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  1. i gotta say - as nice as the BBQ guns are it is fun to see the really fun/fancy BBQ grills too , love this thread , keep coming back to see all these wonderful things ,
  2. nice read - i just got one with "riverside arms" label , but i think that's what it is and i had my gunsmith cut it and refit the bead , i think i'm going to like shooting it , i've always shot a stoeger coach that i bought when i retired the stevens 511 started with , its long barrels were a hindrance but it was my fathers pheasant gun so i gifted it to my nephew ,
  3. gotta admire one that can do this so nicely , i do ,
  4. i dont shoot this for SASS but those 3.0-3.2 loads are what i use in my antique 38s , i like red dot and clays for this
  5. very nice - i dont think you will be disapointed in that buy and it will outlive you too ,
  6. nope - just shoot the same lead/load all the time , but i cannot shoot at home [in town] same as dodge city under the erps
  7. i like the looks of that set - you have a lifetime of fun shooting to look forward to with that rig , i envy that you were willing to go there , ive stayed with my commercial built stuff cause ive feared i might grow tired of a custom costly set - commitment thing i think ,
  8. growing up i never used anything - only after working environments changed that i found them , anything is better than nothing but always use the best you can find , we only have one set - im lucky mine still work after all those years of neglect , i do think the ambulance chasing lawyers have a part to play in many of these discussions , but im not going to say they are wrong in their efforts , there was a time when pencil erasers and cigarette filters were available - they helped , just sayin ,
  9. never had issues with them , but i only shot factory - never tried to reload any , steel bases are quite common these days
  10. i shoot federal premiums in my reloads - most work well some dont , i have more issues with the papers than the plastic , i think you need to use what works and abandon the rest , but i would try the cheaper gun clubs and such - they reload fine ,
  11. i went with the life about six or seven years ago , my thinking was i 'had the cash in hand' , 'didnt plan on quiting' and 'didnt want to deal with annual dues in retirement' , im glad i did it , ill be working a couple more years i think , it should be paid for pretty soon after that , did the same with the NRA
  12. thats a fine looking cart , made to order ?
  13. hit - if you think its a hit - its a hit , if you are not sure /its a hit , only if they miss and you are certain is it a miss ,
  14. i did not know IJ was making these , my impression is it looks terrific , i gotta research these , i think i might want one
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