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  1. i just discovered i can post photos here , i am a dinosaur in this era but i think i got it down , love green eyes
  2. dang - that worked great , ill get some photos of my cart and so forth - me
  3. "...This site hosts direct. Click the "Click to choose files" link when writing a post and browse to your picture to upload...." i will spend the time to figure this out , i like that we direct host here - ive appreciated it on a couple others once i figured out the procedure - slow learner but appreciative of the finer points always , thank you ,
  4. "....Cabelas still advertises 30-30 lever action rifles for CAS even though they are not legal in a main match. I've also heard gun store clerks spout nonsense about SASS costuming requirements. (These are the same yokels who believe they are ready for the Top Shot television series.)......" this is an important point ask about before you buy , a lot like the tinfoil hat folks that live in their mothers basement who post chit on the net that just aint true - ask a cowboy or three before you buy , or you will spend a lot of money on things you will regret , you will get good advise here even if some differ slightly they all will lead you the right way at substantial savings , nothing wrong with that 20ga if he likes it , just a lot more kick than he needs , but let him decide , buy that 12 for you and see if he doesnt come to like it - the 20 can always become the backup you WILL NEED one day at a match when everything else seems to be going wrong in one weekend ....ive had them , we all have at one time or another ,
  5. with everyone working from home the system is having to adjust to use - or so i was told - keep losing my connection , but so far the pages still show as always , this too will pass - soon as everyone gets sensible again , OR NOT
  6. they make it look easy because the practice a lot , pick one and do that - you will be proficient if not faster than you are now and you will outshoot me who has not done what i suggested ,
  7. not much good when you have sawed off your double from its original length , but then they are rather sparkly hangin from your cart ...if you polish them up nicely , came back to add - they have their place , skeet was mentioned and trap of coarse but sporting clays is more common use , even cowboy trap/clays you can get by with your basic shotgun - i do use my long ones not my coach anymore , that didnt go so wellas i would like ,
  8. im seeing it - all is good
  9. glad you all shot buzzard , i was working but with you in spirit - for those unaware our hypocrite gov wont let anything open much but attended a funeral/memorial in a packed church - no mask - and side by side with some who have been exposed but not quarantined , so much for the covid here unless your a business owner going broke , anyway , hope you shot well buzzard see you at WOWS for sure
  10. sorry to hear this but hopefully you will return to action in a better place , nothing fun about it but the alternative offers little to look forward to so my prayers and hopes are also with you ,
  11. if you need an M1917 bayonet i have one i could part with .............:>} i think they look cool with the pointy bit mounted but again not for SASS
  12. i use a golf bag cart and have two mounts from a RV carrier forward and two to the side - the side mounts hold the doubles very nicely , mine are removable for transport ...ill try to get a photo up but ive not had much luck on this site with photos yet , some sites host direct without a photo host ,
  13. you can always keep the 20 as a backup - most of us have needed one on an occasion or two , it means having a little spare ammo along you probably wont use but a couple boxes would do any major match ive been at and all monthlies , the 12 is the correct answer - everything else is personal preference that i would always agree with , if he is a bigger kid he would perhaps be comfortable with it - or load your own light loads ,
  14. ".......personally would not shoot a “hi-velocity” round in a Chinese shotgun (who really knows about them?)...." i agree , its safe if imported for what its intended or it would not be allowed but i would not run anything beyond the target loads we shoot - even tho i think it safe for buck shot and slugs , JMHO on this tho , i have no inside info that supports my thinking ,
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