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  1. I hate moving and finally used some hired help on our last 2. Worth every penny. The wife and I moved small stuff and left the heavy things for the help. I'm no longer as spry as I used to be and my back talks to me when I overdo.
  2. Years ago I broke a rifle just before Winter Range and bought one from a vendor to use in the match. The small cross pin broke on the first stage losing 6 rounds. Jim Bowie replaced the pin with a piece of wire that is still in the gun. I was told the original was too hard/brittle and the wire had some give in it and wouldn't shear.
  3. I had an eye doctor who let me bring a gun to my appointment, but that was long ago. I found that the distance from eyebrow to front sight on my rifle and pistol were about the same as was the distance to stretched pointed finger. I normally wear bifocals, but have both lenses on my shooting glasses as single vision with front sight distance the optimum.
  4. My ankles no longer like pull on cowboy boots. I wear Ariats now and really like them. Seem to hold up well.
  5. Remington hull, 13.4 gr. Clays (25 MEC bushing), Claybuster gray wad, 7/8 oz. shot.
  6. I need to clean and organize better after seeing these pictures.
  7. Ouch! I get a pain in my wallet seeing those prices. Shotgun primers as well.............
  8. Dillon 650 w/ roller handle and case feeder. Dillon SD- one for .380 acp and one for .45 acp Mec Sizemaster for shotgun
  9. I guess I'm out of touch, those prices are much higher than I recall. 8 lb. kegs and 3 matches a month do that, I suppose.
  10. Old Vaqueros- springs New Vaqueros- shoot 'em
  11. It's not the fall, it's the landing. We have yet to see the bottom of his approval ratings.
  12. NPR does not do straight unbiased reporting and hasn't for some time. Much of the crime occurs in large blue cities, in areas where you would not want to live. I could elaborate, but then this would end up being a political diatribe.
  13. Mossberg 500 series, Remington 870. Maverick 88. If you look around, you can find the Ruger PC Carbine for under $500, but you asked for a shotgun. Mossberg has many aftermarket accessories, some of which fit the Maverick. I wouldn't worry about plastic bits. The new Mossbergs handle the mini shells. Budget? Go Maverick.
  14. Someone said Frog!
  15. For a comfortable shooter in 9 mm, the Ruger Max 9 and Shield Plus or original Shield single stacks fill the bill. The Hellcat is a bit further behind those in terms of comfort. With a mag through those and the S&W CSX, the Max 9 and Shield Plus had the best accuracy, then the Hellcat and the CSX was abysmal. I'm going to put more ammo down range to see how the accuracy improves. For a comfortable .380, try an LCP II or a Springfield 911.
  16. Not a Tom fan, but the wife wanted to see it. It was entertainment, you just need to view it without a critical eye. For me, there were too many bits with Tom looking into the camera with that big grin of his. Can you imagine Clint doing the same with his spaghetti films? I digress. It was mostly fun and the popcorn was good.
  17. The same outfits that brought you the largest hoaxes in recent history were quick to get their misinformation out before any facts were known. The usual suspects are clamoring for something to be done, even if it's wrong. It's so urgent, we must act so we can pass something before anyone realizes what the consequences might be. In the meantime, we have a perfect distraction from the failures of the current administration. In fact, if this turns out, Joe's approval rating could bounce up to 30% and the Lamestream Media could once again be trusted.
  18. Instead of making bonehead statements on a regular basis, you would think he would limit his speaking. It would save his staff from walking back everything if he would let them talk and he just says, "I approve this message."
  19. I believe he said "high caliber weapons." I don't know what those are, nor do I know what medium or low caliber weapons are either. The guy has lost his mind and can't find it with Jill looking, too. How he has any support is one of those imponderables.
  20. I played taps for military funerals when I was in H.S. When I graduated, I had 54 shell cases as I was given one at each funeral. It seemed a lot for a small town when I only did it for 3 years I was there.
  21. I thought maybe I could clean my primers and see if they would pop like corn.
  22. It still works great and has more capacity than another tumbler I have. I guess I'll cross my fingers since I must have gotten it 15 years or more ago.
  23. I miss being close by when I need something from them. I may need to do a side trip when seeing family.
  24. I have a big Dillon I got used many years ago. It runs hot, too. Now you have me wondering about a possible fire........ I let it run in the garage when I'm in the house.
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