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  1. Is there an optimum length and/or bullet shape that feeds best in a .45 Pedersoli Lightning? I ran 20 rounds perfectly in one and with other ammo, it was disaster. I need to check the specs on both, but thought to ask what your experience is.
  2. I wear bifocals but had my latest shooting glasses made with one prescription, that is the focal point of revolver and rifle sights.
  3. Is it the courts or attorneys we don't trust? When I was in school, litigation was very rare, but it is common place today. NGO entities seem to exist in order to slap lawsuits on everything. These organizations do not manufacture anything, but they do get funding by winning court costs and by donations from other NGOs (Soros, etc.). Some of this money gets directed to elections and campaigns and as we have seen, can make an impact nationwide.
  4. We saw it a few months back and yes, it was eerie considering the Covid virus..........
  5. That's ok Blaze, I forgot I had some of these and I found 2,000 primed Winchester ACP brass. All is well.
  6. I have some 180 gr. bullets, RNFP with crimp groove if you're interested, OTW, I have some ACP bullets if that would work. I gather this is for a rifle instead of your 1911.
  7. They like to obfuscate and use euphemisms to trick the unsuspecting. When they speak of "common sense" I cringe. Instead of fighting crime, they encourage it and instead use the opportunities of crisis (that they manufacture) to once again attack the 2nd amendment. Their solutions are a complete red herring, a chance to holler "Squirrel!" and say to their ignorant supporters, "See, we are doing something!"
  8. If the founding fathers wanted any of this, they would have added the language to the 2nd Amendment. We don't have any statesmen today, which is why you see this stupid stuff frequently.
  9. Used guns make sense. Patience will reward often times.
  10. Nosler lists 3.4 gr. for 780 fps with a 125 jacketed bullet, so 3.2 or so seems pretty good.
  11. C.N.: I have an extra puller if you want one. Someday I'll run a crapload through a press with a plier, I've got way too many oopsies to use an inertia puller.
  12. 41 this morning ? and is headed to 59. Warming trend coming with Saturday to hit 73 and Sunday 80. Might have to wear a straw come Sunday.
  13. My older brother used to get old radios and tvs that didn't work (some from the dump) and would take tubes out to test at the pharmacy. Some of those cabinets had really fancy veneers and/or Art Deco styling. Anyway, a couple of bucks and a bit of time and he got a lot of them going. Some cabinets that had useless guts were put to other purposes.
  14. Back in the day I used to subscribe to 4 motorcycle mags at the same time. That was when the BSA advertisement girls were as amazing as the motorcycles.
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