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  1. Eggs will keep for two weeks except in the USA, where they are washed before shipment and must be refrigerated.
  2. “Adolph” was the name most changed in the decade after WW II.
  3. I recall kids named Chrystal Bell and Kelly Green.
  4. I suggest butter the top and put in under the broiler for a minute or two
  5. 12 ga auto. how big is the magazine? how is the ammo supply? can have a lot of guns but without ammo they are just pretty clubs
  6. I am offering here three large Wustoff Classic kitchen knives, 2 12" and 1 14". Yes I could offer them elsewhere and likely I will if they don't sell here. I bought them because they made an impressive display "Now THIS is a KNIFE" but I must down size. All are sharp, you can make them sharper. You can also make them different. #1 is a 12" Wustoff Classic, $100 #3 is 14" Wustoff Classic 14" $300 #2is a 12" Wustoff Classicwide blade, $200 but the bolster melted a bit when it got too close to the gas burner. picture of both sides follow. now must show the other sides prices are shipped. first offer of $550 gets them all.
  7. Sod begets grass, lawns, the invention of English aristocrats with serfs to keep said lawn trimmed, pretty. I have no serfs, sod has no place in my world.
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