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  1. This song sums up this "season" for me. Cream - Politician Hey now, baby Get into my big black car Hey now, baby Get into my big black car I want to just show you What my politics are I'm a political man And I practice what I preach I'm a political man And I practice what I preach So don't deny me, baby Not while you're in my reach I support the left Though I'm leaning, leaning to the right I support the left Though I'm leaning to the right But I'm just not there When it's coming to a fight Hey now, baby Get into my big black car Hey now, baby Get into my big black car I want to just show you What my politics are
  2. We don't know how old the dog is. The rescue agency we adopted her from didn't have a birth date on her, only a guess from a vet. We believe she is in the neighborhood of 14 now. The agency we adopted the cat from has her birth date so we can look that up. She is a little over 3.
  3. Congratulations to your daughter and your family!!! That is most excellent news!!! I too am an advocate for testing and early detection. That is how my cancer was discovered and now I'm 7 years clear.
  4. We get a lot of that in Orlando too.........
  5. The dog vids would not have been complete without singing Husky's. I don't know of any other dog that sings like they do.
  6. My little one was sleeping next to me when the video started. She jumped up and began staring at the monitor believing someone was being hurt.
  7. WOW!!! How many kilos does that little guy weigh?
  8. Beautiful, Yul!! You truly are a craftsman.
  9. I didn't know they were on probation. Prohibition might have taken place at that point in history, however.
  10. I had to share this. Sunrise at the Mt Wilson Observatory near Pasadena California.
  11. I will have to try this. My mom used to make Pfeffernüsse to die for. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Those who re-write history haven't learned anything from the works of those whom they are deleting.
  13. Enjoy it!! Best of luck for a good hunt.
  14. Congrats and happy birthday.
  15. Must be some major amounts of kitty treats involved.
  16. We were too busy playing games and eating at a neighbor's house. Not that we would anyway but it was certainly more fun than watching football.
  17. Kittens are such curious creatures. Mine is going through a late kitten stage. We thoroughly enjoy watching her run around, pounce on things and generally enjoy her freedom. Thanks for posting that, SDJ.
  18. So.......... I'll tell you what I did. Someone's post about marinading with gin piqued my interest. I looked up recipes on gin marinades and took a little creative license. The roast was large, 4 lbs., so this is the marinade. 2 Cups Gin 1 large lemon juiced 1 sprig of fresh dill 2 small sprigs of fresh rosemary 1 medium Bay Leaf whole I combined all the ingredients in a glass bowl and stirred with a plastic spoon. I put the roast in a large glass bowl and poured the marinade over it, making sure the roast was completely covered. Sealed the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the fridge over night. In the morning, I put the roast in the bottom of the slow cooker and covered with the slow cooker sauce, three cubed medium brown potatoes, one sliced purple onion, 8 oz of baby carrots and 5 oz of sliced mushrooms. I turned the cooker on and dashed out the door. 12 hours later, I returned home and turned the cooker off. The roast was so tender, it fell apart removing it from the cooker. It was delicious. I was told this needs to be added to my rotation. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas.
  19. Quite an animated group. Well done.
  20. OMG. Where did they find my cats to interview them? I swear they must have.........
  21. I am what you could call a practice cook. I practice really hard at cooking but I'm not very good at it. I do like trying, however. In the interest of simplicity, I use my slow cooker a lot. It's much easier to throw everything together and dash out the door, coming home to a cooked dinner when I get return from wo$k. My question is this: wine in a slow cooker. I was thinking of putting together a pot roast and would like to add some wine to give the drippings some flavor. Should I put it in with the meat when I start or add it when I get home or skip the idea all together? I will be using a purchased slow cooker sauce but thought the wine would give it a little zing. Thoughts? Thanks,
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