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  1. At our occasional Josey Wales matches the shooter usually has the choice on the 15 yard rifle targets to move up to a 5 yard marker, or shoot at them from the 15 yard starting line. I usually do the 15 yards. Haven't done a match longer than that.
  2. Could be that the brass is no longer soft and instead of expanding a contracting in the chamber when fired it just expands making extraction difficult. May want to not shoot anymore of them before one sticks and the head pulls off.
  3. I use 3.0 grains of Trail Boss, 125 or 130 grain FNCP or RNFP tips, crimped at the crimp groove and they work just fine.
  4. It's like everything else. A few calibers are popular with the majority, but that doesn't mean you can't be in the minority. Shoot what you feel like as long as it's SASS legal. Most people I know shoot 38/357 & 45 Colt. A few I know shoot 38/40 & 44/40. Although I have 38/357 & 45 Colt (along with 45 ACP conversion cylinders for them), my favorite guns are my 32-20's. If you like the 44 Special then I say GO FOR IT......
  5. Mine is shipping today..... thanks for the heads up!
  6. 1856 and I probably would have had a gunsmith shop.
  7. I have both an RCBS and a Hornady, and I prefer the Hornady for a small run of bullet removal. For a larger volume I prefer the kinetic bullet puller. If you use a standard single stage press shell holder, in place of those 3 triangles held together by an o-ring, and place the cartridge upside down in the puller, the cap screws on right over the shell holder. Easy in and easy out. Two good whacks and it is pulled, no marring of the bullet. Pour it out into a bowl and separate bullet from the powder later.
  8. I just received word today that my good friend Victor King, aka Rex Schofield, passed away after a two year battle with ALS. He was one of the first friends I made when I started cowboy action shooting. I will miss him dearly. Ride tall in the saddle my friend until we meet again.....
  9. Grandpa time is the way to go. My son does not fish, but I take the two grandsons, 9 & 7, trout and crappie fishing and they love it. Although my son shoots he doesn't go often so I take the boys shooting. We shoot semi autos and single action pistols, bolt action and lever action rifles. I introduce them to them all. They love shooting, especially my buckaroo class cowboy guns . Last fall I started taking the oldest one to cowboy shoots. He help pick up brass. Should have seen his face when we were all done and he received $52 in "tips".
  10. I have three, one 12 ga. and two 20 ga. all double triggers. The wife and I have been using them for about 10 years now without a problem.
  11. I've been using 45 ACP dies for years to load 45 Schofield.
  12. Wheww I'm just glad SASS doesn't use "cartridge, ball, caliber .30, Model of 1906" ammunition..............
  13. I highly recommend installing the Ranger Point Precision extractor in your Marlin. I have one in each of mine and it made a world of difference in both function and cycling smoothness.
  14. My two Marlins prefer 125 gr. round nose flat point bullets with an OAL of 1.380"
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