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  1. My original alias was PA (as in Pennsylvania) Dutchman. However people just called me "Pa" like I was their dad. That wasn't going to work so changed to my current alias and that took care of that problem.
  2. I changed mine once a long while back. Wasn't difficult. Called the SASS office, made the change, and paid the fee which I believe was $10 back then.
  3. Pistols only here also.....and even that is rare.
  4. Yes I have placed a couple of orders with him over the last two years. Quality work, good communications, good pricing. I recommend them.
  5. I don't see where it matters if it was a bonus target or not. Let's say it called for only 10 rifle and on shot #9 the firing pin broke and he could not fire round 10. He would have gotten a miss for target 10. In this case bonus or not it called for a rifle reload and firing at an 11th target. If he didn't fire at target 11 it's a miss.
  6. I use the fork method. Works well for me.
  7. Cleaning rod with Frog Lube on rifles & pistols, Hoppe's #9 on the shotgun.
  8. I hear you! The end of last March we had a gas fireplace insert installed which we ran for about 3 weeks and then shut it down for the summer. Beginning of September the hurricane remnant passed by with torrential rain with some water getting down the chimney which then shorted out the master control module. Had the tech department come out and they said they had none in stock, but had some on order. That was two months ago. Even online everyplace I could find the module was out of stock. It's getting colder out every passing day and all I have at the moment is a $4K fireplace ornament. I've never seen anything so wide spread like this in my time that's for sure.
  9. I shoot a Stoeger SxS 20 gauge or a 12 gauge Stoeger SxS. I take whichever one I feel like shooting that day. I reload both gauges, and use 7/8 oz. shot loads in each. Don't see a difference shooting wise. There are probably at least half a dozen shooters at one monthly match I go to that shoot 20 ga.
  10. I started this game using two Uberti 1860's that I put Kirst cylinders in. They worked great but it was kind of a pain loading & unloading them. As was stated above keep extra firing pins on hand as they will mushroom. Stainless steel pins are better. The only other issue I had was I had to watch my 45 Colt cartridge OAL as there isn't much length in the cylinder to spare. I ended up go to 45 Schofield ammo in it instead. They were fun to shoot though!
  11. I had an original 1892, 32-20, done by these folks about 5 years ago. They did a fantastic job! They are busy so expect to wait about 3-4 months until you get it back, but it's well worth the wait.
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