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  1. Go to SKBshotguns.com This is the part humber. 606730 Cocking Lever - Extractor (M/100 & 150) $ 20 00
  2. Yes, the Rossi parts are scarce, luckily they do not break often. I have had to make parts occasionally to keep them running. J.M.
  3. The Rossi’s all have working hammers and are one of the best hammered doubles. J M
  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. We miss you out here Cap. J.M.
  5. Best of wishes for a speedy recovery.
  6. It's either sticking firing pins or the fact that after you fire you have to cock the main springs when opening the barrels. That takes extra pressure to open because it is cocking the main springs. J.M.
  7. They do not all have working hammers.
  8. I know Jared and his lovely wife. They have two of the cutest kids around. J.M.
  9. Go slow and as you take each part out, reinstall it. Then take it out again and move to the next part. If you run into trouble, you can email me at johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com. Send me your phone number and I'll call you ASAP Johnny Meadows
  10. I went through two fraud prosecutions off of Armslist and was successful with both. JM
  11. This is explained a lot easier than many of the comments reflect. Many professional gunsmiths make a living doing this work. Johnny Meadows
  12. With four shoulder surgeries and one reverse shoulder replacement, Shooting Bulls advise, if followed, will make for a quicker recovery. Good luck buddy, JM
  13. Agree with Kingsnakes assessment, if it is a Wild Bodie Tom kit. If it’s someone’s else’s, I know nothing about them. Tom’s kits work great. J M
  14. Thunderstick always has a good selection and are great people to deal with. They are long time shooters and very knowledgeable about cowboy guns. Johnny Meadows
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