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  1. China still puts it on all the kids toys , so it can’t be bad
  2. Had that more than covered years ago . Current favorite is a Sig MCX Virtus
  3. I’m not paying anything for a plant based burger. My food eats plants
  4. I now wonder why someone didn’t come up with something like this along time ago . For the price it’s a great addition for anyone who wants to prep brass before tumbling/cleaning/trimming
  5. I started using one of these a few years ago and it’s made primer seating much more uniform especially with mixed brass , you’d be surprised how different primer pockets are from mfg’s https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/75513
  6. don’t sell anything, just buy another gun
  7. I’ve always been partial to tru-oil thinned 4 to 1 with mineral spirits. It allows the finish to penetrate deeper in the wood and imho works better when mudding to fill the grain . But it will change the color of the wood . And as John stated a good oil finish is easily repaired, something that’s one of its selling points to me
  8. I’ve always found the 90/10 rule to be pretty close . 90% of the people are actually pretty good decent people and 10% are $hit heads . It’s just the 10% can cause allot of problems. In fact it seems to be their full time job . There are allot of good people out there helping other people it just goes unnoticed and unappreciated for the most part.
  9. Same thing happened to my wife , you’d think after they stole the money the least they could do would be to turn the wallet in . But I guess that’s not the least they can do
  10. He certainly made some stinkers but the Shootist was a great end to a pretty nice ride . Also one of the better movies Opie has ever been in
  11. It’s a funny substance, I’ve also heard if you don’t get enough it can kill you also , I guess you could classify it as addictive
  12. I was used to Mi with Detroit being a socialist petrie dish and when I moved to Ca in the 80’s it was a culture shock I can only imagine it now . Then I moved o Wi , the people of Wi have a genuine hatred for people from Ill . Allot of them had cabins in Wi , they called them all flatlanders . Nobody really wants to move to Mi , unless your from here
  13. It’s bad stuff , it kills many people every year due to drowning
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