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  1. I recently had a very similar problem like yours when reloading my 32-20 WCF. I was checking and cleaning everything especially the resizing die. Well it turned out being the neck expander die. For some reason every now and then the case mouth would hit the side of the expander going in and it would cause that nick in the case mouth. I ordered a Lee Universal Expander Die, set it up, and haven't had that issue since.
  2. I stopped by Shyda's a couple of weeks ago and pickings were slim. CCI & CCI Magnums was about all that was left.
  3. Ditto except the Stoeger I bought is a 20 ga youth. We have a couple of local CAS clubs that have a .22 Rimfire class for us older folks. A pair of .22 single action pistols, a .22 pump or lever action rifle, and your regular SASS shotgun get you into the class. I shoot it maybe twice a year for something different.
  4. Corrected the pawl spring. Took a grand total of maybe 5 minutes from start to finish. Now if only my second back ordered main spring would get here for the other pistol.
  5. You have to lube bottleneck cases such as 25-20, 32-20, 38-40, 44-40, even if the cartridge only has a slight taper. I load 32-20 and I take about 10-12 cases at a time and put them on the lube pad with RCBS lube. Using a Hornady LNL press about every 4th case I insert one of the lubed ones, then run a few unlubed ones until you feel them begin to stick in the sizing die, then repeat. Works fine for me.
  6. Yeah it'll bug me forever if I don't correct it. Thanks folks.
  7. On Wednesday I decided to install a 15# hammer spring in one of my wife's Ruger New Vaquero pistols without the lock. The spring for the 2nd pistol is back ordered till mid September. Anyway it was a first time working on a RNV, and all seemed to go just fine, and it worked. However this morning I was online looking at a RNV parts breakdown when something caught my eye and I went "Oh Crap". I saw that the pawl plunger goes toward the cylinder, and I reinstalled it pointing toward the grip. Is this going to cause a problem if I let it that way or do I have to take the pistol apart again and correct it? Thanks!
  8. I have been practicing with my soon to be 10 year old grandson. .22 single action Heritage pistol, Henry Youth model .22 lever action rifle, and a 20 ga. single barrel youth shotgun so it's not so heavy for him. He's been doing fine with them.
  9. I have plenty of Frog Lube. It's my preferred bore cleaner.
  10. I never saw this asked before, but would graphite make a good lube for internal places like the main hammer spring on a Ruger Vaquero or other firearm?
  11. My first cowboy revolvers we a pair of 1860's that I had first bought way back when Cabelas's was selling them for $99 each. I purchased a pair of 45 Colt conversion cylinders for them, and they did just fine. But like other said it was a pain to load and unloadat each stage so I eventually traded them in for a pair of Uberti's. Now my FFL where I traded them in, who is an avid cowboy action shooter, told me this. There is no legal problem buying and using a cartridge cylinder in black powder pistols for pesonal use. However with the cap & ball cylinder in them they are considered antiques and can be sold and shipped to anyone. With the conversion cylinders in them they are considered to be modern pistol and must be sold, registered, traded, and shipped as such. So when I traded them in I had to put the C & B cylinders in them with the conversion cylinders out and separet of the pistols, which he then traded in for me. Because of all the hassle involved in making it a modern pistol transaction he didn't want the conversion cylinders in the pistols for our transaction, or when he resold them.
  12. Well pards I need some advice. I have a Taylor 1874 Sharps rifle in 45-70 that I currently reload for using Trail Boss powder and a 300 grain cast bullet. I'd like to try loading those same 300 gr. cast bullets with APP FFg powder, but I can't seem to find a load for it. The APP website has a load recommendation but it's for a 405 gr. cast bullet. Anyone know where I can find an APP load for that 300 gr. bullet, or have maybe one they are using? Thanks!
  13. I have a two pistol set of SASS consecutive serial number Ruger 357 mag. Vaquero's that I had gotten for my wife about 6 years ago. She no longer shoots so they are just sitting in the safe because the black grips on them feel thin and small to me. I have large hands so I like my Uberti Cattleman revolvers because the grips are wider. Anyone know of any sources for thicker grips that would fit these pistols that would be more in line with the feel of the Uberti's? Thanks!
  14. I use Starline brass, just got 500 more pieces from them 2 weeks ago, 2.4 grains of Trail Boss, and 100 grain RNFP cast bullet of which I got 1000 bullets 3 weeks ago from Badman Bullets. It's a nice load that all of my rifles and pistols like.
  15. My Winchester Legendary Frontiersman 38-55 loves .379 diameter bullets.
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