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  1. ok , this one i kinda expected to see but was hoping not to , im not going to jump up and say everything on the net is false/fake/lies or whatever but this is a "cover your ass statement" if i ever saw one and im mgoing to say wait and see what plays out - this would imply a conspiricy way beyond everything the admin has done to date , and while i dont put it past them , im not ready to believe the old kennedy conspiricy nor this one quite yet , we shall see
  2. at one time i found it quite offensive but later i learned to like hum ,
  3. im not a gambler - with money , but since that is play money id throw the 500 at it just for S&G
  4. i missed it - guess that was a good thing , i watched important stuff
  5. sad day , i enjoyed him in everything i ever saw him in
  6. i remember most of those from recent airings , i watch most nights here , i missed tonight because i was watching the convention , ill catch it tomorrow tho ,
  7. its orange ...................................................kinda cool tho
  8. what an example of the greatest generation , im not expecting to live to that age but id like to look that good in uniform ,
  9. for decades ive seen 90s , im not up on current code but i would check them before doing a new install ,
  10. wish i was more tech savy , id love to mess about with them , but instead i just ignore them ,
  11. ive been on metal roofs in high temps - light color helps but im sure it was not comfortable , they are deadly in the early morning with frost on the deck ,
  12. after his acceptance tonight im now well in his court , i think not only a great choice for VP but a great candidate for four years from now as president ,
  13. thanks , it was enlightening , oh , and i like vance too , i listened to his acceptance tonight - said it well and what he said was right n target , i see him going all the way and winning in 4 years as well ,
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