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  1. I have used Bullseye, American Select, 231 and WSL. I also have Clays, but need to burn through others before I try that. Attached is a page from the older Lee manual.
  2. I attribute my moments to being retired. When I was employed, most of my synapses fired just fine. Now that I have slowed down, my brain has apparently gone along with it.
  3. Go West


    I still have some Winchester Super Lite (WSL) powder that was discontinued years ago that is still fine. You can't have too many manuals, I like Load Books, Lee, & Lyman.
  4. If you're in good health, you might try one of the trades. Apprenticeships are often available for someone to learn the biz. A lot of young folks don't want to work and those with a good work record have a leg up on those who feel entitled. I would have suggested law enforcement, but the climate is pretty grim with all of the idiocy going around and would no longer endorse that. Best of luck.
  5. I have one in .45 and it doesn't care what RNFP bullet I run in it. For cowboy, I tend to buy what is on sale. For a long time I bought 200 gr. bullets as they were $20 cheaper per 1000 than any other. They long since wised up and increased prices. It's been awhile since I ordered any, so you'd have to check around. If I was to hunt, I would go towards the heavier end. You can use the stoutest, safest loads your shoulder can handle. I've used multiple brands of powder, check your load books. I used to have one in .44 mag. that was unreliable chambering bullets while shooting CAS. I may have been too inexperienced to figure it out back then, but my current .45 doesn't care if it eats 180, 200, 240 or 250 gr. bullets and has never stove piped.
  6. I use it for blues, country rock and classic rock. It works for keeping the dog calm when we're gone, too. She's partial to Wishbone Ash and New Riders of the Purple Sage.
  7. Go West


    I bought a b&w laser printer because I was tired of the toner cartridges drying out. I often print horse PPs so I can use them figuring out bets. I sometimes print maps and coupons. The printer has paid for itself by not having to buy expensive toner frequently.
  8. "That aint no bull," was the oft repeated saying of Tex Earnhardt, a car dealer in Arizona for decades, now deceased. The meaning behind it was that it was a steer, not a bull, kinda an inside joke. The implication was that he was offering a straight-shooting deal without the normal shenanigans of the retail car trade. He would ride or sit on his longhorn in many of his commercials. He used multiple longhorns over the years.
  9. I've never dodged a porta potty when riding a motorcycle, but ladders, car tires and storage racks, yes. It makes it exciting going to work in the dark at 5 am only to see a very large item in your lane. Your brain recognizes the shape after you've gone past a few seconds.
  10. Constructive criticism allows for the possibility of improvement if the company desires to do so. It is annoying to have important links/options missing or extremely well hidden. When I do connect with a person, I appreciate those who speak clearly without a strong accent, as I am old and do not hear well. Please allow time to fully test the item or service I purchased, an immediate survey makes me think you're hoping I don't find issues. Please do not send me a survey that takes 20 minutes to complete, I'm not a paid reviewer nor do I want to answer more than a few questions. Being on hold more than 15 or 20 minutes is unacceptable if you want my future business. If you do not include a manual with a product, make a link to that very easy to find on your website. If I download a manual for a product, make it complete so I do not have to search for missing answers. If you list measurements, please use American increments, I do not do metric at all.
  11. That shotgun or AR is a bit hard to conceal under your Hawaiian shirt when you run an errand.
  12. On vacations when I was a boy we used to play a game identifying cars to see who could call it first when traveling down the road. It's been many years since I could identify the more modern cars.
  13. A lot of hats I've seen in pictures look pretty bad, not like the Hollywood hats seen on TV or in the movies. An exception to this might be the hats worn in town such as a derby.
  14. The proposed VP candidates were all awful, but at least now we know exactly who it is. Someone who never garnered more than 2% as a Presidential candidate. Although many pretend otherwise, she is not very likable or electable. The worrisome part is that if Big Tech censorship, MSM shameless promotion and voter fraud make a significant difference, KH would be the likely President before the next term is up. I would hope that a desire for 2nd Amendment preservation, low taxes, law and order and a booming economy among other things would bring about a landslide Trump victory.
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