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  1. all this is way to confusing for me to waste time even trying to comprehend , i understand why they are confused - they are wasting the time
  2. i cannot argue with anything you said - thank goodness its on its way , now , as to the reason we both are feeling - "...It makes me ashamed of much of my country's population...." i think the media has whipped the frenzy every opportunity they have gotten , its not the informative coverage - its the offensive panic emoting crap that promotes the public [those willing to accept it] into a total fear mode , one day someone needs to remind them that freedom of the press was intended to inform without suppression not incite riots and selfishness , those in fear -
  3. nice photos , i no longer get any in the yard as the town has built up around me ,
  4. in the early 60s revelation was the western auto brand - i worked at one and bought my mosberg made palimino there it was marked revelation , had gorgeous walnut stock , wish i had it back [long story for a campfire night] the one i replaced it with is no where near as pretty and is marked mosberg i dont recall what wards used , i remember sears ,
  5. im doing similar with old lead shot bags in my pelican case , seem to work just fine , mine are all working guns , no need for fancy display/storage , they need utilitarian transport protection , those are some nice display boxes and if i had collectible cowboy originals i might consider them ,
  6. yup , maybe gotta have been in heavy construction to fully appreciate the finess that guy had with that hoe - other guy did pretty good as well
  7. less than the machine but more than anyone would want to pay , nicely done , getting that buried one running was the big score
  8. we shoot deer with slugs here , less shot n the turkey with buck
  9. OK , got the car uncovered - and its mine , the keys fit - now what ?????
  10. "...All I need to do is find some sort of a shoot where I need 00 Buck to fire off the factory loading so I can then reload 'em for SASS..." go to a major three gun - they shoot them , or hunt turkey maybe ?
  11. now there's an inspirational post for a midwinter blah day , i dont shoot C&B much but i like the idea of making your own
  12. i still have a handful of 12 ga in purple hulls from the 60s - they were hunting loads - magnums i think so will never see a SASS shoot , i think they were "imperials" probably a hardware store brand related to western auto , good paper shells with a slick finish and high brass
  13. never tried anything but a friend used colored feathers in his , they were visible and mostly just fun , never had any drift back on the stage shooting line let alone the crowd
  14. that money has made those politicians wealthy millionaires on $135k job ,
  15. these are wonderful , i would shoot it and enjoy at the same time taking extreme care of it as your friend would like , they need to be enjoyed and commemoratives have always maintained value just not accrued any added value ,
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