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  1. Abe Lincoln said, " God must have loved the common man because there are so many of them."
  2. We went through Monument Valley in 2012. It was freaky looking with just the tops sticking out of the smoke.
  3. Thanks to Johnny and Bob, you guys are the best. Momma found 5,000 small primers when we moved that were buried on a shelf. I'm shooting .45s to save the small primers for her. I did buy 1K LPP recently at Midway. $75 plus shipping, hazmat & taxes turned into about $100. Ouch. My last retail purchase was around $125 for 5K, so it's been awhile.
  4. 1900 was a reasonable time to call the end of the era, though arguably, some spots in the West and Southwest were quite violent until much later. The end of the Indian Wars, the introduction of the automobile and airplane and most livable land claimed (by individuals or government). Oddly enough, we have more gunplay today and quite a bit of condoned lawlessness all across the country. In the cowboy era, there are many documented instances of vigilantism where "concerned" citizens hanged the ruffians or drove the bad guys out of town. I think we could use more of this today.
  5. We saw them many times. He will be sorely missed.
  6. A tens unit has done miracles for me when my back has acted up. Insurance paid for it, but I think they are around $100 or so. Mine has several varieties of stimulation like constant, pulse and a wave style with multiple intensities to apply. This is not as powerful as the roll around cart supported machine, but for a small, portable gadget, it does well.
  7. Maybe it's quality practice (or lack thereof), maybe it's inherent ability, but despite years of use, I still shoot faster with a 97 than an 87 or double.
  8. I love your ingenuity. Here's to more boring days.
  9. Wow, a designated shooting order is a blast from the past. Some kept it the entire match, others dropped one or two down after a stage. I don't recall the last time we did this, thank goodness. Shooter's choice has been it for quite some time. Call out your alias and if there are questions, the scorekeeper asks. In just a few stages, names are learned (especially by the scorekeeper(s). I agree with Creeker, it's up to the workers to find replacements. Oftentimes, the posse makes arrangements on how many TO's for the day and order they do their duties. No one wants to be worn ou
  10. Mingling carts to make it hard to escape is horribly rude. If a couple of shooters from the next posse just brought their guns and ammo to the loading table, it wouldn't be a big deal. They could always make a space for a reshoot if needed. It would be polite to wait a minute and take turns like your momma taught you.
  11. On the way home to Arizona on the Interstate in the early morning, I spotted a guy pulling a trailer heading down into the deep center median. He was heading right for us as we were traveling in the other direction. It looked like he was doing a handstand on the steering wheel with his mouth wide, wide open. I couldn't hear any screaming, but you could imagine. The trailer was whipping violently side to side. He drove back up the embankment with the trailer bouncing and sliding around and popped back into traffic and proceeded down the road like nothing happened. I doubt he could repeat that
  12. I miss his big smile and friendly manner. Gone too soon. I was lucky to get my Blackhawks worked on by him and later bought a pair of old Vaqueros with the short stroke. Still got them. Thanks for the memories.
  13. I had a motorcycle crank case with a stripped bolt hole (the other piece had a broken off lug) and a case cover with a hole in it. . All were fixed with JB Weld. JB Weld was placed in the stripped bolt hole and an oiled bolt was screwed in. No leaks after drying and the bolt could be removed thanks to the oiled threads. I also used a piece of duct tape on the case cover hole to get back to the truck, but that's another story. I'm not a real fan of Loctite being used on guns, but have used clear nail polish on occasion, like for Marlin screws.
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