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  1. And it was not Mailed Wednesday either? The payment issue was your time frame not mine! that's when you said you would send it!!!!!!!!!! Well if you want to call it a misunderstanding That's Fine I call it something else?
  2. I don't understand your PM said the check mailed Wednesday? now you say you will drop in the mail this morning? that would be Today Friday 2/27? A little HONESTY goes a long way!
  3. Back up for sale, Costa Rica Kidd said funds would go out Monday, I have not received the funds and don't know if or when they are coming? V.D.
  4. Back up for sale! Not going to work for Red Wolf he didn't think about the barrel length and he has 5 1/2
  5. I tried to send you a pm but it said you could not receive any?The holsters were made for 4 5/8 old model Rugers Von Dutch
  6. Red Wolf the loops are 45 Cal. and they were made for 4 5/8 Rugers but they will not work with 51/2 the cross draw is to small at the end!
  7. I have a John Bianchis Cross draw rig for sale made for 4 5/8 old model Ruger Vaqueros, it was made for me in 9/2004 I have not used it in eleven years, From buckle to first hole is 43 " and last hole is 38" I'm a 34 waist. its in good shape, asking $ 150.00 shipped And I have a 12 ga Shotgun belt that will hold 16 rds cant remember the maker, from buckle to first hole is 44" and last hole is 36" Asking $60.00 shipped If you want both the Rig and belt $ 200.00 shipped
  8. Posse 2 with people like you, ( Yul Lose) is always big FUN ! Hope to see you on the 22 nd of this month? Take Care V.D.
  9. I went to the Cajon Cowboys shoot Saturday the 8 first shoot in four months because of moving down the range and rebuilding all the fronts and what a great shoot it was! and I just wanted to say that Bear Trap, J.J. Johnson and all the rest who worked on it did a great job. It will be a great place to go for long time! Sorry I don't have any Pics. to share I was have such a good time I forgot to do that. V.D.
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