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  1. I beg to differ. Not everyone drinks for intoxication. I used to drink because I liked the flavors of what I was drinking. (I also knew some really good mixologists.) The faux vodka I buy has essence of black currant in it. Mixed with the citrus flavors of the Moscow Mule mix and ginger ale, it tastes pretty amazing. I also use baking rum, the same as you would put in cookies or cakes, for a faux Piña Colada. If it's good enough to put in your food, it can't be all that bad. I make these mock-tails for the flavors. You can make a Piña Colada without the rum essence but it doesn't taste the same. That's why I use the faux flavors.
  2. I am not able to drink alcohol of any form. As of late, I've been mixing mock-tails using faux spirits. Some of the faux spirits are really good, some are dreadful. I have also been trying to come up with names for my concoctions but I've run out of ideas so I'm looking to my esteemed colleagues to assist. For example: Moscow Mule = Moscow Gelding Kentucky Mule = Kentucky Gelding Manhattan = Brooklyn Thanks for your ideas!!!
  3. Very sorry to hear this. Prayers up for comfort and peace.
  4. Prayers up for you and yours, TL. Please keep us posted when you can.
  5. Please report back with your adventures. I'm envious as well.
  6. Kris motioned towards the back of her shop. "The cot is in the corner near the stove." Both ladies guided him to the corner and gently let him down onto the cot, doing their best to avoid his injured arm. Having witnessed the goings on, Lucas came rushing into the back of the shop to see if he could be of any assistance. "Lucas, please go to the cafe and get a bowl of soup for Doc. Make it some of that hearty beef and vegetable soup they specialize in. He needs all the nourishment he can get. Have them put it on my tab." Lucas touched the brim of his hat with a gentle "yes ma'am" and darted out the door to the cafe. Kris motioned to the shelf nearest the cot and said to the young lady standing there "please reach up and grab that quilt and the pillow to the right of it. I need to make sure he's comfortable." The young lady did as was asked of her in short order. Kris placed the blanket over Doc and the pillow under his head. "Now Ben, you rest. Lucas will bring you back some soup. I'll have him stay here with you in case you need anything." Doc began grumbling as if he wished to argue, then thought better of it. He slumped back onto the pillow and breathed a sigh of relief. "You just relax," Kris said. Lucas will be back soon. "I'm sorry ladies" Kris stated. "I was rude and didn't catch your names." "You were a might busy taking care of your friend" said Sarah. "I completely understand." The other young lady who had been watching from the side spoke up and said "Are things always like this in your town with folks getting shot and all?" "Dear no," Kris stated in a shocked tone. "We have a very peaceful town here and the folks are good, upstanding citizens. We are having a little difficulty with a couple of the bad apples, that's all." With that, Lucas came in the front door with a hearty bowl of soup and some fresh baked sourdough bread. The wonderful aroma filled the shop. Kris grabbed the chair from her sewing table and placed it next to the cot for Lucas to sit in. "Please sit here Lucas and keep Doc company. Make sure he gets plenty to eat and then some rest. He has been badly hurt and needs it." "Will do, ma'am." with that, Lucas procured a spoonful of soup and brought it to Doc's lips. "Just take a small sip right now, sir. There's plenty more for you but you need to take it slow." With that, Kris motioned to the ladies towards the front room of the shop. "I'll grab some tea cakes and we can chat up here. Let's give the men some rest."
  7. As Doc was making his way down the street grabbing each post and rail for balance as he moved, Calamity bolted out of her shop and ran towards him. "Doc, BEN, what are you doing here?" Calamity shrieked. "You've been badly hurt and lost a lot of blood. You need to be off your feet and resting." "Look", Doc said weakly, "I have to help them find Abby." Calamity would hear non of it. She reached up and grabbed the collar of his coat and pulled his face closer to hers. "Listen to me. You and Abby are my best friends and the only family I have. I could not stand to loose either one of you but the thought of possibly loosing both of you would destroy me. You need to get your backside in bed and rest up. Col. Flint is assisting as well as Slim and Linn. The men have it covered. Please go lie down and take care of yourself. I'm begging you, and I don't beg very often." With that, Doc pulled back from the grip Calamity had on his collar to lean against the post for a moment.
  8. Well, that should make things interesting, shouldn't it.
  9. Very nice find. Cleaned up rather nicely.
  10. As things seemed to quiet down, Calamity and Lucas began to rise from behind the counter. At that moment a large man bolted through the door, rifle at waist level looking for trouble. Well, he came to the right place, Calamity thought. Lucas trained the shotgun on the uninvited guest while Calamity growled “What do you want?” “I want that red headed woman. Where is she?” As soon as he finished his words, he felt the barrel of a rifle between his shoulder blades. “You mean me?” Abby asked. “Well, it looks to us like you’re outnumbered. I think you had better put your gun down and hands up.” The man waited for a second then tried to spin around, only to be met by a butt stock to the back of the head, sending him to the floor in a heap. Abby stood over him with the muzzle pointed in his face as Linn and J Mark ran in. “Well, it looks as things are well at hand here” Linn stated. J Mark grinned and said “I’ll second that.” “Please get this stench out of my shop.” Calamity growled. “It’s bad for business.” J Mark and Linn each grabbed an arm and dragged the still unconscious man out of the shop and over to the jail. Abby, Lucas and Calamity had a good laugh at the expense of the gentleman. “Well, I guess you won’t be fitting him for pants any time soon, will you?” asked Lucas, to which the assembled giggled. “No I think not.” Calamity said. At that moment, Abby exclaimed “I had better find Ben and make sure he is all right.” “Do you think that is wise, considering someone is looking for you?” asked Lucas. “I’ll be alright” Abby said. “Why don’t you go with her, Lucas. I can mind the store alone. Take the shotgun with you, just in case.” With that Abby, rifle in hand and Lucas with Calamity’s shotgun exited the store onto the street in search of Ben.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Hope things brighten up for you soon.
  12. I lost family members in Dachau......... Bless you Jim and company for all you did. Thank you all for your service.
  13. There's a woman at my facility who is a combat veteran. She brings her PTSD companion Husky to work with her every day. I don't work directly with her but I've seen them on campus. Bless her for all she went through. The couple of times I've seen her love on that pup, I'm sure it brings her lots of joy and relief.
  14. "Now with the desk positioned this way, you can hide behind it and see out the front window, as well as the side window at anyone coming towards the corner of the shop" Lucas opined. Calamity crouched behind the desk and peered through the crack in the wooden front. By golly, Lucas was right. You could see both windows from there. "Great idea, Lucas" Calamity chimed. "It makes the shop appear to be larger as well. Thank you for all your help." Just as Calamity was completing the last words, shots rang out from the Saloon. Calamity and Lucas dove behind the newly positioned desk for cover. Calamity grabbed her rifle tucked under the counter top while Lucas crawled to the corner and procured the shotgun hidden there. They both watched and waited for some indication of what was going on.
  15. Prayers up. Very sorry to hear this. Looks like she's taking it well.
  16. Looks wonderful and sounds like it was tasty to boot. Glad it worked out for you.
  17. They get their rugs from the same rug maker?????
  18. Is that what you call a nauti fire??? {Sorry. I couldn't resist.}
  19. The closest major metropolitan area is an hour and a half away. Prime has made our lives easier because we can get what we need, usually in a couple of days.
  20. I've had cats most of my adult life and I've had to hide the paper about half the time. Otherwise, it was shreds.
  21. SXM is playing a good balance between both Sammy and David. There are a lot of songs that didn't get top 40 airplay that IMHO, are really amazing. They played a little instrumental piece with EVH playing an acoustic in soemewhat of a Flamenco style. Absolutely incredible. This tribute is making me want to research their catalog more. There is obviously more to their collective talents than just hard rocking. Check this out. https://youtu.be/cM7GZXeH6-g
  22. Calamity was on the little step ladder, moving some hats when she heard the jingle of the bells on the door. She stepped down and turned to see Lucas. "Hello Lucas. What may I assist you with today?" Calamity moved the step ladder out of the way and walked towards the front of the shop. Lucas tipped his hat and proudly stated "Utah Bob sent me over here to assist you, ma'am." With that, he puffed out his chest and thrust his shoulders back to make the badge peek out from under his coat. "Well, I see" Calamity said, making a point to notice the badge. "What is it you are supposed to assist with" Calamity asked, as if she didn't already know. "I'm supposed to help you with any fighting that may come our way" he said proudly. "I see" Calamity said. "So Bob thinks there might be some trouble here in town, does he". Calamity paused and thought for a second. Another set of eyes would be helpful if anything did break out. Besides, help around the shop was always welcome. "I'll tell you what, Lucas. Why don't you help me determine what spots would be best to see people out the windows and coming in the door. Then we can move the counters around to give ourselves some cover, if we need it. How does that sound to you? You can help watch the front of the store and I'll take care of the back." Lucas was so proud to be taken seriously he didn't mind moving furniture to achieve that. Besides, he was one of the best shots in town and everyone knew it. "Yes ma'am" Lucas said, grinning from ear to ear while he walked around the shop, looking for the best places to get a view of anything that might be happening outside.
  23. I add to this, but Uno's still driving it....................... REALLY.
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