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  1. Geez, I never get mail like. Come to think of it, How would I know, I don't open any of it.
  2. In days of yore, artillery was directed by a SGT or Looie with a pair of binoculars and a compass, then calculated by a few guys in a van or tent with charts and slide rules. Now it’s more often directed by a high-tech toy in the sky with satellite navigation and a microcomputer.
  3. In the original version of this the Pope was driving and that is #1.
  4. The artillery was fed GPS data from drones. It can be extraordinarily accurate, right down to knocking on hatches.
  5. We would pour a shot of it into an ashtray and put a match to it.
  6. Can’t find “eerie”. if you hum a few bars, maybe I’ll remember it.
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