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  1. Any Stage official can call a "P"...the T.O. assigns the "P". Basically what I was meaning in my last sentence, just said a lot clearer by Phantom.
  2. First off all the clubs I shoot at have 3 spotters per shooter, not counting the TO, so you don't have a tie vote problem. Secondly as a TO my job is to run the timer, watch the shooter, watch the firearms, and count the rounds being fired. You can't do all that and watch targets too. After the shooter completes the stage I give the time. I let the 3 spotters determine hits and misses. If there is a P I get the explanation from the spotters and pass it along to the shooter.
  3. I've been using all sizes of CCI primers for 50 years. I can't recall ever having a failure to fire in an unmodified firearm. Yes they have a harder shell then other make primers, and that can be an issue in guns with light springs installed. I don't think your problem is the primers.
  4. Yeah I don't think I would like designated spots. We have a couple of people who like shooting first, but most would prefer not to, and we try and accommodate. However except for the two TO's we need to keep reasonably apart due to obvious reasons, the rest is the luck of the draw. After going through the order we ask if anyone needs to be moved due to a new shooter or sharing firearms. If not then the shooting order stands. If I went to a club where the club members shot first all the time and I was always at the end of the posse I probably wouldn't shoot there very much.
  5. I had the exact same problem as H.K. except my problem was chambering in the pistol. I was seating and crimping with the Lee seating die. I bought a Lee factory crimp die, set the seating die to just seat the bullet, and run the finished rounds throught the crimp die. It was an extra step, but it eliminated my problem. Before I put them away in the cartridge box I pull a pistol cylinder and check each one in to make sure they go in the cylinder all the way. Haven't had an issue with any since.
  6. If everybody helps we can get away with 13 in a posse. 15 is a good monthly size to shoot for. (pun intended)
  7. It has arrived, and my long alias fits nicely!
  8. Same here. Should be delivered today or tomorrow.
  9. Welcome Grahambino! Way to go Grandpa! Another year and I'll have a 12 year old grandson I hope to get shooting.
  10. 125 TC except for my Marlin's which prefer 125 RNFP
  11. In various calibers: Two Uberti 1873's Two Marlin 1894's 1892 Winchester Rossi 92 Browning 53 Two Winchester 94's Two Henry .22's Savage 99
  12. I think you need an FFL license to manufacture and sell ammunition. I won't reload for anyone as I don't want the liability. I simply tell anyone who asks me to do it, "you buy the components, I'll let you use my reloading equipment, and I'll show you how to reload. Then you can load your own." No one has ever taken me up on it though.
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