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  1. That ain't the one that you carry in your shirt pocket, is it, Mark?
  2. Maybe he read Louis L'Amour westerns growing up.
  3. For the rest of the country it is! There's times where the idea of building that border wall along the crest of the Sierras instead of the Mexican border has a certain appeal.
  4. Mount the clamp in the same spots every time. I only use one guide rod- which I have "adjusted" to be bent 90 degrees. I move it between the hones and lay both the rod and the hone on a flat surface (stone up) with the set screw loose to make sure they are aligned before cinching the set screw down. That should keep the geometry consistent enough through the entire process. That keep me from removing steel that doesn't need to be removed and concentrating on the job at hand. Work one side of the edge for a set number of strokes, flip to the other side and repeat. The idea is to grind down until there's a thin 'wire' or burr of steel on the side of the edge not in contact with the stone and to work it back and forth until there's a sharp edge on the body of the knife. When edge building with coarse stones, I work in groups of 50 strokes. Once the edge is established, I do 20-25 strokes on each side with a medium stone until I'm satisfied with the sharpness. Heavy use blades stop here. Fine and Extra-Fine hones are for refining or perfecting a fine, razor sharp edge that is overkill of rough use and usually too delicate for prolonged rough use. Most knives don't need sharpening, they just need burnishing. When you use a blade, the microscopic edge bends to one side. Burnishing straightens the edge. For fine edges, I use a leather strop to burnish. Coarser edges get ran over by a chef's steel regularly. The direction of the burnish is immaterial. You straighten the edge just as well dragging the blade down the burnisher going away from the edge as you do going edge towards you.
  5. He's no more a liberal nor a Democrat than I am. Liberals are folks like Alan Dershowitz- patriotic Americans that disagree on policy or approach. As for the Democratic Party, it's been usurped by radical Leftists, all out Socialists, anarchists looking for a chance to tear things up for the sake of tearing things up and elitists like himself that think being a Democrat or a Leftist is simply a vehicle to them taking, and holding, power over those that they feel are beneath them (sometimes referred to as 'Limousine Leftists').
  6. I missed my TV by about 2 inches. It went through the gap between the TV and the side wall of the entertainment center and left a mark on the wall behind it. I've always said that I'd rather be lucky than good.
  7. That Deluxe 5 Hone Lansky system that Pat linked to is basically what I use- except I put mine together myself using their standard 3 stone kit as a base (adding an Extra Fine Ceramic) and I got a Coarse Serrated hone for my half serrated blades instead of the Extra Coarse. If I was to build one from scratch again, I think that I'd swap the standard Coarse for the Coarse Diamond. The Diamond hones seem to move steel faster and that's handy at the beginning of rebuilding an edge from scratch.
  8. They did away with the mag cut off in the early war variants of the No.1MkIII. By the time the No1MkIIIā˜† was introduced, it was gone.
  9. You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. You CAN'T pick your friend's nose. There are lines that can't be crossed.
  10. Yeah, in Lahore, Mombasa or Aswan. There's GOT to be a story behind it, I'm not sure that I want all of the details, though.
  11. Don't forget all of those diesel powered ships at the ports and those nasty trucks that's always moving to and from the ports. Gotta do away with them, too. Oh! And the diesel fueled farming equipment, too. And cows- they fart out too much methane.
  12. If they is protected, then their bodyguards ought to know to keep them from messing with a fella's youngun or interrupting a family meal like that.
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