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  1. I just returned from a week in Cali. I restrained myself to eating there only once. Enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. Well, it's looking like this dude is a bust. Good for us.
  3. I use it on my hands as well as knees, hips and on rare occasions lower back. As I said before, it works well on the occasions I use it.
  4. I use the topical form for pain relief when I'm having a severe Sjogrens episode. I have also learned never to use more than the dosing directions because of the side effects. I don't use it on a daily basis, only when the pain gets really bad. It has given me the relief I needed when I used it.
  5. Calamity and Abigail continued to chat until the air was pierced with gunfire. The ladies paused and turned to each other as if to say what just happened. They both gathered their skirts and made their way to the door. Once outside, they saw the five men lying motionless with Ben and Linn, accompanied by another man they didn't know, surveying the situation. Abby was about to launch off the porch to check on Ben's well being when Calamity grabbed her arm. "It may not be safe to go over there quite yet. I would wait until Ben or Linn give you the all clear." Abby would have none of it. "I need to make sure Ben is alright" Abby cried tugging at Calamity's grip. Calamity being equally as stubborn refused to release her friend. "Please Abby. Stay here. It's for your own good." Ben heard the ladies talk and looking at Calamity stated, "It's OK Calamity". "You can let her go". Calamity released Abby who rushed across the street to Ben. Burying her head in his shoulder she cried "are you OK?". "We heard the shots. I was so worried". Ben nodded and patted Abby on the back. "Yes I'm fine, dear. Just fine."
  6. Bless him for bringing her comfort in her last moments on this earth.
  7. I worked with a Chinese gentleman born and raised in Trinidad. The first time he spoke, it made you look twice at him.
  8. I have an S&W 617 6" I use for Cowboy training purposes. Works quite well for me. 10 shots means I reload a little less often.
  9. When Calamity heard the bells of the front door chime, she rushed from the back of her shop to see who had entered. She was greeted by Abigail's sweet smile. "My dear, it is so good to see you" Calamity cried with her arms outstretched. "Give me a hug, dear, It's been way too long." As they embraced, Calamity whispered, "way too long". When they separated, Calamity said, "please come sit and have some tea with me, We'll catch up on everything". Abigail said, "well I'm not sure I have that much time. Ben had some business to attend to in town and dropped me off here to do some shopping." "Well alright then, what can I help you with, " Calamity stated as she motioned towards the big chair in the corner. Abigail started looking out the window as if in a dream, "I would like a green cotton dress with pretty little flowers, maybe white and blue. Just a simple cotton, nothing fancy, just a simple green dress," "That sounds lovely and would go well with your hair and eyes." Calamity whispered. "Let me see what I can find. You just sit there and I'll bring the fabrics for you to look at. I have a pretty green that just came in I think would be just what you are looking for." Calamity scurried off to the shelves where the bolts of fabric are kept, She located the new green one as well as a couple of others Abigail might fancy and brought them over. "These are the finest green cottons I have in my shop. Which one do you fancy?" The first was a meadow green. It had golden ribbons running through it and small bouquets of pink flowers tied by ribbons scattered about it. The second was lighter than the first. It had small individual red peonies and blue and purple snapdragons lined up in almost a stripe pattern. The third, well it was the finest. A very deep emerald green that almost looked like velvet. The floral stems were so life like they looked as though they were picked from the field and sewn directly on the fabric. "Oh my, that is truly beautiful fabric" Abigail exclaimed when she set eyes on the emerald fabric. "Yes it is really lovely, and would look exquisite on you" Calamity stated. "Is the emerald on your choice then? I have a lovely hat that will go with it or I could make you a matching bonnet. Your choice." "Oh yes," sighed Abigail "I'll take the emerald one." "Well then, let's get you measured for this fine emerald dress." Calamity knew Ben and Abigail had financial problems and owed the bank some money. Mr. Cushman's wife made it a point to make everyone's business known around town. It made her feel big, I guess. She wondered where Abigail came into the money for a new dress but being a friend, Calamity knew not to ask. Abigail would divulge, if she wished, in due time. If not, it was none of Calamity's business anyway.
  10. The two couples in the lanes next to us were having a friendly competition on accuracy and speed. The couple in the far lane were likely in their seventies and the couple closest to us were in their mid to late sixties, easily. One couple using rifles and one using pistols. A couple of gents ended up paying for nice dinners for their ladies that evening. The group that came after them were two families with their kids. The lines were out the door so we couldn't buy any more lane time and had to leave.
  11. Uno and I took some AR training at the local range yesterday. I was delighted to see a number of couples, especially more mature couples, training together. Some of them brought their children or grandchildren for training as well. It was refreshing to see that if things ever get nasty in our little corner of the world, a number of us will be able to hold our own.
  12. Thanks for the info. I do have some Blumen I purchased from BJs. I'll have to see if I can take it back.
  13. "Oh ma ma the dress is beautiful" Sophie declared. "I love the color, the beading and well all of it." The dress was a delicate light magenta silk with tiny silver-blue beads sewn on the bodice and sleeve cuffs in a Fleur-De-Lis pattern. When the light hit the beads, they shone like tiny candles. It was the perfect way to frame Sophie's face. The style was simple but elegant. The perfect dress for the Cotillion in Big Springs. However, Sophie's mother, Mrs Cushman would have non of it. "A blind cellar mouse could do a better job sewing on these beads" Mrs Cushman snorted as she picked at the delicate, glass beads that adorned the bodice of the dress. "Please stop pulling on the beads," Calamity cried. "It took many hours to sew them onto the dress." Just as the words left her mouth, the strand snapped and a shower of tiny glass beads tumbled to the floor. Mrs. Cushman thrust the dress at Calamity, in a snarling tone said "I'll be back in a couple of hours to pick up that dress. It had better be ready." With that, Mrs. Cushman grabbed Sophie's arm and stormed out of the shop, slamming the door as she left. Calamity hung her head as if she wanted to cry. Instead she took a deep breath to gather her thoughts. In the mean time, Charlotte was scurrying around gathering as many beads off the floor as she could find. "I think I found all of them" Charlotte declared as she approached Calamity with her palm cupped. Calamity grabbed a candle dish from the counter and Charlotte delicately dumped the beads onto the dish, checking her hands to make sure none of them stuck in in the folds of her skin. "That Mrs. Cushman is sssoooooo mean" Charlotte stated. "I wish she would just go to Big Springs with her friends and their money and never come back". "Now, now, Charlotte. People like her help give you an appreciation for the nice people we have here in town, don't they?" Calamity stated, looking at Charlotte. Charlotte looked at her feet and frowned shaking her head in the affirmative. "Now let me get back to this dress," Calamity said, "lest I get in real trouble". She turned to Charlotte and rolled her eyes. Charlotte giggled, grabbing a feather duster, began to dust the shelves with the hat boxes.
  14. WWWwwwweeeellllllllll Uno's looking really seriously at it. I think it would be a bit more useful here than a truck. We'll see..........
  15. OOOOoooohhhhhhhhh. Thanks for letting us know. I'll have to look into that. P.S. where do you think my cats Zoe and Washburn got their names from????
  16. The air in the back room of the shop began to chill. Calamity knew it was time to throw another log on the pot bellied stove in the corner, lest it get too cold inside. The building was old and drafty, but the rent was reasonable. Someday, I will have my own shop built to my liking, she thought, looking around the room. She could feel the chill coming through the gaps around the windows and some of the wall. Until then, this place will have to do. She carefully laid Mrs. Cushman's dress on the sewing table and rose from her stool. She knew Charlotte Freeman would be arriving any minute now to help tend the shop so Calamity could keep working in the back. Charlotte was a sweet girl, very pretty and very smart. Calamity hoped to teach Charlotte everything she knew, with the plan of eventually turning the shop over to her to run. Someday, she sighed........
  17. I've learned my lesson. Never buy the first production run of a vehicle. Let other people find all the bugs........
  18. We aren't that advanced either. None of the "contemporary" songs spoke to us like that one did. Besides, Uno doesn't like to dance so he wanted something that would be over FAST!!!
  19. As daylight began to peek through the heavy, grey clouds, Calamity knew she had to get to it if she was ever going to get Mrs. Cushman's dress finished before evening. While she enjoyed her tailoring and millinery shop, some customers caused her to regret going into business. Mrs. Cushman was one of them. Calamity had never seen someone work so hard at trying to find the slightest imperfections in her work in order to barter for a reduced price. There were days Calamity wished there were another tailor in town so she could tell Mrs. Cushman to take her bolts of fabric...............and go elsewhere. Alas, she was the only one so she had to put up with the good and the not so good. Well, enough watching the snow from the front window, time to get to work on finishing that dress, or Calamity would never hear the end of it..
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