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  1. They're a no kidding serious academic society. There are a lot of niche societies within the history discipline; this is just one of many. I was a member of the Society for the History of the Early American Republic for a while, as well as the Society of Civil War Historians. As much as I love baseball, I've never joined SABR.
  2. You're asking about American soldiers; the story is about Russian soldiers. It's a giant logical leap to assume that soldiers in every army worldwide fall under the same regulations.
  3. True, but I'd rather not go through the legal wrangling. To be frank, after careers in the military and law enforcement, I'm rather tired of using violence, even though every time I did it was legally, morally, and ethically justified. That doesn't mean I have to like it.
  4. Athletic Director. It's a pretty standard abbreviation from high school through college nationwide.
  5. The rule says "natural" part of the field; interpretation manuals clarify that means things that are supposed to be there.
  6. There is a remote rule about a batted ball striking anything that is not part of the field while in fair territory, which we should have invoked. However, the result of the play was exactly the same based on where the batter-runner ended up. So we didn't need to.
  7. That's one way to intentionally walk. To speed up the game, MLB and every level on down have changed the rules to allow the pitching team's coach or catcher to simply tell the home plate umpire they want to walk the guy. There is no longer any need to pitch four times. HOWEVER, the rules added an interesting caveat. If the defense pitches four balls (intentionally or not), the ball remains live while the batter takes his base. Thus, if he catches the defense napping, he could attempt a steal. The defense can also attempt a pick-off at any time when the ball is live. BUT, if they walk by declaring it to the umpire, he must call "TIME" before awarding the base. The ball is dead and no playing action can occur until he puts it back into play. He cannot put it back into play until the batter is in the box, the catcher is in his box, and the pitcher is engaged with the rubber.
  8. Having been out of LE for nearly six years, my memory of specifics if fading. Google the brand and read up on them, but I'm fairly certain that's the brand that was known to fail quite regularly. That may be how it ended up unused in a storage facility -- police departments junked them as quickly as budgets allowed and replaced them with different brands.
  9. This is a manufacturer's suggestion. To test their claim, my old department took out a bunch of body armor that was over 25 years old and well used. We shot each of them dozens of times and didn't start to get any penetration until we had hit the same spot multiple times.
  10. The good thing about Scotch is that you can put down a 40 year-old and pick up two 18 year-olds and no one cares.
  11. I had to umpiring firsts yesterday: 1- A batted ball to the outfield hit a rabbit that was trying to avoid it. 2- I was on the dish for an "immaculate inning." This one happens to be the most efficient immaculate inning statistically possible -- 3 pitches, 3 ground balls, 3 outs at first.
  12. I worked a high school double header on Saturday. Both games ended on a run rule after 4 innings. and both teams were gentlemen and played with good sportsmanship. There were no close plays or controversial calls, but one parent on the losing team was convinced we had screwed little Timmy (who wasn’t even a starter) out of his D 1 scholarship. He confronted us in the parking lot between games and was very aggressive, so much that we almost called the cops. Apparently he had started something with the opposing team, too. The coach for this crazy guy was apologetic and promised to talk to the AD and have him banned. But during the second game, a player from the winning team jacked a home run to left field. Guess who was parked there, right up against the fence? His windshield was absolutely destroyed. Of course, he accused the winning team of telling the batter to do that on purpose. If he could do that on purpose, he would already be in the MLB! After the second game, we were escorted to our cars in case he tried to start something. He did, but we didn’t engage; we just kept walking to our cars. I've never had to be escorted out of a game before, and what makes it the most crazy is that there was absolutely NOTHING close or controversial about the game. Not. A. Single. Call. I filed a report with our state’s athletic association to force their AD to ban the guy. He can't ignore it anymore; apparently the guy has been a problem all year. UPDATE: I just spoke to the A.D., and the parent is banned from all further games!!!
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