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  1. Well he has been shooting this 73 for years and has never did a complete take down for cleaning, he would just take the side plates off clean what he could shoot it with oil and put the side plates back on. At a shoot he was having problems ask me to look at it, I ask him when is the last time he took it apart for cleaning he said never because he didn't know how, so I told him when he was ready to do it call me and I would help him well when he got to the bolt he said there was no spring I said it should have one maybe its stuck, so he said he didn't see one so I went over to he's house and when I looked inside the bolt it had a lot of dried oil inside when I cleaned it all out there was no spring and it had so much crud in it the spring could not have fallen out.
  2. I went over and checked, it had no firing pin spring and I could see it never had one!
  3. Does anyone know where a person can get a firing pin spring for a new style Uberti bolt? a friend called me and he took his 73 apart for cleaning for the first time and it had know spring? the action work was done by a smith that's been around a long time? And if you go to one of the parts supply places the spring is $8.00 and $10.00 to ship and that is crazy? Thanks Von Dutch
  4. Turners Outdoorsman has them on sale this weekend for $ 179.00 Pre order sale do in mid May and they come in 3 colors Blk, Silver and Bronze
  5. I know of a club here in California when they have a major shoot they remove all the ropes from the shot gun targets and the shooters have to walk out and pull up those lead dust covered targets up by hand? the worst kind of lead contamination is lead dust! I could not believe they where putting the shooters at that kind of risk?
  6. That company made a deal with New York that why they are no longer dealing with the NRA that's why I cancelled my gun policy with them.
  7. If you get the springs from Wolff Gun Springs sku# 33250 is one 30 OZ trigger spring and a 14 LB hammer spring or you can get sku # 33251 That has a 40 OZ trigger spring and a 14 LB hammer spring $ 13.50 each kit
  8. Thanks Yul To all that ask for Pics They have been sent if you need more let me know. Von Dutch
  9. Thanks Dusty it is a real slick gun came that way from the factory if not for the gun blue ware at the loading gate you would think it was new plus the $ 150.00 plus spare parts that go with it make it a real good deal.
  10. I have three Cowboys from out of the state looking to buy this rifle? everyone needs to read the post, I will consider selling it out of State if I cant sell it here, I just don't want to deal with all the hassle involved with shipping if I don't have too.
  11. I have a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited that I purchased new in 1994 it was slicked up by Bob Shaw in 1995 has a one piece firing pin, marbles white bead front sight, SS mag spring, Leather wrap lever and comes with all stock parts and new spare parts ( ejector with spring, extractor with spring, and a new Marlin lifter ) Has not been used in a match since 1996 and was not used a lot before that switched to 73 and have not looked back, its in excellent condition one very small ding in the wood and a small amount of blueing ware by the loading gate. Would like to sell in California if I can don't want to mess with shipping if I don't have to but I will consider selling out of State if I don't get any takers here? Will send Pics to interested party's Asking $950.00 First I will take it gets it Thanks for looking V.D. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  12. Most SKB stocks are cracked if its all together Epoxy it !
  13. Know its not just you! that's just what think too! V.D.
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