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    As I sit here typing this I can hear dozens of police and fire sirens and horns going south down Glassford Hill Road and turning west on US 69 A. There are units from the highway patrol, several cities and towns, the Yavapai County Sheriff's department, Yavapai regional fire departments, US Forest Service and probably others. I'm guessing close to 75 vehicles plus many civilians following along and honking their horns. Is it an invasion, maybe a gigantic natural disaster, some "dignitary" politicking around, a plague? Nope, it's Christmas With A Cop. Needy kids from all over the quad cities area meet at the Prescott valley Town Hall and are driven wit full lights and siren, barreling down the highway at maybe fifteen miles an hour to go shopping at several participating stores. Want to hear some great stories about these kids? A girl about seven years old couldn't find what she wanted. One of the fire fighters asked what she was looking for. She didn't want anything for herself, she wanted to buy her Daddy a cordless power drill so he could go do more work and not feel "useless" any more. A boy got some toys for his brother who had terminal illness and "might not ever see another Christmas, so he wanted this one to be special. Two brothers combined their stash and bought a sweater for an elderly neighbor lady and they threw in some games that she could play. There was a kid asking for a step stool so she could get up high enough to help her mom with a new baby, lipsticks for big sisters, games just right for little kids who are fostered by a couple who under-estimated what it would take to raise kids, binoculars so Grandpa can watch the birds and deer in the field next to his house, tires for a bike belonging to a new boy in town "so he could get to school and come play with us" and candy, cookies, and cake for those too poor to get them anywhere else for Christmas Ever seen a 240 pound grizzly old cop with tears running down his cheeks, or a Forest Service fire fighter having little kids lining up to hug him, or an RN bawl her eyes out because some child remembered her from the hospital and wanted to thank her for "helping Daddy when he was so sick". No avarice, no petty emotional crap from some do-gooder who wants their picture in the paper, no politics, hate, or racial problems her. No, siree Bob, none of that, just pure Christmas as I have always envisioned it. All of y'all have a great Christmas and a marvelous New Year...every year..... and God bless.
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    Thanks guys - appreciate your care in knowing my condition. All is good...I'm vertical and still breathing. When I got a penalty point from a Moderator for speaking frankly, I basically quit the Wire. I'll be at WR...say hi. Or if one of the Wire Wranglers want to take an issue up with me Face to Face...I'm up for that too! Take care and keep supporting your local SASS Clubs and local Gun Shops! Phantom
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    My oldest daughter rang the bell today. What a fighter she is.
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    At our monthly shoot this weekend; I was approached by a shooter that doesn't play with us much anymore. I lit up when I saw this shooter; because this man was an inspiration to me when I began shooting. This man is Irish Red; with his shamrock printed shirts and green felt hats - in the early 2000's, Irish was the Duelist to beat in Southern Nevada. I watched Irish Red and emulated him; taking his advice and guidance on shooting Duelist. I said often back then, "I want to be just like Irish when I grow up". With his help; I became a fairly proficient Duelist and won a buckle or two. I also watch Irish Red interact with other shooters and admired his willingness to mentor, advise and give of himself. I have tried to live up to the example he set as a leader and mentor; I have often fallen short of his level - but I always knew what I should be striving for. As we shook hands and caught up; Irish motioned me to follow him to his car. "I hoped you would be here this weekend" he stated as he opened his door. Reaching in, he removed a hatbox and handed it to me. Inside was one of Irishs custom felt hats; this one a green derby with red feather custom made for Irish Red with his name and SASS number inside. "What is this?", I ask. Not entirely sure why I'm being handed this box. "It's yours", Irish replied. "I want you to have it". This gift means more to me than I can express. It is a great honor and I will wear it with pride. Years ago; while at the top of his game - he thought enough of me to advise and direct and 20 years later as his participation wanes - he continues to give of himself. Thank you, Irish. I want to be just like you when I grow up.
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    I've really stopped posting on the Wire...too much stoopid stuff on here. But when I see a prolific Wire know it all posting anything about Jim Bowie, I'm motivated to speak. There is NO ONE FINER THEN JIM BOWIE...so sorry that he's not an expert businessman like some think they may be or think he should be. He's just a super fine Gunsmith and a SUPER FINE person. Phantom
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    Alas, I "know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two," may apply, and not in a positive way like the Farmer's commercials imply. I've been subjected to EXTREME negativity for calling things according to the SHB that were let slide at monthly matches. My theory on rules is as follows. "Don't blame me for trying to see that the rules of the game are followed, as there is no honor in doing well when you did not follow the rules."
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    In to the wild blue yonder.... Leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow to fly to Charlotte on Wednesday. Should be there for about 3 months. I’ll miss the homestead, but I’d go to the ends of the earth to help my bride.
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    Moments ago. Having my coffee in the kitchen and reading the Wire. 8:02 AM. Landline phone rings. Looks like a local number. Had to say "hello" twice (first bad indicator). caller: "Sir, did you get the medicare benefit card we sent to you?" (definitely not a midwestern accent, and said very quickly) me: "What?" caller: "Did you get the medicare benefit card we sent to you?" me: "No, but did you get the drone President Trump sent to you?" caller: click Too soon?
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    So Glock just announced their new Glock 44, chambered in 22 rimfire. I figured now would be a good time to explain Glock and their models.... The Glock 44 is in 22. The Glock 22 is in 40. The Glock 40 is in 10 like the 20. There is no Glock 10, but there is a Glock in 9 aka the 17 and 19 and 26 and 43, not including the 48 - which came out before the 44 - and the 43X, which are the same except for the ways in which they’re different. Actually they’re like the 45, which is a 9, which is the same as a 19x which is actually more like the 17 than the 19. Strangely enough the 45 came before the 44, but 45 came before 9, but not 44, so maybe that’s the logic. If you wanted a 45, you need a 36, a 41, a 30, a 21, or a 21SF, or a 30S, or a 30SF. Of course if you want Glock’s 45 you need a 37, 38 or 39. The 38 isn’t a 38, there are other 38’s. If you want a Glock, definitely get the 19 and maybe a 22 to practice with - not the 40 22, but the 44 22. The 22 won’t help you to practice with your 9 as much as a 23, which is closer to the 19. Unless your goal is competition, in which case you should have been considering a 35 or 17L or 24 or 41 or 34 which are 40 9 40 45 9 respectively. The 31 32 and 33 are actually 357’s but not the 38 357’s. They’re 357’s that are more like 9s but not like the 380 is like 9’s. If you wanted that you need a 42. And nobody likes a 42, you’re better off with a 9. And therefore try a 44 because everyone loves to work on their 9 with a 22. Edit: Glock if you read this I want a 44 but not a 22, that is I don’t want a 22 at all but I want a 44 because I’m already into the 22 and I’d prefer a 44 to a 22. Also please make a 50 that is a 17 22 or a 22 22 and make a 49 that is a 50. Thank you.
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    I think allowing 1911s, scored separately or not, into the game makes it an entirely different game not to mention adding a whole nother layer of rules governing the 1911. It seems to me if there are enough people having to switch to 1911s WB is ready and waiting to accommodate them.
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    A few years back I learned of the Museum of the Republic of Vietnam being opened in California. I recalled I had a flag somewhere that I hade brought back in ‘70. I eventually got in contact with the folks in charge, (one is a retired Viet-American US Navy Captain) and they were thrilled that I wanted to donate it. I guess seeing as how things ended, the bulk of the war artifacts are in GI hands seeing as how most Vietnamese got out with only the clothes on their backs. They wanted to fly me out for the ceremony and banquet but I politely declined. Didn’t want a fuss made. A Facebook friend sent me these pics this morning. I had seen pics of the flag raising ceremony and opening of the museum but not the display itself. I guess they got the pics from my FB page. Glad the banner finally found a good home. Maybe I’ll get out there some day.
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    My girls wanted to get me this for Christmas 2018 - but between false modesty and not wanting them to waste their monies for a vanity; I declined. So when my girls asked me last year, "What do you want for Christmas?". I shocked them by admitting, that I really wanted to get a buckle to commemorate being honored as 2018 Jedi Gunfighter of the year. So finally after a long wait - here it is. I know pride is a sin; I just can't help it.
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    Our good buddy Noz and his lovely wife Lorrie stopped by our house this afternoon on their way back home. Great news - Noz convinced his therapists that he is now safe to resume driving a car! He had to demonstrate that he could drive all over Springfield with one of his therapists as a passenger in a dual control car, and upon completion was certified to continue driving. So last year's head bump appears to be officially resolved, and congratulations are in order!! His knee has been giving him some problems, so returning to the firing line is still a while off, until he can be sure of his stability. But he's working on it. I figured his Wire pards would like to know.
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    My granddaughter is a school teacher , and is taking a about 4 years off to raise her new daughter. Now I have a brand new lil girl to spoil! Her protection is my daughters dog, 'Grindle" who really loves "lil birito"
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    My husband and I did this a couple of months ago on our own. And, we are going to do it again at the Greenville Gun Show next month (Dec 21-22) He had a table of our own personal things for sale and I had a table advertising SASS. I dressed up, had my guns in my gun cart and had Chronicles, badges from matches, buckles, awards, anything I could think of to take and display. I did have business cards but didn’t have anything to “sell” at the show. I had print outs of and contact information of every SC match. It was AWESOME! Abe E S Corpus came for one day. My husband said he felt bad for the folks on the other side of the aisle from us because EVERYONE stopped and talked to us about cowboy stuff. The local match was the next weekend and there were a lot of visitors who’d heard about it at the gun show. FOLLOW UP IS KEY!! People want to go where they are wanted, valued and supported... Hugs!! Scarlett
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    Any Duelist or GFer worth his salt would still shoot it one handed. Even if allowed two handed.
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    Sorry Griff, have to disagree. This shooter lost an entire match to something that was deemed enough of a problem to change. All of the subsequent shooters had a different stage to shoot; I don't care how many shooters were able to get through it safely. Would you be ok with targets that were 20 yards away when you shot them and were moved up to 10 for everyone else? If it was a prop and if it was changed by match officials, then MDQ erased.
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    Well my two are going to start competing full time next year. Which is great. Then a friend from high school who isnt a shooter asked if I could help her kids too as their father has no interest. Not a problem. Happy to help. So fair warning, if you see me running around like a chicken with its head chopped off next year its because there will be 6 new sass shooters under 14 somewhere close by. Oh and my wife has decided to shoot gf now and wants help with that.... There will be no rest for me next year I'm thinking.
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    Absolutely. I always wanted 100% clean. But strived for 25-30% clean. In my opinion; clean shooters are not only indicative of big close target placements - but well written stages with reasonable activities and clear instructions. I cannot control a shooters trigger discipline or their eyesight or their concentration level... But I can ensure that everything I do as a match director is designed to facilitate that shooter being allowed to perform to the best of their ability. Match Directors that are... Adversarial to the shooter. Hoping to see the shooter fail or crash. Not 100% committed to the shooters success. Those match directors, in my opinion; have no business being a match director.
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    I guess I misinterpreted what "BBQ gun" meant in the opening question.
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    I just popped in for a few minutes to catch up on Saloon craziness. It’s an 8 hour drive from here to the Mayo Clinic for Carol’s tests. Went down Wed and came back today. Kinda tiring. Not to mention driving around the hideous megalopolis in that insane traffic!! Have to go back next week for more procedures. Hoping for good news and trying to remain positive but it’s pretty hard. Nice to be back in the country for a few days anyway. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages.
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    A gamers is a shooter who reads, understands the instructions and then shoots the stage as close to the edge without breaking any rules. A cheater is a shooter who does the same as above but crosses the line beyond the instructions and rules. A gamer is a competitor who finds the shortest path through any stage and makes transions extremely smooth. I personaly admire the gamers. The other not so much if at all.
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    Actually, she is a heroine. Shay D Lady donated a kidney to Curly Duke at St. Louis University Hospital in St. Louis today. Both are doing OK after surgery. Talk about SASS folks taking care of each other... Wow!
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    TN Williams sent me this. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. ..........Widder
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    I always have to chuckle every time the Trail Boss topic comes up. First off I use TB for everything from 32-20 up to 45-70 simply because I like it. In this sport we have no problem spending a couple thousand dollars on a good set of firearms, then a few hundred dollars to slick them up. Not to mention all the money spent on rigs, boots, clothes, accessories, and hats. Then you need a nice a gun cart, and don't forget the progressive presses and other loading equipment. Then after all of that money that was spent without a blink of an eye for a sport we all love we'll banter back and forth about a couple of dollar difference in a container of powder. GOD it's great to be a cowboy....
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    Tomorrow morning my 23 year old daughter and I will be going out for a whitetail hunt near San Angelo Tx. I don't get many chances take her hunting so broke open the dusty old wallet and bought a guided hunt. Looking forward to time we will have together and maybe little fresh meat as well.
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    I think if we limit ourselves in scope of search - we limit what we may find. I'm not sure changes "within" our game that only our current participants will notice will do anything to make us grow or bring in the next generation. That's why I don't believe moving the pistol targets out three yards further or doing the hokey pokey is the path to growth or that the cessation of same is the reason for our decline. I believe our future is digital. Networking, partnering and marketing. Exposure is the cure for most things. We need a strong YouTube presence. This presence needs to be done with a goal and direction to every piece of marketing placed upon it. A singular message about our game and invitation to participate. It's time that the Chronicle goes to video magazine format. This can be augmented and supported by linking to the myriad of independent channels - JediTV comes immediately to mind. We need a presence on other YouTube channels: Hickok 45, Yankee Marshal, etc. purport to be or to have been cowboy action shooters. They have millions of views and 1000's upon 1000's of subscribers - it's time to partner up or request their help. Wolf Bane is still appearing on TV regularly on various shooting shows. So we have a contact. SASS needs to step forward in cooperation with our firearms equipment manufacturers and importers to get cowboy action back on TV in some manner (a show, a segment or just Larry Potterfield talking about adjusting point of aim on a single action). We need a poster presence thru Scully, Ariat, Stetson, etc. in every Western wear and boot store in the US. Why is there not a single mention of cowboy action shooting in my local Boot Barn? They're selling the shirts to play the game - but not mentioning the game? If I purchase certain brands of firearm - I get literature to join the NRA. Am I getting the same pamphlet in every Ruger Vaquero, Henry, Uberti, Pietta, Stoeger, Rossi to join SASS? Isn't our survival in their best interest as well? Comic Con visitors and Video gamers are young and have disposable financials. A booth or exposure might do wonders. A pamphlet about SASS in Red Dead Redemption might gain a few eyes - especially in conjunction with a digital platform allowing immediate exposure online. If the six degrees of separation actually exists then many of us know folks in positions of power, influence or exposure. These folks may not have anything that directly connects to our game - but perhaps there are tangential connections that we might use to raise exposure? A spark in a rainstorm means little; but that same spark in a forest of dried timber can become a raging fire. We only need to see and pounce on the chance.
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    Was see'n PRK in our rear view mirror for the last time Wifey & I are now living in Springfield, Missouri ... OLG
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    Just a heads up, to keep your heads down. For various reasons, I shot my last match in November, 2017. Things got a bit better, and I'm going to try it out again, tomorrow, at the Cajon Cowboys grand re-opening. This should be fun. Words of encouragement appreciated; please, keep the laughter to a minimum. Cheers, FJT
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    1 day old, pair of 3" pink birds heads 22lr on the way. (How can I load BP?)
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    We have 4 different "surrender" starting positions we use around here.............. Of course the most popular, Texas Surrender... Both hands on loaded revolvers High Surrender... Reach for the Sky Low Surrender... Hands up to shoulders And then there's the infamous, California Surrender... Reach for your ankles and spread your cheeks
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    It isn't all bad (excluding the elected officials, illegals, and homeless) IMO. I love where we live. The scenery and people are wonderful. We are not in a liberal county. It saddens me that most of the comments here on the Wire and FB are derogatory. Please do not tell us how bad things are here without offering some constructive criticism. We know it is bad here for many reasons. Please consider those of us who are still here as people fighting the GOOD fight or unable to leave. Please stop rubbing salt in our wounds
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    Some of my favorite feuds and WTC topics: Feuds: 1 Widder vs Red Knee 2 Phantom vs everybody 3 Everybody vs Dusty Devil Dale What's your favorite
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    If MDs want clean shooters they should provide showers and laundry facilities at the range
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    I started SASS circa 2000, so I can't really post on the early years thread. But! When I started, it was not uncommon to shoot rifles at 50 yards or more, throw yourself on the ground and shoot from under a wagon, then clamber back up and run across a creaky bridge, or some such. We threw tomahawks, shot bows, and fished cartridges out of bean pots. Fun stuff, good times, and great folks. I've gotten to witness the evolution of Cowboy Action Shooting from those days, to the more modern speed racer matches, and had a great time, through it all. Here's a couple of favorite pics from the Pre-Modern era. Jump in! Cheers, FJT Lefty Longridge, Lusty Lil, Lead Dispencer, and Frederick Jackson Turner at "The Last Stand, in Florida. Circa 2003... Badlands Bud, Autumn Sky, and FJT at EoT...Perhaps 2005? Team Shoot; Boots Robb, J.T. Wilde, Evil Roy, Long Hunter, and FJT. Hell On Wheels, ca 2004? (There's a truly legendary video clip of the Top Gun Shoot-off Finals between BR and FJT. If anyone has it and wants to post it, the embarrassment has somewhat abated...) Swifty Swede (R.I.P.) and FJT, fighting over a plywood saloon girl's honor. That was one well-traveled prop, btw...! Rick O'Shay and FJT in the Top Gun Shootoff at the Northwestern Regional, ca 2004. FJT, Rattlesnake Wrangler (now Matt Black) Shotgun Boogie, and Colt Faro, Bordertown...several years back.
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    WAY OVER thinking. NO call. Unless folks are just drooling over the opportunity to penalize someone for something of no consequence.
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    Just wanted to thank everyone at Powder Creek today. I shot my first match today. Everyone was very welcoming and great to talk to. At least I could blame my shaking on the cold weather today even though part of it was nerves. I came in dead last but I had a great time. I had no expectations of any speed, I just wanted to be safe and shoot the stages in the proper order. Look forward to many more fun outings. Now my wish list is growing and I need to start getting geared up. I had a member (Sneaky) who was gracious enough to let me use his guns, share his cart, provided me with ammo and helped guide me along! Just can’t believe how friendly and helpful everyone was. I think this sport is just what I need. Jed
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    A husband and his wife were at the mall for a busy day of Christmas shopping. Looking up from a sale bin at Marshal's, the wife realized her husband must have wondered off. Somewhat concerned but also somewhat annoyed, the wife called the husband's cell phone. She said , "Where are you, you know we have lots to do." He said "Do you remember the jewelers we went into about 10 years ago, and you fell in love with that diamond necklace? I couldn't afford it at the time but told you one day I would get it for you?" Little tears started to flow down her cheek and she got all choked up. "Yes, I do remember that shop" she replied." "Well I'm in the gun shop next door to that."
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    Glocks are best carried with those first two rounds in the chamber and a spare clip full in the magazine well. Most professionals will rack the slide to make sure that the bad guy knows they mean business - rookies will usually rack the slide because they forget that there are already two rounds in the chamber... Not mentioned in that book is that most former military guys (mostly the ones that did a bunch of top secret black-ops) will carry their Glocks with the hammer down on a live round and the safety button disengaged to save time - that way all they have to do is draw and pull the trigger. I'm not sure how I feel about Glocks that have been converted to fully semiautomatic - I don't know why anyone would need a semiautomatic assault weapon made of plastic. Waaaay too dangerous for the average citizen !!!
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    Phantom at the Winter Range Speed Raking side match.
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    We get home from our walk and walking back to the house, and she pulls me over into the front grass, flops down on her back and starts wiggling. Okay, I understand. Scratching her back. Then she stops wiggling and just lays there. On her back. With her feet in the air. And her mouth open about an inch. But her tail is wagging. I tell her that dead dogs do not wag their tail, and she stops. Then her nose starts to twitch like she's going to sneeze. I tell her dead dogs do not wiggle their nose, and she stops. So we stay in there for about 5 minutes - me and my dead dog. I poke her with my cane, because that is my understanding of what you do with something that is dead - poke it with a stick. Then I tell her that this is long enough - that we need to go in. She ignores me. I tell her she would be more convincing as a dead dog if her belly quit going up and down. She did not stop breathing. But otherwise... A car driving by stops and a lady gets out and runs up in the yard. "Oh what happened to her?" Idjit dog jumps to her feet and runs over to get petted. I tell the lady that she had just decided, on her own, to play dead. The lady says she thought she was dead. She had told her friend to stop. "We have to stop. I know that guy, and his puppy's dead." This is not the first time her dead act has got some sympathetic driver by to stop. Worthless damn dog.
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    At the banquet at the Southeastern Regional last night, we had a special toast to kick it all off. Some of our good friends were off traveling West and asked that I post it here. I assume that most of y’all are probably like me and have had plenty of folks ask you about Cowboy Action Shooting. Usually, at some point in the conversation, we end up talking about the differences between our regular, monthly matches and bigger, annual matches. To me, annual matches are a lot like family reunions where you see folks you might only see once or twice a year. From my home not too far from here, I can go to the Georgia State shoot and see friends from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. I can go to the Tennessee State shoot and see friends from Kentucky, Georgia, and Indiana. I can go to the Mississippi State shoot and see friends from Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. I can travel to the Illinois state shoot in Sparta and see friends from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Kentucky. First, I would like to personally thank you all for traveling to my home and being a part of my family. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed yourself over these past several days and hope that you have met at least one new person and met with members of your cowboy family you may not have seen in a while. Sadly, there is a member of my family that is not here tonight that I desperately wish could be. Many years ago, when I was just starting out in this game, I traveled to Georgia for my first ‘big match,’ Round up at River Bend, at the time the Georgia State Championship. There, I met a character larger than life, with a smile as big as his heart. He never met a stranger. When you met him for the first time, he made you feel that you knew each other your entire life. Folks who know me by my alias, call me Branchwater Jack. Folks who shoot with me regularly shorten it to Branchwater. But this cowboy, in his drawn out, distinctly southern accent just called me Jack. By his example, he taught me how to be a fierce competitor, humble in times of victory, congratulatory to others, and classy in defeat. He taught me things about putting on this match for y’all, the shooters, that I hope that I got right. He influenced me to keep shooting black powder and convinced me that I needed to shoot it gunfighter, even before Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter was a category. When his health began to fail him, he never lost that attitude. His performance began to suffer as his health did, but his competitiveness, his love for the game, and his love for his cowboy family never waned. He kept encouraging me, constantly telling me that his health was going to improve and that he was going to come back better than ever and put a whoopin’ on me, so I better keep practicing. For those of you who also knew Judge'm All Duncan @Judge'm All Duncan, SASS#67320, you know that his passing left a big hole in a lot of our hearts. I know of other folks, too many to mention them all, that, if I were to bet, I am sure that I can safely say that we have all lost a member of our cowboy family this past year. So, tonight, I ask that you join me and raise a glass. For our Cowboy family that we have known since we first started playing the game For those cowboys and cowgirls that we just met, but will now, forever be a part of our family For those cowboys and cowgirls that we have lost For those cowboys and cowgirls that have yet to meet as they join us in playing the game For your health, safety, and the hope to see you all back here next year. Salute.
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