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  1. The ones that bug me the most are the folks that slow down when there's on coming traffic, too. Got stuck behind a guy once that dropped 10mph every time he had to go by another vehicle. Didn't matter if it was on coming and moving or parked near the road. There was a dozen cars stuck behind him in under 5 miles- and I got to be the first one behind him. Then, he had to drive between a parked car and a moving one.
  2. Meanwhile, somewhere in Australia.....
  3. We have similar signs- except it's in miles or feet- that means the same thing. I do love getting stuck behind the goobers that drive 15mph under through the curves or up a hill but do 10 over in the passing zones on the straightaways.
  4. Depends on how big they are and how spicy. Could be red hots or hot links. (Hmmmm, hot links with a little mustard and, maybe, some sauerkraut on a fresh bun.)
  5. I'm not gonna make fun of you for fried pineapple. I'm from Alabama- we can, have and will fry anything. And I love pineapple- as long as it's not on a pizza.
  6. Doesn't that violate some of the Non Proliferation treaties for weapons of mass destruction?
  7. Never had it with the shoestring style cut but just sliced thin and fried is a definite yes.
  8. You left out "Les". As in hopeless, mindless, brainless, useless, ....
  9. Katie the Cow started out in front of a local company called Kinnett Dairies (KD, hence the name). They bottled milk, made ice cream, etc... when she was put up 55-60 years ago, it was out past the edge of town on GA Highway 85 and was a landmark showing that you were almost in Columbus. Fast forward a few decades and Kinnett Dairies is in the middle of town and right beside the then new mall and the local airport right at an interstate exit. Kinnett went out of business, the building was torn down and retail spaces built but the plan to do away with the cow was met with local resistance, so Katie stayed where she was in the new Best Buy's parking lot- to the confusion of countless visitors to the town. For a while, she was joined by a mysterious calf statue that was about 6 feet tall which just appeared on night. When it was stolen a few years later, the rumors of lynch mobs and vigilence committees made the calf reappear behind the dumpster at a McDonalds in short order. Recently, retail has moved further out and there's been vandalism on Katie, so she was moved downtown.
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