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  1. From right to left, my dad, his sister-in-law, his brother, and his brother's wife, taken at my wedding. Dad, I miss you a lot. You've only been gone a year yet it feels like an eternity at times. I miss our conversations, i miss your laugh and most of all, I miss your -isms. I hope you're having a "fantabulous" time with mom, where ever you are.
  2. I had one. I'll look through my files and see if I still do. It may take me a couple of days.
  3. I used to have a Huskylock 501 Overlock. I traded it in on a different brand. In unpacking the boxes from my move, I discovered 2 DVDs and a VHS tape for threading instructions as well as a DVD threading guide for a model 901. They are free to a good home. All I ask is you pay shipping. First I take it here on this post gets it. Thanks, CK
  4. Thanks for sharing, UB. Sounds like a wonderful man. Cherish the memories.
  5. Pat, Sorry to hear about the surgery. Prayers up for a complete recovery. I have severe arthritis in my right shoulder so I had to teach myself how to shoot left handed. It took some work but I was able to do it. Believe me, If I can do it, anyone can. It just takes that awful word called practice. The good thing is, you can dry fire your long guns while learning how to site them in, in the comfort of your own house. That's how I practiced before I went to a range. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  6. I texted our friends in Maryland Heights. They are still celebrating!!! Long time coming. Congrats Blues!!!!
  7. Uno used to LOVE Irish spring. He would buy many bars at a time at Fedco or Costco. Unfortunately, we found out rather quickly I'm allergic. Really allergic. He had to stop buying it and donated the remaining bars. We use unscented soap now.
  8. Sorry to hear about your day. Prayers up for a successful surgery and complete recovery.
  9. Very cool, grampa!! You have every right to be proud.
  10. Thank you all for the answers. I personally hadn't intended to clean them up. I love the old patina. I was just checking to see if I was missing something by not cleaning them up, like antique value. Since cleaning would hurt more than help, I'm great with leaving them the way they are. I am going to knock some of the dirt out of the Griffin, the crest and the Sea Horse to make the detail clearer. They are amazing!!!! As soon as I get them re-wired and re-shaded, I'll post pictures. That is exactly what I ordered. I also have as close to period as possible plugs, socket husks, "uno-fittings" and shades. My intent is to use them in as close to original condition as I can get. I'm thinking about that but the shades will be hiding them so it may not be necessary. They were originally shiny. I've had one of them apart looking at how to thread the new wire through it. Thanks again!!
  11. Very sorry to hear this. Prayers up for the family.
  12. I actually have one original Rembrandt shade and one very good reproduction. As soon as I get them re-wired, I'll put them on.
  13. I'm a band geek. I don't know if I would want to ride that one................
  14. I have a pair of Rembrandt's. Not this Rembrandt: This Rembrandt. The one on the left is dated about 1921 and the one on the right is dated about 1917. I am in the process of doing some minor restoration work. (rewiring and replacing the shades.) I showed some pictures of the lamps to a friend and she asked if I would clean them up and make them shiny again. I asked why? They are about 100 years old. They have earned all their patina and oxidation. She said she thought they would look better shiny again. What does the Saloon think? The shafts are brass. The bridges are iron. The one on the right also has some marble inset into the base and the shaft, as well as an iron crest just above the base.
  15. The Sheriff's office was a cacophony of voices all trying to make their point to the sheriff. Doc Ward was trying to present the evidence he saw relating to the butchered steer. Calamity and Lorelei were trying to bring the conversation in Whiskey's place to the sheriff's attention. Calico Mary was trying to explain the strange goings on at her place. There were other assorted towns folk in the office as well concerned for their town and wondering what was going on. Finally, sheriff Cody stood and shouted "SILENCE EVERYONE. I understand some unsettling events have happened lately but I can't help you if you all speak at once. Doc Ward, since you got here first, you start with your story. Calico Mary, you're next. Calamity, you're after Mary. We'll all take turns until all voices have been heard." Much whispering was heard in the crowd but no one spoke up. Doc Ward moved through the assembled crowd and walked towards the sheriff's desk.
  16. RIP Dr. John. Thanks for the fine music.
  17. Sorry to hear about Chris. Prayers up for a complete recovery. Thanks for the kind advice. As soon as they offer them this year, I'm on it.
  18. Sorry to hear this, Pat. Prayers up for a successful surgery and hope you'll be as good as new sooner rather than later.
  19. Nothing greater than the love of a pet, or a pet to love for that matter.
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