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  1. great tup , ive done this with others but not my vaqueros yet , guess thats something to look at doing in the upcoming downtime , thanks
  2. i tend to shooting mune dryer than most , a touch of balistol works fine , i do not shoot BP [yet] but ive found that lube is as easy as any to have with you and does not get sticky like WD40 has done
  3. your father was wise , mine always pointed out those folks as people that rose to their highest inability , degrees beyond the usefulness to the business world and egos that made them think they knew more than anyone else - they tend to think they have to think for everyone else and know better than anyone else so they believe they should be in charge now - one might almost think they believe themselves manifested to be the leaders - rulers - controllers of all other lives , yet as i recall manifest destiny was folks believing we were destined to greatness , not necessarily to guaranteed by any means , bit rather if we took the initiative we could be great , seems to me these folks think that greatness comes from dominating others - i dont recall that being part of the program , it was going out on your own and accomplishing things as an individual , i might have misinterpreted it but thats how i was raised -
  4. amen to all you said , there is a lot to make us worry , i think the 'silent majority' has remained silent so long that they are no longer the majority , so i fear your hopes and mine might fall short - woe to those that get what these idiots are working toward , they will not like it and there are many of them that will not survive it - history has already told us that , communism does not work - its simple dictatorship , there is nothing else in it , and you are correct they will never hear the other side - they will shout it down , pass laws to prevent its speech , and silence those that dare to say such things , remember [i do] communists shot people crossing their boarders TO LEAVE , we seem to put ours on welfare
  5. i dont recall that commercial but had a couple of those cap guns , back then i never dreamed things ;like that might have value in the future , wish i had had more foresight
  6. fantastic job , i love the idea , it looks terrific , i restored one of these once a lifetime ago , big job , and i wasnt creating it from scratch like you did , all i had to do was use what was broke as a pattern and reproduc the bits i needed then reassemble ,
  7. always thought it would be fun to own/restore one of those , a lot more boat than i need but , sure would enjoy driving one
  8. i just sold my fly rods/reels [GLoomi] and extra spools along with some other gear , what you are doing can be done with ultra light spinning gear [as mentioned 4 lb test] and be successful as others noted the flys are the key , good luck and best wishes for a good catch , im headed east then south next week to fish bass [maybe some catfish too] baitcasting gear , its what i enjoy the most , always a good time with my southern friends
  9. im of the humble opinion there are those that have been schooled too much and educated too little , spouting things of that level of stupidity confirms a true lack of understanding of basic history , we cannot fix stupid , we can hope to have those that are really educated people take charge in the future , but more and more what i am seeing and hearing is disheartening of that potential , still i hold out hope
  10. there are a lot of those - some of interest others less so but we all gotta share in the joy
  11. mine got looser - think as i age im loosing things up there , OK , mostly hair but i think the brain cells are going too , i cant remember where i left my keys ...phone...car in the parking lot ....shoes ?????
  12. dont think so but then alpo already confirmed what i saw for a brief couple days , , again i dont care at all , just noticed
  13. thanks - i thought i was seeing things that were not there - its not all that common but there was a rash of it and i noticed , again im OK with it just surprised
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