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  1. Me too, I have some old WW. Nickel primers never a problem but I had problems with the new ones? so I went to Fed. about 15 years ago and never have had a problem . My pistol have 14 lb spring and they will set off CCI but not some of the new WW primers?
  2. My gold Life badge after 20 years was no longer gold so I called SASS to order a replacement and they told me they have a life time warranty to contact Smith&Warren so I did, they asked for pics and I sent the pics after two hours they sent me a return authorization to refinish it . That's great service! Von Dutch
  3. Yes the bigger one will work on a 5th wheel Power Caster sells attachment you need for that, You can see it on the Power Caster web sight it tell about the grade too, it has a lot of power I have pushed a 10,000 lbs trailer up car ramps to work under it with the big one.
  4. I have two Power caster electric trailer dolly's for sale one is a model PC-2 good for 800 lbs tongue weight and 8000 + Laden weight, it sells new for $ 1,600.00 asking $ 700.00, the other is a Model PC-3 good for 1800 LBS tongue and 30,000 lbs Laden weight sells new for $ 1,750.00 asking $ 1,000.00 I want to sell these in my area because they are heavy. I live in Pomona Ca. 91767
  5. Hey Smokey Bandit I tried to send you a PM but it says you cant receive messages your box must be full?
  6. 19 inches from the bottom to the part that goes in front of your knee
  7. Measure with your cowboy pants on because that will add about an inch or more depending on how thick the material is on the pants? I did my measuring with cowboy pants on because that's what I would have on when wearing them and that's the way I tried them on.
  8. My calif is 16 inchs and they fit me I weight 184 LBS I would say if my calif was 18 inchs they would fit better I think he was about 200 Lbs hope that helps? V.D.
  9. These are Earthwalker legens I'm selling these for the wife of a friend, this cowboy passed away before he could use them. He paid $250.00 for them She is asking $ 175.00 shipped legens were made for people who could not wear regular boots to make it look like you are wearing boots. I don't think they are being made anymore? Thanks For Looking Von Dutch
  10. But if you have a 4th gen Cowboy&Indian short stroke you don't need to ck if the lever is bent!
  11. If you go on the Cowboy& Indian store web he has the instructions for timing his KITS
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