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  1. Been doing this for over 25 years and in the last 10 years I haven't had to many real loading table officer! most of them are watching the shooters or day dreaming and some not even sure what they are looking for? If we even have a loading officer anymore? And I think you are correct when you say pulling the trigger to check for a loaded gun is STUPID! If your loading a cocked gun your not paying attention, and should leave and come back when your mind is on what you are doing!
  2. I have not used a shotgun bore brush in over 25 years! and I get a lot of plastic from my CB loads not as much in my sporting clays loads! I push a patch saturated with Hoppes #9 on a Bore Tech Shotgun jag ( I use because of its very tight fit on the barrel) down the barrel or barrels , followed with a second saturated patch, then let it sit for 5 min. then run another saturated patch down the barrel followed with a dry patch then I clean the forcing cone with a Payne Galway chamber brush that I get from ProShot they are not cheap but worth every penny and they last for years ! then I run a wet patch then a couple of dry patch' Then I run a oil patch. Has worked for me for years ( I tried Butch's bore shine and it works too) V.D.
  3. Got mine about 8 years ago and I have a 650 a 375 PW shotgun press and a RCBS press on it and its just as solid as it was when I installed ( I did bolt it to the floor) and if your using it for a reloading bench who cares about the Dog holes and vise! I filled the dog holes and removed the vise. All the drawers are full with reloading stuff and no problems with them.
  4. If you don't think its fair, buy a 97 or live with it!!!!!!!!
  5. Been doing this for over 24 years and never had my 73 try to slide off?
  6. There are a hell of a lot more people that shouldn't be allowed to be spotters!!!!!
  7. Why didn't you just put in the 14 pound wolff springs that they make for the small frame Ruger?
  8. PM sent to Colorado Jackson and Josey Kidd Sorry for the Screw up! but not long ago on the SASS wire a person said I Will Take it then I never heard another word from him so when I didn't hear form C.J. I thought here we go again. Sorry again V.D.
  9. I have not heard from Colorado Jackson sent you a PM to let you know I sold the loading strip to Josey Kidd
  10. Hi Colorado Jackson If you want the loading strip please respond to the PM. Thanks V.D.
  11. So What's wrong with 5-10-8 ? Or 11-8-4 load 1 pistol on the clock?
  12. This is a Ricochet Roy 44-45 loading strip used on one time on one bay and didn't work for me I will just keep doing what I have doing for 24 years. Only one side has a concho incase you use different loads Payed $100.00 asking $ 60.00 shipped
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