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  1. An outfit called Cameo. For a fee, many celebrities will make a personalized video. Some are several hundred dollars!
  2. I use 105 grn 38/357 bullets in mine, with APP. At PP distances accuracy is not an issue. The Bullet may rattle a bit going down the tube, but doesn’t hurt anything. I’ve never noticed any big leading problem.
  3. My son gave me this for Father’s Day. turn sound on! IMG_2316.MP4
  4. I’ve been trying to decide if getting Texas Law Shield or similar insurance that provides legal defense in the event I have to use my carry gun for some reason is a good deal? Cost is about 15/month. hoping to find somebody who not only has it, but unfortunately had to use it. I wonder if it pays off as advertised, or like some specialty insurances like home or car repair you find nearly impossible to collect from when you do have a claim?
  5. You are probably correct. Not even sure why I want one. But who knows, might want to go T-Rex hunting!
  6. I doubt I’d be interested in that trade. And given I’d be throwing in brass & dies it would have to be a nearly even trade. Are you going g to the Texas State match? Maybe we could talk there.
  7. Understood! I have a 76 in 45-60. What I’m really wanting (for no good reason!) is an 86 in 50-95! Not even sure why I want a 50-95. Just do!
  8. Any interest in a pair of Taylor-Uberti Smoke Wagons in 44-40? Nearly new. I also have a model 3 with 7” barrel.
  9. I shot baikals for years. They are solid shotguns no doubt. I even made fun of SKB shooters, mentioning that John Wayne never shot a single trigger shotgun then I got an SKB and almost immediately noted a difference in times. Then I tried a BSS and bought it. Son my category at Tx state BP championship with it. Did not fumble shells loading it once. Not sure if it was the shotgun or just luck on my part. I like them both. I prefer the mechanical trigger on the BSS. One of these days I’ll get the conversion done to the SKB. Both are fine shotguns.
  10. Near where I live is a small community known as Flour Bluff. Part of Corpus Christi but has their own school district. Some wag edited the Flour Bluff Wiki page saying “known for bondo colored cameros, flip flop-pajama wearing wal mart shoppers, pothole streets and meth labs. Also home of the guy that invented the tooth brush. Otherwise it would have been called a teeth brush. it created a stir for a while!
  11. I like 105 grn for pistols, 130 grn for rifle. Both with 3.0 bullseye powder. Mid range power factor.
  12. I know writing rule books is a challenge, and I don’t want to nit-pick, but seems to me this rule should have been placed in the pocket pistol section as well as in the “glossary of terms” I love pocket pistols. Neat guns to collect and shoot. I have 13 of them!
  13. I know a guy that does that. Very effective method. I never could make it work for me.
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