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  1. The poem was set to “To Anacreon in Heaven”. I looked up Anacreon. He was a Greek poet of the fifth century BC. Of course I never met the gent and I doubt that Forty did either if for no other reason than that the Marines never got involved in the beef between Greece and Persia. Anacreon wrote drinking and erotic poetry and is said to have lived to the age of 85. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anacreon
  2. But then it would not be a demonstration of how a Viking ship was built. and maybe they used a saw for parts of the ship not on video. But think they have wood to spare..
  3. It’s a matter of how much extra time to save a dollar. There is a local toll here that I go around every chance I get if I am going south.
  4. It’s tv, it is what the writers need it to be. If they need it to be nuclear armed, it will be. more realistically, most missions are training missions, they are not armed unless that is the reason for training, such as China Lake is the target. So it really depends on the reason for flying the drone over nyc. I would not be surprised to find such a drone flying over nyc or Washington with an air to air missile ready to go.
  5. Rose always objected to my mentioning the attributes of her lower half.
  6. After circulating as a handbill, the patriotic lyrics were published in a Baltimore newspaper on September 20, 1814. Key’s words were later set to the tune of “To Anacreon in Heaven,” a popular English song. Throughout the 19th century, “The Star-Spangled Banner” was regarded as the national anthem by most branches of the U.S. armed forces and other groups, but it was not until 1916, and the signing of an executive order by President Woodrow Wilson, that it was formally designated as such. In March 1931, Congress passed an act confirming Wilson’s presidential order, and on March 3 President Ho
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