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  1. When I lived there I believe it was x5b was the best thing around me in Lassen Co . I drew it the first yr I lived there all the locals I knew were pissed , shot a nice 5x5 or a 10 pointer as we would call a Mi whitetail I was all new to this apply for a permit thing . In Mi everyone buys a combo , “two bucks” and in some areas you can shoot a doe a day if you want to buy the licenses
  2. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/remington-asset-bids-revealed-ruger-gets-marlin-vista-gets-remington-ammo-franklin-armory-gets-bushmaster/?fbclid=IwAR1hyA-qDycmz4FRtCmkPbVP1fBhLtgYE4Hww7jcnpPzlQL_brwbrLmHY8M
  3. In the US were the ones who don’t run . That’s how come everyone wants to come here . The press and the communists/socialist are a small loud minority. Don’t get me wrong I think they are dangerous but I don’t think the have the “advertised” numbers and they certainly don’t have the love for this country
  4. So far my earnings aren’t very impressive But maybe you’re good at shaking that money maker
  5. I heard you can get some on the corner on the wrong side of town
  6. They probably figure everyone is like them . But allot of them just never bother to step out of their small circle of friends, some only trust family. I’ve had some people tell me they only trust “blood” . Personally I have some family I trust implicitly and unfortunately some I don’t trust at all
  7. Most people have never left their “little world” . When I was I kid a family moved from northern Mi to Saginaw where I grew up . I ended up becoming friends with a kid in that family. His family had kept a home in the town he was from so we used to go up there in high school allot . We were not welcomed by some of the locals and a couple of the girls families actually wouldn’t let their daughters date me or my friends. And this was only a two hour drive away. People are still very clannish . We got pulled over and searched quite a few times when we first started going up there because some of the locals were sure we were there to sell drugs . People’s perceptions of “outsiders” generally tend to be bad .
  8. If you do still live in CA you might want to do this “just in case” https://babylonbee.com/news/californians-begin-putting-lambs-blood-on-doorposts-just-in-case/?utm_content=buffercb5a6&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer&fbclid=IwAR2hsQigrH5on6oDgq60WzrbRIUt9bsHZDhM8G51rxiBXjuxFzMqE-9gPXQ
  9. Many people have never lived in more than one state in their lifetime. I’ve only lived in 4 but met good and bad people in all of them . And while city lifestyle is not for me , I’ve even met good people from and in large cities . To me it’s socialist ideals that really are the cancer . The socialist need the numbers to spread it and cities are where the numbers are . It’s also easier to become less self reliant in today’s culture and the larger the city the more it encourages that . In many ways I miss CA , I just don’t miss the laws , cost of living or the political climate. I had a good time when I lived there , where else can you go downhill skiing in the morning and to the beach in the afternoon
  10. apparently you haven’t been working hard enough
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