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  1. Pard, if you own a real Wilson, that Springfield won't be in the same ballpark.
  2. Look at my post above. The pre-Christianity George was pure evil.
  3. Because it doesn't inflict very much damage at all. That's like ramming a hot wheels car against a stone castle.
  4. Funny you should ask. USA Boxing, the sanctioning body for amateur boxing throughout the US, including the olympics, is headquartered where I live. They are currently recruiting me to become a certified official and I've expressed interest. Before you can be a judge or referee, you have to be certified in the less fun roles and work your way up -- timekeeper, equipment manager, weigh master, etc. To be honest, I like the sportsmanship in amateur boxing a lot more than professional. The pros act like the ghetto rats I used to arrest in my former LEO career. Amateurs may or may not think that way, but they are not allowed to act that way.
  5. The style Foreman used can be found in books from the 1800s and hasn't been seen since, except for with George. It worked perfectly for him, but no one teaches or uses it anymore. The idea behind it was to jam the opponent's shoulders to prevent them from rotating when he threw a punch. You might still get hit, but not very hard. The style also involves slapping away the opponent's hands. Very old school. One observation I made about Foreman over the years: After he became a Christian, he hit people because it was his job. He did his job well, but it's a stinky, ugly sport he didn't take pleasure in. Pre-Christian George had pure evil behind every punch. I swear he *loved* hurting people.
  6. If you watch film of all the fighters -- old and new -- I've never seen anyone hit as hard as he did. He was downright scary to watch, and I wasn't getting in the ring with him! Frank Bruno admitted he had nightmares about Tyson after their two fights.
  7. The army has a dress WHITE uniform, as well as a MESS WHITE uniform. I'll bet you didn't know that trivia!!! I've never owned one. They are only used for formal functions where a dignitary at the rank of "diplomat" or higher are present. The former is for daytime functions, the latter for evening functions.
  8. The Army dress blue uniform has light blue trousers and a dark blue (almost black) jacket. The story passed around the army is that is hearkens back to the blue uniform of the Civil War. A soldier on detail would remove the jacket to work, but necessarily kept his trousers on. Thus, the trousers faded more heavily than did the jacket. The only problem with this is it is COMPLETELY FALSE!!! The uniform of that time was designed with the trousers already lighter than the jacket, just like the modern one. Furthermore, the blue uniform goes ALL THE WAY BACK TO WASHINGTON. Some of you may never have had a blue uniform because throughout much our our recent (aka last 75 years) history it has been on a higher level of dress than the greens were, the equivalent of a tuxedo. It existed, but it was not issued. Officers have always been required to purchase it, but the enlisted mostly didn't even know what it was. In any event, it has always been there, all the way back to Washington. And the TRUE story about why the trousers are lighter than the jacket: Because Washington liked the style. Period.
  9. I *occasionally* imbibe in Scotch. MacAllen 12 is decent, but the one thing I have learned is that for Scotch to be even remotely palatable, it has to be very expensive and at least 15 years old....but the older, the better....and the older, the more expensive. Famous Grouse is a blended Scotch, which connoisseurs see as anathema. Single malt is the only way to go in their book, which is, again, more expensive. I personally found Famous Grouse to be unpalatable.
  10. Two former champions in their 50s met in the ring last night (the day after I posted about how at 44 I could never get in the ring again!). It was an unofficial exhibition match with 8 two-minute rounds and 12 ounce gloves. I was a bit surprised at the 12 ounce gloves. Contrary to popular opinion, gloves protect the *hands* of the puncher, not the body / face of the one being hit. In fact, the heavier the gloves, the *MORE* impact the guy getting hit feels. But breaking hands is a real issue. Heavyweights by rule in WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO (the professional bodies), USA Boxing (olympic / amateur sanctioning body), and Golden Gloves all use 16 ounce gloves, but exhibitions are not sanctioned by any of the major sanctioning bodies and therefore don't have to follow their rules. So why the 12 ounce gloves? Maybe guys in their 50s were worried about fatigue onsetting earlier than when they were in their primes. Holding your hands up is DIFFICULT when you've been going toe-to-toe, and the more weight on your hands, the worse it gets. ***SPOILER ALERT*** The judges ruled this one a draw, but I'm agreeing with a lot of commentators who say they did that only because it was an exhibition and they felt sorry for Jones. Tyson DOMINATED that fight. His head movement even looked like it did back in the 80s when he was training under Cus D'Amato and Kevin Rooney. Jones tried to keep Tyson, who likes to fight inside, off him with a jab. But Tyson's head movement made that nearly impossible. So Jones ended up buying time by clinching Tyson constantly. He was scared of Tyson, period, and I don't blame him. That man's punches still look brutal.
  11. I've only ever watched two silent films. One was, "The Birth of a Nation," which was a huge KKK recruiting film in the 19-teens. The other was "Nesferatu," which was an obvious plagiarism of Dracula. I didn't mind Nesferatu, but the first one made me recoil in horror!
  12. Nope, I can't because I don't know more detail than that. I do know it was manual in those days. These days, they replace the dies every year.
  13. Pard, I do it all the time, with carry guns as well as competition guns. It's a HUGE deal to me.
  14. Whelp. At this age if I take a day or two off from my workouts, it shows, and I still have to get tested every six months. So I didn't take any days off. This morning I did a leg workout -- squatted 185 pounds, five sets of five reps; deadlifted 220 pounds, 5X5; hip thrusted 185 pounds, 3X10; Bulgarian split squatted 0, 20, and 40 pounds, 3X10 each leg; calf raises with 80 pounds, feet straight for 10, toes in for 10, toes out for 10; same setup with 90 pounds, same with 100 pounds. At the end of that workout I could barely stand up, but I didn't injure anything!
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