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  1. I don't know what soldier flipped that thing over, but I'm certainly not messing with him!
  2. Would've been funnier, that's for sure. Except to the woman of course.
  3. Sounds like if I ever visit California I'll need to walk across the state line buck-naked, otherwise I might have something on me that's been banned. Then again they might also check my stomach contents to be sure I didn't eat anything illegal either.
  4. The current Idiot-in-Chief can't even ride a bicycle. Do you really want him handling automatic weapons?
  5. One more and he'll be able to fart in 5.1 Surround Sound.
  6. Was that Kentucky Ballistics guy shooting that one?
  7. I can't even put my pants on in the morning without falling over.
  8. In one of the Vietnam documentaries I watched a former NVA soldier was mocking the US soldiers for carrying so much crap with them everywhere. He said they found it extremely easy to hit the Americans then run away because they were too loaded down to give chase.
  9. I remember when Gunsite used the Auto Ordnance 1911 as the base for their GSP. This was back before Kahr took over, when AO 1911s were absolute junk. Sure enough, Gunsite has enough problems with them that they eventually stopped using AO and went with actual Colts instead. Not saying this has anything to do with these new Glocksite pistols, but just throwing it out there.
  10. The Glock 45 is a 9mm. The Glock 22 is a .40. The Glock 40 is a 10mm. The Glock 44 is a .22. The Glock 32 is a .357 SIG. The Glock 25 is a .380. The Glock 38 is a .45. This is why I drink.....
  11. I lock everything. House, cars, computer, tool bench, work desk, even my Captain America lunch box. Be safe out there.
  12. I liked it. The scene where Ford shot Jesse was overly dramatized, but it's still among the more historically correct western films out there.
  13. I have a lot of respect for Harry. Unfortunately he made the mistake of falling in love with a materialistic, attention-seeking [CENSORED].
  14. I was away from the forum for several days and missed this. Get well soon 40.
  15. In that picture I see a couple of deadly weapons. And a hand grenade.
  16. Sounds like we all need our own self-help group and event meet-ups. Oh that's right... it's called SASS matches.
  17. Let's see... no wife or GF, no kids, what few family members I still have left are all miles away and about as fun to be with as a prison cellmate. Looks like I'll be spending yet another quiet Christmas and New Years finding ways to entertain myself. I don't mean to sound like a downer, but I'm in with the group of people who hate this time of year and can't wait for January to roll along.
  18. Unfortunately ships have to be in the water as the pressure on them is even from all sides. When a ship rests on dry land the ship's own weight slowly compresses it.
  19. My only air rifles are full-auto BB guns. Probably not legal for hunting anything other than rabid Coke cans, but still a lot of fun.
  20. If somebody shot me with a Nambu it'd piss me off as well. I love collecting WW2 firearms but I never had the desire to own one of those ugly-looking things.
  21. While I agree with your philosophy Cypress, in reality it's usually not possible. The enemy's war-making machine lies inside civilian population enters, and civilians assemble the gun, bombs, and warplanes inside the factories where they work. Obviously one should avoid dropping bombs on residential areas, but WW2 proved that you can't defeat an enemy without destroying their capacity to wage war, which means killing the people who make or transport the weapons of war as well.
  22. We just came off an election where we hoped the voters would remember the Antifa riots, Afghan exit debacle, defund the police, let in all the illegals, and the rape of our economy. And the idiots STILL voted Democrat. I seriously doubt things will get better in 2024.
  23. The reason is because we've fought nothing but "police actions" and proxy wars since 1945. We defeated Japan and Germany by bombing their entire countries flat and wiping out their entire fleets, tank divisions and air forces. Since then we've fought each successive conflict with one hand tied behind our back, afraid to go all-out for fear of starting World War III with the Russians, Chinese or entire Arab world. It's like fumigating only the cockroaches you see on the kitchen floor, and wondering why they keep coming and don't seem to ever give up.
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