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  1. I like, "(insert your local county here) County Coroner's Office, how may I direct your call?", done in a business like tone of voice and slightly hurried- like I've said it thousands of times. Hearing a gasp and a dial tone is quite common. "Cold Shot Beer and Billiards, Eight Ball speakin', may I he'p you?", with my heavy country-Southern accent exaggerated slightly, gets the same reaction but not nearly as often. Note: Playing heavy blues or Southern Rock loudly in the background seems to help sell it.
  2. If you are having breakfast with the President in the White House, I have a sneaking feeling that Count Chocula isn't going to be on the menu. I drink it from the bowl. To pour it out is wasteful and I was raised not to waste food.
  3. Like I said.... That's too much dog to be allowing him to snap at food like that. That should have been taken care of when he was a puppy. Even if the dog is as big of a baby as it appears to be in the video, them jaws are still bulldog strong.
  4. Somebody needs to give the dog some training That's too much dog to allow him to be snapping at food like that.
  5. All I got to say is, "Yes, ma'am."
  6. A Brazilian Navy contract 1917 Smith that had been converted to .45Colt. Paid $250 out the door for it from a LGS. About a month later, I picked up a 4" (not 4 3/4") Uberti Regulator in .45 Colt from the same place. I still use that one for CAS.
  7. Do you know how hard it is to find yoga pants in Medium, Extra Husky, Tall?
  8. I doubt that's gonna happen. That's about the LAST place she'd wanna go.
  9. Great!! Now they will have more room for golf clubs and overpriced yoga pants!
  10. After further investigation, it was discovered that the Apache in question was only 1/1024th American Indian.
  11. It'll be a trial but I think we're ready. I'm picking up the gallon of milk today on the way home from work and will get the loaf of bread Thursday evening.
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