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  1. Blued steel “Baby Vaquero” gripframes. Take offs from the run of Single Six .32’s. they did. Will fit New Model Sixes .22’s and .32’s and Old Model Vaqueros and also New Vaqueros with fitting and proper hammer strut. Factory polymer grips in excellent shape. $300 shipped. Check or PayPal friends and family. First “I’ll take ‘em” gets them.
  2. Whitetail antler nicely figured with actual functional screwdriver great for tightening up those screw at the load table. $35 shipped PayPal friends and family works great. First “I’ll take it” poster gets it.
  3. The Cadillac of kits. Maybe I should dive in and get some made. I could make tens of dollars in a extremely fickle cowboy action market
  4. Mec 8567N Grabber in 12ga. - Updated new style operating handle - Fresh collet resizer - Extra Larger capacity Primer tray/feeder (holds 200 primers) - Oversized bearing for bar to smooth operation - 2 brand new powder and shot bottles - Charge bars for 3/4 oz, 7/8 oz, 1 oz and 1 1/8 oz. - Variety of powder bushing for some of the more popular CAS loads. Won a whole bunch of championships with ammo loaded on this machine. $400 and I'll deliver to Gunsmoke next week.
  5. They are not cracked. They are natural stress fractures that are common I. Giraffe bone grips. They are still available
  6. SOLD SKB 200 E 12ga. with splinter forend. Had this set up my specs by Doc Noper which includes -Full spring tuning all the way around -18.25” barrel (what I shoot) -Short stroke lever (less lever travel to open -Big bead installed -Mechanical trigger conversion -Funneling of chambers Gun has never been shot in a cowboy match and I suspect spent its life as a safe queen. Has some handling/safe marks but no cracks. This is a gem and is extremely light handling and will be a burner and needs nothing. $2150 shipped to your FFL and FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. The ONLY match I’m willing to do a FTF will be the MI State shoot Labor Day weekend. Not looking for any trades. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  7. Can you email them? rudstoy@msn.com  


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