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  1. I've seen folks using a rolling thing that is made for picking up pecans that seems to work, too. Overall, Bob's right- although a Girl Scout will do in a pinch.
  2. The only test I've ever had to get a concealed carry permit in Alabama was when the lady I handed my $20 bill to held it up to the light to check the watermark and the security stripe on the bill. Before they went to an electronic process, getting a permit took about a week for them to run the background check and renewals- Alabama permits had to be renewed annually until very recently- meant going down to the Sheriff's office and waiting in line. My shortest time was 20 minutes from when I got out of the truck until I got back in on a renewal (there was nobody in line that time) w
  3. I've never understood why menfolk want to give a woman that's never shot a 2" J-Frame. The things are hard to handle because they are so small, kick hard, have too short a barrel to generate any velocity and the sight radius is so tiny that they are nearly impossible to shoot accurately. They are a trial for larger and more experienced shooters to run well, fast and accurately. The whole 'little gun for a little woman' thing gets carried too far when the results is setting somebody up for failure by making the process of shooting as uncomfortable and hard as it can be
  4. It's supposed to all the way down to the low 60's tomorrow (it was in the low 70's today) with up to 1/4" of rain. I think I might wear a long sleeve shirt tomorrow.
  5. They sure are. She sounds like the type that would move in down wind of a feed lot and start complaining about the smell.
  6. A man has no more business picking out a gun for a woman than he does picking out her shoes, handbags or clothes. A 'woman's gun' is the gun that a woman shoots best. I've seen women that could shoot unbelievably well with everything from an I-Frame Smith .32 to a 1911 and a 4" Colt Python.
  7. Nope, gotta disagree. Nazis are a stain on humanity. I really enjoy hearing about the 90 year old camp guards that get their American citizenship revoked and they are deported back to Europe. I think it's a shame that they usually don't get tried for their crimes and it's doubly a shame that they don't end up doing a Newgate Hornpipe or end up stood against a wall. Yeah, they are old men and that's a shame, too. We should have caught them earlier. IF you ever catch yourself felling sorry for them, remember the millions of men women and children that did
  8. Didn't you see The Incredibles? Never wear a cape.
  9. Hot? It's barely been in the 80's so far this year. It hasn't been hot yet. It's barely been 'warm'. By August, you'll look back at the recent temps fondly. Besides, it's not the heat that gets you in the Deep South, it's the humidity. 90 degrees with a heat index of 116 (been there seen that regularly over the last few summers) is not the same as 116 in the deserts of Arizona. In the South when the heat index is that high, all you can do is wish you could wring the moisture out of your clothes and your own hide. And breathing? You need to cut a piece
  10. On the bright side, at least whoever was chasing you didn't catch you. They were persistent, though, if they followed you for 3 whole miles.
  11. 19 and months, right? How many months is privileged information and none of anyone's business. We went to church with the lady that lived across the street, so I had the pleasure of being invited to her 60th Annual 19th Birthday Party.
  12. The title of this thread just proves why you fit in so well around here.
  13. Maybe an outbreak when the local PD is scheduled to provide security for her next speaking engagement? Then again, she's Hamas' representative in the US House, so I'm sure they would be more than happy to provide her with security.
  14. Or used car salesmen or late night infomercial pitchmen, or ....
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