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  1. Hi Deuce,


    After having the holsters in storage for 14 years, I think I'll show up to a few shoots this year.  Hope to see you around!



    1. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

      Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

      Hey AJ! Has it really been 14 years?!?! Wow. Be good to see you again.

  2. Remington discontinued that offering quite some time ago.
  3. Paradise Pass will be launching a pretty cool program at their monthly match in April. It's going to be a category called Linerider. For $15 (plus the cost of a normal match fee) a person looking to try out CAS/SASS will be able to rent an entire rig which includes Revolvers/Rifle/Shotgun/Ammo/Holster rig and a cart. The revolvers and rifle will be in .22 and shotgun will be a SxS or 97' with Featherlite shotshells. Many of us have and are willing to loan gear to folks, but on many occasions I have seen people balk because they are not comfortable borrowing someone else's firearms. They will also be assigned a mentor for the day to help them. I think this is going to work well and it gives folks a better feeling of "ownership" of their day.. Paradise Pass is a privately owned range and also has a full service gun shop on sight and is very experienced in interacting with new shooters. Because of that we get 12-20 spectators who come and check it out. They also have a large social media following and we will be using that to launch the program and get people interested.
  4. Sam, that actually helps a lot and makes me feel less like a crazy person. Thank you.
  5. I can get you the Winchester Short rifle in .45 Colt with CCH receiver and Grade II/III Walnut for $1350 delivered to your FFL.
  6. Title says it all. Looking for stock lifter lever and links for the Miroku Winchester 1873. Not interested in any other style or make. Let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Thank you. Interested in multiple sets.
  7. Trying to get a very old Spanish Sistema Anit&Char SAA clone up and running. Need a hammer, hand, and bolt. Was wondering if anyone has experience with what the best choices in parts would be. I think I need to stick with 1st Gen Colt parts but not 100% sure.
  8. Hello Deuce, sent you a E Mail along with a message on your messenger on Facebook. 

    Lefty Vaquero

  9. Got any match video of that last transition you mentioned? Would love to see it in action.
  10. Widder, I have been curious about that very same thing. My ATF field agent suggested NOT doing a e bound book but I'm not quite sure why.
  11. Every game has rules MB. It's never been easier than right now for a shooter to start. The availability of info, gear, support etc. is at an all time high. That being said I don't see watering down the rules anymore than what we have in the name of attracting new shooters, and I don't think that's what you mean. If the membership and TG's see the SASS default starting position as an issue which is sure can be mostly in enforcement then maybe it is time to look at it again. I don't use it in my stages. My belief is the intent is for it to be used when nothing else is provided to bring some continuity to the game and in theory it should.
  12. SOLDHungarian P9M copy of the Browning Hi Power in 9mm. These are excellent guns at a fraction of the cost of a Browning Hi Power and they keep going up in price. This is a surplus guns with finish and grip wear but functions great. 1=13rnd mag.No box or papers $365 shipped to your FFL and will accept credit cards for no additional fee (excluding AMEX). Email me at deucestevensllc@gmail.com. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  13. SASS default is punishment for lazy stage writing.
  14. For me if it's one run only I won't even get my guns out. Let em run fastest period. Since I never ever get to live fire I use side match day as a way to blow off steam and hang out with friends. Course I'm just an old exhibition shooter and thats all I got to hang my hat on anymore.
  15. I know this rifle well and have watched him shoot it for the last ten years. It's defiantly got some miles on it. But it works as it should and the timing is correct and tuned with quality parts. For half the price or less of a new one you are getting a tried and true gun that is ready for the range.
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