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  1. Our game has rules on equipment allowed. If a club allows a non-conforming gun to be used, that shooter is very likely to go to a state match where it is not legal, nor allowed, and when told they will say “its been allowed at my club for years”. Feelings get hurt, or people get mad. By far better to just say no, or make 100% certain sure that shooters know it is not a SASS legal gun.
  2. Thanks Pete, but really want a longer barrel
  3. Looking for long barrel Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk in in 357 or 44 Mag. whatchu got hiding in the back of the safe that you don’t shoot?
  4. I’ve heard lots of folks receiving starline brass, Dillon equipment etc in short order even tho their websites say backordered or 12 week delivery.
  5. That’s what I do. Plus a box for side matches. Then just as I am leaving I throw in another box!
  6. There is a Bakail for sale here on the wire. Get Johnny Meadows to work his magic on it. You won’t be disappointed!
  7. I had a AWA I 44-40. It shot just fine. I wound up selling it to fund another gun. They are kinda fun to shoot, but, and this is probably due to more lack of practice than the rifles fault, if you do have a problem it’s a bit harder to clear. I’ve seen a few people shoot them fairly well.
  8. Painting after each shooter not practical at most of the ranges I shoot at. Plus would be a lot of extra work for the posse. I prefer shooting steel to paper by a huge margin. I understand the limitations of our scoring system and am happy to shoot under it. I just dont see how we can make it much better. The RO classes are not hugely helpful for the actual TOing. I think TOing is more of an “art” more than a science. Yes there are some who should not TO, but want to. I dont mind a new TO at a monthly match. At a state or other annual match the TOs should be fairly experienced. But the only w
  9. I still kinda think RO III page 22 ought to rule. “TO uses his best judgment on a sticky situation” shooter: May I decock? TO: Decock 1 gun, place on table with muzzle safely pointed down range. Then decock 2nd pistol, re-index, place on table. Pick up pistol one. Re-index. Holster both pistols, take a deep breath and start over.
  10. I like shooting a clay bird or a can every once in a while. But probably not a good idea at an annual match.
  11. But What if he is shooting Blackhawks?
  12. So every time a pistol has an unfired round discovered at the ULT it’s a P and a miss?
  13. My first match was with a borrowed Stoeger. I was told to hold it closed!
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