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  1. i like it - thinking i need one , thanks for the conversation ,
  2. sounds really fun , i think i might like that even if i am setting myself up for some poor scores - "its got to be the going not the getting there thats good"
  3. i picked up one in 45 and it is a fairly nice rifle , not as smooth out of the box as any of my other four but i felt the need to add the marlin to the henrys and winchesters , im glad i got it - ill see if i can smooth it out some ,
  4. ive found out that the list can be a good thing , the couple times ive forgotten things is because i forgot to check them off the list
  5. yup - cannot be sold in minnesota or massachusets , light alloy
  6. i might have missed it but , are these full size models or are they downsized like the colt frontier scout ?
  7. i have a 1918 colt that will work for wild bunch but i have not gotten to starting that venue yet and doubt it would be my choice , i get using what you own but some of the antiques deserve to stay original - when they came to you that way - and replacement parts are not original issue ,
  8. i have a newer computer with newer operating system , my old one failed to allow me to connect tonight , this one was already in the works but i had hoped to postpone its implementation just a little longer , i hate change and this has so many new things that operate differently , some is much better some not at all what im used to , good things are my keyboard and mouse hooked up great without me having to do a thing past plugging in , my photos are all on the old one - gotta figure that out yet , there are things popping up i have no idea what they are so "x" ing out for now , the screen is not as bright - bold - clear as my old one to my old eyes , but that might be a fix ive not found yet , i can live with it for now i guess , bear with - i am getting there - i found the wire and logged on , good day in my book ...
  9. i think local match will allow it , will not be an advantage but its not the worst way to go - my belt would fit you , its way good on my 32" waiste cause if i use it i have to wear it above my gunbelt but i have slides - they work well ,
  10. i would ask for them back and move on , there is someone that will serve you better , we only have a finite number of years left after all ,
  11. i live on the watab river and still considered myself young at the time , im reconsidering the latter half these days ,
  12. ok , but is this not a single action revolver ? do you not have to cockiyt to shoot it ? or am i missing something in these later revolvers ??? mine are all pre 68 so perhaps there were changes made ?
  13. i like that one , looking for one for my shoulder holster rig ,
  14. broomstick - that is a quote worth remembering ""if you're going to be slow, you better look good doing it" -my dad" your dad got it right and ill requote him often - try to remember to give him credit , but i guarantee ill note that its a 'quote' from a smart fellow , i think ill start looking for some new leather to and my days with ,
  15. i think you are overthinking this - shoot what you like to shoot , it is what ive always done as well as most of my friends , i shoot all 45 in both handguns and rifles it keeps my reloading simple and easy , i have a couple friends - he shoots 45 and she shoots 357 so his is more complex but the both participate in the shooting and loading activities so i guess it equals out , i get that after you expand to WB you add to the complexity but its still something that can be easy and enjoyable ,
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