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  1. The CZ coach gun has been a consensus choice from what I've seen. Pietta has a hammered gun, but haven't heard anything about it. It's listed @ $1475 from EMF, $999 at Midway and $837 at Bud's Gunshop. How would it compare with the CZ?
  2. Applications on the way, hold two spots for a fun posse please. Sorry for the delay.
  3. I only knew her through the Wire and thought she was a wonderful person. RIP.
  4. After you narrow down your choices you have another issue which is where to buy. You can buy your model brand new from a gunsmith who has short stroked and smoothed it or you might find one used which had this work done already at a lower price.
  5. Congratulations and best wishes. Do more of what you want and enjoy every day of it. Aim Me and Go West
  6. I don't see primers offered on their website.
  7. Thank you to Johnny Meadows and Too Tall Bob for great stages and the Bordertown board for putting it all together. 300+ shooters experienced wonderful weather in the low 70's. We look forward every year for this and were not disappointed. Congratulations to all winners and hope to see you all again next year (if not before).
  8. Easiest way to clean brass is to dry tumble. Add polish of choice, toss in brass, dryer sheet and let it run. Separate media with rotary cage and you're done. I usually use walnut media, but sometimes add some corncob. A dollop of NuFinish car polish is pretty inexpensive. If not shiny enough to your liking, let 'er run some more. No rinsing, no drying, no de-capping.
  9. MEC Sizemaster, Remington hull, any 209 primer, 13.4 Clays, Claybuster grey 7/8 oz. wads, 7/8 oz. shot. A shell sizer/checker is popular today. I find the Remington hulls do not need it as much as Winchester AAs. Claybuster Lightning (white, 7/8 oz.) wads work also.
  10. The weather was great and this was a nice prep heading into Bordertown this next week. It's only days away.
  11. We are unlikely to find $150 sleeves (5K) of primers in the future. I bought when I could at around $100/1K and was glad to get them. I recently bought 4K Federal SPP for $59/1K. I should have bought 8K, but didn't want to take them all.
  12. Thanks for posting. Always look forward to this one.
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