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  1. I use 13.7 gr. Unique (#20 MEC bushing), Claybuster wad, CCI primer, and 3/4 oz. shot. I'd go down to 13.1 gr., #19 bushing, if I had one.
  2. It's not always the recoil you have to deal with between 12 & 20 gauge. It is also the weight of the shotgun. I wasn't worried about recoil with my wife as I knew I could load up a light shell. However when she held up my 12 ga. Stoeger SxS it was heavy for her and she had to hold it almost leaning back to keep it up instead of leaning forward into it. The 20 ga. Stoeger SxS youth model was lighter, and she could hold the shotgun correctly to shoot it. You really have to look at the individual and what it is that they can handle.
  3. My wife is petite also so I got her a Stoeger 20 ga. SxS youth model. It fit her perfectly. I reload and came up with a nice 3/4 oz. light recoil load and she has been shooting it for years.
  4. It's not that difficult. Three local clubs that I know of have allowed .22's since the last primer shortage at their monthly shoots. They even have a class set up for them. It's not only the primer shortage that has kept .22's going locally. Some pards have severe arthritis and cannot handle the recoil of standard cowboy handguns. It lets then still come and compete. I have RO'd many .22 shooters. The rifle is the firearm you need to be concerned with. You need to keep the timer low, under the shooters arm, and as far forward as far as you can safely go, and don't use the rifle as the last fir
  5. I have a Uberti 1873 rifle in 32-20. Everything said previously is correct. The only issue I had was a jamming problem that was caused by the mortise in the slot behind the carrier not being angled, and the cartridge rim would catch on the edge when lifiting and jam. I had the mortise edge angled and removed. Not a problem since. I also added one of those 38-357 fiber magazine tube liners to the magazine tube since Uberti uses the 45 Colt diameter magazine tube for all rifle calibers. Might be okay for the 38/357 but the 32-20 is alot skinnier so I just figured I'd add it to narrow the tube di
  6. I have both a 12 & 20 gauge in Stoeger two trigger SxS. I like both of them very much, but I migrated more to the 20 gauge. I reload for both so shells are not a problem. A few folks that I shoot with use 20's and give me their empty Remington hulls. I have enough 20 ga. hulls to last my lifetime. I load 3/4 oz. & 7/8 oz. shot in light loads for both gauges, and I really can't tell a big difference in recoil. As for shucking the empties if you hone out and polish the 20 ga. chambers, like most do in slicking up their shotguns, there is no issue with 20 ga. hulls sticking.
  7. I've been using CCI brand SPP, SRP, LPP, & LRP for decades. Never had an issue with any of them.
  8. 32-20, 2.3 gr Trail Boss, 100 gr bullet is what I shoot.
  9. Very Interesting. Pretty much verified what I found in my testing. Thanks for posting!
  10. My mistake. I went and pulled it out of storage and it is a MEC 650. As you can see you have to turn the indexing wheel each time you pull the lever.
  11. First mine is a very old machine I got for $35 about 20 years ago. The auto lock on the shot bar has to be locked manually on this machine. Why I could never figure out but it does. If your not careful you'll drop a load of powder and shot as you are finishing your last shell. Plus it's a manual indexing machine. Just not child friendly in my opinion. The 600 Jr., like someone said in another response, is pretty much idiot proof. I do all my cowboy ammo reloading over the winter so I'm in no big hurry to get done. When I get bored I go and load some.
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