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  1. Took me a minute to figure out how it ended up looking like that.
  2. Don't forget the fact that Han suddenly grew a double-jointed neck that allowed him to move his head sideways to avoid the shot. Of course he didn't need to, because Greedo's pistol must've had a bent barrel to shoot several inches off to the side from just two feet away. The poor CGI guys who reworked that scene must've really been rolling their eyes when George Lucas told them to do it.
  3. "Let's eat Grandma!" "Let's eat, Grandma!" - proper punctuation saves lives.
  4. Hannah wasn't on the set at the time of the incident. It was assistant director Dave Halls who took the pistol off the cart and declared "Cold Gun!" without even bothering to check it who then handed it to Baldwin. As much as I hate El Douche he only shares half of the blame.
  5. That's cool Rye, but please don't show me Uranus.
  6. There was a news article recently that revealed Big Oil's profits absolutely soared this year, so they can't say they were simply passing higher production costs along to the consumer.
  7. Since he's losing his ass in Ukraine, probably.
  8. Gas is still $4.85 locally. That's hardly cause for celebration. I do expect a significant drop in October however, just in time for the election.
  9. Best one I ever saw had on the side "Satisfaction guaranteed or double your sewage back!".
  10. The popular theory is that he was trying to hide them from his wife.
  11. Warnings like that are of no practical use to me. It would be much better if they said: Warning: cheesy acting, over-the-top action sequences, unrealistic firearms handling and terrible script writing. At least then I could say I was warned.
  12. Not only that, but the new narrative is that the A-bombs didn't scare the Japanese one bit. Only the Russians did. So yes, the communists singlehandedly saved the entire world during World War Two.
  13. I guess you didn't catch the fact that it was a parody of Hollyweird movies where actors do that all the time. I guess you guys also didn't notice the ballistic gel farting either.
  14. Don't forget the third: a Dremel tool.
  15. I've seen the opposite of that one somewhere. A man wants to be irresistible to women, and *poof* he turns into a toy poodle.
  16. Unfortunately Al-Qaeda is like the Hydra of Greek myth. Cut one head off and another grows back in its place. This isn't going to stop until most young men in the Middle East stop drinking the radical fundamentalist Kool-Aid.
  17. I found some .45 Colt at Cabelas last week for $44/50 and was really happy about it. Told some folks about it on another forum and only brought out the smartasses acting like they can find it for half that much all week long.
  18. Same here. I've got a Jennings J-22 pistol and a Stevens .22 bolt-action rifle, both 100% functional but only worth about $50 apiece. I still would rather take a hacksaw or cutting wheel to them and throw them in the trash than "surrender" them or let the government "buy them back", whichever BS catchphrase they want to use.
  19. If the Chinese shot her ass down they'd be doing BOTH countries a favor.
  20. And have to watch Star Wars and Airport '77 over and over??? No thanks...
  21. Coming to a future near you:
  22. Disney's ignorance of the Real World seems to know no bounds. If you go to Disneyland and just pretend everyone is high on mushrooms the whole place makes a lot more sense.
  23. I'll definitely make a note to stay out of They're All Garbage, NJ.
  24. Back in 1988 when my friend and I graduated high school he told me he was going to start using his first few paychecks to buy stock. He mentioned one called Micro-something or the other and said it was a local Redmond company that sold PC software. I told him he was wasting his time and money. Fast forward to 2022...
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