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  1. I don't know why. I've been shooting for 10 years with stock firearms and can hold my own quite well with those who have slicked up hardware. I don't see any need for anymore shooting classes.
  2. After shooting a new one a couple of times to make sure it functions okay the first thing I did was to cut the auto safe bar back, and honed the chambers, so the warranty was voided anyway.
  3. I prefer Stoeger myself. I have two that I installed stainless steel firing pins in place of the stock pins and have been shooting them for 10 years without a problem. Baikal's never seem to fit me right for some reason.
  4. In the last week I bought 1K each of Federal SP & LP primers at my LGS for $89.99 per 1K. They had plenty of Federal, CCI & Remington on hand, and primers seem to becoming more available.
  5. In my opinion yes brass seals better. I personally do not use nickel brass. If I did it would only be in my pistols and never my rifles. I've had more past problems with 38 special nickel brass cracking almost along the whole length then I ever had with brass. If a case is going to crack and get stuck in a chamber I'd rather it be in my pistol. Just my opinion mind you......
  6. 1 - What press is good for reloading 12 gauge without breaking the bank? Between the two of us we probably shoot about 6 cases of shells a year. I'd go with a MEC 600 Jr. Simple to use and you can find them used for about $100 - $150. 2 - What is the best shot size for our sport? I currently use 7.5. 7.5 or 8 works fine 3 - What powder do you use? Do you load at the minimum end of the load specs? I use Extra Lite with a 3/4 or 7/8 oz. of shot at the minimum charge. 4 - What shell cases hold up best to reloading - how many times can you reload them? Rem STS or Win AA (old design) are what I use. I get around 5 reloads before I have to pitch them. 5 - Does the wad choice matter much? As long as the size is correct, is one better than the other for our sport? Can't beat Claybuster wads 6 - Does the primer brand matter or is any 209 acceptable? These days any 209 you can get will do, but I am seeing Cheddite primers a lot for sale lately. Finally, what are some good places to purchase the above supplies? Either your local gun store or shop around online.
  7. I saw the same thing recently at the Hamburg, PA Cabela's store, which I had not been to in a couple of years. Hardly anyone in the parking lot. The store was loaded with merchandise, except firearms, and what little they had on hand in pistols were all semi auto. However the good news was that they had more powder on hand that I had seen anywhere else in a while.
  8. The only '99 I have is in 250 Savage. Very nice shooting cartridge....
  9. When I was in my early teens I was gifted a Savage 99 take down in 300 Savage including the hard case that came with them back then. It wasn't "cool" enough for me so I traded it in on some bolt action rifle with a scope that I can't even remember the brand anymore. Sure wish I had that ol'99 takedown back..........
  10. Yesterday I stopped by a LGS to check out the new expanded reloading section of their shop. I was happy to see that they had a nice selection of CCI & Federal primers on hand in SP, SR, LP, LR. They also had Cheddite 209 shotgun primers at $62.99 a K. Although the powder selection was still on the light side it was a lot better than just 3 months ago. I picked up a thousand Federal SP primers at $89.99 a K, three times more than the last time I bought SP primers, but I guess that is the new norm. At least availability is beginning to look up.
  11. I've used TB powder with both a Lyman 55 & Hornady LnL powder measures for years and don't have a metering problem. Both give me a contant drop of +/- 1/10 of a grain and that is nothing to be concerned about in this sport.
  12. I had a MEC 9000G and a 650 Sizemaster over the years and got rid of both for the simple 600 JR. I have one in 12 gauge and one in 20 gauge that both serve me well. Bought each used for under $100.
  13. I have the same problem. I'm also interested in what comments you may get. Thanks for asking the question!
  14. My 12 gauge 3/4 oz loads run me about $5.72 a box with the latest component prices I paid. $6.00 a box for my 7/8 oz loads.
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