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  1. "..................and finally found the Lodge folks make them.... The also make those real nice black iron fry pans.............." sounds like their sales pitch worked very well , hope you are mending well , like i told my kids - THATS HOT
  2. OK , i get the premise , but i think soda pop deserves it more , just sayin ............
  3. the tool box i might get past her scrutiny if i had a place to put it --BUT -- not if it was a prius ..........that would never fly here
  4. if im not mistaken hi-luz made , or maybe bought the rights to , the scope we used on our VN era sniper rifles , but mostly i like these long tube vintage scopes , ive always wanted one and look forward to the range report
  5. that would be correct in the context to be sure , most of my life ive regretted my grand parents on my mothers side would not teach me german tho , it was a 'war thing' back then ,
  6. gotta agree with UB on this one , those always taste best no matter what shelf the came from ,
  7. heard a lot of stories of the "shots" lately , both good results and some bad , my take on these are if you want them get them , all is second hand or third info , i hope all goes well - never wish ill on anyone , i have not had the shots so i cant give first hand info , as to running , im not inclined to be in much of a hurry these days so i seldom if ever run , i tend to walk real fast for exercise these days ,
  8. wasnt one of the biggest complaints of sheep by cattlemen that they pulled the forage roots - killing the land - rather than trimming [mowing if yo will] leaving the plants to regenerate ? its what i remember as a kid as well on relatives farms , cows and horses graze [mow] the sheep and goats clear to the dirt and below , erosion to follow ,
  9. "......Context and intent matter, words are a tool for communication and multiple meanings require context to infer offense..........." thats well said , "they" need to quit messing with our language - being "offended" is a personal thing that each individual needs to deal with personally , 'its not our problem it is yours' adjust , ignore , argue if you wish but dont be surprised if we ignore you , life is not fair , nor will it unfold on your terms just because you demand it , what you heard was not necessarily what was said - then again maybe it was , live with it
  10. "..Don't need to explain why you don't get it. But don't complain about the consequences, including travel and all the rest......" ill go with that , ill live with that - or not , if God decides my choice was wrong , everyone in "this country" has a choice and the freedom to make it , right or wrong , we dont have the choice to decide for others 0 so far , i for one dont want that burden on my conscience , but ,,i have and will continue to defend that right for all no matter what your choice is because we are free people -so far- i want it to stay that way , i re
  11. while ive always considered that farrah poster the "class act" of 'my' lifetime ive always found the nose art better than the pinups of that time period , there was something about that period that made me really "feel" that art more so than the movie industry production promotions , aster the 50s-60s it all went down hill for the most part in my mind but vargas did some great work ,
  12. yes c , u like that too , again , great ideas , my old stroller deserves a makeover - now i have to digest and incorporate , great carts folks ,
  13. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A JULY SHOOT , yours looks great , i will discuss it here but ill add it to my list for next year at the very least
  14. i have only been in an air port one trip in the last 30 years as well , the previous years i spent time in the air every week - i was done with that so im not familiar with those carts either , i use a golf cart from the late 40s-50s i converted , less is more type approach . less weight - more mobility for an old man
  15. im in agreement with 'do whatever with your own guns' , in this game i consider them a "tool" not a collectible , you bought it to shoot it , make it what you want to shoot , id not fuss with a collectible - thats an entirely different conversation
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