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Is This True About Missouri?

Subdeacon Joe

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In the couple of years I've lived here, I would say YES!!!

Agreed. Having grown up there I suspect there may be a day or two left over


Works pretty good for Oklahoma and north Texas too.

Has happened more than once over a 7 day span in the past month or so.

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Here in central Iowa I remember an early spring day a few years ago:


I got up and used the leaf blower to clean out the gutters.

Took the composted stuff out of the bin and spread it on the garden.

Then raked some leaves and winter debris into a pile and put them in the empty compost bin.

Put the leaf blower and rake away and got out the lawn mower and did a quick mowing.

Put mower away and got out the garden tiller and tilled the compost into the garden.

Put tiller away and went in the house felt a chill in the air.

A little later it snowed so out came the snow blower and shovels.


In a 12 hr period I had used every lawn and garden machine that I own.

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happens in Colorado all the time

Snowuse! Along the Front Range (Ft. Collins to Pueblo at least) you can get 10-inches of snow one day and be out there trying to shovel it off the next day...wearing shorts and sweating at 60 degrees F.! :o Or visa versa! The weather forecasts can be so accurate you can wind up shoveling a foot of "partly cloudy" off the front walk! :P

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Lots of places can do that, Joe. Southern California may be an exception.



that's why people like living here--it is a big state, and we have all four seasons, all year, every week, somewhere.


hey, even Hawai'i has snow.

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Heck, it's doing that here now in North Texas. Tuesday was 73, bright and sunny. Beautiful day. Today it's 32, and raining. I think it's supposed to freeze sometime soon. Had everything in between. I think it snowed sometime last week.

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Joe needs to get out of that temperate climate more often. :)



I grew up was raised in N. San Diego County, been up in Sonoma Co. since about '85 (with 3 years in Lake Co.). Down south I've seen hail, rain, snow (didn't stick), in the morning, then sunny and in the low 90s mid-afternoon. That was out in the Anza-Borrego area.


Up here I've seen about the same.

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One thing about Missouri that I don't think exist in any other state. I live out in the country by Warsaw, Mo. where Warsaw holds the record high and low temperature for the state. On 2/13/1905 it was -40 in Warsaw. On 7/14/1954 it was 118 in Warsaw. Both state records.

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Well, I guess is a matter of opinion.


If it is an unusally warn day in the winter, it's an Obama kind of day, "Global Climate Change aka Global Warming".

If it is an unusally cold day in the winter, it's a Trump kind of day, "See I told you, no such thing as Global Warming".


Were the snows really deeper when we were kids? Or, were we just shorter when the snow was half way up to our butts? :D


Hasta Luego, Keystone

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Alabama is close. We had all 4 seasons in 8 days several years ago- 80 degree temps, hail, tornadoes and a couple inches of snow- in that order.


The joke around here that we tell the transplants is that if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes because it will change.

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