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  1. The book says Those Max loads were done in a special pressure test barrel the max. I found some chronograph numbers I did this is a 3 in. Mauser 80 gr. B.C. bullet 1.5 grs Red Dot 628 fps and same bullet 1.8 grs Unique 658 fps, That Unique load is in the same book I forgot to include, that is the starting load in the book they have it at 625 fps so what I got was very close Max load is 2.6 860 fps. Like I said max loads were done in a special test barrel!!!
  2. I have loaded the 80 gr bear creek with out a problem, my old loading book has a 77 gr .312 lead in it and it says you should not go over .312 lead or .311 jacketed because grove diameter by some makers can be as small as .309? The book shows Bullseye Starting load 1.5 grs 685 fps Max 2.0 grs 830 fps I loaded 1.6 grs and it was a good load, and it shows WW 231 Starting load 1.5 grs 620 fps, Max load 2.5 grs 888 fps I loaded 1.8 grs And Red Dot start load 1.5 grs 695 fps max is 2.0 grs 940 fps I loaded 1.6 grs work about the same as Bullseye These were all 80 gr lead B.C. Bullets These are
  3. I think Zuckerberg bought it a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! V.D.
  4. It's like being pro Trump on facebook here! Look what happened to the Carbon fiber mag tube thread they closed that and try starting a post about range safety? V.D.
  5. I have work with carbon fiber and I would trust it as my mag tube over steel!
  6. I stop buying from CTD about 18 years ago ! They have been a rip for a very long time, Wake up people!!!!!! V.D.
  7. Well you don't have to fiddle with the selector unless you fire the first barrel and it failed to switch to the second barrel then you can push the selector over to fire the second barrel! Takes a split second I had to do it once. If you slam the butt on something to switch it takes longer and you can break the butt stock, witch is very costly to replace. Butt it's not my gun so it's no sweat of my estabulla! just wanted to say to slam the butt on something to change barrels is just plain stupid. V.D.
  8. You should never whack the butt on anything to fire it! That's what the barrel selector is for! V.D.
  9. I have been shooting my SKB for over ten years with inertial trigger and it has only failed to fire one time. V.D.
  10. That is just not true! That button on the trigger is the barrel selector, if #1 does not fire push or pull the button over depending on what barrel you have it set to fire first. V.D.
  11. About all the die makers are making that kind of expanding die now days!! except Dillon
  12. Bullseye North in Canada has them for $4.99 per 100 For LG pistol 683 in stock and over 800 in stock for small pistol, but they won't ship to the US. V.D.
  13. Oil the worst thing you can use in the mag tube ! it's just a crud collector! Listen to Widder on this the best thing I found because of Widder is Carnauba wax it's a dry lube so it does not collect crud. I even use it on the SS follower . V.D.
  14. Hi Ethan Cord let me know what day and time the monthly match is I would very much like to shoot with you ! Thanks Von Dutch
  15. Hey Ethan it's been a while ! wish I would have know about the shoot It would have been great to see you Lighting and any one else I haven't seen in a while! Take care Von Dutch
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