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  1. I alway find it awkward to hold my pistols so another can check them, or look at others pistols to check them. Angle has to be just so. very few clubs I shoot at require LTO. one that used be very strict about it no longer mentions it. while loading I try to follow a very set routine, using a loading block. I also eye the others at the table, checking hammers and fit shotgun shells etc. if we have a brand new shooter we generally assign someone to shepherd them thru the loading process, then hand them off to TO, then after shooting escort them to ULT.
  2. Hoss

    Clean brass

    I don’t clean my brass after every loading. But after several it gets pretty dirty. I don’t think my guns care all that much, but arguably it may feed a bit better in the rifle and reloading dies if clean. Also makes it easier for the brass pockets to see. i tried some of the Purple metal polish from Uniqetek. Added to my crushed walnut media, it made the brass look brand new. Shining like a diamond in a goats behind! if you like your brass shiny give it a try.
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