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  1. I shoot a 12 guage with 7/8 Oz load with 13.something Red Dot. Chrono about 900fps. Very mild load. another important thing is have the shotgun fit her. If she needs a shorter stock cut it down. My wife is fairly short, she like the 97 more than SxS. I cut it down for her.
  2. How cool would those be in a double shoulder holster!!!
  3. Any trade interest? NIB never fired. I won it in a raffle.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make an offer, or would consider trade for????? (whatchu got in the safe that you ain’t shooting?)
  5. I kinda miss “Hells Bells” maybe they are still around and I’ll talk Bo into letting me write a match, I’ll put them up and make them a bonus target!!!!!
  6. I know it’s not really a “clean” match. You know it’s not a clean match. But many will wear the pin with pride! for me, I have one clean match pin I’m proud of. My first Texas State match. (At Plum Creek, you may have been MD?) I’d been shooting less than a year. I wanted to shoot it clean. My last stage was “Hells Bells”. (3 gas cylinders with bottoms cut off, tall but only 8” or so wide). I was shakin like a dog passing a peach pit, but shot it clean. That’s the only clean match pin I have on my hat. The rest are in my cart, in my range box, whatever! and I’d bet a dollar you’ve shot with the guy I’m referring to!
  7. I understand what you are saying, but my point is if you hit the target, which is the whole idea, you are not penalized at all. granted, I don’t do a lot of bonus targets. But when I do I try to make it a more challenging target, (maybe a smaller, more distant target) if shooter misses, no penalty and still has a “clean” match. As you know, Many shooters strive for a clean match, so this does not hurt them. At least that’s my thinking. (Allthough in reality they did have a miss, but they still get their clean match pin) I know one guy, shoots a lot, hard club worker, but he is not fast. Shooting clean is his goal. I’ve literally seen him pack up and leave mid-match over a P or a miss!
  8. Best comment I’ve ever heard about our targets is “they ain’t hard to hit, but they’re awful easy to miss”
  9. I’ve never noticed scoring the bonus to be that much of an issue. And it never bothers me to have a “bonus” target. Just shoot it. Don’t worry about what it’s called. If you hit it you are in good shape. If you miss it then yes, you likely gave up the 5 seconds, just like if you missed a regular target.
  10. I’d think you would have to have a crane and a defibrillator at each stage!!! the guy levering round in the 87, then getting down on his belly while holding cocked shotgun was interesting! only thing I could agree with is it might be fun to have one stage where shooter only used one gun 24 rounds. So would have to reload. Shooters choice of gun! as for the rest of it…ain’t happening.
  11. Hoss

    Unique powder

    I use a lot of unique. 45-70, 45-60, 38-55, 44 mag. My supply is getting low, down to about 8 lbs I’ve been watching for it, not seeing much. I’ve heard it is used in howitzer shells, so a lot of it is being bought up by US govt for the war in Ukraine.
  12. The risk/reward of selecting pistol target vs rifle target. (Really not that much of a challenge to hit the rifle target, but about 1/2 chose the pistol target). I haven’t done it in a while. Maybe next match I write!
  13. I’ve done a match where you reload pistol with one round. Place round on main match rifle target for 10 second bonus, pistol target for 5 second bonus. A miss is no penalty other than time spent, which everyone has to do. Risk-reward! I'm probably one of the few that kinda likes pistol reloads. Which I think is an “authentic” thing!
  14. If your ever in HSTN a trip to Collectors Firearms definitely worth it. Place is like a museum. Most of the long guns are in racks where you can hold and fondle them. The handguns they keep under glass, but are very friendly and will get them out for you when asked. they are a little pricey, but by far the largest gun store I’ve ever been in. Everything from blunderbusses to the newest guns there and on display.
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