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  1. sad we lost a good lawman - we need them , glad your on the next step of life and wanting you to enjoy it ,
  2. had this happen recently , real inconvenience to be sure , but most always resolved quickly and you will get your replacement card real quick , i did , but not having a second card can be a pain for a day or two , i cut up all my other cards a while back because i didnt use them , ill be getting a second card soon ,
  3. ill watch 2 and 3 only to see if they go different , i was not impressed as stated because of the "moderator" he should retire
  4. thats the only way you can really view them , in the era they were produced , same with all the "star is born" versions and some others i cant recall now but the remakes are that ... a remake not intended to be the original remade really , i cannot imagine what a remake of "gone with the wind" might look like tho , i still love that movie
  5. ive collected a large number of bayonets over the years - always US and commonwealth , so i know nothing of the AKs - but these are one of the most prolific in the world - they should be cheap , i suspect import laws are in play , dont stop looking till your sure you have the right one at the right price for you , i have overpaid for the one i had to have [a rare brit hooky] but today its worth a lot more than i paid ...time plays a role in that ,
  6. i have them , sometimes i remember for a day most times not , its those really weird ones that hang with you ,
  7. the "needed to know" facts are seldom in the false news , the days of us being informed with facts are gone since viet nam ,
  8. work smart not hard , but try to plan for that contingency of the unknown/unexpected ,
  9. i think "being old" has a lot to do with it and 'cranky' might play in as well , im a fan of old wood and steel - most new stuff has to convince me that i got to add to my M16 acceptance and that will take a lot ,
  10. i rather liked it - gave a new twist , different race and not at all hard to watch .......agree on the girl
  11. only problem i have is mine dont go willingly no matter what , ifin she likes the 12ga it will work but if not ...............
  12. hope all are safe , hope none loose their homes or any relatives either , too much destruction already
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