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  1. A bit of Alabama blood's in that ground, too. Ever hear of the Mobile Grays? They served under Fannin's command and lost 30 men at Goliad. And where was Col. Travis raised?
  2. If Warren can claim to be an Indian all of her life when the last American Indian that slipped into her family tree did so some time around the War of Independence, then D can be African-American.
  3. The proper portion of bacon is all the bacon available.
  4. The meaning of playing it would be wasted, 40. Nobody teaches history in school any more, remember?
  5. The 2 best bits of advice in the Star Wars Universe. Never do business with a Hutt. Let the Wookie win.
  6. Last I hear, skunks and raccoons are two of the most common carriers of rabies.
  7. Yes, yes, I would. Somebody ran over one on US 27 just south of Pine Mountain several months ago. It took over 2 months of rain to wash the stink off the asphalt at that spot. For the first two or three weeks, you held your breath driving by the spot.
  8. It's the deflecting accusation of choice in some crowds. The charge is serious enough that it can't be ignored and, if you are defending yourself from such a serious accusation, then you aren't attacking their stance on another issue. As you noted, the problem is that the impact is cheapened with overuse. Have you noted the overuse of the Nazi and Fascist accusations as well? Of course, we are dealing with Leftists here and their definitions of 'Nazi' and 'Fascist' don't match up with the one that everybody else uses.
  9. MMA light heavy weight champ Jon Jones stopped 2 skinny white kids from tagging graffiti on a store front in Albuquerque Saturday night. Odd how quickly they gave up the spray paint cans to a 200+ pound angry black man willing to stand up to them.
  10. There you go trying to inject reality into Creepy Uncle Shotgun Joe's thought process! Talk about cheating!
  11. No. Besides, all beef is plant based. There's just an extra, completely organic step the fake meat producers are leaving out.
  12. This is coming from the same jenius (misspelled intentionally for increased sarcastic impact) that suggested shooting through doors and firing warning shots into the air. In his defense, his senility isn't helping much. On the other hand, he didn't have that many faculties to lose to begin with. Dom, Why do you think that the Leftists are being so picky about choosing their VP candidate? They figure to declare Creepy Uncle Shotgun Joe incompetent and replace him with the VP.
  13. Around 6 or 7. Winchester did custom orders. If you were willing to pay for it, they'd make it the way you wanted it. Barrels 14 to 30+ inches, half, 3/4 or full mag tubes, etc... Then there were the One of One Hundred and One of One Thousand guns that were available. Shot with a guy in the late '90's that had an original '73- 28" rifle with a full length mag tube in .38WCF.
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