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  1. I think of a Shady Brady as a 'curly' pre-distressed urban cowboy hat, as popularized by-- Shady Brady, the company. If you look at their online catalogue, there appear to be quite a few that wouldn't raise any comment at a CAS match, though.
  2. I use 2-blade disposables to shave my mustache. I've worn the beard since age 21, so over 50 years. The razors last me a long time.
  3. This is likely reading too much into the original post, and the review it mentioned; though I didn't read that review myself. I doubt that Alan LeMay was 'woke'; he wrote The Searchers, and The Unforgiven, 65 years and more ago.
  4. He was an ex-Confederate soldier. That he was bigoted is part of the story line; certainly in the book, but also in the movie. One of the main points, really, and how he overcame it at the end. Nothing new there.
  5. I miss a lot of old regulars, including Nubbins Colt and Sixgun Shorty, though both have checked in a couple of times over the last year or two. I really enjoyed Texas Man's tales of the border. I came here in 2004, so 'new old' I suppose....
  6. I'm a conservationist too, but not of rock.
  7. If you open carry, you're asking for comments, good or bad. So, no complaints if you get them.
  8. Never been asked. Never been questioned by the handful who know.
  9. Then all actors are hypocrites...I think there are some in olden times who'd say that. If a law-abiding actor plays a criminal, he's a hypocrite; and vice versa!
  10. You've said this before about Eastwood. If, in fact, he's been 'sorta antigun since the '70s' (a questionable point anyway), how is he a hypocrite?
  11. Even when I eventually got to the place where I could afford the high-price stuff, I found I still prefer the old standby brands, the price of which remains reasonable. Evan Williams (they have a bonded bottle, too), Jim Beam, Old Crow, and a couple of others. For me high-end is Old Granddad, which was my daddy's brand. I buy it now and then.
  12. That'll get you about 3 minutes in downtown Seattle...if you wanted to go there.
  13. I don't consider going to a movie as 'supporting' anything, except my desire to see the movie and be entertained, and, sometimes, edified. I don't care about the politics of actors in movies any more than I care about the politics of my neurosurgeon (and I've had one of those...).
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