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  1. Wow, Ames, IA is my home town. I don't suppose I know you? I would email the pic to Ames PD and see if they have a record of this guy.
  2. Dunno... But I have noticed tall boots are in style for women of all ages. The funny thing is, every pair I've seen is based on an old military boot, from 19th century cavalry to WW2 jump boots.
  3. Bob, Taylor's is the importer, not Winchester. The barrel says Winchester because that is the town in Virginia where Taylor's is headquartered. But yes, as the others have mentioned, VTI and Numrich are your best bets, unless you contact Taylor's directly and see if they have the parts you need.
  4. Pard, I was born in the United States of America, a free person with unalienable rights. I exercise my religion without government interference, own guns, and have a say in who my representatives are. I have a loving, faithful wife, and children who appreciate it. Most of all, my Lord died for me and rose from the dead. I don't have to pretend. I AM RICH!!!!
  5. Scientific FACT. A lot of people believe that by drinking lots of coffee they can sober up, but our biology doesn't work that way. The body metabolizes alcohol and we can't really speed it up.
  6. As a mustang I can truly appreciate this. I also love the quote from an old officers' handbook from the 1800s, which told young officers, "...enlisted men are stupid but extremely cunning and sly, and bear considerable watching..."
  7. Oh yes. We are colloquially calling them, "pinks and greens" because they strongly resemble that uniform from the Eisenhower era. As to my personal opinion, I had the opportunity to voice it to the Sergeant Major of the Army when I was at battalion pre-command course a few years ago, before the decision was made to implement them. I told him, "They look great. They remove a lot of the unnecessary and gaudy 'bling' we have on the ASU. But I'm sick and tired of spending money on clothes I hardly wear!"
  8. Which one was that? If it's the one I'm thinking of, it got quashed.
  9. This is easily grounds for a lawsuit to get that law overturned.
  10. I just got tickets for the whole family to see President Trump when he comes through my city in a few weeks. Regardless of how you feel about the man, he is the president.
  11. The oak leaf clusters also go on the medal itself, so no, you do not wear two of the same medal. Good Lord, mister, my uniform already looks like I'm a Columbian drug lord without repeating the medals!!! Some of them I've earned four times!!!! Bronze star: Again, you do not wear two of the same. In the example you gave, ONE bronze star medal would have a V device *and* an oak leaf cluster.
  12. Pard...Jodi is the guy who your wife cheats on you with when you're deployed.
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