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  1. i like em , i think you got a great price on quality pieces that should serve your grandsons well .
  2. me too , im not so certain of duct tape doing the same job , but you did not enhance performance here only enabled continued performance , you preserved it
  3. prayers for recovery , all too many of these posts these days ,
  4. sorry to hear this , i never got to meet him , i think it was my loss , so many i want to meet and so little time , i lost a dear friend yesterday who would have made a great cowboy had he been younger when i encouraged him to join , too many going too soon
  5. oh , thanks for the further explanation , means mine are a C-D-E model then , ill look a bit closer ,
  6. so how old would one be if it was an A or B series ? asking because neither of mine are marked to a series , one is 1911 the other 1909 , just curious , would be fun to know
  7. i have never had the issue either , but i reload in the house in climate controlled conditions and store my product there as well , i had thought to load in my garage - detached , no climate control but it just seemed a recipe for problems so i never went there , if i ever climate control the garage i might think it again ,
  8. i like it - neat and orderly , is it difficult to get the long guns out or is there a trick i dont see in the photo ?
  9. yes - what was said above , but , they issue you a number , register your alias and send you a badge with that number on it - its yours and some of us consider it an honor to own it for our lifetime , worth looking into further and assuming your new identity
  10. ive done a very little bench rest and none of the off hand but i enjoyed the read ,
  11. back at cha , it was a wonderful family filled day ,
  12. hmmm , seems there is stuff out there i cannot find , wish they shipped this side of the pond , i do have a bunch of those 2 1/2" round , but they are not the light loads you all are talking of , these are rounds that michael macintosh shot birds with in south america , given to me by his stepson who is a friend of mine , ive been reluctant to use them in cowboy as i think them to be full power loads - i like the idea of "low recoil" not sure these fit that ..........maybe i need to try a few to see ,
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