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  1. While I don’t know any particulars about these grips, I love the horn grips on my vaqueros. When your hands get wet from sweat of rain they get “ tacky”. And I think they dress up the guns nicely!
  2. Bakails are much more durable than Stoegers. The 1/2 extractor is better than the hourglass shape. Some action work is advised. (But that’s on any shotgun used for sass) I shot a Stoeger first 3 years. Then Baikal. Switched to SKB. Tried a BSS too, and liked it a lot but I wanted both shotguns the same. Sold the bss. Got a backup SKB. One has mechanical triggers, other has inertial. I’m getting it converted by Fast Eddie next month at Land Run.
  3. This being the case, I think you made the correct call. these “oddball” happenings are tough. I think given the TO us there, knows all the particulars, he makes the best call he can, with the reminder that benefit of doubt goes to shooter. As it looks like from what I’m reading, another person touched/moved the gun before shooter did. That being the case, no call was correct call.
  4. We are planning a mens fellowship at our church, shooting skeet. I’m going to load up a bunch of brass 10 G shells and bring my external hammered 10G , 28” barrels. Weighs about 30 lbs I bet I get a lot of guys wanting to try it!
  5. A MEC Sizemaster is excellent. Progressives are nice for cranking them out, but fiddly & expensive. (I use an RCBS Grand. Have a love-hate relationship!) 7.5 is fine. Probably most popular. Shootin Fox here on sasswire can fix you up with shot. I use Red dot. I think it’s 13.7 grns with 7/8 oz shot. STS hulls are my preferred hull Claybuster wads work well and cheaper than most others available in Amazon pretty much any 209 primer is good. wherever you can find them!!! it cost me around 5.00/box to reload.
  6. Show me a nice gun and I’ll drool!!!!
  7. I think you get at least a P for bringing quantum physics to this page. I’m more of a Pavlov’s dog guy myself…
  8. I put my D750 in service 11/23/20. I’ve loaded 12K 38sp rounds on it. I’ve done minor cleanings and whatnot, but figured it was time to give it a good thorough cleaning. I had been planning on doing a cleaning at 10K rounds, just kept putting it off. I’m getting ready to load my Land Run Ammo, so figured I’d do the cleaning first. I normally use Bullseye powder, but figured I’d load up enough ammo for the Texas State BP championship before I cleaned it. Glad I did, APP is messy! I was amazed at how much crud had built up in hidden places. Dies, nooks, cranny’s, powder measure, you name it it had crud in it. I even had an unfired primer on top of where the cases drop thru the hole onto the press. No idea how that got there! There was a 30 carbine case in the case feeder hopper. I’ve never even seen a 30 Carbine case before. I guess now that I have brass (1 piece) I’m obligated to get a gun to shoot it thru!!! I installed the uniquetek bearing kit. Feels a bit smoother. I don’t think I’ll let it go 10K plus before a thorough cleaning again. Maybe every 5K if we can send a man to the moon, why can’t somebody invent a grease gun that does not leak?
  9. We are very lucky to have 2 clubs that can handle this match. We will be well served by whichever club is awarded the match. SASS has asked the Texas TGs to poll their members and let them know no later than October 1.
  10. Recently a Pard was looking for a pen. My good friend Totes Magoats said “Two things you can count on with ole Hoss. He will always have a pen and a big smile” I hope I never take this game so seriously that I forget it’s about having fun, spending time with my friends and making new friends.
  11. Willi, I have one. With custom mesquite grips. If not for that I’d be all over these like a duck on a Junebug!
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