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  1. I’ll second A.D. great job GMR. and it was great to be out shooting again!
  2. Hoss

    WTC frontiersman

    I knew that was his intention. Just trying to clarify in my mind how to apply the rules. As I said, I saw no safety issue, and no call was made.
  3. Hoss

    WTC frontiersman

    I shoot plainsman side matches a couple of times a year. Ive done exactly that.
  4. Hoss

    WTC frontiersman

    Shooter had a cap not pop. 5th round. He went around, cocking/decocking using both hands until he brought the cylinder back into position. Fired the shot with one hand I know decocking is not allowed without permission from TO. But frontiersman are allowed to use off hand to manipulate cylinder as needed. no call was made. But I’m not sure that was correct? (For the record, I was as LT, not a spotter or TO). im my opinion, there was no safety issue involved. And TO was obviously aware of the cocking/decocking. But I’m not sure this would be considered the proper procedure.
  5. I have a Trapdoor Carbine made 2nd qtr 1874. Has no Provenance, but is of the correct serial # to have been a “Custer” Rifle. My Pard tells me I should carve “GAC” in the stock, scratch it out, and put “SB” on it. I shoot it at plainsman matches 2-3 times per year. It’s a fine, tight old gun. Really a great to shot it and wonder where all it’s been.
  6. Hoss

    45-70 sights

    You find your “zero” typically at 100 yds. Then if you know your muzzle velocity, Bullet weight and ballistic coefficient you can enter that into a ballistics calculator. It will give you the settings for a given distance. It will be pretty durn close. Yes wind can affect the Bullet, and to a lesser extent atmospheric conditions, but the calculator will be close and a good starting point. my Shilo Sharps likes 535 grn Bullet, 25 grns 5744 powder
  7. Gotta shoot with the Cabs! Great Bunch of cowboy and cowgirls!
  8. we may have had this before in a WTC thread, but could not remember. stage is Pistol rifle shotgun shooter leaves one in pistol, safely holstered, picked up rifle, was levering when TO & counters hollered “1 more in pistol” shooter held rifle, cocked, safely pointed down range, drew pistol, fired last round, holstered pistol, continued with rifle. In less time than it took me to type this! I know cannot have 2 Loaded pistols in hand (unless gunfighter) but could not find rule covering this. I made it a no-call. What say the campfire?
  9. I have a bunch of pocket pistols, including Merwin Hulbert pocket pistol in 38SW, a Colt lightning pistol, a Remington Derringer in .41 Rimfire with a few of the cases you put a 22 blank in with a pinch of BP to shoot. HENRY 22 Golden Boy
  10. Looking for MARLIN 336CB in 38-55 must have Ballard rifling. anybody have one buried in the safe?
  11. Like others, I’ve found that the nickel cases split way sooner than brass. I try to use them for pistols only. But if one sneaks into my rifle reloads I load it first, so I shoot last. If it won’t eject call “broken gun” put it down, no penalty, no misses for Unfired rounds. . BTW, I catch 99% of my bad cases buy grabbing a double handful, say 15-20 or so cases. Cup them in my hands and shake. If there is a split case you will hear it.
  12. Hoss

    Big Drink

  13. Yes, chamfer the end a bit.
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