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  1. As an Army Lieutenant Colonel, if I were on board a ship and someone referred to me as "Major," I would correct them immediately, and with the bare minimum amount of politeness that military regulation requires. In the Army, Air Force, Space Force, and Marine Corps, a Captain is an O3. In the Navy, a Captain is an O6. The other services refer to an O6 as a "Colonel." The O-grade determines standing between one another -- i.e. an O6 always outranks an O3, regardless of the name of the rank or the service. I know the one in command of the ship, regardless of rank,
  2. In nearly every single police drama, they show a cop or detective getting ready to go through a door or otherwise clear a building. Inevitably, they show the actor with their back against the wall and the gun up near their face, pointing upwards. Anyone who has ever been trained how to "slice the pie" or clear a building knows this is complete garbage. Why do they do it? It puts the actor's face in the same camera shot as the gun.
  3. Push, because I learned how to do it in Boy Scouts and that's how they require it
  4. A missing child is not the same as one abandoned but found. In this scenario, the cops already have the kid, so he / she is not in any kind of danger. In fact, putting them back in the home of someone who abandoned them might be criminally negligent.
  5. I don't know of any policing agencies that accept text messages. But the real question is whether a text will go through to anyone with no bars, correct? No.
  6. Pure speculation here, but I also imagine the guy butt stroked the suspect a LOT more than once
  7. DNA testing is cheaper for some departments because they have spent the money on a lab / technician to perform them. The upfront cost is high, but the long term expense is much lower. My department used to do DNA only for homicides and sexual assaults. Then they invested in the lab / technician. Now they're doing it for everything -- I once took a burglary report (no violence, victim not home) at a crappy, drug-infested apartment complex. It was on the ground floor, with the front door and window facing the main sidewalk through the complex. I could see -- with my naked eyes -- the smudg
  8. I keep a loaded gun; it's in a pistol safe with the finger pad combination lock that I can open in 1.5 seconds. That's much better than keeping the ammo separate. If I ever need to use it, I'd rather use it the way it was intended -- with ammo. But this guy gets an "A" for resourcefulness.
  9. I went to high school with a woman of Japanese descent whose grandparents were put into camps; they were 2nd generation Americans. Her grandfather was a physician, and was fluent in English, German, and Japanese. Interestingly enough, they found he was loyal enough to pull out of the camp and put him in the Army as a doctor. He became a paratrooper, and did time in both the 82nd airborne division as well as the 17th airborne division (now defunct). He jumped in to Calais with the 82nd on the night before D-Day, and he was also at the Battle of the Bulge. It all came up becaus
  10. Aha. Well, my problem with his shop was years ago and it hasn't been repeated...because I refuse to own any of their stuff.
  11. That's not a meme, pard. That's just the honest truth.
  12. Jack, I'm not sure who Wayne is. None of the gunsmiths involved have been named Wayne.
  13. Whelp. The latest is in the EDIT at the bottom of the original post.
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