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  1. SOLD2XL shirts. One Wahmaker, two Frontier Classics. $65 shipped. First •I’ll take em” posted gets them. SOLD
  2. All three are 2XL. One Wahmaker, one Frontier Classics, one custom made by Lilly Orleans Mason. I do take PayPal. First •I’ll take em” posted gets them. $65 shipped
  3. With 5 shooters in the family I need to stop selling handguns LOL!
  4. The Rossi is still a good rifle. Is it a race 73’? You know the answer to that already. You absolutely can get started AND enjoy the game with one. If it were not for a Rossi 92 I would not have afforded to start the game. I can get you a brand new Rossi 92 blued carbine in .357 mag, tuned and with lever wrap for $750 delivered to your FFL. If interested drop me a line at deucestevensllc@ gmail.com . (Note to the wire vigilantes I’m a SASS Affiliated Merchant) PS, just checked and I also have 24” octagon available in blued or stainless but the price goes up a bit.
  5. Scully beaded and fringe leatherjacket. Very high quality and well made. Excellent condition no rips or odors. Size 52. Men will be envious and woman will swoon. $225 shipped. First “I’ll take it” posted posted here gets it.
  6. Wahmaker Duke vest in excellent condition size 3 XL. $75 shipped. First “I’ll take it” gets it.
  7. SOLD Charles Daly 500 12ga. SxS . 20” barrels. Action job by Doc Noper. Double trigger. This is the Miroku made gun and the quality is on par with the SKB’s. These don’t open quite as far as some, and this one locks up like a bank vault. Small chip in toe of stock repaired. No cracks. Average stock scratches and dings. Never been cowboy shot. Gun needs nothing.$750 shipped tp your FFL. No trades. Email at deucestevensllc@ail.com. SOLD
  8. Marlin 1894 Cowboy Comp in .38 Spec. JM gun (all comps were). 20” octagon. Beautiful rifle in excellent condition and has never been to a cowboy match. My estimate is less than a box of ammo has been through. This is the clean one you’ve been looking for. Had it set back in my safe for one of the kids but we have plenty of rifles. $1175 shipped tp your FFL. Will trade for a pair of clean Old Model Vaqueros in .357. Email at deucestevensllc@gmail.com . Thanks for looking.
  9. Don’t post much anymore but will to brag on a friend. As far as retention goes a competitive holster would be no good if it didn’t retain the gun through a full course of movement. Colt’s rigs do that. Having more gun exposed is very common in todays leather and has been for sometime. Beautiful rig!!
  10. Have not logged on in months, and now I remember why.
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