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  1. Good thing marines are tough. At least I have heard they are. Hope they are...
  2. If I ever get another dog, I'm going to name him Several Miles. I expect to walk Several Miles at least twice every day.
  3. On one forum I was on, we resorted to "roostering" our pistols. It became a running gag. Then they made me an admin and I fixed it.
  4. I think it would be perfectly constitutional for the Fed in coordination with the States to require every member of the Militia (law abiding adults and probably green card holders) to prove possession of and competence with arms on some regular basis. This does seem to be within the authority of the Fed and the States. On edit: Not to create a gun registry, but to focus on those with no arms or training, to establish conformance with a possession requirement and prove safe handling. Every member! Mommies would squirm...
  5. Regulated meant "in good working order." And referred to the militia. It was trained, practiced, reliable. The 2nd was not refining to the arms being regulated, and it did not envision restrictions on its membership.
  6. I created a "firearms" folder and a filter rule. Lots of different vendors go into it. Every now and then when I need something, I'll look at the most recent and delete all the old ones. On some, I go tune my preferences for what I want to get, or unsubscribe Links at the bottom of the mail. On edit: I get over two dozen different ones a day.
  7. There is a lot of backlash against her from the climate community, much of it due to her suing some dude who posts celebrity flight information. Anyway, a balanced article: https://www.newsweek.com/climate-advocates-need-calm-down-about-taylor-swifts-jet-opinion-1861170 And I did leave concrete out of my list above. Curing concrete creates a lot of CO2. Not sure tarmac is better overall, but tarmac is at least a good use of left-over thick oily crud. It at least makes sense to use it for paving rather than burying it and making that much more concrete. None of this is simple, and there are problems. Taylor may be a lighting rod at the moment, but using 17X the resources compared to a single-family home just does not warrant a focus on her.
  8. As my contribution to help the planet, I do not drive this in the rain: Further, when I do drive it, I prefer to drive along forested roads so the generous amount of CO2 can feed the trees. And cars and planes aside, container ships put out a lot more bad stuff.
  9. Confusing break and brake on car forums is annoying.
  10. Seems like school management is shooting itself in the foot. Further, the list is not complete, far from being lock, stock, and barrel. They also need to take more careful aim in determining possible solutions. Wow, these sentences almost write themselves, in a semi-automatic way.
  11. Many landfills still leach into groundwater. As to proper disposal, it really seems to depend. One county near me has boxes at police stations. Another county has boxes at some pharmacies. Yet another county has roughly annual drop-offs (often in a grocery store parking lot). When I lived on the wrong coast, I could drop them off at a periodic toxics collection event (motor oil, paint, insecticides); The drugs were collected on entry to the event, just hand over a bag. But sharps are different in all locations. Some drug stores sell mailers, plus paying for postage. One county near me suggests using a bleach bottle with a little remaining bleach. Put the sharps in the bottle, cap it, and throw it in the trash... Not sure this is the best idea, but the assumption is sharps from blood sugar testing and expired insulin. One hospice situation, we brewed a pot of coffee at the request of the county responder (coroner) to get a basket of grounds. The county responder put all of the remaining morphine (after verifying logs) into the grounds, and that went into the kitchen garbage. Best and easiest to just call and ask.
  12. Why not require annual fee-based registration to vote (poll tax)? And while we are at it, a 1st Amendment registration for any and all Internet accounts one intends to post on, in order to keep the 1st Amendment safe for all? In particular, anyone who is a journalist that may or intends to publish articles or reports or opinions should not just register, but annually provide a list of all published works. </sarcasm>
  13. Check your address in Google and other maps applications. My house address showed as my barn. I updated the location, delivery services no longer have to back up several hundred feet.
  14. One of the arrested appear to be a bald white guy wearing an orange or red jump suit.
  15. At my first Cowboy shoot in proper dress, I forgot to take off my hat for the prayer and pledge (my apologies). Since then, I have taken it off. Nobody said anything to me then, it only happened because I just do not usually wear a hat. If I were to see someone else not remove their's, I can't see saying something to them as my first action... I just would strive to be a good role model.
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