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  1. Ruger will do warranty work free no matter if you are not the original owner. Pull out all non-stock parts before sending it in or you won't get them back. They will return the gun after fixing and may only cost shipping and a bit of waiting time. I had one pistol many years ago that over rotated. I sent it in and had it back within a couple of weeks. That gun is still running strong. It is certainly faster than I am at this point.
  2. I had several .38 cases with the cannelure that separated in my rifle. Got lucky with one and got it out myself. The other was removed by a local gunsmith as I had no case extractor. I threw out all of my cases with those grooves. No fun at a match.
  3. RIP Dawg. He will be missed.
  4. Use 2-3 feet of braided steel cable, then rope. Rope is more comfortable if it is a larger diameter. Chain is heavier than cable and can get hung up on targets.
  5. I think all 2024 entries ought to get a free PDF copy.
  6. 7.5 & 8 is in stock in Tucson for $59.99.
  7. Looks nice and time will tell how nice it is. I have a Henry and don't need another .22.
  8. Best price I've seen in 2 years and first Winchesters I've heard about in that time. I just paid $75/1K online and paid hazmat on top of it. I want to get more LPP and prices and availability are not that good. $80 and up if you can find them.
  9. I welded some tubing to make my first folding gun cart. Later I bought a wooden cart for $25. Next up was a $20 baby jogger I adapted. Recently bought a Rugged Gear cart for $60 and added my ammo tray from my jogger. A handful of carts were available within the last month with varying prices. There are options. Whatever you do leather wise, do not buy cheap leather brand new. It will not hold its shape and you'll end up spending money again. I bought a used Kirkpatrick rig 20 years ago for $150 that is still in good shape.
  10. You don't need to be a WB member to download/read the WB rulebook. I recommend doing that.
  11. Cheddites were all I could find the past several years. Not one failure and just bought several thousand more due to availability and price.
  12. I guess they forgot to send these out like they said. The wife and I should have 20 year pins. Maybe I'll buy them, they're only $5.
  13. I didn't know they did this.
  14. Dang, Boots, they're not done crying about 2024 and you're asking about 2025? Nevermind, I get wanting to note it in your calendar.
  15. Way to go! See you and that scalawag soon.
  16. Good job. I still have that floppy rig if you ever need to borrow it again.
  17. That would be wrong. Who would do such a thing? Who would start someone in a faulted position?
  18. Red longhandles work well. Allow a piece of tp to float out the trap door.
  19. The good news is that there is little traffic on it, so not much is missed. There is some good info on it, I've used it myself. It'll get there at some point.
  20. I just checked online and SPP a minimum of $75 or so for 1K. They are having a sale on Cheddite primers for $88, but for 1500, not 1000. Reclaimed shot for $52 or so. LPP are available, but more expensive. I just ordered SPP, Cheddites and powder, but I thought I might check them out. Haven't heard of Bruno's before.
  21. Great stages and targets. Kudos to Bob and Johnny once again. Thanks to all the out of area shooters for coming out and playing in our backyard. We're glad to have you anytime. Nothing beats good shooting, good people and having a good time.
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