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  1. Do like that song. Nice thing about Tennessee is you don't need to add poison to your homemade chainsaw fuel to be legal. Or your leaf blower fuel, or your generator fuel. You don't even have to add (denature) poison to your homemade paint thinner. Not supposed to drink it, of course, as that would be against the law. Under Missouri state law, you can actually make 100 gallons of distilled spirits each year for personal consumption. Still a Federal crime, but local PDs there have no authority over personal consumption.
  2. Universal Life Church would fit the description. From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_the_Universal_Life_Church Good to go in Missouri. But each "green" state might have some registration requirement... Guessing either state or county level.
  3. Damn, @SHOOTIN FOX, now you beat me to the draw. I got nothin else to follow that with.
  4. I do need one... Just plugged the location into maps, 25 hour round trip for me... I'll look closer over the weekend. I also know less about those presses than the ones I was thinking of buying, so will need to figure out if they meet my needs. But until I post the magic words, it is still available. When (month/year) were the tires replaced? Does this trailer need a 7 pin trailer brakes or 4 pin lights only tow vehicle connection? And what is the coupler height to figure the correct hitch ball drop?
  5. That staining looks deep, and there appear to be cracks in the wood. That suggests it was soaked for a long time and swelled; the cracking would then have occurred when it finally dried out. It is possible to epoxy in some new bits of wood to "repair" it. Properly applied, glue is stronger than the wood it is holding. But the repairs will always be visible. I suspect the blue staining will not come out either as it looks fungal. Some people pay a lot of money for natural blue fungal stained wood, but that would be for lumber which got infested when dead but still standing. Not from soaking in water. I am wondering if the wood is punky soft though. At this point, it depends on your goals. I don't think I could save that stock and have it look "new" or nicely patinated. I could make it functional with patches and some of the staining would likely remain. With those considerations, saving it would likely cost little more than refinishing except for the extra hours to put into it. Or trade time for money, a replacement stock would look better. Your gun, your choice. Thought a few more minutes before hitting post... I would probably make it a project to fill spare time and not sweat the appearance, it is what it is and has the damage is part of the history. If I was in your position of not being in much money, I'm thinking of it as a range toy. With a story.
  6. Releasing the trigger just enough for the reset before the next shot does improve speed once you are fast enough to take advantage of it. For me, this barely started to matter at below one second per target But then when you (well, when I ) switch to a different firearm with a longer reset, I instantly go much slower because I then do not let off enough to get the reset. So then not only no bang, not even a click...
  7. Since someone beat me to Spotted Dick, I'll raise you a Screaming Orgasm https://www.diffordsguide.com/cocktails/recipe/2747/screaming-orgasm
  8. You can cut aluminum economically with a carbide blade (will shorten its life, but still affordable). Steel? Bandsaw or dedicated steel cutoff saw. Or a grinder. Don't ruin a table saw with the grit/dust. And shattered blades send pieces everywhere! No matter what tool they are in. Eye protection, good eye protection, is mandatory. It isn't about the grit that happens when cutting/grinding, it is for when the tool goes horrible wrong. Like for motorcycles, don't dress for the ride, dress for the slide!
  9. I like SSID names like FBIsurveilanceVan09dJ8vKcs0e9r8, but GetOffMyLawn would be good for neighbors too.
  10. I'm a little confused/shocked... I do see this news (back in production) in several places on the net, but the only references I found to a plant explosion are from 2016. I recently got some pounds of APP (thanks, @Scarlett) and now I'm wondering if it is 4 years old? Still sealed so not expecting problems with it. Just wondering about the complete timeline. Hard to believe there was a 4-year supply in the supply chain.
  11. That took a bit of searching... now I know what these are.
  12. How many moms does it take to change a lightbulb? "It's OK, son, I can just sit here in the dark."
  13. Can't argue with that. My Miroku is not legal in that sport because the stroke from the factory is too short. A stock Uberti makes total sense in this case.
  14. The fries are really good. Not 12 hours good, but i still remember picking some up in So Cal when driving through with a 27' Penske rental truck. And no, I did not go through the drive through! I parked across the street.
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