other again.
  14. Sounds like they need to fire the team that came up with Windows ME, Vista and 8, and keep the guys who did 98, XP and 7. Dunno who's responsible for 10.
  15. But I thought buggered screws, scratches all over and signs the pistol had been used as a hammer made it look more authentic?
  16. When Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 they said that it was going to be the last PC-OS they released, and that they'd simply continue to update it in the years ahead. I guess they already assumed that the PC is a dead platform.
  17. Pardon my ignorance, but what is that flag? Never mind, some Google Fu was in order:
  18. And you wonder why there are so many stories of people with strange birth defects and bizarre physical abnormalities coming out of India.
  19. My parents gave me an old 1970's Chevy that liked to stall and die at intersections. I think they were trying to get rid of me.
  20. I think FKCGG is attempting a suicide by forum member.
  21. Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020. It'll still work afterwards but you'll be increasingly vulnerable to attack, plus nobody will offer software that works on it. What I hate most about Windows 10 is its intrusiveness and how it collects data on its users. Believe it or not the mainland Chinese version doesn't do that, as the government there forced Microsoft to remove the data mining feature from the software. So yes, the Communists actually did more for consumer rights than our own government did.
  22. Kinda like why did the old woman live in a shoe, and how much did she budget each year on waterproofing expenses?
  23. You're trying to analyze a children's rhyme. Just FYI.
  24. I have read way too many comments on other gun forums from people who like to paint ALL Muslims with the same terroristic brush, obviously ignoring the fact that they always complain about anti-gunners doing the same thing to all legal gun owners. If one nut with an AR-15 shooing up a mall or school shouldn't be considered indicative of all gun owners, then why are we acting like the 9/11 hijackers are indicative of all Muslims?
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