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  1. I'm generally the stranger. And that is one of the things different in this sport compared to the others I shoot in. Most of the folks in SASS seem to be regulars, in other sports generally more than half of the competitors are not regulars, often not even irregulars. For a scorekeeper, and for the rest of the group, knowing who is who makes shooting in any order easier. If more than half the group does not know the other half, and that other half also does not know each other... Have fun keeping track of scores. Having a shooting order in this case makes the event run
  2. I hear you! It is often used for power generation, and the government claims it is clean power. There is at least an attempt to contain it, often with concrete walls hundreds of feet thick. But when those containers fail -- and they do fail -- then people die. And when the containers get too full (it seems the government can't control production and just limit it to what is needed), they then release it directly into our rivers where it flows to the ocean; the change in ocean salinity from these river releases is detectible for many miles off-shore. Why, if
  3. A software update might fix it: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2016/SB-10075685-2280.pdf
  4. I had to retake chemistry in college, did lousy in HS. While one certainly should not drink H2O2, it is relatively benign compared to your other example. 3% solution is sold for gargling, 6 to 10% for hair bleaching. One thing that would make H2O2 much more dangerous would be if it evaporated as H2O2. But it tends to break down as H2O and O2 before evaporating. It is possible to evaporate it as H2O2 (which should not be breathed), but doing so takes a bit of carefully constructed apparatus to develop a concentrated gas form. And doing so requires starting wi
  5. Hydrogen peroxide is just water with extra oxygen. Dump, rinse if you want to, then let dry; no need to soak.
  6. Not so much lawyer as engineer. My other non-lawyer response earlier was to look at Tupperware. Also as an engineer, I would not use glass mason jars (or steel ammo containers). Should there be a fire and they get hot enough to go off, they are bombs. Much better is a container which would easily breach at lower pressures and just let out a lot of low-pressure smoke.
  7. Smokeless powder storage and handling from the experts: https://saami.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Info-Doc-Smokeless-Powder.pdf It does, of course, specify original containers.
  8. Those lids are not air tight. Tupperware might be an option with a regenerated desiccant pack. Tupperware might also hold up longer to the chems in powder, I would not trust typical coffee or nut can lids to hold up under exposure to anything not food, and even then not vinegar. But a better choice might be to ask your local group for empty powder containers, just make sure (again, make sure! Um, all caps: MAKE SURE!) you obliterate all old markings and write on the container what is in it now.
  9. I know some have been looking for these. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/11076 $33 for a box of 25, limit 2, then add $10 for shipping (about a buck-fifty per shell if you buy two boxes). So not a great deal, but they are available.
  10. I was looking forward to watching a replay of the various feeds, heard the comments in the youtube feeds were hilarious! They must have been, all the comment replays have been removed Party poopers!
  11. There is certainly the question as to if there should have been suspicion over the firearms and ammo. But once there was suspicion, it turned out at least three of the four individuals were prohibited persons in NICS, and they were in possession of salable quantities of hard drugs.
  12. How much training is required to put on a vest or button a shirt or simply not tuck in a shirt?
  13. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/firearms-guides-importation-verification-firearms-ammunition-gun-control-act-definitions-0 The term “Antique Firearm” means: A. Any firearm (including any firearm with a matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap, or similar type of ignition system) manufactured in or before 1898; and B. Any replica of any firearm described in subparagraph (A) if such replica is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition, or uses rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition which i
  14. 7.92 X 57 Mauser? Compare to https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/7-boxes-israeli-surplus-7-92x57-mauser-ammo-763-c-4f649d6bbd
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