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  1. I'm sure the purists would have a problem with it, but luckily we don't have them around here. It has some advantages. You don't have to pick up brass on a hot summers day, and it gives some folks the opportunity to come to a shoot and give it a go. I haven't seen any shooter get an advantage by using .22's, in fact more of the opposite. One of the other clubs in our area have an open shoot each year allowing any rifle, pistol, or shotgun that someone may have to come and shoot trying to generate some interest in the sport as long as it is a pistol caliber with lead bullets, and the SASS power factor rules are met. There has to be some thinking outside the box to get the younger folks interested or we're just going to fade away like the old Saturday matinee B western movies.
  2. The two local clubs I shoot at both allow a .22 Rim Fire class at every monthly shoot, and any SASS legal shotgun and gauge is fine.
  3. That would be my take according to the stage instructions. The 6 rifle targets were counted as misses as they should have been, but the instructions said misses could be made up with the shotgun except he didn't have enough shells for 6 misses and could only make up 3 of the misses. Had he had more shotgun shells he could have had a clean stage even with a faulty rifle according to the stage instructions.
  4. I keep thinking about going there............................
  5. In the 8 years that I have been a member of SASS I have never received any correspondence from a TG (don't even know who my TG is) or anyone else from SASS for that matter. The folks I have come to know, the knowledge about the sport I have gained, and the questions I had that were answered, all came from the good folks on this wire. For that I thank you all!
  6. I don't know the reason either but I sure do have a lot of fun shooting my 32 WCF rifles and pistols. Even though the 32-20 is a smaller cartridge than the 38 Special, they are almost identical in velocity and energy comparing the 32 cal. 115 gr to the 38 cal 125 gr bullet at 900 ft/s.
  7. Welcome. There is plenty of SASS information on line to read, plus I recommend reading the SASS handbook. Continue to visit a few events and talk to folks for some guidance. Check out what firearms they shoot. This is a friendly bunch of folks who are very glad to help you. All you need to do is ask.... Good Luck!
  8. I have the '73 pistol grip version. I find the look more appealing to me than the straight stock although I do have other make rifles in the straight stock version.
  9. Yep......gonna be a long six months.................
  10. I got the same CYA speech from Winchester about 8 years ago when I picked up an 1894 Legendary Frontiersman. Tried .375 jacketed bullets and it couldn't hold a 12" group a 25 yards. Switched to 262 grain, .379" gas checked lead bullets and it's now a tack driver.
  11. Sounds like the misses everytime I want to get another cowboy gun........LOL
  12. I agree with OLG on the MEC 600jr. It's just plain reliable. I had a MEC 650 Sizemaster and 600jr in 12 ga. I converted the 600 to 20 ga a couple of years back to load for the misses. The 650 did fine but as with most progressives you have to keep an eye on it because if you have one misstep everything gets messed up. A month ago I bought another 600jr in 12 ga on ebay for $100 with shipping. Just going to sit back and take my good ol' time.
  13. I never said it was okay to supply inferior products. I only said it's okay to shoot them if they are not fully lubed. Besides if I purchase a box of 500 cast bullets and I come across say 1% of them (5 pcs) that either had no lube, or only 1 ring with lube and the other ring without, I'm not going to raise cane about that. What really irks me more though is when I get disfigured tips like what happens when you pour before the mold is heated properly. That doesn't happen to me often though.
  14. Shoot um.....won't hurt a thing. I get a few now and then in a box that didn't make it through the lube process.
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