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  1. P for not following stage instructions. had he just overloaded his rifle he could have just jacked out the extra round with no penalty. if he overloaded his rifle, shooter cannot use the overloaded round to make up a previously jacked out round. That would be a P and a M.
  2. Per the rules of our game, it’s a miss.
  3. Hoss

    Night shoot

    Come on down to Texas Cat, your match and dinner is on me! (not forgetting the favor and gear you sent me when I got started in this game!)
  4. Punch Over a block of some sort with a hole works fine. Be double sure to NEVER try to deprime a live primer this way! I had a hull with a live primer get mixed in. Set my punch, whacked it with a hammer and POP goes the primer. Drove a piece of shrapnel into my thumb (that was holding the punch) also singed my fingers a bit! My wife was convinced one of the USS Texas 14” guns had gone off in the house. She was pretty upset. Then she saw my drawers and was really upset
  5. Just gotta think it thru. 1 miss because rifle round did not hit rifle target. That it hit shotgun target is immaterial. shot 4 shotgun. 4 shotgun down. We don’t KNOW where shooter intended to shoot when he missed shotgun target 3. Coulda been shooting at 1! Follow the flow chart!
  6. Hoss

    Night shoot

    Just full cases of Goex. 44-40. and surprisingly, no did not singe anything.
  7. Hoss

    Night shoot

    We had some lanterns, and a big portable light tower. Worked well. A few if the targets were in shadows and a little hard to see.
  8. Hoss

    Night shoot

    We had a night shoot at the Texas Riviera Pistoleros range last night. It was a blast! Several of us shot BP for the fire! If your club has ever considered a night shoot , GO FOR IT! Yours truly shooting 44-40s and a 10 guage
  9. What I can’t figure out is how a crusty old coot like Yusta B would up with such a sweet beautiful granddaughter. Impossible to calculate those odds!
  10. I’ve shot out to 50 yds just messing around. some of the clubs I shoot at offer “sharpshooter” rifle targets at 60-90 yds, then shoot pistols at main match rifle targets. It’s a fun category. Several years back a friend was on a towboat, saw a deer on an island probably 300 yds. His Deckhand said I wish I had a gun. I’d shoot him. My friend pulls a 4” 357 magnum out of his dirty bag, hands it to him. The guy opens the wheelhouse door, points, shoots, deer drops graveyard dead! They called the deckhand deadeye dick from then on!
  11. Man, now I’m tempted to get a 92 from Deuce!
  12. I have one in 38-55 Carbine lenght. great litle gun. I use it for Cody Dixon where offered in SASS matches. Biggest problem I have is after using my main match 73 that is short stroked and slicked up, when I go to the 94 i have to be careful to throw the lever the whole distance. The 94 is pretty smooth, and getting better with every round I put thru her, but the action is much differnt that the 73/66 toggle link and cant be short stroked. Loks like the guts fall out every time you lever it!
  13. I don’t know Coconino, but, I do have this exact same rifle, down to the patch box. Mine has a MVA rear sight but other than that identical. I’ve shot it out to 600 yds. 535 grn Bullet, 25 grns 5744. They shoot very well. You won’t be disappointed. this is a 200 yd target I shot my 2nd outing. That’s were I settled on my load.
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