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  1. Prayers up for a complete recovery.
  2. The real tragic part of this story is the people who were renting the house she crashed into. They lost everything when it burned down. What about sympathy for them and giving them aid............
  3. Not just Aussies, my friend..........
  4. Yes Vin was a class act. He was an incredible person and will be greatly missed. Bless you for all you did for the Dodgers, Mr. Scully. We will miss you.
  5. We shopped at them a few times while in St Louis. Their prices were pretty good and selection was fair. Quality was OK. Make sure you take a good look at something before you buy. They happened to be a bit out of the way for us so we tended to stick with HD and Lowes, as they were literally around the corner and across the road from each other.
  6. Wonderful, UB. Thank you!!
  7. Allie would be so proud - rescued cat saves family. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/hero-cat-mississippi-prevent-robbery-saved-man-life
  8. Rest in peace, sir. You will be greatly missed.
  9. I have found another coffee I like even better. It's veteran owned AND supports firefighters. I can get behind all of that. Fire Department Coffee
  10. Norco is not in Los Angeles or Los Angeles County. It's in Riverside County. One of the last remaining pieces of the "old west". BTW - Norco is home to The Cowboys, the first SASS club.
  11. Actually no. I believe it's so you will have to return to the dealership for service when something goes wrong, like your dead battery. That's also why companies like John Deere have proprietary software running their machines. A non-Deere shop won't have access to the codes so they can't help you when you break down. It's another way for the manufacturer to make money after selling you the item, whether it's a car, tractor, lawnmower etc.
  12. Wonderful. Thank you, UB. Wise words to live by for sure.
  13. Very sorry to hear this. Prayers up for Big Jake and his family.
  14. Wonderful!!! Yes I agree, the country needs more of both of them.
  15. Congratulations!! Wishing you many more days like this.
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