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  1. Hey, if it's not Baroque don't fix it...
  2. Imagine getting into a crash with that thing. Instead of gears and chains all over the road you'd have... guts. Ewwwwwww.....
  3. I hardly consider the Juno and Cassini missions to be less than real space programs. Until we have something significant for humans to do in outer space there's no reason to send them back out there.
  4. This is what happens when the left controls most print and news media. Brainwashing 101.
  5. I would think if you eat enough donuts with E127 sprinkles to get cancer that cancer will probably be the least of your health problems anyway.
  6. I have visions of me being in the UK eating a doughnut and dropping red sprinkles on the ground. Knowing them they'll call the police and the area will be cordoned off, just like the time when somebody found an empty .22LR case lying on a sidewalk in London.
  7. Those of you shooting heavy-grain JHP 9mm loads need to be mindful of the barrel length. If you're shooting them out of a G43 or P365 with a 3" barrel the velocity may drop below the threshold for expansion. I discovered that in my own testing, which is why I only use 115 or 124 in my EDC P365.
  8. Hey... that gives me an idea! Burn an image of a huge spider behind the door in the toilet stalls! That'll cure anyone who's having trouble going...
  9. Look at how Marvel/DC is coming out with a new superhero movie every month starring a character who represents a previously unknown or under-represented minority group. or how the only thing people are saying about the new James Bond movie is that it's about time it had strong women and minority characters in it. There are anywhere from several hundred to several thousand different ethnicities in the world, depending on who's counting. How many more do we need to promote before these "woke" idiots feel the balance has finally been achieved?
  10. You can't make this up, folks... https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/14/uk/sprinkles-bakery-banned-scli-intl-gbr/index.html
  11. I have three, a 92FS, M9, and old-school 92S. Previously I owned a half-dozen others. I have NEVER had a malfunction with any of them. They are among my favorite range guns as they're accurate and fun to shoot, but like many people I find them too big and fat to be practical for anything else (I mean the Berettas, not the people ).
  12. Somebody needs to sue. Race discrimination works both ways.
  13. ...except it was by bow and arrow! https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/13/europe/kongsberg-norway-attack-intl/index.html
  14. You are correct. It was discussed elsewhere that the 1911 originally belonged to Al Capone, but his son did all the modifications long after Daddy died. Despite that the pistol still sold for a cool million! Something about fools and money comes to mind...
  15. It pays to be savvy regarding historical collectibles. I am the proud owner of the axe young George Washington used to cut down the cherry tree. The handle has been replaced twice and the blade once, but it's still in great condition otherwise.
  16. So how many more valleys are they going to have to flood to make more electricity? They already destroyed Hetch Hetchy a long time ago. Maybe next time they'll flood Silicon Valley instead? Solve two problems at once.
  17. I had a neighbor whose house exploded in an identical fashion. It was a natural gas leak that caused it. Funny thing, but his house didn't make the national news, while this one did. I guess I should've called the networks and let them know what live ammunition also cooked off in the fire. Then the headlines would be "AMMUNITION EXPLOSION IN NEIGHBORHOOD THREATENS RESIDENTS".
  18. I'm a huge sucker for gorgeous wood.
  19. Me too. We have either cold and rainy or warm and rainy.
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