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  1. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2021/01/20/young-guns-3-emilio-estevez-and-the-gang-are-back-in-another-blaze-of-glory/?fbclid=IwAR027N0IoU47PNNY4Up3W1WQEGfejhMncp7jkEm3ZQSsEEmMSmD4TNok2C0
  2. Toomey , I think he’s from PA . I’m sure there’s a few others .
  3. I expect it to work as well as the no gun signs , maybe we can just make the China flu illegal
  4. We had a meth lab in a trailer a few miles from my house burn down a couple years ago. I saw a tv special on it , the way they made it sound very few people ever kick the habit. Wasn’t breaking bad meth ?
  5. And technically that would be hand engraving
  6. Rick is a good guy if you want to get “lazered” , we went through the same gunsmith school https://swguntech.com/custom-laser-work
  7. I was more impressed with a garand for under a $100 . I think the cmp is selling service grade rifles for about $750 last I looked
  8. The notification I was sent about creating a group or meeting was just that , no reason why no way to complain/appeal and it says indefinitely. when I try to post in a group it just says I can’t until the 23rd at 6 am , never got any notice.
  9. It’s surprising what some vets bring home . When I lived in Ca we had a local widow bring all of her husbands guns into the shop to find out what they were worth. He had your normal hunting guns and allot of WWII war trophies. No explosives but he did have a MP 40 and a MG 42 . She turned them in to the local sherrifs dept . Don’t know what would happen in modern day CA
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