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  1. My dog brought me a pigeon once, but didn't tell me about it. The poor thing was quivering under the home entertainment system. I snagged it and released it in the yard. No harm, no fowl? He-he-he
  2. Save that picture for when you can't afford beef. Then you can drool over it and fondly remember the occasion.
  3. Never allow a crisis to go to waste. Much of the publicity encourages copy cats. We've spent over $40B for Ukraine and do not enforce our borders. If a portion of that money was spent to harden our schools, it might have prevented this and other school tragedies. How about locking school doors, installing cameras, safety officer(s), responders on speed dial, etc. We waste so much money everywhere and pursue things that aren't solutions to existing problems.
  4. Ran across several shooters who were encouraged to stop shooting matches over the years. Accommodations are made for physical issues, but should not allow unsafe practices. A few that wouldn't listen were banned from the matches.
  5. Maybe Sleepy Joe would make some sense if he smoked. On the other hand, maybe he smokes enough to sound senile and eventually has to take a nap.
  6. Millions of taxpayer dollars in clandestine research in China. Covid travels worldwide. Fauci, Collins and others obtain patents on vaccines prior to Covid coming to the US. Big Pharma earns billions due to coerced vaccinations. US pays for dangerous pathogen experimentation in Ukraine and elsewhere, virtually unknown by the average citizen. Monkeypox is confirmed in multiple countries including 1 case in US. Government orders huge quantities of vaccine. Sometimes conspiracy theories are true. Sometimes, politicians tell the truth. Sometimes we should leave well enough alone.
  7. If your bullets ever appear angled on the carrier, do not load to a max length, they will interfere with the carrier block operation. Honestly the '73 will be very forgiving with everything between a minimum and maximum length.
  8. Some folks say to put Vicks on your feet when you're sick saying it draws out toxins in your body. No known studies about this, but at least you'll smell the Vicks instead of your feet.
  9. Piettas are the best clone out there. Prices have not inflated as much as Rugers (which are not clones) over the years.
  10. Pretty fancy! Congratulations to all the winners.
  11. First heard about it in a gun magazine and later saw a local match going on at a range nearby. I stopped, watched and talked to some folks who encouraged me to give it a go. I've met some of the best folks around and have few regrets.
  12. Is it a sport or a game? Yes.
  13. One of my pet peeves is someone chattering to me at the loading table and if need be, tell them not to talk to me. I'm counting rounds being loaded, trying to get the stage in my mind and don't want to hear about misses, P's and other train wrecks.
  14. Yeah, I did have a split case in a rifle at Railhead years ago when they had it by the lake. It was nickel and it cost me 8 rounds. I've since tossed every nickel piece and haven't had an issue since. If I was still competitive, I would be more inclined to use new brass, but my times are climbing along with my age. Maybe it is a coincidence, but the odds of a split case for me appears to be very, very low. YMMV BTW, I like your articles.
  15. Remember when you could buy or bid on buckets of brass at a big lost brass match? I still have 6 gallons of .45 Colt and 9 gallons of .38 Special many years after purchasing. I toss when they split. I did order new Schofield brass some years back. My cylinders must be a bit oversize as I do get a few splits per match. They certainly aren't hot loads. Sometimes you can get brass from a shooter at a match at a decent price, too.
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