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  1. Agree. Sometimes God smiles on someone. And the score should reflect that result.
  2. And having proposed that rule... And thought about it for a few seconds... 4 targets, one shooting position, no order specified. Number 1 is already down. Shooter engages #1, #2 falls. Shooter engages #2, #3 falls. Shooter engages #3, #4 falls. Shooter engages #4 (where it was, or that-a-way) 4 shots, 4 down. Assume my "new" rule was adopted by the ROC. Recall a prop failure can not result in shooter penalty. Clean? I just figured out writing rules is not easy. Not even one that should exactly solve a particular question.
  3. Lets see if I can ask this question in an easier way... 4 targets, but one is down. Stage instructions call out no order or different firing location for any of the targets. It can go one of 3 ways: A: Shooter throws a round that-a-way for the down target. Then successfully engages the other 3. 4 down, 4 shots fired. B: Shooter successfully engages the 3 up targets, then throws one more that-a-way for the down target. 4 down, 4 shots fired. C: Shooter engages the 3 up targets, but one of them (for whatever reason) is still up after 3 shots. Shooter engages that target and knocks it down. Still 4 shots fired, 4 targets down. Under C, is the shooter getting a free pass? That seems to be what I am reading as the concern. If so, would a rule along the lines of "In the event a SG KD target is down prior to shooter engagement, it shall be engaged by shooting where it was at the earliest opportunity allowed by the stage instructions."
  4. This was clearly stated in a quote from one the RO courses (quoted in the thread from 6 months ago. A shooter can not be penalized for a prop failure. So no P. No miss.
  5. To clarify my previous post, I am completely OK with a reshoot due to equipment failure, and I'm OK with "shoot where it was" which is sort of "that-a-way." I just can't see getting a shooter penalty (P or miss) as long as I "engage" the missing target.
  6. I thought this was settled, but I'm new here. Shoot where it was. Well where was it? At least somewhere "that-a-way" which at most means within the 170. But I did a search and found this: Which seamed pretty clear the first time PWB posted in it, but then the conversation went a bit sideways. And this is from even longer ago: I'll be honest. I'm in favor of "shoot where it was" combined with "benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter", 'cuz cowboy. Which means... Targets 1, 2, 3, 4 but order not specified. Hey, target 1 falls before I get to it because God smiled! So I'm shooting it 2, 1, reload, 3, 4. But I'll be honest; my shot at 1 is going to have some milliseconds shaved off of it. Because it is just going "that-a-way." So, is that the problem? Is this why this has been a question for years?
  7. Quite a list of requirements. Surprised to see elements for researching careers in cooking, especially in this age of fast food. BTW, the link in the quote works for me (I did not try the earlier link). Safari on MacBook Pro.
  8. So then everyone else felt that he listened to their advice?
  9. Lever... Just tried it, I pronounce both "e"s and the one "v". I also pronounce root as root and not as route; and neither of them sounds like rout. On edit; And since french was mentioned, none are pronounced roux.
  10. Supposedly spelled guero IIRC. But sounds like weto. No negative if actually referring to a white boy (or girl), but say that to a hispanic person? Get ready for a fight!
  11. When Webster put together his dictionary, he simplified the spelling of many words. It's that simple. One person decided to drop "u"s, swap "r"s and "e"s, and some other changes.
  12. I worked at a place with an anonymous survey. They set up a special workstation for it in a cubicle outside the VPs office. They explained they would escort employees one by one to the special workstation cubicle for the anonymous survey. I asked it the anonymous survey on the special workstation in the cubicle outside the VP's office would include time stamps on each survey as each escorted employee filled it out anonymously... As management tried to answer this question, I became aware of a buzz among the other employees as the lightbulb came on in their collective heads
  13. I've been loaned guns for a complete match. I've been loaned guns to try a stage. I've been loaned guns just to try them for comparison against mine. They all came with ammo. Many were reloads, so I did have to trust those people to not hand me a grenade, but also not allowed to pay them for the ammo (dang Feds). I also get the concerns as to their guns, their ammo. I feel the same way... My guns, my ammo. And the borrower will have to have trust I'm not handing them a grenade. One loaned (to me) rifle did jam on me, an FTE. Don't think it was anything I did, but certainly it was not any of my ammo. So over time, since I really can not pay it back, I figure I will pay it forward to other shooters my guns, my ammo.
  14. You are close. Other employees of the museum, those being paid employees, formed a union. I suspect this "firing" is part of the process to create paid union positions. Paid positions are probably required as part of being a union shop. But as far as liability exposure, it seems to me that management put a pile of doo on the floor and stepped in it on purpose. I really can not imagine why they did so, I really can't. Why not just say the introduction of a union means the volunteer program is now obsolete?
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