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  1. I have a Kirkpatrick 12ga with 357 loops. 47" total length. $65 shipped Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  2. Once you've help pull the bits of brass out of a shooter nose, you tend to favor the 73. Johnny M.
  3. Ruger Vaquero's and New Model Vaquero's with 4 5/8" barrels are probably the most used gun in Cowboy action.
  4. Bob ment to say 4th Sunday. We will be shooting with the new Bordertown targets. They are a little larger than standard. J.M.
  5. i will check tomorrow, but i have encountered Stoeger butt stocks that did not interchange. J.M.
  6. Short stroke might be possible, but I doubt that you will ever find anyone that would want to try. J.M.
  7. Larson stated it the way I see it. Lock time would be slightly faster, but not enough to make a difference. J.M.
  8. I agree with Larson, I took one apart 15 or 20 years ago and it is a complex action, but turns into a nice gun when work is completed. J.M.
  9. There was nothing unsafe about the way matches were run at Three Points. The majority of ranges that I shoot at, in multiple states, do not have berms between bays. It was a political move to force the Cowboy shooters out. I have never understood the reason behind the move, but it was pretty obvious that they no longer wanted us there when they gave three of our bays away so that 5 long range shooters could shoot over the top of them. At the time we were the biggest monthly match being held there. J.M.
  10. Fire n Iron's father bought a beautiful SKB model 385 from me. Work is still to be done, but should be complete next week. Johnny Meadows
  11. I'll take the model 10 Smith and Wesson. Sending a PM Johnny Meadows
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