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  1. I grew up where rifles were not legal for deer hunting; it was shotguns with slugs only during that season, or muzzleloaders during that season, or archery. So my first deer rifle was a Lyman Deerstalker muzzleloader. I still have it, and I hunt in Colorado with it, too. It's taken a few deer. I love deer hunting with a muzzle loader because there are fewer idiots in the woods. Everyone tells me, "But you only get one shot!" Well, you only get one shot with a shotgun or rifle, too! Plus, it only takes one if you know how to shoot. I also own a flintlock Pennsylvania Longri
  2. Having reached middle age and having spent years of my life (literally) sleeping on the ground and freezing my arse off, I've decided it's time to upgrade my hunting camp. I'm going to get one of those canvas tents that supports a wood stove. 95% of the time, I hunt alone. Occasionally I'll have one other person with me. So I'm looking at a smaller one, not one of those gargantuan contractor tents that fit an entire hunting party of 12 people, their horses, and their pickups parked in the corner. I just need to get a cot (because no more sleeping on the ground!), gear, and wo
  3. The John Deere dealer where I buy parts for my tractor sells guns, and they only started doing that about 3-4 years ago.
  4. I have a "waffle top" antique in .35 Remington and another one in the venerable .30-30. Excellent guns out to 100 yards or so. I cast bullets for both of them, but I haven't hunted with either yet. I do a lot more shooting than I do hunting...
  5. Slavery began in America in 1619. I'm not a fan of the so-called "1619 project," but the year is accurate.
  6. This is laughable. Slaver in America lasted approximately 350 years. He's right about Islamic slavery, but this constant attempt by all sides of political issues to change historical facts to make people feel better about themselves is complete garbage. Facts are facts, and they do not care about anyone's feelings.
  7. Perhaps because there was no "Germany" until 1877, and therefore, nothing was "German" per se. The Danes populate the northern part of Germany quite heavily; I wonder if it was Northern Germany Danish people who created the breed?
  8. Bob, I'm curious why a 2-star was a DCO and he commanded the division as a 3-star??? Or am I misunderstanding the timing? Divisions are 2-star commands; corps are 3-star commands.
  9. Soooo....you do know that's not a moose, right? That's a caribou.
  10. I have to say, this isn't news. SAAMI pressures for the .30-06 round changed after the Garand was produced. That's why Hornady and other reloading manuals have special sections for reloading for the Garand.
  11. ^^^ This. I've been at work all day and didn't look at this thread until after you wrote that. But it captures everything I wanted to say...so why say it again?
  12. They are not designed to be Special Forces units, nor to replace them. It is a completely new construct.
  13. I don't remember; my kids are both 12 and 14 and both have their dependent ID cards.
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