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  1. I did a U Haul move and took everything.
  2. It's been some time since I used 231 which is supposed to be the same. I think I used 5.2 gr.
  3. Per their website: STARTING LOADS GRS. VEL.(FT/S) PRESS. 5.9 761 5,800 CUP MAXIMUM LOADS GRS. VEL.(FT/S) PRESS. 8.0 1002 13,800 CUP
  4. There are scarier rumors floating around about future changes if Dementia Joe is the ultimate winner, more still if the R's lose Georgia. Keep the faith.
  5. Schofields are nice, but not for everyone due to their fit in the hand. Keep as is, shoot or sell, your choice. I have two .45 cal. Uberti 5" models that are fun, but at the moment, gathering dust in the safe. The factory springs are a bear, causing my arms to tire shooting duelist. Once I thinned and lightened them, I could use them normally. I first bought replacements, just in case I went too far. I hear from others that they do not like BP, but have not tried. I reload .45 Schofield and use them in these and Colt clones. As others have mentioned, I use Starline brass and they make an efficient round.
  6. Two stages per bay is typical in Southern AZ for a monthly match.
  7. I recently gave away a 366 with a box of extras. It was a bit finicky for me. I used to use American Select with very good results. I'm using Clays now.
  8. Years ago I was hours away from home with .38 Special ammo and .45 guns.......... I bought some .45 ammo for about $50 a box and was glad to find it. It was an expensive lesson that I've not repeated since, knock on wood.
  9. The wife found a sleeve of WSP primers on a shelf while cleaning out the garage. I love you! We're in the process of moving and yesterday, we were emptying the garage (very small) where all of my reloading stuff has been shoehorned. My new space will easily swallow everything and at some point, I'll be able to organize things where I can find them. Life is good!
  10. A friend mounted a few mouse traps on his house that was affected by a woody. His pecking caused the traps to snap and problem solved.
  11. The shooter should tell the TO to give him/her help or not. In the absence of their preferences, I will call out One More, Up, Middle Target, Hull and the like just to assist them along. I like to show the time and call it out for the shooter, then get it to the score keeper.
  12. I noted the Winchester '73 in your last post, but I failed to tell about my favorite part. That was the scene about the shoot off between Jimmy Stewart and the evil brother. Bad brother says he didn't shoot through the hole in a necklace piece and Jimmy does it again after a postage stamp is stuck over the hole. Wyatt Earp eyeballs the hole in the stamp and declares Jimmy the winner of the 1 in 1000 Winchester. Makes me want to watch it again.
  13. It was great fun! That's what it's all about. Great stages. Any chance we can see the scores?
  14. Ya gotta include the Winchester '73. Most of the movie was pretty good, too. Dan Duryea as the crazy bad guy, Shelley Winters as the fair damsel, Rock Hudson as an Indian in his screen debut, James Stewart (love his westerns) and of course, the Winchester '73. Some say it was the gun that won the West.
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