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  1. Absolutely beautiful, CCH is stunning you have great taste.. Are those grips made of pre-ban rubber?
  2. Two screw knives by Bone-A-Fyde knives. These have not been used or carried. $85 a piece shipped. Let me know which one you want.
  3. SOLD Have a pair of Pietta Great Western Ii’s. Blue brass gripframes 4 3/4” barrels .357. Cylinders are un fluted with a very deep beautiful blue. Bought these to do a from box to match review which can be found on youtube. Great guns, felt great right out of the box. Only thing I did was paint the front sights with gold model paint. Less than 300 rounds through them. No boxes or paperwork. $875 shipped to your FFL, FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. First “I’ll take ‘em” gets them. SOLD
  4. SOLD Pair of Qualite Brass Birdshead gripframes for Old Model Vaqueros or New Model Blackhawks or Single Sixes. Black plastic grips included. $300 shipped. First “I’ll take ‘em” posted gets them.
  5. SOLDPair of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros .357 mag 5.5” blued. Spring kit and sight cover by Yankmachain. Only cowboy shot in about 3 matches so I believe the “browning” of the fake CCH to be just the typical Ruger issue if this era. They don’t win any beauty contests but in my opinion are the toughest guns for the game. No boxes or papers. $ 1275 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from. Individual. First “I’ll take ‘em” gets them. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  6. Marlin 1894 Cowboy Comp .38 Spec. 20” CCH receiver. Sure hit front sight, lever wrap, spring kit, one piece firing pin nice and smooth. Typical handling marks in wood from gun carts etc. bluing and receiver in excellent condition. $1300 shipped. Fist “ I’ll take it” gets it. Receiving FFL must be willing to accept from individual. Thanks for looking,
  7. SOLDMarlin 1894 Cowboy Limited .45 Colt. 24” barrel. Spring kit, one piece firing pin, lever wrap. Very smooth. JM stamp. Very good condition minor scratches and handling marks in wood. $750 shipped your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from individual. First “I’ll take it” posted gets it. SOLD
  8. SOLD Uberti 1866 imported by Cimmaron. Short rifle 20” Octagon .38 Special. Some very tasteful engraving on receiver. Very good condition with very minor nicks/dings in wood. Features the following -Pioneer Gunworks standard short stroke kit installed. -Whisper Springs -Pioneer Speed sight and semi buckhorn rear -Stainless Mag spring and follower -Aluminum Carrier -Leather butt cover and lever wrap Re-enforced loading gate I do not know who did the engraving. I test fired and it runs well. $1185 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from individual. First “I’ll take it” posted gets it. Thanks for looking. SOKD
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