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  1. Are you interested in buying the lightning that I posted pictures of. Seems like just what you were looking for.



    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Bill!


      Sorry for the delay. I am bouncing all over the country getting ready to go. 


      Yes. I’m very interested. Gun looks like it’s exactly right. 


      Would you take $425?


      Please call or text me as I am away from my computer most days. 





    2. Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Sorry sold it locally for the $475.00



    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      No worries. 

      Please keep me posted if anymore come across your path. 

  2. If anyone can work your wood back to pristine shape, Yul can. As for the sharpie, go over it with a dry erase marker. No damage to any metal surfaces and you can put a little elbow into it. aND Dang glad to have you home
  3. The grips are really nice! Are those stock with the Pistol?
  4. Howdy All, For the sake of lending some clarity I’m seeking the 4 3/4”
  5. Howdy All, I’m headed to Ft Mead until December and want to link up with any new pards in the area.
  6. The lightning is a slightly smaller frame then the thunderer. But that’s a very cool set up you have.
  7. Howdy Yul! I leave in the early spring. Unfortunately i cannot take my ruger as my sidearm! See you at escondido on the 5th!
  8. howdy all, seeking a Cimarron Lightning 4.75" 38Spl.
  9. Hey, you know what thats a great suggestion! I gave them a call and we are working on it. The folks at HQ are some great great pards!! And as for the beef* come on out to Cali and I'll happily cook you a steak as a thank you for your +30 years of cowboy service.
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