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  1. I deleted that post once I was able to reach the seller. I finally figured out the the email contact was a scammer. The seller of that item is a good guy. The scammer contacted me by email using the sellers alias. It took me awhile to get it figured out. Johnny Meadows
  2. Sam, you can have it. So far the guy has sent me two different names, two different addresses in two different states. Something is not right.
  3. I'll take it and will send a PM Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  4. Beware of the early Marlin pump shotguns, many were deemed not safe to shoot.
  5. If you look at the top Classic cowboys over the last 10 years, the majority shoot an 1878. I have worked on both guns for around 20 years. The 1878 is heavier providing less recoil. The hammers on the 1878 are closer together making it easier to sweep them with one movement to cock them. Although not as pretty as a CZ, they are almost indestructible. The CZ is a beautifully made shotgun and functions very well. If your interested in a top of the line gun, it could fill your needs.
  6. This last year I have sold many guns from older shooters that can no longer participate, I am now thinking about giving up my license again and still have several consignment guns on the books. I notified the customers yesterday that to return them they will need to fill out a 4473. Surprisingly, they didn't have a problem with that. They had filled out a 4473 when they purchased them, so nothing new comes from filling out another one. It's a rough world we live in, I'm glad that I'm as old as I am. J.M.
  7. I believe that Mike is on vacation until the 3rd of May. At least that is when he asked me to ship back his Browning B-SS that I just finished doing the work on.
  8. Over the last many years, I find problems in shipping mostly come direct from the ignorance of the clerk receiving the package for shipping. They typically do not understand their own rules. I've found this most prevalent at USPS. I quit using UPS about 4 years ago and don't plan on going back.
  9. It's working many FFL's are not willing to face the ambiguity of ATF's governing.
  10. They are not making a new rule, they are modifying an existing rule of the definition of who is a dealer. Read the 40 or more pages defining this and then you will be really confused.
  11. Unfortunately some FFL's look at this as a way to make more money on consignment guns. I think it stinks.
  12. ATF rule that requires anyone selling personal firearms needs to have an FFL license. It is my understanding that this new rule was listed on the Federal register on April 29th 2024 and that compliance with the rule needs to be in effect by May 29th 2024. Trying to understand any rule being made by the establishment can be very difficult. This is a very bold move made by ATF and I'm hoping that it will be repealed in the near future. There are many challenges being made against the rule. Hope they are successful. Johnny Meadows
  13. I still have one of those from when I was shooting benchrest 25 years ago. It's a great measure, I wish I could think of something to use it for.
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