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  1. My 10 and 9 year old Granddaughters are shooting a Henry and starting to do it very well. I started them with Bearcats, but switched to the new Ruger Wranglers once they became available. They shoot them better than they did the Bearcats. I cut down a SKB 12ga to fit and loaded 9 grains of Unique with a 3/4 oz load. They love it and actually knock down most targets. Johnny Meadows
  2. Hi!

     Do you still work on Rossi 92s or did you retire from that?


     Sacramento Johnson #6873

    1. Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      Yes, I am still doing all the gun work that I previously did, only in smaller quantities.



    2. Sacramento Johnson #6873

      Sacramento Johnson #6873

       Good to hear!  

       I left a phone message for you; could you please contact me about a persnickety Rossi?

       Grace aka Sacramento Johnson

  3. I live in Sahuarita. Johnny Meadows 928-300-6684
  4. I've been working on building myself a set, unfortunately for a couple years. You have given me some new ideas. Hope I can finish them in the next couple years. Johnny Meadows
  5. Lets go again for the D Bar J White Hat. Great B Western Hat
  6. SCARY but here I am agreeing with Phantom again. At my age it's hard enough remembering the stages, much less the starting lines. If the line is written and posted where I start, I will say it, but if not written I say ready. I need all my memory to keep from messing up a stage. J.M.
  7. I am a large 7 1/8 and this is too tight for me. That is why I only wore it a couple times. Plus I'm too messy to wear a white hat. Judging by your comment on your hat size, I would figure that this hat should work for you. If anything a little too large can easily be adjusted. Thanks for your interest, J.M.
  8. Here are two hats that I've owned for 15 or 16 years. They never fit me correctly, so were never used. SOLD Stetson, Tom Mix 7 1/4 5X Black hat 4" brim 7" crown $150 shipped STILL FOR SALE D Bar J 100x beaver 7 1/8 White hat 4" brim 7" crown $175 shipped They will ship in the original boxes. I can be reached at: johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com 928-300-6684 or message through SASS
  9. I have you both on the renewed list for 2021 Bordertown. I am a board member and this will serve as your notification due by July 31st. Johnny Meadows
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