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  1. Stoeger....I have two that I have been using for 8 years now. Never had an issue with either of them.
  2. Very nice! My 20 gauge Stoeger slowly but surely has become my favorite SxS. Enjoy!
  3. Edna Mae, my load is as follows: Winchester brass, CCI LR primer, 30.0 grains of IMR4895 powder, 262 grain lead flat point with gas check .379" diameter, 2.50" OAL.
  4. I agree with Hoss, .375 seems small. If I were you I would slug the barrel before buying any bullet tips. Back about 10 years ago I bought a Winchester Legionary Frontiersman 1894 in a 38-55. I loaded up some .375 bullets and I couldn't hold a group to save my soul. Knowing the 38-55 had a few different bore diameters I called Winchester, and no matter what I said the guy insisted it was a .375 bore. I still think he was just using a CMA statement. Well I slugged the bore twice and both times it came out as .377. I loaded some .379 262 grain gas checked bullets and never looked back. It went from could barely hit a target at 100 yards to a great shooting gun. I won a couple of big bore shoots with it at my local club.
  5. What lines on the excel spreadsheet are you referring to?
  6. Thank you for posting the file!
  7. I will be shooting 45 ACP this weekend out of my Uberti 1873 Cattleman revolvers. I bought a pair of 45 ACP cylinders for them about 5 years or so ago so I can shoot 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, or 45 ACP in them. I have a bunch of 45 ACP ammo that I reloaded back in the day for steel challenge & 3 gun shoots as well as Wild Bunch. Every once in awhile I get them out, and now with the reloading component issues it gives me flexibility.
  8. I have one with choke tubes using Imp Cyl chokes in both barrels and I love it. I have a 12 gauge also, but I prefer the 20 gauge and shoot it the most. I load my own shotgun shells so ammo is not an issue.
  9. Would this be the same government state agency, and person who probably never shot a firearm in their life, who would tell you that you can bring in your semi auto M1 Garand with 8 shot clip, but your AR15 semi auto ASSAULT WEAPON can't be brought in even though we all know it's not an assault weapon?
  10. I believe your assessment it correct I believe your assessment is correct. There are a few states that I would never go hunting in, or to participate in a function in which I would have to take firearms into. New Jersey is one of them.
  11. I load 4.0 grains of TB with a 125 grain RNFP using a regular SP primer.
  12. I have one in a 45 Colt that runs like a champ. I bought a used one in a 357, running 38 Special for CAS, that I just could not get dialed in with cartridge OAL and I did not want to have to use 357 brass. I have seen some that ran flawlessly, and I have nothing bad to say about them, I just couldn't find the OAL sweet spot in the one I had.
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