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  1. If *either* person involved is in civilian clothes, but recognizes the senior officer, they are required to salute as if they were both in uniform. The proper response when being saluted is to return the salute, whether in uniform or not.
  2. No, we do not. Rather, we are required to carry things in the left hand to keep the right hand free for saluting. Or, in the case of something that requires two hands to carry, you give the greeting of the day to the senior officer without saluting ("All Americans, sir" for the 82nd Airborne Division, etc.).
  3. Neither Army nor Air Force salute indoors EXCEPT when "reporting" to a commanding officer. This is a very formal event that rarely happens anymore.
  4. For the uninitiated, that's how you teach Boy Scouts to tie a bowline.
  5. We have an ongoing thread of memes, another one of dogs, the Wordy Word threads, and so on. Another post got me thinking, why not a thread about the funny things kids say? Post yours. I'll start. My now-15 year-old was about two years old when my wife and I went to a Texas Roadhouse (chain restaurant famous for steaks). They always have pictures of NASCAR drivers and country music singers decorating the walls. Anyway, my son's eyes get HUGE as he looks at something behind me and asks quizzically, "Is that JESUS?!?!?!?" Wondering whether my Lord and Savior had arrived at his
  6. No. It's absolutely verboten to dodge or duck a foul ball. You must maintain the set to keep the view of the strike zone. That said, this one was so fast there would be no dodging it anyway.
  7. So there I was... ...I had the plate in a travel ball championship game. My son, who also plays at the high school level, was umpiring on the bases. It was a fairly close game and we hadn't created any drama with our calls; everything had been pretty cut-and-dry. On a 2-0 count, the pitch came in directly over the middle of the zone. The batter swung -- for those who have never umpired, it's actually pretty cool if you are tracking the pitch correctly, you can see the bat hit the ball and know exactly where it's going before it leaves the bat. In this case, I knew i
  8. Gotta be the toughest on the field!!!
  9. This is me after taking a foul ball in an area not protected by my plate gear. Mind you, this was 11 year-olds, so the shots from older, bigger, faster pitchers are much worse.
  10. Taquila, I agree wholeheartedly that coaches and players (and TV announcers) don't know the rules. I can't tell you how many times coaches have asked for an "interference" call on a play, which, if I gave them an interference call, would put their batter or runner out. They're referring to obstruction, but I wasn't calling it anyway (unless I already did!). This past tournament I called a no-pitch on a pitcher who quick-pitched the batter. The tournament used the NFHS rule book, and the quick pitch is covered under rule 6-1. I can quote it almost verbatim, but suffice it to
  11. So there I was... ... I took a few days of vacation to travel to Omaha, NE to umpire a baseball tournament with my son. Although he plays at the high school level, he umpires younger divisions, too. I have all but sworn off the younger divisions because the coaches and parents are absolutely off the rails crazy. When he umpires, I always ensure he is paired with me -- I will not let him work alone because the crazy coaches will physically try to bully or intimidate him. In any event, he has actually gone through more umpire training than probably half of the adult umpires out t
  12. So...no kidding, we actually do deploy special operators via torpedo tubes. I'm not joking. But your martial arts instructor is absolute garbage.
  13. DING DING DING DING!!!! This is correct.
  14. I was leaving Fort Leavenworth, Kansas one afternoon (I was on the OUTSIDE of the bars), and stopped at a gas station just outside the main gate. There was a somewhat older guy panhandling outside. Normally I don't give these guys the time of day, and I certainly would never give them cash. But everybody has to eat, and I'm not above buying them some food. Anyway, even though I wasn't in uniform it's pretty obvious to even the most casual observer that I'm military; plus, he had literally watched me drive off post. So this guy, who happened to be wearing a veteran hat with a C
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