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  1. Yes, that's apparently a real meteorological term. You've probably heard about it on the news; I'm sitting at home buried in the house. Pieces of my neighbors' siding and roofing shingles are strewn about my yard and pasture. The bomb cyclone was mostly yesterday, last night, and into early this morning, but I haven't managed to dig out yet. I maxed out my tractor getting my driveway cleared, but there is no way I'm getting it to clear the street. We're stuck here until the plows go by (last time, the plows got stuck and this one is worse!). There are over 1000 motorists stranded in Colorado Springs, the closest city to me. Of course I'm supposed to be on a plane to Phoenix right now for the Army, but that's not going to happen!
  2. That kid is a loudmouth jerk and I cannot stand to watch him unless he’s being ejected.
  3. Oh, and we’re getting javelin missiles for our HMMWVs????
  4. Bob, don’t forget I work for the DoD. One of us is getting an erroneous report. In fact, I had a meeting about this yesterday. Apparently the commandant of the infantry corps has rejected the JTLV and the Army has cut their order in half. But with the infantry not buying it, Big Army is trying to figure out what to do with it. We MPs are getting rid if our ASVs, so they may force it on us.
  5. Bob, the report actually said “operationally ineffective,” meaning it CANNOT do its job and still costs a bunch more than the HMMWV. They are now claiming all the problems have been fixed, but I’m skeptical.
  6. I have three carry guns depending on what I'm wearing, and two of them are revolvers: 1) My primary is a custom-made 1911 on a Caspian frame and slide. Yeah...maybe a little expensive for daily use but if my life depends on it, I want it to work. 2) S&W "air weight" .38 special; it fits in an ankle holster quite well. 3) S&W 686 5" barrel in .357 magnum
  7. No $&@* there I was...shopping at the PX on FT Carson. One of the T-shirts they had for sale showed the iconic Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima. The words, "US Army" were in huge letters underneath. I'm Army all the way, and quite frankly, we have enough of our own history to be proud of; we don't need to steal someone else's! I spoke with the manager. "You know that's the Marine Corps, right?" "The who?" "Oh dear Lord." The rest of the conversation showed me one can have two active brain cells and still grow up to be an AAFES store manager. But the next time I was in the store, that T-shirt was noticeably missing.
  8. My current Commanding General is a female. As a battalion commander, that makes her my senior rater (i.e. my boss' boss), so she has a BIG say in my annual evaluation. Heaven help you if you address her as "sir." Holy smokes, I don't even want to think about the hellfire and brimstone that would rain down for that one.
  9. An anonymous tip is not enough to get a judge to sign a warrant. That barely passes "reasonable suspicion," and is clearly NOT "probable cause," which is required for a warrant.
  10. We use cruisers in Colorado. Lots of cop lingo is regional.
  11. Yesterday three people called me a racist for choosing to turn off NFL in my house until they learn to stand.
  12. Hey pard, have you thought about continuing to serve the organization? Every council around is probably short of Unit Commissioners. That's what I'm doing due to my crazy schedule; I can't commit to the calendar of one unit. A Unit Commissioner's job is to help the adult leaders in several units. I have a kid in a troop and another kid in a Pack so I find myself going on their activities when I can.
  13. Nice, and congratulations. One of these years I'd like to write a book about dutch oven cooking for Scouts.
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