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  1. I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.
  2. I played taps for 54 servicemen from sophomore through senior high school years. This was in a small Illinois town. WWII, Korea and Viet Nam primarily.
  3. Bisleys are not as good for two handed shooters, but a nice choice for one handed or gunfighter shooters. It's not hard to swap the parts and there are videos that show how to do it. One thing not mentioned are thinner grips. Since you like the El Patrons, you don't really "need" another pair of pistols, the money choice would be keep or sell.
  4. Work is one of them 4 letter words and is way overrated for the most part. If you're one of those that gets paid gobs of money to do what you love, God bless you for you're one of the fortunate few. I highly recommend retirement as soon as possible.
  5. I switch guns frequently, so the important thing is, do I have the right ammo for the guns I plan on shooting? Once I ended up with 16 ga. ammo at a match and I don't have a 16 ga. gun. Turned out I bought cases of shells and someone slipped in a few 16 ga. boxes in the case.
  6. My .38 cases last a long time, even if loaded hot. .45 Colt cases tend to last a long time as well. I have noticed my .45 Schofield cases are ones that split the most and are used in pistols. I haven't checked cylinder sizes, but assume they are somewhat oversized. They easily allow extraction without the ejector rod even if dirty. If my Scofield cases are loaded mildly, they seem to hold up fairly well. If they are loaded hot/hotter such as increased powder charges or heavier bullets, I find more split cases. This is anecdotal guesswork as I'm too lazy to do scientific experiments. I try not
  7. Our Lab took 5-6 years to outgrow her destructiveness and finally matured into a sweet dog. She just turned 17. We have had a German Shephard, +, Heinz 57. +, Ridgeback/Lab mix, +, and an Australian Shephard, +. 2 were rescues that had baggage to overcome, the puppies were a lot of work, but you have a chance to raise them right. After our current dog goes, we want to travel while we can.
  8. We had a beagle when I was a kid. If he got out, we would ride around in the car and honk to have him come back. If he was at the park (a big one), we often went back the next day. Eyes swollen from pollen, often wet and running like the devil after the car, ears flapping. I had a Shetland Sheepdog I used for a rabbit dog as a teenager using a .22. Not really a hunter, but he could scare them up. If I cleaned them, Mom would cook them. A fair trade.
  9. We had acreage about 20 miles back in on a dirt road with a road association charged with grading at least once per year. Most years they graded before hunting season which often had rain. They did crown the road, but hunters did their best to rough it up. Once rutted, people would drive around the worst parts. If there was no rock, the mud was slick and deep. Only heavy equipment was effective on the majority of it, but if you had your own tractor or truck, you could smooth a portion if the bedrock was not exposed. I used a heavy i-beam behind my 4x4 that worked on the dirt areas, not so much
  10. I like the $23.99 fee better than the others.
  11. Yep folks, we've come a long way. America started out somewhat shaky, but time has shown the founding fathers were pretty smart. The early influencers are fascinating to read about.
  12. Payouts can be massive due to the large fields and betting pool. If you're not shooting, its a fun thing to do if you're so inclined.
  13. It would be better not to preface your question like that if you are wanting an answer. "I'm stupid since I have to ask this" is setting yourself up. In a similar vein, unless you are secure in yourself, do not tell anyone of the truly stupid things you have done like sticking your finger in a light socket that has power, robbing a bank and leaving the keys in your locked getaway car, or doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.
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