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  1. America has widely adopted this format because it is widely adaptable; pretty much something for everyone. Three gun, police, hunting, long range, plinking, home defense and likely more customization/parts available than any other gun out there.
  2. It looks like TB is a solution to a 550 Dillon when the machine is not advanced. I have not double charged on my 650, but I have left a charge on my scale and proceeded to run the press a few times.
  3. As noted, some rifles are picky about bullet weight and/or profile. If you have one of those, find what works in that, the pistol is more accommodating. I use Schofield cases for pistols and Colt cases for the rifle. I've used 180 up to 240 gr. bullets. .38 Special is different for me and load the same for pistol or rifle.
  4. Take your time making any decisions and you'll have fewer regrets later. Read the rules to see what interests you, check out some matches and talk to folks. The '73 was made as an improvement to the '66. It's stronger, lighter and has the lever safety. I'm not sure if the '66 copies today have a lever safety or not. .38 Special is the most popular round in SASS and is cheap to buy or reload. Barrel length is generally 18-20". A '73 carbine is lighter than a short rifle. Either can be spendy new with action work and a short stroke, but may be found used at a savings. To repeat: take your time, you'll have a more harmonious outcome. Welcome.
  5. America is being threatened in many areas, not just the 2nd Amendment. Schools have been transformed to indoctrinate and propagandize students, illegal immigration will likely overwhelm the current majority by 20xx, the global warming hoax is gaining significant attention (see comment on indoctrination and propaganda), foreign student visas are used as a bludgeon against our own citizen students, opposition to the electoral collage is growing, socialism is becoming more acceptable, government bloat/waste has gone far beyond what is reasonable and prudent, etc. One simple way to combat many of these threats is to vote for those who will protect our interests, whatever they might be. I used to be an Independent, but due to the psycho group-think of the Left, I have registered as a Republican. They do not satisfy all of my desires, but I cannot in good conscience vote for anti-liberty, open border socialists who I believe will transform this nation into something undesirable and unrecognizable from what it has been. We can walk and chew gum. Enjoy SASS, play your game and if you love America, do what you can to save it.
  6. This is from Harbor Freight, advertised @ $349. They also have mounts.
  7. We downsized our house and decided our big screen TV was too big. It was like Cinemax in your family room. Gave it to my niece and got a 55" on sale. Dropped cable TV and stream programs or watch DVDs. Have a 7.1 receiver for audio which gives a better experience with movies. I'm getting pickier with newer content as I don't want to support activist actors if you know what I mean.
  8. Oddly enough, I did see loads for 125 gr. bullets in a 2nd Edition Lee manual. It also posted 3 for a 90 gr. lead bullet and 11 for a 160 gr Colt. Speeds are not exactly low though. My older Lee, Lyman and Loadbooks were skimpy and do not post some of the newer powders. Reminder to self, check all sources before posting.
  9. I made a return to Winchester '73, The Train Robbers, The Searchers and The Shootist. Oh, and I broke out Deadwood and watched a few episodes. I love Westerns.
  10. Just wondering if any of the newer reloading manuals have been updated with lighter lead bullets. 96 and 105 gr. bullets have been used for some time now for example in .38 Special. Others use 78 gr. .32s or 160 gr. .45s. I think the days of 158 gr. .38s or 148 gr. wadcutters has long passed for many shooters. I could have said that soft loads do not necessarily bang the target loud enough and may cause unnecessary misses. Do not misinterpret that I would pursue a load under the SASS limits, that would be wrong.
  11. The grass tends to come out of the mower in clumps, the wheels gum up with the stuff and leave tracks of more clumps. If this bothers you, you mow it again to spread the mess out. Not recommended if you like a beautiful yard.
  12. Show me an honest politician and I'll bet he can't be elected.
  13. I saw a hammered double at a Sportsmans Warehouse recently. The price was just under $750 and doesn't appear in their shotgun listings online. I didn't see any country markings, but think it had a Texas marking on it. Any idea who produced or imported? It was blued with a checkered walnut stock. It looked trimmer than the chunky TTN chinese version and seemed lighter than that model.
  14. Costco has had several brands of stretchy jeans lately.
  15. Abby the Labby is 15. Not so active now, a walk to the mailbox three houses down is about it. She sleeps alot, but when she hears the pantry door or a food wrapper, she snaps out of it right quick. It will be a sad day when she passes, she's such a sweet dog.
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