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  1. Bordertown is my favorite. Regular shooters can feel like winners and world class shooters lay down some amazing strings. Speaking of Bordertown, it's coming up fast! Hope to see you there.
  2. Go West

    Which die set?

    I have about 12 gallons of .38 brass that may have variations in case length. I use the Lee FCD instead of checking/trimming brass. I used to use a powder check die, but have substituted checking weights periodically. Every case after setting up a caliber, then every hundred or so. The Dillon measure is pretty consistent.
  3. Duh, I should have just done a search...... Thanks Johnny. Hope to be there barring rain.
  4. In the Win 10 set up, I opted out or deleted much of the portions I didn't like and installed Brave and Firefox browsers. I use Brave for most surfing since it has pretty strong ad-blockers and Firefox for the sites that dislike to work well with Brave. I also use DuckDuckGo for the search engine for both.
  5. Could you post directions to the range? It's been a long time since going there. Thanks.
  6. Can't help on timeline, but they were Rossi's before Taurus bought them out and the name changed to Braztech. Chiappa's have always been Italian made and are not related to Rossi/Taurus/Braztech. There was a period when the Taurus guns came out rough from the factory, but I hear they smoothed up considerably at some point. Steve sells a do it yourself video for slicking these up and he also sells guns he does himself.
  7. Rye, I made the suggestion for Walmart shoppers. If you are not one, then the message is not for you.
  8. Go West

    Entry reloading

    I can't recommend a single stage press. I use Dillon progressives (SDB & 650) and am happy with them. Others like the Hornady LNL. Don't settle just because of the price. A good idea is to watch someone with a press you have interest in. Bullet choice may be restricted by what your rifle prefers unless you have a different load for pistol. I used 92- 158 gr bullets depending on what I have on hand. 105 gr bullets are popular as are various 125s. Powder selection is quite wide as many fast powders will produce acceptable results. I've used 6 different powders with good results. Good luck.
  9. Walmart is still selling their inventory, then they will stop selling this ammunition. The only responsible thing to do if you are a Walmart shopper is to look for close out sales. Me, I rarely buy at Walmart, but I may have to check out their prices before it's gone. I won't buy unless it's cost effective since I reload the calibers I shoot. YMMV
  10. So sorry for your loss. It hurts real bad at first, but the pain will eventually be replaced with the countless memories you had. They can never be replaced, but sometimes you find another remarkable fur child to continue the tradition.
  11. blinker - blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side Commonly added to a horse who needs to focus. Frequently added when a trainer doesn't quite know what to otherwise do. When added to Palice Malice a few years back ran a freakout Derby posting killer fractions. If you're into horse racing, this is what you would think of.
  12. Wow, that is awesome, Matt. Congratulations on EOT, too. Colt, I was as impressed with how polite and helpful Matt was years ago. Character is a quality that is in short supply today. You have done a wonderful job in raising him. BTW, your leather craft is museum quality.
  13. Back when I started we bought Remington Game loads during dove season for about $2.70 a box. Times have changed.
  14. Name one Lab that ignores the refrigerator door opening, the rustle of a wrapper, the squeak of a pantry or your dinner being cooked or going on plates. Ours is 15 and pretends she's on her last legs .............until food is involved.
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