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  1. The gun pivots up and down and you can see some adjustment at the rear. It may be possible to swing up and down through some setting.
  2. I found this article in Guns Magazine online. https://gunsmagazine.com/discover/the-tippmann-armory-gatling-9mm-gun/ Pretty awesome fun. Uses Glock magazines and will run as fast as you turn the crank. Only $5 grand. I want one, but Momma might balk at the price for a toy. The rig weighs 60 lbs., a bit more feasible than the original. Instead of .45-70, it uses 9mm ammo. Although a huge price savings, you could run into a lot of dough if you just ran it for an hour or so.
  3. I have a '99 '97 that I shoot now and then. The barrel is pretty rough but Johnny Meadows says the bolt isn't original. What do I know? Mostly I shoot '87's of later manufacture.
  4. 1 nice tool is the Eastwood throatless shear, about $200. Straight or curved cuts are easy. There are also nibblers and shears that are pretty cheap. Check out online for what might work for her. You'll see examples of what they do and prices.
  5. I thought you were going to talk about Sly and the Family Stone.
  6. The Searchers is my top JW film with Stagecoach being my second choice. Donovan's Reef is my pick for non-western.
  7. Go West

    Reloading Dies

    I have and use Lee dies for 9mm, .38 special/,357, .45 Schofield, and .45 Colt in my 650. I use the Lee FCD for .38 Special to allow for different case OAL. I'm cheap which is why I use the Lee brand. I also have a dedicated Dillon SD in .380 acp and one in .45acp which use their proprietary dies.
  8. Usually property is valued according to worth, though sometimes increases may be limited by law. Tax rates are set according to how much money needs to be raised. The worst run states appear to be run by the Dems.
  9. Sheet metal can go through gloves like a knife through a tomato. There are tools out there for manual cutting sheet metal that are inexpensive. Hand shears will do but you'll usually need to straighten the edges afterwards. A plasma cutter would be a nice tool to have and range from hand held units to CNC types. The jobs to be done will ultimately determine what would be a good solution.
  10. This game sure is fun! I was so nervous at my first match I thought I would puke. Two .44 mag. Vaqueros, a .44 mag. Rossi and a Chinese '97, all stock. The Rossi would stovepipe at least once per stage and the Ruger springs were really stout. I don't recall if I had one clean stage, but boy howdy did I have a great time. I got lots of advice such as getting springs for the pistols, a different rifle and an action job on the shotgun. I've since replaced those guns and then some for one reason or another. I've learned a lot, met hundreds of great folks and God willing will enjoy this to my final days. Welcome to the game and enjoy.
  11. Thanks for the info. I met him about 17 years ago or so when he was cowboy shooting. Nice guy, very good shooter.
  12. I had some Starline nickel in .45 Schofield which split relatively quickly........... I only used them in pistols. I haven't checked the chambers, but they may be oversized. Years ago I had the mouth of a .38 piece of brass separate that caused me six misses because I couldn't fire the balance in my rifle. I learned two things: never use nickle in a rifle and you can't make up for your misses in the rest of the match. It took two stages to realize this and calm down.
  13. I have had several .38 case mouths detach from the rest in a rifle and will not use nickel again if I can help it. I think those cases had a cannelure. I've also had some that the nickel has almost worn off and kept chugging away. Nowadays I tend to toss them as I find them. I have about 15 gallons of .38's and toss those that have damaged mouths, splits longer than an 1/8" and/or nickel finish. Other calibers in nickel may split sooner, but haven't had a case mouth separation as yet. If you like to have belt loops loaded with ammo, nickel keeps the verdigris away.
  14. My first cowboy gun was a Ruger Bisley in .44 mag. and later bought another to start CAS. Stout loads were no issue. Sold them off to buy others years ago. I had the itch for a S&W 629 last year and bought a 4" version with the lock. It's got the factory rubber grips and I love the looks. I thought about the 69 model for maybe an hour and promptly forgot about it. The shooting might be equal to or better than other brands, but I think the looks make it the choice.
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