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  1. There’s tons on different scenarios in movies . The armorer on the set where John Eric Hexum killed himself went to the same gunsmithing school I did . I didn’t know him but spoke to people who did and had talked to him about it . Apparently he was about to hand the gun back to him and jokingly put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Not realizing that hot flaming gases were still going to come out of the end of the bbl . I was told he blew a plug of his skull into his brain. Some prop guns have plugged barrels, maybe he was used to those . But the end user needs to understand what they are using. Both are work place accidents because of carelessness and probably not enough education on proper safety practices
  2. I would disagree, he’s as much to blame as the armorer/prop guy . No different than if he was going to act out a knife fight and someone handed him a sharp knife and he cut or stabbed someone. If you’re the end user your responsibility. I know if someone hands me a gun the first thing I want to know Is if it’s loaded or not .
  3. I wasn’t, because he’s the type of person who discourages teaching firearms safety in schools. Every grade school kid should have a firearms safety course , it wouldn’t eliminate tragedy’s like this but it would go a long way to reducing them .
  4. I’m guessing since Zeiss is the maker of some fairly high quality optics it would probably be important to them to make a lens cleaning wipe that doesn’t damage optical quality lenses. I would expect the same results from B&L . I just prefer the Zeiss
  5. I’ve had B&L , which are usually too wet dry out after a year or more but so far I’ve never had a problem with the Zeiss . But that’s in Mi , I could see if you live in Death Valley you may have a different experience
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