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  1. Looking for a 12ga BSS cowboy ready. Let me know what you’ve got.
  2. Awesome!! Now this is a thread that’s worthy of going 7 pages.
  3. That’s next on the list. Im going to do the exact same format just 2 from the right 97 Vs. SxS.
  4. About 16 years ago I had a piece of .38 go in my port and that was after I had staged it port down LOL. Sometimes the bears just gonna get you I guess.
  5. My son and I made this video yesterday based off a Facebook conversation. It was a good excuse to be on the range with my oldest boy.
  6. 3 of them. You can’t have the 3 year old……he’d burn your house down and I don’t want to be responsible for that.
  7. I wish these would get bought...... my will power is slowly fading. I mean do my kids really have to eat for a few weeks?
  8. SOLD Pair of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros in .45 Colt. 7.5" barrels stainless steel. Factory rosewood grips, Super Blackhawk hammers installed with Wolff spring kits and original hammers and springs included along with boxes and papers. Guns are clean and in great shape with light scratches in finish pretty typical of what you would see. Sights are stock and unmolested. These are absolute tanks and will last a lifetime. $1985 shipped to your FFL. Not looking for trades. Payment via cashiers check/money order. First "I'll take em" posted gets them. Thanks for looking.SOLD
  9. Looking for a Baikal SxS 12ga with double triggers CAS ready. Let me know what you’ve got.
  10. Looking for one Ruger Vaquero 5.5” .367 Mag blue and cch. It’s has to be a 56 prefix. Looking to match one up to one I already own. Let me know what you’ve got.
  11. If you want ammo made for CAS by a CAS shooter loaded with 105gr. bullets and Federal primers We The People Munitions Co.
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