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  1. That's why I took the time and put forth the money and effort to test the loads that I was interested in using for home defense through the 1100 before I made a final decision. I even patterned them at a distance slightly longer than the longest shot I could possibly have and chose what functioned reliably and patterned the best. Having 8 #1 Buck in the gun with a full reload (and a pair of 1oz slugs handy just in case) beats a 2 shooter with a sleeve holding a half a dozen more on the butt.
  2. I've always been partial to walnut but some of the front stuffers I've seen with the curly or tiger maple stocks looked cool.
  3. If shooting from a bench, I just put a cardboard box on the right hand side of me, with the opening facing me and a couple boxes of live ammo in the bottom to hold it in place.
  4. What do you shoot well? Out of what you shoot well, what can you hide? Carry that one. Guns ain't magic talismans. Their mere presence isn't going to save you in a self defense situation. You've gotta be able to make hits because you will be held accountable for every round that goes down range. If you can't shoot and make hits with it, then how easy it is to hide or carry is a moot point. Sounds like you need to hook up with your local CAS friends or rent some guns at a range and see what works for you and what doesn't. As for where and how
  5. The weatherman was wrong today! It hit 75, not a mere 72. With the south wind, it was quite pleasurable.
  6. Fine photo, Bob. He looks downright.... tasty.
  7. Based on Pat's comment about being seen and spooking the fish and what you're wearing, I take it that ice fishing is really more like hunting? Do you use clubs? (One would think that ice fish would be frozen and wouldn't put up much fight. Besides, I've seen folk using clubs on gar.) Does it have a gun season? And what does one use as bait for an ice fish? Heck, how does one clean them? Fillet knives are too flexible to be effective against ice. Instead of a scaler or a pocket knife, can you use a scraper like you use to clean frost off of your windows?
  8. The roommate I had my first year away from home heard the safety snick off on my pistol one night. He worked 3rd shift and came home for 'lunch' about 3AM. Instead of talking to me until I said something back like he was supposed to, he 'tried to let me sleep'. That, naturally, woke me up and made me wonder just who was rummaging around in the kitchen/living room. When I came around the corner of the hall, I flicked the safety off and he said that when he looked up to see what the sound was that all he could see was a muzzle big enough to back a truck into and my eye over the s
  9. I use a Remington 1100. I'm not a shotgunner and didn't grow up using pumps guns for hunting. Odd how carrying Condition 3 is bad but Condition 3 on a shotgun so there's a need to rack the pump is good. Either way, you are intentionally setting out to have to do some additional fiddling with the gun before you can use it.
  10. I live in the Deep South. It's supposed to be 72 tomorrow.
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