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  1. No idea how you did that, but I do know that if it is the first nice day of spring and fire up a '70 Chevy truck and it needs the carbon blown out and if floored when getting on a highway onramp and the engine catches and the manual transmission is then slap shifted at redline under full throttle, the rear end/axle assembly can shear the pin and move forward putting the 32" All Terrain driver's side tire within less than an inch of the bed side wheel opening. Rebuilding the spring packs was going to take at least two weeks. Could not buy just a pin, so I chucked a grade 8 bolt in a lathe and rounded the hex head to match the remains of my pin. Bolted everything back together. Then there was the time I almost bought a rusted out '65 Buick for $300, I started adding up the cost of all the Vice Grip pliers holding various parts together and it was close to break-even in value.
  2. So the marketing director for the hospital had 37 firearms in his office closet, and according to the article he had "14 rounds of high capacity magazines." I have no idea what that quote means. And as far as that many firearms in a hospital office... He has been charged with one count of possessing an assault (sporting) weapon (rifle), and two counts of possession of high (standard) capacity magazines. He was arrested at the airport in cooperation with Homeland Security (TSA?). This implies he was running, sounds nefarious. Unless this was a planned vacation or the guy even commuted to and from New Jersey. It really is a crappy article. The reporter should take a college-level journalism course. And not found because of some credible threat related to this person, but because of a phoned in bomb threat. Dogs did not find a bomb, did find his office closet. Oh, and the closet was not secured. I'm sure the hospital marketing director's office was secured, even if the closet in it was not. I see here a case of an idiot marketing director (is that redundant?) getting caught for being stupid. I don't see any lives saved in this event, though I am thankful there was no bomb at the facility.
  3. Whatever you decide, sounds like you have friends who should get first crack.
  4. Sure, blame someone else for your problem. But I do applaud you for taking the first step, admitting you have a problem. And this leather pusher... Know that you are not alone. How many others has he seduced with his craftsmanship? And I'll bet he also has fair pricing too. Perhaps you should have a discussion with your family before you get more guns for him to embellish; Just in case they suggest a particular firearm different from what you envision.
  5. Tennessee state law requires carding for all alcohol sales. Retail and restaurant. Learning this truth ruined my fantasy that the young lady cashier liked me.
  6. @Happy Appy Are you OK? Please see your PM regarding the shotgun.
  7. Oh, my second and third posts just got merged. But not this one I give up
  8. But keep in mind there has been a message on the main forum page for a long time about some search index still indexing. SASS does not have a real IT department. Merging is probably just a "simple" switch, but I do not ask staff to throw it. Rather not have a complete accidental outage. Wow, my posts did not merge
  9. It really is. If I see two things worth commenting on in a thread, I DO NOT want the forum software to merge them.
  10. I need a set of those right now! I forgot my battery charger in in storage.
  11. From the Lone Wolf Shooters club facebook page, they lost their range in 2015. Also from facebook, there was certainly a Driftin Outlaw on a squad that year, scores were posted.. He didn't come in last.
  12. Close, but truly blank. And since I had to do it twice, I ended up with the "edited" blurb.
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