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  1. Their (mis)use on firearms by kitchen table gunsmiths is why the President of Dremel should get a Christmas card from every gunsmith in America every year. Personally, I have learned to ban Dremels and guns from being in the same room. It's a LOT less costly that way.
  2. You must deal with a lot of Texans. Because it ought to be according to them.
  3. And folks think that I'm just being funny when I answer the phone with "**** County Coroner's Office, how may I direct your call?" delivered in a bored business tone like I say it a thousand times a day if I have the urge to answer an unknown number. Gasps and dial tones are not unusual.
  4. I'd mash them flat-ish and cook'em in a skillet. Been there, done that. It ain't as good as biscuits but it beats no bread at all.
  5. Them's pronouncicated Hey-zeus, Muh-EE-uh and Gee-hoss-o-fat, right?
  6. The Gutenberg Project Australia has a lot of old fiction in ebook format for free. I just finished King Solomon's Mines along with picking up a bunch of Robert E Howard short stories.
  7. It's one of his kids (son?) and a professional sci-fi writer. Reading them was like looking at a xerox of a xerox of a copy of a painting. The basic shapes are all familiar but the details that make the original special were missing.
  8. Agreed. You could make multiple movies from the original book and still have to leave out a whole lot.
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