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  1. Too many irons in the fire at the moment to keep this one (I'm building a Wild Bunch 1911) so this one gotta go before I shoot it and like it. This is one bad machine and I love my Canik 9mm's. Absolutely NIB with all the accessories that come with them rounded up in a very nice hard case. Here some specs. Taran Tactical Innovations and CANiK are proud to partner to bring you the CANiK TTI Combat. Built on a completely new polymer frame designed by Taran Butler, the TTI Combat brings a one-of-a-kind performance package to the CANiK lineup. This sleek design is built by the best, for the best, and includes all the features a world champion like Taran Butler needs for success. Both internally and externally, the TTI Combat delivers. Immediately notable are the following features: The aggressive grip texturing, integrated flared magwell, removable aluminum competition magwell, a ported and spiral-fluted barrel, the first CANiK compensator, a diamond cut and flat-faced 90 degree break trigger, fully adjustable sights, two 18 round magazines with one flush fit TTI base pad and one +3 TTI base pad, a serrated and ambidextrous slide release, three back strap size options, a low profile optics cut for the MECANIK line of optics as well as the Trijicon SRO… and many other optic options. This unique handgun also comes with a custom holster, hard travel case, cleaning kit, tool kit, custom punch, magazine speed loader, trigger lock and three optic plate interfaces. To finish off this collectable package we’ve included a handsome collaboration coin to commemorate our lasting partnership, a partnership that has created a truly Superior Firearm. $925 shipped to your FFL. First "I'll take it" posted gets it regardless of PM conversations. Thanks for looking.
  2. Dillon carbide 3 die set. .40 S&W/10mm. Very lightly used. $69 shipped. Payment with PatPal friends and family will ship Friday. First “I’ll take em” posted gets them. Thanks for looking.
  3. Pair of gently used New Vaquero hammers that have been jeweled. $60 shipped. Payment via PayPal friends and family ships same day. First “I’ll take em” gets them. Thanks for looking.
  4. SOLD Have 2 brand new Powers free spin pawls for Old Model Vaqueros and any of the larger framed Ruger single actions. $75 shipped for both. PayPal friends and family payment ships same day. First “I’ll take em” posted gets them. SOLD
  5. SOLD 2 gently used blued New Vaquero hammers that have been jeweled. $55 shipped. First “I’ll take em” posted gets them. PayPal friends and family payments ship same day. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  6. Was wondering if anyone knows dimensionally the location to drill a hole to accept a Ruger style hand spring on a Uberti 2nd Model Dragoon. Yes I know there is a fixture and yes I know some have gotten a kazillion rounds of use out of the flat springs. I wanna do and gonna do it just trying to cut the curve a bit. Any info appreciated.
  7. DOLD Pietta Great Western II 5.5" .45 Colt. This is the nickeled Cattle Brand model and you can see have beautiful engravng throughout. I cannot 100% attest to it but it appears to be un-fired as there was still the facotry storage grease on cylinder frame. I do not have the box or papers. $625 shipped to your FFL. First " I'll take it" posted gets it. Thanks for looking. SOLD I
  8. SOLD 2 Ruger SBH jeweled hammers with matching jeweled triggers. All in stainless. Gently used in great condition. $205 shipped. If using PayPal friends and family I ship same day. First “I’ll take em” gets them. Thanks for looking . SOLD
  9. 812ga SxS double trigger imported by Westernfield and made by Miroku. Very nice quality. Super clean with beautiful wood. 22” ribbed barrel (yes it’s SASS legal) fully tuned by Doc Noper. If you’re not familiar with Miroku made firearms that is where all your SKB’s and Brownings are made. Nice thin wrist and easy handling. 14 1/4” LOP. Big bead installed. Gun needs nothing. $975 now $875 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. Shoot a high quality SxS for a little bit more than a tuned Stoeger or about the same price as a Turkish gun of questionable decent. First “I’ll take it” posted gets it.
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