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  1. All I can offer is words of encouragement. I think many think that they don't have anything to offer. You don't have to write stages or be a Rolodex of the rule book to help. Maybe you have excellent carpentry skills, maybe you're an excellent welder and fabricator. Or maybe you're a tech genius and you can help with scoring. There are so many things that need done that just like the shooting itself there is something that someone can do. Encouragement and finding what folks are best at has served our club and matches well. At the end of the day the leadership needs to be willing to accept th
  2. Have 5 Saeco molds for sale. All in good clean shape and have been well stored and cared for. #1. .38/.357 150 gr. SWC #2, .38/.357 146gr, WC #3. , .38/.357 146gr, WC #4, .45 185gr SWC #5. .38/.357 150 gr. SWC All include set of mold handles and complete sprue plates and original boxes. $85 per mold set shipped. Will be shipped Priority box USPS. Will accept money order/cashiers check/postal money order. Will NOT accept PayPal. First "I'll take #(blank)" gets it. Thank for looking.
  3. No dog in the hunt either but I cut my teeth on progressive loading with one of these and it was a solid press. Mine had been outfitted with a Dillon powder measure. Seeing this ad brings back good memories.
  4. Anything I don't do myself gets done by Cowboy Carty.
  5. To replicate that set currently you'd be looking at $2400-2600. This ain't 2019 anymore lol. $2000 would be a steal at this point.
  6. I’ll take the other one. Misty Moonshine is there and will get it for me. Please give it to her and she’ll have cash for you.
  7. CC Top and I are looking forward to a great weekend with you guys!
  8. After 20 years of shooting this game I'd be lying if I said my opinion on this topic hasn't changed over time. I remember the first time I set a pistol target at 7 yards at the club that I started at. I thought that some of the "old guard" were gonna kill me LOL......as in it was too close. But a 125gr bullet doing 800 fps. was ultra "gamey" at that time as well. I know I certainly pushed the "big and close" agenda. Bought bigger steel, 7 yards turned into 5. Everyone started judging the quality of a match by clean shooter percentages. I think there is a sweet spot somewhere in there. Borderto
  9. Always and interesting topic and mildly entertaining. I have my own thoughts but there's not reason to beat a dead horse because the wire is not for changing minds. I will say that any comparisons to other disciplines is moot as our safety record speaks for itself after 40 years. At some point in time you do have to come to the conclusion that we are shooting really bang bangs (or poof poofs) at real steel. Short of placing pistol steel at minimum 25 yards and rifle at a 100 there will always be splatter of some sort. It's also not the match directors duty to turn people into shooters. That's
  10. Wondering if anyone happens to have any of the J Hornsby Cooler Cowboy Shirts in extra small for my buckaroo. Not picky on colors or patterns cause he don’t care :). Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi,

    Matt thought you might still have a pair of well used USFA guns for sale.  Let me know.  thanks.

  12. Deuce

    If the other deals fall through I'll take the Thunderbolt.


  13. Howdy Deuce, did you get my PM? Thanks  -  SCJ 

  14. Hi Deuce,


    After having the holsters in storage for 14 years, I think I'll show up to a few shoots this year.  Hope to see you around!



    1. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

      Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

      Hey AJ! Has it really been 14 years?!?! Wow. Be good to see you again.

  15. Hello Deuce, sent you a E Mail along with a message on your messenger on Facebook. 

    Lefty Vaquero

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