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  1. How in the world is he considered a good guy if he disarmed a cop and held him at gunpoint??!?!?!? That automatically makes him a bad guy. And to answer your original question, I'm shocked you're even asking it. It's a BASIC principle of not just law enforcement, but self defense law EVERYWHERE, that "defense of another" is a legitimate application of force, including lethal force. Not only would the cop be justified, HE WOULD BE AWARDED A MEDAL FOR HEROISM!
  2. I have an antique "waffle top" version of this gun or I'd pick it up! I cast a 204 grain round nose bullet for it and it shoots great.
  3. It's almost exactly like the one I bought a few years ago. I love it, and if I had a bunch of extra cash sitting around I'd buy it. But there is no way Mrs. Cassidy will allow that to cross the threshold, despite the fact I just bought her a brand new horse trailer!
  4. The American in Saigon had drill sergeant brass on his patrol cap. *rolls eyes*
  5. Funny story: I grew up in the midwest, 1500 miles from the nearest ocean. The first time I saw an ocean in person was when I was a young 2LT flying over the Atlantic to go to Egypt on a training mission (I also saw the Mediterranean for the first time on the same flight!). The first time I touched the ocean, I was in my 30s, and a Major on a one-year assignment to the Pentagon. My wife and family had to stay home because I was on a TCS order. Mrs. Cassidy came out to see me and I took a week of leave, during which we went down to Virginia Beach (NOT during spring break when the college kids are going nuts). We went swimming in the ocean...AND I KICKED A SHARK within the first hour. I "noped" out of there in mere seconds, and have not been in an ocean since. Somebody got bitten by a shark very near there a few days later.
  6. I'm only a few hours from you, Bob, but it's rained every day for two weeks straight! Of course, it's preferable to wild fire!
  7. Hey pard, I hate to say it, and I voted against it, but it's not just "medicinal" pot that is legal here in Colorado. Recreational pot has been legal for a few years now. I have a peer-reviewed study with 2014 data that shows how legal weed has caused an increase in every single category of crime, too.
  8. Whose idea was it to put an ensign in command of the vessel in the first place? The CO should also have been court martialed.
  9. I'm a retired LEO, so...yeah, I've known a few. None of them were savory characters. None of them were friends. I have known several people, both in the military and LEOs, who took human life legitimately. So, killers, yes, but not murderers.
  10. It does happen. During my assignment at the Pentagon there were several Lieutenant Colonels who were "retiree recalls." They had only retired within the past few years, and so were within the normal age range for their rank, and had volunteered for the duty. On a retiree recall, you cannot get promoted, cannot earn a PCS award, and don't even receive an annual evaluation. You ARE on active duty, however, and therefore receive all other pay and benefits, and are required to wear the uniform correctly and conform to grooming standards. I don't recall if they have to take a PT test or not.
  11. Technically the statement is true. They did take part in it...
  12. For commissioned officers, you can legally be recalled for life. As someone mentioned, it isn't altogether very likely.
  13. From the bench with a Remington sabot slug, yes. With patch and ball I keep it under 200 yards.
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