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  1. That is just too pretty to use. I've never seen better, nice job.
  2. Get NKJ cd. Should be applicable to smoothing it up. If you want to lighten the hammer spring, you can try a Ruger hammer pack from Wolf to see which one will reliably pop your primers.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it. Bordertown applications come out March 15th. It would be great to see you again.
  4. "How was it?" "It's not my favorite." "I do like your stew, though." Momma aims to please.
  5. Used one for years in the bedroom with the sleep timer. Retired and didn't use it for months and got used to it. Since then, it was on with sleep timer for a few football games.
  6. On the question about using insulation backwards, with paper facing out. It is a vapor barrier designed to keep moisture from inside going out, so you would essentially be trapping it within the walls. Most obvious places for this would be the bathrooms and kitchen. Looks like an invitation for mold.
  7. Go West

    Uberti Feed Issue

    Bad crimp. Recoil is probably shoving the bullets back in. You do not need a crimp groove with lead bullets, but you do need a crimp.
  8. Repeat the stage silently........and repeat......... and repeat. Rifle, pistol, shotgun. 2-1-2, 2-1-2, 2-1-2, 2-1-2, blam, blam, blam, blam. A few of those should quiet the interruptions, bad karma, etc. that have entered your mind. Of course when the beep goes off, it can all evaporate quickly................
  9. Remember to load your pistols. Great to have you back.
  10. Father in law got his at Battle of the Bulge. No chain, though.
  11. Good game, 50/50 commercials and trashy half time show. I have to admit, some of the hip shaking was mesmerizing.
  12. Long underwear is your friend when it's cold. I've tried shooting with a coat, but it doesn't work for me. A duster or coat can be done without for a stage. Gloves are probably more important and I may wear them at the loading table waiting to go on.
  13. Happy birthday, Tom! I love your westerns.
  14. I started with one hearing aid and over the years, transitioned to two, all being the behind the ear type with the tube going to the ear. I had an audiologist test my hearing and one ear is worse than the other. Like many, my hearing loss is mostly in the upper range. Some women's voices are hard to hear without them, an advantage some would say. My last two sets were adjustable via bluetooth and can be adjusted up or down. They do have noise reduction circuitry that does help. I typically adjust down 1 step in volume. Noisy environments are still an issue hearing conversations, such as loud restaurants if the person speaking is at the other end of the table. If background noise is at a minimum, I can hear remarkably well. Hearing aids do help in most situations and with an audiologist's expertise, you can have a more enjoyable life.
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