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  1. Not knowing anything at this point except it was an AR platform... From 3-gun (AR-15 5.56) and AK (7.62) competition experience with iron sights (and I'm not a great shooter), for me 100 yards on an 8" circle supported is 2 out of 3, unsupported is 50/50 at best. Center or edge hit scores the same. Shooter managed an edge hit.
  2. Your choice of a whatsit or a whatnot.
  3. A long time ago, the USSR wanted to take down some dissidents. They were organized in cells, none knew who the people in the other cells were. They communicated using payphones. At a certain time on a certain day of the week, a member of one cell would dial another cell (payphone to payphone) to pass any information along. The Soviets mapped out the calling tree (same time and day every week). Then one day they just showed up at each payphone and arrested whoever it was that just placed the call to the next cell. The entire network of people went poof. So that is one application of having phone numbers and lists of dialing trees. Today, that information can be used for spam and scam calls. People are more likely to answer a call from someone they know (and likely to be in their address books). This is one possible use of the ATT hacked info even without using search tools to fill in names, addresses, and more.
  4. Shooter either dead or "neutralized." Probably the same thing, Apparently from a rooftop near the venue. Looking for a pic. Male in bleachers likely the dead attendee. Lady in bleachers who went down at the moment likely just showing exceptional situational awareness.
  5. Looks like someone behind him on the stage went down... Turn on your TVs.
  6. Sounds like he might have been grazed: https://news.sky.com/story/shots-fired-at-donald-trump-rally-as-former-president-rushed-off-stage-13177651 ... Trump appeared to fall to the ground as he was giving a speech. He was quickly surrounded by armed security and stayed down for around a minute. He then rose to his feet and put his fist in the air, before being escorted off stage and into a vehicle, and then driven away from the scene. Video appeared to show blood on his ear as he was taken away.
  7. Well, I'm flabbergasted that using 2-3 words out of a discombobulated list of malarky would be a challenge for anyone other than a nincompoop.
  8. Also illegal in 41 states (now maybe 40). While the Texas judge ruled on Federal law, not sure what this does to Texas prohibitions. Tennessee prohibits distillation for consumption. It is legal here to distill motor fuel for off-road use. I recall from a few years ago (when I was considering setting up a weed whacker to run on alcohol ), there is one state which allows limited quantities for personal use, family, and possibly as gifts. Just could not be sold. But like weed laws, any state not enforcing federal law does not change federal law. I note the order is stayed to allow time for a federal appeal.
  9. Another reason for caution is the "one ring" scam, now including texts and emails requesting a return call for something which might be legitimate. From: https://www.goerie.com/story/business/2019/05/19/don-t-hold-line-for/5116886007/ "The scammer's goal is to have you call back, thinking an important call was disrupted. If you call, you usually hear a message that says something like, "Hello. You have reached the operator, please hold." While you wait, your phone account is getting charged a hefty per-minute fee on top of the international call rate. That's because these calls appear to be U.S. numbers — with areas codes including 268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 849 and 876 — but most of them actually originate from the Caribbean."
  10. He may not have intentionally pulled the trigger, but he did pull it. After pointing it at someone. With the hammer cocked. Not treating the firearm as if it was loaded. This last item is why he is guilty of manslaughter,
  11. I have not made bacon, I have made corned beef. While not technically required, these often have potassium nitrate an/or sodium nitrate. These chemicals used to be on the shelf in the canning section with Kerr canning jars, now you will need to go to the pharmacy and order them. Quantity is limited to 4 ounces You will need to show ID. You might end up on some government list. ('cuz Oklahoma) But that is not my point, my point is that these are poisons and the correct amount(s) of each are critical to getting a good cure without putting you or your family in the ER and on a list for organ donation. My corned beef is to die for but not worth die-ing for (there is a difference), learn the chemistry and follow it. Food preservation was taught in grade school back in the 1800s, but not today. Or skip the chems, keep everything refrigerated, and don't look for the pink color (gray is fine). The chems were necessary before refrigeration.
  12. That is a bit deeper than normal. Did you verity it was the right tracking number? I do get texts (and emails) with bogus tracking numbers. If it was the actual tracking number, then either you (one of your devices), your provider, the shipper, or the vendor was hacked. If other than you (your devices), more reports will be put out soon. In any event, I always go to the source of truth looking up the correct phone, email, or web address before inquiring. On very rare occasion, I have had a legitimate fraud alert. And this sometimes means shutting down a card and waiting several days for replacement card. Have not yet had a hacked account with payment information, but probably just a matter of time. I have a lot of accounts. I am also signed up with USPS UPS, and FedEx for delivery alerts and tracking. Som when a service says to expect a delivery and some wierd text or email sys there is a problem, there is not a real problem. What gets difficult is when a shipper makes some mistake, and a product with a carrier should be headed towards me but keeps moving further away, getting the shipper to acknowledge an F up is difficult. Something shipped from Minnesota to Tennessee should not be out for delivery in Sacarmento.
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