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  1. this sounds interesting and i agree on the style points , im not a fast shooter im a fun shooter and although i think i would find those cumbersome the concept intrigues me , i have an older H&R with a long barrel in 22cal that i enjoy from time to time at the range - never found a holster and haven't broken down to getting one custom made yet either ,
  2. "...Where are you in California? Is it just me or are we getting quite a few new folks shooting here? It bodes well for our future...." i hope you are - that way maybe you can change that states attitudes , i admit im not certain how either is possible in the current climate , but then miracles do happen
  3. walk down the dusty trails in my memory , B&W was the way of the west when i was a kid ,
  4. for an effective inexpensive option i read on another site that an older telescope actually gives you excellent results , i have not tried the one we have here but im thinking on giving it a try this spring ,
  5. looks like it should function well , be sure the brake functions , holds it on those inclines
  6. i agree about the "lighter" , as i get older i like the lighter all that much better , my sporting clays cart is a rugged gear but its one of the very old ones , stilll works just fine but carrys muzzle down ,
  7. if i didnt already have one i would jump on that ,
  8. wow , another very classy looking rig ,
  9. very nice , not my cup of tea , but i do appreciate beauty when i see it , im a really plain guy or so my seamstress tells me ,
  10. that weather report alone makes me want to pull the motorhome out of storage - if it wasnt for the job that has the pesky customers who need attention , it is in my future tho ,
  11. nice stuff , got to make that trip one day soon , not so much for the stuff as the shoot and company of other cowboys & cowgals
  12. i rather like that idea of the shell holder , may have to look at that should my current one go bad - not out of the realm of reality , i have already broken two , i must pull too many bullets - i used to take down a lot of surplus , now im limiting to cast only
  13. i enjoyed both shows as well , i guess he had a nice long life although it seems he died young - in my mind he is as his photo above shows him ,
  14. i like it - i have a lot of the same features on my bag boy golf gun cart , also my stroller sporting clays cart , this should serve you well , i am not against the traditional carts by any means - just started in a different venue
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