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  1. Good luck on the hunt and trip down under. Best wishes on the surgery. We'll miss you.
  2. My latest dry tumbling additions are paint thinner and Nufinish car polish. An hour or so works great and you don't need to dry, rinse or deprime. Corn cob and walnut media are used depending on my inclination.
  3. SASS supports waivers for physical impairments. I can't wear cowboy boots anymore, but Ariat lace ups worked well for a few years. I may have to give up the Ariats since I use a foot brace now. Some of my best enjoyment has been using the cheapest guns I own. My leather was $150 I found at a gun shop nearly 20 years ago. Pietta pistols for $700/pair, $399 Stoeger and a $300 Rossi 92. You can get a nice straw hat from Sunbody that works well in the heat or just to save money.
  4. Look up the MEC powder bushing chart to get an idea which bushings to start with. There are several out there, but the newest one will list Perfect Pattern and High Gun.
  5. I started with a Lee Pro over 20 years ago and went to a Dillon 650 after experiencing too many issues with the Lee. A Dillon 550 base machine is a viable starter and can be upgraded as you can afford it. It isn't progressive, yet is popular with many folks. I like Lee carbide dies with their Factory Crimp Die. Don't be in a rush to buy something since money is a big concern for you.
  6. As noted by GJ, use Remington hulls and problem solved. You could also switch to a 97 or an 87, but switching shells is cheaper.
  7. If you didn't have fun, there is something wrong with you. Just sayin'.
  8. Go West


    Thank you Johnny Meadows and Too Tall Bob for the stages you set, they were awesome. Please do it again for next year. Congratulations for the winners, the most famous gunfight next to the Gunfight at the Ok Corral!
  9. Go West


    and they rattle folks enough to jack rounds out.
  10. Excuse me. I used the #16 die bushing in a MEC Sizemaster press.
  11. We're shooting PP this week using a 16 powder die in a MEC. It's about 13.7 gr. with a grey Claybuster wad, Remington hulls and 7/8 oz. shot. The crimp is straight with a bit of a depression in the crimp. Takes down knockdowns fine with low recoil. A smaller powder die is not consistent from the few shells I've reloaded. I've just tapped the keg, so this is my first efforts. I would welcome other input.
  12. Go West


    It's great to be back again at BT. I hope you all are having a good time shooting and enjoying yourselves.
  13. Go West


    BT is our favorite match and look forward to it every year. If you like taco salad, the Crystal Palace has a good one.
  14. I don't recall seeing a pistol grip rifle in TV or movies or for that matter a straight trigger.
  15. I find Remington hulls both black and green generally do not require sizing while AA's do. If using a double, I use a mop treated with G96. I'm interested in the taper crimp die by Uniquetek, but haven't purchased one yet.
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