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  1. I do have it in my mind to find out the laws here at some point. Not really an official blind but it might be worth patching a bullet hole in the porch screen.
  2. Top picture is almost identical to my neighbor across the street, and my neighbor behind me on the other side of the creek. This is in my yard:
  3. Newsome has indicated his appointment will be a :"caretaker" appointment, so not one of the 3 apparent contenders for the office. He does not want to be seen taking sides in the next election... OK. But mainly writing to report my impression of a news report on NPR today. Yes, I do monitor what it presents. Of particular note was a story about how Feinstein stood up for herself and her beliefs. She was challenged about her firearms knowledge on the Senate floor. Besides her rhetoric as the the assassinations which catapulted her into office as the SF mayor, she stated she had firearms training and strongly implied he had a firearm. This was due to her home being shot at! Well, I do find such a shooting deplorable (and the perpetrators worthy of prosecution) but I also find deplorable that she felt apparently some (special?) need (right?) for her self defense but clearly did not champion the same right for the general population. May she rest in peace, and may her view of the rights of the rest of us do the same. And may Newsome actually listen to that same NPR report and note the same thing I did. Certain policy choices are not open for discussion. Feinstein was not special, Newsome is not special, his appointee is not special, the next elected senator is not special. None of their needs is special. They are our needs too. May they all pass of natural causes at a ripe age just like DF, but may they also pass humbly as a representatives of all the people.
  4. Having heard a security presentation by someone who did this under controlled circumstances witnessed by a Fed, his equipment was confiscated on the spot. No charges (as he disabled his own drone), but he did not get his gear back.
  5. I'm having trouble with Chart 8. Several other questions about the report, but #8 is glaring. Look close. It is a chart showing age-adjusted death rate. It is "age adjusted" to the US population in the year 2000... I think the chart is showing what the New Mexico death rate from firearms would have been if the New Mexico age distribution today was the same as the age distribution for the entire US 23 years ago. So it is not the New Mexico actual numbers today... And the only reason to make such an adjustment is to make the numbers have a certain look. The report should at least (most) report the actual New Mexico numbers like each column is actually labelled. And like the governor asked for in the EO. I do not accept the report as presented, it requires peer review not just of the conclusions, but also the data the report is based on and review of how the data was massaged..
  6. Indeed, I just read them. The pic may have a 5.56 barrel. Does not matter what a lower is marked as, furniture on the upper consistent with the lower. Well, after some minutes in my search, that was the closest I came up with. Absent photo evidence, I’ll still stick with the recommendations. Good practice for when I build my .300 BO rifle… definitely do not want to mix those with my other guns.
  7. Easy to find damage from .300 BO in a 5.56, finding pics for 5.56 in .223 chamber is harder. Did find this one after several minutes, the .300 BO error is more dramatic.: https://tacticalgunreview.com/223-vs-5-56-explained-in-plain-english/
  8. This thread is a goldmine of information!
  9. Good catch, added it to my original post above. Thank you for picking up on my oversight!
  10. Sale at PSA, rifle kit for $289.99. Will need to add sights and magazines: https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-m4-carbine-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-freedom-rifle-kit-5076171.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily_deals&utm_campaign=20230925&utm_term=morning&utm_content= Also need a blem stripped lower (credit to @sassnetguy50 for noticing), $29.99 plus your FFL: https://palmettostatearmory.com/blem-psa-ar-15-lower-safe-fire.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily_deals&utm_campaign=20230925&utm_term=morning&utm_content= On edit: This is a daily deal, so just today
  11. I had an allergic reaction to a generic, so insurance now covers the name brand.
  12. If you do not mind a few marks, a set of vice grips can work. My tool purchases are not AR specific, they are firearms-general and firearms-dedicated tools, not mixed in with my home repair or automotive tools. For instance several sets of punches for roll pins (brass, steel), machinist-grade screwdriver tips, a good scale, a trigger pull gauge, good calipers and a calibration block, some sockets and wrenches, more. Also a torque wrench. All of this will take several builds and other personal repairs to "burn off." Also have a Magpul armorer's wrench. This is highly recommended for an AR build. If building an upper, then also a headspace gauge. Everything else is probably already in a typical toolbox.
  13. @Abilene Slim SASS 81783 If you are interested, I can post some AK perceptions in a few days. I shot AK Masters with a Norinco "Chicom" Mak90 and did not like a number of items, so I bought the PSA GF5 as prep for Winter Motherland. AKs have a certain following. There are also "928" considerations, so starting with a US manufactured gun makes it easier to stay out of ATF crosshairs. Depending on your imported AK, simply swapping the US magazine to an imported magazine may be a felony depending on how many imported parts are already on your gun. Well, certain parts, not all parts, They have a list. But if you swap an listed imported part for a US part, then you can swap a US mag for an imported mag. Maybe I should name my new gun Kamela. And only run Chinese, Polish, Russian, Yugoslavian, Romanian, Czeckoslovakian, and other imported magazines. (some are better than others).
  14. I think it has to do with professionalism. From what I know of both, this makes sense. That, and janitors are proud of how they are perceived and appreciated by the public. I'm sure this the press twisting things again, I'm sure the janitors are actually asking why senators don't give a damn how the are perceived by the public nor if they are appreciated.
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