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  1. Given your somewhat narrow situation, having gotten rid of your hunting rifles, and wanting to come back into the arena with just one in the 'category', even if you don't plan to hunt, then why not a 'Scout rifle' per the Cooper concept? Several good options. .308, which is one of your two choices. Somehow it seems to me the perfect concept, given how I interpret your position.
  2. You should get them periodically after age 50. Indeed, there is now evidence that colonoscopy screening should begin even earlier. I've had two over the years and should sign up for another soon.
  3. My grandfather was a pilot in the Royal Air Force in the First World War. He told me that when he became an officer, he was required to grow a mustache and carry a swagger stick.
  4. My ma would "bring out the wooden spoon", we'd laugh at that and she'd end up laughing too.
  5. I was at Cal in 1966-67. One of my fraternity brothers was a varsity boxer. Even way back then, there were only about 5 colleges in the West with varsity boxing programs. He inspired me to go into intramural boxing at Cal. I didn't last long. Not that I was bad, but I hated, really hated, getting hit in the head. So I quit fast. But I worked the heavy bag for years. Great exercise, but I quit that also in my 40s. I took up Rugby at 22 and played for years. Way easier than boxing!
  6. Right. Three of our 12 grandkids are married, and the first great grand is on the way. Three of our 5 kids now in their 50s....We're 72; started early with 3 kids by age 22, five by 28. It's paid off nicely! To paraphrase William Saroyan: I always knew that everybody got old, but I thought an exception would be made in my case!
  7. Growing up in the '50s and '60s we often had organ meats. Stuffed baked beef heart my mom often cooked. Cold tongue sandwiches were a frequent standard. We had steak and kidney pie now and then. Liver and onions, though thankfully my dad liked high-quality calf's liver, not overcooked. Then they just sort of faded away from the country's menus...but Mexican stores and delis still have lots of that good stuff.
  8. I have a good inventory in most of my calibers. I wanted to fill out .38 special and .45 Colt some, and have been able to pick up a box at a good price now and then to top them off, especially in the earlier part of the shortage. I still see a few boxes of .38 show up on shelves now and then. I've always been able to find .44 spl at 2 or 3 places. I have one revolver in .44 spl only, and I also like to shoot it in .44 mag revolvers and in my Marlin 1894 .44 mag. I've always been interested in why .44 spl stays available, because it is readily shootable in .44 mag firearms, which are common enough. But it does....
  9. "Up with that I shall not put", as Churchill said on the matter.
  10. The lawyer's demand that he leave is brutum fulmen. As others have said, under no circumstances should he leave the property in response to it.
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