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  1. That would be great, can you pm me details please
  2. Looking for a CZ Rami 2075 9mm. Let me know what you've got. Thank you.
  3. Looking for an Old Model Vaquero (Large Frame) .357 4 5/8" blued. Would Prefer a "56" or "57" prefix gun. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. SOLD Six Lee 3 hole turret tool heads.$55 shipped for all six. Will not break up. First “I’ll take em” gets them. Will ship UPS. SOLD
  5. How about a Martini Henry Cadet in .256 Win Mag? Lol
  6. Looking for a S&W 49. Gonna be a daily carry gun so I’m really only concerned that it’s functionally sound and a pre-lock gun. Let me know what you’ve got. Thank you.
  7. Hi,

    Matt thought you might still have a pair of well used USFA guns for sale.  Let me know.  thanks.

  8. Deuce

    If the other deals fall through I'll take the Thunderbolt.


  9. Howdy Deuce, did you get my PM? Thanks  -  SCJ 

  10. Hi Deuce,


    After having the holsters in storage for 14 years, I think I'll show up to a few shoots this year.  Hope to see you around!



    1. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

      Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

      Hey AJ! Has it really been 14 years?!?! Wow. Be good to see you again.

  11. Hello Deuce, sent you a E Mail along with a message on your messenger on Facebook. 

    Lefty Vaquero

  12. Deuce do you want the AWAs ? I have not heard from you in over a day now. Please contact me by tonight or I will sell to the next in line.

    Alan Dukes


  13. Alan Dukes

    1534 Ramada Dr.

    Houston, Tx 77062


    Please send ffl info and a postal money order .

  14. Deuce ,

    Please email me about cartridge length for my new gun that you and Carty are putting together.

      Thx.   X  Mark


    970-879-1566 (land line)

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