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  1. I have no doubt this is good advice. Still haven't been able to bring myself to do it, but I figure I'll have to pretty soon. But I'm not going to buy a cup of coffee with an app like all of the other geezers at my Starbucks.
  2. A gas which renders people and animals unconscious, usually for a surgical procedure. I'd be a little worried about that censored photograph. Never seen that before. Must be something they don't want to disclose...
  3. One thing about texting on an old flip phone: it keeps the texts short.
  4. Really. Do you care what your doc's politics are when you pay him for his services? Or your grocer? So why the actor? Every one of 'em is providing goods or services; that's the only reason we pay them anything. I like to go to plays and symphonies. I shudder to think what the politics of all of those performers on the stage are! No, actually, I don't think about it at all.....
  5. I have a flip phone; an old one. I have no smart phone. I have no idea at all what a hotspot is.
  6. I sometimes wonder whether the pards who try to make sure their pennies don't go to movie stars whose politics they don't like check on the politics of the neurosurgeon or other expert operating on their direly ill family member. Or do they just want the best? Eastwood has made some great Westerns, and great non-Westerns. As far as the politics of actors go, to the (tiny) extent it matters, his have been pretty good over the years. What has he done, is the question, not what he believes. I suppose some people follow the politics of actors like others like to follow their love lives and clothing styles. Are there fan magazines or blogs that do that kind of thing? Seems like there must be...
  7. His personal tales were detailed and interesting enough to justify being collected and published, as several here urged him to do in earlier years. They were told in a very candid and unaffected way. Some few back then speculated as to their truth; none as to their power and force. Indeed, I think the occasional skepticism was precisely because of their detail and impact; truth being greater than fiction was the response; I myself never doubted their accuracy at all. They were extraordinary, in fact. I would be most interested in hearing about how things have gone, or went, with him.
  8. It's fantastic country, for sure. But there are no giant Redwoods nearby. But the meaning is probably Western Red Cedars: there would be giants there, indeed.
  9. I've always liked Clint. He's made many really great movies. Not only that, for those to whom the politics of movie stars is important (a surprising number of SASS folks over the years!), he's not been bad politically, either. My guess is that Clint is just vexed and bothered by some of the unusual antics and approaches of our Chief Executive, notwithstanding that said CE has done many good things. I don't find this too hard to understand.
  10. My first single action revolver was an Uberti Bisley in .45 Colt. I saw that gun in the shop, thought it was fantastic, bought it, researched, and found and joined SASS. This was 2004. So I liked Bisleys from the beginning. The grip, the lower hammer spur, and the trigger. I shortly thereafter bought an OMV (though it wasn't 0 yet, then) Bisley also in .45. Of course, it's a 'modified' Bis, but it's a favorite gun, and the Ruger Bisley grip I strongly prefer to the plow handle. So I add my approval to the concept.
  11. .44 Special is a fine cartridge. I have not used it in CAS, though. I have noticed since I bought a Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special a couple of years back, that the .44 Special is not a common cartridge on the retail shelves. You wouldn't call it a 'hard to find' cartridge, but you have to look for it different places at retail and it can be a little on the pricey side. It's not at all like the .357/.38 spl situation, where lots of magnum owners regularly shoot .38 specials and the latter are everywhere. .44 mag owners don't seem to do that to the same degree with the .44 special, for some reason. So I keep my eye out for .44 spl and buy when I come upon it at a good price.
  12. Redwoods and Sequoias are California, though some Redwoods creep into southern Oregon. In Cal, don't neglect Incense Cedars; there are huge ones in Big Tree State Park, and no doubt elsewhere. On the North Oregon coast and up the Washington Coast are found the Sitka Spruce, which become huge. They are found only within a few miles of salt water. The other 'big three' as it relates to the Pacific Northwest are the Western Redcedar, the Douglas Fir, and the Western Hemlock. You'll see big specimens in Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park, among other places. If you get to Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park, visit the Grove of the Patriarchs, which has the hugest Douglas Firs and Western Redcedars. There are many others, too. Alaska Yellowcedar, and the true firs: Noble Fir, Silver Fir, many others.
  13. Likewise; I really enjoyed his 'tales of the border', as I thought of them....As you say, a long time.
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