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  1. I understand your frustration. Today, wall hangers* go for ridiculous prices. I got lucky with a set of revolvers that would work for me, but there was a significant delay between when I bought them and when I originally though of getting them. Thanks to the delay, they ended up being in the caliber I actually wanted rather than what I originally thought I wanted. Rifle? Dang, that was a bit of a long road. And it involved findings from researching my chosen alias. John Kloehr is a significant historical figure. I even got input on a thread here analyzing a picture of t
  2. "6. Make vaccines mandatory for entrance into Cracker Barrel - Hit 'em where it hurts." Umm, shouldn't that be Waffle House?
  3. I'm late to this party and will be gearing up for BP (sub) at some point, but have enough smokeless to keep me competing for now. If I wasn't in that position, I would ask to be next in line if the deal falls through. ... but let me know if the deal falls through, I would have fun making smoke with my rifle even if not yet in a full BP class.
  4. My former CPA just died in the last month, he did not get the shot. Either one. I think I had the disease before it had a name, and if so, then you don't want it. It was a pain, I got it from my lady, and it was a pain for her too. There is no evidence the shot(s) will prevent you from getting the disease, only evidence it will prevent you from needing an ICU bed. I got close to that. There is no evidence you can't still catch it and no evidence you can't still spread it. All we have is that it seems to keep you out of the hospital. Have not had the shots ye
  5. How I would want to handle that: I gave you my name. That is in your files. (1) You have my phone number on record, and I'm calling from it. Not on your display? I'll tell you that. (2) I asked for my doctor. That is in your files too. (3) My insurance card is also in your files. I'll give you the last four digits. (4) Now put me through, I don't want you to relay my private medical info to you, you are not my doctor.
  6. I have taught a number of ex-LE so they could get their Tennessee Enhanced Permit. Yes, that really is as silly as it sounds. Why would a retired LEO get the state permit? You answered that question above, it is just what they told me. While they would not get New Jersey (or about a dozen other states), it gave them a lot of states and they are states they want to go to. And it is good for eight years. And just some bucks to renew, no more training or qualifications or travel to get it. With one exception, they also simply ran the required 50 rounds rather t
  7. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. 7 miles in either direction to a town. But all stations in either town are usually the same price. 2.79.9 yesterday when I filled up. 2.99.9 today per a buddy who was under 1/4 tank and had no clue there was a new damn panic until I told him. He now has a tank of gas, should get him through.
  8. The price got me too! It is pretty, and my "basic" badge broke when I tried to put it in my badge holder so I clicked the link. But too rich for my blood at this time. I'll have to figure out some way to repair my badge.
  9. I'll try. A n d I c a n t y p e s l o w e r t o o i f t h a t w i l l h e l p .
  10. Just out of curiosity, since I have seen them mentioned before, did a quick search. First, this has apparently happened before. See this thread: I found 2 numbers for them: From Web Site: 308-235-5306 From Facebook: 308-235-7398 Good luck with these numbers, the FaceBook site has not had updates in a long time.
  11. Yes, the poster tube is there but hopefully headed back this way. She does have the look of someone who gets around
  12. I agree on the potency of blanks, especially at short distances. People have died getting shot with blanks. My lady is a very experienced shooter, and we both teach firearms safety. Please note this would be a swap of one live live ammo for another live ammo. Still live ammo, just would not connect with the Tannerite 100 yards in the distance. But alas, if it can't cycle the action, the idea ends here. She would detect the lower recoil on the first shot and immediately stop to field-strip her firearm and probe for a squib. One of the options list
  13. Scarlett delivered to me as promised. I'm not reloading yet, but started laying in supplies for it when things got nuts. There are a number of good suppliers out there, but you certainly did not make a bad choice IMO.
  14. Suggested by a post on the meme thread, I am looking for .223/5.56 blanks that will cycle in an AR platform. If actually available at retail online now, that would be a bonus, but any known cycling blanks will do on a punt on the hope I can get them by next April 1st. The big issue on a quick look is that blanks will not cycle the action; malfunctions is not a good way to have this play out. My plan is to take my lady for a shoot with some Tannerite but have her not able to "hit" any of it. Just to be safe and cover my options, bonus points for
  15. I need a box of those by 4/1/2022. And set up a shoot with my lady. And figure out how to swap one of her magazines before then, and load it up. And then swap it for her mag... That will be a fun day! Oh, meme thread. Well fine, here you go:
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