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  1. No surprise. As they say, market pretty full, and they hope, I am sure, to reap some publicity points.
  2. Great to see this post, Sixgun Shorty. I remember the Viper lore. As for non-Colts, I believe I remember you getting a matched pair of Schofields back when, too.... Just real fine to have you check in.
  3. 72-round qual seems ridiculous to me. Quite apart from the issue of qualification requirements in general.
  4. Winchester Model 12 in 16 gauge was my dad's main shotgun until he was able to move up to Beretta over-and-unders, when I got it. My eldest son has it now. I do love the Model 12 shotgun.
  5. I wouldn't worry about that either. But ignorance is bigger than ever now. One nationally-syndicated advice columnist recently expressed shock that a writer's daughter had purchased a handgun and had hollow point bullets, which, the columnist said, were 'explosive bullets'. And two weeks ago in my town a city councilman rued the sale of hollow-point ammunition, which he averred was "specifically designed to penetrate body armor".
  6. Great topic. I bring different combos along to the pistol range, but always bring along the OM Vaquero Bisley .45 Colt and never tire of it.
  7. Prayers are going forth from our household.
  8. Washington remains a "shall issue" state for CPL-- Concealed Pistol License. All that is required is fingerprinting and background check. There is no qualification requirement, and no restriction on or any 'listing' of guns one can carry. This has been the case at least since 1959. I anticipate it will become a target of cybermillionaire anti's who funded our recent 'assault rifle' initiative-- which passed. But, not yet anyway. CPL is good for 5 years, then renewal is straightforward, just fill out the renewal request with modest fee. I generally carry a Ruger LCR .38 spl. +P and, in the woods, a Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 spl.
  9. Let's not start about forehead marks....this would bring up the subject of scopes....
  10. Well, I know I can do better with a little practice.... But the times I avoid slicing myself shooting, I will usually catch a staple while putting up targets, to the same effect! Just keep bandaids on hand-- hadn't heard about superglue....
  11. I confess I don't know much about semi-auto pistolas. I was raised around rifles and shotguns, but not handguns. I then inherited a S&W .38 from my dad, got interested in revolvers, then forthwith in single-actions, which brought me to SASS 15 years ago. Since then, I've accumulated a fair number of revolvers of all types and calibers. Certainly there are aesthetics involved with guns, as with lots of things, and I've just always favored revolvers. I do have a Ruger Mark III which I really like. Anyway, every time I've gone to the range with someone who brings semi-autos along, and I try them out, I get nicked, sliced, poked, or thumped, with resulting blood loss. Every little lesion on the hand or fingers seems to bring forth copious bleeding, stanched with a hankie, then with a bandaid; I now carry those in my kit. Especially with the little ones, like the .380. Sure enough, today I brought a guy to the range and we had a good time. I shot his .380, and duly avulsed a bit of skin from my left thumb knuckle, which bled like crazy....Damned if I didn't later thump it with the slide on my Ruger Mark III and start it again! Am I the only one with this vexation?
  12. Don't confuse collision coverage with liability issues or liability insurance. If you carelessly run into a tree, the first question, assuming you both had collision coverage, is what collision coverage will apply? The usual answer: his. You always need to read the policies. Yours may apply, too; then there is a priority question, usually the owner's comes first. But then he or his carrier (after they pay) sue you. Does your liability coverage apply? Maybe not, many policies exclude from liability coverage property in your care, custody, or control. In other words, your liability coverage will protect you from liability to someone you hurt, or to the owner of the tree for damage to the tree, but often not to your liability for damage to the car you borrowed. That's my best memory at the moment.
  13. If I pick up a book that has been recommended by somebody, I'll give it 50 pages, like it or not. After that I quit if it isn't good. This doesn't happen all that often, though.
  14. Those, too. Also: "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."
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