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  1. I like the alias, would rather not mix with my real name in this sport.
  2. The dust is a bigger issue than skin absorption. Gloves are good, just don't lick the dust off of them. Cold water helps shed lead and other compounds from firearms off the skin, hot water helps them get into the body. So, soap and cold water first for the gun chems, then more soap and hot water for germs.
  3. I'm not that fast, and a little more than this gets me into an SKB. And I will be looking at a slicked Stoeger tomorrow. But I agree this one is nice, just simply do not have the gold for it. Don't have enough for an SKB either.
  4. I can find more issue with RZR. Learn to spell! Otherwise, no issue with Black. I just can't see the name as appropriating a culture or causing confusion or being racist. I am shopping for a new vehicle, and will consider any color but black. That isn't racist, that is the reality of a dusty mountain road I call home and a hot sun beating down. Don't let others make a word into something that it isn't, and don't use a word when doing so is not right. Your use is not wrong.
  5. Sign up for alerts on the product page. Next time you get an email from Brownells, try again. On edit: For reference, my email from Brownells arrived at 3:33 PM Eastern Coast time. The time of this post is 8:09 PM.
  6. Get 'em while you can, Brownells has Federal large pistol primers in stock. 3.6 cents each plus shipping costs: https://www.brownells.com/reloading/primers/pistol-primers/large-pistol-primers-1-000-box-sku749004462-35322-68089.aspx
  7. It certainly isn't a humdinger (anyone here work on old tube radios in the mid '70s?).
  8. My lady and I just got identical His and Her's Barettas. Some time back, we went out to look at getting His and Her's 1911s, but picked different examples. But we also teach carry classes, and have a noticeable increase in first-time owners wanting to carry. This is a conservative area of the country, but some of these folks are in what would be classically considered liberal/progressive occupations. We are welcoming them, teaching them safety, and showing them we are not rabid killers. I live in a seriously pro-2A part of the country, but hear this is going on everywhere. There are news reports and FaceBook posts of new buyers who are pissed off the background checks they voted for apply to them too. Those restrictions were only supposed to apply to criminals (which don't go through them) and gun nuts (which did not include them). I am optimistic that there will be enough of them over the next year to get real common sense back into the discussion... Now that more have seen the light. Let's not piss them off with any remaining differences. Yes, they are still leftists and liberals and progressives. But they will stop promoting disarmament if it affects them.
  9. The bit of stainless or aluminum on the back looks like tubing. The wiring looks Mickey Moused, with some old plug (older than the screw and the rubber vibration isolator), and what looks like a fuse holder covered with tape likely that went to a switch (maybe a level sensor). So either a pump or solenoid to control flow of some liquid. Small volume high pressure, or an air pump maybe to aerate water. But the electrical plug indicates a stationary device rather than something on a tractor or truck. And when it comes down to it, @Pat Riot, SASS #13748 is correct as to the question of what it is now. I'm trying to answer the question "What was it?"
  10. I think he bought the 3rd case I didn't buy from a seller on GunBroker. If so, they are gone.
  11. No Prior Games: Steel Challenge, then Bug/IDPA, then 3 Gun I liked the idea of SASS because it does not have the same reality of spending money to buy speed at each division. Why SASS: Don't get me wrong, it takes a lot of money to get into this sport, but there is not a 10:1 ratio between entry level and "advanced" divisions. Once one gets past the cost of everything needed to get started, further costs are incremental rather than exponential. Of the sports I participate in, SASS has the most level playing field. No semi-autos, no extended magazines, no red dots, no race guns. Well, besides that all guns in SASS benefit from slicking. This is said in comparison to the other sports; While SASS guns do not have to be slicked to participate, SASS does not have the same sense of stock versus modified guns and there are no "stock" and "race" divisions. With all my wordiness, that brings me to the core of why I am getting into SASS. The equipment cost starts at the nose-bleed level, but after that it is primarily a game of skill. Something about that difference seems to draw a different group of people, still competitive but not as wound up in themselves. The time at a match spent not shooting is more fun because of the people I have met. The other games cost far less to get in to. Steel Challenge requires a pistol. It can be .22lr. Need 5 magazines. If centerfire, add the cost of a holster. 9mm is cheap. Getting in was well under $1,000 total but I only had to buy 2 magazines and some plinking ammo. Maybe $100 to start including entry fee since I had everything else. But easy to spend $5,000 on a single race gun. My personal decision for this sport is to shoot what I carry. No race gear at all. IDPA? Good to go after starting steel challenge. Bug? If the barrel is 4" or less, also good to go. The Sig SP2022 is good for all three listed sports. Same philosophy for me in these two sports, I shoot my carry. 3 Gun. Add an AR (<600) and a pump shotgun (<200) on top of the above, plus some mags and other gear. Now a 4th sport is open to play, but here also costs can climb and climb. But getting in is not that expensive. I'm shooting this with my carry and home guns so I did not have to spend much, but will climb the cost ladder here over time. SASS: This for me is a from-scratch sport. In theory, blue jeans are fine but I ended up buying boot-cut jeans so had no savings on the outfit at all. Had none of the guns. Or other gear. Or ammo. And I can't afford this sport without reloading. I could have looked for "starter guns" but know I would end up changing those out so churning them would take time and I would not be happy with them. I figured I (anyone) could get in to this sport for $2,500 but my estimate was $5,000 inclusive of everything. And I know I'm going over that since I decided to also try running a '97 pump (and bought two). It would also be possible to spend $10,000 but I'm just not that good of a shooter for a huge budget to buy me faster times. SASS is my most expensive shooting game. Absolutely. Delayed over three years. The folks at the local clubs are very willing to lend gear, and I have borrowed to try things out. But personally I can not take advantage for shoot after shoot after shoot and run down their ammo stock. I limited my borrowing to the amount needed to verify I did want to participate, and trying the guns I thought I might want and could afford. Edit: I also consider the borrowing I did a debt I owe the sport, which I will pay forward at some point.
  12. I was talking with someone about a month ago who did this and it worked for him. He agreed progressive's were bad for shooting, he also experienced head bobbing with them to find focus.
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