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  1. The sheer number of butchered 1911s on Gunbroker and at gun shows is stark testimony to the level of incompetence that's out there. I've said many times that of all the different guns out there the 1911 is the #1 Moron Magnet.
  2. I agree, for all their other problems Colt's 1911s are usually 100% reliable straight out of the box. My last one wasn't, but it was a simple extractor issue and quickly fixed.
  3. Sounds to me like that particular gun is cursed. I've never heard of someone having so much bad luck and dealing with so many Bubba gunsmiths over one firearm. Unfortunately I've had my share of bad 'smiths as well, from the idiot who gouged the slide on a Colt Commander during a sight install to Kimber putting scratches in a slide sent in for warranty work. My luck with auto mechanics isn't much better. Nowadays I do as much as I can myself and only go to a "pro" when I absolutely have to.
  4. I hope you were careful not to bend it too far, lest the bullet come back around and hit the shooter from behind!
  5. I'm afraid if we did that the USA would never re-boot itself and just be stuck in an endless loop.
  6. To a lot of us Colt stopped being Colt when they moved out of the old Onion Dome factory and moved to West Hartford.
  7. I actually saw that too during the same vacation trip. I started in Detroit with the Henry Ford Museum, which not only had Kennedy's car but also the chair Lincoln had been sitting in when he was shot. For some reason though Kennedy's car didn't give me the same shivers... possibly because it had been cleaned up and the hardtop roof on it.
  8. That's a great new line for Gorilla Glue... "Our products can fix anything... except stupid".
  9. I saw that pistol in person once, when I visited Ford's Theater Museum 20 or so years ago. Lincoln's top hat and coat were also there on display. Pretty sobering when you realize that pistol changed our nation's, and possibly world history with just one shot.
  10. Colt spent so many decades trying to hang itself with its own rope that I doubt foreign acquisition is a bad thing anymore.
  11. I bought my Jennings J-22 around the same time. For a short while it was my EDC as well... chamber loaded! I was only 21 at the time and didn't have much common sense. Thankfully I moved on to better equipment before I would've ended up learning the hard way that it was a really bad idea to carry any "Ring of Fire" handgun to begin with, let alone with a round in the chamber.
  12. ^ Brave man! I'd be more worried about my own Jennings shooting me than a crook!
  13. It's not the fact she did something stupid that's an issue. It's the fact that she's trying to hold others accountable for not doing enough to protect her from her own stupidity. I really hope the makers of Gorilla Glue refuse to accept a settlement and take this all the way. Unfortunately though settlements are often cheaper than going to trial, even if you win.
  14. People are not dumb... they're opportunists. Since Gorilla Glue didn't specifically say not to use in your hair they are exposed to the liability thanks to our wonderful laws that basically state that people are not responsible for using their own common sense. Imagine what is going to happen when the Dems manage to repeal the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and expose gun manufacturers to every idiot imaginable. When you shoot somebody in your home after you caught him raping your daughter he'll be able to sue the manufacturer of your firearm for the injuries he suffered.
  15. I just did that. So what did I do with the money? Bought another gun.
  16. Well... that will make up for the fact that gas will cost you an additional $100 this month.
  17. That explains why my last two waiting periods went the entire 15 days without an approval from NICS.
  18. Microsoft is notorious for its preference for hiring non-citizens. I have a friend who was forced out of her job there, and her entire team was replaced by people from India with work visas. What makes it even worse is that these Indians are allowed to bring their entire family over here, and they go and get jobs at local supermarkets and such preventing the laid-off US citizens from even being able to find a low-end retail job.
  19. Heck, I don't mind another $1400 in my pocket. It'll give me an excuse to get another new gun, paid for by Uncle Sam himself. As for it bankrupting the entire country, well we'll all be dead and buried before this nation finally implodes from its inability to pay its own debts. Sucks for our grandchildren though.
  20. Pat, I think you need to start dressing differently from now on...
  21. Quality control can be a bit spotty. Many people like theirs, but I see a lot of threads on other forums where people have one that won't behave and needs an exorcism. Unless it's a really good deal I personally think you can do better for a concealed carry gun. The only problem is the "better" ones (SIG P365 and Springfield Hellcat) are almost impossible to find at the moment. .
  22. That's the way it should be. I look at Republicans as being the guys in the blue business suits who pander more to wealthy and upper middle class. The Democrats are supposed to be the ones in red shirts spouting change and social revolution. Unfortunately it seems the left managed to get the Republicans viewed as red, because it can often signify hate and anger (something they like to accuse us of, not like the pot is calling the kettle black or anything...).
  23. I always used to ask that myself. Republicans should be blue. Apparently it was that way at one time but then it was switched: https://www.theverge.com/2012/11/6/3609534/republicans-red-democrats-blue-why-election .
  24. If it was a fiber optic line those are VERY difficult and expensive to fix.
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