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  1. Hoss

    Loading 32SW

    38SW Lee Dies. I use APP powder, bullet set to just touch powder. I do cheat a little and use 105 grain 38Sp Bullets. .357 vs .361. They may rattle a bit going down the barrel, but at PP distances accuracy isn’t really an issue. I woukd really avoid using smokeless powder in these old pustols. Most pre-1900 really aren’t made for it.
  2. Hoss

    Loading 32SW

    Figured I better check my stock of pocket pistol ammo for the upcoming spring shooting season. Loading 32SW, I have a high dollar 32SW case gauge. If they fits, they ships! now if I could only find my 38SW shell holder! My bench looks like a tornado disaster area!
  3. You and that rough lookin hombre by the pistol station are wearing matching shirts!!! way to hang with it. I know guys who would be happy with a 96 second (and clean!) stage!!
  4. Ivory. I have bone, mother of Pearl, ivory, and big horn sheep grips. My favorite look is the aged ivory.
  5. Hoss


    Sent pm, and cleaned out box.
  6. i Would think so! I have a Lightning, been watching for a Thunderer (seen a few, but I want one that works) I have not seen a Rainmaker, but always keep my eye open. For the record, Rainmaker, Lightening, Thunderer are not official Colt monikers.
  7. the 32 1877 Colt is called the Rainmaker. Rarest of the 77s. I'd love to have one. I do have a pretty good Lightning, but, the barrel is 4&1/4 inch. too long for PP. But I'm going to shoot it just for the fun of it! One other Pocket Pistol warning. Be careful who you loan one to, you might not get it back.
  8. I have a Iver Johndon 32SW. It’s fast, but not always reliable. I read somewhere that back in the day, the S&Ws sold for $13, the Iver Johnson’s were $3. I paid $100 for my IJ as well. The IJs certainly work, just not nearly as robust as some of the other choices. I think my favorite is a Merwin Hulbert. 38SW.
  9. The S&W pistols are probably the best. Lemon Squeezers are pretty easy to find in the $300 range. H&Rs, Iver Johnsons, and a couple of others will also work. Warning. They can be addictive. I have 8. Just neat to shoot 100+ year old guns! I usually use a 32SW if starting holding in hand, and a slightly larger framed 38SW if I have to pick it up. I’ll typically bring at least 4 to a match, just to have the fun of shooting them.
  10. I forgot to put shotgun shells in my belt once. Shot pistols, rifle, grabbed shotgun, went to belt, no shells. I mimicked loafing gun and pointing and shooting and yelling BANG BANG shucked and did it again. Everybody was cracking up. I did have a 15 second stage And 4 misses.
  11. Hey Grouchy, how about LAMM? Or allow Winchester 95s in BAMM matches. I’m wanting a 95 in either 30-40 Krag or go whole hog for a Big Medicine 405. I suppose the 30-40 would be more “military “.
  12. for my Marlin 95 14.2 Unique with a 340 grn bullet. Have SUCCESSFULLY shot it out to 300 meters.
  13. I’ve hunted high and low, no luck. If you find a source, let me know.
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