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  1. i also had the sac lunches - then suddenly we were eating the 'hot' lunches served , also on plastic divided and with real utensils .......even during flu season
  2. "....Doc, I ain't disagreeing with any of your points as far as the erection of CSA related statues goes, but is the wholesale desecration and removal of statues, memorials and such of all sorts these days done out of virtue and justice?..." i see it as pat does , i think its the reasons that were questioned , i believe we all have a right to our opinions and i dont intend to disagree with some of the logic doc applied , i cannot accept that those doing this have given it that much thought , just my humble opinion
  3. its been there a long time and that tree is not giving it up without a fight , cool find tho
  4. i launched the entire ejector mechanism of one of my revolvers mid stage once , i finished it and had help retrieving most of the bits but the screw was lost , i sot the rest of the match with it - just used a small screw driver at the unloading table when needed , the other times i had issues i switched to the 'backups' i started bringing along after that first issue
  5. i think my wifes attitude has a lot to do with my accuracy - my story and sticking to it
  6. ill agree with that - wonder how discerning that animal is - he can have mine and i seldom turn down a beer
  7. as red gauntlet says , they are all passing to history too quickly , i hope this history is taught in the future so that we dont forget the sacrifices made to get us here
  8. now thats an animal with an attitude i can appreciate , but , they dont say what brand of beer do they ?
  9. i was thinking they ate well too , course we havent tasted the actual food yet , have we ?
  10. well - we did similar on the english coast , sure a lot of expense and effort
  11. says something about that old trial and error and accepting what the populace want as opposed to what the government wants to imposed - let the development take its course , it will all work out in good time and when that time is right ,
  12. keep in mind NOT to buy 9mm makarov either as your luger/parabellum chamber wont like those either
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