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  1. I like the folks that tell you that it's policy. That's when I explain that not giving out my Social Security Number to ANYONE that I don't have to is MY policy.
  2. If it wasn't for their government contracts, they would. Coppering their bets on the next election, maybe?
  3. .... That's when I laughed, Officer, and the fight started.
  4. My thoughts exactly. If the Saudis want to stick it in with the Iranians, then we need to back their play but it really needs to be them and folks like the Emiratis taking the lead. Iran is hurting and working the long game is to our benefit. The ayatollahs need an enemy to rally the people before they end up getting a Gaddafi pulled on them. Who qualifies as an enemy to rally around more the The Great Satan Itself?
  5. They are ran by a newspaper in Tampa and are known and proven to be biased against conservatives. Their 'experts' that render such judgements are actually career regional news scribblers that are given a soapbox on the internet by their bosses.
  6. I was considering posting a pic of this one but it needs a set of pearls to complete the look.
  7. They are using a lexicon that uses words from English but have different meanings. For example, 'free speech' means that you get to agree with them. 'Hate speech' means that you don't agree with them.
  8. Never. I saw what that Colt revolving rifle did to Bull's arm in that John Wayne movie.
  9. Why would the American Left have American flags on the stage at a debate between their potential candidates when they have a globalist agenda and don't have a patriotic or nationalistic bone in their collective bodies? I would have been surprised if they were present.
  10. Bottom feeders are a passing fad. Just like smokeless powder. Besides, some of those bottom feeder fanatics are just plain creepy.
  11. And just to mess with you, let me point out that the rules of inheritance of titles vary from country to country, too.
  12. Running water inside the house, electric, the mail man comes by at least twice a week AND a paved road. Like I said, the UPTOWN district.
  13. Not those of us that live in the Uptown district of the Greater Smiths Station Metroplex! They even paved our road a few years back.
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