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  1. This sight came off a Uberti Win 76 Has Lee Shaver eyecup. $225 shipped. first I’ll take it
  2. 3 pairs. 1) Altamont Rosewood with scrollwork 2) Altamont Rosewood Fleur dis Leis 3) Ruger originals. Used but no damage. All include screws. $45 each shipped. first I’ll take it.
  3. Just bought one at a gun store. Belonged to a kid that worked there. I think he wanted a Glock or something. He had it marked 500, then 400. I asked him his best price, I was out the door with a holster for $300. I felt like I stole it! In 22 Mag. I’ve found a 22 LR cylinder for it already! Nice pistol.
  4. Picked up a 22Mag colt scout F series. Hoping to find a 22 LR cylinder for it. Anybody have one floating around? I’d buy or trade the Magnum Cylinder for one.
  5. It ain’t over till it’s over! Last 2 matches I loaned pocket pistol and a LR rifle out. Got beat both times with my own durn gun! im going to wait until after the drawing to pay up
  6. Yes, Portland Tx right across the bay from Corpus Christi.
  7. One of my favorite places to shoot is Fort Parker. I’m a history buff and this place is special. it’s The fort that Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped from by the Comanche Indians. She was later the mother of Quanah Parker, a famous Comanche chief. long range is shot from the fort Blockhouse, thru little gunports. It’s really interesting! You can see/read about the fort here. https://oldfortparker.org/ this match is a major fund raiser for the Fort. We need to keep this piece of Texas history alive. If you’ve never shot there, I recommend it! my guns are packed, I’m going to shoot LR, single shot and big bore lever as well as pistol caliber, both BP and smokeless. I even brought my plainsman guns for the plainsman side match, as well as pocket pistols and derringer. 15 guns all together looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and shooting my last multi-day annual of the year. Can’t wait!
  8. Will do you gonna be at the Fort this weekend?
  9. Biggest problem is I usually find an extra piece or 2 after I put it together
  10. I load rifle calibers on a 550. It works well. I’m going to keep it and sell the 650
  11. I’ve had the same issue on my 650. Took it apart, back together about 4 times. Changed the spring and good to go. I don’t like the priming system on the 650. My 750 shipped today. I’ll get it set up and will have a 650 for sale soon!
  12. Texas state long range is 50, 75, 100, 125 as I recall. I shot and was 2nd by a couple of seconds last year with my main match rifle, 38SP ammo. I move my sight elevator to about 1/2 way. Shoot low on closer targets, dead on at 125. If you want to win you have to be pretty darn quick, shoot clean. Not enough time to really line up tang sights. Just cover it up with front sight and let her rip! Just takes some practice.
  13. 38-55 is a great caliber. It was developed for target shooting, back when that was the National pastime instead of baseball/football! 375 seems small for a 38-55! I use minimal crimp in my 38-55 HiWall. Heaviest Bullet I can shoot in it is 310 grn. 1/18 twist. Yours should go a tad heavier. I have some 345 grn bullets but they would not stabilize. If you want them, pm me your address and I’ll send them to you so you can try them out. They are SPG lubed as I recall, so can go smokeless or BP. for my smokeless loads I like Unique. My most accurate load is 260 grn Bullet, 10.0 unique. My experience has been wind really effects them after about 300 yds. One range I go to has ram silhouettes at 500 meters. I could hit them, but not always knock them over. I went to a heavier Bullet that will knock them over. I also got a Sharps in 45-70 that will do the job! Now I use my HiWall for rangers under 250, and my 45-70Sharps for over 250 yds. length wise, my guess is it really won’t make a huge difference. If you are talking sub MOA shooting at 1000 yds probably would. I’ve mixed them in my HiWall with no real discernible difference. Don’t scrimp on sights! MVA or Kelley are my favorites. I shoot a lot of 38-55 in lever rifles as well. Down in S Texas we have a category “Cody-Dixon” , pistol & shotgun same as main match, rifle caliber rifle with targets 50-100 yds. It’s my favorite category!
  14. I agree with Assassin. Shoot your age group. Or a ”specialty” category.
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