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  1. The DVD is very helpful as is Marauder's gun tips site. I would caution you about doing things without understanding why. The ejector spring is the primary cause of stiffness, not the hammer spring. Do not touch the locking bolts. There are several videos out there for dis and reassembly as well as instruction articles.
  2. You watch a Western and count shots and look for penalties.
  3. I look online for suitable powders for what I reload and have tended towards the lower priced ones of late.
  4. My wife and I started SASS over 20 years ago and it has been quite a ride. Met many fine folks and still do. I hope the fun never stops.
  5. I would ask for clear pictures as it does appear to have chew marks next to the receiver, some on butt stock, faded finish on butt plate and the bolt is dirty or rusty. OTH, it is a numbered gun (142 of 500), has engraving on receiver that is more than standard and has fancy wood grain. Caliber desirability is dependent on a buyer. Of most importance is whether the gun works as intended without parts or gunsmithing. I was once told that a Taurus price for gunsmithing was double that of AWA or Pedersoli. If you think the gun is overpriced, that is your answer.
  6. Waxed dusters are surprisingly warm even without a liner. Hand warmers that recharge with USB are the new best thing to staying comfortable in the colder months. Some folks might even enjoy a heated vest and/or socks.
  7. Aim Me West and I will be there tomorrow. Shamrock Sadie's video looks great. Do you have what you need to play this? Shameless plug for local clubs. Los Vaqueros, Old Pueblo Shootists Assoc. and Bordertown Sunday hold matches at the Tombstone Livery, a few miles north of town. Old Pueblo- 1st Sunday 9 am Los Vaqueros- 3rd Saturday (8 am summer) Bordertown Sunday- 9 am (summer off)
  8. I checked online 8# prices @ $215-$315. Clays was $237 and a few mentioned by others were +/- $20. I'll need to shop shortly since I've less than a pound of Clays.
  9. Uniquetek has a shotgun die that gives the finished shell a 3 degree taper that is compatible with MEC Sizemaster and others. Called the Quickloader.
  10. Read an article years ago that said you would coat the lead with copper.
  11. Not sure about 20 ga. hulls, but I mop the bore on my doubles after every stage. Some folks wipe their shells down with WD40 or silicone, I don't. I toss my shells when they split near the crimp. You could try a sizer/checker. If you haven't polished your bore, you might want to try it.
  12. I have a set of early Pietta's labeled Charles Daly. They still look and shoot great, probably 15-18 years old.
  13. TCFP coated- 125 gr. for .38 and 100 gr. for .32 185 gr. RNFP coated for .45 .38 Special and .45 Colt are loaded long, behind the crimp groove for better function in Lightning rifles .38 pistols don't care what length they are and .45 pistols are loaded with Schofield brass using the crimp groove One bonus for using coated bullets is that they don't clog your dies.
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