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  1. I only have one set, my first set. And I see no reason to buy another set for any reason. And I have shot them at a match too so it isn't like I have zero experience. They work fine! I doubt I will ever change my mind unless someone offers me a chance to shoot theirs and I like them more. That is the only way I could see ending up with two pair. Unless I decide on another caliber, that could do it too. But no other way it could happen, unless maybe I want to also shoot a different style and need Bisley hammers.. I suppose that would be a third set, maybe a fourth in another caliber. Or another. But there is no other possible reason I would ever want another pair. Oh wait, those look shiny... Are those nickel plated or polished stainless? On edit: To actually contribute to the discussion, mine are Uberti Cattleman 1873's in .44 Special. I chose them as I decided I want to run .44 Russian with BP sub. And they are slicked by Taylor; I bought them used. They really are fine for me and as a new shooter in this sport, they are faster guns than I am a shooter. In time, I might be asking the same question, particularly as to a preferred gunsmith but I won't have that question until I am faster than these guns.
  2. I once took two pickup loads to the flea market. My (now) ex and I spent the first half hour each standing in a bed of a truck selling right out of the trucks. Then we set up our stalls. A few hours later, we each got to take a break to look around the flea market. We saw a lot of our stuff for sale at other stalls at higher prices than we sold them for. No problem, we did get what we wanted. We did not have to take any of that stuff home at the end of the day. Some of the vendors who bought our stuff might have made a profit, or they might have hauled extra stuff home to try again on another weekend. As to ethics, I had no problem with that weekend at the flea market. As to ethics, I would have a problem with a sob story of limited funds and baby needs diapers and then find the stroller I sold is now for sale a few stalls over. Well, I'm sure the baby does need diapers and my stroller might make it possible to make a few bucks for diapers... But if the buyer was representing to me the only way he could afford the stroller and still buy diapers was to offer me less... The buyer was demonstrating he really not only needed diapers but also this stroller for his baby... And now the stroller is for sale a few booths away... That would be unethical in my book. So circling back to some other posts here. If a merchant who does not hide being a merchant (does not have to disclose it, just not hide it) buys something I posted for the price I posted it for... Well dang, maybe I should have priced higher. But it is done. It is not unethical. But if that merchant gives me a story which later turns out to be totally fake... The rules here prevent me from calling it out but I will never do business with that individual again. I think such cases must be rare, my history here is that I would gladly deal with every member I have already dealt with; I hope they would all deal with me again too.
  3. So the 10 day "cooling off" period is to prevent a crime of passion, but did not start when you ordered the gun? I hope the millions of new gun owners (many of which voted for and supported these measures) are having a serious rethink! I'm sure they did not think any of this would ever apply to them, since they are all law-abiding citizens and these rules were supposed to only apply to... well... not them.
  4. Saw this thread two months ago, someone woke it up. I carry a Sheffield knife. Sounds fancy, but except for the name and the blue color, it is identical to a Husky I got at Home Depot. Was carrying the one from HD, but lost it. Since then I have found it, but no reason to switch back; I like the way the Sheffield logo and the blue anodizing are wearing. I use this knife almost every day, and it is surprisingly easy to sharpen
  5. My daily load out: Right front pants pocket: Keys Left front pants pocket: Box knife, lighter, any daily accumulated change, any little scrap to toss in the next available trash can Right rear pants pocket: Wallet Left rear pants pocket: Cell phone, smokes If I'm wearing a cover garment, then left rear pants pocket contents move to cover garment pockets, phone on right, smokes on left. Hip, 3 o'clock: Daily carry OWB Hip, 9 o'clock: Extra magazine
  6. I teach carry classes in Tennessee, so I have a bit of background... Recognizing .22lr is the most popular caliber in the US, more people die every year from .22lr wounds every year than all other calibers combined. Shot placement is more important than power. The next factor is how much fight is in a threat. If a threat has the fight in them, then even shredding the heart with a .357 magnum will leave you fighting for your life for another 23 seconds until the brain runs out of oxygen; conversely, someone who does not have the fight in them will go down if even barely winged with a .22lr. Two examples... Someone who went crazy in a small California community took seven fatal wounds from LE and still did not stop his rampage with a bulldozer for 20 minutes. In another case, an LE took a .357 in the chest from a 'banger, she stayed in the fight, took out the banger, then went through many hours of surgery, and woke up in the hospital facing a very long fight to live, and ultimately survived. Shot placement matters a lot. Unless a round hits the "off switch", having the fight in one's soul matters more. Both matter more than caliber and velocity.
  7. This is a kit for hand loading shotgun shells. I want to hand load some brass Magtech shells. I fell asleep at the switch (had another appointment and forgot) with an eBay auction today. Here is pic of what I am looking for and the price it went for plus shipping: To win, I would have had to pay at least one dollar more. Got one? Post here or PM me with price and condition.
  8. Only allowed one HaHa but your post was worth two!
  9. Having just read the rules, that would be a big no-no here. Notifying the forum moderators would, OTOH, be a big yes-yes here. Might not rise to the level of actionable under the guidelines as written, but management should be aware of issues like this.
  10. File the claim. I had some shot "disappear" in the pipeline, officially "in transit" but never arrives anywhere. I filed a claim, the vendor also filed a claim. Claim approved (vendor paid for the loss). Replacement shot shipped. Replacement shot delivered. More days go by and original order of shot delivered too.
  11. Went and read the rules, having multiple accounts here is not prohibited. However, this forum is not to be used for financial gain (paraphrased, and with a nod to those individuals who pay for the privilege). IMO, a vendor having a separate "personal" account for the purpose of purchasing and reselling classified forum items would violate that rule because the second account is not covered under the sponsorship for the merchant account. That does not address the "sob story" incident brought up earlier in this thread, but would cover a merchant using a "mask" to buy and then sell under the merchant account. Anyway, I'm surprised there is no rule prohibiting an individual from having multiple accounts on this forum.
  12. I think that might be against the forum rules. If it isn't it should be. I'll be right back...
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