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  1. That's why those one foot high windowsills are against code.
  2. There must be variations, but most states have insurance laws that provide that life policies are incontestable after 2 years, or some such period. It's a common misconception that suicide is usually excluded. It's excluded for 2 years, to prevent policies being bought in contemplation of suicide. So, one would need to plan ahead, and suicides usually don't; that far anyway.
  3. I have a similar story, though I'm in the 'Western' era, I knew nothing of CAS. I was a life-long shotgun owner and bird hunter. When my dad died 20 years back, I got a S&W Model 10 .38 spl from his estate, and got interested in revolvers for the first time. I saw a Uberti .45 Colt with Bisley grip, thought it was a beautiful thing, bought it, then went lookin for info on single actions. Found SASS forthwith, and bought several more guns....
  4. Hardly an original observation, but the baby boomers are the last generation whose formative years were replete with Western movies and TV shows. And that drove CAS. Elmore Leonard, in my opinion the best Western writer of all, moved into crime writing in the sixties, and all but abandoned Westerns within a few years. It was purely the market: Westerns, the staple of genre fiction, were no longer selling, at least in short-story format. And we all remember how the cop and crime shows supplanted the Western TV series; a process complete in the '70s. But a hopeful sign is a sort of slow renaissance of the Western. There have been a fair number of very good Western movies in just the last few years. There is a reaction afoot against the downgrading of American history of the last few years. It would be good to find a way to harness these developments.
  5. What's good for the Geezers is good for a gander!
  6. Stating an opinion is not 'spewing'. Perhaps you protest too much.
  7. On recent trips to Bass have seen quite a lot of rifle ammo in various calibers, though not .30-30. There has been no revolver ammunition, then, the last couple of visits, I've seen lots of .44 mag and .38 spl. .44 mag was 53 bucks per box (Winchester), but then it's never been really cheap. .38 was $23.99 per box; Herters. Not bad.
  8. I haven't looked for a long time, but as I recall he couldn't be called 'anti-gun', though he held some views some here, including me, might disagree with on the subject. Anyway, a fairly moot point. When it comes to the Hollywood and general liberal establishment, he is a real thorn in their side; good enough for me on the 'political' side, so to speak. I admire the man a great deal and when he can't do it anymore, he'll quit. He's getting close-- but doesn't seem to be there quite yet!
  9. Which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do at all with whether a particular movie of his is good or not. Including all of his great Westerns.
  10. I thought he was good in the Mule, a movie I liked. The whole point of that movie was precisely his age. The new movie got good reviews yesterday in both the NYTimes (generally no friend of Clint or his movies), and the Wall Street Journal. I'll be happy to watch it. I read that he plays a 90-year-old man, so it makes sense to be one. He's not trying to be a younger character. And he still himself directs all of his movies.
  11. Where did that come from? Did I miss something? What does it mean?
  12. It's good news. Oz may well need all of those subs (and they also have a good fleet of modern diesels) in the coming decades.
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