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  1. I haven't read about any recent Tong wars in any of those places.... Scott Seligman's "Tong Wars" is a good book about the New York wars, with some California information, too. Read it a few years back.
  2. I'll have to agree that Bridges was a good Hickok. But sitting around for a half hour talking with McCall over whether or not he would kill him, along with a bunch of hired desperados was...something else.
  3. Watched "Wild Bill" last night; 1995 movie with Jeff Bridges in the title role. Purportedly about the gunfighter, and free on Prime. Good cast besides Bridges: John Hurt, Ellen Barkin, Diane Lane. It had some good scenes, and Bridges did pretty good. But the flic was deeply weird in its portrayal of McCall and everything surrounding the killing in Deadwood. I mean, strange. Totally divorced from the reality. Unsurprisingly, the movie was a box office megadud. 30 mil to make; took in less than 3 mil. I was glad I hadn't paid for it. Anybody else seen this? I hadn't heard of it before.....
  4. It's a great movie. Never thought about the old strand of spaghetti. If I can accept Winchester 92s as the main rifle of the Old West, I can handle a limp piece of dry spaghetti..... I'll notice it next time, maybe. I watch it every few years; last did a couple ago. "Shut up and deal!"
  5. Seems like all the 'old ladies' dressed like that back then. I remember as a kid 'old ladies' wore black dresses, those chunky black lace-up shoes, and had their hair in buns. They put on that uniform at about 60. Now they are in running tights and a lot of them look darn pretty good. All in the attitude I reckon.
  6. Possible, though we all had crew cuts hereabouts in the '50s and well into the '60s.
  7. This might be a good reason not to buy Chinese goods.... I have a very nice Englishwoman friend. She's lived here for decades, but is still an English citizen. A fine and active member of the community. She bought a nice house, which she is allowed to do with her dollars, though she is a foreigner.
  8. Dollars are dollars. People earn dollars by making things and selling them to willing American buyers. If I employ my capital and labor and make something that you then buy with your dollar, is that dollar then not just as good as when it was yours? Or, unlike your dollar, mine can be spent on anything but real estate? If you don't want Chinese buyers here, don't buy their manufactured goods.
  9. .45 Colt. Among other things, you can actually buy it.
  10. It'll last a long time if it's well-stoppered.
  11. He was shot down. Grumman TBF torpedo bomber. Successfully bailed out and was picked up from the water after several hours. Earned a DFC. He enlisted as soon as war was declared and was among the youngest of Naval pilots when he joined at 18.
  12. I had the privilege to correspond with, then meet for several hours, Air Commodore Sir Archie Winskill, a Spitfire ace and Battle of Britain pilot (who flew also in Circus and Torch). A great man; one of the Few. My own grandfather, Edward F. W. Winskill, a Canadian, was a Royal Airforce Pilot in the First World War.
  13. Do you use? No. I did two days ago, but I'm not planning to right now. Are you addicted? No! See answer to #1 above. I can quit anytime. As a felony charge, I think it's dubious.....
  14. Use of marijuana is a federal crime; so a user is an unlawful one. Hope no medical-marijuana using pard has ever filled this form out! About as thin a charge as you can get. Prosecution will have to prove "use" (when?) or "addicted to". Not so easy.
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