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  1. The problem isn't with them, it's with their clientele. To stay in business, they have to cater to folks that think Taco Smell is Mexican food. Why do you think so many places have lettuce, tomato and sour cream with their tacos? I see a lot of places that start out authentic and turn bland and tastless when they start getting popular.
  2. I've had molcajete- or at least something that they called molcajete.. Flank steak (beef fajita meat), chicken, chorizo and shrimp served in a stone mortar (hence it's name) with a piece of grilled cactus. Throw in some beans rice and tortillas and go to town. I don't do tripe or organ meat but well prepared (undercooked, it has a mushy feel and overcooked is like bits of plastic) tongue is pretty good.
  3. Fajitas come from Texas, Houston if I remember correctly. I really enjoy authentic Mexican food. Unfortunately, it's hard to find the real deal in the state with the lowest Latino population in the country. I find it in the little markets and it's usually literally a hole in the wall with a counter to order through and a few tables and chairs. I'm normally the only Anglo in the place. The good news is that most of the places also serve regional favorites from back home like campecheno, deshebrada and machaca along with the standard fare. One place is ran by folks from Baja and has an amazing selection of seafood dishes while another is owned by folks from southern Mexico and those dishes are completely different from the northern Mexico or Tex-Mex fare.
  4. Guy got into a low speed chase down near Key West several years ago on a stole backhoe that blocked the bridge into town. A bunch of folks online were talking smack about how bad Southern drivers were- until a follow up to the initial article stated that his Wisconsin driver's license had already been revoked. My answer was 'Snow bird' and got a big laugh from the South Florida folks on the site. That's one of the thing that makes Flori-duh so special. Not only do you have to deal with the home grown, local crazies but they also import them, in mass quantities at certain times of the year like right now, from all over the world, too.
  5. Mary Ann. Good lookin' and she can cook, too.
  6. Lemme guess. They caught it on a RatLtrap on a private lake, right? Anybody that was stationed at Benning and watched Sportman's Lodge on the local CBS affiliate will recognize the reference. That was the stock answer for any big fish caught in the weekly contests.
  7. Not really. He's a stray that wandered up as a puppy that was starving and some... person (since this is a family forum) has put a cat collar on him. I cut the collar off of him with my pocket knife and he ended up trying to crawl into the coffee can I use to scoop dry food out of the bag when I tried to feed him. Since he was a pup, I can guessimate his age. The same with his slightly older predecessor who died about a year ago. HE wandered up as a pup the day of my Mom's funeral with a piece of electrical wire grown into his neck that some... person was using as a tie out.
  8. Thought it was because it was so hard to find a hat big enough to to cover that big head.
  9. I'm stealing that one! So when do you think the grassroots movement to replace Saban will start? Ya'll lost twice this year and we all know Alabama fans can't deal with that.
  10. Auburn-Alabama isn't a football rivalry. It's a way of life that culminates one Saturday in November. I read the state described as being inhabited by 2 mutually hostile tribes that are hopelessly intermingled. Their chess clubs could meet in a tournament and there would be ill feelings. Many a man is sleeping on his couch tonight- either because his team won or her team won and he wants to sleep in peace.
  11. Don't worry, BG. You guys will be ready for us at Bryant-Denny next year. That missed 29 yarder kind of haunts, doesn't it?
  12. Kinda like back in the day and making Sata- I mean- Spurrier throw his visor, ain't it?
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