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  1. I believe power custom makes a SAA frame , I don’t remember finding a 1860 frame , that’s what I was looking for
  2. I probably will try it just to , but I have over 8lb of solo 1000 . And everyone here seemed pretty happy with that until they stopped making it . So that’s probably going to be “my powder” until it’s gone
  3. Found this on the cast boolets forum from 2014 . I don’t go there much so I don’t know how reliable the information is . In the 38 SPL the N32C Tin Star proved to be a very good powder. I tested with the 105 and 125 gr cast bullets with 3, 3.3, 3.6, 3.9, 4, 4.2, 4.5 and 4.8 gr of TS. Psi ran from 9,200 to 14,900. Velocity of selected loads from Uberti ER with 4 3/4" barrel were; 3.6 gr at 607 fps, 3.8 gr at 672 fps and 3.9 gr at 716 fps. The 3.9 gr load was recommended for CBA shooting.The 125 gr cast was tested with 3.8, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.8, and 5.1 gr N32C Tin Star. Psi's ran from immeasurable (not enough psi to expand the .38 SPL case and put strain on the barrel) to 18,800. The 3.8 gr load ran 688 fps and the 4 gr load ran 745 fps out of the 4 3/4" barreled revolver. Accuracy was also excellent out of the Contender test barrel up through the 5.1 gr load which was at the SAAMI +P MAP for the cartridge.The N32C was excellent in the 44 SPL under a 205 gr cast bullet. A selected CBA load of 4.6 did not have sufficient psi to measure. Velocity was 643 fps from the 5.9" revolver SAA barrel. Accuracy was 2.6" for the 10 test shots at 25 yards. Internal ballistics were excellent with an SD of 9 fps and an ES of 28 fps. A max load of 6 gr gave 14,500 psi also with excellent internal ballistics.In the 44 Magnum under the 205 gr cast bullet 4.5 to 6.6 gr N32C was tested. No PSI measurement was recorded as even the 6.6 gr load did not give sufficient psi to expand the magnum cases and put a measurable strain on the Contender barrel. That generally requires 8,200 - 9,000 psi. The selected TS load of 6 gr with the 205 gr bullet ran 697 fps out of the 5.9" SAA barrel. In the 45 ACP 5 gr of N32C was found to be excellent under a 230 gr cast bullet. The psi was 13,800 and velocity out of the 5" M1911 was 752 fps. Accuracy was excellent.Larry Gibson
  4. If you do this make sure the 9 has a ambi safety
  5. I haven’t bought any double AA’s in years . Have they gotten that bad ? I haven’t shot clays much in the last 15 years and even back then I had switched to Remington greens just because I could get more reloads out of a hull . It’s a shame when I was a kid AA was the standard
  6. Changing the slide assembly , 9mm breech face is smaller , ejectors on the frame are typically different also . It not like a glock where you can just swap bbls and mags
  7. I wanna ask this question without offending anyone. Because I think everyone should spend their money on what makes them happy. Is the difference between a $60 hat and this one the difference between cheap sheets and expensive high thread count sheets ? Is it a prestige thing ? I see the 10% to 100% beaver materials. Is beaver that expensive and that good or is it because it’s hand made . Some expensive items are worth it . Is this just the equivalent to buying a custom firearm? Or a expensive suit vs men’s warehouse. I just ask this because in the past I’ve purchased cheap hunting clothing and expensive and as long as you choose correctly I feel the expensive hunting clothing has been “cheaper” in the long run just because of how long it lasts and the comfort level it gives.
  8. Gas ⛽️ is cheap right now , too bad we can’t go anywhere
  9. I like the rice idea , it’s a nice compromise on weight . In the past whenever I made dummies it was from the perspective of firearms function . So I used rice for the powder and lead . Thanks
  10. You can push against the slide under the muzzle to load the gun one handed if you need to . If the gun has any type of squared off rear sight you can accomplish the same thing with it . If you look up emergency action drills I’m sure it’s demonstrated all over Youtube. Not a big deal just depends on what you train to do . Most target shooters put one in , allot of people who train allot and carry a 1911 don’t just because it takes a option away for no perceived benefit. I often carry a STI staccato that has a flgr in it . I don’t loose any sleep over it , if you carry any of the wonder 9’s some might even argue it’s a bad habit to get into . I guess it just comes down to knowing the capabilities and limitations of your firearm choice
  11. Brownells should have a bunch , then it just depends on if you want a 1 or two piece
  12. Warden your an enabler, it’s funny how you suddenly need something you never knew existed, Graff’s had the press and Midway had everything else , even got the bulge buster, don’t shoot much 40 anymore but still allot of 9mm , 45 . This will be my first go around with Lee products. People seem to like them
  13. I’ve done both , I also take the same pill to prevent kidney stones . I thought gout was painful until I had those cutting beer out was the best thing I ever did , also venison for red meat and more poultry, fish
  14. My Dr put me on Alpurinol . And it pretty much took care of it . He did some blood tests and apparently my body either produces too much or doesn’t get rid of enough uric acid . If they didn’t look into it , it may be worth asking about
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