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  1. I'm in too! This year, next year, and the one after that! But I can only participate for two days in 2024; I already have a prior commitment on the 29th that year.
  2. Having actually looked at the rules, we don't as far as I could find. But we do need SASS membership to have "entry to SASS sanctioned shooting events." And to post items for sale in the classifieds. But we don't actually need badges as far as what I could find in the rules... Which is odd, since my Mernickle Starter Rig came with a badge holder, so I would think it is required... But I could not find it in the rules. So do we need the stinkin' badge? I broke the clasp on mine trying to get it into the badge holder. So I need membership, but do I
  3. I used to put milk in cornbread but my lady does not do dairy. So water it is. She also does not do sugar in cornbread which I used to do. So I experimented over time. Leaving out the sugar requires a bit more liquid, wether using milk or water. I can't tell the difference between milk or water. I can tell the difference between sugar and no sugar (no sugar is better). And as a basic principle, I learned sugar actually counts as a liquid when baking because it is a liquid at baking temperatures. Is if you leave out a quart
  4. If psychics could really see the future, why does the door have a sign to ring bell or knock? Why doesn't it just say something like "Come on in, I'm expecting you"?
  5. If psychics could really see the future, why don't they just buy all the winning lottery tickets?
  6. Try this one: Mildew, rot, and a warping floor. And your clothes start sprouting penicillin. And the planking collapses when your kid pokes at it with a lollipop stick. And that monster engine don't help a lot, it roars and sparks and you make one knot. This might be google-proof (really obscure). I clearly remember the album name, I think I remember the song name. Give me the next lyric for the win! Bonus if the song name matches my memory.
  7. I did, and I think my question might be a hint. But since I googled it I can't claim any prize for knowing it.
  8. Yup, anything related to BATFE is prohibited on PayPal. I think Venmo is the same. Certain banks will not provide credit card services to FFLs even though they can not stop card holders from buying those products. But PayPal is not a bank, it is a payment processor and restricts what customers can do. You will get your funds in 6 months (maybe, there are cases where PayPal keeps funds for policy violations).
  9. Nothing to contribute to this discussion, mainly posting to subscribe and leave a note to myself why. I have not started reloading yet. But for minor contributions... No, your press will not blow up from static. It is difficult to ignite powder with electricity and even harder when it is graphited. That is the "g" in FFFg. Electric charges run on the surface and are conducted well, so there is not enough heat to ignite it. An electric charge tends to push the particles apart rather than create a path for ignition. Static... That can still be a factor, ground
  10. For clarity. No bars (no network available), no communication. But if you compose and send a text to someone and a signal does come available later, your phone might send it... but on iPhones, you have to retry manually once the text fails. If you do have signal, even if your phone bill has not been paid (or you find an abandoned phone, or whatever), calls to 911 will go through if you have network signal. You need network signal. Same for land lines. Bill not paid, no service contracts, as long as you have a dial tone, a 911 call will go through
  11. A pot-belly stove from Ace Hardware, a (typical) chimney install kit, fireproof flooring and backing, plus a half cord of wood... Maybe $1,500. The fire will run hot, then cold, require refilling every few hours, be somewhat smoky but will keep you alive. Substitute a Droulet stove, beuatiful backing and floor, run even heat on a reload for 12 hours, enjoy the romantic fire, but up your ante to about $10,000. But if the goal is to survive a night or two or three with no regard to romance, I can beat all of that with a wimpy contractor-grade generator, a 150
  12. Nice! Wrong caliber for me and an inch too small for me (rare on this forum). But that is nice!
  13. Yet another case of why we need a boo/hiss button on this forum. Sometimes the "haha" emoji is not quite right.
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