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  1. I may be lucky. I’ve never had a problem with Airbnb. Once a house cancelled about 6 months ahead, but I had no problem finding an alternate.
  2. Airbnb shows 93 places in the area. More if you expand a bit. I’ve found finding an Airbnb with a garage is the way to go. In general cheaper than a hotel, more comfortable, more secure. and if you can find another shooter to share it can be very inexpensive.
  3. RIP Galvez. i shot with him at Trailhhead once.
  4. Id try for another Airbnb. but there are several hotels at corner of IH 35 66 & 2nd street. A Laquinta for sure.
  5. New list out. The ALL CAPS have been fixed. Only shooters with 253,000,000 utube views get their alias in all caps! Who's Coming List 5-16-24.pdf
  6. It’s your gun. But….. I would never run smokeless in a gun that wasn’t proofed for it. The pressure spike with smokeless is much faster than BP. a guy likened it to pulling a car out of a ditch. Put a chain on the bumper, ease into the load and pull it out verses put a chain on the bumper, leave 20’ of slack. Hit it hard with the pulling vehicle. You will likely snatch the bumper off the stuck car.
  7. I assume this is a repro trapdoor and not an original? I have an original that I only shoot BP with. My H&R cadet model shoots well with a 305 cast bullet with 14.2 grains Unique.
  8. A RCBS stuck case tool is worth the $. You may only use it once, but sooner or later you will need it. And they work.
  9. I enjoyed shooting the lightning, until I’d have a hiccup. They are hard to get squared away on the line. I’d get the occasional stovepipe or misfeed. I do think it was more operator error than the guns fault. I was once at LT and cowboy next to me thought I was breaking a rule by loading it with action open. I have a Pard who really liked them. He runs a Lightning and 87 about as well as I’ve seen anyone do it!
  10. Here is the trick. Take an empty gun case out of the house. Tell your wife you have a guy that wants to buy one of your guns. Go get the new gun, put in case. Return home. Tell the wife the potential buyer changed his mind.
  11. Depends on what you want to do with it. For main match a Henry Golden Boy hard to beat, and relatively inexpensive $400 or so. I have a vintage Winchester 62a pump. I like it more than the Henry. for an accuracy side match the Marlin 39A.
  12. I made the mistake a few years back mentioning I didn’t have a 22. My Pards gave me a ration of grief. I now have 9!
  13. They are a very good starter LR gun. The only drawback is you can’t mount a vernier sight on them. But the Smith Ladder sight works well for ringing steel out to 300 or so.
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