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  1. I have a spinal injury, fractured L1. I fell on my butt May 19, left the hospital with prescriptions for vitamins and blood pressure and a suggested to use Tylenol 2 500 mg tabs for pain and a referral to a dr. Dr referred me to NH Neurospine where they are all somehow involved with, guess what, spines. Doc at NH Neuro suggested kypoplasty which is inserting cement into the fracture to stabilize the bone. As events happened, kypoplasty did not take place. fast forward to VA referral to NH Neurospine and I see another spine dr. He said kypoplasty would not have worked but what he said (twice) that ruffled my feathers was “and I am a specialist”. That did not inspire confidence.
  2. Black Forest Cake, however! Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, named not for the region but for the liqueur which is in it.
  3. Having been a 13B4N, Field Artillery Gunner, 8” howitzers (Army), I’ll guess that that kind of information is not wasted on enlisted folks (even in the Navy) because the threads of the breach are not field reparable. If it’s damaged you need to send it to a higher echelon maintenance depot. The former Ordnance Captain might confirm that. Forty?
  4. Here’s something to contemplate. Everything that screws into a projectile in an upward direction, I.e. from base to nose, has left hand threads. as regards the weapons I worked on that would have been base plugs and time delay fuses.
  5. The USSCG Douglas Munro. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USCGC_Douglas_Munro_(WHEC-724)
  6. The “french” and “german” are not worthy of a passing grade.
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