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  1. a bit of oil can work wonders ,
  2. yes , my FIL explained some of that as well , he was a lifer , first crew of the nautilus
  3. thanks , we didnt get to see the sun let alone the eclipse , i appreciate the great photos
  4. one assignment in college involved cathedrals - i chose chartress , its an interesting study , not so much the layout - they are all similar , more the structural and décor , also the artwork ,
  5. hope your havin fun together ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. OK , a boat can fit in a ship , ill buy that , but still begs the question in the end , im an inland water guy and i use boat but i know im wrong in some cases by the words of my deceased FIL who was a submariner and knew his boats and ships larger than my boat
  7. im not buying it but there will be those that do ,
  8. good one , in my book you qualify as an employee at least fot now but te longer we keep doing theur work the farther we get from that position , , accepted norm becomes the norm ,
  9. there have been a lot of crossovers over the years - the silver fox thought he was a rock and roll guy once with "what condition my condition was in" but far better as country , the stoned poney had linda ronstadt as a singer before she turned country , and there was the eagles and a few others that did so well in both arenas
  10. used tp hear a lot of solar flares and activity as it affected radio and TV signals but not so much in the age of new technology ,
  11. repeating the "well bye" from above , he got a pass from those that respected his football prowess back then as welkl as he racists crap we all see every day , but he was guilty and this will be discussed till hell freezes over , im ok with it as its never affected me but his victims deserved better ,
  12. i have always looked at these movies as Hollywood entertainment - exactly what its supposed to be - no truth , no reality , no reason other than entertainment , i like them so far but i think the sequels are starting to fade that unterest
  13. we have had very good luck with amazon deliveries except most of the drivers here are muslins and don't like the dog , they tend to leave the p[ackages closer to the street than the door - we do have a "bridge" from the walk to the door and i dont mind walking to the opposite end , i like my dog better than i do the delivery folks , these days m happy if they keep their distance - the send my wife a photo of where the package is - long as its not in the driveway , im ok with it ,
  14. most all shotgun powders can be converted to the pistol caliber loads but one has to do the research and development based on known similar burn rates and such , im not familiar with that powder at all , .but ill keep watching as i may find some in the future
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