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  1. I'm sure there are innumerable developments with covenants and HOAs where things go smoothly. But there are a lot of counter-examples. I had a good friend who moved with her husband out of the city into a subdivision complete with cul-de-sac and restrictive covenants. They kept their city house and rented it out. They were back in 3 years. It was all petty stuff. The committee didn't like how she did her roses in front. Her daughter's boyfriend's car was parked more than an hour. The president, who lived next door, criticized everything. One backyard barbeque was too loud one evening. These people were both professionals; good citizens and good neighbors. They were very glad to come back to the city.
  2. Facebook is a proprietary system and you can't get into it if you aren't a member. I'm not. I can see the later download. So links to Facebook have limited use.
  3. I think it's more than that. Historically, with the development of the suburbs in the post-war era, restrictive covenants were touted; they were a selling point. No riff-raff; lawns always mowed, houses beige or gray, no noisy parties, and more. People wanted that. Or thought they did.
  4. I live in an old part of town, leafy streets and such. No rules, no HOAs, no covenants; you can paint your house the color you want, etc. Freedom. It's always been hard for me to understand why people want those rule-ridden suburban developments, but they do. Then they get a slate of officious small-time authoritarians interfering with their daily lives.
  5. I wake up several times per night, but luckily I have no problem falling back to sleep. That wasn't always so when I was still working for a living, though. Now, I don't have much to worry over or think about, so return to sleep has become easy.
  6. But you can get a great dagger with a hilt of a pot metal dragon clutching a glass crystal ball....
  7. Isn't there a comic aspect to the Dortmunder books? I've only read a couple, and long ago. But Parker-- that's another thing entirely!
  8. Surprised that would make a difference. Can a servicemember refuse combat service because of nomenclature? Wasn't Korea a "police action" officially? None of our wars have been "declared" as such for generations. '
  9. I was raised on shotguns, and other than just a few times, I had never shot handguns, until my dad died in 2001 and my brothers and I divided his guns, and I took his S&W Mod. 10 38spl. (He didn't want handguns in the house when he was raising 5 boys, but bought a few in later years.) So I got interested in revolvers and in 2004 saw an Uberti SAA Bisley in .45 Colt in the case at the LGS. It struck me as a real beauty, so I bought it. Research about single-actions soon brought me to SASS. I never had watched Western movies, and only a handful of the TV Westerns of our youth. SASS made me a big Western fan, both the books and the movies. I quit shooting CAS several years ago for various reasons, mostly time constraints and conflicts, but have never lost interest in the firearms (of which I now have many and regularly shoot) and the Western lore.
  10. Here's why (find at 3:10)(Great movie, Heist, strong language, though):
  11. Binged 4 episodes last night on freevee. The ads were very unobtrusive. All still there and still good. Hopefully more to come when this series is over.
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