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  1. That is a beautiful rifle! what is a widdermatic? What does that mean? Thanks for the lesson
  2. Howdy All, I am looking for a tower of power for my ROA. Thanks!
  3. Dang! I need a 32” belt. great looking setup for whoever gets it
  4. Howdy All, I found this bayonet and am trying to identify what it would attach to and when it was made. See the markings on the blade and base. Thanks!
  5. Deal! We are gonna be back for the 3 Oct match. See you there
  6. Very cool indeed! thanks for the info. Good luck getting them to a new home
  7. Howdy Slick! Sweet looking pair! what does changing the barrel shape from round to octagonal do?
  8. Howdy! I am looking to have a SXS SKB 100 worked on by Lefty Wheeler for my dad but would like to let him Handle one beforehand. If you are close to Cleburne, Tx and would be willing to let him try yours please let me know. If they are anything close to what his ‘73s are I have every confidence it will come out fantastic.
  9. Right hand strong side. yours for shipping
  10. Please tell the family that the guns are going to be put to good use. These are going to be designated ‘new shooter guns’ for those that come with us to matches and don’t have their own gear yet. Who ever the smith was, please let them know their work is greatly appreciated!
  11. Just wanted to say thank you for doing all the work and coordination for these. The rifle and pistols work fantastic.
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