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  1. My bet is that he was trying to hide from the cops and got stuck. Decision making isn't a meth head's strong suit. Can you imagine having to clean the back seat of the cruiser after he gets transported to jail? I'd be tempted to have him sent to the hospital for a 'health care check' (there's no telling what's living in that "water" he's sitting in) before he's processed into the jail.
  2. I've seen some video clips of Reeves and Halle Berry getting run through their paces and they weren't playing around. Chris Pine (the new Capt Kirk) ain't too shabby running and gunning either. Heck, even Markie Mark Walberg did a pretty good job in his Bob Lee Swagger movie (like his jam clearing on an M4 while on the run at one point in the movie).
  3. gee-whiz gadget. Somebody thinks they are faster than they are physically capable of being and falls back on looking for tricks or gimmicks in the equipment to make up their lacks. It's like the whole coning shotgun shells fad that swept though the wannabe fast 20 years ago. Or, for that matter, why we had to adopt a power factor (even the pitiful excuse of one that we have).
  4. Why? So they can underestimate you? The Gluck doesn't fit my hand- every time I pick one up it's pointed in a new and different direction. Besides, a 5.5 pound trigger pull with no safety is a ND waiting for a place to happen- and, to me, that little doohickie on the trigger just don't count. I've been trolled by enough acolytes of the Church of St Gaston the De-vine (misspelling intentional for sarcastic impact) that I take a great deal of pleasure giving some back.
  5. Don't do horror movies. Based on some of the nightmares that I've had, my imagination doesn't need any suggestions to be able to wake me up in a cold sweat.
  6. A scrap piece of 2x12 (it's about 12x14) for a base and used brick for a wheel chock stays in the truck. The brick is just throwed in the bed since it ain't like somebody's going to steal an old used brick while the 2x12 is in the bottom of the tool box under the tool bags to keep it from rotting away. There's also an old shower curtain liner in a ziplock bag on the passenger's side of the toolbox, too. I've only changed 1 tire in the last 35 years in a parking lot when it was bright and sunny. That heavy plastic shower curtain liner is handy to have when it's pouring the rain down and you're on your knees in the red mud on the side of the road trying to change a tire (which never happens when you're wearing work clothes, only when you're dressed nice) and it's big enough to keep you relatively (or at least out of most of the mud) if you have to lay down and work underneath the truck for some reason.
  7. That's why the Legion marches last in the Bastille Day Parade.
  8. Just what does an elephant (like ya'lls mascot, Big AL) have to do with the ocean?
  9. Yeah, I know. Why do you think I brought up Hank? P.S. Thank you, but, no, we don't need an extra idiot- even if he is extra idiotic. The last time I heard, windowlicker (apologies to all of the windowlickers out there that feel insulted by his inclusion in their ranks) that thought killing 100 year old live oaks because somebody taped a jersey onto a statue was a good idea still lives in the state. I still think that he should have had to work for the University's grounds keeping for a quarter an hour until he paid the whole fine and restitution in full. Last I heard, he'd only paid a couple a hundred dollars.
  10. Gig'em Aggies! War Eagle! All you folks that keep thinking that the state of Alabama is so backwards might want to look into the history of the city of Huntsville. The state of Alabama had a LOT to do with little things like putting man on the moon. The running joke amongst the AeroSpace Engineering program at Auburn back in the '80's was that the space shuttle should have been painted orange and blue instead of black and white because of all of the Auburn grads involved in the program. Not to mention the half a dozen graduates that have been astronauts. Not too bad for a bunch of back'ard rednecks, huh? Bob, I'd be careful about casting aspersions at your neighbors to the west. Ain't Hank Johnson- the House Rep that worried about Guam tipping over and said so in a committee hearing- still representing a GA district?
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