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  1. Rich is two things: 1. No mortgage, no other debt. 2. Looking at something nice and knowing that you could write a check for it, but getting more pleasure out of not buying it than buying it. Doesn't really matter how much money you have if that's where you are. Sort of like the place you get when you enjoy not going to the party, but still nice to be invited.
  2. He's the best Western writer, far and away, in my opinion. I think Bounty Hunters was his first novel. The characters show up again in Gunsights, which was his last, or near last, Western novel. Valdez is Coming is my own favorite Western book. "Tell them Valdez is coming."
  3. B 18 is yugly, too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_B-18_Bolo#/media/File:Douglas_B-18A_airplane_in_flight_(00910460_121).jpg
  4. It must have something to do with 'country of origin' or there wouldn't be a problem. My advice would be to use contractors who speak English. If you can't find them, then use an interpreter. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. What 'solution' do you propose? I've had jobs done with Spanish-speaking crews with English-speaking bosses, who have a great work ethic and get the jobs done at a good price. Paid up and never felt 'forced' to do anything.
  5. I don't personally know a single person who tweets, or at least admits to it. I don't. I don't belong to any social media, other than a couple of websites like this, if you can call them 'social media'. Why does anybody take any of this stuff seriously? Why would anybody get any information, or pass any along, from Twitter, or FB, or anything else? I can just see using these things to stay in touch with scattered family. Other than that-- don't get it. But what do I know? I see geezers my age every morning at Starbucks paying for their stuff with their smartphone aps--I pay cash. I just don't get any of it....
  6. Alpo: "See the difference? I have eaten dried lima beans. I do not like them, and if I have any say in the matter, will never eat them again." The trick is to soak them in water overnight, then cook them with hamhocks or such. Then they are no longer dry.
  7. I remember when, if you wanted to watch an old movie, you had to hope that one day it might come up on late night TV. So maybe you might see a few dozen good old movies in a lifetime of watching the tube. I think we take everything since the VCR was invented for granted. So now we complain about only getting thousands rather than tens of thousands, or whatever. But then, complaining is a way of life.
  8. Subject and object. There are a few things that are.....elementary....after all! And articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and suchlike....
  9. Put it in at the beginning, don't overdo it; a cup or so I use.
  10. Love good homemade mac and cheese, tho' we never have it at Thanksgiving. Especially like the crusty cheese you scrape off the side of the casserole dish. Same with scalloped potatoes.
  11. Of all the things listed here the only ones I won't eat are brains, testicles, and balutes. These are all foods that are very easy to avoid, fortunately. I'll eat pretty much anything else happily, including many organ meats and all seafood. The only vegetable that I really don't like is brussels sprouts, but I will eat them grudgingly. You used to find sweetbreads on the menus of high-end fancy restaurants regularly, but not any more. I miss those. Same with properly done calves liver; can't find it anymore. My ma made a lot of sandwiches with boiled tongue, and often served stuffed, baked cow's heart. I liked those, too.
  12. No sex or nudity. Very minimal language; nothing like so many contemporary flics. Recall one 'f-ck yourself' by the guy tossed overboard by the Japanese and no doubt a few damns. That's it. Violence it goes without saying, but not overdone, considering it's a war movie. But it's there, including burning and charred bodies. I'd probably take a 13-year-old, but not younger in my view. And I'd give him a heads-up.
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