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  1. I can't resist. I'll take it. P.M. to follow. Johnny Meadows
  2. I have no SKB's, but do have two like new Baikals. One double trigger and one single trigger, also one Browning B-SS. All shotguns are 12ga. If interested contact me at: johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  3. This is a great buy. I don't understand why it is still listed here and not sold. J.M.
  4. As mentioned above, I've had both shoulders replaced with a reverse shoulder replacement. First was the left shoulder about 5 years ago. It was amazing, very little pain after the second week and I was shooting after 5 weeks with strength enough to hold up the rifle and revolvers. 5 years and no pain in that shoulder after over 30 years of constant pain. Second shoulder reverse replacement 10 weeks ago. Same as the first replacement, very little pain after the second week. It being the shouldeer that my shotgun recoils against, I waited until the 8th week before shooting a 6 stage match. During the match I felt no pain, but the following week I had a little pain during everyday movements, so I will give it another month before trying the shotgun again. I loaded the shotgun shells to very light loads before the first attempt to shoot a match. I'm hoping that the right shoulder will get to the point that I can shoot a shotgun again without further damaging the shoulder. The reverse shoulder replacement is less invasive that a standard shoulder replacement. People I know that have had the standard replacement have all faced recovery of 3 to 6 months. As discribed above the reverse shoulder replacement was a quick recovery. There are some movements that do not come back easily, but vigilance in working to gain the movement is necessary. Johnny Meadows
  5. Except the Johnny Meadows screwed up, she has 45 ACP brass.
  6. Contact Echo Meadows. She has upwards of 15,000 once fired, cleaned 45 Colt brass that she want to sell. echomeadows13@yahoo.com or text her at 605-390-3056 She was selling some at the Cowtown match on Sunday for $25 pre 200 and I'm sure she would work some bulk deals. Johnny Meadows Dad screwed up, she has 45 ACP brass.
  7. No matter what I think, liability forces me to advise not cutting it off. Cutting it off wouldn't improve that Stevens enough to be worth the trouble. It is not a fast gun to start with and the little time you save in loading, without the dolls head, would be insignificant. Johnny Meadows
  8. IF ANVIL ADAM doesn't take it, I will. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  9. Thank for the heads up, I just bought 2000
  10. It's a fun match with the added benefit of having the town on Tombstone to spend your evening in. At our monthly matches we supply a mixture of both setups. A little of the smaller targets at distance and others at big and close. Bordertown is all Big and Close. J.M
  11. Years ago I picked up several taller hammers from Coyote Cap, may he rest in peace. I don't believe that I have any left, but will check. Johnny M.
  12. Being the current Range Master for Bordertown, I feel that big and close brings the shooters. Once again Bordertown sold out in record time, indicating that many shooters are looking to the big and close matches to spend their hard earned money to go shoot.
  13. Great guy, very good shooter and just an all around fun person to interact with. He was my friend and i will miss him. RIP buddy. Johnny M.
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