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  1. This happened to me yesterday, and quite frankly I don't know the answer. Stage called for 10 rifle, 10 pistol, 4 shotgun. I shot the rifle and moved to a window for the pistols. I shot 4 shots out of pistol #1 , holstered, and shot 5 out of pistol #2 and holstered. Moved to shotgun window and shot it. Was told I had a shot left in pistol #1 so I drew pistol #1 again and shot a pistol target. The call was a stage DQ for holstering pistol #1 with a round left in it and moving on to the shotgun, which I accepted, but some spotters claimed that since I holstered pistol #1 with the hammer on a fir
  2. My very first set of cowboy clothes were purchased at Goodwill for a total of $7. I bought a red dress shirt and removed the collar and pocket. I bought a pair of black pin stripped suit pants, removed the belt loops, and sewed on 4 buttons to hook up a set of red suspenders. Two weeks ago I picked up a pair of blank jeans at Walmart for $17.
  3. I have (3) double trigger Stoegers in both 12 & 20 gauge. One of the 20 gauges is a youth model that I got for the wife who is of a smaller stature. Fits her well and isn't too heavy for her. I reload so my light shotgun loads for both 12 & 20 are not a recoil problem, and she has never had an issue with felt recoil out of her 20 ga. I prefer the double trigger myself.
  4. I bought a pair of Heritage .22LR pistols about 3 years ago for $116 each. Shoot them in CAS matches 2-3 times a year. Will probably shoot them more this year with the ammo/component shortages. They always worked fine for me.
  5. I stay away from nickel plated brass myself especially in my rifle. I had more of the nickel brass split down the side then I ever had with regular brass cases. Just my preference....
  6. I wear mine often. There definately was a learning curve at the beginning in learning how to walk around wearing them. That was many years ago and no issues with them today.
  7. Now that I think about it there has been at least one new shooter at every match that I have shot so far this year. Had two new shooters just this past Sunday.
  8. Yep....I have to agree. If I spend the money for a firearm I intend to shoot it. Does me no good to hang onto it in the back of a safe for someone to sell it after I'm gone.
  9. I shot at a local club last fall that wanted to try a cowboy/wild bunch shoot in the same event. It was a disaster! First due to the different round counts between the two shooting styles each stage had two different senerios. Some stages also needed a target adjustment between the two styles. The cowboy group shot first then the wild bunch group. There was about 15+ shooters in each of the two groups, but only one posse. There were 6 stages total, and after about 5 1/2 hours to complete 5 stages I had enough and left. I would not shoot a combined event like that again. It's like trying to hol
  10. Not sure what the purpose is other than to ruin a good cowboy shirt.
  11. I have a set of the SASS Edition with consecutive serial numbers in 357 with 4 5/8" barrels.
  12. I started out shooting Wild Bunch and only needed a rifle so I purchased a Rossi in 45 Colt. After a year I decided to shoot cowboy so I got a pair of Uberti Cattleman Hombre's in 357 Mag.
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