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  1. Sounds like most of my family tree. Gotta great great great grandpa (or something like that) that was put on trial for shooting 3 men. He caught them raiding his liquor cache. He wasn't convicted. The Texas branch of the family was started by a great, great uncle that had gotten caught bootlegging, had been convicted and sent to prison. Once he got, out the Revenuers kept a close eye on him because they knew that he had some caches that they hadn't got when he was sent to prison and they wanted to catch him with it so they could send him back. One night, he came home with a pocket full of money, loaded the family into the car with nothing but a change of clothes each and a basket of fired chicken and left town. About a month later, my great grandma gotta post card from Dallas with his new address.
  2. If you throw a rock amongsts a pack of dogs, how do you know which one you hit? He's the one that hollers!
  3. See? That's why I don't like convertibles. Look at all the pics of old farts sitting in somebody's ragtop. (Especially the one that Hardpan posted. That one looks creepy.) Where I come from, crawling into feller's ride like that is a great way to get curb stomped- if not shot!
  4. Because they are nutters that nobody is willing to say, "That boy's crazy," and do something about it and/or the government agencies that find out he's a nut just say, 'He's a kid, he'll grow out of it,' and ignore the problem. Same thing happened in Florida with the Parkland school shooting and the guy that shot folks in the church in Texas- the first one- was kicked out of the Air Force for domestic abuse. The USAF didn't report it to the Feds, so he was able to legally buy guns. He couldn't get a concealed carry permit in Texas because his discharge from the Air Force wasn't an honorable one. 'Warning signs' don't do a bit of good if you don't heed them. By the way, he legally purchased the guns he used because there was nothing in the system that said that he shouldn't be able to.
  5. I prefer to refer to Tuesday as 'Second Monday'. More often than not, that's more accurate.
  6. Lots of folks don't use marinas to buy their fuel because they trailer their boats and keep them at home. Some local gas stations have taken to advertising non-ethanol gas specifically to draw in the boating and fishing crowd. Closer you get to a boat ramp, the bigger the signs are.
  7. Oh, and I'm not a big coffee drinker. Usually just one cup right when I get up.
  8. I thought that was only 3 moods. Frustration, anger and the undying thirst for revenge. But I have been known to be wrong on occasion.
  9. There ain't enough money in the world to get me to wear a diaper, suspenders and a pair of dragoon boots.
  10. South of the Border on I-95? Across the street from Fudruckers in Panama City?
  11. Medium well, actually. That's a light line of pink in the center with the juices running clear with, maybe, a tinge of pink to it. It's done enough that it's killed any bacteria on the outside and parasites inside yet still moist. Contrary to popular belief, there actually are levels of doneness of steaks that are between bleeding and still twitching and burnt to shoe leather.
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